Caged Bird

Do they think they are free?
Driving in cars paid for by hours of labor imprisoned?
Hours rather spent looking at the world outside and within.
Seeing the world through one small keyhole?
And scared to even think there could be more.

They toil for luxuries to impress others,
Do you even know the name of that man who looks so longingly at your fancy colors?
Branded shirts are special because the companies say so,
Do you think a cloth could be different simply because of a plastic logo?
Does it really matter they know you are rich?
What can they do knowing it?

What does it matter how fancy a car you drive?
Ola is cheaper than paying an EMI.
And if it get’s damaged all your savings are gone,
In order to maintain that look, you don’t know why you want,
A sight of beauty only those outside can see.

Why get more reasons to stay in prison?
A cycle of fuckery is what you are within.
Work to get money, money to pay for a cage,
A cage maintained by another one is a maze.
It could all be razed and you would have nothing,
Material possession can be stolen, lost or forgotten.

See yourself in a cage, locked by your own hands and choices,
Never to be let out, the key forgotten, so useless.
There it us, around your neck, right under your nose,
And yet you squawk and wonder, ‘Happiness, where did you go?’
You look yourself away, focused on the journey,
Never to realize, you walk away from all that makes you happy.

Perhaps it’s a childish thing to think happiness is so easy to achieve,
But then again aren’t children the happiest beings you have ever seen?
Maybe it’s because they are innocent and in bliss,
But maybe it’s because they don’t expect a car to keep them happy.
They do car about how they look or dress, but they never judge another’s clothes,
They feel pity for a beggar, not satisfaction of soul.

Perhaps it would be best to let and let go,
Worry not about keeping a car or home.
Make the money you want, sure,
But don’t forget, you weren’t made to be caged,
You were meant to soar.

You seek happiness, Here it is,
Just reach out and touch it.

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