The Spider Chapter 10

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 10: A Date to Remember

I dropped Felicia home, it was a large apartment complex in the good part of town. She seemed embarrassed to admit she lived there, but I didn’t really care. I gave her a deep good night kiss before leaving back home.

My leg was hurting, I managed to hide the limp from Felicia so that she wouldn’t be worried but now I didn’t bother hiding the limp.

I managed to convince May and Ben I just twisted my ankle while dancing, laughing it off. They asked me if I was alright, they heard about Electro, and I lied, telling them I was nowhere near that psycho.

I went into my room and quickly changed into my night clothes. I pulled the vial of Electro's blood suit pocket and looked at it, it still sparked in power. I hide in under my bed and lied down intending to get some sleep.

But five minutes later my door creaked open. I grumbled, I already knew who it was, “I thought you would give me a week to think about it.”

“That was before you took out a man that shot lightning out of his ass,” came Fury’s response as he took a seat on my chair, “besides, I came to understand you already made up your mind.”

“Did she tell you my conditions?” I asked.

“Yes, she did. Tell me kid, why are you so obsessed with this small place? Why limit yourself?”

“This is my home Fury, why wouldn’t I want to protect it?” I asked.

“Are you expecting it to be burnt to the ground if you’re not there to protect it?”

“Last month I stopped a man in a wearable tank suit destroy a street and today I stopped a man that shot lightning out of his fingers from killing people. Do you want to ask me that again?”

Fury looked impressed, he remained silent, it was an interrogation tactic, one I wasn’t falling for. Finally he broke first, “she also told me the other condition you had. You want to keep what you make for us?”

“You’ll give me funding and access, I want autonomy for whatever I invent.”

“That’s a lot of freedom you’re asking for. Why should I believe you won’t just take this tech and run away?”

“What makes you think I’ll listen to you while training?” I raised an eyebrow, “you need me and I need you. You know me, do you really think I’m capable of doing that?”


I smirked, “good. Because I am. But I also don’t like letting people get hurt when I can stop it. So until you allow me to do that you won’t get any problem from me.”

Fury thought it over for a moment before nodding, “the conditions are...acceptable. Are you ready to begin?”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, why? Did you want to sleep?” he asked in a mocking tone.

I growled, “for your information I actually did get hurt in the last fight,” I pointed at my leg which was now visibly bruised, “it’s going to take me a few days to heal.”

Fury narrowed his eyes, “do you need medicine? We can provide medical support if you wish.”

“No, I can’t be sure how my body will react to a foreign substance, I’m still not sure just what inside me has changed. I’ll be fine, just give me two days or so.”

“Fine,” Fury nodded, “this is the last time you’ll see me Parker, I’m assigning Agent Romanoff to be your liaison with SHIELD and your trainer. You’ll listen to her and do exactly what she says, understood?”

I raised an eyebrow, “and agent Romanoff is my English teacher, yes?”

Fury nodded, “yes.”

“What happens when Dunkan returns to the job?”

“Mr. Dunkan has won an all expense paid trip to Hawaii where he’ll spend the better part of a year. I doubt we’ll see him anytime soon.”

I whistled, “damn, that’s a lot of planning and money spent on little old me. Am I really worth all that?”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Fury said walking out. He closed the door behind him and I heard his footsteps leave the house.

I sighed and went back to bed, sometimes I wish I never became a goddamn superhero.

The next day:

I woke up early on Saturday and quickly checked my house for bugs. I found 10 in my room and 5 in the basement. I proceeded to destroy them, but instead of throwing them in the trash I kept the around to study. If SHIELD insisted on wasting bugs on me who was I to complain?

I had breakfast and limped my way downstairs. I locked myself inside and took out the arc reactors I was studying.

I spent the better part of the afternoon further studying it. It was honestly amazing, it could produce more energy than anything it’s size had any business doing. It was like a portable giant battery that never ran out of juice. Unless it’s core was depleted, which was a major problem.

They were using Palladium, something that had a high deterioration rate and would get burnt out fast. Tony would need to synthesis a new element to fix this problem, which was exactly what he did in Iron Man 2.

I went online and searched the science documentary websites and immediately was bombarded with news that Stark had applied for a patent to a new element which he promptly named ‘Badassium’.

The new element would be able to power an arc reactor indefinitely, instead of constant changes in Palladium cells. I needed to get my hands on some of that, but unfortunately only one man on Earth could make it and I doubt he would like the fact I knew how to make his favorite toy.

I then moved on to the repulsor technology. I understood what he used to thrust himself upwards, but I needed to understand how. It took me all day but I finally managed to break down the system and rebuild it.

I even had a few ideas on how to improve the system, maybe even a use this technology in other gadgets I wished to build.

That night as I was packing things up my phone buzzed, someone had texted me. It was Felicia;

F: Hey.

P: Hey yourself. How have you been?

F: Fine. You?

P: Okay, just doing a little studying.

F: You are such a nerd.

P: Yup.

F: Anyway, about last night...

P: Yes?

F: Remember what I asked?

P: For a proper date?

F: Yeah, are you free tomorrow?

P: For you? Always. Where do you want to go?

F: Anywhere is fine Tiger. Your pick.

P: Okay, dinner and a movie sound good to you?

F: Yes. I’ll see you then. Pick me up?

P: Yup. Night Kitten.

F: Night Tiger.

She wasn’t much of a texter and neither was I. Guess I had a date to plan.

On Sunday I worked a little more on the repulsor tech and the drones. The drones themselves were boring as hell, big, clumsy and outdated. Guess that’s what you get when you to rip off other people’s ideas instead of making your own.

I of course also planned on ripping Stark’s tech, but at least I understood what I was doing and new how to make improvements.

Around the afternoon I got ready and went out to pick Felicia up. She looked amazing, she wore a pair of tight jeans, a black blouse with a jacket over it. The date wasn’t something out of a fairy tale or something like that, it was just a way for us to get to know each other.

We watched some crappy comedy movie and laughed at the horrible acting and the corny jokes. I took her out for dinner and she insisted on splitting the check, something about it being fair after standing me up at Julio’s.

And now I walked her back home, telling her a joke that made her laugh so hard she snorted like a pig.

“Oh my god I can’t believe you did that!” she laughed.

“I know! So I’m stuck under the principal's desk, she comes in and sits down and I’m praying Osborn has the balls to trip the alarm. And just as I was about to reach third base with the principle he did it. I managed to sneak out when she left to see what the commotion was about but after that I swore I would never ever follow Harry’s dumb ideas!”

Felicia snorted, “ha! Oh God!”

I grinned, “you sound so cute when you snort.”

“Shut it!” she hissed, still smiling.

“I’m serious! It makes you look so cute!”

“As if I wasn’t cute before,” she huffed.

“No, you’re usually beautiful, now you’re cute,” I smiled as I did my best to walk slower, but soon we reached at her place. I sighed looked at the building, stupid building, why did have to be so close? “So...I guess this is it huh?”

Felicia smiled, “how about another walk around the block? I don’t feel like going home and giving mom a report on what I did tonight.”

I grinned, “sounds good,” I wrapped my hand around hers as we walked around the block again and again. We did that for an hour, just talking with each other, neither wanting to end this night.

But soon her mother called her up and asked her to come home, it was getting late. I sighed, “I had a great time tonight.”

Felicia smiled, “ too Tiger.”

“You want to do this again sometime?”

“Why Tiger, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” she teased.

I blinked, did I? There were so many things we hide from each other, I knew a few of her secrets, but she knew none of mine and….oh fuck it.

I cupped her face with both hands and bent forward, catching her lips in mine. She dived into the kiss, her hands wrapping around me as I heard her sigh.

I broke it slowly, holding her close as I looked into her eyes. “Will you?”

She smiled, “sure...why not?”

I smiled, “looks like I just hit the Jackpot Kitten,” I kissed her again and with that the date ended and I officially had a girlfriend.

On my way back home I wondered if this was the right thing to do. Having a girlfriend was a big responsibility and a commitment. I didn’t know if I can tell her everything about me...Spider-man, SHIELD, all of that. I didn’t maybe for now we take it slow yeah?

On Monday I walked into school with a spring in my step. I was excited to see my girlfriend, wow that sounded weird to say. Anyway, I walked up to my locker and opened it when suddenly two hand covered my eyes.

“Guess who,” she sang and I smiled, I recognized her scent anywhere.

I grabbed her by the hands and pulled her around, pinning her against the locker as I kissed her on the lips. I quickly broke it and smiled, “morning Felicia.”

“If you’re going to great me like that every morning I might actually like coming to school Tiger,” she said huskily, “are you going to let me go or what?”

“Hm, such a tough choice, on one hand I could get in trouble, but on the other hand I really don’t want to,” I smiled before moving away letting her free, “so, you ready for your physics quiz?”

“That’s today?” she asked surprised, “great, and I didn’t study. This is all your fault you know!”


“Because I was supposed to study last night, but you had to ask me out and make me all emotional that I completely forgot!”

I rolled my eyes, “relax, you’ll pass, why else have I been tutoring you every day after school?”

“Hm, because you like spending time with me?”

“Well...that is true,” I smiled as we went to first period together.

I tried to spend as much time as I could with Felicia. She was honestly a lot nicer than I gave her credit for. Maybe it was because she was younger and more impressionable, but she was nothing like the Black Cat I read in the comics.

We did garner some attention, people looked at us and guessed that we were dating. MJ and Harry also looked closer, I guess she finally said yes to him, it didn’t bother me as much now, but I was still worried based on the fact she was now with an Osborn of all people.

After school we had our tutoring session, I was right when I said Felicia would pass her quiz, she did it with flying colours. Unfortunately she had to go home early that night, her mother had called and needed her back home immediately. Felicia left, but not without giving me a big goodbye kiss that lasted a little longer than necessary, I think it was her way to telling MJ to stay away.

“So, you and Felicia huh?” MJ asked as we packed up our stuff.

“I could say the same about you and Osborn,” I told her as we left the coffee shop.

“It’s not official or anything, he just...he asked me out on a date, I said yes,” MJ shrugged.

“Look MJ I know it’s not my business or anything, but be careful. Don’t trust Norman Osborn, that man is shrewd and cunning, Harry looks up to him and obeys him. He can’t help it, be weary, don’t let them convince you to do something you don’t want to. Be careful.”

“Oh relax Peter, you sound like I’m going to fight a war,” MJ laughed. I groaned, in some ways she was right.

We went our separate ways and the moment I turned the corner I noticed I was being followed, and by someone familiar. I snuck into the nearest alleyway and waited for her to follow me. She stepped in and I nodded, “agent Romanoff.”

Natasha removed her glasses and blonde wig, “you’re ability to see past disguises is exceptional. Most wouldn’t be able to notice what was right under their noses.”

“Hiding in plain sight right?” I asked nodding, “anyway, are you here to take me to my first assignment?”

“You’re not ready for any field work, not until I say so,” she put her disguise away and motioned me to follow, “come, it’s time I showed you where you’ll be trained.”

I followed her without question. I walked back a good five feet just in case she didn’t want people to know we were together. As we walked I couldn’t help my ass landing on her amazing ass, I couldn’t help it, she had the body of Scarlett Johansson, you try not checking that ass out!

I think she caught though as she turned around and smiled seductively, I knew there was no emotion behind that look, she was just trying to rile me up, so I just smiled back with a shrug.

We eventually reached a old warehouse near the old part of Queens. She took out a golden key and unlocked the door, the inside was barren, the entire place was empty except for a few crates of what looked like packing paper.

She walked up to the wall on the right and pressed her hand against a normal looking stone. It blared to life and the wall opened revealing an elevator inside.

We got in, the lift had only three options, G, B and LB. Ground, basement and lower basement if I had to guess. Natasha pressed LB and we were off.

“Did Fury tell you what is expected off you?” Natasha asked.

“No, but I can take a guess. He wants me to be a field agent, one that is prepared for anything and everything the world might throw at me. You’ll be handling my training and like you said once you think I’m ready I’ll be sent out on mission. Did I miss anything?”

“I’ll also be teaching you how to operate as an agent, not just training you to be a fighter. I’ll teach you to be a spy, to infiltrate a gang and disable it from the inside out.”

I raised an eyebrow, “read my file have you.”

“What gave you that idea?”

“You mention fight a gang from the inside, obviously you know about GST, trying to draw my attention to your usefulness.”

Natasha raised an unimpressed eyebrow, “good, you’ll need those observation skills of yours. Though next time, don’t reveal all your cards.”

The lift doors opened revealing a darkened room. Natasha snapped her fingers and the lights came on. I gaped, it was an underground command center with a conference table in the middle, computer monitors to one side, an old fashioned filing cabinets to the other, a locker with guns and other weaponry near the back and a sofa with a small kitchen further away.

“Welcome to the Queens safehouse. SHIELD gave it to us for training and mission purposes, we’ll have other agents drop in from time to time, but other than that it’s only going to be us. Come, I’ll show you around,” Natasha walked off.

“This is the main room,” she pointed to room we were in. She went through a hallway near the back, we passed by several rooms with transparent walls, “gym, data hub, lab and supply closet. Any questions?”

“Do you live here?” I asked.

“The floor below.”

“Okay...when do we start?”

“Now, follow me,” she took me back to the main hall. She pressed a button, the wall opened up revealing a closet filled with SHIELD uniforms. She picked up a pair of tracks, shirt and shoes, “put this on and meet me at the gym.”

I did so and walked into the gym. I could see weights and gymnastic equipments further away, but in the middle of the room was a giant training mat. I looked around but no red head in sight. I was about to drop the matter when my spidey senses went off.

She was going to jump me from the back. I turned and grabbed her in the last moment, throwing her away clumsy. Natasha landed on her feet and narrowed her eyes, “how did you know?”

“So SHIELD doesn’t have a record of all my powers huh?” I grinned. Natasha didn’t say anything, simply raising a single eyebrow. I sighed, “it’s like precognition. Every time I’m in danger my brain goes into hyperdrive and allows me to react faster than normal.”

“So you’re psychic?” she asked.

“No, I don’t think so. I think it’s something to do with the spider that bite me, it could sense danger as well, I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it does.”

“Maybe you should research your powers, it could prove useful.”

I raised an eyebrow, “isn’t SHIELD already doing that for me? I assumed you already got some DNA from me,” I really didn’t like that idea, but it was a fact. No spy agency worth their salt would not take measures to control an unknown factor.

“We don’t experiment with our agent’s DNA without their permission,” she lied through her teeth.

“Woah, that’s amazing, you going to teach me how to lie that good? Or is it more like a natural thing?” I asked.

Natasha raised an eyebrow before smiling, she got into a fighting stance, “let’s see what you got Spider.”

I grinned, “bring it Natty.”

The next hour was pain and bruises for me. My reaction time was good, great even, but like I have found out time and time again, people with enough skills, like Felicia, can get the drop on me. And Natasha took joy in pointing that out.


She slammed me into the floor once more, pinning me down with her foot on my chest, “you’re still reacting instead of leading Spider. Your instincts are good, but they should only be used as a last resort, nothing more.”

“So you keep saying,” I growled getting back up, “again?”

“No, that’s enough for now. I need to figure out what best to teach you,” Nat pulled out a phone and typed away into it, “you can use the weights and gymnastic equipment until then. Don’t hurt yourself.”

I nodded as I moved to the weights, I picked up a 20 pound dumbbell easy and began some basic curls “so Nat, what types of martial arts do you know?”

“Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Boxing, Aikido, Savate, Ninjutsu, various styles of Kung Fu and Kenpo. Just to name a few.”

I stopped and whistled, “damn...remind me never to get on your bad side.”

“Sure,” she gave a half smile, “every day you’ll have hand to hand training with me for a hour. I’ll give you a hour break in between for you to complete your homework and such before going into other details such as tactics and how to be a field agent. You’ll have to spend at least three hours with me in this bunker everyday. Got that?”

“Three hours in a bunker with a beautiful woman everyday? Other than my girlfriend getting jealous I don’t see a problem,” I shrugged.

“Good, you have free time now, don’t waste it,” and with that she left.

After working out for a bit I went and finished all my homework for the day, relaxing for the rest of the time. Natash then made me sat down at the conference table and slammed  thick 2,000 page book in front of me.

“The SHIELD manual, read it, memorise it.”

I whistled, the font was small, really small, “is this really necessary?”


“Do you follow every word in this?”


“Again, you really have to tell me how you can lie so easily,” I scoffed pushing the book to the side. “So what’s first teach?”

She put down a book in french, “you need to learn new languages if you want to fit in.”

I know a little bit of french, I think we can skip this part,” I told her in my best french.

Natash’s eyebrows actually raised up in surprise, “I didn’t know you spoke french.

There's a lot you don’t know about me Nat. For instance I love vanilla ice cream. Put that in my file would you?

Nat rolled her eyes, “fine, what languages do you know?”

“French, Spanish, a little German, and I began to read up on Japanese but I stopped half way.”

“Okay then, let’s test your language skills,“ she said before asking me GK questions in different languages. After I answer a question correctly in the same language she would switch to a completely different one.

She stuck to the languages I knew, but she made me work for it asking more and more complex questions.

At the end of my first training session I was exhausted mentally and physically, but I knew it was worth it.

I made my way to the Baxter building by 7 or so and spent two hours with them helping Reed and Sue out on their projects.

By that time Felicia had called me two times, one when I was in the bunker and once at the Baxter building. She was just checking up on me and I had to lie about the bunker thing, telling her I was just at the Chikara dojo.

We chatted for awhile until she hung up, telling me she had to go. It was gooey and romantic, but I liked it just the same.

At around 9 in the night I returned home and ate. I told Ben and May I was going to be putting in more hours at the Baxter building from now on and they understood, though May was a little reluctant.

At around 11, when I knew they wouldn’t disturb me, I swung out into the city as Spider-man, I still had a job to do after all.

As I swung down Hell’s kitchen I stopped by Matt Murdock’s place. The rookie lawyer had now made a name for himself and his firm with the handling of the GST case. Of course he wasn’t allowed to represent the state, that was the DA’s job, but he did get credit for bringing in the evidence to the case.

I swung by his house and noticed him sitting in his living room reading a book. He paused for a moment and turned out the window. I guess his hearing was so good he could hear my heartbeat from across the street.

He waved at me and I waved back, though I later realised that was a stupid thing to do when dealing with a blind man.

I stopped a ATM robbery and two muggings that night. And just when I was about to call it a night I saw a figure in a black track suit running towards the banking district.

I rolled my eyes, ‘so that’s what she was busy with,’ I swung by and landed before her, “heya Cat! Fancy running into you here!”

“Great, you again,” Black Cat sighed, “seriously man, you are totally bumming my style. Can’t a girl rob rich people blind in peace in this town?!”

“,” I shrugged, “anyway, how about instead of being a thief tonight and me stopping you and you eventually getting away, we skip the whole deal and get something to eat? I’m hungry and I doubt you had something this late in the night.”

Cat snorted, “hate to break it to you Spider, but I have a boyfriend.”

I gasped in surprise, “really? You? You don’ don’t seem the type,” my acting must be Oscar worthy cause she bought it.

Black Cat shrugged, “I didn’t think I was either, but...well, things change.”

“Ah, is it that hero guy who saved your life? I remember mentioning him before,” I scratched my head, “never did get his name.”

“And you’re never going to,” she narrowed her eyes dangerously, “and who I’m dating is of none business of yours!”

I rolled my eyes, lady you have no idea, “well okay sheesh, just curious. So have you told him yet? About,” I pointed at her costume up and down.

“No, of course not!” she hissed, “I’m not stupid! He would freak out!”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, from what you told me he seems like a pretty sweet guy. Plus I mean, starting a relationship with secrets is….well it’s not healthy. Trust me. My girlfriend is awesome, but she likes to hide things.”

“Wait, you have a girlfriend?” Cat sounded surprised.

“Yup! What? You think with a body like this I didn’t have one?” I laughed.

“ she like a spider or something?”

I blinked, “, she’s human.”

“Really? Does she live in Canada?” she teased.

I sigh, “why would I lie about having a girlfriend to one of my arch rivals?”

“I’m your archrival?”

“Well it’s either you or Electro. Honestly I’m glad you’re the closest thing I have to an arch rival, I do not need that kind of stress in my life.”

Cat hummed as she leaded on the roof, “ think I should tell him?”

I nodded as I stood next to her, “definitely. My girl tried to hide something from me and I found out. I think she thinks I would freak out, but I honestly didn’t care, it was part of the reason I liked her. But I don’t want to push it, we’re just starting out and I don’t want to seem….pushy?”

“So you know her secret, but you’re just acting dumb?” Black Cat asked.

“Yup. I want her to trust me enough to tell me off her own accord, only then can our relationship move.”

“Does she know about...well, the whole super hero thing?”

“Nope,” I chuckled.

“Then why don’t you tell her? If you want your relationship to mature can’t you just tell her your secret and push her to reveal hers?”

“Not really, I know her secret Cat and I accept that. But….but I don’t know how she’ll react to me dressing up and fighting crime. Honestly I don’t want to lose her.”

Cat gave me an understanding smile as she rubbed my hand, “give it time. I’m sure she’ll come around.”

“And you? Are you going to tell your boy toy who you really are?”

“I...I think so,” she shook her head, “not right now but soon. We just started going out yesterday and I...I don’t want to scare him off.”

“Well whatever you do I hope you succeed. Oh, and one more thing,” I grabbed her hand currently trying to pick one of my pockets, “please don’t try to rob me while we’re having an emotional moment, it’s really a dick move.”

“He-he, sorry Spider, old habit,” she got on the building ledge and threw a grapple line across, swinging away, “see you Spider!” she cried out as she swung away.

I sighed, I should probably stop her or something, but there is no way in hell I’m sending my own girlfriend into jail! So for tonight I guess she gets a free pass.

For the next month or so this was my life.

School was the one normal part of my life, which also made it the most boring. I managed to get around that though by making out with Felicia as much as I could. She and I almost got caught several times, but that just made things all the more exciting.

Nat began to really tighten the screws on me during training. I had to memorize that manual in a week’s time and the learn to forget or ignore certain parts as the need arises. Most were easy to remember, it mostly involved not acting like an idiot while on missions.

Nat also began to teach me different forms of fighting, starting with karate, the simplest form, according to her at least. While my kendo training did help with the basics, I had to learn of new techniques in a short while. Difficult to do, but I was willing to put in the time.

She kicked my ass every day and slowly I was learning to spot the weak points in her attacks, at least the ones she let me find.

She also started to drill me on other fields of knowledge I would need to know, like fashion, current world news, reality TV shows and even art criticism. I would need to blend in while on missions, you will never know when even the most basic of information might end up saving lives.

I did however have time to lean back and relax. Felicia and I texted constantly, at one point Nat broke my phone because I wasn’t focusing on her lecture. I had to buy a new phone and promise never to use it while training.

But that didn’t stop us from growing closer. Whenever I could I spent time with her, sometimes she almost felt suffocated and needed her own space, but I understood. She wasn’t used to these feelings, so I took it slowly.

She didn’t tell me she was the Black Cat yet, I guess that is to be expected after all we have just been dating for a month or so. I think there was one ot two times she was considering it, but I can’t be too sure of that.

Other than Felicia I had no personal life, MJ did talk to me when she could, but she usually just spent most of her time with her new boyfriend, who I think is starting to realise having a girlfriend isn’t all fun and games. Whatever, it’s Osborn’s problem now.

At the Baxter building I finally started to get into my own research. I brought the arc reactors and drone parts I stole and put them in my lab. I kept them hidden and out of sight, the FF didn’t need to learn about these just yet.

I began experimenting with them, working on how to improve them. It took me some time before I fully understood how each system worked and to be honest I was both impressed and horrified at Peter’s intelligence, the kid understood something the smartest men in the world had trouble figuring out, sure he had an actual model, but still, impressive and scary.

I also began researching into Electro's blood. The blood was an amazing conductor of electricity, I used the FF’s advanced tools to do a thorough analysis of the blood and found what made it tick.

I have a theory, first Max, Electro’s real name, was flash frozen to extremely low temperatures and then electrocuted, turning his entire body into a superconductor of some kind. But you see what happened next kept him alive, as each and every mitochondria in his body became supercharged, allowing it to adapt to the immense amount of power pushed into him.

How the last part happened was anyone’s guess, personally I think he was bite by a radioactive eel, but that’s just my theory. Which actually might be true on some level.

I managed to analyse the mitochondria in his cells and figure out just made makes it tick, allowing me an idea on how to use this blood to improve on Stark’s arc reactor. These days people use artificially created mitochondria to power nanobots. But I figured out what I need to change in a mitochondria to make it similar to the ones Elector has in his blood.

It took me all month to figure that out, I had to get Reed’s help with a few of the formula’s, but luckily he had more than enough time to help me out.

By the end of November I had created a superconductive liquid that could store electricity and absorb it at will. It was like creating Electro’s blood in a test tube, however it was black. I took to calling it ‘Parker Blood’, having Sue patenting this new type of energy transfer system.

Usually we would use wires to transfer electricity, but now I could use Parker Blood to do it five times fates without having the material heating up. It was perfect for a system, simply use a fiber cable and fill it with Parker Blood and boom, the transfer speeds were five times faster than Fiber Optics cable.

When I should my invention to Sue and the rest they were impressed.

“Peter, you are amazing!” Sue grabbed me into a big hug, “this thing is going to make us rich!”

“Sis sometimes I think you only care about cash,” Johnny snorted.

“Well someone has too! We need funding don’t we?!” Sue yelled before turning to me and smiling, “but seriously Peter, this is amazing, we can actually sell this for public consumption! If I can get Google on the phone I’m sure they would be bidding through their teeth to get a piece of this new tech!”

I smiled, “thanks Sue, but ah, befor that, do you think we can like patent it?”

“Of course we will, don’t worry about it, damn, 15 and already have two patent’s under your name,” Sue smiled turning to Reed, “remember when that was us?”

Reed smiled, “what are you talking about? I’m still that impressive.”

“Right,” Sue rolled her eyes before turning to me, “alright Peter, I’ll get right on this. Also here, I almost forgot to give you this,” she handed me a check and I blinked looking at it.

“T-ten thousand?!” I squeaked looking at the check, “is this the money for the SA?”

“No, this is your monthly allowance,” Sue smiled, “did you honestly forget we’re actually paying you?”

I nodded, “kinda yeah.”

“Ha! That’s rich!” Johnny chuckled, “anyway sis you haven’t told him about the deal with Amazon yet.”

“Alright already! I’m getting to it!” Sue huffed, “anyway Peter, the deal with Amazon went through, we got them to accept the SA as a more advanced version of the Kindle, we did have to make a few modifications to it, but it shouldn’t be too different.”

I shrugged, “it’s cool. So? What’s the deal?”

“Well the Baxter building was given 2 million for the rights of manufacturing and you will get 5% of every SA ever sold as royalty checks.”

“How much are they going to sell it for?” I asked curiously.

“Around a 1,000 dollars,” she smiled.

I whistled, “damn, that’s like 50 bucks in my pocket for every SA sold.”

“Yup! So use the money wisely Spider, don’t grow a big ego you here?” Sue warned with a wink, quickly getting on the phone with her patent lawyer to talked about Parker Blood.

I was grinning ear to ear that night when I went home. Ben and May were curious as to why, I had cashed in the check Sue gave me and dropped ten grand on the table starting them both. Ben had actually gotten scared thinking I had robbed an ATM or something.

I just laughed and told him the truth, and after a call to Sue Storm just to be sure, they hugged me and whispered they were proud.

I made them take the money to pay for the bills that were piling up in the mail. They refused of course like the nobel people they were, they insisted I use the money for my college funds or something similar, but I was just as stubborn as them, and maybe a little more so.

I had to tell them about the royalty checks Amazon would give me to finally get them to agree to take the cash. That night Ben told me in private how things were barely holding together at home and how the cash I gave them would really turn things around. May didn’t want to admit it, but Ben knew what had to be done.

So with that done I finally began to make myself a proper costume for myself. Don’t get me wrong, the jacket was perfect and all, but it was still just a jacket. If I was going to fight crimes and people I needed to become better.

So I used the tech I had on hand to make myself a new costume.

I got a SHIELD tactical suit from the armoy in the bunker, with Natasha's permission of course. It was made of a polymer blend with ten layers of treated composite materials, it provided a state-of-the-art ballistic protection, plus it came in black!

I then created a miniature arc reactor of my own design, it’s body shape hexagonal instead of circular and it’s internal wiring system replaced with Parker Blood, it caused the reactor to glow black, but it also allowed me to reduce the size of the machine to just three inches of height.

I attached wires of PB to the reactor and spread them across the suit like lines on a circuit board. Since of course they were just wires and could easily break on impact,so I added a layer of red cloth of the same polymer blend over the wires that was semi-transparent.

When the arc reactor was active the wire glowed on the red surface, it looked like a giant black web. It spread from the chest all the way down to my arms, upper back, around my hip and along the side of my legs. The Parker Blood wires were like a circulatory system for the suit, glowing black with energy transferred around the whole suit.

It really did look like the classic Spider-man costume, expect with black and red instead of red and blue.

I also decided my web shooters needed an upgrade. They were great as they were, but I needed them to be more powerful, to do more. I also needed to add in the repulsor technology into them and that would be a challenge.

I put in more features into the web shooters, made the range of webbing I could fire out much larger. I also worked in a way to create a thick blanket of webbing, which I could use as insulation in case I ever fought someone who I couldn’t touch directly.

I then went a little mad, adding in more and more additions to the shooters. A cartridge I could throw like a grenade, webbing that won’t ever tear, and even a laser guided web bullet that could fly over a 100 feet.

But the shooter began to become too heavy and clunky, I couldn’t fit all these new changes around my wrist alone, so instead of just a wrist band I decided to do a full gauntlet instead.

It was actually based off the drones robotic design. I designed the gauntlets to go around my fore arms and carry inside it spare web carriages that would automatically switch when an old one ran out. Sort of like a machine gun changing rounds automatically.

I also left a lot of empty room inside the gauntlet, so that I could one day add more interesting features to it. Right now I had a small computer inside that acted like a phone, GPS, navigation, google, the works. I had an SA to serve as the screen and a small key pad underneath it. It wasn’t much, but it would do for now.

The gloves were attached to the gauntlet and were made of a polymer similar to my suit. I attached knuckles bracer on it, it would give my punches an extra oomph. I also attached a small repulsor in the palm of my hand, strong enough to be used as weapons. Sorry Tony, I might have to rip you off.

The gauntlets were silver, breaking away from the whole Black and Red colour scheme I had on hand. I knew I had to find a way to hide these in plain sight, so I made it such that they fold into themselves into the size of two large smart phones and be hidden away in the stretching of my bag if need be.

I thought of sticking repulsor to the bottom of my feet as well but they were just too big and clunky. I needed my speed and balance as Spider-man, and sticking two large disks under my feet would throw me off balance. So sadly Spider-man wouldn’t be able to fly any time soon.

I then moved onto my mask. While the cloth mask was classic and all that it was also kind of stupid. I was swinging through the city on a rope at near terminal velocity, one mistake and I’m flying towards the ground and if I’m not careful that could mean my head gets split open like a coconut.

So I decided it would be best if I made a helmet instead. It was actually something Johnny helped me with, when it came to things that involved cars he was the best. He helped create a helmet that could be collapsed into half it’s size without losing its structural integrity.

I made the helmet smooth and all encompassing. I added the nightvision goggles I stole from Rhino and his crew into it, figured it would be useful later on. I still had a lot of upgrades I could make, but for now this was perfect.

When not in use the helmet would collapse into a face mask that could then expand around my head to form a helmet that fit perfectly. I even made the surface out of alternate hue panels that could change colours on command, so when not is use it would look ordinary, but while I had it turned on, it would become red with black web lines covering its surface.

I was finished working on the costume in the middle of December. I put it up on display in my lab at the Baxter building and sighed, there were so many things I could adat into it, but I would need to be patient, I didn’t have the tech yet.

Just then the doors opened up and Sue walked up. “Hey Peter, I wanted to talk about the PB patent, I-” she stopped noticing my suit hanging on the wall. She whistled, “so this is what you and Johnny were working on.”

“Yup,” I sighed as I checked the gauntlets one more time, collapsing them before turning them back to normal, I really had to be sure they worked when I needed.

“He wasn’t kidding, this is ingenious,” Sue examined the suit, “you sure Stark won’t mind you ripping of his tech?”

I shrugged, “it’s not technically his. With the addition of the PB unit it’s a completely different machine altogether. The arc reactor might be similar to Stark’s, but I don’t really think he would sue me over that.”

“Whatever you say Pete,” Sue said further examining the suit.

“So Sue, did you need something?” I asked.

“Oh, right, it’s about the PB patent, I managed to streamline it and people have began to take notice. I kept your name out of the spot light for as long as I could, but if we are going to go public with this you might garner a little attention.”

I shrugged, “it’s fine. I can handle it. Anything else?”

“No, just sign these,” Sue handed me a couple of documents before turning back to the suit, “mind if I take a look at the specs for the suit Peter? It’s very...interesting.”

“Sure, knock yourself out, you know my terminal’s password?” I asked her looking over the patent documents.

“Yup,” she quickly began to look through my notes. Sometimes I forget she’s as bit the scientist Reed and I are. She is always forced to take up the business side of thing I rarely see her actually behave like a scientist and experimenting with new stuff. But I guess that’s life, you don’t always get what you want.

Just then my phone buzzed. Curious I picked it up and found a message from an unknown number. I opened it up and read;


This is Norman Oborn, Harry’s father. I would like to invite you and the rest of the Baxter Foundation to Oscorp's annual Christmas party. I assure you you will regret it if you don’t. Many of my notable scientist will be attending and can be a learning experience for you.

You are each allowed to bring one guest to this event. But note this isn’t just a party, I will also be using this stage to announce Oscorp's yearly goals for the next year, I’m sure your scientific mind is curious to see the amazing new possibilities my company has to offer.

Please reply with your answer within the week. The party will be held the day before Christmas eve.

Thanking you,

Norman Osborn,

CEO of Oscorp

Man this guy was narcissistic, he mention it was his company and his achievements like five times!

I didn’t want to go, obviously I didn’t. But...if Osborn’s up to something I need to find out what. I told Sue about the invitation and she told me straight off she and the others won’t be coming. That man was dangerous and the FF couldn’t be seen working with him.

I agreed, but since I wasn’t a member of the Fantastic Four I wasn’t bound by the same limitations. So I accepted the invite. I had a few days before the party, so until then I could prepare for anything.

Something felt off about this party, and I knew Spider-man would be needed. Hm...maybe I should ask Felicia if she wants to go?

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