The Spider Chapter 11

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 11: A Christmas Night's Dream

“So what's this play about?” Felicia asked for like the hundredth time.

“Love and how complicated it can be,” I told her as we waited outside our school auditorium doors, waiting for them to open so that we could finally get out of the cold. It was late December now and snow was falling freely. Felicia was shivering, guess he didn’t expect to wait out here for so long.

“Here, you seem cold,” I told her as I handed her my jacket.

“Well aren’t you a romantic,” she grinned pulling my coat closer, “hm, smells like cinnamon. You sure you don’t want it?”

I smiled, “no, it’s fine. I’m warm enough.”

“Well you are hot blooded,” she grumbled pulling down her shirt collar to reveal hickies, “you couldn’t have shown some restraint?”

I blushed, “sorry, you make the cutest moans, I couldn’t help it.”

“Perv,” she hissed but I couldn’t hear any malice in her tone. She snuggled closer to me and sighed, “I’m sorry about the Oscorp party thing.”

“No, it’s cool, I understand,” I whispered rubbing her shoulder, Felicia evidently didn’t want to spend time in a stuck up party with high society douchebags and nerds. Her words, not mine. But I understood her frustrations so I didn’t really pressure her.

“So what role is Red playing?” Felicia asked.

“Helena,” I replied, in the end MJ had gotten the part she wanted and had gone on to spend two months practising the play. Harry didn’t like the fact she didn’t have time for him, but he didn’t really seem to complain.

But speaking off Harry he didn’t seem to be around, I kept looking around but couldn’t find him, strange.

Just then the doors opened and we all quickly rushed inside into the warmth inside. “Finally,” Felicia grumbled as we took our seats near the front.

We waited patiently for the show to begin, I told her what the play was about since English wa never her favorite subject.

When the play began I was surprised to find the kids actually had some talent in acting. And when MJ came out I was swept off my feet, she didn’t miss a single word of dialog, her pronunciation was perfect. I knew she would be great one day, but now she did the rest of the world.

When the play was over Felicia and I went on stage to meet the cast. The other actors had many people come up to them and praise them, but MJ didn’t have anyone, which again was strange. Where the fuck was Harry Osborn?!

“Hey Red, you were amazing,” Felicia said with a smile as she handed MJ a bouquet of roses.

“Thanks Felicia,” MJ smiled happily, “it means so much to me you guys came!”

“Yeah, where’s Flash and his goon patrol? I expected to see him,” Felicia asked bluntly, I had to facepalm, really subtle there Kitten.

“They ah, they couldn’t make it, did-did you guys see Harry there in the seats? He said he would be here,” MJ asked, looking sad.

“Ah, no,” I smiled, “don’t worry, I’m sur he would be here if he could. You were amazing MJ, really.”

“Thanks Tiger,” she smiled, “and it’s all thanks to you.”

“What? What did I do?”

“If you hadn’t convinced me to take part in it I never would,” she smiled, “and you helped me practise for the lines, otherwise I would never never gotten this role,” she stepped forward and pulled me into a hug, “thanks Tiger.”

“Oh stop it, you're making me blush,” I laughed as I hugged her back, “plus it’s not all me. You put in the work MJ, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have done shit. If you did well today it’s because of you, not me.”

“T-thanks,” MJ said blushing.

“Alright stop with the sappy stuff,” Felicia said with a guarded smile, “he’s my boyfriend Red, not yours.”

“Oh, are you jealous Kitten?” I asked wrapping one arm around her waist.

“No,” she growled, removing my hand, “I’ll see you both later, after you’ve finished making out.”

She walked away and I sighed. I turned to MJ and smiled sadly, “sorry about that, I don’t think she likes it when I tease her.”

MJ smiled back, “oh it’s fine Tiger, go get her. I have to call up my boyfriend and listen to whatever excuses he comes up with this time. Honestly that boy,” suddenly a few more people came up to congratulate her, “Jean! Robb! You guys came!”

I quietly slipped away and ran out to catch up with Felicia, “Kitten wait!”

“Ah, are you done flirting?” Felicia shot back as she walked through the snow covered parking lot.

“Flirting? What are you talking about?! I was just congratulating her!” I argued.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you want, Tiger,” she spat back.

“Felicia wait,” I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. She tried to break free but I didn’t let her, she needed to understand. “Listen Kitty MJ’s my friend okay, and I’ll admit I did like her, but not any more. Not until the moment I meet you.”

Felicia looked away, “I don’t want to hear it.”

“Hey, look at me,” I turned her face towards me, “I’m not leaving you and I’m certainly not replacing you with anyone else, least of all with MJ, got that?”

“Yeah,” she looked away, embarrassed to meet my gaze.

I sighed and looked up, “tomorrow’s Christmas eve right?”

“Yeah,” her voice was muffled as she spoke through my chest.

“Hm...well, I was going to wait until tomorrow to give you this, but...” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small black disk.

Felicia looked at it and blinked, “what is it?”

I clicked the center button and a holographic photo of us was displayed, “I made it in the Baxter Building. I know we just started dating, so expensive gifts were off the table, but...well I figured you would like something more thoughtful.”

Felicia looked at the hologram, it was us when we went on our first date in the movie theater. She smiled and turned to me, “I’m sorry, it’s just...I never did this before. You’re the first serious boyfriend I have and sometimes it feels like I’m slipping away from you. You’re always working, we barely get to spend any time together and...”

“Hey, I’m new to this whole relationship thing too, we’ll take it one step at a time okay?” I told her planting a kiss on her cheek, “Merry Christmas Kitten.”

She took the gift and smiled, “Merry Christmas Tiger,” she then kissed me back on the lips. I dropped her off at her house and then went home to get ready. It was time for the Oscorp party, and I was going stag tonight.

I was wore the same suit I wore to Homecoming, it was after all an Oscar party, high class and all that shit. However I wasn’t going unarmed. I wore my Spiderman costume underneath my suit, I switched off the arc reactor making the suit seem more like a one piece thermal wear than a superhero costume.

I had my mask hidden inside my suit jacket in its inactive flat board form and the gauntlets were hidden up my sleeve.

I took a cab to Oscorp towers, when I reached I noticed people were already gathered, all dressed in expensive looking clothing, walking into the large tower like they were about to visit the mall. But then again Norman did say he was going to make an announcement today, so it might be kind of like a shopping spree for the wealthy.

I got in with little hassle, I had to show the text Norman sent me as proof of invitation along with a driver’s licence. I stepped into the lift with a beautiful blonde woman and her date, they pressed the button for the top floor, guess that’s where I’m going as well.

The elevator opened up revealing a high class ball room with people filling it up by the second. I walked in and slowly moved to the corner not trying to draw attention to myself. I looked around, there was food being served near the back, waiters with snacks and drinks, a band playing soft classical music off to one corner and in the center a large circular structure of some kind that was covered by a cloth.

It was obvious the hidden machine was what everyone was here for, but I couldn’t sneak in and get a look underneath, too many guards around it keeping a watchful eye. I could cause a distraction, but I doubt something other than Iron Man dropping in could surprise them. I could ask Johnny to show off, but Sue told me the FF had to stay out of the public eye when it came to people like Osborn.

I was fucked and I knew it. I had to sit here and wait. I looked around, I recognized some of these people, the mayor of NY was here, so was the DAY, a few police captains judging by the uniforms, a handful of celebrities that I knew and I’m sure many more I didn’t, and even the occasional scientist that were out of place, since they were nerds and had no fashion me.

I was about to just walk around and get something to eat when I spotted Harry off in the distance with Flash by his side. They were discussing something, I was just about to run and hide when Flash looked up and immediately spotted me.

“Parker!” Flash smiled, he pointed at me and Harry quickly spotted me too, great, just great. They both quickly walked up to me with matching grins. Fuck me.

“Osborn, Flash,” I nodded at them, “I suppose I would find you here.”

“Yo Peter, how did you here?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Your father gave me an invitation,” I told him, “he said I would be interested in some kind of announcement.”

“Oh, right, of course he did,” Harry grumbled.

“This party’s kind of lame though,” Flash growled, “we can’t get any beer and the adults are so boring!” Just then a supermodel passed by and all three of us watched her pass by, “but ah, it is important.”

I rolled my eyes, “sure it is,” I turned to Harry, “why did you come to MJ’s play?”

Harry blinked, “oh shit, that was today wasn’t it?!”

I nodded, “yup.”

“Oh man I’m in so much trouble! I couldn’t help it, my dad wanted me around her to set this whole thing up!”

I shrugged, “don’t care Osborn, but I suggest you call her up and tell her that.”

Harry sighed, “yeah, I’ll do that Pete, thanks.”

“You know Harry, didn’t your dad mention something about seeing him in Peter showed up?” Flash asked.

“What? He did?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Yeah, remember he told us to bring Peter to him when he arrived? He told you like ten minutes ago.”

“Oh, right, you’re right. Come on Peter, let’s go,” Harry sounded even more defeated now. Was he trying to hide the fact that Norman wanted to see me? Why? Because...because Norman likes me and always compares Harry to me. Of course he wouldn’t want me to meet him and give more reasons for Norman to push him down.

We walked into the heart of the crowd with Harry leading the way. Flash and I followed him the people there spared us a single glance before dismissing us, good, not many of them know of me yet, or else this would be troublesome.

We reached Norman who was currently talking to the couple I was in the elevator with. By his side was another couple, a short man of average build and messy brown hair and my his side a woman around his age that looked kind. The man looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“Father, Peter’s here,” Harry spoke softly.

Norman turned to us and glared at his son for interrupting his conversation, but once his eyes landed on me they were full of joy.

“Ah Peter! Glad you could make it, please come,” he dragged me forward, dismissing Flash and Harry off. They looked reluctant to leave but one glare from Norman ensure they ran with their tails behind their legs, fucking cowards.

“Connor, Natalie, Otto, Rosey, may I introduce this young man Peter Parker,” Norman showed me off like a proud parent, putting his arm on my shoulder, “he’s a friend of my son’s from school and only recently I learnt of his amazing talents in the field of science.”

I froze at the name Otto, Otto Octavius, the man who became Peter Parker’s most feared enemy right behind Norman Osborn himself. He was the short man holding hands with Rosary, I saw matching wedding bands, she was his wife, which means….fuck...the events of Spider-man 2!

“So Peter, interested in science are you?” Otto asked with a genuine smile, “tell me, what’s your favorite field?”

“I-I,” I gulped, “I don’t really have one. I just follow what interests me at the moment.”

“Oh, and what would that be?”

I thought it over for a moment before answering, “alternate sources of energy.”

“Ah, there you have certainly come to the right place,” Conner, an older man with grey hair whose date looked young enough to be his daughter, though judging by where his hand was I highly doubt that.

“I’m sorry, what do you mean?” I asked, feigning ignorance. I knew the reason of course, Otto Octavius was trying to create an new source of energy, and he would do it by creating a miniature sun. That giant machine hidden under sheets must have been his experiment, meaning he was going to perform it now!

“Well you see my husband here is the leading scientist on that field,” Rosey said patting Otto’s shoulder, “and tonight he’s going to change the world by creating the first source of clean energy.”

I raised an eyebrow, “I think Stark already has you beat on that front.”

Otto laughed, “true, Stark’s arc reactor can power one of his suits, but my experiment can power an entire city.”

I raised an eyebrow, “how?”

“Well now Peter you’ll just have to wait and see,” Otto said winking.

I snorted, “yeah, I don’t think so, not the patient type, let’s see,” I looked over at the hidden machine and started to recall anything and everything Peter ever read about Otto Octavius. “You did your doctorate on the process of nuclear fusion fusion happening in the heart of stars and how one can create such a reaction without a large amount of capital mass. You did other things of course, gave several different contributions to the fields of mechanics and biotech, but...stars have always been your go to research subject. Five years about Osborn hired you and you have been working for him ever since...clean energy was it? You’’re making a miniature star.”

Their faces were ones of shock. Otto himself looked like he was going to have a heart attack, Norman was the only one who smiled like the cat that caught the canary.

“Told you he was clever,” Osborn beamed.

“H-how do you know that?!” Otto asked.

“Educated guess,” I shrugged, “you want clean energy, you study nuclear fusion in stars, put two and two together and boom.”

“Peter, would you like a job?” Rosey asked.

I shook my head, “thanks ma’am, but I already have one.”

“What? Where?!” Conner asked.

“The Baxter Building.”

Otto’s chuckled, “that actually makes sense. My word, how didn’t you notice him before Osborn? He would have made an amazing addition to my team!”

“Alas that will always be my greatest regret,” Osborn sighed, “well I’ll leave you two and Peter to talk science, Conner, Nataline, would you like to get a drink?”

They left leaving me alone with Otto and his wife. I knew I shouldn't be too worried, the man wasn’t evil yet, but at the same time, he was dangerous. I knew what was going to happen, the shields he had installed in his machine would fail and people would die...maybe I could prevent it?

“So Dr. Octavius, tell me, what safety measures have you installed that makes sure the world doesn’t burn up in nanoseconds?” I asked.

“Well Peter you see I have four magnetic shield generators that keeps most of the heat and magnetic bursts within control. We’ll be safe.”

“I see...and when the sun doubles in size? Did you account for the sudden increase in sun that can causes an exponential increase in magnetic disturbance?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well you are going to increase the size of the sun right?” Otto nodded, “then won’t the magnetic attacks against the shield, which also increased in size? Would the shields be able to handle the sudden stress?”

“I...” Otto trailed off, I could practically see the math running in his head. He suddenly stopped turning pale, “ wouldn’t!”

“Otto?” Rosey asked.

“Rosey we need to change the settings, now! The entire system will fail if we don’t!” Otto immediately ran off without another word. Rosey looked between me and her husband before giving a short apology and going after Otto.

I smiled, crysis hopefully averted. I saw Otto run up to four people, possibly his assistants, and together they quickly ran to Osborn. They whispered something into his ear and he looked pissed.

Osborn asked Otto why, and Otto pointed at me. Fuck. Osborn’s eyes landed on me in surprise before he nodded at Otto. Otto and his team then went under the cover of his machine and I could see lights turning on under the sheets. I sighed, thank god.

I walked away, I so didn’t need the Osborn glare right now. I walked to one corner of the party and sighed leaning up against the wall. I wonder what Cat is doing?

I called her up, “hello?”

“Hey Kitten.”

“Oh, hey Tiger. How’s the party?”

“Lame. The only ones here I can talk to are Flash and Harry.”

“Hm, sounds tough. Did you tell him MJ’s pissed?”


“Did he care?”

“Not really,” I sighed. We talked for a bit before Otto announced the presentation was going to start. I had to hang up, though I promised I would call her later tonight.

Everyone all gathered around the giant machine, I stood in the back near the wash room just in case I needed to make a quick getaway in order to change into Spider-man in case everything still went to shit.

Otto gave his speech, about how he was going to revolutionise the world and how they saw energy. He then brought out the arm, the four mechanical arms I hoped I would never face. He removed his jacket revealing a white muscle shirt underneath as he attached them to his spine.

The arms came alive, moving to his every command as he moved them around for the amusement of the gathered people. He then brought out a glob of tritium which would fuel his miniature star.

He took it gently with one of his arms and placed it in the center of his machine. He then activated it and slowly nuclear fusion began to take place as a glowing ball of fire began to grow inside the machine.

I slowly edged away towards the bathroom, but so far it looked like everything was alright. He must have taken my advice to heart. I looked at the shields, they looked perfect.

The sun rotated on it’s axis for minutes on end, people took pictures upon pictures. And at the ten minute mark Otto switched the machine off, turning the sun back into the ball of tritium it came out of.

I sighed in relief, everyone clapped, it all went off without a hitch. And best of all? Otto won’t end up a supervillain. Thank God or whoever the fuck was the equivalent of God in this universe.

The party then returned to its festivities, people were talking excitedly. I decided maybe it was best I left, now that I knew Otto would be okay.

But before I could leave Osborn and Otto intercepted me.

“Peter, do you know what done?” Osborn asked.

“Ah...prevented a city wide disaster?” I asked.

“That, and made sure my life’s work wasn’t destroyed, who knows what could have happened!” Otto exclaimed.

“Yes, we’ll be sure to discuss your...mistake in detail Otto,” Osborn hissed at him before turning to me, “this is the third time I find myself in your dept Peter. And this time I will not take no for an answer, here.”

He handed me his phone and I saw a munch of stock details, it was his company’s stock and it was rising in profit. “Congratulations,” I told him, “what does this have to do with me?”

“This is one percent stock in my company Peter, as of five minutes ago it has been credited to you.”

My eyes went wide, “rich man says what now? Mr. Osborn I can’t take this!”

“I suppose you don’t really understand how much money you made me,” Osborn laughed, “you really are a miracle worker Mr. Parker. Trust me, this is the least I can do.”

I didn’t know what to say, “thanks?”

“My pleasure, now if you’ll excuse me,” he quickly left leaving me and Otto alone.

“Now I’m really disappointed in Osborne, if he had only recognized your genius a few days sooner,” Otto sighed, “but enough of that. You have done my a great service Peter, I just know one day it’ll be me coming to see your latest invention. I look forward to that day, if you need anything from me, please, just ask.”

We spoke for a little while longer, I really was curious about his technology and how it worked. He gave me the basic details of it, and when I asked him about the mechanical arms he admitted they were more a side project than anything. Heck, he hadn’t even patented them yet. Too much of a hassall.

I bide him farewell and left the party. I got an idea, if Doc Ock was never going to exist, and Otto didn’t really care for the mechanical arms, maybe I should take a swing at them?

The idea of having four extra sets of limbs certainly was interesting. Maybe two can shoot out web lines and swing across the city line? Maybe I could use the other two as an extra set of hands? Oh the possibilities were endless!

I went downstairs and was about to hail a cab when my phone buzzed. I looked at the contact, it was Felicia.


“Tiger...can you come over?” she sounded nervous. Why?

“Yeah, sure. What’s up?” I got into a cab and gave Felicia’s address.

“I...I need to tell you something.”

I blinked, was she finally going to tell me about her other identity? “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

I quickly arrived at her place and got into the elevator. I was nervous, I had my costume underneath my suit, if she was going to show herself to me then...maybe it’s time I tell her about me.

I knocked on her door and she called out, “it’s open! Come on and lock it behind you!”

I did as she said, locking the door behind me. I came into her place once before while picking her up from a date. I never met her mom though, it seems like she was never there to begin with.

“Kitten? Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just...come in,” she called from her bedroom.

I pushed the door open and found myself in an empty room. I walked in and closed the door behind me. “Kitten? Where are you?” I saw something move behind me, I turned around and gasped seeing her dressed up in her full Black Cat costume.

“I...remember the first time we spoke? About how the names we pick are the truest measure of who we really are?” Felicia removed the domino mask, “this is who I am Peter. My name is the Black Cat and...I’m a thief.”

I looked at her for a few seconds, she grew nervous at my silence. And then I smiled, I went up to her and pushed her against the wall kissing her with all my will.

Felicia pressed her hands against my chest in surprise at first but slowly leaned into the kiss. When we finally stopped she looked at me, “what was that?”

“That was for finally telling me,” I smiled.

She looked shocked, “you knew?! How?!”

I smiled, “because Cat, you’re not the only one with a secret,” I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt revealing a red and black uniform underneath. I slammed my hand on my chest, activating the arc reactor, causing the black webs to appear over the red of my costume, and the spider to take center piece.

She gasped as she meet my eyes, I grabbed the mask hidden in my suit pocket and activated it, snapping the helmet around my head, “hey Cat.”

“Peter, you’’re,” she looked at me like she was seeing a ghost.

“Told you I had a girlfriend,” I smirked deactivating the mask and putting it aside, “like the new costume? The jacket was cool and all, but I felt like I needed an upgrade.”

“You’re Spider-man?!” she gasped.

“Yup, though ah keep it down, it is supposed to be a secret identity,” I chuckled.

“You-you, how could you not tell me?!” she yelled.

“How could you no tell me you were the Black Cat?” I simply asked.

“I-, you knew?! You knew I was the Black Cat?!” she asked.


“Since when?!”

“I had a suspicion the moment you walked into the class for the first time. You ah, you left quite an impression me the first time we meet, in costume that is. You looked so damn beautiful, especially those eyes, I don’t think I’ll ever forget your eyes. And when I saw you as Felicia Hardy I thought you might be the Black Cat. It wasn’t until we talked did I know for sure.”

“But I,” she gaped, “you ass! You complete and utter ass! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I already told you Kitten, remember? That night when you complained to Spider-man you were worried about me? I told you I had a girlfriend who’s secret I knew and I wanted to wait until she trusted me enough to tell me herself.”

“I thought you were talking about her cheating on you or something! Not this!” Felicia gawked, “this makes so much sense. The flirty behaviour when we were both in masks, the jokes, the inappropriate touching-”

“-Hey I didn’t touch you inappropriately!”

“Yes you did,” she rolled her eyes, “you must have pinned em to the ground at least ten times while in costume.”

“Well...that was because I was trying to stop you from stealing,” I shrugged, “sue me, I didn’t want my girlfriend to go to jail.”

“And if I did?”

“I won’t let them,” I growled as wrapped my arms around her, “you’re mine Felicia Hardy, ain’t nobody’s going to take you away from me.”

“You noble bastard,” she whispered in a husky voice, jumping on me, wrapping her legs around my body

I moved back on her bed, lying down with her on top of me. Her fingers ran down the back of my costume, trying to find the zip. She broke the kiss and growled, “take it off, now.”

I raised an eyebrow, “someone’s impatient.”

She grabbed my mouth and bit my lips, “you're damn right I am. It’s time I did something I should have done a long time ago….Spider.”

I took off my pants in a hurry and threw my shoes across the room. I then activated my suit’s delocking function causing it expand two sizes bigger allowing Felicia to pull it right off with no restraint.

She ran her fingers down my abs, “these muscles, I should have guessed.”

“Yeah, you should have,” I grabbed her into a kiss and rolled around pinning her to the bed. I hooked one finger around her suit’s zipper and pulled it down revealing a lacey black bra underneath.

I grabbed the track suit and threw it halfway across the room. I kissed her on the lips, slowly going down, tracing kisses down her neck and slowly her shoulder blades.

Felicia moaned at every kiss, her body squirmed under me. I wrapped my hands around her hips and squeezed her ass. Each time my lips met her skin it was like kissing fire, her blood rushing, her skin flushing.

I hand went up and cupped her breasts, massaging them, Felicia moaned out, “don’t stop.”

And I didn't plan on it. I kissed her breasts harder, sliding one hand under her bra, feeling her mounds properly for the first time. The tips of my fingers felt her nipplies harder, I circled them, flicking it gently.

I pulled the bra up releasing her breasts, they were perky and could fit the palm of my hand, but I knew one day they would be twice as big. I kissed her neck, slowly going down once more to her glorious tits, one finger still teasing her left nipple.

I kissed her right breast, sucking on it long enough to form a hickey. She shuddered under me, I could feel her legs rubbing together. I felt my own dick harden in arousal as I pressed it against her pelvis, slowly grinding up against her.

My mouth slowly circled her left nipple, teasing her, tongue licking around, but never quite touching the areola. She moaned in frustration and I moved, swallowing her nipple in one gulp, likking it, sucking it.

“Don’t stop,” she growled again as her nails dug into my back. I felt sharp twinges of pain, but that only fueled my lust for this silver haired goddess below me.

I growled as I pulled away from her breasts, my hands grabbing the hem of her pants and pulling them off immediately. Felicia gasped as she crawled into her bed, I jumped in after her.

I leaned down and kissed her, she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into bed. She grabbed the covers and threw it over us, wrapping us in warmth.

“Felicia, I want you,” I growled into her ear as my fingers played with her nipples and my groin pressed against her pelvis.

“Tiger,” she gasped, “oh I need you, now,” her hands slipped down and curled into my shorts. Her fingers glided South, I gasped as I felt her touch the head of my dick and try and wrap her fingers around them.

Her eyes went wide, “woah,” she looked at me in amazement.

I smiled back, “surprised?”

“Oh God yes,” she slowly slid her hand further down to my base, her mouth growing wider and wider the more time it took. When she finally did reach the end of my length she gasped, “you’re huge!”

“And just think,” I whispered into her ear, “by the end of this night that’s going to be inside you.” Thank you Peter Parker, it really was a mystery how he managed to hide his hung wang while wearing spandex, but whatever, that’s comic book logic for you.

She shivered in anticipation, though I knew there was a little fear in there as well. I pulled our blanket over my head and slowly burned a trail of kisses down her body. I stayed for a hike at her nipples, taking turns to tease and lick each one.

I then kissed her stomach, and then slowly I reached her legs. I wrapped my fingers around the straps of her panties, a black set that matched her bra and slowly pulled them down. She whimpered when I slid them off her legs and threw them to the side, her legs were pressed close, she was nervous.

I took her legs and kissed her toes. She flinched in surprise as slowly I kissed her ankles, her shin, slowly making my way down her muscular legs. Her legs loosened, I put my arm on the other and slowly pushed them apart revealing her perfect pink lips.

“Felicia,” I whispered though I knew she could hear me. I lowered down to her core, her scent so strong it was intoxicating. I tuck my tongue out and gave a slow long lick along her lips, “you're perfect.”

“Tiger,” she gasped, her hands grabbing my hair, “don’t.”

“No,” I pushed her hands away, “mine, I’ll have you Felicia Hardy in every way I know how. Now, scream my name,” I covered my lips over her clitoris and sucked on it, nibbling it lightly.

“Peter!” she yelled as her hands pushed me deeper between her legs. I licked her entrance before thrusting my tongue into her tunnel. I eat like a man who lived in a desert, lapping up every drop she produced.

Felicia’s body squirmed, but I held her leg down, my fingers squeezing onto her fat thighs as I pushed her further and further. Her legs wrapped around my head, “don’t stop Tiger! Ke-keep going!”

I obliged, lapping at her core harder than before, my tongue roughly licking her clit over and over. I brought up my fingers and pushed one inside, Felicia yelled in surprise, I didn’t stop as I fucked her cunt with one finger, curling it inside her, rubbing her from the inside.

And suddenly she screamed, “Peter!” she yelled as her body froze, her lips began to gush as I smiled. I lifted my head up, the blanket thrown off to one side from her constant squirming.

I looked down at her, her arms covering her flushed face. Her breats heaving from the orgasim, I felt proud, powerful, as I looked down at the woman I won over. There was a primal part of me that demanded I make her mine, and I wasn’t going to deny it any longer.

“Felicia, you are mine,” my voice came out like a order, “do you understand?”

She lower her arms and looked at me dead in the eyes, “y-yes.”

I slapped my palms against her fat thighs and grinned, “good,” I bent down and kissed her on the lips. She gasped at the taste of her juices on my tongue abut slowly lapped it up swallowing my saliva mixed with her own juices.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

I grabbed the helm oh my boxers and stripped them off, throwing them across the room. My dick swung up hard as a rock, standing up in salute to the woman before me. Felicia’s eyes meet it and her mouth parted in awe.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked.

“No,” she whispered as she wrapped one hand around my neck and pulling me down, “I’m on the pill, it’s fine.”

“Okay,” I whispered as I kissed her on the lips, slowly moving my hips backwards before lowering them to press between her legs.

“Peter,” she called out.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I love you,” she said in a voice that was barely a whisper.

“I love you too,” I whispered back, without hesitation.

I slowly began pushing my rock hard cock into her gushing cunt. She winced as I felt something being pushed around my cock like a vice. “Are you okay?” I stopped and asked.

“Yes, just...slowly,” she gasped.

I looked down, I spotted a hint of blood around my cock, I had just taken her virginity. I knew it was painful, so I silenced her whimpers with a kiss, running my fingers down her hair. Her fingers dug into my back, her legs slowly wrapped around me, she pulled back and whispered, “go.”

I sucked on her neck giving it a hickey making her focus on the pleasure instead of the pain as I slowly moved my dick further into her lower lips.

I felt her fingers dig into my back drawing blood, I didn’t mind though as I moved into her until I felt my head hit her cervix.

Felicia gasped, “oh God!” I wasn’t even all the way inside her, I still had an inch or so of my ten inch member left. I slowly pulled out of her before sliding back in.

I slowly began to increase my pace as her pants grew louder. They were loud and meaningless as my hands grabbed her tits, squeezing them as I bit her lips. She pulled up and captured my lips, moaning into my mouth as I began to fuck her at a comfortable pace.

I then suddenly jerked my hips forward, smashing my cock head into her cervix. Felicia moaned in pleasure as she broke the kiss, shwoveing my head into her breatst.

I took this as an invitation and began to kiss her tits, licking her nipples before playfully biting them. I kept fucking her cunt, I could feel it contracting around my cock as she grew tighter and tighter.

“Are you going to cum for me Kitten?” I asked her licking her nipples.

“Y-yes!” she moaned.

“Cum Kitten, come for me, scream my name, let the world know who’s fucking you!” I yelled as I grew impatient, slamming my cock into her tunnel. She gasped again and again, and then finally she let loose.

“Oh Peter!” she yelled like a banshee, her nails scratching up my back, her legs wrapped round my hips as she shuddered. I felt my release coming quickly as I kept smashing into her cunt, desperate for release when it finally came, causing Felicia to whimper as my cum filled her up.

Slowly she let go, her arms falling to the side limply, her legs folded apart besides me as I slowly removed my dick from inside her, a trail of sperm leaking out of her cunt.

I slept down besides her, my hands wrapped around her head as I pressed her head into my chest. I could hear her breathing slowing down, I smiled as I rubbed my hand down her naked smooth back.

“That was amazing,” she whispered.

“You were amazing,” I replied.

“I...I said it didn’t I? I told you...I love you,” she repeated, it wasn’t a question.

“ you want to take it back?” I asked in fear.

“What?! No! D-do you want me too?”

I kissed her on the lips, gently this time, “never. I love you Felicia Hardy, and more importantly, I trust you.”

Her eyes went wide, as she heard my words. I knew I couldn’t tell her everything just yet, about me not being the real Peter Parker, but other than that, it was true, I did love her. And I did trust her.

She suddenly jumped on me straddling me as she kissed me with vigor and passion.

I broke the kiss and chuckled, “careful, keep doing that and you might wake up little Peter,” I smiled at the pun.

“As I recall little Peter isn’t very little,” she smiled back, “besides, I know you have limits tiger, I really doubt-” she stopped as I jerked my hips upwards hitting the tip of my once more hard member against her butt. She looked down at me, “you can’t be serious.”

I grinned, I grabbed her ass and kneeled it like dough, “you bet your sweet ass I am.”


I pulled her hips up and then shoved them down, my dick sliding into her entrance again. Felicia lowered her head and whimpered, her cunt twitched around my dick, she was still sore from the first time.

I expected her to stop me, but instead she smiled at me, “if you think you can handle me, Tiger,” she growled as she lowered her cunt down my shaft, going deep down it’s length.

I growled at the challenge, grabbed her hips to direct her hips to bounce along my length. I slammed my dick up into her. She gasped as slowly I slid in and out of her again and again.

“Merry Christmas Tiger,” she gasped out as she rode my dick.

“Merry Christmas Kitten,” I growled back as I fucked her into the night, all that came out of her bed room that night was my name screamed out from the top of her lungs and the heavy scent of sex.

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