A quote and The Raven

To quote the raven would be a descent into madness
To agree with Po would be my mind’s greatest mistake,
For if I do follow that road down to madness,
Across my heart and conscious which is my and only my mistake.

My mind has always walked many a path,
But my heart has always been nailed to the light.
My mind has always wondered what lays on death’s path,
But my heart knew that it would make me stray from the light.

Poe has given a meaning of death to me,
And my heart’s nail began to loosen from the ground.
Poe has given a spyglass to view death’s horizon to me,
And my heart’s nail finally prayed loosed from the ground.

And now my heart walk’s a path leaving a trail of blood,
So my mind may finally dwell deeper into the path of death.
But my heart is constantly pulled back by a chain of consciousness and blood,
And still holds back my mind from the path of death.

For I cannot see beauty in death,
For I can not see the supreme beauty in the death of a beautiful woman
For I see beauty in life,
For I see beauty in the life of a beautiful woman.

I cannot descent into the vortex of madness,
My chain holds me from this cliff to madness.
I cannot lose control of myself, for a second, to this madness,
My chain of consciousness or reason or whatever cannot accept this madness.

As I sit here under this tree of knowledge,
I watch as a raven crie above me on a branch.
And as I watch the black of the raven turns white,
The fruit of knowledge feel, like Newton before, on me.

And realization dawns on me of Poe’s raven,
I understand that death’s beauty is the same as as life’s.
That the beauty of life’s experiences is the same as realizing them at death’s hand,
Now as my chain breaks loose.
I jump into this vortex of water and madness
Off the cliff with the light house on it.

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