A Game of IaF Chapter 10

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

Entering politics

Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Chapter 10:

The next day Jon found himself sitting in with Ned and Catelyn inside Ned's work chambers. Ned had told him the night before to meet him there in order to discuss what Jon's visions showed them. Or more specifically what to do about the Queen's bastards.

"We can't prove it," Ned spoke.

"True, but we don't have to prove anything," Catelyn supplied, "we tell the king, you tell the king. He may not believe you at first, but the idea will be planted in his head."

"You wish for me to manipulate my friend Caitlyn?"

"Would you rather he not known he doesn't have a true heir to his throne? Would you rather see the Lannister's control the kingdom after the King's death?"

Ned growled at Catelyn's questioning, "what would you have me do Cat? Tell him that I think his children are bastards without any proof? You don't know what he is like Cat, what he is capable off."

"What do you mean?" Jon asked.

Ned looked at the boy and sighed, "I...I have seen him do things in the rebellion, great things...but also terrible. Tywin Lannister wished to secure the throne for Robert and prove his loyalty, and he did that in one swoop. He killed...he killed Rhaegar Targaryen's children, the ones he had with Elia Martell. Aegon and Rhaenys. He had his men butcher them and then...and presented their bodies to Robert.

"I wanted my friends to do something, to yell, to scream, to call them all dishonorable cowards and put each and every one of those men to the sword. But he did none of that...he simply stood by and let the go. He even smiled...he was glad, glad for the death of Targaryens for the death of dragon scum. Dragons who were no more than babes."

Jon's eyes widened, 'they...they were my brother and sister. By blood...they were my family...and the king had them killed, no….the Lannisters had them killed.' Jon felt anger arise but he quickly pushed it to the side. He felt a tiny amount of anger for the deaths of those children, they were after all family, his family. Maybe if he actually knew them he would be more enraged, but for now he did nothing but stay silent revealing in what he had just learnt.

"Ned," Catelyn spoke warmly as she held his hands in hers, "I know this is difficult, but that is in the past. We have to move on, for the sake of our children's lives and our own. If you go South now you will be at the mercy of the Lannisters and if they are willing to kill Jon Arryn for finding out their secret, who knows what they will do to us?"

"Cat think of the children!" Ned roared, "Joffery, Myrcella, Tommen! If we tell Robert they will die, maybe even by his hand! He won't hesitate for a second!"

"And what would you have us do?! Stand by as we marry our daughter off to that farce of a prince?! He is an unholy creation of incest Ned! He will take our daughter from us with promises of things he has no right too!"

"So you would sign off on the executions of three innocent children?!"

"Better them than our own!"

"Enough!" Ned slammed his hand down startling Jon and Catelyn, "I will not listen to any more of this," Ned rose and walked out of the room slamming the chamber door shut.

Jon sighed, 'well that was productive.'

"That man's honour will be the death of him," Catelyn sighed as she rose from her seat.

"It was his honour that saved my life Lady Stark, most wouldn't do what he did for me," Jon shot back defending the man who saved his life.

"Yes Jon, but you are family, you deserve no less. The Lannisters aren't and by not telling the king what we know...we are endangering ourselves."

"'Family, Duty, Honour'," Jon said remembering the Tully words.

Catelyn nodded, "exactly, 'Family, Duty, Honour'. In that very order, family always comes first Jon, remember that."

Jon nodded, "yes...but Lord Stark has a point. Myrcella and Tommen are but children and while Joffrey is older he is also innocent in all this."

Catelyn sighed, "don't you think I know that? I know that by telling Robert this we would effectively be sending those children to their deaths, but it's better them than mine. It is a hard decision I know...but if I have to make it I will."

Jon looked down, "I wish I had your strength."

Catelyn looked touched Jon's shoulder, "you don't have to grow up so fast Jon. Live your life a little and learn to enjoy things as they are. In time you will learn how to bare the burdens of life, that I promise you."

Jon watched Catelyn exit the chamber leaving him alone with his thoughts. He understood what was at stake here, the lives of three children against the entirety of Westeros. If they did nothing then children of incest would gain everything and while Jon didn't particularly care about that, but he didn't want any family that would kill children to gain power. Aegon and Rhaenys were his half-siblings, they deserved better.

Jon sighed, 'I suppose the choices that matter in life are never easy to make.' Jon got up and walked out of the chamber. He let his body take him through the crowded castle as he thought off what he just saw.

Lady Stark was right, but so was Lord Stark. Jon wondered what he would have done, what he would have said. If it was up to him he would find a way to save those children while also preventing the Lannister's from gaining power over the throne.

Jon sighed, he knew there was no way of that ever happening. He only had one way in mind, and that was by hiding the 'royal' children inside his underground bunker till the king's anger subsided. Well that or storing them all in his inventory.

Jon stopped, 'wait...can I even do that?' He asked himself. He could store food and even items, but living beings? He wondered….this required experimentation. He needed to start out small, try and store something that was alive and easy to forget. He won't be using Ghost, no, he would never risk his partner's life like that. But there was a litter of puppies recently born in the kennels, there were so many of those Jon didn't think anyone knew the exact number. If something happened to one of them...yes, yes that could work.

Jon quickly made his way to the kennel and found the pups running around with not a care in the world. He looked around and found the kennel master absent, so Jon quickly walked in and grabbed the nearest pup there. It was a small brown skinned little thing that likced Jon's hand's the momment Jon scooped him up.

'Please work,' Jon prayed, he didn't want to risk the dog, but he had to know. Jon opened his inventory and slowly increased the size of the box making it big enough to store a puppy. Jon then took the pup and pushed it into the inventory causing it to disappear and reappear in one of the icon boxes.

Jon closed the inventory box and opened it again, he sighed, 'please work, I really don't want to be the first kill to be a puppy!' Jon gulped and reached into the inventory grabbed what felt like the puppy's body. He gulped, he couldn't feel it move at all. He immediately pulled the pup out and the moment it's entire body exited Jon's inventory the pup started moving again.

"Woof!" the puppy jumped on Jon liking his face. The young man sighed in relief, he didn't kill it, that was good. Jon put the puppy Jon and quickly walked away, don't want the Kneel master to come back and yell at him for messing with the pups.

Jon smiled, 'okay, so I can store living things inside my inventory and bring them back. This is so going to be useful in the future. If Lord Stark does decided to tell the King I can help the children, yes, I can do this. I can save them, remove them completely from the board.'

Just then Jon realised something, 'how am I going to tell them I can do this? Fuck! If I did I would have to reveal my secret to them and I can't do that! They barely believe the dragon dreams there is no way they would believe the fucking Playtrix!'

Jon sighed, for now the issue would have to be put on hold, if they were going to in fact tell the king then Jon would take matters into his own hands. So now all Jon could do was wait. But that didn't mean he had to waste an entire day now did it?

Jon quickly walked around the castle, there were so many new faces around Jon had a tough time keeping track of who belonged and who didn't. Of course he had no issue remembering their names considering they were floating above their heads, but still it was strange seeing the castle so full.

"Jon!" Jon turned and saw Robb waving at him, "over here!"

Jon walked towards hi brother and noted that he wasn't alone. Behind Robb was Joffrey Baratheon, read-Waters, and Sandor Clegane, the Hound.

"Robb," Jon nodded before turning to Joffrey and Clegane. The prince was shorter than Jon, and yet he was somehow looking down at him. He probably expected Jon to bow, but the Targaryen would do no such thing, "what are you doing out here so early? You are usually in bed still."

Robb rolled his eyes, "ha, ha. Unlike you Jon I do require sleep. And as too what I was doing, mother had asked me to show the prince around Winterfell."

Jon nodded, "I see," he looked at the prince and glared, something which the prince was more than happy to return. 'Brat,' Jon thought. He didn't know why, but he already hated this boy.

"You know I was going to show him the training yard next, since you know that place better than I how about you accompany us Jon?" Robb asked, but Jon knew it was more of a call for help than a request. His surrogate's brother's eyes looked pleading, he did not want to be alone with those two.

Jon nodded, "I would be happy too."

Robb smiled, "great," he turned to Joeffrey, "that is if you don't' mind."

The blonde prince huffed, "finally decided to ask my opinion did you? I'm the prince, soon to be king. You better learn your place wolf before I ascend my throne, or else I might have to teach you too."

Robb and Jon blinked, they looked at each other before turning back to the prince. Robb bowed, "I'm sorry prince, I didn't mean any disrespect."

Joffrey huffed, "whatever, come dog!" the blonde idiot walked around Jon and Robb still form heading towards the training yard.

Jon raised an eyebrow, "he acts like a child." 'Is this the person who I'm supposed to gaurd if I join the king's guard?! Really?!'

"A spoilt one," Robb grumbled, "I've had to deal with him all day. Thank the Gods you came along or else I'm afraid I would have killed him by the end of the day."

Jon sighed, "probably...come, let's go before the blonde idiot insults someone else."

The two quickly caught up with the southerners and guided them to the training yard.

"This is where we train our men," Robb explained, "Ser Rodrik Cassel is our master at arms and train us all in the ways of battle."

The prince scoffed, "I have heard about your ways of war Stark. It's nothing less than deplorable. Compared to the ways the Southern lords fight you are better than the wildling barbarians."

Robb's eyes narrowed, "you would do well to hold your tongue prince," Robb warned, "you may be our guest but these are my people you have insulted. Continue down this path and I will not stand for it."

"Who are you to stand for anything Stark?" Joffrey grinned, "I and the prince, you are my vessel. You must obey me."

"Not yet he doesn't," Jon shout back in defence of his 'brother'.

The blonde prince turned to Jon and sneered at him like he was less than dirt, "and you are?"


"Ah, a batard. That's strange, usually your kind doesn't have the guts to speak up to anyone, let alone a prince."

"I may be a bastard but at least I'm not an ungrateful spoilt brat who insults the very people hosting him."

Joffrey growled, "I've never heard of a bastard with a spine before."

"I've never heard of a Baratheon with blonde hair before," Jon smirked looking at Joffrey's confused face.

"What-never mind! See here bastard apologize now or else I will have my dog here teach you some manners."

Jon looked at Sandor, the man was stoic giving Jon a sideways glare. Jon looked to the prince, "coward."

"What did you call me?!"

"I called you a coward, which is what you are. You come here, insult us all, and when we tell you to stop you threaten us. And that too not by your own hand but by threatening to release your body gaurd on us. If a coward like you is truly the next king...then I shudder for our future."

Joffrey's face turned red, wether from anger or embarrassment Jon didn't know. He knew he shouldn't' have insulted the boy, he was after all going to Jon's future employer if he did join the King's gaurd. But after finding out what the boy's true personality was and seeing how horrible he treated Robb, Jon didn't care. He wasn't even the real prince, he was a bastard and Jon hated him for that fact.

He was a bastard, but was treated as a prince. Jon wasn't a bastard, but yet he was treated like one. One could say Jon was jealous and they would be right. It wasn't fair, not one bit.

"You bastard!" Joffrey cried out as he drew his sword, "I should cut you where you stand!"

Jon shrugged, "you should, but you won't. You are too much of a coward to do so. Don't want any blood on your clean soft little hands." Jon looked at Joffrey's weak grip on his blade, "look at that, you don't even hold your sword properly."

"I can defeat you any day of the week bastard!"

Jon raised an eyebrow, "oh? Is that a challenge?"

Joffrey smirked, "yes, it is."


Quest Alert!

Defeat Joffey in a duel!


50 Exp

+1 point if you defeat him in under ten minutes

+3 points if you defeat him in under 2 minutes

+5 points if you defeat him in 30 seconds.


Forced to serve as the prince's lantern boy for the remainder of his trip

Do you expect?


Jon grinned and pressed yes. He looked to blonde idiot dead in the eyes, "then I accept."

The prince grinned back, "where bastard?"

Jon motioned to the training yard, "the very place where we practise our deplorable ways of war."

Joffrey nodded as he he walked passed Jon and into the training yard. Robb immediately grabbed Jon, "what do you think you're doing?!" He hissed.

"He needs to learn not to look down on us Robb," Jon told his cousin.

"Even if you win he will still insult us, maybe more so," Robb argued back.

Jon raised an eyebrow, "you have never been one to run away from a fight, why now?"

"I don't' run away from a fight Jon, but that's only when it's my life on the line. If I fight him and win he can't do anything, I'm the heir to Winterfell, he needs me."

"But I'm just a bastard, yes, I know," Jon shrugged Robb's hand off and walked away.

"Jon I didn't mean it like that," Robb groaned as he ran to catch up.

"I know Rob, but I'm still going to do this."

"Why? At least tell me that."

"Simple, he pisses me off," Jon replied as he walked to the weapons rack and took out two dulled blades.

Jon took off his cloak and threw it to the side. He turned to Robb, "stay here, don't interfere."

"Just because you're decent with a blade doesn't mean you take him on and win. He's probably been trained to use that thing since he could walk."

"Please, the only sword he's been practising with on a regular basis is the one attached to him. I'll be fine," Jon waved Robb's worries as he walked to Joffrey who was waiting for him in the middle of the field.

"So you dual wield?" Joffrey asked as he removed his cloak and threw it at the Hound's face, "it matter's not. Double the weapons and yet a zero will still be a zero."

"I don't dual wield," Jon threw one sword at Joffrey who failed to catch it, "that one's for you."

"I prefer to use this," Joffrey pointed at his sharp steel blade.

"We don't use live blades for spars," Jon argued.

"Why? Worried that I might kill you?"

"No, because here in the North we don't play with things that shouldn't be played with. A sword is a tool to kill, one never use a live one against an ally."

"You're no ally of mine bastard," Joffrey spat.

"True, but I am your country man, one would think a future king wouldn't be so eager to kill off his own man."

"Well said boy!" The people in the training yard turned to see the king and Lord Stark standing at the edge of the battle field leaning on the yard's fence.

"F-father?" Joffrey said in surprise, "what are you doing?"

"Apparently I'm watching my son stare at his old man! Well?! Are you going to fight or just stare at me all day?!"

Jon saw his own 'father' shoot him a cold look. Jon gulped, 'I'm so screwed.'

"Y-yes father," Joffrey replied as he readied his blade.

"Not with that boy! Pick up the damn dulled one! I don't want you killing anyone, is that understood?!" The king yelled at his son.

The blonde bastard nodded as he sheathed his blade and picked up the dulled one Jon tossed him. Jon looked around, their fight had gathered a crowd. People stood near the fence looking in curiously. Rodrik suddenly broke out of the crowd, judging by the look on his face he wasn't pleased.

"What exactly is going on here?!" the man yelled out, "Jon?! Did you pick a fight again?!"

Jon gulped, "ah….no?"

Lie Failed!

"If you were as good a liar as you are a swordsman you would excel well in court. But you aren't. Stop this foolishness at once."

"At ease master of arms," The king spoke up, "let the boys fight. I wish to see my son's skills."

Rodrik turned and gasped, he didn't notice the king, "I-I...of course your majesty," Rodrik turned to Jon and grumbled, "fine, but there will be hell to pay for this Jon."

Jon gulped, "shit."

"Get ready!" Rodrik called out, immediately Jon and Joffrey snapped their attention to their blades. Jon will give the blonde bastard this much, he knew how to glare at someone like they were less than shit. "Fight!" Rodrik called out stepped away from the two.

Immediately Joffrey was on the move. He charged crying out, "AHH!" raising his blade to swing down on Jon.

Jon couldn't help rolling his eyes, 'idiot'.

The Targaryen stepped to the side and swung his blade up catching Joffrey's own and knocking it to the side. He then swung his leg downwards sweeping Joffrey's legs back and knocking him forwards.

Jon stepped on Joffrey's back and pushed his blade to his neck, "I win."


Quest Completed!


50 Exp

+5 points if you defeat him in 30 seconds.

Joffrey rolled around in the mud turning towards Jon. His blood red velvet vest became muddied. "Again bastard."

"There is no second chance in war my prince," Jon spat the last words out like a curse.

"I said again!" Joffrey pushed Jon's blade to the side and got up. Jon sighed as he stepped to the side and readied his blade. Joffrey narrowed his eyes and charged, "ARGH!"

Jon blocked the incoming swing with ease. He then pushed forward and threw Joeffrey backwards before clipping him in the shoulder and sweeping his legs out from under him. Once on the ground Jon placed a blade to his neck, "dead, again."

"Enough of this!" Joffrey cried out pushing Jon's blade away and getting up, "if I had a real blade you would be dead by now bastard! I'm a prince, I don't need to fight to defeat my enemies!"

Jon shrugged, "maybe, but you should at least be able to defeat a bastard like me."

Joffrey looked outraged. He looked to his 'father' and saw the King's look of disappointment and regret.

Robert turned to Ned, "if only my son was half the man yours is Ned, then he might be competent enough to cut his own cunt hairs." the King and Ned walked away along with the rest of the crowd.

Joffrey looked down in shame and for a moment Jon felt pity and sadness. The kid was a cunt, but he was also just that, a kid, like him. Jon couldn't' help feel saddened by the look of shame Joffrey had, it reminded Jon of his own troubles fitting in with society. Only in this case Joffrey was trying to gain his father's attention while Jon wanted the people's respect.

'Fuck, don't tell me I'm feeling pity for the fool?' Jon sighed, 'well I can't really do anything now can I? I mean why should I bother helping him? Well for one thing he might end up as my boss so I should probably try to get on his good side….fuck me.'

Jon sighed, in the end his sense of pity won out, he couldn't stand to see someone suffer like the way he had. He bent down and picked up Joffrey's blade, he tossed it to the boy, who caught it in surprise.

Joffrey narrowed his eyes, "what-?"

"-Again," Jon simply started walking back a few steps and taking his place.

"I lost bastard, do you wish to embarrass me even further?" Joffrey spat back throwing the dulled sword to the side.

Joffrey started to walk away when Jon spoke again, "then do you mean to tell me that you wish to lose again?"

Joffrey stopped and turned shooting Jon with a glare so dark Jon thought he sensed a little bit of bloodlust in it, but as soon as it came it left.

"Listen you little shit I don't care who the hell you are, but if you wish to stop losing then pick up that blade and face me," Jon replied without missing a beat.

Joffrey grumbled, "and why should I bastard?"

"Because I think your father would be impressed if you actually did something useful with your life."

Joffrey growled, "I could care less what that man thinks!"

"No, you don't, you care a lot for what that man thinks. You want his approval, just like every other son."

"I'm the prince of Westeros!"

"And yet you are still a son."

"And what do you know about being a son?!"

"Nothing, that's why I know how much a father's approval would mean," Jon said with unfocused eyes. Joffrey said nothing, he looked at Jon and studied the Targaryen.

Jon soon continued, "you have a choice, stay here and train with us. You won't like it, and I can promise you that I will enjoy beating the shit out off you, but in the end it will be worth it."

Joffrey was silent for a long time before he finally spoke, "why do you care so much bastard?"

"Simple, you're a little shit, but you're the little shit who's going to sit on the Iron Throne one day. But more importantly you're the little shit that's going to marry my sister. Think of this as the Northern version of making sure our future brother-in-law isn't a complete jackass."

"Well I wouldn't say that," Robb spoke up with a grin, "I mean from what I can see at least."

Jon chuckled, "true. So let me rephrase that, we are going to beat the shit out off you, and maybe in the process you might end up a better man."

Joffrey narrowed his eyes, "I have the King's gaurd themselves to teach me all of this! Why should I need you two fools help?"

Jon blinked, he didn't have an answer for that, he just wanted to help the poor kid out. But luckily Rob stepped up, "simple, because they wouldn't have the time to teach you and if they did they you would have already learnt from them meaning there was no way Jon could have beat you.

"But since Jon did kick your ass I'm guessing that means the King's gaurd never had the time or you never asked. And I would assume it would be quite embarrassing to ask them for help, especially if they say now. So right now you have a choice, learn with us or by yourself."

Joffrey narrowed his eyes at Robb, "I could have my Dog teach me!"

"Do you really think that man will teach you properly if you keep calling him dog?" Jon asked before turning to Sandor, "no offence to your honour ser."

The man with the burnt face gruffed, "I'm no ser boy."

"Obviously," Robb eyed the man before turning to Joffrey, "so? What do you say brat? Do you want to remain a loser forever, or do you want to actually surprise your father?"

Joffrey eyed Jon and Robb for a few moments. The crown prince was honestly surprised, no one had ever spoke to him like this. The heir of Winterfell alone showed courage, but the bastard...well he was ether suicidal or crazy. The blond prince didn't know what to do, he wanted to impress his father, he did. But in the end he was worried asking for help would make him seem weak.

He looked at Jon, the bastard had surprised him the most. He talked down to him, beat him senselessly, twice. And then offered his hand in friendship. If Joffrey didn't know better he would say this was all a scheme made up to become his friend, but he knew the Northern's weren't that cunning, they were very forward and quite stupid, no, such schemes were the tactics of the Southern lords.

And these were nothing more than idiots living in the cold. They didn't seek his friendship, they sought his head.

Joffrey growled, "if you think I would ever accept your help you're a simpleton as well as a bastard," he spat on Jon's shoes and walked away, a visible limp in his step.


You have gained +2 LUC for somehow not getting immediately killed for insulting the prince!


You have made an enemy of the prince! REP score is lowered!

Joffrey Waters- -40/100

Jon sighed in pity as he pushed to notifications to the side.

"At least you tried Jon," Robb said patting Jon's shoulders.

"I thought he would accept. I hoped he would."

"He's a cunt, why did you even think he would say yes after what you did to him?"

Jon watched the blonde prince walk away and sighed heavily, "because he looked like he needed a friend."

Robb snorted, "maybe, but he still doesn't deserve a friend like you, come let's move," Jon nodded as he followed Rob out of the training field.

Robb and Jon spent the rest of the day together. Jon realised he hadn't been spending much time with his 'brother' and he felt quite saddened by that fact. So for the rest of the day the two did nothing but spend time with each other sharing stories of what they saw or did.

Jon told Robb of all the new things he had been learning and Robb told Jon of all the new people he was asked to meet. Robb had started taking his responsibility as heir to Winterfell more seriously. It could have been a result of him seeing Jon take his education more seriously, but Jon honestly didn't know.

That night dinner was a little awkward to say the least. Word of Jon's, 'activity' had spread like wildfire. The queen herself was shooting Jon glares very openly, while the king didn't seem to give a rat's ass about what had happened.

Jon sat away from the main table yet again, and this time he found that the serving women were far more attentive to him that before. They looked at him and smiled, he even noticed a few of them openly giggling while making eye contact with him.

One of the girls smiling at him quickly walked up to Jon. she bent over exposing her chest, "would you like some wine my lord?"

Jon gulped, "y-yes," he extended his cup and allowed the woman to fill it. She smiled and bowed before leaving to rejoin her friends who smiled and started pulling her into conversation once more.

Jon smiled, he never got attention like that before, guess beating the prince's ass did have some advantages. Jon sipped his cup of wine and grumbled he didn't like it, he preferred the ale.

"Well aren't you Mr. Popular," Jon jerked up and turned around seeing Mary glaring down at him.

'S-Shit! Is she angry?' "M-Mary! Hello! I haven't seen you all day," Jon said putting on his best smile.

"Well that's because I was in the kitchens all day making you food," she glared at the busty brunette and her friends. The girls glared back, but eventually all three slowly walked away a little too quickly. Mary smiled in triumph.

"I-I see," Jon gulped, 'yes, she's angry, very angry.'

Mary turned back to Jon, "so, I heard you did something very stupid today Jon."

Jon sighed, "it wasn't that stupid."

"You challenged the prince and then proceeded to beat him into the mud. Twice. I'll be surprised if you didn't have a knife coming for your head soon."

Jon gulped, "I don't really think the Queen would go that far," he glanced at the Queen who Catelyn was trying and failing to talk to.

"The Queen? No, I mean the prince, from what I hear he's about ready to kill you himself."

Jon blinked, "what? Why do you say that?"

"Well I herded from one of the washers that the prince came by in the afternoon with the red velvet top he wore when you fought. He had it washed and while the washer did that she heard him planing with the Hound about getting back at you."

Jon blinked, "I see...she didn't happen to mention what they were planning did she?"

Mary sighed, "sadly no, the prince left after that." Mary became serious looking, "be careful Jon. Please, I mean it. Don't let your pride be your downfall."

Jon sighed but nodded, "yes...understood."

Mary nodded, "good, now, if you'll excuse me my lord I have to leave, unlike you I have to work for a living."

Jon chuckled but smiled as she watched Mary leave. He didn't understand why he liked her so much, she wasn't all that special. The brunette who basically flashed him was much better looking and definitely had better assets. But Mary still made Jon feel happy. Really happy. And in the end Jon realised that was probably what he really needed to love someone anyway.

After dinner Jon was once again summoned to Lord Stark's chambers. He entered and saw Lady Stark there waiting for him. She looked worried, while Ned looked furious. The moment Jon sat down it began.


Catelyn sighed, "honestly Ned-"

"No Cat! Don't you 'honestly' me! He did the one thing we told him never to do!"

"And what's that? Fight an arrogant shit who disrespected my home?" Jon asked.

"Our home Jon," Ned shot back, "you think this is the first time someone is going to insult your home?! Do you know how many people have insulted the North?! There have been times I wanted to strangle people like that! But I didn't, do you know why?! Because that's the difference between acting like a child and acting like an adult!"

"I just wanted to see what kind of person he was father," Jon spoke softly doing his best not to antagonise the man further, "I needed to see for myself if he was worth saving."

"Saving? Saving from what?"

"The king's wrath," Jon supplied.

"What...no, no we are not having this discussion," Ned roared, "I refuse to allow children to suffer."

"Ned you have to come accept that this has to happen," Catelyn argued.

"And why must it?!" Ned asked.

"Would you rather a child of inscet obtain the throne of Westeros?! A child of Cersei and Jaime?!"

"We don't know that!"

"Yes we do!"

"Why?! Because Jon saw them fucking in a dream?!" Ned snapped with malice and hate. Jon winced as if struck and Ned noticed too late, "I-I'm sorry Jon, I didn't mean-"

"No, no it's fine," Jon said putting on his best mask of disregard, "I understand."

Ned looked down in pain and Catelyn walked up to the man and wrapped her hand around the man. "I know it's difficult Ned. I know, you are a honourable man, too much for your own good. But that is what I love about you. But Ned….if you don't tell Robert I promise you our children will pay the price, and I don't just mean Sansa."

"I….I tried to call off the engagement today," Ned whispered, "told Robert I didn't believe Joffrey and Sansa were a good match. But he was adamant. I refuse to let my daughter near that boy, the rumours surrounding him are….harsh to say the least."

Catelyn nodded, "Ned, please."

Ned sighed, he turned to Jon, "leave us Jon."

Jon got up, "yes father," he slipped out of the room quickly leaving the Lord and Lady Winterfell to their thoughts.

Jon walked through the courtyard wondering what the two would finally decided to do. Either way the decision was out of his hands.

"Jon," came Ser Semley's commanding tone of voice. Jon turned and saw the old knight approach him.

"Ser Selmy," Jon bowed.

The knight nodded back as he waved Jon to follow him into the training yard, "and where are you off too this fine evening?"

"I was just about to see Maester Luwin for my studies, if I am to travel the world then I thought it was best I learn as much as I could."

"I see...and did you happen upon in those books you read something regarding not fighting with and humiliating your possible future lord?"

Jon winced, he accepted that, "I...I needed to see for myself what type of man he was."


Jon sighed, "I won't lie, I hate him. He's arrogant, cowardly and a prick. Hell, sometimes I wonder if he even is a son of the king. He doesn't seem like a Baratheon to me, what with his hair and all."

The captain of the King's Guard nodded, "I understand your frustrations, I was told his attitude towards your half-brother was less than...acceptable. But your attitude towards him was troubling."

Jon bowed, "I know...but I doubt I would have earned his interest or respect in any other way."

"Oh? So this was all just a ploy to earn his eye?"

"No, not at all. I just really wanted to kick his ass. The interest I gained was just a by-product."

"I see," Selmy walked up to the weapons rack and picked up two dull blades. He tossed Jon one, who caught the weapon effortlessly, and wielded the other, "are you ready to begin?"

Jon smirked, "born ready."

For the next twenty minutes Jon was beaten black and blue. He had slowly improved his skills, but his stamina was burning away fast and Selmy just kept getting faster.


You have leveled up a skill!

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 7 (2%)

The skill to use a sword with the major motions being carried out by only one hand.

Efficiency - 40%

Possibility of combo moves - 30%

Jon hit the ground hard, the dull sword was knocked out of his grasp as Selmy leveled his blade to his neck. The knight smiled as he removed the sword and offered Jon his hand, "you have gotten much better."

Jon grumbled as he accepted the hand, "thank you, but I think me getting my behind beat every minute doesn't really count as an improvement."

"Now I wouldn't say that," Selmy chuckled, "I would definitely say you have improved, you were able to follow all my attacks. Blocking them however was a different matter altogether."

Jon sighed, "my thanks Ser Selmy, these training matches of ours truly does help me improve my skills, if only slightly."

Slemy nodded, "you are welcome Jon. Now I must go, duty calls. I have spoken to your father, he agrees that a position in the King's gaurd is a wonderful place for you, provided you get good enough that is."

Jon rolled his eyes at the knight's joke as he waved him away. Jon now found himself completely bored, had some time to kill, might as well continue with his studies.

Jon made his way to Luwin's turret to ask for a new set of books. He had finished two Luwin gave him, he now had a skill for both subjects;

Tracking animals, LV- 1 (0%)

Your ability to identify and track animals.

Chance of correctly identifying an animal- 5%

Chance of tracking said animal- 10%

Language: High Valyrian, Lv- 7 (40%)

How much you understand about the language of High Valyria.

Dialectes known:


Reading: Average

Speaking: Average

Understanding: Average

Jon still hadn't covered the one about identifying and curing potions though, that one was a little above him as it spoke about plants and their parts, something which Jon had no clue about. So he would need to learn botany first before learning that.

Jon took out the books from his inventory and knocked on the door to the chambers. He waited but got no response, he quietly entered and found the chamber empty, unsurprisingly really given the time.

It was very late in the night, the maester was probably asleep. Jon quickly put the books back where he found them and began to take out his new reading subjects. He moved to the biology section of the library and got the book on botany he needed.

Jon then looked around for anything interesting for him to read up on. He took a book regarding the human body, so that he knew what he would have to hit in order to kill his enemies, and one about the greatest men and women of Westeros, a record of people with amazing bodies, like the Mountain.

As Jon's eyes roamed the shelves a single book seemed to stand out to him. It was an odd book to find in the biology section, but once Jon read the title he knew why it was there, 'The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms'.

Jon put the other books away in his inventory and took this giant tome out. He sat down at his desk, the one Luwin assigned to him for his studies, and opened the book. It was a written record of every single great and minor house in Westeros.

Immediately Jon's eyes landed on the greatest house, the Targaryens. Jon was always desperate for information about his father's side of the family, and this book had information. He opened the Targaryen section and read about them.

It seemed the book only contained the name and looks of each house member, which was a curious thing to record in the first place. Jon supposed the purpose was to determine how their ancient ancestors look, but the descriptions were always so vague.

Daeron Targaryen, fair white hair, purple eyes. Son of Aegon V, same features and Betha Blackwood, dark hair and dark eyes.

Jaehaerys II, fair white hair, purple eyes. Son of Aegon V, same features and Betha Blackwood, dark hair and dark eyes.

Duncan Targaryen, dark hair, dark eyes. Son of Aegon V, pale white hair and purple eyes, and Betha Blackwood, same features.

Rhaelle Targaryen, Blonde hair, dark eyes. Son of Aegon V, pale white hair and purple eyes, and Betha Blackwood, dark hair and dark eyes.

It was strange seeing how their children were similar to their parents. Most had the same white blonde hair and purple eyes, while a few had the dark eyes of their mother. It was like a battle to see who they most looked like.

Jon chuckled, imagine if he had been born with white hair instead? Ned would have gone mad trying to hide him. It was a good thing he took after his mother rather than his father, white hair and purple eyes would be difficult to pass on as a child of a Stark's.

Jon looked at the legacy of the Targaryen's and realised just how lucky he was. It was rare to find a Targaryen with his features of dark hair and dark eyes. In the entire family history only a handful of them every came around.

Growing curious Jon started looking for any Targaryen who had ever married a Stark. And after half an hour of searching Jon was disappointed to find none. Never in the history of Westeros had a Targaryen and a Stark married, at least those from the main family. They never wed, some generations had never even seen the other family.

This made Jon feel proud for being so unique, he was one of a kind. The first type of child ever. He did however notice a lot more dark haired children were born into the Targaryen family than he previously thought.

Though none of them were a Stark the chances of a dark haired Targaryen increased when the child had a parent with dark hair. And they had yellow blonde hair when one of the parent had blonde hair. It really was amazing the way the world worked. Children inheriting the hair of their….their parents….

'No way in hell,' Jon thought to himself as he slowly turned to the Baratheon section of the time. He looked at the names, none he recognized, but that wasn't what he was looking for.

Since the Baratheons and the Lannisters were close geographically then tended to marry each other more often. In the past the two families were married several time before. And each union guarantee one thing, the child had dark hair like their Baratheon parent.

Every single time those two families married the dark hair won out. Every time a Baratheon and a Lannister married and had children the child had dark hair. This was a fact, it happened hundreds of times in the past, and the fact is it didn't happen now.


Quest completed!

Find proof about the Queen's children!


20 gold dragons

Magic needle

+20 REP pack!


You have pained +1 Wis!

WIS- 8

A bag of coins, a small glowing needle and a red coin appeared on Jon's book. He opened the bag to find the 20 dragons and quickly put it into his inventory. He then picked up the glowing needle and observed it;

Magic Needle (B class item),

Allows one to magically fuse to separate items into one. This includes fabrics and metal.

Warning! This item has only a single use.

And then Jon turned to the red coin;

+20 REP pack,

Allows you to automatically increase your REP score with someone by 20 points!

Jon blinked in surprise at them both, they were extremely powerful items, and he needed to be careful with them. He put both away for later, because right now he needed to deal with what he just found.

He had found proof for his claims of the Queen's unfaithfulness. He had found proof! Even the Playtrix confirmed it by confirming his quest as complete! Lord Stark needed to know this at once! Jon grabbed the tome and put it in his inventory for safe keeping, the book needed to be handled properly.

He ran out of the Maester's tower and towards the Great Keep and ran to his father's study. He took out the time before hand as he came up to the study and saw two guards posted outside. He nodded to them and reached to open the door when they stopped him.

"No one can go in," they said, "Lord Stark's orders."

"Please, I have urgent news for him!" Jon pleaded, "he needs to hear from me!"

"Sorry Snow, but we have our orders. Lord Stark is meeting with the King, we can't allow you inside."

Jon was shocked to hear those two were having an audience, he nodded and silently walked away standing near the end of the corridor waiting patiently for the King to conclude his business.

Eventually the doors opened and the King stepped out, "I'll talk to you about this in the morning Ned, good night," he called behind him as two King's guards flanked his sides.

"Good night my king," Jon heard his uncle call out from inside as the study door closed.

"You," King Robert pointed at the gaurd, "take me to the crypts, now."

"M-me?" the one chosen gulped nervously.

"Yes, you," the king grumbled, "why? Do you not feel confident?"

"No! Of course not my king! Please follow me!" the gaurd quickly guided the royal party away leaving Jon and the remaining gaurd at the study.

"You can go in now," the gaurd said. Jon thanked him and quickly walked in.

"Jon?" Lord Stark sat down behind his desk looking surprised, "why are you here?"

"I found proof," Jon stated holding up the book.

Ned eyes went wide, "what are you talking about?"

"You wanted proof about my claims yes? This is it," Jon placed the book and showed it to Lord Stark, "it is a record of every single child born to every house, great or minor, in Westeros. In it the children are described with respect to their parents. The Baratheons and Lannisters have married many times before, and each time the resulting child grew with black of hair, not blonde. If they did have blonde hair it was rare, it had only ever happened twice. So the chances of three children with blonde hair….it's nearly impossible. This is the proof we need, this is proof of the queen's unfaithfulness."

Ned picked up the book and read it slowly. His eyes went wide at the implications of what Jon was telling him. He whispered, "this isn't possible. This can't be."

"Do you believe me now?" Jon asked, worried that even this might not be enough.

"I...I…. Jon...go to your room Jon. We will talk of this in the morning."


"Go to your room Jon, now!"

"But Lord Stark we have proof! The Queen's children-"

"Will be slaughtered like animals!" Ned hissed, "go away Jon, I will deal with this."

Jon grew angry, "fine. I live to obey you, my lord." Jon walked out leaving the book with Ned, 'let him do whatever the hell he wants. This isn't my problem, damn me for caring enough to bother.'

Jon walked back to his room and sat down. He understood why Lord Stark was hesitating, he didn't want the children to suffer, but Gods' damn it wasn't the proof he provided alarming?! When he was still a bastard he was hated, and now a bastard was to inherit the iron throne?!


Quest Alert!

Tell the king about 'his' children



+200 Exp



War in Westeros

Do you accept?


Jon knew he didn't have a choice. He pressed 'yes'.

He was envious of Joffery, that was true, he hated the boy, but he also pitied him. He supposed that was why he tried to befriend the boy earlier in the first place. Jon sighed, he needed to distract himself from all this drama, he took out the new books he obtained and quickly studied them, for now he would focus on his own business, let the Lords and Ladys deal with the god damn politics of it all.

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