A Game of IaF Chapter 3

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

The End Quest

Chapter 3:

"W-what?!" Ned shouted in shock. Jon said nothing as he stared at the man. Ned stammered, "J-Jon! Where did this come from?!"

"Answer me Lord Stark," Jon repeated, his anger was getting the best of him, he knew that. But he didn't care. "Is Lyanna Stark my mother?!"

"No!"Need roared out, "she is not your mother!"

"Then who is?!"

Ned narrowed his eyes, but Jon's glare did not let up. He sighed, "why do you insist on me remembering the women I have failed this night?" Jon was silent, he knew not to push Ned. He waited and the Lord of the North continued.

"Her name was Ashara Dayne," Ned sighed as he stared at Lyanna's statue, "she and I were in love. Before my brother, Brandon, died he was betrothed to Catelyn, and I was a free man. I intended to marry Ashara, I had even proposed. But then Brandon died, and I became the heir and with that title came the marriage to Catelyn. I was forced to leave Ashara, but not before she was with a child."

Ned turned to Jon, "you Jon. You were that child."

Jon didn't believe him, not for one second. "Really? And what happened to Ashara?" Jon asked with his disbelief evident in his tone.

Ned sighed, "she died. She jumped off a tower and plunged to her death."

Jon was startled, "w-why?"

"Because I killed her brother."


"Her brother was one of the men that stood before me and Lyanna," Ned admitted. Jon could hear the hurt in his voice, the pain. "I had no choice, my sister needed me, I had to strike him down."

"So she killed herself?" Jon asked, "because you killed her brother?"

"Do not think her weak Jon," Ned walked to the boy putting his hand on his shoulder, "she was many things, but not weak. She however wasn't made of stone, and she couldn't bare to live in this world. I couldn't be her husband, her brother was taken away from her, and she had to raise you all on her own."

Jon looked away, "I see…..so her name is Ashara?"

"Yes...her name was Ashara."

The two stood there for several minutes in deep silence. Jon knew Ashara wasn't his mother, he knew it for a fact. But that didn't mean the rest of Lord Stark's stories wasn't true. It didn't mean that the man didn't love her, it didn't mean that she didn't die of heartbreak.

Ned sighed, "it is getting late. I must retire for the night."

Jon nodded, "yes, father," though the last part was said a little reluctantly.

"Jon, I am your father," Ned placed both hands on his shoulder looking Jon in the eyes, "let no one tell you otherwise, understood?"

"Yes," Jon replied. But there was this feeling, this nagging feeling the back of his head that he couldn't get rid off, "but let's assume there was a child of aunt Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, what would you do with such a child?"

Ned sighed, "Jon-"

"-I don't claim to be this child father," Jon quickly added, "I am just curious."

"Why would you ever be curious about something like that?"

"I...I was just wondering is all. If Rhaegar did kidnap her then…..then he would have taken advantage of her. And if she was with a child, then what would be the fate of such a child?"

Ned remained silent as he looked at Jon for several seconds, which felt like eternity. He lowered his head and looked Jon dead in the eye. The pain, the sorrow and the grief his eyes were filled with moment ago were all gone. All that remained was clarity, and the look of command.

"Jon, understand this very carefully. I do not say that there is such a child, but if such a child did exist then I would hide him, or her," he added in the last.

Jon understood what was going on, Ned was telling him what he wanted to know without actually telling him, and Jon was clever enough to play along. "And why would you do such a thing?"

"Because of Lyanna's betrothed," Ned clarified, "Robert hunted the Targaryen's with a passion. He condoned the killing the son and daughter of Rhaegar and Elia and tried to kill the new born daughter of the mad king. If he knew a child of Rhaegar existed in any form in this world, even if half of that child belonged to Lyanna, he would have killed it before it took its first breath."

Jon gasped, "s-so that's why-"

"-that's why I would hide a child of Rhaegar, if one existed," Ned finished. "And if this child was smart and valued it's own life in any form it would not mention this, ever, to anyone. Not it's closest friends or even it's family. It will live, fight and die with the name Snow, for if he takes the name Targaryen and acknowledges his heritage, he will be killed."

Jon stared, he gulped and slowly nodded, "understood...father."

Ned nodded, "good, now, it's time you get to your bed." And walked passed Jon walking down the tunnel. He stopped and turned finding Jon standing in the same spot, "what's wrong?"

"I...I want to spend some more time here," Jon said, "with her."

Slowly a ghost of a smile appeared on Ned's face, "I see….fine. Don't stay up too late."

Jon nodded, "thank you father."

"Oh, and Jon?"


"If a child of Lyanna's did exist, I could say very much that she would have loved him with all her heart."

A tear rolled down Jon's check. He smiled at Ned, "thank you...father," this time when Jon said it it sounded less forced, he understood the pain Ned Stark had to go through because of him. His honour was stained because of him. His wife thought he was unfaithful because of him.

For all that and for all he had done for him, Jon realised that Ned Stark might all well have been his real father.

Ned nodded, he said nothing as he turned away walking out of the crypts leaving Jon alone with the grave site of his mother.

Jon looked at the statue, "mother. I had a mother."


Quest Completed!

Find out the truth about your parents!

Find proof about your Targaryen side: 1/1

Find proof about your Stark side: 1/1



+20 Gold

+5 Points

Jon blinked in surprise. Suddenly a bright light flashed before him revealing a big bag of gold on the ground. Jon found exactly 20 golden dragon in it. Jon knew he should be surprised, but he wasn't. After all if the Playtrix could create a pair of boots, surly a bag of coins wasn't that impossible to imagine?

Jon put the coin purse away as he looked back at his mother's statue.

His head was spinning with wild thoughts. 'What was he going to do now with this knowledge?' 'What does this mean to him?' 'Is this going to change anything?'

Jon didn't know, and quite frankly he did not care. These were questions for the future, for now he cared only for the present. He knew who his mother was, he knew who he was. He knew why existed in the North. For now, that was enough.

Jon must have stayed there till midnight. And when he finally did leave he found that the castle had gone deadly silent. Everyone was asleep. If it wasn't for the presence of the guards at the walls and along every other entrance Jon would have thought something bad had happened.

Jon quickly went back to his room and got ready bed. He snuggled into his bed and wrapped his blankets around him. He was exhausted to even think about what happened. He had found his family, his true family. And in few seconds he closed his eyes falling into a deep sleep.

Jon suddenly found himself floating in the middle of nothing. Darkness all around him, when suddenly the Playtrix started to glow bright blue.

The metal band slowly slipped out off his arm floated in front of him. Jon tried to grab it, but the Playtrix floated further and further away.

Suddenly the red gem in the center of the band exploded into blue spots of light. Slowly a picture formed in front of Jon, it resembled map showing an island surrounded by a large sea and several pieces of jagged and broken land.

It was like the land had been broken into pieces, and the island stood in the epicenter of it all.

Slowly the blue picture started to change once more, this time displaying a city that laid in ruins. It's streets were filled with lava, it's towers, once tall enough to reach the sky, laid broken, snapped in half like a twig.

The air was filled with smoke, but Jon could see just fine.

Suddenly the image changed again. This time it was inside the city and Jon found himself standing before a building unlike any other. It was made of glass and steel, with so many cracks in it it looked like it would collapse any second.

Just then the Playtrix reappeared in front of Jon and floated into the glass building before it seeped into the ground disappearing from Jon's eyes.

"No! Wait!" Jon cried out.


Jon turned just in time to see a pair of red eyes stare into his soul. The reptile eyes blinked, the monster opened it's eyes bathing Jon in a sea of fire.

"ARGH!" Jon roared as he snapped his eyes open. He sat up in his bed as he patted himself down. He was sweating like mad. His body was stained with it, he reeked of it. Jon panted as he looked at his window, the sun was slowly coming out. It was morning already.


You have slept in you own bed; HP, SP and MP have been restored 100% each. All ailments and negative status effects have been cured.

Jon was stunned at the message, according to this every time he slept in his own bed all the problem he had would be gone and his health would be back to 100% when he woke up! Jon knew he should be surprised, but he figured it was just one of the many things that he had to live with now that he had the Playtrix.

He slowly sat up in his bed and looked at the Playtrix, it was still there in his hand. Just as attached as it ever was. Jon sighed at the dream he had, even know it was slowly being pushed to the back of his mind, he couldn't remember all the details. He simply chalked it up to an random nightmare.

He looked to the ground and saw Ghost yawning awake as well. The little pup was snuggled between the two worn out boots Jon had given to it the day before, while before they were just old, they were now shredded into pieces. Ghost really did a number on them.

Jon chuckled at the pups actions, here he was screaming like he was about to die and it was contend in sleeping away the morning. He reached out and scratched behind the wolf's head, 'if he could do that to a pair of boots imagine what he could do to a person when fully grown up? I could make Ghost attack on command he would be a great hunting partner.'


Quest Alert!

Train Ghost!

Tain Ghost to sit 0/1

Train Ghost to roll over 0/1

Train Ghost to attack on command 0/1

Train Ghost to track 0/1


+5 REP towards Ghost

5 Exp per trick learnt


-5 REP towards Ghost

Do you accept?


Jon smiled and pressed 'yes'. He looked to the little albino wolf pup on the floor and smiled, "you up for a little practise boy?"

Ghost didn't say anything, simply content to lay there on his warm bed of old boots. Jon rolled his eyes, 'why did I ask that? Did I really expect him to say yes?'

Jon quickly got ready for the new day and grabbed Ghost of of his bed, much to the little wolf's anger. It struggled in Jon's grip and tried to run back to it's bed, but it knew it was no use. For now the only thing to do was to simply do what the big human wanted him to do.

Jon soon found himself in the kennels with Ghost by his side. He held a fistfull of suasages in one hand, Ghost tried to jump up and snatch them out of Jon's hand, but unfortunately for the little pup he wasn't able to jump high enough.

"Enough Ghost," Jon said as he motioned for the dog to sit still, "we have work to do boy, I need to get you trained."

"Hmm," Ghost whined as he tried it's large red eyes on Jon begging for a treat.

Jon sighed, "fine, you want a treat?"

"Woof!" Ghost jumped up with his tongue sticking out.

"Then sit," Jon spoke as he pushed Ghost's back down on the ground. The puppy seemed confused but obeyed sitting flat down. Jon smiled, he tossed Ghost a sausage, "good boy."

You have made progress in your Quest!: Get Ghost to sit!

You have unlocked a command! Sit!

The pup quickly ate the treat and barked for another one. Jon smiled, he was glad he asked the kennel master for tips on how to train Ghost, well worth the gold dragon he spent.

"Now roll over," Jon commanded signalling what to do with his hand.

Ghost looked confused, but after Jon waved the sausage in front of it's face for a second the pup instantly rolled all over the ground.

You have made progress in your Quest!: Get Ghost to roll over!

You have unlocked a command! Roll over!

"Good job," Jon tossed Ghost another treat.

"Now, I want you to attack that," Jon said pointing at a stump of wood in the corner of the kennel. Ghost looked at Jon and turned his head sideways confused. Jon sighed, he pointed to the stump again and growled showing his teeth to Ghost, "attack."

Ghost got up and quickly troted over to the stump. It sniffed the stump and walked around. It looked to Jon and the human nodded giving Ghost permission. The direwolf turned to the stump and bared it's teeth, it jumped biting into the wood.

You have made progress in your Quest!: Get Ghost to attack on command!

You have unlocked a command! Attack!

"Yes!" Jon cheered as Ghost continued to bite into the bark. Just then Jon had an idea, a way to make Ghost track objects.

While Ghost was busy biting into the wooden stump Jon quickly hide the rest of the sausages he had behind a stack of hay. He made sure to pour all the grease on his hand onto the stack of hay giving off a lingering scent in the area.

Jon then quickly went ot eh pup and pulled him away from the stump. Ghost barked happily it looked to Jon's hand but was surprised to find no more sausages for him. The pup whined in hunger, it looked up at Jon with pleading eyes.

Jon smiled, "if you want them, you are going to have to find them." Ghost sniffed his hand once more before looking around. The poor pup whined over and over again, but Jon refused to help. Finally Ghost gave up begging as it started to sniff around the kennel looking for the missing sausages.

It quickly found a trail that lead outside, but before it left Jon stopped him, "it's not out there Ghost."

The pup tried to leave again, but after Jon stopped him, gave up and started looking for the sausages inside. It sniffed the air, and just as Jon was about to give up, Ghost jumped for joy as it charged into a stack of hay.

Jon smiled as quickly Ghost walked out of the hay with three sausages in it's mouth and a smile on it's face. It was covered in hay, but the pup didn't seem to mind as it quickly went to a corner and started to eat it's prize.

You have made progress in your Quest!: Get Ghost to track!

You have unlocked a command! Track!


Quest Completed!

Train Ghost!

Tain Ghost to sit 1/1

Train Ghost to roll over 1/1

Train Ghost to attack on command 1/1

Train Ghost to track 1/1


+5 REP towards Ghost

5 Exp per trick learnt

Total Exp gained! 20 Exp!

Jon looked at Ghost and saw that his reputation with the direwolf had increased from 24 to 30!

Ghost, Faithful companion

Lv- 1

REP- 30/100

Jon didn't understand where that extra point came from, after all even he knew that 24 + 5 = 29. He opened his status page and quickly looked everything over. Just as he was about to give up he noticed something in his status;

Wolfblood - Immune to the cold, 20% reputation bonus with wolves, Skinchanging perk. +1 Str per level.

'20% reputation boys with wolves,' Jon smiled, 'so that's where that came from.' Jon also noticed he got a 20% boost when dealing with dragons, but considering dragon's didn't exist anymore that was a moot point.

Jon quickly went to Ghost's side and sat down. He scratched the pup's head and turned to his status page. He was really curious about everything the Playtrix was telling him, considering that he now knew that everything the band said was the truth.

It was right about his parents, something he would forever remember. It could also create something out of nothing, which was just beyond Jon to even imagine. Jon had always seemed lost, he never really fit anywhere. But now, the Playtrix provided him an opportunity to be something more, and he was definitely going to grab the opportunity with both hands.

The first thing Jon wanted to do was complete the only other ongoing quest he had, the one which is supposed to help him figure out how this thing worked. He opened his quests and looked at what else he had to complete;

Things to figure out;



Jon had two things to figure out, and he had no idea how to do that. He knew most of his stats, STR, INT and etc. But he had no idea what DEX, CHA and IT was, absolutely none. He couldn't even gusse.

Jon then looked at inventory, and he became even more confused. The only inventory he knew off was what people took of food in storage. Why would the Playtrix have it as well? It didn't make any sense to Jon, none whatsoever.

Jon sighed, 'what the hell are you inventory?'

A blue box exploded out off the Playtrix surprising Jon. It was plain with dozens of little boxes on the screen. It looked like a shelf with nothing put in it. Underneath the boxes was a bunch of letters in white, 'Number of items currently stored: 0'

'Stored? As in kept inside this thing?' Jon was amazed at what he was seeing, if he was to guess, that this was a wild one, somehow he could store items in this thing. He didn't know how this was possible, or even how it works, but he just chalked it up to the Playtrix magic.

Jon looked around for something to store and quickly found a loose rock in the wall besides him. He pulled the rock out and turned to the blue box. He carefully pushed the item forward, and to his surprise he felt resistance. The blue screen rippled like the surface of water, Jon pushed the stone further inside and felt it being pulled inside.

The stone disappeared and the counter on the bottom of the screen turned from 0 to 1.

Jon blinked, the stone now sat in one of the box shelves. It looked like a painting, but it was so accurate, even the moss covering part of the stone was seen.

'Wait, how do I take it out?' Jon wondered. He was glad he didn't try doing this with something valuable, otherwise it would be lost forever. He wasn't sure of what to do, but if pushing something inside stored an item, surely the opposite would work?

Jon put his finger on the painting of the stone and pressed his hand forward. To his surprise his hand went into the screen, he looked behind but nothing was there. His hand had just disappeared into thin air. But he didn't panic, because he could still feel it., he wiggled his fingers and suddenly his fingers brushed against the rough surface of the stone he had just put into it.

Jon quickly grabbed the stone and pulled it out, the item's stored counter turned from 1 to 0. He looked the stone over, it was exactly like before, mossy and shaped like a chicken breast.

Jon was ecstatic, this meant he could carry how much every items he wanted and not worry about a thing! He could put anything of value in here and no one would know!

Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out his bag of golden dragons. He had been carrying this around everywhere he went. It was far too valuable to leave in his room, after all several servants go in there constantly whether it be to change his sheets or to clean up the place. Jon had been worried about where he would keep his money, but it seems he wouldn't have to worry any more.

You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how Inventory works!

He took the bag of dragons and put it into the inventory. The bag appeared in one of the boxes and Jon smiled in satisfaction. He closed the inventory revealing his status page from before just below that. He looked it over and saw something different;

MONEY- 24 Gold 0 silver 0 bronze

Jon's status page told him how much money he had. And that was definitely something he wanted, after all if he had a count of the money given to him automatically then that would mean less work for him.

Jon then pulled up his quests and looked them over. He had only one more thing to do, and that was to figure out what in the hell DEX, CHA and VIT meant. He had no clue and it was beginning to irritate him.

Jon knew he probably had no chance to figure it out, after all he only had an INT of 2. He wasn't sure, but Jon was pretty sure that wasn't much. If he wanted to finish this quest once and for all he would need the help of someone smarter than him, someone….like a Maester.

Jon quickly got up and picked up a well feed Ghost. He went back to his room and put Ghost on his bed letting the pup rest. He then walked out of the Great Keep and across the courtyard to the Maester's Turret a small tower that was pressed up against the castle inner walls.

He quickly walked up to the first floor and knocked on the door, "Maester Luwin?"

"Come in!" a cry came from within. Jon opened the door and entered the Master's office. The inside was a library with a workstation built in the center. It was big with the book shelves going up till the top of the four story tower and the windows giving a great view to the lands outside of Winterfell.

"Ah Jon, I wasn't expecting to see you today," Maester Luwin looked up from his work station. He was reading a book with several stacks of parchment on either of his side. The Master took care of the accounts of the castle and such, the papers were probably reports he had to look over.

"I wanted to speak with you Maester Luwin," Jon replied as he walked in shutting the door behind him, "I was wondering if you were free to talk."

"Oh yes, yes, quite free I assure you. Just readin up on the plantation cycles of crops, nothing too important," the Maester closed the heavy tome he was reading before picking it up and walking to put it back in it's shelf. "Tell me Jon, what do you need? I don't usually see you here, least of all on you own free will."

Jon winced, it was true. While he was educated like the rest of the Stark children by Luwin, he wasn't the most studiod person around. He was a warrior at heart, and to him books didn't mean much. This was probably the reason his STR was a 4 and his INT was a 2.

"I needed your help with something Maester Luwin," Jon walked up to the man, "you see recently I came upon...a puzzle of sorts, and I can't seem to figure it out."

"A puzzle," Maester Luwin raised an eyebrow, "what kind of puzzle?"

"A word puzzle," Jon gulped under the Maester's scrutiny. It was a lie, true, Jon just hoped that it was good enough lie that Maester Luwin wouldn't be able to see through it.


Lie Succeeded!

Jon looked at the notification floating above his right wrist and smiled. He mentally commanded the screen away and turned to the Maester with confidence, "would you be willing to help me?"

The Master smiled, "of course Jon, please, go on."

"Right," Jon looked around and spotted an empty piece of paper, "may I?" He asked indicating to the paper and quill on the desk.


"Thank you," Jon grabbed the quill and dipped it in ink. He quickly wrote down all the abbreviated words of his stats.

"Most curious," Luwin scratched his chin, "where did you see this?"

"In the crypts," Jon said, "when I was chasing Arya I found these words." It wasn't a whole lie, just a half truth. He did technically see these words in the crypts, it was just he saw them in the screen of the Playtrix when he wore it for the first time.


You have created a sub-skill for lying! Half-truths!

Jon was surprised, but he quickly commanded the notifications away, he would see it later. For now he needed to give his full attention to Maester Luwin. "I managed to figure out most of them," Jon admitted, "STR means strength, INT means intelligence, WIS means wisdom and LUC stand for luck. However for the life of me I cannot figure out what the rest mean."

"Hm," Luwin looked over the sheet of paper, "strength….intelligence….luck….wisdom….these all seem like the qualities of a person. They are common in that sense, would this be a correct assumption?"

Jon nodded, "yes, I remembered seeing them next to the statue of a older grave." Again, half truth. He did see them next to the statue of an older grave, the oldest grave.


Half-truth successful!

Jon mentally told it to go away before turning back to Luwin. The master looked like he was deeply thinking about something, and Jon could do nothing but wait for the Maester to finish.

But while he was waiting he got bored, 'how smart if Luwin in the first place anyway? Is he really that intelligent? If only I could see his stats...wait, could I Observe him?' Jon had never observed another human being before, but it should work, technically.

Jon focused on the maester and waited and suddenly a blue box popped open over the Playtrix;

Maester Luwin, Maester of Winterfell

Lv- 49

REP- 20/100

HP- 500/500

SP- 30/30

MP- 0/0

Allegiance- House Stark/The Citadel

STR- 3

VIT- 3

DEX- 2

CHA- 6

INT- 82

WIS- 71

LUC- 12

Maester Luwin is the Maester of Winterfell. Born Luwin River, Luwin has always sought a way to better himself, and has done so by throwing his life into the pursuit of knowledge. He is quite knowledgeable and is know to be a kind and caring man to all who know him. He holds many a secret in his head, but had sworn to tell none of them.

He amazed at the man's intelligence. 82, that was so many times greater than Jon's own, only now did Jon realise how much smarter the man is from him. He was like a baby crawling on his knees while the Maester was a man that could run from Winterfell to Whitehabour in mere minutes.

"I think I have an idea as to what this is," Luwin finally spoke up.

'Of course you do,' Jon rolled his eyes, 'you have an intelligence of 82 and your wisdom is at 71, if you can't figure it out then no one can.'

"These are the status of a person," Luwin spoke, "they speak about the different features a person has. Strength, intelligence, wisdom. So DEX, VIT and CHA must be the same."

Jon was surprised and amazed, he figured all that from a single sheet of paper. Jon could only imagine what Luwin could do with the Playtrix, hell the old man would have probably figured out everything there is to know about this thing in a fraction of the time Jon would take.

"DEX could stand for dexterity. VIT could be vitality, another word for endurance. And CHA, well I can't be sure, but I think it must stand for charm, or something similar. Since intelligence and wisdom speak of the mind, strength, vitality and dexterity speak of the body, CHA, must speak for something else, in this case it standing for charm is the most logical conclusion as there isn't nothing here that represents the person's social abilities."

Jon blinked, "amazing...how did you get to be so smart?"

Luwin chuckled, "nothing to it my boy, just read a lot of book in my age. I must thank you I haven't had something challenging like this in a long time. I trust my answers were satisfactory?"

Jon nodded, "yeah, I think they were."


You have made progress in your Quest!: Figure out how stats work!


Quest Completed!

Find out the features of the band

Things to figure out;










+10 Exp per item completed

+2 points

Total Exp gained! 80 Exp!


You have leveled up!

Jon Targaryen

HP- 100/100

SP- 150/150

MP- 50/50

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 2 Exp- 20/200

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 5

VIT- 3

DEX- 3

CHA- 1

INT- 3

WIS- 2

LUC- 1


Jon blinked in surprise, he needed to read this carefully. He turned to Maester Luwin, "thank you so much Maester, I'll be on my way."

"Very well Jon, please do visit if you need my help again. Don't' be a stranger," Luwin waved as Jon practically ran out of the chamber. The Maester was confused by the boy's actions, but just assumed he was in a hurry to be somewhere.

Jon quickly ran back to his room and closed the door behind him. Ghost was still sleeping on his bed, so Jon sat down at his desk and looked over his new status.

He had more life now, his stamina and magic had also increased. He also got an extra boost to his STR and his INT, he didn't understand where that came from, but when he looked down he realised it came from his Targaryen and Stark blood;

Targaryen born - Immune to fire, 20% reputation bonus with dragons, Dragon dreams perk. + 1 Int per level.

Wolfblood - Immune to the cold, 20% reputation bonus with wolves, Skinchanging perk. +1 Str per level.

Which just further cemented that he was in fact half Targaryen. Jon also noticed his points had risen by 5, making them 13. But he didn't know what they were, so he decided to stop himself from trying anything, after all they could be useful, there was hardly anything in this thing that wasn't.

Jon leaned back on his chair and smiled, he had finally leveled up, and in doing so he became just a little bit stronger. But this wasn't enough, it wasn't nearly enough. Jon wanted to be faster, smarter. Robb was at a higher level than him, hell Arya was also at a higher level.

Jon wondered why that was for a long time, why is it that someone like Arya was at a higher level? It didn't make any sense, he was older and stronger than her, and yet she was level 2 and Jon had started from level 1.

Hell even Robb, who was essentially Jon's twin, was level 15 while Jon wasn't. It was like the deck was stacked against him and….wait..

An idea came into Jon's head, it was strange, but very very possible. He remembered the levels of all the common people he had meet. All didn't cross 20, even the really really old ones. And yet Robb was level 15. The only common person Jon knew at that level was an older chief by the name Gerald that worked in the kitchens as a cook.

The nobel of the world, the lords and knights all had higher levels. Even Bran, a child, had a level of 2. Maester Luwin was level 49, the highest Jon could see. And if his assumption that the reason why he couldn't see the level's of Lord Stark and Ser Rodrik Cassel was correct then they were simply too powerful for him to see.

That meant the lords and ladies of the world were at higher levels than the common people and the bastards of this world. Even if they worked harder, even if they did more, because they were not a lord or lady, the common people will never have a higher level of more than 20.

Which left Jon is something of a tight spot.

He could now level up on his own. He so no reason he couldn't. If he continued to do more quests he could do more things with his life. The Playtrix was his ticket out of this castle and into the world.

Jon had a dream, like everyone he had a dream. He wanted to leave this place, he wanted to go out into the world and earn a name for himself. He wanted to no longer be remembered as Jon Snow, the Bastard of Ned Stark, but as just Jon. He wanted his own identity, and he knew he could get that while he stayed here.


Quest Alert!

Earn a new title for yourself!




300 Exp


You will remain in Winterfell until your last days.

Do you accept?


Jon read it over and smiled at the new quest. It was exactly what he wanted, Jon didn't waste anytime as he pressed 'yes'.

Jon then went to his list of skills and saw the new one he got;

Lying, Lv- 1 (40%)

This is your ability to lie to people, the higher the level the better the lie and less chance of discovery!

5% chance of success!

Half truth,

A form of lying that is twice as effective!

Jon was a little surprised, he didn't know he could get a sub skill like that. But either way it was useful, especially if it was twice as effective as lying.

Jon closed the box and leaned back in his chair sighing, the only thing he needed to do now was find a way to make himself famous. He knew he wasn't awfully good at anything, but he was decent swordsman. Maybe he should do that? Maybe one day he would be so could he could be mentioned along with the names of Jaime Lannister and Barristan Selmy.

Jon smiled, 'yes. Yes, that sounds like a plan. Become the best swordsman in the world, and then people will see me more than just a bastard. Maybe when the King visits I could somehow show off my sword skills, and if he's impressed I could go with him to the South and squire for some knight slowly...no, no I can't do that. Father said that if the king found out who I was...who my mother was, who my father was. They would kill me.'

Jon sighed, looked up at the ceiling and finally let himself feel again. He was so confused. He was excited that he finally knew who his mother was. Sad that his real father was in the end just a rapist that went mad with power. Angry at Ned Stark for never telling him the truth, and yet he understood why he did it.

He knew the Stakes were still his family, and yet he couldn't help but feel like as if they didn't need him here. Arya loved him, she had a REP score of 63/100 for him, that was definitely love. Robb treated him as a brother, and so did Bran and Lord Stark. But despite that, he knew this wasn't where he belonged, and he wanted find where that place was.

At first Jon wanted to join the Night's Watch, a place where one could earn their a title of Black Brother. A place where anyone, even a bastard, could earn honor. But Jon knew differently know, he wasn't just a bastard, he didn't have to put himself in one corner of this world when the rest off it was just waiting out there for him. A world of adventure.

And in truth, he wasn't even a bastard. He remembered seeing a few bastards around the castle, all their names had Snow in it. But Jon, Jon wasn't called Jon Snow by the game, no, he wasn't. He was called Jon Targaryen. He wasn't a bastard, and he wasn't going to go and run into one corner of the world because everyone else thought that was where he deserved to live.

'Jon Targaryen, sound strange to say, and yet….right.' Jon got up and walked out of his room. He walked down to the training yard and there was Ser Rodrik training hard with a few of the castle's guards.

"Jon? Why are you here so early? It's barely even noon, we usually have our training session after lunch," Ser Rodrick asked.

"I just wanted to train some more," Jon admitted as he took off his cloak and put on the padding armour from before, "think you have time for that?"

Rodrik shook his head, "not right now Jon. I'm training the men. Perhaps you can come after lunch?"

Jon wanted to insist on training now, but he didn't want to be a bother. After all if he tried to force him to do anything Rodrik would hate him for it, and that's something Jon didn't want to do.

Jon nodded reluctantly, "right...got it. After lunch."

Jon then quickly walked away wandering through the Castle, confused as to what to do. He wanted to get stronger, but he didn't even know where to start. Just then Jon noticed the Maester's Turret standing in the distance. He remembered what Luwin said, about how books made him smarter, how books made him the man he was. So maybe while Jon couldn't improve his body, he could improve his mind.

Jon walked back into Lewin's lab and like he never left the Maester was founding sitting at his work desk reading the tome from before.

"Jon? My my this is a surprise. Two visits from you on the same day? What do I owe the pleasure this time? Another riddle?" Luwin asked as he smiled at the boy.

"No Maester Luwin, not this time," Jon walked up to the name closing the door behind him, "you told me that you got to be this smart by reading books…..do, well do you think I can be the same?"

Luwin blinked as a look of took over his face. And then he smiled, "yes Jon, I do think you can."

Jon nodded, "great….so where do I begin?"

"How about….this," Luwin got off his stool and walked to his shelf and grabbed a heavy tome from off the shelf. He brought it to a table near the back in front of a giant window overlooking the castle grounds.

"This is the entire history of Westeros and the people living in it," Luwin explained as he put the book down on the table, "a perfect starting point in your journey for knowledge."

Jon looked at the giant tome and couldn't help a loud sigh from escaping his mouth, "this...this seems interesting."

"I know it can seem like a daunting task Jon, and it is. But don't worry, I promise it will be well worth it in the end."

Jon nodded as he sat down in front of the table and opened the book. He began reading it, starting first with the tale of the first men and children of the forest.

Luwin smiled at Jon, he was happy he could inspire a child like this to read more. He left the child alone and quickly went back to his work.

Jon was a little surprised at the things he had read. The history of Westeros isn't something Jon every thought would be worthwhile, but he found that the more and more he read off it, the more and more it intrigued him.

This land first belonged to the children of the Forest. They were these beings that lived in the Forest and were known for their magic. Jon was curious about this magic they could use, but the book didn't go into very much detail about that.

The children ruled for a long time, and then the First men came. The first men and the children fought, and eventually the First men won, though how they did that against creatures that could use magic Jon will never know.

Soon another group of invaders came, the Andals. These were the present day Southerns and they kicked the First Men to the North, which was shared by the children. And then once the Andals settled into these lands, wars broke out. The country was divided into warring sections, that is until the Targaryen's came.

This was when Jon stopped reading as something happened;


You have created a new skill! Language: Common tongue!

Language: Common tongue, Lv- 1 (0%)

How much you understand about the common tongue of Westeros.

Reading: Normal speed

Speaking: Very good

Understanding: Average

Jon was surprised he got a skill for this of all things. But in the end it is what it is. He closed the box and turned back to his book.

He read about how Aegon the conqueror, Jon's ancestor, had taken over the entire kingdom with the help of his army and his dragons. He read about how the Targaryen's became the first proper King of Westeros and how they essentially created peace throughout the kingdom. Even if it was through subjugation.

At this point Jon had to stop. He couldn't focus on continuing as it slowly turned to battle history and the various other rebellions and battles the Targaryens had to face to stay in power.

He slowly got curious, he knew a lot about the Stark's, his mother's family. But he knew next to nothing about his father's. He knew off the mad king, of course he did, and he knew about Rhaegar. But he knew next to nothing about the Targaryen's themselves.

Jon got up and walked to Maester Luwin, "Maester, do you have something regarding the Targaryens?"

Luwin blinked in surprise, "I might...why Jon?"

"I just finished reading about how they conquered Westeros and was curious about who they were and where they came from," Jon shrugged.

Luwin nodded, "yes, well alright then, if that is what you are interested in," Luwin turned away as he walked to the shelf before taking out another book for Jon, "here, this should help."

Jon immediately went back to his desk and pushed the history tome to the side. He quickly opened this new book which had on it's cover the Targaryen symbol of the three headed dragon.

Jon began reading and immediately he was entrapped.

In the beginning, the future civilization of Valaria were all once a small community of shepherds tending their flock. That is until they discovered something that would change the world, dragons. The creatures were monstrous, true, but they also had a deep seated connection to magic.

In time the Valyrians were able to tame the beasts. Harnessing their immense power they established a city with of wonder unlike any before or since. They created weapons and artifact of magic, artifacts of immense power. And using these weapons the Valyrians conquered the surrounding lands.

Jon paused for a second and looked at the Playtrix. It was an ancient tool of immense power, and looked fairly similar to Valyrian steel, meaning it must have gotten the same treatment. If Jon was to guess, Brandon Stark, the first King of the North must have somehow obtained this from Old Valyria, somehow, someway. And he used it to build the wall and other things.

Jon wasn't sure about this, but it seemed more and more likely that the Playtrix came from Valyria itself. Quickly he went back to the book, hungry for more information.

The Valyrians ruled for 500 hundred years, they ruled and all was well. But suddenly, out of nowhere, it all ended. Something happened, it wasn't know exactly what, but most all simply called it,'The Doom of Valyria.' It destroyed the city, and very shattered the peninsula turning it into what is now known as the smoking sea.

However, one of the great houses of Valyria survived. They moved to a small outpost away from the main empire, and they survived the Doom. And that family were the Targaryen's, and they waited in that island, Dragon Stone, for a hundred years before they descended onto Westeros and invades them.

Jon was curious, he wondered how the Targaryen's alone survived. When he looked into it he found that the reason they survived was because Daenys the Dreamer, a Targaryen, had a prophetic dream about it. It seemed she envisioned Valeria's doom and that saved the Targaryen's from their deaths.

Jon leaned back, 'why does that sound familiar? Why do I feel like I have...seen it...before.' Jon's eyes winded, he quickly ran through the pages of the book looking for a picture, a painting, something about old Valyria.

And then, he saw it. An illustration made by some no name third son Targaryen that liked to paint. It was a city that was unlike any other in history, and the moment Jon saw it, he knew he had seen it before.

'My dream….it wasn't just a dream,' Jon opened his status page and pulled up his perks;

Dragon Dreams - You will have semi prophetic dreams. 30% chance of said dreams happening

Jon's eyes winded, 'it wasn't just a dream...it was a prophecy! I really saw Old Valyria! I saw the city! Wait...what does that mean? Why did I see that?! Why did the Playtrix show me that?! Why….is it...is it my density? Does it want me to go there?'


Quest Alert!

Travel to Old Valyria and find out what the Playtrix wishes to show you!







10,000 Exp


The destruction of the world

Do you Accept?


Jon couldn't believe what he was reading, 'this confirms it, it does want me to go there!'. If he accepted he would be signing up to go to one of the most deadliest places on the face of the Earth. If he didn't that would mean the world would be destroyed, for some reason.

After all the things the Playtrix has showed him, Jon didn't believe that it would choose now to start lying to him. No, it was telling the truth, meaning Jon had to accept, or else they could all wish the world bye bye.

Jon couldn't believe it. Just over an hour or so ago he had no idea what to do, and now, his destiny was calling. He would have to travel to Valaryia and look for whatever the Playtrix wanted him to find. Maybe it was the origin of where it came from, if Jon's theory about it being from the same place was correct.

Jon looked at the box in front of him, he knew he didn't have a choice, he needed this, he needed to prove to himself he was worth something. And what was more worthy than traveling to the land that no one else dared to go in. It may seem arrogant, but Jon was sure with the power of the Playtrix he could do it.

He pressed 'yes' and the box closed. Jon leaned back and sighed, 'what have I done?'

Regret filled him immediately, but Jon knew he didn't have a choice, he had to press yes.

'I need to do so much in order to prepare for this. I need to get enough money to hire ships to take me to Valyria. I need the skills needed to survive, like Old Valyrian which is the most common language spoken there. I need to know who to talk too, who to ally with. I need all the help I can get, all the knowledge I can get. Fortunately, I know a Maester, and I'm sure I can learn things quickly if I had too.'

Jon couldn't help it as a small smile crept onto his face. He finally had it, a goal, a dream, a desire. He didn't know why he had to go there, he didn't know how him not going there will destroy the world, but he knew that he wanted too, and he had too. This was his destiny, his future where he would finally be away from the name Snow. An adventure was upon him, and Jon couldn't help but be excited.

Jon got up and walked towards Maester Luwin. The Master looked up surprised, "what is it Jon? Need something else?"

Jon nodded, "yes Master. I want to have everything you have about Old Valyria and it's surrounding lands."

The Maester blinked in confusion, "really? Why?"

Jon smiled, "nothing special, just a little curious is all."

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