A Game of IaF Chapter 6

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

Fight for your life

Chapter 6:

The set of stairs ended after 5 stories. Jon found himself in a tunnel with yellow walls and torches lighting the way inside. The walls looked old, with cracks in them that were filled with moss or other form of plant life. There were also runes carved on them, Jon recognized a few from the crypts, they were just like the ones he found in the old northern kings graves.

Jon hummed to himself as he drew his sword. He got a bad feeling from this place, and if there was one thing Jon learnt in life, it was to always trust one's instincts. Especially when one is somewhere unknown and downright creepy like this.

Jon walked forward as he looked around the tunnel. He didn't understand how the torches were lit, he was probably the only human that had ever been here, how were they light? And the wood looked so new, how were they new?!

Jon sighed as he glanced at the Playtrix, 'you are getting more and more complex every day you are with me.' And that just made Jon even more curious as to what it could do and where it came from. Meaning he really needed to get to Old Valyria and fast.

Jon started walking forward keeping an eye out for anything that might attack him. After all the Playtrix did mention something about the 'dangerous inside'.

Slowly the tunnel started to widen as Jon found clay pots littered all around him. The pots looked ancient, some were broken while the others were not. Jon bent down and looked them over, some had more of those Northern rune he found carved on the wall, Jon really needed to learn what they said, it could be instructions of some kind.

Jon put his sword down as he picked up a pot to examine it closely, just the he heard something jingle inside. Jon opened the lid and inside he found a single gold dragon. Jon was surprised, he didn't realise he would find something like this here. He took the coin and put the pot down. From what he could tell it was the real thing, so Jon put it in his inventory.

Jon then looked inside the other pots, and while he didn't find more dragons he did fine 5 coppers stars and 2 silver stags. Jon smiled, he hadn't even started his adventure and already it was bearing fruit. Jon picked up his sword and walked deeper inside, he was definitely excited about this.

Soon Jon stumbled onto a chest of some kind. He opened it and found a roll of linen and a candle stick. Jon was disappointed it wasn't more money, but it was something. Jon put the candle away he could use it for one of his late night reading sessions, but he didn't really know what he could do with the linen.

Jon closed the chest and walked ahead. Soon the walls began to change, Jon found deep compartments carved into the wall, he stopped in front of one and thrust his sword into the hole finding something inside.

Jon pulled and down came pieces of human bone wrapped in linne. Jon gasped as he took a step back. He looked around, in front of him several of these compartments were carved into the wall. Jon wasn't waking through just a dungeon, he was walking through a graveyard.

Jon sighed, 'okay Jon, don't be scared. They are just dead bodies. There is nothing to be afraid off. Just don't disturb them because that would be disrespectful.' Jon quickly picked up the bones he pulled down and put them back in their graves.

Suddenly Jon noticed something glimmer in the darkness of the grave. He reached in and pulled out a small iron dagger. It looked sharp and in fine working order. 'It must have belonged to the person who was buried here.' Jon quickly put the dagger back before walking away.

More graves pass by, and Jon couldn't help but get creeped out by them. He swore he saw a few stare at him as he walked away, but that was probably just his imagination playing games with him.

Jon passed by a few more of the old looking pots and while half of them were empty the other half were not. Jon found 8 copper stars in them while also coming upon a set of broken looking pair of scissors with blood stains on them. Jon didn't want to know what they were used for.

Soon the hallway opened up showing a bigger room with several graves built into the wall. It went up three stories and Jon was curious where he was. If he was to guess he would say he was underneath the Great Keep, maybe somewhere near the center.


Jon felt the walls shake. He readied his shield and blade as he looked around. He looked from side to side nervously, he knew this was probably the part where things go terribly wrong for him.

Suddenly the grave in the wall in front of him exploded forward. A bony hand reached out and slowly a skeleton pulled himself out of the grave. It dropped to the ground and slowly got back up. It turned around and reached into his grave pulling out what looked like an old rusted iron sword.

The skeleton turned to Jon and opened it's mouth, "screech!"

Jon's legs started to shake, he dropped his shield in fear. His teeth started to clack as he loosened his grip on his sword. His jaw dropped in open fear as he stared at the thing before him.

The skeleton charged as it raised it;s sword and brought it down on Jon. The skeleton moveing broke Jon from his state of shock. He blinked awake as he jumped to the side avoiding the skeleton's sword.

Jon rolled into a wall and quickly got to his feet. 'How is that thing even moving?!' Jon wanted yell out as he looked at the creature up and down. He looked at it's title;

Skeleton, Weak undead

Lv- 2

REP- -100/100

Jon's eyes shoot open as he saw it's REP score. He didn't know it could go that low!

"ARGH!" The skeleton roared as he charged forward, this time Jon was ready. Jon swung his sword to meet the skelton's catching him mid swing. Jon then pushed forward slamming the skeleton onto the opposite wall pinning him with their blades.


"How are you yelling?! You don't have vocal chords!" Jon yelled back as he head butted the skeleton cracking his skull.

A red bar suddenly spread over the creature's head showing a small portion of it depleted;

Skeleton's HP: 250/300

Jon was amazed it had so much health, but he couldn't gap for long as the skeleton gathered it's strength pushing Jon off him and started swinging it's sword at him.

Jon blocked the strikes with his blade, the skeleton had power behind his swings, which didn't make sense as he didn't have fucking muscles!

Jon noticed his shield behind the skeleton, he cursed himself for dropping it, but for now he just needed to focus on getting it back.

"ARGH!" The skeleton pulled his sword back throwing a punch at Jon. The young Northerner ducked under the slow punch before tackling the skeleton with his shoulder shoving him to the ground.

As the skeleton got back up Jon rushed to his shield and picked it up arming himself. The skeleton then charged Jon and swung down. Jon blocked it with his shield causing the sword to dig deeply into the wood.

Jon then twisted his shield arm and pulled the sword out of the skeleton's hands. He swung his sword down on the unarmed skelton cutting through his collar bones and ribs shattering it's rib cage.

Skeleton's HP: 200/300

Jon pulled his sword out and swung again, this time at the skeleton's neck cutting it off it's body and sending it flying to one side.


You have created a new skill! Critical Strike!

Critical Strike, Lv- 1 (0%)

An attack which can cause critical damage to your opponent if done in the right area.

Bonus damage - 50% more damage

Jon closed the box and looked at the skeleton's health'

Skeleton's HP: 125/300

Jon blinked, 'it doesn't have a head, how can it still-'


Jon suddenly had his face punched in by the skeleton's body, it's head less. Body. Jon held his face in pain as he looked at the skeleton's body, which was currently trying to grab it's detached head. It would have been funny, if it also wasn't trying to kill him.

Jon pushed through the pain as he readied his blade and charged the skeleton. The white boned monster tried to block his weapon with it's hands but failed as the blade chipped into its bones as Jon struck it over and over again.

He cleaved it in two at the spine before cutting it at the joints. The skeleton laid there twitching as Jon looked at it's HP;

Skeleton's HP: 25/300

Jon looked at the skull which was still using it's jaw to try and get to Jon. It jumped up open mouthed intent of biting his boots, but Jon stepped back before it could. He brought his foot up and then brought it down on the skull crushing it to pieces and lowering the skeleton's head to 0;

Skeleton's HP: 0/300

Jon sighed as he fell to the ground with his sword by his side. He breathed slowly calming himself down, the adrenal from the fight still pouring through him. He looked at the broken skull in front of him and chuckled, "not so tough now are you?"

He kicked the skull away and just then the skull started to glow. Immediately Jon got to his feet and readied his blade and shield. He watched as the pieces of the monster disappeared leaving behind a single golden dragon and what looked like a really sharp piece of bone.

Jon approached it carefully and checked the items over. The gold coin was really, so Jon put it in his inventory, and the sharpened piece of bone looked real as well. Jon Observed it;

Bone shard (F Class item)

Useless in every form, well, you could use ti to stab someone, but other than that, useless.

Durability - 1

Jon chuckled as he closed the box. He wondered what these items were, 'are they my reward for defeating this thing?' It seemed like it, and Jon was willing to bet that was the case.

Just then;

Rumble! Rumble!

More graves started to shake as Jon looked at two of them break open to seeing out two more skeletons. One had a broken spear and a shield while another had an axe in hand.

Jon looked at the bone shard in his hand and smiled, he drew it back and tossed it at the skeletons. The shard found itself embedded in the eye socket of the skeleton with the spear and the shield;


Critical strike!

Skeleton's HP: 250/300

Jon smiled, he grabbed his sword and readied his shield, "come at me assholes!"

The one with the axe charged first, the one with the broken spear was still trying to get the bone shard out of it's socket.

Jon blocked the skeleton's axe with his shield before pushing forward and slamming the skeleton into the wall. Once he had him stuck to one corner Jon drew back his blade and slashed it forward cutting the skeleton's head off.

The axe skeleton didn't give up however as it continued to attack, as Jon expected it would. Jon moved back, he used his shield to block the skeleton's axe swings before suddenly Jon saw something charge him in the corner of his eyes.

Jon ducked down and rolled ot the side. He looked up and saw that it was the other skeleton with the spear and it was now one the ground with the headless one in a heap of bones.

Jon smiled as he got up and jumped on the bone pile. The spear skeleton kept the headless one pinned as Jon started thrusting his sword down hitting the spear one over and over again.

Jon then saw the headless one below pull away from the skeleton heap and throw his axe at Jon. Acting on pure instinct Jon brought his shield up just in time to catch the axe in the wood. It saved his life, but in return his wooden shield was split in half making it useless.

Jon threw the shield at the skeleton, hitting him in the ribs. He looked down at the skeleton under him and stabbed his sword into his spine earning a critical;


Critical strike!

Skeleton's HP: 0/300

As the skeleton's remains started to glow and disappear Jon turned out the headless skeleton. The skeleton showed Jon's broken shield to the side as tired to get up. Jon kicked him down before swinging with his blade down and chipping away at his ribs.

Just then Jon noticed the skeleton's head jump at him from afar, he turned and swung his blade slicing it in half.

Skeleton's HP: 0/300

Slowly the skeleton started to glow and disappear leaving behind Jon's reward. From the first skeleton Jon got a silver stag and a bone shard. Form the second however he got a small shiny ring and attracted his attention quickly. Jon picked it up and observed it;

Steel ring (D class item)

A ring which was worn by someone for nostalgic purposes.

Cost- 5 bronze stars

Jon shrugged, it wasn't much, but it was worth something. Maybe he could keep it as well, in order to remember this battle. So Jon put the ring on his finger, surprisingly it fit him quite well.

Jon looked around and found that the skelton's had also left behind their weapons. Jon grabbed the shield the spear skelton had left behind. It was borne with metal fastenings on it, it looked strong but not better than his shield, at least it was broken;

Ancient Shield (D class item)

A shield made of wood that is given to infantry units. It's made out of cheap material, and while it could provide with minimal protection it isn't useful in a one on one duel.

Durability - 50

It also had 10 points more in it's durability, maybe that meant he would be able to use it longer. Jon looked at his old shield, it laid in ruins with an axe splitting it in half. JOn picked up the axe and Observed it;

Ancient Axe (D class item)

A small hand sized axe that is mainly used for close hand to hand combat. It also works well as a projectile.

Durability- 50

Attack - 20

The bone shard Jon used as a projectile was pretty effective, if he could use this thing in a similar way Jon was sure it would be a great help in any future battle to come.


For forming a wise battle strategy you have gained +1 WIS!

Jon was surprised, he didn't think something like this would improve his wisdom, but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Jon tucked the small axe in the back of his belt for quick use and readied his sword as well. From now on it's going to get tougher, and if the skeletons were the type of things he was going to face then he better stay alert.

Jon waited for a moment or two but none of the other graves exploded, for which he was grateful for. If he had to fight them all he was sure he wouldn't make it, there were tens of them in here and Jon was just one man.

He spotted a hallway leading out of the big hall and Jon went in. The hallway was also filled with graves carved into the wall, which just made Jon even more alert. Any one of them could just explode open and attack him. He carefully walked deeper into the tunnel as it went deeper and deeper into the Earth.


Jon became alert the moment he heard something heavy move. He spotted to the right of him rumble. The skeleton pulled it out, it had an iron helmet on it's head and a sword in hand. But before it could use the sword Jon charged it and pinned it to the wall with his shield.


You have invented a-

"Not now!" Jon yelled at the Playtrix as he focused on the skeleton pinned to the wall. He headbutted the monster before moving back and swinging his sword across its neck beheading it.


Critical Strike!

But Jon knew it wasn't dead;

Skeleton's HP: 185/300

Jon brought his foot over it's skull and kicked it into a wall throwing it's helmet off. He then brought his foot down hard smashing it into pieces.


Critical Strike!

Skeleton's HP: 125/300

Jon then turned to the skeleton and swung at it's spine, cutting it in half before kicking it's top half to the floor.

Jon jumped down as he smashed his shield into the skeleton's ribs causing even more damage;

Skeleton's HP: 100/300

Jon knew it wasn't dead, no way in hell. He could see it's hand trying to reach of it's sword. Jon got up just as it's sword hand swung at him, missing his neck by a good couple of feet. Jon swung his sword knocking his sword away leaving its body vulnerable.

Jon swung and chipped the skeleton's hand before stabbing it through the ribcage right where it's heart would be.


Critical strike!

Skeleton's HP: 0/300

Jon smiled as the skeleton glowed and disappeared leaving behind 2 silver stags, a helmet and a sword.

Jon pocketed the silver change and looked over the sword. It had an attack of 30 and a durability of 20. Obviously Jon's own sword was stronger. But Jon knew the value of good steel, this was worth at least 20 silver, maybe more. So Jon opened his inventory and put the sword away.

He then picked up the helmet, it was metal with two triangular holes for eyes and a set of horns placed on ether temple. It's mouthpiece was left open with a metal sheet in the back to protect the back of Jon's neck. It was unique design, something Jon never saw before, but then again Jon also hasn't seen the Playtrix before there was that.

Iron Helmet (D Class item)

An iron helmet that is used by the common warrior or thief. It is good in a fight and offers decent protection for the front of the wearer's head.

Durability- 50

Protection offered- 30

Jon smiled as he put it on. The helmet slide right in as he strapped it on his head. He could see clearly through the eye holes, they were big enough for him and didn't block his vision. Jon quickly got used to it's weight, though the horns were somewhat distracting.

Jon then opened up his skill list looking for the new skill he made. He didn't find it there, though he did find a new list for himself, one title 'Moves' and guess what was under that;

Wall smash

[Only possible while equipped with a shield]

A move where the user tackles the opponent into a nearby wall crushing him with his shield.

Cost- 20 SP

Attack- 20 + ½ Durability of the shield

Jon was a little surprised at this. Not only had he gotten a new list of abilities other than his skills and perks list, he had also gotten a new move.

He didn't realise he could do something like this, create a move. Jon also wondered why he never got this before, but maybe it was because there was never a proper movement to them. After all he always just randomly hacked and slashed, and though it was controlled it wasn't anything more than just that.

Jon smiled, 'this new move will help me out a lot. Maybe after this I should focus on making new moves that way I will have an arsenal on hand when I need it.'

With that in mind Jon closed his new 'Movie' list and continued walking down the hallway.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Jon was shock as four grave suddenly exploded out. One skeleton had a sword while two carried a shield and a mace. The fourth one however was different as he carried with him a book wearing a blue and black robe carrying no weapons on his person..

Jon didn't let his surprise hold him long as he was already moving. He stabbed his sword into the ground and reached back grabbing the handle of his axe. He took it out and threw it with his full strength imbedding it into the skull of one of the four skeletons.

Jon then turned to the closest one to him and smiled, "wall smash!"

His body moved automatically as he smashed the skeleton with the sword into the wall before head butting him with his new iron helmet.

Skeleton's HP: 255/300

Jon then drew back swinging his sword and cutting it's head off;


Critical Strike!

50+ 50% Bonus = 75

Skeleton's HP: 180/300

Jon saw a spear coming for his head in the corner of his eye and quickly moved his shield to block it. He swung his shield deflecting the spear head before Jon drew back his sword and threw it forward.

It flew handle over blade before stabbing itself into the Skeleton's chest cutting into its spine.


Critical Strike!

50+ 50% Bonus = 75

Skeleton's HP: 225/300


You have invented a new move! Weapons Throw!

Weapons Throw,

You throw your weapon at your opponent.

Cost- 5 SP

Attack- DEX + Weapon's attack score.

Jon's SP: 120/150

"Shit!' Jon cursed himself as he closed the notification. He just moved on instinct, he didn't realise what he did. He turned to the side and saw the skeleton he beheaded getting back on his feet. It had a sword, Jon grinned.

Jon kicked the skeleton between the leg, and to its surprise the skeleton grabbed it's groin in pain;

Critical Strike!

Skeleton's HP: 160/ 300

Jon winced, "sorry," he lunged forward and grabbed the skeleton's ancient sword. It was light than Jon's own, but it would do.

"ARGH!" Jon looked up just in time to see the other spear wielding skeleton rush him. Jon put his shield up just in time to catch the speak head in it's wood. The skeleton then pushed forward lifting Jon off his feet and further down the hall.

Jon knew he need to get off, the skeleton would likely try and pin him to a wall and stab him with the spear. He let go of his shield and dropped down to the ground.

The skeleton saw this and drew back his spear throwing Jon's shield to the side. It then trusted the spear forward trying to hit Jon's chest. Jon rolled to the side causing the spear to imbed itself into the ground. Jon swung his sword at the spear's wooden shaft cleaving it in two.

The skeleton drew back his broken spear in surprise, Jon used that time to get back on his feet and charge the skeleton.

He hacked and slashed his sword into the skeleton. He hit it's spine;


Critical Strike!

30+50% bonus = 45

Skelton's HP: 255/300

He clipped it's jaw;

Skeleton's HP: 225/300

And it's right arm;

Skelton's HP: 195/300

He then grabbed the skeleton's skull with his left hand and smashed it into the wall over and over again until only shards were left behind.

Skelton's HP: 175/300

Jon then thrusted his sword into his spine cleaving the monster in half;

Critical Strike!

30+50% bonus = 45

Skelton's HP: 130/300

Jon swung the weapon over and over at the skeleton's broken body. He did it over and over reducing the pieces to shards and the shards to dust. Finally Jon stood over the destroyed skeleton with a sadistic smile on his face. He felt the bloodlust in his soul, he felt it call to him, begging him for more.

'And it will have more,' Jon told himself as he bent down and picked up the shield the skeleton left behind. His was already damaged. He looked up, "I'm going to kill you al-"


A fire ball landed on Jon's chest exploding point blank and sending him flying away. Jon hit the hallway ball and fell to the floor with a bang. He looked down and saw his chest armour ripped open with the leather around the opening burnt black.

His head was spinning as he felt himself grown in pain. He looked down and saw chest burning, but he couldn't' feel it hurt him. 'Thanks for the fireproof skin dad,' Jon grumbled as he put the flames out.

He felt the Playtrix vibrate, he looked down and for the first time saw his own HP bar in red displayed for him;

Jon's HP: 60/100

Jon grumbled, his leather armour, which offered him 10 points in protection took most of that damage. Meaning that thing that hit him had an attack damage of 50. Something Jon cannot afford to be hit with again.

Jon looked up and in front of him were the three remaining skeletons. One with the spear and Jon's sword sticking out of his chest, one with no weapons that Jon had disarmed and the last one with Jon's axe imbedded into his skull and a book in hand.

Jon grumbled, 'what hit me?' He got to his feet, 'from the fact my chest was literally on fire I would say something relating to fire, which is probably why it exploded as well. And whatever it was came from the skeleton with the book.'


Due to logical thinking you have gained +1 WIS!

Jon smiled, 'maybe that explosion knocked some wisdom into me.' Jon readied his borrowed blade and shield, he looked forward, when dealing with an unknown enemy always let them make the first move. And sure enough they did.

The skeleton dressed in blue robes looked at the book it was holding and then back at Jon. Suddenly it's boney hands were covered in flames, the skeleton drew back it's hand and threw the fire forward. It came flying at Jon who quickly put up his shield blocking the fire ball. But the force was so great that it pushed Jon back a few steps.

Jon looked at his shield, it was smoking hot lying in ruin of burning wooden and broken steel.;

Ancient Shield (D class item)

A shield made of wood that is given to infantry units. It's made out of cheap material, and while it could provide with minimal protection it isn't useful in a one on one duel.

Durability - 0

The fireball had cause 50 points in damage to it. Jon looked at the skeleton's and saw it's tile;

Magical Skeleton, Weak Undead

Lv- 3

REP- -100/100

Jon grumbled, 'it's stronger than the rest, but I can't let that deter me. Besides I have already weakened its HP bar';

Magical Skeleton's HP: 325/350

The skeleton looked at it's book again and then created another fire ball, Jon realised it it needed some time before creating another fire ball, he could use that! All he had to do was survive this one!

The skeleton threw the fireball and it flew like a arrow at Jon. He knew he couldn't block it with his shield, it was useless. Jon threw the shield to the side before hitting the ground allowing the fireball to pass over him and explode harmlessly off the wall behind him.

Jon didn't wait as he got to his feet and ran towards the skeleton. The other skelton's saw Jon run and charged ahead. The headless one came at him first;

Skeleton's HP: 160/ 300

Jon ducked under it's punch before he swung his sword up through the skeleton's spine;


Critical Strike!

30+50% bonus = 45

Skeleton's HP: 115/ 300

Jon then kicked the skeleton's hip before slashing it's spine;


Critical Strike!

30+50% bonus = 45

Skeleton's HP: 70/ 300

Jon was about to finish the skeleton when suddenly the one with spear charged him. It trusted its spear into Jon's left shoulder drawing blood.

"ARGH!" Jon cried out in pain;

Jon's HP: 40/100

Jon's SP: 100/150

Jon fell to the ground in pain bringing the skeleton down with him. The skeleton's weight pushed the spear deeper inside causing Jon even more pain.

Jon blinked through teary eyes as he looked at the skeleton. It's featureless skull looking down at him with what he assumed was disdain and happiness. Jon saw his castle steel sword sticking out of it's ribcage. He slowly pushed the pain to the side, if he focused on it now it would help nothing, it would just get him killed.

Jon brought his right hand up and cleaved the skeleton's neck in two;


Critical Strike!

30+50% bonus = 45

Skeleton's HP: 180/300

Jon then pulled back and kicked the skeleton in the groin pushing it off it's spear. Jon grunted as he grabbed the spear with his left hand and slowly pulled it out gasping in anger. He threw the spear to the side as he held his left shoulder in pain.

Jon looked up just in time see the Magical Skeleton getting ready to send another fireball at Jon. He was about to get up and run away when suddenly the skeleton he beheaded jumped ontop of him.

Jon dropped the blade he was carrying and reached out grabbing the hilt of his castle forge steel sword. He used the handle as a steering rod as he directed the skeleton in front of him. The skeleton tried to grab his throat but Jon kept it far away from him.

Just then the magical skeleton sent it's fireball at Jon, Jon used his sword handle and moved the skeleton in front of the blast making it take the fireball to it's back.


Skeleton's HP: 130/300

Jon brought his feet up and kicked the skeleton off of him sliding his sword out of his body. Jon quickly got his feet and looked at the Magical skeleton. It was looking at his spell book again, now was Jon's chance.

He charged forward with his castle forge steel sword in hand. He reached him just as the skeleton looked up from his spell book. Jon swung his blade down cutting the skeleton's book hand in half sending the book flying away and tearing the robe's sleeve in half;

Magical Skeleton's HP: 275/350

Jon used his left hand and grabbed the skeleton's skull. He smashed it into the wall over and over again;

Magical Skeleton's HP: 265/350

Magical Skeleton's HP: 255/350

Magical Skeleton's HP: 245/350

Jon then grabbed the axe imbedded in it's skull with his left hand and pulled it out. He used it to swing through it's neck beheading him;


Critical Strike!

20+50% bonus = 30

Magical Skeleton's HP: 215/350

Jon brought his sword up and brought it down over it's ribs cutting into and through them all she reading the robes it wore;

Magical Skeleton's HP: 165/350

He then swung at it's spine cutting the Magical Skeleton in half;


Critical Strike!

50+50% bonus = 75

Magical Skeleton's HP: 90/350

The skeleton fell into two halves. Jon brought his axe down crashing it's rib cage in half;

Magical skeleton's HP: 70/100

Jon then lowered his sword to where it's heart would have been. He plunged his sword down through the cracked ribs and into the spine underneath;

Critical Strike!

50+50% bonus = 75

Magical Skeleton's HP: 0/350

Jon's SP: 80/150

Jon smiled, but he wasn't done. There were two more skeletons to deal with. He turned around and saw two headless skeletons look at him.

One was the one he used as a shield against the last fireball spell, the same asshole who plunged a spear into Jon's shoulder.

Skeleton's HP: 130/300

The other one was weaker than the first, barely managing to stay on it's own two feet.

Skeleton's HP: 70/ 300

Jon smiled, "bring it you fuckers!" He drew back his left hand and threw his axe forward at one with the huge HP. His shoulder jerked in pain at the last second causing his aim to go off and instead of hitting the Skeleton's ribs he hit it's leg cutting it in half;

Jon's SP: 75/150

Skeleton's HP: 110/300

The skelton feel to the ground unable to stand up. Jon shrugged, 'no need to question good luck.' He then charged at the weaker one with 70 HP. With one swing Jon cleaved it's spine in half;


Critical Strike!

50+50% bonus = 75

Skelton's HP: 0/100

Jon turned around and looked the last one on the floor. He walked over to it, it tried to fight back by punching Jon's legs, but one slash of Jon's blade cut both arms in half.

Skeleton's HP: 60/300

Jon kicked it's rib cage over and pressed his boot down on it. He raised his sword up and thrusted it down through the broken chest and into the spine underneath;


Critical Strike!

50+50% bonus = 75

Skeleton's HP: 0/100


Congratulations! You have leveled up!

Jon blinked in surprise as a pop up box opened up revealing Jon's new stats;

Jon Targaryen

HP- 150/150

SP- 200/200

MP- 75/75

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 3 Exp- 0/400

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 6

VIT- 6

DEX- 5

CHA- 2

INT- 9

WIS- 4

LUC- 1


MONEY- 26 Gold 5 silver 13 bronze

A wave of warmth filled Jon's body as he felt his wounds heal themselves up. He watched in amazement as his left shoulder healed itself, reforming over the wound he had. It left nothing behind, not even a scar. Jon rolled his shoulder and found no issue with it, it was brand new. In fact his entire body felt energised, like he just woke up from a full night's rest.

Jon didn't know how he leveled up, last he saw he had only 20 points out of 200. Where did he make that extra ….Jon turned and looked at the skeletons around him that were slowly disappearing into nothing.

'Do I get Exp for killing these things?' Jon asked himself. It made sense, after all it was the only thing he did that would have made a difference to his Exp. 'This is good, this means I can get stronger while I fight these things. I nearly died this time, I can't let that happen again.'

Jon then looked around for the rewards the skeleton's left behind. He found new shield to replace his old broken one. He also carried another ancient sword, the one he used when he threw away his castle forge steel one. It came in use, hopefully he won't need it's use again, but if he did…

Jon also found 5 silver stags, 10 bronze stars and 3 golden dragons. Not a bad hall, but he wasn't done. He had so far checked only the bodies of the normal fighter skeletons, he had yet to see what the Magical Skeleton left for him.

He approached where the body was and found in it's place the red book the skeleton was reading, the robes it was wearing and two bottles of red water. Jon Observed the red liquid first;

Healing potion (D Class item)

A potion that heals the drinker's health

Provides- 50 HP

Jon was surprised such an item existed. But then again this was the Playtrix he was talking about, the thing could anything, or so it seemed.

But either way this was an amazing discovery for Jon. Who knew how many people died because of something like low health? If Jon was ever in a situation like this again he couldn't rely on a level up on healing him back to full health. He would need potions like this to save his life, and if in the future he came upon someone about to die it would save theirs as well.

So Jon put the two items inside his inventory turning to the red book which caused him so much pain.

Jon wanted to cut it into pieces out of disdain. But he restricted himself. This provided a sort of proof that Jon couldn't ignore. Truth be told there was still a small part of him that still had trouble believing magic was real, but now, after getting blasted by a fire ball, well let's just say that part of him wasn't fireproof as it quickly got burnt away.

Jon picked up the book and immediately;

Would you like to learn the skill, 'Fireball'?


Jon was surprised to find a skill book here of all places. But he shouldn't be surprised, considering this was part of the Playtrix. Jon immediately pressed yes. This time however instead of just glowing gold and stopping the book exploded into a bright golden light exploding in Jon's hand, giving off no heat or sound, just bright golden light.

Knowledge of something he had no idea about filled Jon's head as he suddenly found himself understanding how to use magic;


You have learnt a new move! Fireball!


A spell move that allows you to charge and release a fireball from your hand.

Time - 10 seconds

Cost - 20 MP per 50 damage points

Damage- depends of the amount of mana used.

Ping! Ping!

Due to your Targaryen heritage you have increased the power of your move!


A spell move that allows you to charge and release a fireball from your hand.

Time - 5 seconds

Cost - 20 MP per 80 damage points

Damage- depends of the amount of mana used.

Jon smiled at the notification, he could feel it's power flow through him. Something inside them poured gasoline on that fire and made it roar with power. Jon could tell that it was his Targaryen said, he could feel it humming inside of him, almost begging to let loose. But Jon knew he must contain himself, after all he would need all the magic he had to spare to finish this dungeon.


Quest Complete!

Learn from 5 skill books!



50 Exp per skill book

Jon had honestly forgotten about that quest. He opened his status and there it was;

Level- 3 Exp- 250/400

Jon closed the box and then turned to the third and final reward item dropped.

It was the blue and black robe that the skeleton wore, the same one that Jon had shredded to pieces with his sword. But this one wasn't cut up, it looked brand new. Jon previously thought all the items he got belonged to the skeletons themselves, but it would see that wasn't the case as this was nothing like the one the Magical skeleton wore.

It was a bit shorter than Jon's full body with a blue body and black highlights running down the sides and arms. The robes also had a black hood on top to hide the person's face. Jon Observes it;

Magician's robes (D Class Item)

Robes made especially for users of magic. It offers very little protection but in exchange provides a boost for mana users.

Boost- 50 Extra MP

Durability- 5

Protection offered - 1

Jon was impressed that such a garb could offer a magical boost for him. Hell if he he could figure out how it's magical he could duplicate it and make his own! But for now Jon was simply satisfied that he had something to wear as his leather armour had a hole in it and provided no protection whatsoever.

But looking at the robe now Jon realised it too wasn't very useful, it was just a sheet of cloth with a hood on it, it didn't even have a belt for him to tuck his axe into. And while the mains chest area of his armour was gone there were still many pieces still useable.

So Jon got an idea.

He took off the top of his leather armour, it was useless now. He however did keep the leather pants and his boots as he pulled the blue and black robes over himself.


Mana Boost activated! Bonus 50 MP

Jon sighed in ecstasy as he felt a wave of mana seep into his body from the robes. It was like putting on something warm after a cold shower, the heat seeping into one's very soul. Jon felt his mana excite him, he knew the robes were working.

He then put on his leather fur gauntlets and his leather belt over his robes. This way he could access his weapons easily. He also took the shoulder pads from the top of his leather armour and strapped it over his robes. It wasn't much, but it was something.

Jon then put his quiver on his back and tucked his small axe into the back of his belt. He tied his castle sword scabbard to his left and helf his new ancient shield with his left hand.

Jon moved around for a bit, it was a new feeling, but not uncomfortable. The robes didn't restrict his movements much, as they only came up to his knees and not all the way down. Jon could still run properly if he needed too. Over all Jon was proud of his accomplishment.


You have created a new skill! Customization!

Customization, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your skill in taking and object and changing it to suit your needs.

Bonus offered to new object- (INT + WIS)%

Jon was a little surprised something like this could even be a skill. But it didn't matter, he needed to see if it was right about this bonus thing. So Jon immediately Observed his new customized robes;

Customized Magician's robes, (C Classe item)

Robes made especially for users of magic now with the added benefit of armoured protection. It offers little protection in exchange provides a boost for mana users.

Boost- 56.5 Extra MP

Durability- 5.65

Protection offered - 1.13

Jon realised it wasn't much, but he also knew beggars couldn't be choosers. It was good enough that he got a bonus, he was happy with just that.

Jon turned around and looked down the hallway. There was still a long way to go, and Jon was excited, he had never felt more alive than right now. And so with vigor and excitement Jon walked down the hall prepared for whatever the dungeon sent this way.

HP- 150/150

SP- 200/200

MP- 75/75 [131.5/131.5 due to mana robes.]

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 3 Exp- 250/400

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 6

VIT- 6

DEX- 6

CHA- 2

INT- 9

WIS- 4

LUC- 1


MONEY- 29 Gold 10 silver 23 bronze

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