A Game of IaF Chapter 5

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

Enter the dungeon

Chapter 5:

Jon sighed as he closed the third and last book that he borrowed from Luwin. Jon looked to his window and noticed the sun rise in the distance. He had stayed up all night reading, and for that he had improved his High Valyrian language skill;

Language: High Valyrian, Lv- 4 (2%)

How much you understand about the language of High Valyria.

Dialectes known:


Reading: Poor

Speaking: Poor

Understanding: Poor

While his skills were still poor at least now he could hold a conversation. Jon had also leveled up another skill of his;

Language: Common tongue, Lv- 3 (13%)

How much you understand about the common tongue of Westeros.

Reading: average

Speaking: Very good

Understanding: Average

And learned a new skill;

Land layout: Slaver's Bay, Lv- 1 (70%)

The layout of Slaver's bay and the land next to it.

Total layout known- 20%

There wasn't proper record of the land near the Smoking sea, so Jon figured the next best thing would be to learn about Slaver's bay and the such.

Jon had also earned another point in INT;

INT- 6

However Jon getting points and leveling up his skill wasn't the highlight of the night. It was the fact that he didn't felt sleepy at all last night, his mind was much too distracted with visions of a red haired girl. But as time went on Jon quickly realised he didn't feel sleepy at all. Not one bit.

Even now, after staying up all night Jon was alert as ever. He didn't feel any weaker than before, it was almost like he didn't need to sleep. Jon at first wondered how this was possible, but then immediately he found the answer: The Playtrix. It could create something out of nothing, thinking that it could make him not require any sleep wasn't that much of a stretch.

Jon quickly gathered his books, by now Maester Luwin would be awake, Jon needed to return these tomes. If Jon's guess was right, then that meant Jon didn't need to sleep anymore, meaning he could work his body in the morning, and his mind in the night.

"Yawn?" Ghost woke up looking at Jon's ready form.

"I'm just going to Maester Luwin boy," Jon replied, "I'll see you soon okay."

"Woof!" Ghost barked as he got on his feet. Jon raised an eyebrow, it seemed Ghost wanted to come along, Jon shrugged, it didn't really make a difference to him.

Jon reached the Maester's turret in record time, he knocked on the door and waited. "Come in!" Luwin soon called out.

Jon walked in and found the maester already ready and sitting at his desk with a pile of papers neatly stacked in one corner.

"Jon? Here so soon? My my, not even the acolytes living in the Citadel is as active as you," Luwin said sounding impressed.

Jon nodded, "thank you Maester. I'm just here to return these," Jon motioned to the books putting them in front of Luwin.

"What? Why? Were they not interesting enough?"

"What? No, they were very interesting."

"Then are you giving up Jon? I understand it's difficult but the good things in life often are. You must not give up just because-"

"-You don't understand Maester Luwin, I'm not giving up, I'm returning the books because I finished reading them."

Luwin blinked, "what?"

"I said I finished reading them."

"But you-you just got them last night!"

"I know, I didn't get much sleep last night, so I started to read. Before I knew it it was morning and I was done."

"Really?" Luwin raised an eyebrow in questioning. He cleared his throat, "what is your name?"

Jon blinked, the maester had just spoken in High Valyrian. Jon smiled, he cleared his throat and replied in the same language "name me is Jon Snow."

Luwin smiled, "very good Jon! Very good! I am truly impressed! Though your speaking could use some working."

Jon nodded, "yes, I thought that to be the case."

"So Jon, what would you like to learn next?"

Jon quickly walked out of the turret with four new books to read. One was about sailing, two about star charts and the last about the ways to build and maintain a ship. Jon figured this would be the most important thing he could learn next to survival skills, since he would be traveling via sea.

Jon put the books back in his room before walking to the kitchens for something for Ghost to eat. Oddly enough Jon wasn't hungry, he just chalked it up to one of the many things the Playtrix changed about him.

He walked into the kitchens and found it highly active already. Jon watched people run all over the place getting breakfast ready for the Stark and the rest of the household. Usually Jon and the other's would wake up at least an hour from now, Jon never realised how much work went into making his food.

Jon looked around and spotted a man in a chef's hat frying a few strips of bacon in pan. Jon approached the man and looked at his name;

Thomas Wood, Chef

Lv- 8

REP- 0/100

Jon cleared his throat, "Mr. Wood,"

"Ya? What do you-"the chef turned about and stopped mid sentence and stared. "L-lord Snow? How may I help you my lord?"

Jon was annoyed at the title, 'Snow'. He wasn't a Snow, but he couldn't actually admit that now could he? "Do you have some strips of bacon? Ghost here is hungry."

Wood nodded, "right m'lord, right away m'lord," he quickly put some strips on the pan and started to fry them.

"Thank you for doing this Mr. Wood, I hope I wasn't interrupting," Jon said, he knew how busy they all were and felt bad about interrupting them.

"No! Not at all Lord Snow," Wood quickly put five strips of bacon on a plate and gave it to Jon, "here, for your dog my lord. And would you be liking something as well?"

Jon shock his head, "no Mr. Wood. I already ate. No breakfast for me," Jon took the plate and walked away. He walked to the kennels, and sat the plate down. Ghost quickly ate the food while Jon sat back and watched.

He looked at Ghost's REP score;


REP- 25/100 (+ 20%=5) = 30/100

Jon knew it needed to be more. Mary herself had a score of 45, and she knew him for only a day! Granted she was in love with him, or something, but Jon was Ghost's master! The REP score needed to be higher!

As Ghost finished his food he looked up at Jon and yipped. Jon smiled, and just then Ghost's REP score increased;


REP- 26/100 (+ 20%=5.2) = 31.2/100

Jon was surprised,he didn't realise it could increase like this. The last time Jon and Ghost spent time together it had increased by 5 points, this time it increased by 1. 'So maybe the time we spend together improves out score.'

Jon smiled, he now had a way. Jon bent down, "hey boy. Would you like to go for a run later?" Ghost barked and wagged his tail. Jon didn't know if that meant 'yes' but it sure looked like it. So Jon decided to take Ghost on a walk, just as soon as he was done with his physical training.

Jon walked to the training yard, it was early in the morning, very early. In an hour or so the guards would be out here training with Rodrik, so Jon had the place to himself for some time.

Jon took off his cloak and shit. He also took off his boots and his inner shirt tossing them to the side. He turned to Ghost, "Sit."

Command accepted: Sit!

Ghost barked and sat down. Jon smiled, this was working perfectly, Jon would need to teach Ghost a few more tricks later, for now however this would be enough.

Jon quickly started to run around the training ground. He paced his breathing, he kept his reserves up.

'After this I'll try and teach Ghost a few more tricks, try to improve our REP score. Since food is a sure fire way of that happening I'll get some food for him as well. But how to carry it? Hm...if I can store a blanket in my inventory then surely I can store a few pieces of bacon as well.

'Then after that I'll try to improve my WIS, maybe I could ask Luwin how he got to be so smart, I doubt it's by just reading books. And then after that I have weapons training with Rodrik, probably can use that improve my strength, and then I'll spend the night reading.'

Soon an hour passed, Jon looked at the green SP bar hovering over the Playtrix, only 20% of his stamina was left.

Jon sighed as he continued to run. Soon the bar reached 5%, and finally;


You have earned +1 VIT!

Jon opened his status;

VIT- 5

Jon closed the box and quickly walked to the castle well. He dropped and bucket in and pulled it out drinking the water it produced.

As Jon drank his fill he noticed a person walk up to him in the corner of his eyes. He turned and saw Mary staring at his body in silent awe. Jon smiled, "cat got your tongue?"

Mary blinked as she looked up at Jon, "no, not a cat. You, but I think it would have been better off with the cat."

Jon chuckled, "well Miss Roselyn I'll be sure to take good care of your tongue."

Mary fell silent as she approached Jon. "Jon...about last night."

Jon could see the embarrassment in her face, he sighed, he wanted to tell her it was okay, that he also wanted to kiss her. But he remembered what he had to do, how he had to leave. So Jon knew he had to pretend like it never happened.

"Thank you for showing me the tower," Jon said with a smile, "I promise, I won't tell anyone about it."

Mary looked up in surprise, "I-I see. And about what happened-"

"-It doesn't matter," Jon lied, "I'll see you soon Mary." Jon quickly walked away hoping that his lie was believable.

Lie failed!

Jon rolled his eyes at the notification. It was like whenever he wanted this thing to work it didn't. It was like the Playtrix had it out for him.

Jon walked back to the training ground and found it slowly being filled with soldiers. He quickly approached Ghost and found the wolf sitting obediently over Jon's clothes. Jon smiled, he bent down and scratched the wolf's fur, "good boy."


Ghost had learned a new skill! Gaurd!

Jon smiled, he didn't even realise he could teach new skills like this, but he never questioned a gift horse in the mouth.

Jon quickly dressed up again and walked to kitchen. He had Ghost wait outside while he went in a grabbed a couple of slices of bacon for training Ghost. Once Jon was away from the workers in the kitchen he opened his inventory and put the pieces of bacon inside it.

Jon was surprised when he pulled them out the bacon strips were just as fine as before, meaning he could comfortably store food inside his inventory.

Jon brought Ghost to the kennel, he commanded the wolf to sit down while he wondered what to teach Ghost. He already knew how to attack, track, sit, roll over and even how to gaurd. Jon smiled, he knew what to teach.

Jon quickly grabbed a stick from the ground. He turned to Ghost, "see the stick boy? Go get the stick!"

Jon turned and threw the stick. Ghost turned his head sideways before barking at Jon. He didn't move an inch, sitting in the same spot as before.

Jon was confused, he figured a trick like this would have been instantaneous for Ghost. But clearly that wasn't the case. Jon walked and picked up the stick, time for plan B.

Jon took out a piece of bacon from his inventory and wrapped it around the stick. He let the grease and the fat seep into the stick before taking the bacon off and putting it away. He turned to Ghost and put the bacon smelling stick underneath his nose.

"See this Ghost?" Jon asked as he waved the stick around cursing Ghost to sway in the direction of the stick, "I want you to fetch this."

Ghost whined, it tried to jump and grab the stick but Jon pulled it away. He then turned and threw the stick away. Ghost yipped as it ran and grabbed the stick. It started chewing on the stick, expecting it to taste how it smelt.

"Bring it back Ghost!" Jon cried out, but the wolf pup wasn't paying attention. So Jon took out a pieces of bacon and waved it in front of his face, "Ghost! Here!"

The pup snapped his head forward and ran to Jon. It looked up at him jumping for the bacon.

"Put the stick down," Jon commanded and Ghost did so immediately dropping the stick at John's feet. "Good boy," Jon tossed the bacon and Ghost caught it out of thin air.


You have taught Ghost a new trick! Fetch!

Jon smiled and pushed the notification away. He looked at Ghost's REP score;

Ghost, Faithful companion

Lv- 1

REP- 37/100 (+ 20%=7.4) = 44.4/100

Jon's eyes shoot open. 'Wait How is this even possible?! I feed Ghost only one piece of bacon! How did….the tricks. I taught Ghost two new tricks, that's where the extra 10 points came from. Each trick must give a total of 5 points in REP, meaning I can reach 100 by teaching Ghost more tricks!'

Jon smiled at the realisation. 'Next...barking on command.' Jon knew it wasn't a useful trick, but he didn't want it to be useful, he wanted the points he got from it.

Jon approached Ghost, "alright boy, I want you to bark." Ghost had finished his slice of bacon and looked confused. Jon sighed, "bark boy. Bark. Woof!" Jon mock barked.

Ghost looked confused. Jon sighed, "woof! Woof!"

Ghost got up, "woof!"

Jon smiled, "right! Bark! Woof woof!"


"Bark Ghost!"

"Woof! Woof!"

It took a couple of more tries on John's part, but eventually Jon had trained Ghost well enough that the moment Jon said 'bark' the pup would explode into barks and howls.


You have taught Ghost a new trick! Bark on command!

Jon smiled as he pulled out a slice of bacon and tossed it to Ghost. The pup jumped up and grabbed the slice out of thin air. This gave Jon an idea. He quickly went and grabbed the stick from before, the one with the bacon smell on it.

"Ghost," Jon said interrupting Ghost's meal, "catch!" He tossed the stick up and Ghost jumped to catch it. It clenched the stick tightly before bringing it back to Jon.

Jon tossed the stick in the air again and once more Ghost caught it in his mouth. They did this over and over until;


You have taught Ghost a new trick! Catch!

Jon then looked at Ghost's REP score;

REP- 50/100 (+ 20%=10) = 60/100

Jon smiled, only a few more to go. Jon thought what to teach Ghost next when it struck him, he could just teach Ghost to jump. He already does it, but if Jon could teach him to do it on command that has got to count as a trick!

Jon looked at Ghost, "Ghost," he pulled out another piece of bacon, "jump."

It took a few tries, but finally Jon managed to make Ghost jump up whenever he commanded him to. He gave the wolf his reward and waited;

You have taught Ghost a new trick! Jump on command!


You cannot exceed 60 REP score with an individual without going through a special event together. This can come from quests or special moments. All additional REP scores can only be done this way once 60 is crossed.

Jon blinked in surprise, 'what?! What the fuck does it mean special event?!' Jon cursed the Playtrix over and over. He was looking forward to making Ghost's REP score over 100.

Eventually Jon calmed down and sighed, 'it makes sense. After all if it was that easy I could have a good score with everyone, maybe even Lady Stark. Still, it's a pain in the ass, now I can't level Ghost's REP without doing these special events.'

Jon sighed again, he reached down and scratched Ghost behind the ear. The wolf licked Jon's hand getting the bacon grease out of it. Jon chuckled at the action, he scratched Ghost again before walking away from the kennels with Ghost following him.

Jon walked into the Great Keep and had his lunch. He spotted Arya trying to sneak out of her classes again and caught her before she could get far.

She didn't like it, but she knew if her mother saw her with Jon he would get in even more trouble, which Arya definitely did not want. So she went back to her classes without a fuss.

Jon then quickly walked back to the training ground where he spotted Robb and Bran with Ser Rodrik.

The knight noticed him first, "ah, Jon, glad you could make it. Grab a wooden sword and padding."

Jon nodded, he turned to Ghost, "stay."

Command accepted: Sit!

Ghost sat down next to Grey wind who was constantly moving around all over the place. Ghost looked like it wanted to join in, but Jon's command was held over him.

Jon took off his cloak and put on the padded armour and wooden sword.

"Alright, today I'm going to teach you three a few forms of the blade," Rodrick said drawing his live steel blade, "get in position."


You are being taught a skill by a sword master!

+40% faster experience gathering for the skill: Single hand Sword Fighting!

Jon smiled at that, he closed the box and quickly took his place next to Robb with Bran sitting with his unnamed wolf, he was too young to learn this.

"Now, I want you two to lift the blade up like this," Rodrik demonstrated and Jon and Robb followed along.

For two hours they trained, the master at arms trained Jon and Robb into the ground. Literally, at one point Jon had missed a step and Rodrik swept his legs out from under him sending Jon on his ass. He said it was to teach Jon about keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground, Jon just thought the man hated his guts.

But there was improvement from the training;

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 3 (92%)

The skill to use a sword with the major motions being carried out by only one hand.

Efficiency - 20%

Possibility of combo moves - 10%

Jon had increased his sword skill by two levels, which was well worth all of this suffering. Jon quickly memorized all of the things Rodrik made them do, if this was enough to increase Jon's sword skill he would definitely find it useful in the future.

After training Jon had a quite dinner with the Starks before he went to the Maester's Turret for his language lessons with Luwin.

Jon walked into the master's chamber, "ready for our class Maester?" Jon asked.

Luwin looked up and smiled, "of course Jon, let me just finish these reports," Jon waited as the Maester did just that.

Jon looked at the library around him. All this time he spent in this place and not once did he ever stop to look all the books there.

Jon looked around, there was a book about herbs, one about plants. One about animals, one about castle building, and even one about farming.

'Wait, what's this?' Jon reached out and grabbed a book with the title 'Warcraft strategies of the South'.

The moment Jon opened the book the Playtrix started to vibrate displaying a notification;

Would you like to learn the skill, 'Warcraft: Southern Style'?


Jon was surprised, again. He didn't know the Playtrix could do this. Without a second thought he pressed yes causing the book before him to glow gold before settling back to it's normal tone of colour.

Jon looked back him and saw the maester still tending to his paper work, it seemed he didn't notice the little light show the Playtrix put on. Thank the Gods.


You have learnt a new skill!

Warcraft: Southern Style, Lv- 1 (0%)

The southern way of leading an army.

Chance of success plan- (WIS stat)%

Deaths caused - 80%

Jon blinked, 'this is some shitty stats.' He didn't realise his stats would play such an important part in his skill, this just gave Jon even more reason to improve his WIS stat.

Jon put the book away before moving on. He picked out a few random books, hoping he could learn more skills, but unfortunately none of the ones he picked out had any. But that didn't discourage Jon, he hadn't searched all of them, meaning there was still a chance a few more of these 'skill books' were lying around somewhere.


Quest Alert!

Learn from 5 skill books!


50 Exp per skill book


You will be unable to use skill books ever again

Do you accept?


Jon picked yes accepting the quest.

"Jon, I'm ready to begin," Luwin spoke up finally. And so Jon sat down and they began their lesson. But the moment he did this happened;

You are being taught a skill by master of High Valyrian!

+40% faster experience gathering for the skill: High Valyrian!

Jon had not gotten this skill last time Luwin had taught him, but last time Jon was being taught the very basics, so maybe that had something to do with it. That meant if Jon wanted to benefit from a teacher he must already know the skill he needed leveling up.

And so Jon and Luwin spent two hours going over Jon's speaking and listening skills;

Language: High Valyrian, Lv- 5 (40%)

How much you understand about the language of High Valyria.

Dialectes known:


Reading: Passable

Speaking: Passable

Understanding: Passable

Because of his good work with the language Luwin gave Jon a High Valyrian dictionary to use. Jon intended to read the whole thing eventually, but for now he kept it in his inventory for safe keeping. Never know when you would need it.

Jon then back to his room with Ghost. The pup feel asleep the moment they got in there, Jon sighed, 'today was a long day. And it's not over yet.'

Strangely enough Jon didn't feel sleepy. He felt tired yes, but that feeling quickly died down after he ate dinner. He now felt as awake as he did in the morning. Jon was grateful for the Playtrix for this, it almost made him want to forgive it for not allowing him to increase Ghost's REP score, almost.

Jon light his candle and opened the first book. He began to read it, and just like that time seemed to slip away from him.

The Next day;

Jon looked up and there it was, the rising sun. He had spent the night reading, like he did before, and this earned him new skills;

Sailing, Lvl- 1 (40%)

Sailing a ship

Knowledge of sea motions- 5%

Chance of Success- 20%

Chances of sinking the ship - 60%

Maintenance: Ships, Lv- 1 (80%)

You ability to maintain and take care off a ship.

Knowledge of ship and it's parts- 40%

Maintenance success rate- 30%

Bonus- 0%

Star Navigation, Lv- 1 (90%)

The ability to travel the land using stars.

Star map - 40% (+8% bonus to chance of success)

Chance of success - INT % + ½ WIS %

Jon also gained an additional +2 points in his INT and a level up for his common language skill;

INT- 8

Language: Common tongue, Lv- 4 (63%)

How much you understand about the common tongue of Westeros.

Reading: Very good

Speaking: Very good

Understanding: Good

Jon pushed the notifications away and opened his status page looking at his stats;

STR- 5

VIT- 5

DEX- 3

CHA- 2

INT- 8

WIS- 2

LUC- 1

From what Jon could see he needed to improve his luck and his charm. Wisdom came second with Dexterity following that up. So Jon decided, today he would increase them all.

He closed the box and quickly packed up all his books. He looked down and saw Ghost sleeping. Jon bent down and shock the wolf awake, "Ghost. You need to wake up now."

The pup yawned, but woke up bating the sleep out of his eyes. Jon washed his face as well before the two left the Great Keep walking to the maester's turret. Inside was the same as last night as Jon knocked and entered the room not waiting for Luwin reply.

Surprising Luwin was nowhere to be found, Jon realised that not everyone was an early riser like him. Well that wasn't true, to be an early riser one would have to sleep first, and lately Jon didn't need to do that.

He quickly put the books on Luwin's table, he was sure the maester would know he had returned it. Jon then looked around, last night he had found a book that taught him a skill simply by opening it's cover. Jon had tried to find another one, but failed. Now with Luwin away Jon realised he had all the time in the world to search.

Jon approached the shelves and quickly began to look through several times. He would open the book, wait for the Playtrix to show a message, failing that he would return the book back to the shelf.

Jon sheetfed through the books as quickly as he could. He finished an entire shelf before he found one book that gave him a notification;

Would you like to learn the skill, 'Herb Identification'?


Jon obviously pressed yes, despite the disappointing skill presented;


You have learnt a new skill!

Herb Identification, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your ability to identify wild herbs, this may save your life one day.

Success rate- INT %

Bonus if studied the herb before hand- +30%

Jon put the book away and quickly moved on. He looked through a few more books before coming upon another skill book;

Would you like to learn the skill, 'Land layout: The North'?


Jon was surprised he didn't already have this skill, but considering he never really picked up a book on the Northern terrain and the Playtrix seemed to disregard all previous knowledge Jon had, it wasn't unexpected.

Jon pressed yes;


You have learned a new skill! Land layout: The North

Land layout: The North, Lv- 1 (0%)

The layout of Slaver's bay and the land next to it.

Total layout known- 40%

Jon put the book away and looked for another one. Surprisingly his luck seemed to prove true as the very next book Jon picked up was a skill book;

Would you like to learn the skill, 'Wood carving'?


Jon raised an eyebrow, he didn't realise one could have a skill for wood carving. But in the end it didn't matter. He pressed yes;


You have learnt a new skill! Wood carving!

Wood carving, Lv- 1 (0%)

The ability to create beautiful sculptures out of wood.

Beauty of finished product - 20% attractive

Jon put the book away before looking for more skill books. As he pulled out a book on coin exchange rate Jon noticed a piece of paper slip out and fall down. Curious he put the book aside and looked the piece of paper over.

From what Jon could see it was old, very very old. And it featured a building design of what looked like the Great Keep. From what Jon could understand there was some sort of passage underneath the Keep with the entrance located somewhere inside. The only clue the map gave was a sketch of a bridge and a set of windows that seemed familiar.

Jon was curious, this map didn't really show where the tunnel lead too, which begged the question, what lies in the end of the tunnel?


Quest Alert!

Explore the secret tunnel using the map you found!




+3 points



Do you accept?


Jon was surprised at the failure option for the quest, death seemed a little excessive. But either way Jon was excited, he clicked yes accepting the quest. Jon opened his inventory and slipped the map inside, don't want Luwin to see this.

Jon then began to look for other skills books, but before he could even begin Jon heard the door slam shut with the room filled with the jingle of chains.

Jon turned to see Luwin walk in adjusting his robes. He looked up and was surprised to see Jon standing there, "Jon? My my, we are an early aren't we? Why are you up so early Jon?"

Jon pointed to the books he kept of Lewin's desk, "I'm done with them maester Luwin. I was just searching for more books to use."

Luwin blinked, "done..already?" He picked up one of the books for star charts and looked it over, he looked at Jon, "the morning star is-"

"-Venus," Jon answered instantly.

Luwin raised an eyebrow but continued, "the constellation that is said to hunt other-"

"-Orion," Jon replied.

Lewin's eyes went wide, "amazing Jon! Dare I say it, you might just be known as a prodigy!"

Jon shock his head, "not a prodigy maester, just a hard worker. I stayed up all night reading these, there is nothing special about that."

Maester Luwin nodded, "I see...if I recall correctly you also didn't sleep the night before yes?" Jon nodded, "I don't think this is very good habit Jon. I insist you sleep tonight understood? Not sleeping for two days in a row, while not uncommon for the working class, is not a healthy lifestyle."

Jon promised the maester he would sleep tonight;

Lie successful!

After which Luwin gave Jon a few more books to read. There were two about High Valyrian and one about Star maps. Jon figured they would be useful in leveling up his skills, after all it doesn't matter if he knew everything, if the skills were all at level 1 it would mean they weren't useful.

Jon quickly walked out of the turret and put the books in his inventory, Jon was in no mood of walking all the way to his room and he didn't want to lug the heavy books around wherever he went.

Jon walked to the training yard and quickly disrobed leaving only his pants on. Again it was very early, no one was using the yard, Jon had it all for himself.

Jon started to run, he kept his breathing up and paced himself. Just then he noticed Ghost suddenly by his side walking along with him. Jon was surprised, he didn't realise Ghost wanted to run as well, the wolf had always been more of a stationary creature. But Jon didn't object, it was nice to have some company.

At around the half and hour mark Ghost decided to call it quites. The little pup was exhausted beyond belief. It could barely stand. Jon had to carry him to one corner and lay him down on blanket of his cloak. Jon then continued to run as Ghost began to catch his breath.

After an hour or so Jon had to stop as his stamina had been reduced to 15%. Lucky thought it was worth it;


You have earned +1 VIT!

VIT- 6

Jon smiled as he pushed the notification away. After getting a drink in the local well Jon quickly dressed up and went to his room for a fresh pair of clothes. After changing Jon walked back to the training yard, he needed a way to improve his dexterity.

From what Jon remembered dexterity meant how skilled one was in their hand eye coordination. That meant Jon needed to do something that improved that, only problem was Jon didn't know what that was.

Jon looked around and saw a few soldiers walking back to their barracks. Jon spotted the bow and arrows strapped to their backs and suddenly he got an idea.

'Archery must involve some form of dexterity, right? So like running improved by VIT, archery must help with DEX!'

Jon walked over to the weapons stores and agrabed a bow and a full quiver. He walked back to the training yard and approached the targets set up for archery practise. He was quite good with the bow, not excellent, but good. Jon just hoped it was enough to get him some points in DEX.

Jon strapped the quiver on and readied the bow. He drew an arrow and placed it on the strong. He pulled and aimed at the target. Jon let go as the arrow flew across the air and into the target hitting the second circle from the center.

'Not bad,' Jon told himself as he drew another arrow. He focused on the center, he pulled the arrow and let it go. This time the arrow hit the third circle from the center, further away than before, but Jon wasn't discouraged.

Jon drew his third arrow and fired, this time the arrow came close to the center, but still not bulls eye;


You have created a skill! Archery!

Archery, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your ability with a bow and arrow

Accuracy- DEX% + 20%

Jon grumbled, this meant he was only 23% accurate with a bow and arrow. It wasn't fair, but it was what it was. Jon closed the box and returned to his practise. He quickened his pace as he unloaded arrow after arrow into the target.

Jon soon ran out of arrows, he sighed, he wasn't getting anywhere with this, but hopefully he would improve his DEX soon, because this was starting to bug him.

Jon looked at Ghost the pup looked bored as well. Jon smiled, "Ghost, fetch the arrows for me."

Command accepted! Fetch!

The wolf perked up before getting on his feet and running to the target. Jon watched as Ghost jumped up and grabbed an arrow between his teeth pulling it out. Ghost did that to every arrow there before bringing them back to Jon one by one.

Jon wanted to help out, after all the constant trips must be annoying for Ghost, but Jon knew that Ghost needed something to do as well, plus this provided a form of training for the pup.

It took a while but eventually Ghost had gotten all the arrows out of the target and brought back to Jon. Jon smiled, he opened his inventory and pulled out a strip of bacon from it. He tossed it into the air which Ghost grabbed between his teeth.

Jon quickly loaded the arrows into his quiver before continuing his archery training. He was halfway done with the arrows inside his quiver when he got this message;


You have gained +1 DEX!

DEX- 4

Jon smiled as he pushed the notification to the side. His hunch had paid off, he loaded another arrow and fired.

An hour later;

Jon's fingers were getting sore. His stamina bar had become drained, Jon didn't know it could do that for something like this. The target was filled with arrows and holes, but luckily all the training paid off;

DEX- 5

Archery, Lv- 2 (0%)

Your ability with a bow and arrow

Accuracy- DEX% + 25%

Jon had improved a lot, his accuracy rate was now 25%, much better than when he started. He closed the boxes and waited for Ghost to gather up all the arrows again. Jon took the quiver off his back and began to fill it with the arrows. As Jon was doing that he noticed someone approach him.

"And what exactly are you doing bastard?" Theon Greyjoy asked as he walked up to Jon with his smug smile and lazy stride. Jon looked at the men's title;

Theon Greyjoy, Heir to the Iron Islands

Lv- 18

REP- 1/100

Jon was surprised, he had honestly expected Theon to have a negative REP score, he figured the boy hated him much like Lady Stark. Even a single REP point in the positive side surprised Jon.

"I'm putting away the arrows Greyjoy," Jon replied as he took an arrow offered by Ghost and put it away.

"I see, and what exactly are you doing up so early?"

'Early? I've been up for three hours!' Jon wanted to say, but alas, he didn't want to give Theon anything to make fun of him for. One moment he's asking Jon why he was up so late, the next he'll be spreading rumours that it was because Jon was shagging some whore.

That was the main reason Jon disliked the boy. No honour, no ethics and no respect. He hated Jon for being less that high born and having the right to sit with the Starks as family. He also hated Jon for a number of other reasons, one off which involved a whore and a golden dragon. A tory for another time.

Jon sighed, "I was just getting from extra training done."

"Yes, you do look like you need it," Theon chuckled at the target pinned with Jon's arrows, "tell me Jon were you even aiming for the center?"

Jon grumbled but said nothing, he quickly loaded the quiver with arrows before walking to the weapons store to put the quiver and bow back. Much to his dismay Theon decided to follow.

"So what's the plan for today bastard? Going to sulk in a corner all day? Or are you going to actually do something useful?"

Jon grumbled, he put the quiver and bow away and walked towards the Great Keep, "go away Greyjoy. I don't have time for this."

"Yes, I heard you have been spending most of your time reading like a madman. Why may I ask? Planning on becoming a maester?" Theon asked as he walked with Jon into Great Keep.

"No Theon, I am just curious about a few things," Jon said as he walked down to the kitchens for breakfast. He was feeling hungry, his stamina bar wasn't full yet. Plus Ghost was whining for more bacon strips.

"Curious? Well whatever floats your boat. You know being a maester wouldn't be the worst thing in the world you know, I mean even a commoner could become one. A bastard like you, it's probably the best thing to do in life."

Jon glared but said nothing. Theon was godding for a responce, years of living with the boy told him that much. And Jon wasn't going to comply with Theon's demands.

Jon spotted Thomas Wood, the chef, and approached him.

Thomas looked up, "ah Lord Snow, what can I do for you?"

"Hello Mr. Wood. I was hoping you could get me and Ghost some breakfast," Jon asked with a smile, "if that isn't too much trouble of course."

"Of course Lord Snow," Wood bowed before turning to his station.

"'Mr'?" Theon asked in a questioning tone, "since when has adressing commoners require the term 'mr'?"

Jon grumbled, "it pays nothing to be polite Theon."

"Yes but he's just a commoner," Theon turned to Wood, "aren't you old me?"

"Yes lord Greyjoy," Wood bowed not daring to meet Theon's eyes.

"Did you ask the bastard here to call you Mr.? Hm?" Theon lorded over the poor chef as he glared down at him, "because while he may be a bastard he is still a lord, and that is-"

"-Shut up Theon," Jon snapped, "the way I treat my fellow man has nothing to do with you. So shut up, now."

Theon clicked his teeth but kept quiet. He snarled at Jon, but Jon quite frankly didn't care. He turned back to Wood who had a look of gratitude on his face. He quickly made Jon a plate of mashed potatoes and baked vegetable with slice of ham on the side. He also made a bowl of bacon for Ghost.

Jon accepted both with a node before walking away with Theon following closely behind.

Jon sighed, "why are you following me Greyjoy? It's clear that we don't like each other's company, so why do you insist on accompanying me?"

Theon shrugged, "I'm bored bastard. And bothering you has quickly become a favorite pass time for me."

Jon said nothing as he walked through the Great Keeps halls. As Jon Was about to enter the dining room Mary walked out nearly bumping into Jon.

"Oh I apologize," Mary said quickly before she realised who she nearly knocked over. A blush came over her face as Jon at her.

He couldn't help a small smile slowly that took over his face, "hello Mary. How are you?"

"Fine Jon, I-" Mary stopped as he noticed Theon next to him. She startled in surprise before bowing, "Lord Greyjoy."

Theon smiled as he stepped up, "oh please my lady call me Theon," he lifted her chin up with his fingers before taking her hand and planting a kiss, "I insist."

Jon felt revolted the moment Theon's touched her. When he kissed her hand he wanted to kill the boy on the spot.

"I-I see Lord Theon," Mary turned to Jon before she bowed again, "I have to leave, excuse me." She then quickly walked past the two men and wolf pup as she walked down to the kitchen.

Theon leered at Mary's back as he whistled, "not much in the breast department, but her ass is certainly a handful."

Jon growled as he walked away, he didn't trust himself around Theon, not after what he said about Mary. He walked to the table and put down his tray of food. He began to eat as Ghost sat down next to him eating his bowl of bacon and vegetables.

"What's the rush bastard?" Theon asked as he sat back down, "did me talking about your lady friend bug you?" Jon said nothing as he ate his food quickly. "Ah I see, so the young lady has captured your heart. I see, well that's nice, though I don't think she feels the same."

Jon stopped eating as he turned to look at Theon. "What do you mean?"

"Well obviously she didn't' care for you. Couldn't get away fast enough."

"Maybe that was because of you," Jon suggested.

"Oh please, women love me! No, no it was you. But good thing too, now she's free, meaning she's all mine."

Jon narrowed his eyes, "and what makes you think she would be willing to be with you?"

"Ha! Are you kidding?! Of course she would! I'm the heir to the iron islands! She'll probably spread her legs for less! I'm sure she would be moreing than willing to do so, after all most country girls like her are like that. Probably are just trying to sleep with a lord so that they will be taken care off for the rest of their life once he puts a bastard in them."

"She's not a whore," Jon snapped growling.

Theon chuckled, "oh I'm sorry, did I strike a nerve? I apologize, but come Jon, surely even you must see it. The only reason she would ever be interested in some lord is because she is hoping she could cuddle up to their fortune. But why she would ever be interested in you is beyond me, after all you are a bastard, you don't have anything to-"

Jon's body moved before he realised what he was doing. He drew his fist back and threw it into Theon's face breaking his nose and knocking him off his chair.


Theon held his nose in pain, "you hit me!"


Your REP score with Theon Greyjoy has reduced - -10/100!

Jon read the message, but he didn't care.

He stood up and looked down at Theon. His eyes glossed over as the warm brown eyes form before turned cold, and yet inside Theon could see it burn with fury, "if you ever call her a whore again I will kill you Theon. This I swear on my father's name. Do you understand me?"

Theon sat on the ground stunned. Jon grabbed his plate and turned to Ghost, "grab your plate and follow Ghost." The wolf pup yipped as he did just that. Jon walked out off of the Great Hall without turning back.

Theon watched stunned from the shock off what he just saw, Jon had never hit him before. He had always just stayed there and taken it, but now he pushed back. Theon didn't know what was going on, he felt so very confused.

Jon walked to one corner of the Great Keep and ate his breakfast in silence. After he and Ghost were done he returned the plates to the kitchen giving Wood's his compliment's on the well made meal.

Jon soon found himself wandering the castle, his mind occupied. 'Theon has always had a way to get under my skin. But only now do I feel like I don't deserve his teasing. I'm not a bastard am I? Before I thought I was and that I deserved all that Theon gave to me. But now I don't,now I know I worth something, that I am something more than just a bastard. And Mary doesn't deserve to be called a whore, ever. And I meant what I said, if Theon ever did something unsavory to her I don't think I could stop myself from breaking him in half.'

Jon walked to the bridge leading from the Great Keep to the Armoury, he wanted to start practicing his swordplay. But just then Jon stopped, a wave of deja vu washed over him, he had seen this before, he just couldn't tell where.

And then it hit him, 'the map!' Jon opened his inventory and pulled out the map from before. He looked at it and saw that it was a picture of the bridge between the Great Keep and the Armoury, exactly where Jon was standing.

From what the map said the entrance was somewhere on the armoury side of the bridge. He walked over and looked around, there was nothing here but tapestries and set of stairs leading downstairs to the weapons store. Ser Rodrik's quarters were also here, but it was currently locked, the knight was in the training yard currently training the guards.

Jon sighed, he couldn't find where this secret entrance was, and it was starting to bug him. He looked at the map, it said that the entrance should be somewhere here, but Jon couldn't' see a thing.

He held the map up and compared the sketch to the real world. The entrance should be to Jon's right, so Jon approached it before feeling the wall for a secret entrance of some kind.

Suddenly the Playtrix started to vibrate. Jon looked at it but saw no message pop up. He brought it up to his face but the metal band gave Jon nothing to work with. Jon shock his hand, "what's wrong with you?"

Jon turned to the map and gasped as he found it glowing gold in his hands. It was most definitely not doing that before. Jon looked at the wall, he walked closer and fet Playtrix vibrate stronger while the map glowed brighter.

'So it's the wall that's doing this,' Jon brought the map up and pressed the paper up to the stone wall. Jon let go and found the glowing gold paper stick to the wall all by itself. Slowly the golden glow exploded out forming the silhouette of a doorway before the light died down revealing a newly formed passageway.

Jon gasped, "amazing," the passageway was most certainly not her The Playtrix finally stopped vibrating as it displayed a new message;


You have found a passage way leading to a dungeon! Be warned many dangers lie within, but also many rewards!

Dungeon level: 1

Jon looked at the box and then at the passageway before him. If Jon didn't know what the Playtrix was capable off he would have been surprised. But now he was more stunned something like this didn't happen before. Truly whoever invented this thing was wise and crazy.

Jon read the box again, 'many a danger lie within' sounded bad and very fore boring to him. Jon wanted to go in, he was too curious not to. But he wasn't an idiot, he wasn't just about to go into a dungeon filled with danger without weapons. Luckily the armory was right underneath him.

As Jon walked to the set of stairs leading down stairs he felt the Playtrix vibrate. He looked at it and saw the passageway in the wall seal back up. Jon was surprised, he ran back to the wall and felt stone where moment before there was a passageway.


You have approached dungeon!

Dungeon level- 1

Do you wish to enter?


Jon sighed in relief, that meant he could open it later, he hadn't just wasted his chance. Plus this was a good thing. This way nobody will stumble onto the entrance accidentally.

Jon walked down the stairs and found the armour empty of people. Which made sense considering Rodrik was currently in the yard training the soldiers. Jon looked around and quickly spotted a rack of swords.

He approached them and grabbed the first one he sw. It was heavy, very heavy. Jon doubted he could swing this properly. He put the heavy sword down and looked around. This time he found a sword smaller than the previous one, but also lighter. Jon had no issue lifting it over his head and swinging it down. He smiled and Observed the weapon;

Castle Steel Sword (C class item)

This sword was made from castle steel, high grade and if often found in the hands of high ranking fighters and lords.

Durability - 60

Attack - 50

Jon smiled as he put the sword in it's scabbard and tied it around his waist. He then realised something, he needed armour, there was no way he was going to fight without armour. Jon looked around and found a nice set of leather armour tucked away in one corner. The steel armour was under lock and key, there was no way Jon was getting to them. So he was stuck with the boiler leather;

Leather armour (C class item)

Armour made from boiled leather. Offers mobility instead of protection and is strong enough to withstand most light attacks.

Durability- 35

Protection offered - 10

Jon took off his clothes and put the leather armour on. He smiled as he stretched the material hearing the squeal it gave off. He put his old clothes inside his inventory, no need to lug that around.

Jon looked around and found a quiver and bow hanging off to the corner. They were the same set Jon used for his training. So obviously he grabbed that as well. He also noticed a wooden shield in one corner with the sigil for house Stark painted on the front. Jon Observed it;

Stark Man Shield (D class item)

A shield made of wood that is given to infantry units. It's made out of cheap material, and while it could provide with minimal protection it isn't useful in a one on one duel.

Durability - 40

Jon found the shield quite light, so he grabbed that as well. He then walked back to the top floor and stood in front of the dungeon entrance.

Jon stood in brown leather armour with blue straps running across his chest and a set of fur lined boot and gloves. He held his shield on his left hand with his sword strapped on the left side of his belt. He put the quiver and the bow into his inventory for the time being. No need to weigh himself down too much.

Jon pressed the Playtrix up against the wall;


You have approached dungeon!

Dungeon level- 1

Do you wish to enter?


Jon pressed yes as suddenly a golden light spread spreading across the wall. It formed the figure of door way before disappearing revealing the entrance to the dungeon.

Jon turned to Ghost, "boy you are too small for this. Maybe when you become bigger you can come along, but for now I don't want to risk you," the wolf pup barked, "no, you can't come. So sit, and wait."

Command Accepted! Sit!

Ghost did just that as he sat down and looked up at Jon. Jon nodded as he turned to the entrance to the dungeon and took a deep breath. He calmed his nerves as a sense of adventure took over him, he smiled as he walked inside finding a set of stairs going down.

Jon took one final look outside before walking down the set of stairs. He had to do this, he wanted to do this. This was the first step in proving to himself that he was more than just what people thought of him. And besides, he was too curious not too.

But as Jon went down the stairs the entrance began to glow gold as it disappeared. Ghost sat there staring as the wall reformed closing the entrance to the dungeon. Ghost whined, he hoped his master was alright.

Jon Targaryen

HP- 100/100

SP- 150/150

MP- 50/50

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 2 Exp- 20/200

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 5

VIT- 6

DEX- 5

CHA- 2

INT- 8

WIS- 2

LUC- 1


MONEY- 24 Gold 0 silver 0 bronze

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