Gamer Kage: Begin

Chapter 3: Academy Life

It’s been a week since I found that golden leaf symbol in Naruto’s place. Ever since then I’ve been spending all my free time in the academy searching this place top to bottom trying to find a golden symbol here too.

My reasoning? This is the place where Naruto became a ninja, where he trained, where he met Sasuke and more importantly Iruka. So a golden leaf had to be here!

This was the seventh time I was searching in our classroom but again, nothing. But just then, I got an idea. What if I was searching in the wrong place? Naruto grew super close with Iruka in the last year, this is the first year class room.

So I quickly ran to the older year class room, luckily right now it was lunch, I told Naruto I wasn’t feeling well, the boy looked a little sad but he understood. I entered the classroom and searched the place top to bottom.

Nothing, not a single thing. I looked at the desk and grumbled, I searched every where! From top to...bottom….what?

I had an idea, a crazy idea. I looked under the tables, from the front row to the back. I looked under each one slowly and then, in the last row I found it. A golden leaf symbol. I grinned and touched it;


Congratulations! You have found a legendary spot: Academy Classroom!

Locations found in Konoha: 2/30

Select your reward!

Secret Taijutsu style: Disturbance style

+1000 EXP

+ 10 Stat points

Special armour equipment

Okay, different rewards, that made sense, different location different rewards. But at the same time, what the fuck am I supposed to pick?!

Okay, first things first, the special armour is nice and all but useless to me right now. I don’t know what it is, again it’s based on my luck. The 10 stat points are nice and all, but the 1000 EXP would level me up twice giving me the same amount.

But now, what’s important now is the secret Taijutsu style. The EXP was...tempting alright, something I would totally take up any other time. But this...this was too important. I need a specialised training style and I need it now.

So I selected the special taijutsu style. There was a poof of smoke as the golden leaf vanished leaving behind a yellow scroll with the words ‘Disturbance style’ written on it. The moment it touched my hands a new box came online;


You have obtained a skill scroll! Would you like to learn?


I blinked, I immediately pressed yes and watched as the scroll exploded into a bright light before flowing into my head. I blinked a suddenly I began to understand….something else. It was like movement were imprinted into my head, thirty different kata’s and movements were installed into my head, I could see it all, just out of reach but there.


You have learnt a new skill!

Disturbance style, Lv- 1 (0%)

Akin to a warrior's dance performance, a user of this style is able to rapidly and relentlessly bombard their target with precision, at various angles and locations. This style, comprised of sheer unpredictable movements, can easily catch his opponents off-guard.

DMG- +5 + STR + DEX

Speed- 10% faster

I suddenly realised I knew different way to attack someone and many different strikes. But at the same time, it was like a fog covered the rest of the knowledge from me. I’m guessing I need to level up to obtain it all, hum, this will be troublesome.


You have made progress in a quest!

Train for a dungeon!

Learn how to fight

My grin grew wider, two birds one scroll. This means I only have to learn a jutsu before I can enter a dungeon. And then, unlimited power. “WHAHAHHAHAAH!”

“Oye! Shut it down in there! Some of us are trying to work!” came a cry from outside. I lowered my head in shame and quickly snuck out of the class.

I went back to my classroom by the time lunch ended. I sat with Naruto, a small smile on my lips. “What happened?” Naruto asked in a whisper as Iruka entered the room and began his lecture.

“Nothing, hey do you want to go to the park today?” I offered, I felt bad for ignoring the kid all week long while I searched for that damn golden leaf.

Naruto’s eyes winded, almost sparkling, “damn right I do!” he cheered loudly.

“Naruto!” Iruka yelled out, “I’m trying to teach here! Keep it down!”

“Sorry Iruka-sensei!” Naruto called back scratching his head nervously.

I continued to listen to Iruka’s speech, but as I did I began to remember what I did over the past week while I wasn’t looking for that damn leaf.

I managed to level up my Eavesdropping skill by three levels;

  • Easdropping, Lv- 7 (43%)

Your ability to listen in someone else’s conversation without them being aware of it. This is a very important skill for a ninja to possess for information gathering.

Range: 16 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

And thanks to me washing dishes every morning and night I also leveled up my maintenances skill;

  • Maintenance, Lv- 7 (89%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+7% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is

Bonus lasts for 40 minutes

And this did get me a bonus. The Matron seemed to lose her anger at me, I guess me being so ready to help out by washing dishes made her like me more. Her REP score went back to 0, but hey, at least she doesn’t hate me.

I listened to classes everyday and got a three points for INT because of that;

INT- 11 (+2)

And of course the few days I managed to convince Naruto to train with me I managed to run and work up a sweat, which gained me a two points for VIT;

VIT- 8

But I didn’t just run around in circles, no, a few days Naruto and I took turns tossing my kunai into targets. This gave me a new skill!

Kunai techniques, Lv- 3 (83%)

Your ability to handle a kunai accurately.

Aquaracy- 20%

Bonus- 2% to DMG

Not a bad skill if I do say so myself. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to level it up.

I also finished reading the books I got from the library. I returned them and got more books to read, this time two more fantasy stories along with a book about muscle training and one about cooking, you know, just for fun.

And boy did I get a shock when I took up the book about cooking. Apparently it was a skill book and could teach me how to cook instantly, but in the process I would end up destroying the book, I cannot afford that right now, so I had to learn it the old fashioned way. And what a surprise, it seemed if I read a skill book instead of absorbing the knowledge, I would still gain the knowledge and the book would remain intact!

But since I didn’t want any physical proof of my powers I couldn’t afford to keep the scroll about the Disturbance style just lying around. Either way, I got another skill;

Cooking, Lv- 1 (0%)

You can cook and make something to eat. It may not be edible.

Bonus- 2% to all food items you make

The book didn’t give me any recipes, I’m guessing I need to absorb a book in order for that to happen. But this was enough, for now.

At the end of class Naruto and I went back to the park, laughing and playing as usual. Naruto suggested we play hide and seek and I agreed. He was it and I took this time to train my stealth skills. Which...well, really wasn’t all that great.

But I lasted ten minutes before he found me, so I’ll take that as a win.

We played for an hour or so before his stomach began to growl. Naruto’s eyes light up, “hey I know! Let’s go to Ichiraku’s!”

And my eyes widened as well, ‘of course! If any place has a golden leaf it should be that one! Oh why didn’t I think of it before! Screw me and my stupid tunnel vision!’ I was about to say yes before stopping myself, “ah sorry Naruto, I can’t.”

“Eh? Why not?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t have a no money, sorry.”

Naruto snorted, “is that all? No problem I can pay for you this time!”

“Naruto please it’s really not needed, I don’t like it when people pay for me by taking pity on me,” I huffed, I really didn’t like being a charity case.

“Oh shut up! Come on! It’s my treat and when you start making money being a ninja you can treat me!” he cried out dragging us out of the park. I tried to argue, but I knew it would be pointless.

We walked around the village before arriving at a small ramen stand around a street corner. We walked in and immediately Naruto ran up and jumped onto the stool, “heya Ayame! One Miso ramen and one pork ramen please!”

I sat down next to him and saw the two chefs on the other side of the table. An older man;

Teuchi Yagu, Ramen Chief master

Lv- 18

REP- 0

Ayame Yagyuu, Chief apprentice

Lv- 12

REP- 0

“Hey Naruto, you’re looking chipper today,” Teuchi smiled, “your order's coming right up!”

“Thanks uncle chief!” Naruto grinned.

“Who’s your friend Naruto?” Ayame asked with a smile.

“This is Yami! The guy I told you about,” Naruto turned to me, “this big sister Ayame, she works here with her dad! Old man Teuchi!”

“Hey! I’m not that old!” Teuchi yelled back.

“Hehe, sorry,” Naruto said scratching his head.

“Ah, so you’re this Yami Naruto keeps talking about,” Ayame turned to me and bowe, “thank you for taking care of him, I know he’s a pain sometimes, but please be patient.”

Oh she’s cute, deciding to have a little fun I smiled and spoke in a clear tone of voice, “if a beautiful girl like you asks me that of course I would agree.”

Ayame blushed, “well aren’t you a charmer.”

I shrugged, “not really, but when I see something I like I tend to make your opinion known. Say how old are you?”

Ayame blinked, “16 why do you ask?”

I smirked, “I like my women older. Eight years isn’t that big a difference right? Do you want to go out on a date when I become a ninja? I know this great ramen place a friend told me about, best place in town, plus it has a cute waitress.”


You have created a new skill!

Flirting, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your ability to charm your target to drop their gaurd, confuse them or getting them to like you.

2% chance of it working

+5 REP bonus if works

Teuchi and Ayame blinked at me, looked at each other before bursting into laughter. Naruto blinked, “what’s so funny?”

“Kid you’re much too young to be flirting with older women!” Teuchi laughed as he went back to his boiler.

“Well can’t blame me for trying,” I shrugged, “so what do you say Ayame? Want to go out with me?”

Ayame chuckled, “sorry Yami, but you’re much too young for me.” I saw her REP score go from 0 to 5, not bad. It worked on her, but not in the extreme way I expected.

I shrugged, “that’s fine, besides, I said after I become a ninja, I’m sure by then I’ll look so much hotter and you’ll be kicking yourself in the back wondering why you didn’t say yes sooner.”

“Well, let’s see shall we,” Ayame winked as she went to her station.

“Hey Yami, what’s flirting?” Naruto asked.

I blinked, “’s complicated. I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Naruto grumbled, “but I want to know now!”

I sighed, “fine,” I leaned in and whispered into his ear, “it’s what you do when you want a girl to like you.”

Naruto moved back and blinked, “ you like Ayame?”

I shrugged, “I thought she looks cute.”

Naruto’s eyes started to fog up, clearly his brain was thinking about something really really hard. I shrugged and decided to let him do it. Right now I need to find that golden leaf. I looked on the counter and didn’t find anything. I sighed, with my luck it’s under a stool.

I sighed and got off my seat and began to look under every seat in that stall, I was on my last seat when Naruto spoke up, “ah Yami, what are you doing?”

I looked up at him and blinked, “ah…..I’m looking for change?”

Naruto blinked for a moment. He and I shared a long stare. And then he laughed, “come on Yami! I told you I would pay!”

I let out a sigh of relief, ‘I honestly didn’t think that would work.’


You have created a new skill!

Lying, Lv- 1 (0%)

You ability to lie to people without getting caught.

5% chance of success

-20% if the lie is too unbelievable

I blinked, well that’s something interesting. Lie, huh, I wonder if I can grind that too.

I sat down on my seat next to Naruto and let out a sigh, I am going to have to come here again if I want to find that golden leaf, plus next time I need to pay. Sure I could ask Naruto to do it, but my pride refused to let me be a charity case!

“Order up!” Ayame called out as she placed a miso ramen before me and a pork ramen before Naruto.

“Alright! Let’s eat!” Naruto cheered before taking a set of chopsticks and digging into his meal.

I sighed, “thanks for the meal Naruto,” I took up a pair of chopsticks and mixed the ramen around for a bit. I took up a strand and gently pulled it upwards letting it cool off before swallowing it.

My eyes went wide as I chewed on the noodles. The flavour, the taste, I swallowed it and couldn’t help let out a gasp, “damn, this is pretty damn good.”

“Told you so!” Naruto cried out, “ramen is the best!”

I smiled at him, “hey Ayame! I decided! I’m going to marry you if you keep making ramen this good!”

Ayame and Teuchi laughed, “sure Yami, enjoy the meal!” she cried out. She might think I was joking, but I wasn’t...well, maybe a little.

I took another strand of noodle and put it into my mouth, slurping it in. I moved to eat enough handful when I noticed something. The soup was thick and the bottom was hard to make out, but I could have sworn….HOLY FUCK!

There in the bottom of the bowl was a golden leaf! Yes! Lady luck you are fuckign amazing!


Thanks to extraordinary circumstances you have gained +1 LUC!

LUC- 2

I cheered in joy and began to eat the food with gusto. I inhaled the noodles like it was air before swallowing the entire soup in one gulp, finishing it by wiping my mouth clean of anything left behind. And there in the bottom of the empty bowl was the golden leaf shining at me.

“W-woah,” I heard Ayame say.

I looked up and found Teuchi, Ayame and Naruto all looking at me with wide eyes. I blinked, “what? Do I have something on my lips?”

“You really must be hungry huh Yami?” Naruto said with wide eyes, “you finished that faster than me!”

“I think you might have broken a record kid,” Teuchi said blinking in surprise.

I smiled, “hehe, what can I say, it’s really good ramen.”

“I’ll say,” Ayame nodded, “do you want another bowl?”

“No thanks, I’m full,” I smiled quickly touching the golden leaf with my finger tip, “I’ll just wait for Naruto to finish his.”


Congratulations! You have found a legendary spot: Ramen shop!

Locations found in Konoha: 3/30

Select your reward!

I ignored the rest of the message as Ayame spoke up again “well then I’ll just take-”

“No!” I snapped quickly startling Ayame. I quickly put on a gentle smile, “I-I’ll wait till Naruto's finished his, you can take it together.” Ayame shrugged, going back to her station, giving me a bewildered look. I sighed, great, she probably thinks I’m weird now. I shook my head away and quickly turned to my rewards screen I need to make a choice quickly before Naruto finishes.

Select your reward!

+500 EXP

+5 Stat points

10,000 R

Special item

Okay, so the Special item is out. My good luck worked once, I am not taking the chance it will work twice in a row, it could be something bad. Plus again, items are useless to me.

The money was tempting, very very tempting. But at the same time, if dungeons give money and other items are rewards, kind of redundant. Plus if an orphans starts throwing around cash like that people could talk. Another issue I’ll have adress when I actually make money.

So my options are 500 EXP or 5 stat points. If I was a higher level, like level 30 or something, 500 EXP would be nothing to me, the stat points would be everything. And right now the same logic applied. I can get 500 EXP from a quest, heck if I go into a dungeon it will be easy, but the stat points? Those are rarer.

So I selected the stat points and sure enough I got five additon points in my menu card;

Points- 5

I grinned seeing that number, hehe, I’m so cool!

I closed the boxes just as Naruto finished his meal. He quickly payed for the meal, I thanked Teuchi for the meal, blew Ayame a kiss and left with Naruto to go play in the park. I honestly didn’t mind spending so much time with the kid, it was fun. Plus I did owe him for that meal. Damn my stupid pride!

The next day I left the orphanage early, at around 6:30. Being a ninja village the library opened up early than normal, meaning when I reached it it was already open.

I walked in and immediately the kind old woman at the desk smiled at me and called out, “Good morning Yami, what are you looking for today?” Misa, the old librarian asked.

I smiled, “oh you know, just browsing,” I have been coming here frequently, she was so impressed by the rate at which I read these books her REP score had gone up to 25, not bad.

“Well if you need any help just ask,” she said smiling. I nodded and quilted went into the civilian section.

I looked around and took a few new books, one about stitching, which should be useful in the future and the third volume in shinobi history, considering in the future these legends are going to be brought back and I might need to fight them I need to know everything about them.

I also grabbed a fantasy book for some light reading, I decided to start reading a book series called ‘The Wandering Samurai’, should be fun. But this wasn’t the main reason I was here today, no, today was when I made my move.

This library had scrolls on ninja knowledge, but they were restricted. I had spent days figuring out how the layout worked and now I finally know.

On the ground floor was the civilian library and the Genin ranked scrolls. Pretty basic, and the division between the two areas was quite clear and absolute. But, there was an area near the very back that served as a blind spot and it is through that I could sneak into the ninja area.

The first and second floor were for the Chunin and Jonin respectively and more importantly the staircase leading up to them were way too exposed, hence I can’t even hope to enter them. So for now I have to be happy with genin stuff.

I quietly moved towards the back, he blind spot was just before me, a few shelves down. I have no doubt Misa would know I’m in here in seconds, but a few seconds is all I will need. This library has several copies of the same text, and Misa is very meticulous, she keeps all the copies together. If I can grab a copy of a text, no matter what Jutsu it is, then I can put it into my inventory and she can’t prove a damn thing!


Quest Alert!

Steal a jutsu!


+2 skill scroll for each jutsu stolen!


-10 REP with Misa

Do you accept?


I blinked, I had been planning this for days and now this quest alert comes up? Talking about annoying!

I took a deep breath, readied myself by crouching to activate my stealth skill. I know it was pointless, but I need every micro second I could get. I opened my inventory ready to move in a moments notices. I let out my breath and ran passed the blind spot.

I ran into the first row I came to and looked around desperately. I knew I had no time, so when my eyes spotted a scroll labeled as ‘jutsu’ with over ten similar copies next to it, I grabbed it and shoved it into my inventory.

She wasn’t here yet, I had time, I grew greedy, I can take another one! So I looked again and spotted another scroll with jutsu on it and several copies. I took that and shoved it into my inventory too.

But as I was about to look around for a third I heard it, “Em meh!” Misa cleared her throat and it was scary.

I was scared stiff as I slowly turned and looked at her staring at me with narrowed eyes. I could see...something...something very very scary being pressed up against me. It was like I couldn’t breath, I felt afraid. But just then, suddenly the feeling was gone.

I blinked, what happened? Where did...ah, Gamer’s mind, nice. I began to think clearly again, the fear being pushed to the side. I closed my inventory with a wave of my hands and smiled at Misa, “hello.”

She woman looked surprised, I could tell she didn’t expect me to be able to talk let alone smile at her. She raised an eyebrow, “what do you think you are doing Yami?”

I shrugged, “looking around,” I looked at the rows of scrolls in fascination, like it was the first time I saw them, “I was curious what the ninja side looked like.”

“You’re not allowed to be here,” she shot her hands forward and grabbed the books I was carrying. She looked through them all, glaring at them, I’m guessing she thinks I took some scrolls and hide them inside the books. But after minutes of thorough investigating she found nothing.

Misa passed the books to me and lessened her gaze, “you aren’t allowed to be here Yami, it’s against the rules. You’re lucky I’m so understanding, according to village law I’m am to have you imprisoned for trying to steal village secrets.”

I blinked, “well...then you’ll have to explain to the Hokage how a eight year old child managed to slip past your notice and into the ninja section of your library. I can’t image that would be fun.”

Misa raised an eyebrow, “you think I can’t handle feeling ashamed? You must think I’m just some old lady, I assure you, I’m not that prideful.”

I shrugged, “maybe, but you are a ninja, and if people found out a child could slip past you they might think you’re getting too old for this job.”

Misa blinked, “you think I’m a ninja?”

“I know you are,” I told her, “it would be a stupid idea to have a civilian gaurd ninja scrolls.”

I saw Misa’ REP score rise from 25 to 30, guess I earned her respect with that stunt. She chuckled, “fine Yami, I’ll forgive you this time but I don’t want to see you here again until you’re a ninja, got that?”

I nodded, “I’ll try.”

“You’ll try?”

“I can’t make a promise I’m not sure I can keep,” I told her with a shrug.

Misa sighed “you’re going to be such a headache when you grow up. Come on, let’s get these books signed out.”

I walked out of the library that day with three books from the civilian library and two jutsu scrolls from the genin library. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself.


Quest completed!

Steal a jutsu!


+2 skill scroll for each jutsu stolen!

Total reward: +2 skill scroll (2)!

There was puff of smoke and suddenly two small scrolls appeared before me floating in mid air. I immediately caught them before they fell down and looked around. Luckily no one had seen that. I ran into an alley way and opened my inventory tossing the skill scrolls and my books into it. I’ll sort this out later.

I did however take a look at the two scrolls I managed to steal. The first was a jutsu I knew I would one day learn from the academy itself, the henge jutsu. Transformation huh? Hm, I can make that work, it was only an E rank jutsu but what the hell, beggars can’t be choosers.

The second however was a D rank jutsu, a genjutsu. Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing jutsu. Bad ass, if I do say so myself. I didn’t have the time to read the details, but I sure as hell will tonight.

The day went as normal, breakfast, eavesdropping, wash dishes, listen to lectures, physical training, play with Naruto for a while, who's REP score finally increased to 38, and then back to the orphanage, eat, eavesdrop, wash dishes;


A skill has leveled up!

  • Maintenance, Lv- 9 (2%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+8% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is

Bonus lasts for 40 minutes

And then go to my room. I sat in my bed and watched the orphanage gate closing. But that didn’t matter, I had other things on my mind.

I took out the two scrolls I had stolen, the option to quick learn them came up immediately and I pressed yes, this way there would be no evidence for my crimes, plus I would learn them both instantly.

Or so I thought.


You don’t meet the requirements to learn Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing jutsu

Required CC: above 20

Present CC: 15

I clicked my teeth, so not fucking fair. It did make sense though, if being above 20 is how much a genin needs to be than a genin jutsu like these needs that much chakra control.

I was upset, but on the other hand I did learn the henge pretty easily:


You have learnt a jutsu!

Transformation Jutsu, E rank

The ability to appear like another person.

CP required: 10 per use

-5% chance of being found out for each level your opponent is higher than you.

Again, this had the same drawbacks as stealth, I really need to level up! Also what’s with this CP requirement?! I can’t use this thing! I only had a CONTROL rate of 20% even if I poured all my chakra into it, that is 25 CP, I can still only properly use 5 CP!

This shit is so fucking messed up! I can’t even do a henge?! ARGHHH! People like Naruto with obscene amounts of chakra have all the luck!


Quest completed!

Train for a dungeon!

Learn one jutsu (1/1)

Have a weapon (1/1)

Learnt how to fight


D rank armour!

50 EXP

There was a sudden poof of smoke as a pair of arm gaurd dropped into my lap before me. I was surprised I didn’t realise my powers could also provide items for me!

I quickly observed them;

Forearm bands, D rank

Made out of metal and leather there forearm bands can protect you from the most basic of attacks.

Durability- 20/20

I knew they were much, considering I could actually use a kunai to cut them apart, but they were all I had and I cherished them. I could use my maintenance skill to get a bonus for my defence, and maybe, hm I have a fighting style but I never really used it, maybe I should.

I noticed that unlike a skill a jutsu didn’t seem to be able to level up, I’m guessing that’s because it can’t be improved, unless whether it’s improved into is classified as a new jutsu all together.

Hm, food for thought.

I opened my menu again and realised something, I had stat points! 5 to be exact! If I wanted, I could raise my CC into 20 and learn that genjutsu, but then again I’m not sure that would be good use of my points.

I also had a +10 skill scroll and two +2 skill scrolls, both of which I could use for any one of my skills. Hm, maybe I should use one of the +2 scrolls on my taijutsu style? Just so that it can actually be used in combat?

I decided that would be a smart move and did just that. I took out one +2 skill scroll and opened it up. Suddenly a box appeared before me;

Select the skill whose level you wish to raise:

I looked at my skill list and without a second thought selected my Disturbance style.


Your skill went up by two levels!

  • Disturbance style, Lv- 3 (0%)

Akin to a warrior's dance performance, a user of this style is able to rapidly and relentlessly bombard their target with precision, at various angles and locations. This style, comprised of sheer unpredictable movements, can easily catch his opponents off-guard.

DMG- +6 + STR + DEX

Speed- 11% faster

Not bad. I saved the other scrolls for later, never know when I would need them.

I took out the book on stitching, it was a relatively small book, should be finished in one night. I reach out of my window grill and plucked a single leaf, placing it on my forehead, holding it up for as long as I could before my chakra went away. I then read my book, waiting for my chakra to regenerate.

The morning came quickly, I spent most of last night reading that book. I finished it by the morning. I did my usual morning routine before reaching the academy in the nick of time. I sat in the back with Naruto as began to teach us math, basic stuff, nothing too hard.

During lunch that day I Naruto and I sat down in our usual spot, with Sasuke sitting on the other end of the table spying glances at us.

“Hey Naruto,” I told him in a whisper, “after school can you help me out with something? I need a sparring buddy.”

“Eh? You want me to beat you up?” Naruto asked.

I sighed, “no, I decided to try and create my own taijutsu style, I need to know how good it is,” I gave Naruto a lie, after all how else could I explain my learning of the Disturbance style? If someone does recognize it I can just claim ignorance stating I had no clue what I was doing and just making it up as I went along.


Lie successful!

I blinked, that was new. Guess me getting that lying skill changed things up. Naruto nodded, “oh cool! Sure I’ll love to help! Same time right?”

I smiled, “thanks Naruto.”

“Hey dobe,” came Sasuke’s sudden call.

Naruto and I turned to him, “what do you want teme?” Naruto asked with narrowed eyes.

“Are you two really going to fight after classes?” Sasuke asked.

Naruto and I looked at each other before I spoke up, “and if we were?”

“Hn,” he grunted, “I’m coming. I need to test myself.”

I blinked, “what?” He didn’t say a thing, he just got up and took his tray and left. I turned to Naruto, “what just happened?”

“I think he wants a fight,” Naruto glared daggers at Sasuke’s back, “and I’m going to give it to him!”

I rolled my eyes, ‘they barely know each other and they are already going to fight? God this shit is destiny.’

We had another class on science, I’m guessing the classes are finally going to become interesting from now on. On a side note, I really need to start learning kanji for that I can begin fuinjutsu, but then again if I can’t even perform a fucking henge I doubt such a skill will come so easily to me.

At the end of the day Naruto and I waited for everyone to leave before we came to the training ground. Today a lot more students were using it, mainly the obstacle course and the target practise area. There were a few chunin teachers also present, making sure no one got hurt.

We found Sasuke waiting for us in the taijutsu ring. He looked up and spotted us walking over to him, “about time.”

“Shut up teme!” Naruto cried out, “why are you even here anyway?! You barely said a word to us and now you want to play with us?!”

“I’m not here to play, I’m here to test myself,” Sasuke said with a grunt. He looked at me, “you said you were developing your own style?”

Ah, seems I’m not the only eavesdropper around. I nodded, “yes, that’s true. Trying anyway.”

“Hn, let’s go then, I’ll be your opponent,” Sasuke said as he stepped into the ring.


Quest Alert!

Defeat Sasuke in a taijutsu spar!


+50 EXP


Possible broken bone

Do you accept?


I blinked, “well, okay I suppose,” I walked into the ring. I held out my hand, two fingers extended upwards.

Sasuke looked at it and raised an eyebrow, “what are you doing?”

“It’s called the seal of confrontation,” I told you, “you do it when you’re sparring against someone from the same village, to show that lethal force isn’t needed.”

“Oh, you sure know a lot huh Yami,” Naruto said impressed, even Sasuke seemed to raise an eyebrow at this information.

“Fine,” the Uchiha said as he made the symbol as well before lowering his stance into a form that I’m guessing his style used. If I recall correctly Sasuke uses the Uchiha style, fast strike, but direct, hopefully I can beat that.

“Naruto, be the referee,” I told the kid as I made eye contact with Sasuke and held it.

“What? Oh, okay,” Naruto walked over and stood out of the ring, “begin!”

I moved quickly like a viper. I leaped into the air sending my right like at Sasuke’s head. The boy ducked under the swep, I landed on the ground on one leg before leaping upwards, turning my foot clockwise to spin all the way around again, this time my legs coming in low to sweep Sasuke off his feet.

The continuous motion caught the Uchiha off gaurd causing him to get his feet swept out from under him.

I didn’t then leaped upwards, jumping on one leg again, bringing my foot down on his back. Sasuke rolled away in time to escape, he got on his feet and ran at me with a fist drawn back.

The Disturbance style did just that, disturbed the opponent, so when Sasuke’s punch came I raise my left hand to block it, but this allowed me to raise my right leg up as well. I caught Sasuke’s punch in my forearm, but my kick hit him in the shin, knocking him down again.

This time I didn’t let him rest as I brought a fist down on his back stroking his right shoulder blade hard.

“Gaw!” he grunted in pain, but immediately he rolled away, sending a kick at my face. I skipped backwards to avoid it. Sasuke got on his feet and immediately I charged at him.

He leapt forward sending a kick at my head. I moved like a boxer, hopping in place to dodge his every kick. I was waiting for my chance. Just then he sent a punch at my shoulder, I dodged, Sasuke had over reached, now was my chance.

I brought my knee up to hit him in the gut, but the moment I did that Sasuke’s hand came up and blocked my strike. He then used my knee as leverage to leap up and bring a kick down at my face.


-5 HP!

I was seeing stars, but I didn’t care. The fucking brat hit me! He was dead!

He back flipped and landed away from me but I was on him. Sasuke’s eyes went wide as I sent kick after kick at him, some times aiming for his face, sometimes his gut. He was forced to block, but immediately I got my chance, he left his lower half without protection.

I sent a punch at his head, acting on instinct he blocked it, but he didn’t notice my second fist coming for his gut. It connected with a thump of flesh ringing out loudly, I smiled, ‘got you now you son of a bitch!’

I brought my knee up and hit him in the jaw. I pushed him back gaining distance on him punching his chest and gut, throwing him outside the ring.

Sasuke growled as he immediately got back on his feet and charged at me when Naruto called out, “stop! Yami wins!”

“What?!” Sasuke asked glaring at the blonde.

“You stepped out of the circle teme,” Naruto said pointing down, Sasuke looked down and realised that was the case, “you lose.”


Quest completed!

Defeat Sasuke in a taijutsu spar!


+50 EXP


Your skill leveled up!

  • Disturbance style, Lv- 4 (80%)

Akin to a warrior's dance performance, a user of this style is able to rapidly and relentlessly bombard their target with precision, at various angles and locations. This style, comprised of sheer unpredictable movements, can easily catch his opponents off-guard.

DMG- +7 + STR + DEX

Speed- 11% faster

Huh, guess winning a fight using a taijutsu style really gave it a lot of experience. I closed the boxes and sighed rubbing my face, “that was a good kick Sasuke. It hurt like hell!”

The Uchiha growled, “next time it will be my victory,” he turned around and stormed off.

“Hey wait!” I called out.

The boy turned around and glared at me, “what?!”

I extended two fingers in the form of a handshake, “it’s the sign of reconciliation, it means that I still consider you an ally and friend.”

Sasuke looked at it, glared and extended his fingers, catching me for about a second before he let it go and walked away in a hurry, guess he didn’t like losing huh?

“Damn, what’s his problem?” Naruto asked.

“He doesn’t like to lose,” I told the blonde, “anyway, want to spar?”

Naruto’s eyes went wide, “hell yeah! Let’s go! And don’t hold back on me! I’ll beat you up real good Yami!”

I chuckled, “let’s see,” we made the sign of confrontation before leaping into our spar. Naruto’s style was basically a brawling type, nothing too great, but he did have strength behind his shots. I managed to keep him on his toes and keep his alert, but it did his no great favours as I still won.

But Naruto really didn’t mind losing to me, I think he didn’t mind at all as long as it wasn’t Sasuke he lost too.

“You did pretty good Naruto,” I said at the end of our match where we performed the sign of reconciliation.

“Yeah, but you still beat me,” Naruto pouted before brightening up, “hey, you think you can teach me your style?! It would be so cool if you could!”

I blinked, could I teach him? It would be possible, I have all the katas and requirements in my head, all I have to do is reverse engineer the style and teach Naruto. It is technically possible.

I turned to Naruto, who was looking at me with big blue puppy dog eyes and hopping in eagerness. I chuckled, “yes Naruto, I’ll teach you what I can.”

“Yes! This is going to be so cool! When can we start?!” he asked me.

“Tomorrow?” I shrugged, “how about after school?”

“Sure that sounds-”

“-Hey kid,” I looked over and found the chunin who was supposed to be supervising everyone call us over. Naruto and I walked over without complain, the man looked at us, “what were you doing just then?”

I looked at man, brown hair cut short, common chunin uniform and a scar on his cheek;

Goru Zubaka, Teacher

Lv- 43

REP- 0

“We were sparring sensei,” I told him.

He raised an eyebrow, “oh? And how old are you?”


“Not old enough. Listen kid, don’t do things like that, you’ll get yourself hurt, or worse, the people around you,” he narrowed his eyes glaring at me, “if I see you fighting again you’re going to be in trouble, got that?”

Naruto and I glared at the man. “I’m sorry but what? I’m training to be a ninja, why shouldn’t I get a head start on things?”

“We teachers know what we’re doing kid, we know when you need to start fighting, so listen to what we’re saying.”

Naruto and I grumbled, the man scoffed at us before ordering us to leave. Naruto and I left, the blonde kicking rocks out of the way, “I hate that guy,” he muttered.

“Me too,” I grumbled, I don’t like being told what to do, in case you haven’t noticed. Plus who the fuck is he to tell me I can’t train? I looked at Naruto and smiled, “hey Naruto, want to prank him?”

Naruto blinked once in surprise before he smiled, “really Yami? You want to prank people?!”

I nodded, “yeah, this guy deserves it!”

“Alright!” Naruto cheered before dropping down, “oh wait, we don’t even know his name!”

“Goru Zubaka,” I informed him.

Naruto blinked, “how did you know that?”

I shrugged, “I know a few of the teachers in the academy, I heard people talking and rumors. Now, how are we going to do this?”

Naruto smiled, “we need itching powder, super glue and paint!”

I blinked, “Naruto, just what the hell are you planning?”

Naruto giggled, “first I douse him with itching powder mixed with glue. When I reached for watch to wash it off, it’ll instead be paint!”

I blinked, “that’s way to complicated.”

“Hmm! You have a better idea?”


Quest Alert!

Prank Goru!


+50 EXP




Do you accept?


I clicked yes and thought about it, I looked at Academy window and saw Iruka sensei inside grading papers. I immediately got an idea. I turned to him, “where’s the nearest convenience store.”

Naruto was confused but shrugged and showed me. We reached place and I quickly walked in, but Naruto stayed back, “ah, why don’t you go inside? I’ll be here.”

I blinked, “Naruto, you’re the one with the cash.”

Naruto blinked, “o-oh, right,” he gulped and nervously followed me inside. I walked in and immediately felt eyes looking at us or more specifically Naruto. Oh, so that’s why he didn’t want to come here.

I rolled my eyes and ignored the people. I looked around the store and immediately found the magazine rack near one corner of the store.

“What are we doing here Yami?” Naruto asked curiously.

I opened my inventory, “hey Naruto, what’s that over there?” I asked pointing over his shoulder.

“What?” he turned around distracted. I took this chance to grabbed a porno magazine and put it into my inventory before Naruto even noticed. He turned back, “there was nothing there.”

“Oh, my bad,” I chuckled, “come on, let’s go, I got what we need.”

Naruto blinked, “but you didn’t take anything.”

I shrugged, “maybe.” We walked out just as fast as we came in, the store owner still glaring at us. We walked out and I pulled Naruto into an alley way and opened my inventory. I made sure he couldn’t see me when I pulled out the porno book form my inventory before I presented it to him, “ta-da!”

Naruto’s eyes sparkled, “how did you do that?!”

I smirked, “I’m an excellent thief. Now, this book is how we are going to get that bastard back!”

Naruto blinked, “what is it?”

“It’s something adults like,” I shrugged, “but whatever, come on, follow my lead okay?” Naruto blinked but shrugged and did so. We went back into the academy and this time we went to the teacher’s lounge where we found Iruka still correcting papers.

The ninja looked up and smiled, “ah Yami, Naruto, how can I help you?”

“Hello Iruka-sensei,” I bowed, “we were just looking for Goru-sensei, is he around here?”

Iruka shook his head, “no, he’s outside. May I ask why?”

I smiled, “well, he wanted us to buy him something from the convenience store,” I told Iruka as I held up the porno magazine.

Immediately Iruka went red, “w-what?! He told you to buy that for him?!”

I nodded, “yes. But I don’t know if this is the right issue, I don’t really know what this is. I wanted to open it and see-”


“No you don’t!” Iruka appeared next to me almost in an instant grabbing the magazine from my hands, “you two are too young for something like this! What was he thinking?! I’m going to have a word with him about this!”

Immediately Iruka walked out of the room leaving me and Naruto alone. Naruto looked at me with wide eyes, “why did he act like that?”

I smirked, “you see that book is for adults only, so when I told him Goru asked us to buy it for him, he was angry, kids aren’t supposed to do stuff like that. Listen Naruto, if Iruka comes back with Goru in hand stick to the story okay? When he called us over and yelled at us for practicing taijutsu, tell him he also asked us to buy the magazine, okay?”

Naruto immediately realised the rick and grinned like the devil, “right!”

In a minute Iruka came back, this time with Goru in toe. The Chunin spotted us and yelled, “what do you two think you’re doing?!”

“P-please Goru-sensei, please don’t yell at us,” Naruto said sniffing, pretending to hold back tears, “we did what you asked us too!”

I nodded, “yeah, please don’t punish us!”

Iruka turned to Goru, “you have one chance to explain yourself Goru.”

“T-they’re lying!” Goru yelled, “both of them! I caught them sparing in the training yard and yelled at them! This must be because of that!”

I tilted my head to the side, “what do you mean Goru-sensei? You’re the one who called us there in the first place.”

“You brat!” Goru steamed.

“That’s enough,” Iruka grabbed Goru's shoulder, “we’re going to have a talk with the hokage. Come with me.”

I felt I didn’t. Time to put the nail into the coffin, “I-Iruka-sensei, we had to pay for the magazine, we don’t have any cash.”

Iruka’s eyes went wide, “right, how much was it?”

“One thousand ryo,” I told them with a straight face.

“What one thousand ryo?! But this magazine isn’t more than 200 ryo!” Goru yelled.

“Yeah, but they charged me more for some reason,” Naruto spoke up putting on a pouting face, “I’m nearly out of money for the month!”

Iruka sighed, “pay them Goru.”

“You can’t be serious!” the man yelled.

“Do it,” Iruka sighed rubbing his nose.

The chunin growled taking out his wallet and slamming a thousand yen into my waiting hand. Iruka took him away, he took one finally look back at us, glaring. I flipped him the bird. That really pissed him off.

His REP score went from 0 to -38, yup, he hates us.

The moment the two teacher left Naruto dropped his fake cry baby eyes. “Yata! That was amazing! Did you see the look on his face?! That’ll teach him not to mess with us!”

I smiled, “hell yeah!”


Quest completed!

Prank Goru!


+50 EXP

1,000 R

I grinned before pushing the notification away. I took the money and split it in half, “here Naruto, your half.”

Naruto blinked, “eh? But why? You did all the work.”

“Yeah, but if I didn’t have you to really sell the bank  would have failed!” I grinned pushing the 500 Ryo notes into his hands, “there, half in half, equal.”

And just like that Naruto’s REP score went from 38 to 42. We cheered as we left the academy, promising to meet each other tomorrow. I put the money into my inventory, finally changing my money counter from 0 to 500. It’s not much, but it’s more than I had before.

I looked at my EXP;

Level- 1 (170/200)

Just 30 more points and I can level up! So exciting! Hm, maybe after I level up I should enter a dungeon, yeah, that seems reasonable. I opened my active quest list;

Convince Naruto to let you move in with you!


A place of your own!

+100 EXP

Learn the art of seals!


+500 EXP

+2 stat points

From this the most logical option would be to convince Naruto to let me move in with him. It would give me a place of my own and enough EXP to level up. But I don’t feel right pushing this on him just yet.

Hm, seals, might as well start my kanji...tomorrow. For tonight I have a date with a book about a samurai that is lost. Hey wait, that kind of sounds like Samurai Jack! Hm, maybe I should write some books.


Yami, Little Professor

Level- 1 (170/200)

HP- 50/50

SP- 25/25

CP- 25/25


Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 2

VIT- 8

DEX- 2

INT- 11 (+2)

CHA- 4

CC- 15

LUC- 2

Points- 5

Money- 500R

An Orphan living in Konoha, born the day after the Kyuubi attacked, Yami has been known to be a quiet child, people barely even realise he exists. He has no real past, but his future is blank, his potential is in his hands alone.