A new day brings with it new hope.
We can try once more to stick with our goals.
We can try, but we know we will break,
Even destiny has given up hope.

We try and try, maybe we will last till breakfast,
But then we step out into the blistering sun,
We are drained of all life, breakfast fuel ends quick,
Need a snack, perhaps a samosa could help us?

We eat something spicy, we need to wash it down,
There goes a juice vala, let’s order some.
And now it is lunch, let’s eat our food,
Stuffing our faces when we are already full.

Money burns a hole, we have it, let’s use it,
That ice cream can keep us cool.
Maybe we should buy a soda as well?
But just a diet coke, we are no fool.

Then we drive home, it’s been a long day,
If we can we go to the gym and burn some fat away,
But we don’t do much, we can barely jog,
Our breathing is slow, our will to try our best.

And then we go home, stopping along the way to buy some food,
We deserve it don’t we?
We went to gym and lifted the same dumbbell looking like a fool.
And so we spend money more and fill ourselves, home will be here soon.

Dinner is served, we tell not that we are full.
Our loved ones spent all day making healthy meals,
How can we break their hearts with the truth?
So we eat more, will our stomach ache, such a martyr we are.

We go to bed late,
So much food to digest.
We sleep late, hours total are small,
Maybe tomorrow we won’t break our diet the same way.

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