A Game of IaF Chapter 2

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

First flight

Chapter 2:

Jon sat in his bed looking at his newly acquired accessory. He had a busy day, Lady Stark ended up blaming him for Arya's disappearance, despite the fact that Arya begged her mother to not blame him.

But it wasn't anything new for Jon, he was used to Lady Stark's cold behaviour, and he understood why she did so. He was her husband's son, but not her son. He was a stain on her legacy, living proof that Ned Stark had at one point been unfaithful. However, Jon now believed that might not be the case.

Jon pressed the red gem on the bracelet causing it to turn blue and display a screen with what Jon now took to calling his 'Status Page'. Since it provided information about him and what he could do the name was fitting;

Jon Targaryen

HP- 50/50

SP- 100/100

MP- 25/25

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 1 Exp- 0/100

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 4

VIT- 3

DEX- 3

CHA- 1

INT- 2

WIS- 1

LUC- 1


MONEY- 0 Gold 0 silver 0 bronze

The son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Jon has been raised at Winterfell in secret by his uncle, Ned Stark. Jon has always been shunned because of his status as a bastard and hated by many as the physical representation of Ned Stark's disloyalty. Jon has always strived to find his place in the word and seeks to become his own man away from the shadow of the Stark family.


Targaryen born - Immune to fire, 20% reputation bonus with dragons, Dragon dreams perk. + 1 Int per level.

Wolfblood - Immune to the cold, 20% reputation bonus with wolves, Skinchanging perk. +1 Str per level.

This was the single most amazing thing that probably ever happened to him.

"Hmm," the small albino pup sitting by Jon's bed whimpered in protest, almost like it knew what he was thinking.

Ghost, Faithful companion

Lv- 1

REP- 24/100

Jon chuckled, 'correction, one of the most amazing things that's ever happened to me.' Ghost gave Jon a small woof before it put it's head down falling asleep.

Jon turned back to his bracelet. From what he understood this thing somehow was able to take his characteristics and give it a number. From what Jon understood, this thing was an account of him, what he could do, and what his limits were. And now Jon wanted to know exactly what it was judging him on.

Jon didn't fully understand what HP, MP and SP stood for. If he was to guess he would say HP stood for Health and SP stood for stamina. But he had no clue what MP stood for.

The allegiance part was kind of obvious, it told Jon who he was aligned to, meaning it showed who he was loyal too. Simple, yet very useful. And just as Jon figured that out;


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how Allegiance works!

Jon almost jumped out of his bed seeing the message pop out of his braclet. Ghost whined when his master jerked, but after making sure nothing had happened to him the wolf went back to sleep.

Jon didn't realise this could happen, but it did make sense, he was on a quest to figure out how this band worked, he just didn't realise his band could activate whenever it wanted to notifying him about random details like this.

Either way Jon moved on, he still had to figure out how this thing worked.

Jon figured STR stood for strength. That meant he had 4 points of strength. Which didn't really help because he didn't know if that was a lot or not. He had nothing to compare to, he could put the band on someone else and check what it says for them, but there were two problems with that.

1- he couldn't take the band off. And 2- he didn't want to take the band off. This thing has already changed his life, and he doesn't even know what it's fully capable off yet!

Jon then moved to the second category of his that was judged. VIT. He honestly didn't know what that meant. Maybe it was a word he didn't use? Like an older language used during the first king's time.

Then came DEX, again Jon had no clue. Same for CHA, INT could meant intelligence, but again Jon couldn't be sure. And with a low score of 2 Jon understood why he had such a poor score, even without having anyone to compare it too he knew it was a shity score.

WIS meant wisdom, which was at 1, again, very very bad. And of course came LUC, which meant luck, which was also at a measly point of 1.

Jon didn't know if what he was assumed was correct, but either way he needed to do something about these stats. They were pathetic! Plus he had no skills, other than Player's mind and body, which he doesn't even know how he got in the first place.

It was strange, because Jon knew for a fact that he had different skills, after all he was a swordsman, and that had to count for something in this world. But maybe the bracelet didn't think so, Jon had no clue, unfortunately some things weren't that simple to figure out.

Then there were the perks he possessed;

Dragon Dreams - You will have semi prophetic dreams. 30% chance of said dreams happening

Skinchanging - You can take over the body of anyone who you have a level 70 reputation with

He didn't even know where to start with these. He still couldn't believe he could do these things, he needed proof that whatever this band said was true or not. And the only way to do that was to figure out if Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen were indeed his parents.

Jon knew he had a long road in front of him, but by the old Gods and the new he wasn't going to give up. He finally had a chance to prove he was more than a Snow, this bracelet gave him that chance, and he was going to use it!

Jon spoke out, "show quests," the status page changed revealing a new collum with a list of quests that Jon was undertaken. There were two currently being used, the quest to find proof about his parents and the one to figure out how this gaming system worked, which he was actually making some progress in.

Jon closed the box by waving his hands through it causing it to disappear. He got off the bed much to the excitement of Ghost.

"Nothing big pup, just going out for a walk," and with that said Jon walked out.

He walked around the courtyard watching the people just walk around. Jon still want's used to the names floating above people's heads. He didn't understand why, but ever since that morning Jon had become a lot more relaxed about certain things. He just accepted what life threw at him and moved on.

He suspected that it may have something to do with that skill he has;

Player's Mind(Passive) Lv-MAX

Allows user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind, immune to psychological status and effects.

And something told him it was. Jon looked around, the people here were very private, Jon used to have a problem remembering their faces let alone their names, but with this new power he was sure he would always know.

An older woman walked past him carrying a basket of fruits. She had blonde stringy hair with a thin form. Jon always saw her walking around, always working, he never knew her name, but now he did;

Brinda Winter, Servant of Winterfell

Lv- 8

REP- 5/100

The more Jon looked around the more he got a feel of what the system was trying to tell him.

The average worker here seemed to have a level somewhere around 20 or so. Jon figured age may have something to do with it, but then he also so several older workers, clearly over the age of 50, and they too had the same level.

Jon also found that the REP score of most people varied. People he never talked to had low scores, like 0's and single digits. But people he did speak too had a more extreme rate. He remembered Arya had a score of 63, so from all this Jon could safely say that REP stood for reputation and the score people had were how much they liked him.


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how reputation works!


Due to logically thinking you have gained +1 WIS!

Jon blinked, his metal band suddenly light up with the pop up box. He quickly hid it behind his cloak as to not garner attention to himself before sliding into a dark corner. Once he was sure no one was looking at him he looked at the message.

It was surprising that he was able to increase his wisdom just by logically thinking. He quickly opened his status page sure enough there it was;

WIS- 2

Jon was amazed, so if this was the case he could improve not just one of his stats but all of them through different means. STR could be improved is he exercised more. INT could probably be improved if he read more and he just improved his WIS through logical thinking. That only left out LUC, which he had no idea how to improve, and VIT and DEX, which he didn't even know what they stood for.

Jon smiled as he dismissed the message and walked back into the light of the courtyard. He was lucky that someone didn't see the metal wrist band activate, he would have to be careful from now on.

As Jon walked around he found himself being drawn to the training grounds. Sir Cassel was there training Robb and Bran in the art of the sword, teaching them the various movements they would need to perfect while on the battlefield.

Brandon Stark, Little brother

Lv- 2

REP- 38/100

Ser Rodrik Cassel, Master of Arms

Lv- ?

REP- 23/100

Jon was a little surprised. He couldn't see Rodrik's level, which must mean something as this has never happened before. Everyone else he could see, but Rodrik's was a mystery. As Jon approached Rodrik noticed him and turned to greet the bastard, "ah Jon, finally decided to grace us with your presence have you?"

Jon nodded, "apologies master Cassel, I was tending to Ghost." Jon lied, he didn't like lying, but it was better than having to explain the real reason he was missing.

"No matter, come boy, train with your half-brothers," Cassel pointed at a suit of padding and a wooden sword lying to one corner telling Jon to put it on.


At that sound Jon quickly his hand behind his cloak, "r-right." He quickly moved to the padding armour and bent over them. With his body now hiding him from the other's view Jon moved the band to the front reading what was displayed;

Quest Alert!

Practise with your cousins!


+20 Exp

+1 point


Uncle Ned will be very cross with you.

Do you accept?


Jon pressed 'Yes' closing the box. He then threw off his cloak and changed into the training armour. He picked up the wooden sword and gave it a few practise swings. Jon got used to the weight and quickly joined Bran and Robb.

"Alright lads first things first, I need you to practise your swings, show me your form and power," Sir Roderick took a step back.

Jon raised the wooden blade up and brought it down in a controlled swing. Robb and Bran did the same as the three quickly fell into a rhythmic movement of swords.

They completed a hundred swings when Sir Roderick spoke up, "alright lads that's enough. Jon, Robb, I want you both to spar. Bran come off to the side, observe your brothers."

Bran nodded and did so. Jon turned to Robb and took a deep breath to settle his nerves. "You alright Jon?" Robb asked as he spun his sword getting a good grip on it, "you look nervous. Afraid you're going to lose again?"

Jon grinned, "no, I'm just worried if your going to go cry to Lady Stark after I knock you on your back, again."

"That was one time Jon! And I was 6!"


Robb growled as he quickly charged. Jon smiled as his taunt worked, he raised his sword to block the obvious incoming strike, but just then;


You have created a new skill! Taunt!

The bracelet light up with a blue notification. Jon's eyes widened in shock as he drew back his hand in an effort to hide the bracelet, but in doing so allowed Rob's strike to hit him square in the nose.

"Fuck!" Jon cursed as he quickly moved back, tripping, and falling down.

"Well that was easy," Robb chuckled as Bran out right laughed at Jon.

The Bastard of the North growled as he held his broken nose, "I am going to make you pay for that Stark."

"You wish," Robb grinned as he stepped back.

"What was that Jon?!" Rodrik yelled out as he walked to Jon pulling him pull by the shoulder, "I've seen first timers do better than that! It isn't enough just to taunt your opponent! You also need to follow through!"

Jon nodded, "yes ser Roderick, I promise it won't happen again." The knight nodded gruffy as he walked back. Jon finally removed his hand from his nose as he wiggled it trying to feel if anything was broken. As he did that he realised that the blue box was still floating above his wrist, on full display for everyone in the courtyard to see.

Jon froze in shock, 'oh no.' He waited for someone to say something, but no one did. Not a single person. Jon stared at his wrist, the notification was still there, glowing bright blue, but no one saw it.

"Are you alright Jon?" Robb asked with a touch of concern in his voice, "did you hit your head?"

Jon snapped out of his daze, "what? No, no, nothing like that. Just give me a second." Jon turned to his wrist and swiped the blue box to make it go away, but in doing so revealed a new one placed just below that;

Taunt, Lv- 1 (0%)

A remark made in order to provoke or anger someone.

5% chance of working

+20% if the taunt isn't often used with said person


Extreme hurtful taunting will result in reducing your REP with that person.

Jon stared wide eyed at his hand. He couldn't believe it. He had just created a skill for himself, granted he already had one, but he didn't realise he could just create them at will. Did that mean he could get other skills? Would he get one for sword fighting?

"Jon? Are you sure you're okay?" Robb asked again, "do you want to see maester Luwin?"

Jon cursed internally, even if they couldn't see the blue boxes Jon still was visible, and right now they believed he was staring at his wrist like an idiot. Jon closed the box and turned to Robb, "I'm fine, let's continue."

Robb looked reluctant at first, but when Jon readied his blade and glared at him the heir to Winterfell prepared himself as well.

"Begin!" Sir Roderick called out and the boys charged at each other.

Jon swung at Robb's neck only to be blocked and knocked to the side by the heir's blade. Rob then pushed forward as he trusted his blade forward trying to get Jon's stomach.

The Bastard of the North saw the blade coming and effectively dodged to the side knocking the blade away before slashing at Robb chipping his left shoulder.

"Enough!" Rodrik called out causing the boys to stop. The lowered their blades and turned to the knight. "That was better Jon, quick and effective," Rodrik commented before turning to Robb, "next time Robb don't lean too much into the attack, a trust is only as powerful as the drawback, do that too slowly and you are dead. Now, let's do this one more time."

Jon nodded and just then another notification popped up from his band;


You have created a new skill! Single hand Sword fighting!

Jon pushed the notification away and a new box came up displaying the skill he had just acquired;

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 1 (0%)

The skill to use a sword with the major motions being carried out by only one hand.

Efficiency - 10%

Possibility of combo moves - 5%

Jon smiled, 'now this is what I need,' he quickly pushed the skill to the side and looked up at Rob, "ready to get your ass handed to you?"

Robb chuckled, "very confident talk for someone who lost because they tripped and fell on their back."

"That was because I got distracted."

"Right, very well, if you're so sure about your victory then how about a little wager?"

Jon raised an eyebrow, "you do realise I have no money yes? Unlike you I don't have coins lying around."

"Correct, which is why when you loose you will wash all my clothes for a week."

Jon raised an eyebrow in challenge, "and when I win?"

"5 gold dragons."


Quest Alert!

Defeat Robb!


5 golden dragons


Have to wash his clothes for a week

Do you accept?


Jon's eyes widened, he whistled loudly, "nice. Alright then, I accept," but before Jon could press yes for the quest it disappeared into nothing.

Jon was shocked, 'wait, does that mean I don't have to use my hands to dismiss the boxes? I can just do it with my mouth?' Jon put that piece of information to the side, he could deal with the implications later, right now he had a bet to win.

Jon readied his blade in front of him gripping it with both hands. He glared at Robb looking for any indication of what he would do. If he moved his right leg Jon knew for a fact that the Stark was going to charge him. If he moved his left leg that meant he would try to run around and swing at his side.

Jon focused as he observed Robb, and just then;


You have created a new skill! Observation!

Jon's eyes popped open in surprise, the moment he took his eyes away from Robb and looked to his metal band Robb moved.

'Go away! Go away!' Jon ordered mentally as he quickly turned his attention from the blue box and back to Robb. The heir swung and Jon raised his sword to block just in time.

"You are getting distracted brother," Robb grunted as he pushed his sword down on Jon.

"Just thinking about all the money I'm going to get from you," Jon growled as he twisted his blade and hopped away disengaging from the clash. Robb however didn't let him go far.

He swung his sword down nearly hitting Jon's shoulder. The Bastard was lucky enough to avoid the blade as he twisted to the side in the last moment. Jon then spun to the side as he swung his sword down, but the blade lacked speed allowing Rob to easily duck under and move away.

Jon was panting now, he could feel himself getting tired. He narrowed his eyes at Robb, the heir looked excited, he was hopping from one leg to another.

Jon felt the metal band vibrate. He looked down and saw a green bar with the words 'SP' written in green next to it. The bar was only half full, Jon didn't understand what this was and before he could try and think about it Rodrik shouted.

"Well? Are you two just going to stand there?! Fight!" Sir Roderick screamed.

Jon and Robb moved at the same time. The clashed blades, Robb kicked Jon. The kick struck pushing Jon back, but luckily he managed to stay on his feet.

Robb started to swing at Jon again and again, and the Bastard could not do anything else but dodge or deflect the weapon. Robb was fast, maybe faster than Jon, but he was also cocky, and Jon knew he would just need to wait for his chance.

As Jon moved backward he suddenly felt his back hit the wooden fence. He had nowhere else to move, Robb had him cornered.

Seeing his chance Robb charged. "Argh!" Robb roared as he lifted his blade up and swung it down on Jon.

The would-be son of Ned Stark swung his blade upwards intending to block Robb's strike. But the blade came down with such force that the moment Jon's wooden blade made contact with Robb's, it shattered into splinters.

Robb's eyes widened in surprise,he didn't realise he could do that. He hesitated for a second, and Jon knew this was the time to strike.

As Robb stayed frozen in shock Jon charged forward tackling Robb down. He pressed his leg down on Robb's sword hand while moving the broken wooden blade to his neck. "I win."

Robb blinked, "w-what? No fair! I broke your sword in half! I win!" Jon and Robb turned to Rodrik, waiting for his decision.

"Actually, Jon wins," the knight said smiling, "you may have broken his blade Robb, but Jon still managed to press it to your throat. And believe me, the edge of a broken blade is still as sharp as that of a whole one."


Quest Completed!

Defeat Robb!


5 golden dragons

Robb grumbled, Jon smiled as he got off his brother, possible cousin, and helped him up. "I still think I won."

Jon grinned, "and yet, that isn't the case."

Robb grumbled, "yes, yes, I am aware," the heir to Winterfell reached under his padding and into his robes, he dug around for a few seconds before producing a small bag. "Here, you win," he tossed the bag to Jon who caught it out of the air.

Jon opened the bag and found 5 golden dragons in it. He looked at Robb, "you always carry this much money with you?"

Robb shrugged, "I'm the future warden of the North, it would be insulting if I didn't." Jon raised an eyebrow and started, Robb was acting far more arrogant. Robb glared back at Jon before tumbling and rolling his eyes, "fine, if you must know I got the money from Theon. He and I had a bet going as too how long it would take before Grey Wind bite him. He bet a month, I bet 3 days. Obviously he lost."

Jon smiled, "oh, it's Theon's money is it? Well then I'm going to enjoy spending it."

Robb chuckled but said nothing. Rodrik called them over and congratulated them on a job well done. He then dismissed the three of them, but not before reminding them to come to the training grounds everyday for their training.

Bran and Robb quickly walked to the Great Keep for their dinner. Jon told them he would catch up, and as soon as they were out of sight Jon pulled up his metal band looking at the new box;


Quest Completed!

Practise with your cousins!


+20 Exp

+1 point

Old pair of leather shoes

Jon was surprised as he read the quest completion box. He had a general understanding of what it meant, but not fully. Just as he finished reading it however a flash of gold exploded from his band blinding him.

Jon blinked the spots away from his vision as his vision slowly came back. He looked around, however no one was even looking at him, they didn't see the flash of bright light that he did. Which just told Jon one more thing, any sound of light produced by the band could only be heard by Jon, which lifted a big weight off of his shoulders.

Jon then noticed a pair of worn looking brown leather boots on the ground before him. He blinked, 'was that there before?'

Jon swore that is wasn't. Meaning it just came into existence, just like….magic. Jon looked at his metal band, 'did this thing create those shoes?!'

It was unbelievable, Jon couldn't understand how that could be even possible. And yet, there it was, right before him, a pair of worn looking brown boots.

Jon knew that he didn't fully understand his new accessory, but he didn't realise it could do things like this!

Jon looked them over. They weren't that good, the pair he wore was better, but that didn't mean he was just going to toss them away. They were created by magic! Who knew what could happen if he let someone else see them?!

"Jon?" Robb came back outside looking at his half-brother staring at a pair of boots on the ground, "are you coming?"

Jon snapped up at Robb, "what?"

"Dinner, are you coming for dinner Jon?" Robb asked worried about Jon, perhaps he really did hit his head during that fall?

"Oh, right, yes, yes I'm coming," Jon carefully watched the boots as he walked around them towards Robb.

"Are those boots yours?" Robb asked.

Jon stopped, "ah...I guess so."

"Then come on, pick them, don't leave it out where someone can take them. Granted I don't see any reason someone would do that."

Jon hesitated, but nodded. He turned back and picked the boots up quickly hiding them behind his cloak. He then walked into the Great Keep with Robb, looking away from Robb's confused face.

Jon spent the entirety of dinner keeping his head down. This was for two reasons. One being the constant glares that Lady Stark was sending him, which was normal for Jon by now. The second however was the confused gaze Robb gave him, which was rightfully earned, if Jon was being honest with himself.

"Isn't that right Jon?!" Arya called out loudly startling the bastard. Jon looked up from his plate of meat and vegetable and looked at Arya's determined face.

"I'm sorry, what?"

Arya rolled her eyes, "I was just saying that if you and Robb fought you would win!"

Jon blinked as he nodded, "yes and what off it?"

"Ah ha! I knew it!" Arya screamed as she pointed at Robb with her fork. Nymeria howled in joy as her master jumped in her seat.

"As if," Robb rolled his eyes, "today was a fluke."

Jon shock his head, "no it wasn't."

"Yes it was."

"I beat you twice."

"You got lucky."


"Alright enough," Ned Stark spoke. The man was big and full bearded. He wore heavy fur and on his face were deep lines that showed his age and his hard life. "No fighting at the dinner table, understood?"

"Yes father," Robb grumbled back.

"Yes lord Stark," Jon replied. He hated that he couldn't call Ned Stark his father in public, Lady Stark wouldn't approve. But from what he recently learnt Ned stark might not even be his father.

Eddard Stark, Warden of the North

Lv- ?

REP- 43/100

Jon raised an eyebrow at this. Once again he was unable to see someone's level. The only other person that he has seen this happen too was Rodrik, another older man with many a battle behind him. From this the only thing Jon could conclude was that Ned Stark and Rodrik were simply too powerful for Jon to know their levels.

"So other than Robb's spar with Jon what else happened?" Lord Stark asked.

Quickly each of his true born children took turns telling their father what they did. Jon sat back as dinner drained on. It was an hour later when he finally was allowed to leave.

He quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a handful of sausages for Ghost. He then ran back to his room and slammed the door shut behind him startling Ghost.

"It's okay boy, it's just me," Jon said calming the direwolf down. He feed the wolf the sausages before sitting down on his bed and taking out the pair of worn boots form before.

He looked them over carefully trying to see anything different with them. But after five minutes of investigating he found nothing extraordinary, in fact they looked like the kind of boots a worker in the castle would wear.

Jon leaned back on the wall as he breathed a sigh of relief, just as he figured out one feature of this thing a new one popped up. He sighed as he looked at the band, "what are you?" He was half expecting a blue box to pop open explaining what this was, but alas, it seemed that Jon's new toy didn't do everything.

Jon quickly opened his status page and looked it over. If he recalled correctly the quest he completed gave him not only a pair of boots but also 20 Exp and a single point. As Jon looked over his page he realise this was true;

Level- 1 Exp- 20/100


Jon didn't really know what to do with points, he figured he would figure it out as he went along, but he knew what Exp was. If his thinking was correct then that meant that once he got enough Exp he would become stronger.

That meant he would have to do more quests, which were basically there entirely to give him rewards or punishments. Just as Jon realised this fact he got another notification;


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how quests works!

Jon smiled, that notification just confirmed his theory.

Jon then looked at his HP, MP and SP. Jon remembered the green SP bar that appeared over his metal band during his fight with Robb. Now that he wasn't in the middle of a fight, and didn't have an old knight screaming at him, Jon realised that the green bar stood for his stamina.

Back then he was tired, he had used up his stamina, hence his green bar was only half full. That meant once he lost stamina or health the band would notify him off it.

Jon then looked to MP, before he didn't understand what it stood for, but now, after witnessing the abilities of the band he realised that the 'M' stood for magic.


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how HP, MP, SP works!

Jon's eyes winded, this confirmed his theory on what the three words stood for. Health, Stamina and Magic.

Jon blinked, "wait...does that mean I have magic?!"

He looked at his main page and there it was;

HP- 50/50

SP- 84/100

MP- 25/25

"Magic," Jon was startled, he didn't realise this was possible, but there it was. So far everything the band displayed was the truth, though he still had his doubts about his parentage. This meant that Jon did in fact have magic, meaning he really needed to learn how to use it.

Jon stared at his page in realisation for a long time. Slowly he scrolled the page up looking at everything else featured on the page. He noticed his skills were next, and listed were all the skills he knew.

They were mostly all the same, expect for single hand sword fighting;

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 1 (40%)

At first the number in the brackets were 0, now 40. This could only mean that like himself, Jon could also level up skills, and he did that by practising them. Since he practised single hand sword fighting with Robb that meant he became better at it.


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how skills works!

Jon smiled, he pushed the box away as he looked at the new skill he acquired during his last match with Robb that almost cost him the battle;

Observation, Lv- 1 (0%)

The skill to learn about objects or people by observing them carefully.

Jon was a little surprised by the skill, it wasn't like Taunt or his sword fighting skills at all. It was vague and confusing, just like the other two skills he had, 'Player's mind' and 'Player's body';

Player's Mind(Passive) Lv-MAX

Allows user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind, immune to psychological status and effects.

Player's Body(Passive) Lv-MAX

Grants the user a body that allows the user to live the real world according to the status he possess.

If Jon was to guess this skill was something that was powered by the band, and not by him.

But he still wanted to test it out. He looked around for something to observe, he looked down and saw Ghost chewing on the old worn boots he obtained from his quest. He chuckled, he didn't mind the wolf chewing on the shoes, he certainly wasn't going to use them anyway.

He focused his eyes and glared at the boots. He waited for a moment before suddenly the band he wore started to vibrate informing him off a new pop up box. Jon looked at the new blue box;

Old Worn boots (E class item)

These boots are barely hanging together. Wearing these will offer no protection and merely exist in order to provide a layer of comfort for the wearer, provided they do not travel in the wilderness.

Durability - 5

Jon raised an eyebrow at what he read, it seems he wasn't wrong about the boots, they weren't worth much. He looked down at his own and narrowed his eyes at them. He wondered if this power worked on something that wasn't created by the metal band. Jon waited for a few seconds, and then;

Good Black boots (C class item)

These boots are very durable and sturdy. These will offer proper protection from the weather and dangerous terrain offering good grip on the ground.

Durability - 20

Jon smiled, he didn't realise how nice he had it, these were very good. Jon then had an idea, an ingenious idea. He looked at the metal band around his arm, he narrowed his eyes and observed it. He waited for a few seconds, he was slowly giving up hope that it would work, when suddenly;

The Playtrix


Your Observation skill needs to be at a higher level to view this information.

Jon was surprised it worked, but then immediately saddened form the fact that he couldn't gain the information he wanted. But at least now he knew what the metal band was called.

Jon turned to the steel band, 'so your name is Playtrix huh?' Jon smiled, oddly enough the name suited it.

Jon then turned back to his status page and scrolled down. He passed perks, he didn't quite understand what they were though. He assumed they were like skills, meaning they could be created, but from what he could see that wasn't the case.

He had two perks;

Dragon Dreams - You will have semi prophetic dreams. 30% chance of said dreams happening

Skinchanging - You can take over the body of anyone who you have a level 70 reputation with

And he got them from his status;

Targaryen born - Immune to fire, 20% reputation bonus with dragons, Dragon dreams perk. + 1 Int per level.

Wolfblood - Immune to the cold, 20% reputation bonus with wolves, Skinchanging perk. +1 Str per level.

So he assumed that perks couldn't be created, but given. Meaning he had no way of obtaining them.


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how perks works!

Jon smiled at this, he was another step closer to finishing his third quest.

As Jon closed the new pop up box he looked at the perk list now open in front of him. He narrowed his eyes as he read them again.

"Targaryen born, immune to fire..." Jon trailed off. Jon never did actually stop to read this properly, he was at first overwhelmed by the revelation of who his parent were to actually think about how to prove if that was the case.

But now, now that he had time to adjust, time to focus and clear his head, Jon was ready to try and figure it out.

He quickly got back up and walked out of his room, leaving Ghost inside with an old pair of boots to chew on.

On the wall opposite his room door was a light torch. Jon looked around, there was one one there. He approached the torch and carefully took it out of it's fixture.

He looked down into the flames and gulped. It was crazy what he was planning to do, but he had to know, he needed to know the truth.

Jon held the torch with his left hand and raised his right. He passed it over the flames and waited. A minute passed and he felt no different.

Jon tried to remember when the last time he was burnt. He remembered the feeling of being uncomfortably warm, but he never remembered being burnt.

Jon recalled a time when they were younger, Robb and him ran into the kitchen to hide from lady Stark. Jon had hidden behind a pot, and Robb saw him do so and decided to follow suit. However the moment Robb's body reached the pot he jumped back in pain. The pot had been boiling hot. Rob had nearly burnt the skin on his shoulder, but Jon was unharmed.

Jon looked at the fire and slowly he lowered his hand deeper and deeper into it. He waited for the burn, for the stinging sensation that he heard people say it caused. But it didn't come, it never came.

Jon saw the helm of his dress shirt catch on fire and immediately he pulled his hand out. He put the torch back on the wall and quickly wrapped his burning hand in his clock cutting the air supply for the fire killing it instantly.

Jon then removed his hand from the cloak and looked at it. His skin was covered in soot, the starting of his sleeve was burnt. Jon rubbed the soot off his hand, and underneath it was his skin, unburnt and unharmed in any way.

'It's true,' Jon realised as he stared at his hand that did not burn, 'I am not a Stark, I'm not a wolf. I'm a dragon, a Targaryen. My father is...was, Rhaegar Targaryen.'

You have made progress in your Quest!: Find proof about your Targaryen side! (1/1)

Jon knew he should be surprised, but he wasn't. Not anymore. And if Rhaegar was his father, than Lyanna was his mother.

Jon turned and walked away. He walked out of the great Keep and into the courtyard. It was dark outside, the servants were still busy, but far fewer of them were awake. Jon walked underneath the darkness towards the entrance of the crypts.

He climbed down the stairs and once again found himself in the warm tunnels of the graveyard of the Starks. He knew where aunt Lyanna's-his mother's statue was. He didn't think he could forget.

He walked quickly, though his boots didn't make a sound as he practically ran to the grave site of his mother.

But as he neared it he noticed someone else in there with him. Lord Stark, Jon's father-no, his uncle, was standing before Lyanna's grave looking at the statue with tears in his eyes.

"Lord Stark?" Jon called out unsure of what to do. He wanted to see the statue in private, but there was nothing he could do. It wasn't as if he could just tell Lord Stark to leave.

"Jon?" Lord Stark noticed the young man. He quickly wiped away his tears, "I didn't hear you come."

"I-I...I wanted to know where you were going," Jon replied. He didn't know what else to say. Just then;


You have created a new skill! Lying!

Lying, Lv- 1 (0%)

This is your ability to lie to people, the higher the level the better the lie and less chance of discovery!

5% chance of success!

Jon sighed, 'go away,' causing the pop up box to disappear.

"I come here every so often to see her," Lord Stark admitted, "the stone masons truley did capture the likeness. But then again she was well loved by all here, there wasn't any who didn't know her face."

Jon walked close to Ned Stark as he looked at the statue, "c-can you tell me about her?" Jon asked a little nervous.

Ned looked at Jon with confusion in his eyes before nodding. "She was kind woman, very kind. Caring also."

"Like Sansa?" Jon asked.

Ned chuckled, "oh Gods no, nothing like Sansa. If anything she was more like Arya than anyone else."

Jon raised an eyebrow, "Arya?"

"Indeed. Hard headed, stubborn as a mule, had a great dislike for anything remotely lady like and an interest in all things related to battle."

Jon smiled, "sounds exactly like Arya."

"But that didn't mean she didn't have her lady like moments. When she needed too she acted very much like a proper lady of the household. Most would not be able to see past the image of the perfect lady she conjured upon herself, they would see only that and think her a delicate flower to be protected not knowing that that couldn't be further from the truth."

"I see….she had many suitors?"

"Many tried," Ned sighed, "but eventually she was betrothed to Robert, the now king."

"Did she love him?"

Ned looked at Jon surprised at the question, "I...I don't believe she had the chance too."

"I see...how did she die?"

Ned frowned, "why are you so curious about my sister Jon?"

Jon stammered, "I-I just thought it would be nice to know a little bit more about her. She seemed like a nice person. I understand if talking about it is hurtful my lord I won't ask any-"

"-No, no, that's not what I meant," Ned waved off Jon's apology, "I was just curious is all. And you can call me father you know, I know Lady Stark doesn't like it, but she isn't here right now."

Jon nodded, he gulped, "yes...father." It felt strange saying that knowing what he knows now. This man did raise him though, while he might not be father in blood, he was in actions.

Jon's eyes suddenly opened in shock, 'wait...he knows!' Jon didn't realise this, but Lord Stark has to know who his real parents were. Meaning all this while he had been lying to him, to Jon.

Jon didn't understand why, why would Ned Stark lie? Why would he not admit that Jon wasn't his bastard son but Lyanna's? Why?

"She was kidnapped by Rhaegar, as you know," Ned spoke up bringing Jon out of his thoughts. Jon immediately focused on Ned's words as they were about both his parents, "at the time she was betrothed to Robert, and her kidnapping caused Robert to break out in civil war against the crown."

"He went to war for her?" Jon asked.

Ned nodded, "yes, he did. He tore apart the kingdom trying to get her back. He killed Rhaegar as revenge, but was injured in the battle. He sent me in his place to bring back my sister, but by the time I reached, she was…...she was dead."

"How did she die?"

Ned turned to Jon, "why do you want to know?"

"I was just-"

"-Enough Jon," Ned snapped, anger forming in his voice, "stop this now. I do not wish to talk about this. Go to your room, now."

Jon meet Ned's eyes and for the first time in his life Jon felt pure anger towards the man before him. Ned was startled as Jon glared back, he had never Jon so angry at him. It was startling enough to cause Need to drop his own anger in confusion and worry.

"How did she die?" Jon repeated. 'Did Rhaegar rape her? Did she die from that? Did she commit suicide? Did one of the men kill her after they heard Rhaegar had also died?'

"Jon, I do not wish to talk about this."

Jon narrowed his eyes, "fine. But can you answer one question for me?"

Ned looked at Jon's and slowly nodded.

"Is my mother Lyanna Stark?"

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