A Game of IaF Chapter 8

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

The King enters

Chapter 8:

Jon and Ghost walked quietly into the great hall. Inside the Starks were already eating their supper, Arya looked bored, Sansa looked like a properly lady showing no emotion at all, Robb looked concerned, an emotion matched by both Bran and Lord Stark.

The moment Jon and Ghost stepped into the light the Stark wolves began to howl in excitement. Grey Wind ran from Robb's side as it tackled Ghost to the ground play fighting with it's little brother. Jon smiled as he saw that reminding himself of Robb and himself.

"Jon?!" Robb yelled as he jumped from his hiss rushing to him. He threw his arms open pulling him into a deep hug that confused the shit out of Jon.

"Ah, what's going on?" Jon asked, "why the hug?"

"Where were you?!" Robb asked breaking the hug, "Rodrik and I check for you everywhere but we couldn't find you! You were late for practise and when we asked around nobody knew where you had gone."

Jon sighed, he had prepared a lie for this before hand. He cleared his throat and spoke, "I'm fine Robb. I didn't sleep properly for a few days, and today I suddenly felt all that pressure unload on me. I needed a quiet place to sleep so I just slept in the stables."

"In the stables?!" Robb yelled out, "why not your own room?!"

Jon chuckled, "I didn't think that would be very effective. I didn't want to be disturbed and my quarters tends to get loud in the mornings."

Lie Succeeded!

"Either way you should have told us before you left somewhere Jon," Ned spoke up as he got up and stood straight, "we were all worried about you."

"Wait, Jon was missing and you all didn't tell me?!" Arya yelled out, "when I asked you told me he was studying with Maester Luwin!"

Robb shrugged, "we didn't want you to worry and over react."

"I don't overreact!"

"Yes you do, you currently are," Sansa said rolling her eyes.

"No I don't!"

"Enough, ladies do not fight at the dinner table," Lady Stark spoke up sternly, she glared at her daughter before they both popped down and returned to their food. Catelyn then turned to Robb, "come back to your seat Robb. Finish you meal before you go off doing anything else."

Robb nodded, "yes mother." He walked back to his spot and sat down. Jon looked around nervously, he didn't know what to do or say. And just then Lady Stark spoke up again.

"What are you waiting for Jon? Come, sit," she said before returning to her meal.

Jon couldn't help but stare, Robb dropped his fork. Sansa for the first time broke her training in etiquette and left her mouth wide open. Arya, well Arya just stayed focused on finishing her meal.

'That wasn't mean, or hurtful at all!' Jon's inner thoughts screamed out, 'it was almost kind! Plus she called me JON! Not 'Snow' or bastard, Jon!'

Jon looked at Catelyn's REP score;

REP- 10/100

Jon's eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. 'When did this happen?!' He and the rest of the Starks stared openly, the only one who wasn't surprised was Ned, he looked a little happy if anything else.

Jon carefully walked up to the table, keeping an eye on Lady Stark's face which had already returned to her supper. He sat down and quickly a worker came up and started serving him. Jon looked to Robb and mouthed, 'what's going on?'

Robb's mouthed back, 'I don't know!'

The Stark family quiety ate their supper. Ghost and the wolves ate slices of meat and vegetables while the humans ate the same, just in larger quantities. Jon sipped from his goblet and eyed Catelyn from his cup. She looked up to meet his gaze, Jon stiffened, but she didn't say anything. She didn't glare back like he expected, no, she simply returned to her meal.

Jon was thoroughly confused now, she was acting nice, well, not nice, she wasn't cursing him, but that was what he called nice. He looked over to Lord Stark and saw the man give Jon a warm look. Instantly Jon realised why she was acting nicer.

'He must have told her about me,' Jon realised, 'he must have told her the truth.'

Jon sighed, 'so that's why she's acting nice,' and with that mystery solved Jon quickly dug into his meal with vigor. He was surprised Lord Stark even told Cately in the first place, Jon had figured he wouldn't. But it seems he could still surprise the boy.

Jon's thoughts slowly slipped back to his earlier adventure and all the rewards he got from it. He now had a room where he could stay, a place for himself. Jon opened his inventory and looked over the items he had.

He had new armour, a better sword and even a two magical items that would help him definitely. He also had more coin to his name, but Jon would need more if he wished to sail to Old Valyria, he needed a lot more.

Soon everyone had finished their meal and went their separate way. However as Jon got up Ned spoke, "Jon, come with me. We need to talk."

Jon turned and nodded, "yes lord Stark."

Ned walked out the Great Hall with Catelyn by his side. Jon turned to his cousin who looked at him with concern, he bent down and whispered, "what did you do Jon?"

Jon shrugged, "I don't know Robb. Pray for me will you?"

Robb chuckled but nodded. Jon quickly walked behind Ned and Catelyn as they made their way to Ned's chambers. They walked in, Ned took his seat behind his desk while Catelyn stood behind him.

"Sit down Jon," Ned said pointing at the chair in front of him.

Jon did and looked at them, "may I ask what this is about my lord?"

Catelyn spoke up, "this is about your heritage Jon Snow...or perhaps I should say Jon Targaryen."

Jon sighed, "so you did tell her."

Ned raised an eyebrow, "you knew? How?"

"I-," Jon couldn't mention the fact that his powers told him her REP score towards him had improved, that would have been impossible. "I just got this feeling."

Catelyn sighed as she lowered her head, "I see. Was my hate so great that you could feel its absence?"

"I didn't mean it like that my lady-" Jon was quickly to speak but was silenced by Catelyn's raised hand.

"No Jon, it's alright. IT's true, you needn't say it," Lady Stark sighed, "I believe I owe you an apology Jon. For the years I spent showing my disdain towards you. You weren't to blame, even if you were my husband's bastard, you weren't to blame for how people treated you. I shouldn't have let them influence me. You were just a motherless boy and I...and I refused to love you. I had been a horrible-"

Lady Stark broke down into tears. Ned got up and wrapped her in his arms, he kissed her forehead as she cried into his shoulder, "it's alright love, it's alright."

"No Ned it's not!" Catelyn cried, "I was so horrible to him! I-I hated him! Thought no fault of his own! And I couldn't see how horrible I was! And in the end, all that hate, all that time I spent hating him was wasted."

Ned brought her down as put her on his seat. He turned to Jon with begging eyes, Jon knew what he wanted him to do.

Jon wanted to hate her, he really did. He wanted to tell her how it was unfair that she hated him of no fault of his own. How she should enjoy the guilt she was feeling, because she brought it upon herself. But he couldn't, he would never allow himself to be that cruel.

Jon got up and walked to Catelyn. He crouched in front of her and spoke, "Lady Stark."

She looked up. Jon took her hands and held it gently in his own. He looked at her, "I never hated you. I wanted to, but I could never bring myself to hate you. I always thought the problem laid with me, that it was my fault for being born a bastard. But I'm not, I know that now. That pain inside is gone, I don't' care anymore what people think, I know who I am. I'm Jon, and whatever you did in the past, whatever you said or acted, that's in the past. I don't care about it, all I care about is the future, my future. I forgive you Lady Stark, so please, stop crying."

Catelyn looked at Jon with tears in her eyes, "that's all? After so many years?...That's all?"

Jon smiled, "would you rather I rave and throw things around like a madman?"

Catelyn shook her head, "you forgive me? After all this time?"

"Your family, you may not have liked it, but you took me in and allowed me to stay. You allowed me to be with your children, to have a family of my own. Lord Stark couldn't have forced them to play with me, and you could have made it so that I could never speak to them. But you didn't. And for that I'm grateful. So please, stop crying."

Catelyn got up and Jon followed. She wrapped her hands around Jon startling him. He stood there stunned as she hugged him. "Thank you."

She broke the hug and Jon stepped back, uncomfortable with the physical touch. He bowed, "i-if that is all my lord, I must go to bed. It has been a stressful day."

Ned could see that Jon was stressed, he nodded, "go on Jon. We'll talk more in the morning." Jon walked out of the chamber carefully closing the door behind him.

"He was afraid," Catelyn said in a somber tone, "he was afraid of my touch."

Ned shock his head, "he's just not used to it is all. Don't worry, he'll be fine. He's just getting used to things is all."

"I know...he deserves to be treated better Ned, I should have treated him better."

"There's always time to make up for past mistakes Cat. For now all you can do is wait, let him come to you."

"Yes...we can't tell the children can we?"

Ned shook his head, "even if Jon wanted to, we can't take the risk. They might tell someone accidentally. Maybe Robb in a few years time, maybe. But for now we only know the truth, and it will stay that way."

"Yes...but maybe there is something we can do?"

Ned raised an eyebrow, "what are you suggesting Cat?"

"The King will be here in three weeks time," she informed him, "while he is here ask him to legalise Jon. Make him into a Stark, give him a proper name. He may not be able to bare his true name out in public, but at least he will no longer have to bear the name Snow."

Ned's eyes widened, "truly? You would allow that?"

Cat nodded, "of course Ned. I owe the child much, this is the least of what I can give." Ned kissed her as the two embraced letting the warm flames of the chamber's fireplace wash them over.

With Jon:

Jon walked into his room and closed the door. As he took off his shirt, cloak and boots the Playtrix vibrated again;


For forgiving when you could have punished, your REP with Catelyn Stark has increased!

Catelyn Stark,

REP- 35/100

Jon raised an eyebrow at this. 'So my actions can also cause a change in REP score? It would make sense...and considering I didn't get a notification about this before it happened that must mean I won't be able to tell when a moment like that will come. Sigh, one step forward and two steps back.'

Jon closed the box and got on his bed. He was exhausted, beyond tired. His body didn't feel that way, but over the past 12 hours he had been through so much drama he didn't feel like he could put up with it anymore. So Jon closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

Jon's eyes burst open. He was here again, in the darkness. He looked down, and surely the Playtrix began removing itself from his hand. It floated in front of him before exploding into blue balls of light.

Slowly the light turned into a picture, Jon found himself standing in front of the broken tower. He saw the vines crawling up the side of the tower rustle in imaginary wind. He looked up, and suddenly someone was falling down towards him.

"NO!" Jon yelled out as he held out his arms to catch the person. But before he could said person exploded into blue balls of light bringing Jon out of his dream.

Jon gasped awake. Ghost was startled by this and awoke as well. 'Another Dragon dream,' Jon realised, 'and this one is in Winterfell! The Broken Tower, someone feel from it, but who? No one can even get in without a key and...Mary!' Jon got up and grabbed his cloak wrapping himself up tightly. He put on his boot and turned to Ghost, "stay."

Command Accepted: Stay!

Jon ran out of his room and the Great Keep making a beeline for the Broken tower. He walked around until he was right underneath it, right where he remembered his dream showed him. He looked up and waited, and waited, and waited. He prayed he wasn't too late, h prayed that someone didn't die because he was too late.

But in the end, nothing happened. Jon sighed, 'this doesn't make any sense. The Dragon Dreams are prophetic, meaning they must come true. If it wasn't right about this is it right about my destiny lying in wait for me in Old Valyria?'

Jon didn't know, his whole world was shaken, he sighed, 'no..no...it's a prophetic dream. Of the future. That means what I saw isn't happening now, but soon will. Meaning I still have time.'


Quest Alert!

Save Bran's life




500 Exp


You get sent to the Wall

Do you accept?


Jon's eyes widened, 'Bran was the one who was falling in my dreams?! But he should be in bed right now! And he knows not to climb walls during the night, unless he wants Lord and Lady Stark extremely angry at him!'

Jon looked at the tower once more, just in case he missed something, something important. Bran would climb with his boots on, but his wolf, which he still hadn't named, would be left down here forced to look up. No wolf, no Bran.

Jon sighed, 'okay, so he's not here right now. That's for sure. But that means this is going to happen sometime in the future, sometime later….maybe I should keep an eye on him, just in case.'

Jon pressed yes accepting the quest. He sighed, Jon was happy, he wasn't too late and it wasn't mary who had fallen off the tower. But in his rush to run out here he had forgotten about his shirt, but it didn't really matter. His Stark blood made him immune to the cold, which was something Jon didn't know other Northerners had. Sure they were used to the cold, but immune? Jon in the end figured the Playtrix had something to do with it, probably increased his body's abilities to well over 100%.

As Jon began to walk away from the broken tower the door to it opened out and out came Mary dressed in her cook's robes. Jon stopped and stared, the red haired young girl turned and spotted Jon, her eyes widened.

"J-Jon?" she squeaked, "what are you doing here?"

"I-I can out here check on something," Jon replied.

"Really? What?"

"I-," Jon didn't know what he could say. He couldn't' lie, not now, plus what would be the harm in telling her the truth? It's not like she'll believe him.

So Jon took a deep breath and spoke, "I dreamt that someone was falling from the top of the tower."

Mary's eyes widened, "what? Why would you dream that?"

Jon shrugged, "I don't know. But it scared me, and I had to be sure it was just a dream," 'or a vision of the future in my case.'

"You were so scared you forgot to put on a shirt?" Mary asked pointing at Jon's bare chest visible under the folds of his cloaks.

Jon chuckled, "honestly, it slipped my mind."

Mary smiled, she met John's eyes and walked closer. "Jon...who did you think fell off the tower?"

Jon rubbed his head, "I...I thought you did."


"Well you were the only one I knew who goes up there and has keys to the place. So I figured...anyway, I'm glad it was just a dream."

Mary looked down nervously, "so...you dream about me do you Lord Jon?"

Jon blushed, "n-no! Not like that! I mean, don't get me wrong you are very attractive and I'm sure plenty of men would dream about you, not that I mean you talk to many men I mean….Gods kill me now."

Mary laughed openly, "a highborn lord, and yet you don't know how to talk to a woman."

Jon grumbled, "well I'm sorry if I'm not well spoken like Theon. Unlike him I don't get around much."

"Good, because just between us, the Greyjoy ward scares me," Mary shivered, "I've heard about how he treats the younger women serving the household. Promising them riches and leaving ones he's done with them."

Jon sighed, "yes, Greyjoy is a disgusting worm. Still don't understand how women are attracted to him."

Mary shrugged, "some like power. He promises that, and the love of a lord if a powerful thing. Those women he slept with will be able to brag about it for years to come."

Jon sighed, "I see...and what do you like?"

Mary looked up and blushed, "I-I….I suppose I like men that take of themselves," Mary looked down at Jon's abs, "you know I do believe you chose not to wear a shirt on purpose just to tempt me."

Jon cheeks started to burn, "your impossible!" he pulled his cloak around tighter, "I didn't realise women liked to peak as well."

"Of course we do, why else do you think most of us come out for our breaks when the soldiers are in the training yard. All those shirtless men sweating up a storm," Mary giggled like an old men as she saw Jon shiver.

"But," Mary spoke quietly drawing Jon's gaze, "I also like men who come running out in the middle of the night with nothing but a cloak and a pair of pants on in order to make sure I am alright." Jon's eyes widened, "goodnight Jon. I'll see you and Ghost tomorrow."

And with that she walked away leaving a dazed and conflicted Jon. Jon sighed, he wanted to kiss her, or at least tell her how he felt. He couldn't bare the thought of Mary ending up with someone like Theon, not because he wanted her for himself, but because she deserved someone better.

Jon wasn't in love with her, he barely knew her, he understood that now. But it still didn't change that emptiness he felt in his heart, that feeling of wanting to be with her, wanting a good life. But he had his destiny, he needed to travel to Old Valyria, and Mary can't be a part of that.

Jon turned around and walked back to his room, his thoughts filled by a certain redhead and the life they could have had, if Jon was truly a bastard.

Soon the days started to blur together. Jon spent most training in the yard with Rodrik or studying with Maester Luwin. And by doing so his stats had improved vastly;

STR- 9

VIT- 16

DEX- 13

CHA- 2

INT- 19

WIS- 7

LUC- 2

Jon had been slowly improving himself. Ever since that time in the dungeon Jon realised he had survived via luck and skill. Granted there was more luck involved in it that skilled.

He had managed to improve his VIT and DEX by a lot, constantly training himself physically for VIT and with a bow and arrow for DEX. As a byproduct of this training Jon also increased his STR due to him lugging around his heavy armour and weaponry.

Jon also had no way of improving his CHA and LUC. None whatsoever. He knew flirting helped with CHA, but he didn't really want to do that. And even if he did he didn't have anyone to practise on, Mary was definitely not an option, don't want her getting the wrong idea.

He also improved his knowledge basis a lot. He read for INT and shared many interesting conversations with Maester Luwin, learning from his experience, gaining a few points in WIS. It wasn't much, but until Jon found a way to improve that as well he was stuck.

But Jon hadn't been just training and reading, he had also been on a personal quest of his own. He still remembered about Bran and the dream he had, Jon was determined to prevent it for ever happening. So every time he saw Bran even go so much as five feet of a wall or the broken tower he would grab him and bring him to Lady Stark to punish.

At first Catelyn was grateful, but then confused and out right concerned. Jon started treating Bran like he was made of glass, and they was he monitored the boy's moves every time he got made Catelyn nervous. She herself acted like a mother hen once or twice, but Jon took that too borderline obsession!

Jon's actions costed him though. He lost 5 REP points with Bran, though he did gain that 5 in Catylen. So it was a win win.

Jon had leveled up a few of his skills;

Language: Common tongue, Lv- 7 (30%)

How much you understand about the common tongue of Westeros.

Reading: Excellent

Speaking: Very good

Understanding: Very Good

Language: High Valyrian, Lv- 6 (40%)

How much you understand about the language of High Valyria.

Dialectes known:


Reading: Understable

Speaking: Understable

Understanding: Understable

Land layout: Slaver's Bay, Lv- 3 (20%)

The layout of Slaver's bay and the land next to it.

Total layout known- 30%

Land layout: The North, Lv- 2 (90%)

The layout of Slaver's bay and the land next to it.

Total layout known- 45%

Sailing, Lvl- 3 (40%)

Sailing a ship

Knowledge of sea motions- 10%

Chance of Success- 30%

Chances of sinking the ship - 55%

Maintenance: Ships, Lv- 2 (1%)

You ability to maintain and take care off a ship.

Knowledge of ship and it's parts- 40%

Maintenance success rate- 32%

Bonus- 1%

Star Navigation, Lv- 4 (20%)

The ability to travel the land using stars.

Known Star map- 45% (+9% bonus to chance of success)

Chance of success - INT % + ½ WIS %

Herb Identification, Lv- 3 (20%)

Your ability to identify wild herbs, this may save your life one day.

Success rate- INT %

Bonus if studied the herb before hand- +35%

Jon had focused mostly on learning how to sail a ship and maintain it. If he was going to go to Old Valyria he would need such skills. He also focused on Herb identification, if Jon wished to travel he might come upon some food out there in the wild, he might need to know about them, just in case.

And of course Jon also did level up some of his physical skills as well;

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 6 (72%)

The skill to use a sword with the major motions being carried out by only one hand.

Efficiency - 35%

Possibility of combo moves - 25%

Archery, Lv- 3 (90%)

Your ability with a bow and arrow

Accuracy- DEX% + 35%

Jon knew he wasn't the best swordsman in the land, but he was getting better. He was at least as strong as Robb, maybe even better. And while archery wasn't Jon's favorite thing in the world it was the only thing he knew that would improve his DEX, so Jon practised it a lot leveling up that as well.

But Jon quickly found things had become harder and harder for him. The skills became more and more difficult to level up. It seemed that the higher a level a skill possessed the more difficult it was to level it up. So while Jon did make progress, it wasn't as much as his first dew days with the Playtrix.

Three weeks later;

Jon found himself standing in the middle of the subterranean cavern underneath the Godswood. He stood in front of the stream running through it with his hands raised in front of him and sweat covering his forehead.

Jon gathered the manna inside and pushed it forward. He clicked bother hands summoning a fireball in both palm. Jon jerked his arms forward sending the fireballs flying forward;

-40 MP!


The fireballs hit the stream causing the water to fizz up into steam. The water was cut off for a moment before it started to flow again.

Jon sighed as he lowered his arms, he wanted to test the limit and capabilities of his move fireball. It was magical in nature, of course Jon wanted to use it more. From what Jon learn unlike skills moves couldn't level up. They were stuck doing what they did for what stats they did. Meaning JOn couldn't improve it.

Jon sighed, he turned around and walked down to the hallway leading to the hidden chamber. He reached the black wall and took out the golden key to unlock it. He walked inside as the wall rose up behind him and walked to the bed.

Jon took off his work clothes and threw them to one corner where hs kept his dirty laundry. Now naked as the day he was born Jon walked into the pool in the middle of the room and slowly slipped himself inside.

The bubbling warm water battered against his tired muscles. The heat smoothed the crunched up muscles, relaxing them.

He had been up all night locked away down here training and or reading. Lately Jon found himself loving this underground bunker, a place all for himself, where no one could find him. He had yet to bring Ghost here, but he would, eventually.

Jon sighed as he leaned back on the pool's rim as he opened his inventory and pulled out a survival guideline book that he had been reading. It was something he spotted in Lewin's library that was extremely interesting. He had been reading it every chance he got as it contained information that would be priceless while out there in the real world.

It contained helpful tips like how to survive in the woods, how to navigate your way out of a sand storm and even how to find food in the desert. Slowly time passed and Jon got out of the pool putting his book inside his inventory.

Jon looked down, his body was still wet, he snapped his fingers summoning a fireball in the palm of his hand. He slowly slide the fire ball down his body causing the heat from the flames to turn the water into steam. Jon felt the fire heat his skin, if he was any normal person he would have been burnt by now, luckily he wasn't a normal person.

Soon Jon was completely dry, and cut off the mana supply to the fire dismissing it. Jon discovered that he could summon fire to his palm whenever he wanted, and if he didn't throw it out he didn't waste any mana. So he could simply summon a fireball and keep it lite up in his palms without wasting any mana. A very useful thing to know, especially if Jon found himself in the dark without a torch in hand.

Jon walked up to large chest in the room, the very one he found his charmed clock in and threw it open. Inside were several of his normal soft clothing that Jon wore on a daily basis. He put some of them down here just incase he ever needed to change.

Jon quickly put on a set of black pants they were made of good leather, very expensive for the common man. He wore a white shirt over it, put on a set of fine boots and a wrapped a fine grey and black cloak over his shoulders . This set of clothes was given to him by Lady Stark herself for when the king came. Which just so happened to be today.

Jon gathered his old clothes and put it in his inventory, he would drop them off with the washers later. He walked to the silver key wall and unlocked it, the wall slide down revealing a set of stairways leading up.

Jon quickly walked the stairs as the wall slid back up behind him closing his private underground bunker. He reached the top of the stairs and opened the hidden down before him revealing the back of the Broken Tower hidden behind a few tall bushes.

Jon walked out and closed the door behind him. The Courtyard of Winterfell was busy, filled to the brim with servants and other common people gathered around to see the King's arrival. The center of the yard was cleared out for the royal party while the Starks and the other important castle members stood waiting in front of the Great Keep.

Jon walked out of the bushes and through the crowded courtyard. He spotted Arya hiding in one corner with a helmet on her head, standing on top of a wagon trying to look over the walls. Jon rolled her eyes, 'is the helmet her version of camouflage? I wonder if my mother was like this? Lord Stark did often say Arya acted very much like her aunt did, so maybe she was.'

Jon walked up to the wagon, "Arya! What are you doing?!"

"I'm trying to spot the king and his men!" Arya yelled back as she looked over the wall, "I think I can seem them near the horizon!"

Jon sighed as he got on the wagon and grabbed Arya by her sides, "come on we need to get you ready."

"Hey! Put me down Jon!" Arya yelled as she kicked and punched trying to wiggle out of Jon's hands. But Jon was obviously stronger and refused to let her go. He walked with her in hand towards the Starks, Lady Stark must be having a heart attack right now.

"Where is Arya?!" Jon heard Catelyn Stark yell out. Jon chuckled, 'amazing, maybe my dragon dreams have a side effect of giving me visions of the present as well?'

"She's right here," Jon called out as he brought Arya to the Starks putting her down before her mother.

"I hate you!" Arya yelled out as she kicked Jon's shin only to clutch her own foot in pain, "that hurt!"

Jon smiled but said nothing. Catelyn grabbed Arya by the shoulders and turned the girl towards her, "where were you?"

"I was trying to spot the king and his men!" Arya replied back confidently.

"I told you to be here before the King arrived!" Catelyn shouted back, she looked at Arya's helmet, "and what's this?"

Arya puffed her cheeks, "I was trying to hide."

Catelyn rolled her eyes as she removed the helmet and threw it to Jon, "Jon please get rid of this."

Jon nodded, "at once Lady Stark," Jon quickly walked away, but just then.

"-And be back as soon as you can, I want you to stand besides Ser Rodrik," Catelyn Stark spoke up as she was patting down Arya's wild hair.

Jon was surprised at her words. He didn't think she would want him anywhere near when the King and his men arrive. He was after all a bastard to the rest of the world, even if she and her husband knew otherwise. It would come across as insulting, but in the end Jon was grateful.

Jon tossed the helmet to one of the soldiers and quickly walked back to the Starks. He stood proudly next to Ser Rodrik and Maester Luwin, they stood to the right of the main Stark family.

"Jon have you finished the High Valyrian book I gave you?" Luwin asked Jon as they stood waiting for the King and his men.

"Yes Maester, I did," replied Jon in High Valyrian, "it's was very useful. Helped me a lot with some of the grammar errors I had."

The Maester smiled, "I thought so, I had the same issue mind you, Valyrian grammar is always so confusing, especially with it's many dialects. But this should be enough for you to be understood at least by most people."

Jon agreed with a quick nodd. Rodrik raised an eyebrow, "was that Valyrian?"

Jon turned to the knight and nodded, "yes Ser Rodrik, it was. I started learning it a few weeks ago."

Rodrik raised an eyebrow, "and why did you suddenly wish to learn a new language?"

"Oh come now Rodrik, there is no need for reason to learn, Jon has just finally understood the beauty of learning," Luwin replied with a smug smile.

"Really now? Is that so Jon? I don't understand how you have time for such menial tasks while training as much as you do," Rodrik shot back trying to dig under Lewinn's skin, "but then again, you probably need just a few minutes to learn whatever you need to learn."

"Now listen here good ser-"

"Enough!" Ned Stark hissed at them, "the king arrives, act like the men you are!" Luwin and Rodrik both bowed in apology before looking forward, but not before shooting the other one a side glare. Ned sighed and shook his head, Jon all the while was very amused at his teacher's actions.

Slowly Jon heard the footsteps of several horses. They came closer and closer Jon spotted the very top of the banners they flew, a black crowned stag on a golden field paired with a golden lion on a red field.

Two fleet of knights in armour were the first to pass through the gates followed by a squad of men wearing white armour with pure white capes surrounding a large fat man with a crown on his brow. The man's leather tunic looked like it was about to pop several off it's buttons at the seems, the cloak the man wore looked expensive and very new. Jon didn't need his powers to know who the man was, but he did look anyway;

Robert Baratheon, King of Westeros

Lv- ?

REP- 1/100

Jon was surprised the king even had a single REP point for Jon, but then again Jon was supposedly Ned's 'son', so of course the king might not necessarily hate him outright. That is if he didn't know of Jon's true origins. If he did...well then the game might have to invent a new scale for a the amount of hate the king would fell for the boy.

The king stopped his horse in front of the gathered men and women and quickly a suire placed a set of stairs before the man. The fat king struggled to get off his mount, but eventually he did as he quickly walked down and approached the people of Winterfell.

All as one the people dropped to one knee. The king approached Ned first and gestured for the man to rise. The warden of the North slowly stood up tall followed by his wife and soon the rest of the gathered folk.

Ned bowed, "your grace, Winterfell is yours."

The king looked at Ned and then looked down. The man was tall, he towered over Ned by a good four inches, but the fat on the man made him look pathetic, even weak. The king grumbled, "you've gotten fat."

Jon tried his best to not laugh, he knew if he did the king would possibly have his head right here and now. He had to cover his mouth with his gloves to prevent his laughter from being heard, Luwin slapped Jon on the back shushing him.

Ned looked Robert over, he looked at the man's belly and raised his eyebrows. The King's frown slowly gave way to a smile as the man quickly burst into laughter. Ned smiled back, he took the king in a strong hug embracing him like a brother. For some reason Jon was reminded of the several times he and Robb embraced like that, like brothers, though they weren't truly so.

Robert broke the hug and turned to Lady Stark. He smiled, "Cat! Fair as ever my lady."

"Your Grace," Lady Stark extended her hand allowing the king to kiss her knuckles.

Robert turned back to Bed, "it's been 9 years, where the hell have you been? Why haven't I seen or heard from you?"

"Guarding the North for you your grace," Ned explained as he looked over the king's shoulder spotting a carriage pull into the yard.

The carriage had the banners of the Lannister family adorning its sides, the door slid open as a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair and green eyes stepped out. She stood tall and proud as she pulled her woolen clothes tighter around herself. She slide down gracefully and Jon knew that this woman was the queen;

Cersei Baratheon, Queen of Westeros

Lv- ?

REP- -10/100

"Where's the Imp?" Arya suddenly asked drawing everyone's attention to her.

"Will you please shut up?" Sansa snapped. Jon couldn't help letting loose a chuckle, those two would never change.

The king then turned to the Stark children, "well what have we here?" He approached Robb, "Robb is it?"

"Yes my king," Robb bowed at the hips keeping his back straight.

"A strong lad, better be too, after all you are my names' sake," the king said as he moved on to Sansa, "my your a pretty thing."

Sansa performed a perfect curtsy, "thank you my lord."

"Soon you'll be as beautiful as your mother," he then turned to Arya, "and your name is?"

"A-Arya," the girl said looking right into the king's eyes.

Robert smiled, "oh a fighter this one," he moved to Bran, "and you must be Bran."

Bran bowed to king giving him a hasty greeting. Quickly the white cloaked knights dismounted their horses and approached the king serving as his gaurd. One of the men removed his helmet revealing a handsome face with golden hair reaching his shoulders and green eyes similar to the queen's.

"That's Jaime Lannister! The queen's brother!" Arya exclaimed in joy.

"Would you please for the love of the new Gods and the Old, shut up!" Sansa hissed.

The queen then approached the Starks, she looked at Ned and Jon swore he saw a look of anger pass between her eyes. But as soon as it came it left. She extended her arm, and Ned took it kissing her knuckles.

"My Queen," he bowed.

"My Queen," Catelyn cursed.

Robert spoke up, "take me to your crypts, I wish to pay my respects."

"We have been riding for a month my love," Carrie said putting on best smile, "surely the dead can wait?"

Robert glared at his wife as if she had just struck him. He turned to Ned and snapped, "now Ned!"

The warden of the North turned to the queen and gave her an apologetic look before turning to follow the king. The queen looked angry, but said nothing.

"Where is the Imp?" Arya asked again, and this time Sansa looked like she was about to kill Arya right then and there.

The queen quickly turned around and walked towards her twin. She grumbled something to the handsome man who quickly walked away looking like a man on a mission.

Jon let his eyes wander as he looked at the new people inside Winterfell. The knights with the white cloaks were regarded as the best swordsmen in the world. Jon really wanted to test himself against them all, but he wasn't stupid, he was still a bastard and had no right to ask for such a thing.

Eventually though Jon looked around and quickly spotted a boy with blonde hair and green eyes climbing down from his horse. He wore Lannister red with a golden lion stitched into the vest and ha a belt attached to his side. Standing next to him was a large man in black armour with half his face burnt off.

Jon looked at man curiously, he looked most definitely like a fighter. And once Jon read his name it was obvious who he was;

Sandor Clegane, The Hound

Lv- ?

REP- 0/100

Jon had remembered that name from one off his classes with Maester Luwin. Sandor was a skilled warrior and the brother to Gregor Clegane, 'the Mountain that rides'. And if Jon remembered correctly he was the personal shield of the prince, meaning the blonde boy next to Sandor was the prince. But that didn't make sense, not one bit. Not because the boy didn't look like a prince, he certainly wore expensive looking clothes, no, the reason Jon couldn't believe it was because of his name;

Joffrey Waters, Crown Prince of Westeros

Lv- 15

REP- -20/100

'He's a bastard,' Jon realised, 'but how is this possible?! My powers can't be tricked, so he must be a bastard! It knew I'm not a bastard and every time it refers to me it calls me by my real name. So that means….that the crown prince of Westeros isn't the son of the king...he's a bastard.'

Jon's eyes went wide with shock, 'then….then who the hell is his father?!'

Jon Targaryen

HP- 250/250

SP- 200/200

MP- 150/150 [206.5/206.5 due to mana robes.]

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 5 Exp- 850/1,000

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 9

VIT- 16

DEX- 13

CHA- 2

INT- 19

WIS- 7

LUC- 2


MONEY- 29 Gold 10 silver 23 bronze

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