The Spider Chapter 12

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 12: Doom's Rival

It was New Year’s Eve. I should be out with my girlfriend jumping from building to building, seeing New York in a way only we can. I should be introducing her to May and Ben, since we were finally serious I figured it was time. I should then be introduced to Felicia’s mom, if she was even at home. I should be doing many different thing right now, but instead I’m here, at work. Fuck the Fantastic Four.

“Just so you know, I hate you all,” I grumbled out as we gathered around in Reed’s lab.

“Oh come on Pete, would you rather be here or out there in the cold?” Johnny asked with a sly grin.

“I would rather be with my girlfriend enjoying a wonderful night in together,” I growled, “not sitting on my ass in Reed’s lab!”

“You aren’t just sitting on your ass,” Reed argued as he looked over several different calculations, “you are waiting for me to show you something super important.”

“Right,” I grumbled, “forgot. By the way you still didn’t tell us what that something is!”

“Patience is a virtue,” Reed grinned.

“You try saying that when instead of doing math you could be sticking your tongue down a hot blonde’s throat!” I growled.

“Well if that’s all you want I’m sue that can be arranged,” Johnny threw his arm around me wiggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, “sorry Johnny, but your sister’s a bit too old for me-”

“-Hey!” Sue yelled out.

“-But thanks for suggesting it, you’re a real friend,” I grinned.

“Hey! That’s not what I meant!” Johnny growled as flames began to form on his surface, “and don’t talk about my sister like that!”

Oh calm down kid,” Ben patted him on the back dousing Johnny’s flames, “you shouldn’t be dishing it out if you can’t take it.

I nodded, “yup! What he said!”

“Grr, fine,” Johnny turned away folding his arms in anger.

“Oh Peter, you don’t think I’m pretty?” Sue asked innocently batting her eyes.

“I never said that, I just said you were too old for me,” I smiled, “I’m fifteen, I won’t be legal until another three years Sue.”

She chuckled, “but really Peter, when are we going to meet this girl you’re always talking about? Felicia was it?” Sue smiled, “you really should bring her over sometime.”

I shrugged, “yeah, maybe. I just need to make sure she’s used to the whole the superhero thing, she seems okay but I know that deep down she’s still a little shaken up.”

“Wait, what?! You told her you’re Spider-man?!” Johnny yelled out, “dude! What the hell?!”

I shrugged, “what? I like her so I told her. She knows how to keep a secret, plus it will be weird if we continued this relationship with such a huge part of my life being kept away from her.”

“That’s….very nature of you Peter,” Reed admitted from his lab, “very thoughtful.”

“Thanks,” I smild.

Do you have a picture?” Ben asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I took out a holographic displays and turned it on, the picture of us at the movie theater on our first date was displayed, “ta-da.”

“Woah!” Johnny whistled, “damn dude! How the hell did you score that?!”

I smiled, “simple, I’m awesome.”

“She’s very beautiful,” Reed nodded, he noticed Sue looking at him and quickly spoke again, “congratulations Peter.”

Treat her right kid, a girl like that is rare to have,” Ben spoke grimly, from experience or not I don’t know.

“No, seriously Peter, how? How did you get someone like this?” Johnny growled, “ mean come on! I’m a freaking superhero and you’re just a wimpy kid!”

I shrugged, “a wimpy kid with a charming smile.”

“Yeah right!”

“Oh I don’t know about that, he seems charming to me,” Sue winked.

I immediately blushed, “I-I ah, thanks?”

“Yes! Pay up Reed!” Sue grinned.

“What? Oh, god dammit Peter!” Reed yelled as he took out a ten dollar note and slapped it on Sue’s outstretched hand, “would it kill you to not be so damn shy?!”

“Did you have a bet to see if She could embrace me?” I asked disbelievingly.

“Ah, no, that’s not important, what is important is that I’m ready,” Reed announced stepping away from the machine he built in the middle of his lab. It was huge doorway, like three slabs of stones creating an arch. The other side was closed, but judging by the systems and machinery on the machine’s frame it wasn’t exactly a door.

“Never thought I would be seeing this thing again,” Johnny sighed.

You and me both kid,” Ben growled as we all stepped up besides Reed looking at the machine.

“So ah, to the member of the team who has no idea what’s going on, can someone fill me in?” I asked.

“This is a version of the dimensional teleporter that gave us our powers,” Reed explained, “I adjusted the settings so that we can’t actually go through, just observe the world on the other side.”

“Okay...and the reason you did this is….why?” I asked curiously.

“Our powers comes from an alternate dimension,” Reed explained, “but without studying that dimension I can’t tell just how this happened to us.”

I whistled, “so, what are we waiting for? Fire it up!”

Reed nodded, “right.” He went to the panel and began to work at the keys. Suddenly a purple screen appeared in the doorway and I saw an image take form.

It was a barren and dead landscape that had no reason existing. The sky was dark and filled with exploding super novas and what looked like close by planets. It looked like a universe that was dying, and I suppose in a way it was.

“Damn, you guys went in there?” my voice was shaken, “just...damn.”

I thought the same” Ben grumbled out, “it’s not a nice place.

“Wait, is this the same place we landed?” Johnny asked narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, I think it is,” Sue said in surprise, her eyes widened, “look Johnny! That’s your footprint!”

She pointed at the screen and sure enough there was a human footprint on the soil. A human a different dimension. Yeah, this was fucking crazy.

I slowly backed away, I didn’t like the fact I was just a few steps away from landing in another world with no way to get back. A stumble and I would be lost, forever.

“Peter, are you okay?” Reed asked.

“Fine, just...don’t want to risk it you know,” I gulped, “one wrong move and I’m trapped in another world.”

“Relax, Reed said it’s fine, you can’t accidently walk into another dimension Peter,” Johnny waved off his worries.

“Technically I said I blocked the way too that dimension, but one can still receive things from the other side, nothing solid off course, just stary forms of energy,” Reed clarified.

“R-right,” I gulped.

“Now, let's begin, I’m going to calibrate the machine to detect any energy signatures that travels from the portal, Johnny can you hand me that-”

The alarms blared alive. The entire building went into security mode.

“What’s going on?!” I asked.

“The scanner’s picked up something coming right for us!” Sue yelled as she went to a monitor and began typing away.

“Wait what?! What’s coming at us?!” Johnny asked.

“This,” Sue pulled up an image of the New York skyline. I narrowed my eyes at a flew glowing figures flying towards us, suddenly the image zoomed in revealing the lights to be robots dressed similar to everyone’s favorite crazy dictator.

“Doom, he’s coming,” I narrowed my eyes, “oh fuck, he’s coming for the portal!”

“Maybe,” Reed began typing into the counsel attached to the portal, “I’m trying to shut it down from here but it won’t take my clearance code! Sue!”

“On it!” she yelled back as she began hacking into her own servers, “something’ wrong it’s-shit! He’s inside and he’s not letting us shut the portal off!”

“Can’t we just pull the plug?!” I asked.

“No, it required too much energy to run so I put into a separate energy source that was all digital,” Reed cursed himself.

What can we do?” Ben asked.

“It’s simple,” Johnny stepped up grinning as he turned on his flames, “we kick his ass!”

“Johnny’s right,” Sue nodded.

“He is?” Ben and I asked in surprise.

“I am?” Johnny blinked.

“Ben, Peter, Johnny, go  outside and hold him off for as long as you can,” Reed told us, “we’ll try and stop this portal, I’ll break it apart with my bare hands if I have too! Go!”

Right,” Ben nodded as he ran out of the lab.

I pulled off my shirt and pants revealing my suit underneath. I took out my mask and placed it on my face, the mask exploded outwards, hugging my face before snapping in place to form a helmet. I slipped on my gauntlets and slammed my fist on my chest pieces activating the suit as black webs crawled down it.

I reached the nearest window and jumped out, throwing a web line out to swing across the streets towards the fast approaching squad of robots.

“Spider!” Johnny flew next to me, “you web them up I’ll burn them down!”

“Deal!” I yelled back as we charged into the squad of robots.

I swung up into the air I shot out two compressed web shots that exploded into a ball of webs the moment it hit a Doom Bot.

Johnny then sent out twin blasts of fire burning them. Two down, around 40 go to.

“Terminate with extreme prejudice,” came the robotic voice of all the Doom Bots as they began firing at us with green lasers. My spider senses with tingling, I maneuvered out of the way quickly to avoid getting killed, landing on the back on one Doom Bot.

“Heya big guy!” I yelled placing one hand on the back of his head and one on his chest, “bye big guy!” I jerked my fingers forward to activate the repulsors in my palms, blasting two holes into the robot’s body.

I jumped off and landed on another one, one by one I destroyed them. Just then two Doom Bots came at from from either side, grabbing me into a their arms before they took me up into the air.

‘Shit!’ I realised, they were trying to drop me from a large height! Seeing no choice I pressed a palm on the chest of each robot and sent out a repulsor beam strong enough to rip them to shreds.

I ended up free falling back down, but I landed on yet another Doom Bot that then tried to strangle me.

“These things are everywhere!” Johnny yelled and he blasted a another bot away before suddenly one snuck up behind him and blasted him in the back. Johnny’s flames disappeared as he fell to the ground.

“Johnny!” I roared. I turned to the Doom Bot and punched him in the chest, ripping out whatever power core it had. I then jumped away and swung down, shooting of web lies between the building’s below to create a giant web net.

Johnny landed on it and I quickly followed. I crawled to him and checked his heartbeat, stable, if a little cranky. I turned up, the Doom bots were ignoring us, instead heading straight to the Baxter building.

I didn’t want to leave Johnny like this but I had to. I jumped off the web and landed on a roof. I shot out a web line at a robot and pulled him down, smashing him onto the building’s roof.

I slowly got up, not in the least bit concerned for any damaged parts. It looked at me and turned away ignoring me. Fucking sassy robot!

It tried to fly away but jumped on it before it could, grabbing it by the head before pulling it as hard as I could. I could hear the groan of mechanical parts trying to stay together before suddenly something gave way and the head came flying off.

I tossed the head to the side and looked up at to see the robot's surrounding the Baxter building’s top floors. They all spread themselves equidistantly around the building and then spread their arms out. A green pulse of energy came seeping out of their bodies covering the building in an energy field.

“Fuck!” I was too late.

I swung to the Baxter building and tried to crawl past the energy shield, but it was too strong, not even a repulsor blast made a dent in it. I even tried going on from the inside, but the shield apparently traveled through solid stone without cutting it in half somehow.

Just then I heard the screech of a subsonic jet. I looked up and saw a black one man jet flying right at the Baxter building. I narrowed my eyes and focused on the cockpit, the man wore green and a metallic armour.

‘Doom!’ I growled. But before I could do anything the jet slipped into the green force field and landed on the roof of the building unharmed.

‘Fuck!’ I cursed, ‘Doom was inside, I need to get inside!’

I looked around, okay, brute force didn’t work, maybe I need to think my way out of this?

Just then I heard Ben scream loud enough that everyone in the building heard it. I grew panicked, what could hurt him?! I needed to get in there!

I looked around before I was hit by an idea, the building, the shield didn’t block the building, why? Did Doom calibrate it to ignore the concrete structure? That...that was ingenious!

I crawled up to one corner of the Baxter building and punched it over and over again until it began to crack open. The broken down piece of concrete was huge, I grabbed it and tore it off, climbing up to the shield generator with the concret webbed to my back.

I slowly approached the shield, I however the concrete into the shield and grinned as it passed through unharmed. I slowly crawled past the five inches of energy and the moment I reached the other side I tore off the concrete slab and ran into the building through a broken window.

Inside I was met with a graveyard worth of broken Doom bots. Guess Ben really did a work on them.

I ran past all of them and quickly reached Reed’s room where Ben was knocked out and smashed into a wall.

“Ben!” I called out leaning next to him. He was giving out shallow breaths, but still breathing. I ran into Reed’s room and was shocked to find it completely in ruins with the dimensional portal sending out sparks of electricity everywhere.

“You cannot stop me Richards, Doom will have his prize!” Doom exclaimed at Reed and Sue who stood between him and the dimensional portal.

“Not likely Victor,” Reed growled out as he enlarged his fists.

“Fool! You cannot hope to stop Doom!” he yelled snapping his fingers to summon forth Doom bots that came crashing in through the ceiling, “destroy him!”

Reed and were Sue were about to react to the robots when I decided to lend them a hand as I jumped into the fight and exploded out a repulsor blast into it’s chest piece.

I landed before Doom and my friends, “I’ll take care of the robots! You get the tin man with no brain or heart!”

“You again,” Doom cried out, “I’ll skin you alive for this boy!”

“Yesh, touchy much?” I jumped away as a Doom bot tried to fry me with it’s lasers. I landed on the wall and them jumped of, landing on the robot before beating it into pieces with my punches moving fast and deadly.

“Don’t do this Victor, you don’t know what’s on the other side!” Sue cried out as she created force field between her and Reed.

“No Susan, that is where you are wrong. Doom knows exactly what is on the other side! It is power!” he roared as he threw his hands forward shooting of blast of electricity that slammed against Sue’s shield's slowly cracking them.

“Oh shit!” I yelled, I had completely forgotten he could do that!.

I jumped away as a Doom bot tried to smash a fist through my chest and landed on the far wall. Two robots came right at me, I waited  until the last minute before jumping away. The tore through the wall and slowly turned to meet me, only to have a repulsors pressed their faces.

“Night,” I growled blasting their heads off.

“Ah!” Sue cried out as Doom’s attack broke through her shield sending her flying away and knocked unconscious.

“Sue!” Reed cried out before narrowing his eyes at Doom, “you bastard!” He came at him fists flying. Doom simply raised a hand and created a green force field around himself preventing any of Reed’s powers to go through.

“Of all five of us who were blessed with these amazing powers, I must say Richard’s, yours is the least impressive,” Doom laughed as he sent out a blast of lightning shocking Reed back onto his desk.

“I won’t give up Victor, not until I stop you,” Reed cried as he and Victor began to fight.

I got back to my battle. Two drone came after me, I dodged them, shot a web line and then spun them around like a shot ball before throwing them into another squad of robots.

I covered them in the hardest webbing I could I turned to Reed, he was getting fried! I needed to help him!

“Hey gloom and Doom!” I yelled out.

“Who dares-” his sentence was cut short as my fist came flying at his face knocking him back.

“Reed are you okay?” I ran up to the man.

“I-I am fine,” he gasped out.

“Good, can you turn of the machine?” I asked.

“Yes, just give me a moment,” he turned to the controls. And I turned to Doom.

“You pathetic insect!” he roared getting back on his feet, “you dare challenge Doom?!”

“Look man, I know having a name like Doom allows you to make puns, but does every one of them have to be a pun?” I scoffed.

“Die you insolent fool!” Doom yelled sending out a blast of electricity. I couldn’t move, if I did Reed who was standing right behind me would be hit with the lighting and he’s the one who can actually save the day.

So I stood, despite my spider sense yelling at me to run, I didn’t. It hit me like a truck, I felt my fingers and toe curl up at the shock. I stood my ground and slowly I felt the electricity being siphoned away.

He stopped his attack and I stood on my feet panting.

“How are you still standing?!‘ Doom roared.

I smiled under my helmet, “simple, I’m better than you,” I stood up straight and crossed my arms over my chest, “now, eat this!” I threw my arms apart activating the unibeam of my arc reactor,

Doom’s eyes widened in surprise as he was smashed with the full front of the arc reactor’s power. The Parker Blood lining my suit siphoned off his electricity and pushed into the arc reactor. Thank’s for the boost Jackass!

Finally I stopped, my hands dropping to the side from exhaustion. “How?!” Doom yelled as he slowly got back on his feet, “how do you possess this technology?!”

“I stole it off a drone,” I smiled.

“Insolent fool! No matter, Doom will not be stopped!” he yelled snapping his fingers.

The drones I had webbed up to one side suddenly came alive as I tore through the webbing and charged at me. They grabbed me and pinned me to the wall. I struggled, punching my way out of this trap made from their own bodies, ripping them apart piece by piece.

“Stop Richards,” Doom sent out a bolt of energy hitting Reed in the back. Reed yelled in pain and fell down. Doom stepped over his body and worked away at the terminal, and in a few short seconds the purple sheen over the portal disappeared.

“It was hopeless to even try to resist Doom Richards,” Victor gloated as he walked towards the portal, “all this power, all this knowledge, and you would seek to hide it away like a bastard son? Truly thou are a fool of the highest caliber Richards.”

“No, not the highest caliber,” Reed grinned as he stretched out one finger and pressed a button. Suddenly the machine groaned and then started to pull everything into it.

“What did you do?!” Doom yelled as he walked away from the sucking effect of the portal.

“Sending you where you belong!” Reed yelled out as he threw a punch that pushed Doom back. But it wasn’t enough to push him through.

“I got this!” I yelled sending out another unibeam that tore through my robot wardens. I broke free and ran at Doom, jumping at him, thrusting both legs into his gut that sent him flying back.

“See you! Wouldn’t want to be you!” I yelled as I threw a web line at the wall and held on as Doom yet flying through the portal.

“NOOO!” he yelled. The moment he slipped through Reed stopped the machine with the press of another button stopping the portal from sucking int more items.

I sighed as I let go, panting in relief. I turned to him, “did you plan that?”

He nodded, “Victor’s ego would demand someone be there to witness his victory. And his hatred for me all but confirmed that person was going to be me.”

“So you turned the portal into a trap,” I sighed and layed down on my back, “nice. Never doubted you for a second there big chief. I’m just-ah, I’m just going to rest here for a while, okay? Okay.”

Reed chuckled as he lied down next to me, “I think I’ll join you.”

After I felt my body recover I went out and helped Reed destroy the barrier Doom had put up around the Baxter building. I then swung down to rescue Johnny who was still unconscious. We managed to wake him, Sue and Ben up.

The other were pretty pissed they got knocked out so easily, but were glad that Doom was finally stopped. Though Sue was sad at the lengths we had to go to stop him.

In an hours time though there were men in black suits knocking on our doors and in walked agents of SHIELD. None that I recognized, so I didn’t mention I was working for them as well.

They helped clean up, taking the Doom bots for storeage. We didn’t really try and stop them, though Sue did keep an eye on them to make sure nothing of ours was stolen or mishandled. They left quickly and we all decided to just call it a night.

“Yeah, don’t worry aunt May I’m fine, I wasn’t even in the top floors at the time,” I grumbled into the phone as May once again went into a worried rant about how careful I should be, “don’t worry aunt May, I’ll be fine. I will be coming home late today though, I need to help clean up the lab. Okay?” She agreed and I hanged up wishing her and Ben and happy new year.

I went back to my lab and finally removed my helmet. I walked up to my table and smiled looking at the nearly fully intact Doom bot I managed to sneak away. Doom was a mad man, but he was also a genius.

But unfortunately, I couldn’t do that tonight, it was getting late, it was New Year’s eve and I had a promise to keep.

I turned to the robot and looked around, finding it’s power core and quickly turned it off. I wasn’t stupid, there was a chance Doom could send a signal from the dimensional portal machine and remotely activate this robot to free him from his prison.

...what? It could totally happen, this was a comic book after all.

I put on my mask and opened my lab window. I jumped out and swung into the night. It was thirty minutes to midnight, perfect. I swung to a nearby bakery that was still open and bought a cake.

It was odd standing in line at the counter like a regular person. Heck people even started taking pictures with me and posting it on their social media pages. I quickly payed for the cake and ran out into the night, making my way to Felicia’s apartment.

I landed outside her window and knocked. Felicia looked up from her bed and smiled. She walked over and opened her window smiling, “hello stranger.”

“Hello ma’am, I heard reports of a very sexy woman in need of cuddling tonight, may I come in?”

Felicia stepped aside letting me in. She rolled her eyes, “nerd.”

“Your nerd,” I removed my mask, wrapped an arm around her and kissed her on the lips.

Felicia humned as slwolys she pulled away. Sh looked at the parcel in my hands and smiled, “is that for me?”

“Yup! And you’ll never guess what it is!” I teased.

“You bought me a triple chocolate cake with sprinkles,” Felicia said with a mischievous smile.

I blinked, “how the hell did you know that?!”

“Twitter’s been blowing up,” she chuckled tossing me her phone. I saw the pics I took with those people down at the cake shop had become viral. There were comment below it like, ‘Who's the lucky girl?’ ‘Damn, someone gets his fine ass this New Year and I get nothing?!’ ‘Is he single?’ ‘Keep eating cake and those pants don't fit anymore Spidey.’

I chuckled, “damn, should have know.”

“So..cake?” Felicia asked.

“You do like cake right?” I smiled putting the cake on her desk.

“Oh I love cake, but I think I like you more,” she wrapped her hands around me kissing me, and pulling me into her bed. She quickly went on top, her fingers tracing down my suit before she stopped the kiss and grumbled, “I fuckign hate your suit. Always hides the good stuff.”

I laughed, “I can say the same thing about anything you wear in general,” I pressed the release button and quickly shimmied out of it, “so, tell me, any New Year’s resolutions?”

“Hm, yeah, I’m planning on making sure my stupid superhero boy friend doesn’t get himself killed,” she grumbled.

“Oh relax, what’s the worse that can happen?” I laugh.

“That is exactly what you shouldn’t say Tiger,” Felicia grumbled, “you do realise now something terrible is going to happen right?”

“Oh come on Kitten, what could possibly-”

“-Felicia I’m home!”

I looked into Felicia's eyes and she glared back into my. “My mother,” she hissed.

I gulped, “totally didn’t see that coming.”

“Get out, now!” she yelled out throwing open her window.

I grabbed my suit and tried to put it on but there was no time. I could hear her door being opened so I jumped out the window and crawled up the side of the wall and waited out in the cold snowy night.

“Felicia, happy new year dear,” I heard her mother call out joyfully.

“H-hey mom, I didn’t expect to see you,” she sould nervous, I sighed as I quickly put on my costume, fucking universe.

“Well I got home early because I thought it would be best to spend some quality mother daughter time! Now come, I’ve made us reservations at that Italian place you like, wear something appropriate please.”

Felicia sighed at the door closing before she stuck her head out the window looked at me, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think she would be coming over today.”

“It’s fine, it’s my fault really, me and my big mouth,” I sighed, leaning down planting a soft kiss on her forehead, “go on, have fun, we’ll hang out later.”

“Sorry Tiger,” she apologized again. I waved it off and jumped off the building swinging into the night.

Well I was already in costume, might as well do some heroing. So for the rest of the night I was out on patrol, stopping a mugging and a gang of thieves from stealing an atm machine in Hell’s kitchen.

But as I was swinging by the streets I noticed a couple of homeless people wrapped around in spare clothes, huddled together around a flaming barrel. There were people of all kinds and if they stayed out here tonight it wouldn’t be a good idea, the chances of Hypothermia was high.

I called the police and waited on the rooftop for them to arrive. They quickly came and escorted the homeless people to the nearest shelter. But after the police left I was surprised to find the homeless being kicked out once more. Something wasn’t right.

I landed before the homeless shelter as people were being kicked out. Everyone noticed me immediately, the man in charge looked scared, a thirty something that looked fat enough to eat a family sized meal all for himself.

“What is going on here?” I asked with a growl, “why the hell are you kicking these people out?”

“W-we don’t have enough funds, the city hasn’t been giving us enough for all of these people,” the man gulped.

“Who is incharge of your funds?”

“C-councilman Nick Daves,” the man told me, his finger twitching in worry.

“Fine, how much for these people staying for one night?” I asked drawing the attention of everyone there.

“F-five thousand dollars?”

“Take them back in, I’ll get you the funds,” I growled at the man, swinging away with my web lines.

I swung to an ATM and quickly drew out the money. I had gotten a bank account for myself so that Sue could directly transfer the funds to my account instead of handing me checks or cash. I had enough cash for them all.

I looked around the city some more and found more people out on the streets this cold night. I convinced them all to go to the shetler.

When I went back to the shelter I came with nearly twice the amount of homeless people. The fat man in charge looked horrified.

I walked up to him and slapped down ten thousand dollars, my monthly salary for this month, “if I find that even one dollar of this money isn’t being used to feed and shelter these people, I will hang you by your ankles and use your stomach as a punching bag, understand?”

“Y-yes sir,” he gulped and nodded furiously. I guided all the people inside and after making sure they were safe I swung off into the night.

If I found more people out on the streets I would guide them to the homeless shelter I was funding. It was a long night, and by the end I was exhausted. I came home at around 3 in the morning. I stripped out of my costume and proceeded to collapse on my bed.

I sighed and took out my phone, I downloaded the Twitter app, curious as to what people were currently paying about me.

To my utter surprise I was trending, again. This time though it seems somehow people found out about my trip to the homeless shelter. There were pictures of me grabbing the fat man by the collar and yelling at him.

There were also memes of me, one where I was dressed as Santaclaus, one where I was making it rain money. People were even commenting about my new costume, so far it seems they loved it, calling it the coolest thing since the Iron Man armour.

There was even a video of me with the fat manager, and somehow they managed to boost the audio up and could hear me threaten him. The comment below that varied from, ‘This guy’s like a mother Terresa, expect with webs!’ to, ‘A costumed freak threaten a working man? Is this what society has come to?’. And everything else in between.

It was official, I was forever a part of the internet now. And that gave me an idea.

The next day was New Year and I spent it with May and Ben, helping them clean up the place. That night I went over to Felicia’s and finally had that cake we have been saving. I spent a few hours there before my duties called, and I was forced to leave to stop a bank robbery two blocks away.

On the second though it was life as usual. I spent the morning with Natasha in the Shield bunker and she was making sure I hadn’t slacked over over winter break. Honestly I didn’t know SHIELD even had winter break, but I guess it was more for my sake than anything else.

“So do anything fun over the holidays?” I asked her as I jumped away from a kick aimed at my gut.

“Nothing important,” she replied neutrally.

“Oh come on Red, don’t be like that,” I grabbed her arm and threw her over my shoulder. She landed a few feet away and immediately launched at me with a kick to the head.

“Focus Spider,” she order as I moved away rubbing my jaw in pain.

“Yeah, yeah,” I grumbled slipping into a judo stance. I lunged forward and grabbed her by the collar and threw her over head. She landed on her feet though and instead tried to counter by throw by grabbing my belt and pushing me over.

I rolled on my back and shot my legs out sending Natasha flying back. Before she could get back up I was on her with my arm pressed against her neck, “I win.”

“It’s a draw,” she whispered pressing a hidden blade up against my junk.

“Fuck you, you said no weapons,” I grolwed.

“I lied,” she replied as I moved away, helping her to her feet. “You’ve taken to judo very quickly, I’m impressed, we’ll move onto krav maga next. Have you finished the assignment I gave you?”

I rolled my eyes, “you mean memorising the Art of War? Yeah, I did.”

“Good, then you can write a 20 page write up on the subject, due in a week’s time, no excuses,” she told me walking to the door.

“This feels more like a school than training,” I told her as I followed her out.

“Maybe it should,” she replied.

“Hm...hey Natasha, do you think SHIELD can provide me with a secure way of using social media?”

The Black Widow stopped at turned to me, “excuse me?”

“Has SHIELD been tracking my online process? Sightings, people talking about me, all that?” I asked.

“Yes, we have, and?”

“Well there are times when I haven’t really had the chance to speak for myself and justify my actions. If I had an online presence I can do that,” I argued as we approached the showers.

“I see...I’ll talk to Fury about it,” she grabbed the helm of her shirt and pulled it off revealing her giant breasts being held back by a tight training bra. My eyes went wide as I looked her smoking hot body and gulped. She looked at me with a teasing smile, “are you going to to join me?”

I gulped, “I ah, I don’t think Felicia would like that. See ya Red,” I said walking away, taking one last glance at her tits before doing so. And I swear I think I saw her grin in victory.

Next day morning I had a parcel delivered to my front porch. It didn’t have anything written on it, expect a letter inside which read;

Untraceable. Don’t post anything stupid like nudes or anything that can compromise you or SHIELD. All posts you post online will first be directed to our public relations branch for confirmation before being posted.


Inside was a state of the art smartphone which the SHIELD logo on it. I smiled, guess Fury will willing to trust me on this. I quickly went into my basement and began fiddling with the phone. I knew there was a tracking chip in there somewhere and after finding not one, but three, I decided to begin.

I needed to find a place to put away the phone when not in use and while in costume. Deciding to use an electro magnetic clip that would be powered by the black PB web lines running around my suit. It was basically a mesh of power I could use simply my attaching a machine to it.

I then quickly set up a profile up on Twitter, InstaGram and Snapchat. I had to be creative though as hundreds of fake accounts with the name ‘Spider-man’ had already been taken.

So I took up the handle, @TheAmazingSpider, which was thankfully still available. I signed on with the phone and quickly put up a post;

Twitter: Hello all! It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man coming to you in person! Check out my Insta and Snap by the same handle!

I sent out the post, but instead of an immediate posting, a SHIELD logo popped up with the test, ‘Processing’ underneath. I seems the techs at SHIELD really was looking at everything I sent out.

In a minute the post was put up online, I smiled, guess it’s official, I’m online!

Twitter: Hey I just realised something, now I’m not only swinging on webs, but surfing The web as well!

Soon the first responses came up:

Holy shit is this real?

Fake account is fake.

Doesn’t even have a profile pic!

Lame jokes are not a good thing!

I grumbled, of course they wouldn’t believe me. Why would they?

So I quickly got suited up and swung out into the city as Spider-man. I swung towards Brooklyn bridge and created a hammock out of my webs between the metal lines holding the bridge up. I jumped down into the hammock and took a selfie with the busy traffic street below.

Twitter: Ah, nothing like a new year for a new me. You guys like the new costume? This shit was expensive!

I then put up the picture as my profile pic and posted it on InstaGram and my SnapChat story. I then leaned back and waited.

Holy shit it is him!

Spider-man’s on Twitter?! What the fuck?!

Quick! Someone hack into his phone and shit!

Dude, how come a superhero in a mask is online, but Iron Man isn’t? This is such B.S.!

Mr. Spider-man sir, I’m a huge fan! Thank you for protecting our city!

I responded to whoever I could, giveing off my thanks, and accepting their gratitude. I even threw in a little humor in there as well.

By the end of that day my account quickly became grew followers, reaching over a million followers on Twitter, Insta and Snapchat. I even got Twitter to make my account the official Spider-man account, giving me the little blue tick mark. I grinned, yup, like is good.

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