A Game of IaF Chapter 9

A Game of Ice and Fire: Begin

Meeting the Royal family

Chapter 9:

Jon's head was spinning a hundred different ways as he sat in near the end off the table in the great hall. The hall was filled with people and music, this was the welcoming feast and everyone was celebrating to their hearts content.

Freshly grilled chickens was being served by the many serving girls across the hall as everyone drank and sang cheerful songs. Jon however wasn't feeling the cheer, in fact he was very, very, very unhappy. He usually wouldn't be, after all he was allowed to be inside the hall during the welcome feast, if only because Lady Stark now knew he was not actually a bastard.

And the reason for his unhappiness was currently flirting with his red haired cousin at the main table right under the eyes of Jon's uncle and the king himself. Joffrey, the crown prince of Westeros and, according to Jon's yet to be proven unfailable powers, a bastard;

Joffrey Waters, Crown Prince of Westeros

Lv- 15

REP- -20/100

HP- 500/500

SP- 300/300

MP- 0/0

Allegiance- The Crown

STR- 7

VIT- 14

DEX- 23

CHA- 42

INT- 12

WIS- 8

LUC- 30

The assumed son of Robert Baratheon, Joffrey is considered the first true born son of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. While in actuality his father in none other than his uncle Jaime Lannister, his initial heritage has given Joffrey problems as the man experienced a complete lack of empathy for all who he doesn't consider useful.

Jon sighed, he had been scared stiff the first time he read that. He had literally yelled out in surprise, Robb and Arya kept asking him if he was fine, and he kept telling them that he was, but he wasn't, not in the slightest. He was very much not fine thank you very much!

'He's a bastard! And not just that he's a prince! And his real father is his uncle!' Jon knew he shouldn't feel so surprised, after all he remembered reading that the Tarageren line also practised inscet. But still, for something like this to happen...it was uncanny.

'Wait, so that means everyone believes he is the prince, when in reality he is a bastard,' Jon's eyes shot open as he snapped his head towards the queen, 'she's been lying to him, the king, to everyone! She fucked her own brother and passed off their child as her's and the king's!'

Jon couldn't believe it, 'this must be one of the most deadliest secrets in the world! And I know it!' Jon's eyes wandered to every shadow in the room, a sense of paranoia set in. He saw dagger in every corner, every serving girl that looked over his form seemed to be a potential assassin, he was scared, and he didn't know if this feeling would ever end.

'I need to tell someone about this! I need to tell someone and ask them what to do! This is too big for someone like me!' Jon looked at his 'father', 'yes, Lord Stark, he would know what to do. He has to know what to do. But how can I tell him I know this? How?...dragon dreams. If I tell him about the dragon dreams then maybe….would he even believe me? Prophetic vision of the future? Pft, yeah right, I barely believe me and I have actually seen them!'

Took! Jon startle as a jug of warm brown ale was placed before him. He looked up and spotted Mary smiling down at him.

"Bronze star for your thought's love?" Mary asked with her trade mark grin.

Jon sighed, "hello Mary."

"What's wrong Jon? You look a bit dull. This is supposed to be a party, you should be celebrating!"

Jon sighed, "yes, I know. But...well it's complicated," Jon picked up his drink of ale sipping some of the warm burning drink. It wasn't his first drink, and it certainly won't be the last.

"Well maybe if you explained things I could help," Mary said as she placed her serving table next to Jon sitting down next to him.

"Don't you have work to do?" Jon asked her as he looked at the other serving girls who tried their best to serve and avoid the trappings of the more drunk feasters.

"Not really," Mary shrugged, "I'm relatively new here so they don't trust me with the big things yet. So I only have to focus on the back rows, which means just you."

Jon looked around and sure enough most of the people in the back rows were already drunk, asleep or picking fights. Jon and a few others were about the only one's still awake, and even fewer of them were sober.

Jon smiled, "well I suppose that's a good thing. Wouldn't want you to be out there next to the king."

"And why not Lord Jon? Think I can't handle serving the king?"

Jon chuckled, "not at all, I was just worried what would happen when the king gets his arm broken or the like."

"What?! Why would I do that?!"

"Because the king is a bit of a grabber," Jon pointed to the high table where the king was shamelessly flirting with a very plump serving maids. He was grabbing her large tits in his hand, the people around him were ether doing their best to ignore him or act like it wasn't happening. Jon would have felt sad for the Queen, but considering he knew she was cheating on him Jon didn't feel like the woman deserved his pity.

'But then again maybe his unfaithfulness is the reason for her betray,' Jon told himself, quickly pushing the thought to the back of his head, adding to the issues that his new found knowledge brought him.

"So? What if the king is a grabber? I would be ashamed if he didn't grab me, I don't know if you know this, but I'm quite fetching," Mary huffed as she puffed her chest out. Jon couldn't help but let his eyes roam down her figure, while her breasts weren't huge they were certainly bigger than most giving men something to stare at, other than her shapely backside.

Mary caught Jon looking and smiled, "see, even the oh so honorable Jon Snow can't help but be drawn to my amazing assets!"

Jon choked as he spat ale out of his nose. Mary laughed as Jon patted his head grumbling at his actions. "Tease."

"Yes, yes, I am. But back to business, why exactly would I break his arm?"

"Well Mary you are a little bit….feisty," Jon said with a shrug, "I would imagine if he tried doing something like that you might make him regret that decision."

Mary rolled her eyes, "Jon he is literally the most powerful man in the world. If he wants to grab my tit or something I can't stop him. Besides," Mary sighed, "he wouldn't want to grab me anyway. I'm would probably not be good enough for him."

Jon rolled his eyes, "then he's stupider than he is fat."

Mary blinked, "what?"

"I said if the king doesn't think you're pretty then he's stupider than he is fat."

"Jon you could get in trouble for saying something like that," Mary said hastily as she looked around paying that no one heard what Jon said.

"It's okay," Jon waved her off sipping his drink, "my father is his best friend, it's not a problem."

Lie succeeded!

Jon's eyebrow raised, 'why...oh yes, my father is Rhaegar, not Lord Stark. So technically my father and Robert are mortal enemies, not best friends. Huh, didn't realise it worked that way.'

Jon dismissed the box and turned back to Mary, "but as I was saying, you're beautiful Mary let no one tell you otherwise."

Mary was silent for a while. She then edged closer to Jon and bent towards him. The young man was startled as Mary looked up at him with sparkling blue eyes filled with what seemed like wonder. Jon gulped, he could smell the scent of freshly baked bread roll off her, his face became red as blood automatically rushed into it.

"Jon?" Marry asked.

Jon gulped, "y-yes Mary?"

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

Jon blinked, "yes, of course I do."

"Really?" Mary leaned in closer.

"Yes, really," Jon knew he shouldn't be doing this. He shouldn't let Mary believe there is hope when there was none. But at this point, he really didn't give a damn.

They leaned in closer, the sound, the music, the singing, all of it went to the back of Jon's head. He was only focused on one thing, the beautiful girl in front of him.

Their lips touched, and Jon felt nothing but her sweet soft lips touch his. Jon brought his hand up and cupped her face as he leaned in letting his instincts guide him. Mary grabbed Jon's collar as she kissed him again and again, pulling him closer as she finally broke for air.

Jon's heart was racing, he could almost hear her own heart beat. He looked into her eyes, Blue meet black, they said nothing, content with the silence. They waited, some each other to say something, but both didn't want to be the first break the spell of silence on them and so it was broken for them.

"Jon you dog!"

Jon and Mary immediately broke their embrace as found Theon Greyjoy looking at them with a savage grin on his face.

Jon's face went dark, "Theon. What do you want?"

"Whoa there lover boy, no need to snap at me. But I suppose I do understand, why if I had a pretty bird like this by my side I would be angry at any interruptions as well," Theon said winking at Mary.

"Ah, I-ah, I have to go," Mary said getting up and grabbing her serving tray. She avoided eye contact with Theon as she walked away, turning around to give one final smile at Jon.

Jon sighed, 'perfect, another woman running away from me, story of my life right there,' Jon turned out Theon and schooled his features, "what do you want Theon?"

Theon turned away from Mary's leaving form and looked to Jon, "your father's calling for you Snow. He says to meet him after the feast is done."

Jon growled, "that's it?"

Theon nodded, "that's it."

"And this couldn't have waited until after the feast was done?"

Theon shrugged, "didn't want to risk you running off somewhere with that wench."

Jon shoot to his feet and slammed his hand to the table, "her name is Mary," he grumbled.

Theon raised an eyebrow almost amused at Jon's reaction. "Right...Mary. I'll remember that. Anyway bastard if you'll excuse me I'm going to find some company for tonight," Then began to walk away, but then he spoke up, "say, do you think Mary would be interested?"

Jon was shocked, he couldn't even comprehend what Theon was saying at first. But then They smiled and Jon knew. And for the first time Jon felt fury pour through his veins. It wasn't anger that could be associated with a cause or reason, but fury that he had for Theon's very existence. It shouldn't bother him, it would never happen, but it did, it bothered him very much.

Jon felt white hot fury burn through him, he could feel it threat to spill out, he was so afraid that this might have caused his body to inevitably summon his fireball spell. But Jon didn't let the fury get the better off him, no he wouldn't. He wasn't a fool, he wouldn't jump on Theon like a mad man exclaiming his undying love.

Jon reigned in his anger, he pulled it within himself and felt Gamer's mind activate. He felt his anger being focused, Jon opened his mouth his words laced with his anger, "if you so much as touch her Greyjoy, they will never find your body."

Theon's eyes shoot open in fear, pure unfiltered fear. He dropped his drink, "w-what?"

Jon narrowed his eyes, "I said, they will never find your body Theon. And that isn't a bluff, all those times I go missing, all that time I spend exploring this castle, do you really think I don't know a few good places to dump a body? I promise you, if you even so much as look at her funny I will make you nothing but a distant memory."

Theon gulped, he didn't say anything, he picked up his fallen mug and walked away. He looked over his shoulder and saw Jon's gaze tear into him. Theon bumped into a table spilling a few men's food, he apologized and quickly made his way out off the hall all the while unable to shake the feeling of Jon's gaze bore into his back.


You have created a new skill! Bloodlust!

Bloodlust, Lv- 1 (0%)

Convey your anger through your bloodlust, this is used to scare your opponents, sometimes even causing paralysis.

Chance for fear- 10%

Chance for paralysis- 5%

Known ways to deliver bloodlust:

Voice- using your voice makes you sound tougher and deadlier. + 10% to chance for fear.

Jon smiled as he pushed the notification away. He looked at Theon's retreating form and smiled, 'I know I was bluffing, but damn did that feel good. Well….it wasn't really a bluff now was it? If I wanted to I could simply use my staff of cutting and slice Theon's neck open. And then I could simply stuff his body into my inventory, so no murder weapon, so body, no Theon.'

Jon smiled, it was a good plan but he knew he would never have to do something like that. Jon might be a little angry but he was not absolutely crazy.

But that rush of fury he felt before, that worried him, he had never felt like that before, 'could it be from my Targaryen side? They were known for their temper, sigh, I really hope they aren't affecting my mental abilities. The last thing I need is to become mad like good old grand father, Aerys the second.'

Jon quickly finished his drink and spent the rest of the night observing and noting down all the new and familiar faces in the castle. Jon spent a majority of his time spamming his Observation skills, he discovered the most closely guarded secret in the kingdom by accident, who know what he abilities could do when he's actually searching for info?

So far Jon had learnt that not only was Joffery a bastard, but Myrcella and Tommen as well. All three of the royal children were bastards, and in all three cases Jaime Lannister was their father. Jon knew that he should have felt disgusted or even freaked out, but after learning about Joffrey the surprise just wore off. Now Jon knew for a fact that the Queen was cheating with her brother multiple times. But the question still remained, would Lord Stark believe him?

Jon hadn't learned much else from his probing, he learnt the names of all the new people here and most of the kings gaurd. Most of the knight's were all high level beings whose level Jon couldn't read, but he figured they were all unreasonably strong, especially if they were all trained by the best. Rodrik gave Jon a bonus when he taught him, Jon could only imagine what type of bonus high lords and ladys gained when being taught by the best.

Eventually the feast died down, Jon looked over and made eye contact with Lord Stark. The man motioned for Jon to follow as he and Lady Stark bide the King and Queen a good night. Most of the traveling men and women went to bed while Jon started to walk towards Lord and LAdy Stark.

They said nothing as they lead Jon to Ned's study. Once inside they locked the door behind them as Ned sat down behind his desk, Catelyn sitting down next to him.

"Jon, I called you here for a very important reason," Ned began, "I know I don't have to tell you this, but I will once again remind you, please while the king and his men are here do not mention anything about….your aunt Lyanna and Rhaegar," Ned narrowed his eyes at Jon.

Jon nodded, "I know, father. I am well aware of this fact," Jon had remembered what Ned had told him countless times, 'do not mention aloud your true heritage Jon, the walls have ears and eyes, especially when the king arrives'. Jon had been told that line so many times he practically memorized it.

"Good," Ned nodded, "now for the reason you are here, Cathleen, perhaps you would like to tell him?"

Catelyn smiled as she looked at Jon, "thank you Ned. Jon… I know my actions towards you haven't been...the best. I couldn't bring myself to love a motherless child and I will always regret that," Jon looked like he was about to say something but Catelyn stopped him, "I know that you have forgiven me Jon, and that is very big off you. You have taken this better than I would have, and for that I thank you. But….I realise my thanks isn't nearly enough, so I have asked Ned to ask the king to legitimise you."

Jon's eyes went wide, he had just learnt that the prince of Westeros was a bastard a few hours ago, but this still was the most surprising thing he had heard all day!

"Lady Stark...I-I don't know what to say," Jon stammered, he really didn't. For a long time the only thing he had ever wanted was for a name other than Snow. He wanted to be a Stark, but now he knew he never was a Stark, he was a Targaryen, picking the name Stark would just be a way to hide his true self from the world, he would be again living a lie.

"I believe you should be saying 'yes'," Ned replied with a soft smile.

Jon looked at his uncle and sighed, "I know I should be….but after I found out about….you know, I feel like the name Stark is just another name I use to hide behind."

Ned sighed, "I know what you mean Jon, I can understand wanting to be true to your origins, but you can't son. Not now, not ever. You can never reveal your true name to anyone, but you can at the least not be called a bastard anymore."

"We have already talked to the King Jon," Catelyn told him, "and he has agreed to do it. Whenever you wish you can take up the name Stark."

Jon knew he didn't have a choice now, he couldn't regret their offer, not when they had already asked the king. Doing so would drag attention to himself, after all why would a bastard ever not want to be legitimised? That is after all the dream of all bastards. Once again Jon's life was being decided for him, and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

"Very well," Jon said putting on his best fake smile, "I look forward to getting the name, father."

Catelyn sighed, she stood and cupped his face, "I know you don't' care for this Jon, but once again it's for your safety. We are doing this for your good, you must know that."

"I know Lady Stark, and believe me, I am grateful, from the bottom of my heart I truly am. But...but I can't help but wonder what if...you know, what if I could use my real name? I know it's a foolish desire, but I can't help think of it," Jon sighed.

Ned got up and approached his 'son', he wrapped the boy in a big hug and held him close, "I know this isn't ideal son, but I will do anything that must be done to insure you are safe."

Jon nodded, he broke the hug, "I understand, thank you."

Catelyn smiled, "you are I must say it was far easier convincing you than it was the king."

Ned chuckled, "oh Robert would have agreed in a heartbeat, it was the queen's insistence that made him take a while to consider the request."

"The queen?" Jon raised an eyebrow, "why would the queen care if a bastard was legitimised or not?"

"A disruption of power," Catelyn explained, "if you become a Stark that would mean there would be too older brothers that could claim the North. If anything should happen to Rob you could claim the house for yourself effectively removing Bran from his inheritance."

Jon's eyes went wide, "but I would never do that!"

Ned smiled, "we know, we trust you Jon. But the queen argues that if a bastard is ever given the chance to step into the succession of a great house then that would mean other's could do so as well. She is afraid many more will ask to legitimize their bastards thereby giving several design houses hiers that can continue on their legacy."

Jon scoffed, "yes, sure, that'll happen." Inside Jon was furious, who was she to stand in the way of his life? How dare she involve herself in this?! He didn't do or say anything that might have offended her, why does she care? Her own children are bastards why….her children, Jon looked at Ned and Catelyn, now was the perfect time to tell them. Jon took a deep breath and gathered his courage, he would need to be on his best for this.

"Father," Jon spoke in a very serious tone, "I need to tell you something important," he looked at Catelyn, "both of you."

The two heard the urgency in Jon's voice, they quickly sat down and Jon tried to figure out how to tell this, he had only one idea and that was to claim it all came from his dragon dreams.

"Do you know how the Targaryen's survived the great doom of Valyria?" Jon asked.

Catelyn and Ned shared a look before shaking their heads. Jon sighed, "well you see it was because of a Targaryen named Daenys 'the dreamer'. She had a vision that one day Valyria would be destroyed by a great calamity, the other great houses of Valyria didn't believe her, but her family did. They ran and sure enough the dream came true. This prophetic dream is an ability called 'Dragon Dream' and….and I have them from time to time."

The Lord and Lady of Winterfell's eyes popped open. "What?!" Ned asked aloud, "what do you mean?!"

"Shh!" Jon hissed, "lower your voice," he was genuinely worried about eavesdroppers, if anyone knew he could do this, well Jon wasn't found of how the seven treated magic users. He did not want to be quartered and hanged.

"Jon, are you serious?" Catelyn asked.

Jon nodded, "very. I have them from time to time. I didn't know what they were at first, I just thought they were very vivid dreams. But then...well I found out who I was and when I researched about the Targaryen's I found out what they could do."

Ned narrowed his eyes, "what have you dreamt off?"

Jon sighed, "three things so far, none of which I can prove. The first was a dream of Valyria, the broken city in the burning sea. I had first thought it was simply a product of my imagination, but then….then I saw an illustration in one of the maester's books, and it was the exact same city. I didn't just dream off it, I saw it."

"A-and the other?" Catelyn asked.

Jon gulped, this one was going to be hard for them to hear, "the next dream I saw was off the broken tower, I saw...I saw Bran fall off it."

Catelyn's eyes went wide, "so that's why you have been hounding him like a dog!"

Jon nodded, over the past month since he got his vision he had been hounding Bran constantly. He made sure the boy never got within 5 feet of the broken tower, he was not going to let his dream become a reality.

"And the last one," Jon prepared himself, he prayed to the Old Gods and the New that his LUCK held and his lying skill worked without issue, "it was off the Queen and her children."

Lie Successful!

Jon wanted to smile, but didn't if he did that would look odd and the entire rouse would fail. Ned looked surprised, "the queen? What off her?"

"It's not her exactly, it's what she did," Jon explained, "I saw…." 'shit, how do I tell that her children are bastards?! Oh, right, got it' "I saw her with another man. And then her giving birth to a child that grew up to be prince Joffrey."

Ned and Catelyn were silent. They looked at each other before turning back to Jon. Ned spoke first, "Jon...who was the man the queen was sleeping with?"

Jon gulped, "J-Jaime Lannister, her brother."

Catelyn narrowed her eyes, "how did you know it was her brother? You have never seen his face."

"I didn't know the man was her brother," Jon lied, "I just assumed he was the King, who I also have never seen before. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw them both and discovered they weren't husband and wife but brother and sister."

Lie successful!

Ned and Catelyn quickly walked away as they began to speak in whispers to each other. Jon could here a few words, 'they do not seem like his' and 'if there is even the slightest chance this is true'. Finally they turned back with serious looks on their faces.

"Jon, I understand why you seem to think this would be important, but son these dreams are just that, dreams," Ned said, Jon sighed, they didn't believe him, of course they didn't. They believed he was telling the truth, but they didn't believe his dreams were more than just that, dreams.

"I understand father," Jon bowed, "I'm sorry to have disturbed you," he couldn't stand seeing their disbelieving faces anymore, he turned around and exited the room not waiting for their leave.

Ned grumbled, "he's acting more and more like his mother every day."

Catelyn raised an eyebrow, "Lyanna was that adamant?"

"That and more. I remember when she was younger she had asked father for a new pony, he refused saying that her old one was perfectly healthy and she didn't need a new one. Lyanna didn't speak to him for a week," Ned rubbed his temple, "I'm just glad he doesn't go around pranking people. Lyanna used to be merciless in her revenge schemes, once Brandon had teased her with the washers boy, in retaliation she had dipped his inner clothes in chill powder, he wasn't able to walk straight for a week."

Catelyn smiled, "well Jon is a little bit like you. He won't let his anger get the best of him, he is upset, but he will come to understand. His dreams are...peculiar, but they were just that, dreams."

Ned nodded, "yes...honestly that boy….could he be telling the truth?"

Catelyn sighed, "honestly Ned? I have no idea."

With Jon,


Due you multiple successful lies you have gained +1 to CHA!

CHA- 3

Jon grumbled as he pushed the notification away to the side. He didn't expect them to believe him, he didn't have his hopes up, but it would have been nice if they did trust him. Jon couldn't blame them, in fact he was grateful they had listened to him when they did and not stopped him halfway through calling him mad.

Jon didn't feel like sleeping, he couldn't, not any more. He had too much energy inside him, the night's events kept rushing through his head, Mary's kiss, discovering the queen's secret and then finally Lord and Lady Stark ignoring his warning. He needed a way to realise this pent up rage.

Jon's feet drew him to the training yard which was empty, everyone was ether asleep or fucking. Jon opened his inventory and selected his Sword of the Undying Wolf;

Sword of the Undying Wolf,

A sword made for killing, it's sharp edges shreds through it's enemy's armour. Fear strikes the heart of all those who see it's white blade coming for their necks.

Durability- 100

Attack- 70

He pulled the blade out, it's white blade gleaming in the dark night almost giving off an unnatural glow. Jon turned to one of the dummies on the training yard, it was a pole of wood with a large bag of sand wrapped around it. Jon nodded, 'perfect'.

Jon approached the object and readied his blade. He swung his sword down on the pole, he expected the blade to cut through the sand bag but get stuck in the wooden center, but to his surprise the blade went through the pole cutting it in half.

The sand poured out of the bag in a steady stream, Jon looked at his blade, 'maybe something a bit more blunt, otherwise I don't think I'll have any training poles left to practise on.'

"Most impressive," a voice called out behind Jon. The young man turned and was surprised to see an older man in white armour approach him. The man looked handsome for his age, he had long white hair with a beard to match, his face was covered with lines indicating his old age mixed in with scars from battles past. His eyes were pale blue orbs reflecting his age, but just below the image of an old man was a warrior that still stood and moved like he could fight men half his age.

Jon looked at the man's name and title, even though he knew who he was;

Barristan Selmy, The Bold

Lv- ?

REP- 10/100

Jon bowed immediately, "Ser Selmy." The old man was a living legend, Jon had read about him before, he was the Commander of the King's gaurd when Jon's grandfather ruled and now he was the commander for Robert as well. The man's skill was unquestionable and his loyalty absolute.

"And you are Jon Snow's, correct?" Barristan asked as he looked at Jon's sword.

"Yes sir, you are correct," Jon said admitting once again to his false status.

"That is a very interesting sword there Jon," Barristan commented looking at the Undying Wolf, "may I?"

Jon looked at his blade and then to Selmy, he knew he shouldn't' be doing this, technically this sword shouldn't exist, but he couldn't disobey the man, not now, not ever. He nodded, "of course," and gave the sword handle first to the white cloaked knight.

"My thanks," Selmy took the blade and observed it carefully. He looked impressed, "I have never seen such a blade like this. Who made it? I doubt an ordinary castle smith could make something of this beauty."

"I-I don't know who the smith is," Jon admitted, after all it was the truth. He had no idea if the Playtrix had made this blade or if it had an actual maker.

"Then where did you get this?" Selmy asked as he gave a few practise swing testing it's balance.

"There are many passages hidden within these walls," Jon admitted, "I found it in one of them. I think it belong to someone from the past."

Half-lie successful!

Jon smiled. "Extraordinary," Selmy said in a whisper, "it's balance is impeccable. The blade looks sharp as a wolf's fang. Does it have a name?"

Jon smirked, "sword of the undying wolf."

Barrister chuckled, "appropriate." He sung the sword around a few times more before handing it back to Jon, "thank you, it is rare to see a sword as fine as this. I suggest you take good care of it, and it will take good care of you."

Jon bowed, "thanks you for your kind words ser. I will take them to heart," Jon really did need to sharpen his blade more, maybe he should find a wet stone after this and do just that.

"Good, I see from your form you have been trained quite well," Barrister said as he looked at the dummy Jon cleaved in half, "no matter how sharp your blade is, it won't be able to cut paper unless the swordsman is skilled enough to use it properly."

Jon smiled, "thank you Ser Selmy coming from you that is high praise."

Selmy nodded, "I only spoke the truth Jon."

Soon a silence fell on them and Jon started to feel awkward, 'I need to say something, now!' "Ser Selmy, I apologise if I seem rude, but what are you doing awake so late in the night?"

The knight chuckled, "I'm the commander of the King's gaurd Jon, we do not sleep often. Four hours at the most, if we are lucky. That along with the few hours of sleep I am able to get due to my old age and well, let's just say this time of the night is quite early for me."

Jon nodded, "I see. So the others are guarding King Robert?"

Selmy nodded, "indeed they are. I am right now spending my free time looking around this amazing castle of your family's. And you Jon? A young man such as yourself should be in bed, yours or anothers."

Jon laughed, "yes I am, but I can't really bring myself to sleep tonight, too much energy. And while I would love to share my bed with another I don't wish that."

"Really? And why is that?"

Jon shrugged, "I am a bastard," 'actually was would be the correct term but I can't say that now can I?' "and if I shared my bed with another, it could result in a child who would also be the same. I told myself a long time ago that I would never do that, I would never ever condemn a child of mine to suffer the same things I did. So, I currently find myself liking the company of a beautiful women, otherwise I would most certainly not be out here in the cold night with and old man." Jon immediately realised what he said and blushed, "ah, no offence ser."

Selmy chuckled, "none taken Jon, I am old, that is just a fact. Though I must say I am impressed with your convections, not many would be able to keep such a promise."

Jon shrugged, "not many would, but then again not many have lead my life."

"There are many bastards in Westeros."

"Yes, but not all of them live with their highborn parent."

"So you do not wish to dishonour your father, is that it?"

Jon nodded, "yes, exactly."

Selmy smiled, "Jon, tell me, what do you wish to do in the future?"

Jon blinked, "future? Do you mean my goals?"

Barrister nodded, "yes, your goal in life."

"Well," Jon thought about his ongoing quest to travel to Valyria, "I want to travel this world. I want to see distant lands and find my place in it."

Selmy nodded, "a honorable dream. Many would wish the same. But why do you wish to do so?"

'To save the world from being destroyed?' Jon wanted to say, but again couldn't, "because there has to be more than just this. Here I'm a bastard, here I have a predesigned status quo but out there, in the world, where the is so much to see and do? I can be anyone and I can be anything."

"Jon, what would you say if I could help you wash away the stigma of being a bastard?"

Jon raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean?"

"I mean, what if I can make you be known all over Westeros as not just Ned Stark's bastard, but as your own person? You wouldn't have to run around the world for acceptance, you can find it right here."

"What are you saying Ser Selmy? How is that even possible?"

"The King's Guard had been declining in strada for some time now Jon. It used to be a brotherhood of the bets of the best, men gathered for only one purpose, to protect the king and serve with honour and dignity. But over the years the King's gaurd have become mutated, taken down from its once high pedestal and treated as a political tool for the rich and wealthy. A perfect example of this would be Jamie Lannister, I would have made him taken the Black, but his father's gold and men persuaded Robert to do otherwise. He doesn't deserve the white cloak he now wears, and yet here he is. Most members are there not because of their skill but because of who their family knows, there is great honour in serving in the king's gaurd and they believe that they can buy that honour."

Jon's eyes went wide, "a-are you asking me to join the King's gaurd?"

"What? Haha, no, of course not Jon! You might be talented but you are nowhere close to our standards!" Selmy laughed causing Jon's face to heat up in embarrassment. The knight smiled, "but that doesn't mean that you can't join us one day. With the right training and guidance you could become the best off us all Jon, that is, if you want too."

Jon couldn't believe it. A few days ago he didn't even have a goal in life, but now he had two, he could travel to Valyria or become a Knight of the King's gaurd. He was also going to gain his mother's family name removing him of the title of bastard.

Jon wanted to say yes, he didn't even want to wait, he just wanted shout yes and hug the old man in front of him. But he couldn't, he knew he couldn't. If he did he would be forsaking his quest to visit Valyria and if he failed to do that, well then Jon would effectively be responsible for ending the world. The offer was Jon's dream, but he had his duty.

Jon bowed his head in disappointment, "I am sorry Ser Selmy, your offer is tempting, so very tempting. But I don't wish for that life."

"Is it because of the oath you have to swear? Because I was under the impression you didn't wish for family or titles."

"That is not the problem set, it is….if I become a knight of the King's gaurd then I would be bound to the throne. I would not mind that, but before that I have something to take care off, something I must do."

"Is exploring the world that important to you?"

"Yes, yes it is," Jon replied honestly, "my dream is to see the world, and I refuse to give up on it. I wish I could have both, to see the world and be a knight of the King's gaurd, but I can't. I'm sorry, but I cannot."

"I see...well then what if I could offer you both?" Selmy asked after consideration.

Jon's head shot up, "w-what do you mean?"

"You are young Jon, and from what I understand you are very honorable, much like your father. If you swear to return to King's landing after you journey around around the world to your heart's content I see no reason for you not to be able to do both."

Jon's eyes widened, "what?!"

Selm chuckled, "come now Jon you look like someone has just kicked your dog. I mean it, you can explore the world to your heart's content, surely a journey like that would make you grow in body and spirit and maybe then you could return and ask for a chance to be a part of the King's gaurd."

Jon gapped, "y-you mean it?!"


Quest Alert!

Join the King's Gaurd!








Possible suicide

Do you accept?


Selmy nodded. Jon launched himself to the old man and grabbed him hugging him tightly, "thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Selmy wasn't sure how to react to this, so he simply nodded, "ah, y-you're very welcome Jon."

Jon broke the hug, "I accept Ser Selmy," Jon pressed 'yes' accepting the quest.

The knight nodded, "good. I will talk to your Lord father tomorrow and ask for his permission as well. Hopefully he will agree."

Jon nodded, "don't worry, he will."

"Good," Barrister looked at Jon's blade, "now, let's see how skilled you are Jon."

Jon blinked, "you want to fight me?"

"Just a spar," Barrister looked around before spotting a pair of dulled blades hanging off the rack in the distance. He walked over and took the blades tossing one to Jon, "of course we won't be using live steel."

Jon nodded as he sheathed the Sword of the Undying Wolf putting it away. He couldn't put it in his inventory yet, not with Ser Barristan looking right at him. Jon spun the sword around a few times getting a feel of the weapon, when he was finally used to it he gave the knight a nodd.

"Begin!" Selmy said as he stepped forward swinging the tip of the blade down on Jon. Jon brought his sword up horizontally blocking the sword's tip. Selmy then drew his sword back bringing it down before thrusting it forward hitting Jon in the chest sending him to the ground.

"Fuck!" Jon cursed as he held his bruised chest. The fight lasted for a few seconds, Jon however was more embarrassed that he was hurt, though that trust did feel like a cannon ball was launched into him.

"You weren't close enough Jon," Selmy explained, "I used my sword's length to strike you with just the tip. That gave me enough distance to draw back the blade and thrust it back in faster than you could move. You shouldn't have blocked it, instead you should have jumped back and dodged, remember being skilled with your hands is a good thing, but a true warrior uses his entire body and a great warrior uses his environment."


Quest Alert!

Survive 5 minutes in a duel with Ser Barristan!


+400 EXP

Bonus- +100 EXP for every additional second


Sembly will become disinterested in you

Do you Accept?


Jon grumbled, 'hell yes! There is no way I'm going to lose to this man! Even if he is the greatest swordsman in the land!' Jon got up readied his blade, "again."

The knight nodded, "very well."

Two hours later;

Jon dropped down on his bed covered with from head to toe with bruises. His stamina was nearly 0, his health had been reduced by 20 points just from the hits alone! In then end he had failed to complete the quest, but he didn't get an alert telling him that he had failed and the quest was still in Jon's active quest list, so he still had a chance of completing it.

Jon sighed as he looked down at Ghost's sleeping form. The albino pup had grown bigger, he was as big as a normal dog now and had a new accessory around his neck, it was the wolf collar Jon had got as a reward from the underground dungeon.

When he had first put on Ghost the other Stark kid's had been excited and jealous, they had wanted one for their own. Jon had to lie and tell them he had bought it for Ghost from a steel smith in Winter's town, the small town outside the castle.

Lady Stark didn't think it was a good idea to introduce the direwolves to the royal family immediately. Let them settle in first before letting the wolves out, so Jon was forced to lock Ghost inside his room.

Quickly Jon's went from the pup back to his 'training' match with Ser Selmy. 'How in the name of all that is good can a man that old move that well?!' Jon cursed his lack of skill, he didn't land a single blow on Selmy, no forget that, he didn't even last minute with that man! He ether got hit or was knocked on his ass in seconds!

Jon grumbled for what seemed the thousandth time, 'I need to get better, a lot better. I need to increase my physical training and improve on my mental abilities as well. I need to become smarter and stronger. If I do end up going off on my own then...then I need to be the best.'

Jon got up and walked to his table, on it he had left his the three new books he had borrowed from Luwin, one was about different kinds of poisons and their cures, another about how to track animals and the final was another book on High Valyria, Jon was really interested in the subject so whenever he got the chance he would pick up another book on it.

'Well better get started,' Jon told himself as he sat down intent on reading till morning. Then at the crack of dawn he would return these books, provided he was finished with them, and get a new set. Then would be physical training, he would have to increase it from now on, he couldn't afford to dilly dally.

But just as Jon opened the first page of the book about tracking animals there was a knock on the door. Jon looked up confused, 'who could it be at this hour? Could it be...did the queen send someone to kill me? What?! No! That's stupid! Why would he do that? She couldn't have found out I know about her and Jamie already?! No, that's impossible, the only one I told was Lord and Lady Stark and they would never allow me to be put in the spotlight like that. Plus what kind of assassin knocks first before entering?'

Jon got up and went to the door, he put his hand on the handle and stopped. He knew it was crazy, but he couldn't help be paranoid, he opened his inventory and slowly drew out his Undying Wolf sword. Slowly Jon opened the door revealing, "...Lord Stark?!"

The Warden of the North stood before Jon's door wearing nothing but a heavy cloak and a decent set of shorts, "let me in Jon, it's urgent."

Jon stepped aside allowing Ned in. Ghost woke up suddenly sniffing the air, it got on it's feet and looked around smelling an unfamiliar scent, it spotted Ned and narrowed his eyes.

"Ghost sit," Jon commanded him as he closed the door.

Command accepted: Sit!

And sure enough Ghost sat down, but he still kept a watchful eye on Ned. Ned smiled, "you have him well trained."

Jon nodded, "yes, surprisingly he is easier to command then Arya," Ned chuckled as he nodded in agreement. "So what are you here for father? It's the middle of the night, you must be exhausted."

Ned nodded, "I am...but this is more important," Ned reached into his pants and pulled out a letter, "moments ago Maester Luwin received this letter from Lysa Arryn, Catelyn's sister and Lady of the Vale. In it she wrote in code that she had run back to the vale fearing for her and her son's life. She claims that Jon Arryn was murdered...by the Lannisters. By the Queen."

Jon's eyes went wide, "w-what?"

Ned nodded, "I thought the same. I didn't believe at first, I couldn't believe it. But Catelyn convinced me otherwise, after all why would Lysa risk her life and her son's sending such a letter? It doesn't make sense for it to be anything else but the truth. And there is only one reason Cersei would ever kill Jon Arryn, and that is because-"

"-He found out about her children," Jon completed for him. Jon looked worried but spoke up, "so...you finally willing to believe me?"

Ned sighed, "Jon I'm sorry I didn't before. But you must admit it was farfetched what you had to say. I couldn't bring myself to believe you, maybe I didn't want too. I'm sorry Jon, please forgive me."

Jon nodded, "of course father. But...what now? What can we do now?"

Ned sighed, "Catelyn and Luwin have...convinced me to go south with the King."

Jon raised an eyebrow, "so he asked you did he? To be his Hand I mean."

Ned nodded, "Aye, he did. And before I honestly thought of rejecting his offer, but now….my friend is in danger Jon...I have to help him. I can't leave him in that viper's nest."

Jon scoffed, "more like lion's den." Ned chuckled and nodded. "So...what are you going to do about his children? No, wait, not his, the queen's children?"

Ned grumbled, "I don't know. I….this is too much to think for in one night. I just came over to tell you that I believe you Jon and that you don't have to worry, I don't know what I am going to do, but I will think of something."


Quest Alert!

Find proof about the Queen's children!


20 gold dragons

Magic needle

+10 REP pack!


Death of Ned Stark

Do you accept?


Jon's eyes went wide, 'if I don't accept this father will die?!' in his school Jon never realised what he called Ned in his own head, he was too busy feeling anger at the threat on the man's life. Seeing no other choice he accepted the quest and nodded, "understood father."

"I'll leave you for the night then Jon, we'll speak more in the morning." Ned went to hug Jon pulling him tighter. Jon winced as Ned pressed up against his chest enriching his bruises. Ned noticed Jon's flinching and stopped looking down at the boy finally noticing Jon's many bruises. "Jon," Ned's tone was icy cold, "who did this too you?"

Jon smiled at the anger he heard in the man's voice, it seems Jon got his temper from his uncle after all, "it's not what you think father. Ser Selmy asked for a duel, I may or may not have taken it too far," Jon chuckled.

Ned blinked, "Selmy did this?"

Jon nodded, "he wanted to see what I was made off. I fell on my arse so many times I think it might actually be colored black and blue right now."

Ned looked at Jon's wounds and nodded, "I see...and why did Selmy take this sudden interest in you?"

Jon sighed, "it because he was wondering if I was qualified to serve in the King's gaurd with him."

"What? He tried to recruit you?"

Jon nodded, "yes, he did. He said that would be a honorable addition to the King's Gaurd, after all any son of yours must be at the least a good person."

Ned nodded, "I see...and is this...is this something you would want to do?"

Jon sighed, "it is father, but at the same time...you remember I had three of the dragon dreams, yes?"

Ned nodded, "yes, I recall one was about Cersei, the other about Bran and third about Valyria."

Jon nodded, "yes, and it the Valyrian one which troubles me. When I saw that dream I felt...drawn to it somehow, like I had to go there. And ever since that moment something in me has pushed that feeling harder and harder. I believe it's my destiny to go to that city, I have to, I don't know why, but I know I have too."

Ned sighed, "Jon….before I may have called this madness, no, no I would have definitely called this madness. But after your dreams seemingly revealed one of the biggest secrets in this country...I find myself unable to express how lost I feel. If this is fate then I cannot stop you, if you feel this is what you need to do then go, but son you do realise what you are planning is a huge undertaking yes? A Lannister once tried to do what you plan too, he wanted to be the first explorer who had been to Valyria and back. He left bravely, but never came back and he had an entire fleet under his command."

Jon nodded, "I know father, I never said I was leaving this instant, I just said it was I have to do. It doesn't mean now. I have time."

Ned nodded, "is that why you suddenly became interested in High Valyrian?" Jon blushed and Ned chuckled, "and here I was thinking it was to impress a Southern lady. Or maybe a certain red haired baker?"

"Father!" John's face was completely red by now. Jon wasn't keeping his likening of Mary a secret by any means, but he was still shocked to realised Lord Stark had known off this.

Ned smiled, "relax Jon, I jest. But you know if you do planning on going to Valyria you can never see her again."

Jon nodded, "yes...I know."

"So do you plan on just bedding her and leaving?"

Jon scoffed, "I may not be a bastard, but I have lived like one. I would never wish that fate on any child least off all mine. I like Mary, yes, but I know it cannot last...I'm not that stupid."

Ned nodded, "I know it's hard son, but often times duty comes before love."

Jon nodded, he knew what Ned meant, he remembered Ashara, the woman Ned had fallen in love with. He had been forced to leave her in order to marry Catelyn, he forsake his heart's desire for duty and while Jon didn't care for Mary as much as Ned did for Ashara, it was the same decision Jon had to make.

Suddenly Jon had an idea, "father, if it isn't too much trouble can I come South with you?"

Ned looked surprised, "why son?"

"I had originally planned on going to Valyria through White Harbour, but if you're going to King's Landing then I could just as easily got through Valyria through the ships there, in fact that would be the much better option for me to take."

Ned nodded, "yes, it would. Maybe you could also stay with me for a while. The grand Maester serves there, he would help you in your education, not that Maester Luwin isn't enough, but King's Landing has a far wider range when it comes to knowledge then our own. Also maybe you could trouble Barrister for a few more lessons in swordsmanship, God's know you need it."

Jon narrowed his eyes, "just you wait Lord Stark, one day I'll be the greatest swordsman in the world, then we'll see who needs lessons in swordsmanship."

Ned smiled, "I look forward to that day son," Ned gave a final hug to Jon before leaving the room but not before promising to talk more about Cersei and her children in the morning. They still had to discuss about her and the threat she was sure to be.

Jon sat back down in his seat and looked at his book. In one day his entire life had changed, he was now going to go South with his uncle to King's Landing, his true father's home. And from there he would travel to Valyria, he didn't know how he was going to do that, he didn't even have the money to rent a boat. But maybe while in the capital he could figure something out. He quickly returned to his book and began to read.

A new player had joined the Game of Thrones that day, and while Jon was inexperienced he was gifted in other ways. The other's didn't know it yet, but ice and fire were about to rain down on them all.

Jon Targaryen

HP- 250/250

SP- 200/200

MP- 150/150 [206.5/206.5 due to mana robes.]

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 5 Exp- 850/1,000

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 9

VIT- 16

DEX- 13

CHA- 3

INT- 19

WIS- 7

LUC- 2


MONEY- 29 Gold 10 silver 23 bronze

The son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Jon has been raised at Winterfell in secret by his uncle, Ned Stark. Jon has always been shunned because of his status as a bastard and hated by many as the physical representation of Ned Stark's disloyalty. Jon has always strived to find his place in the word and seeks to become his own man away from the shadow of the Stark family.

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