The Spider Chapter 13

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 13: Those who fight together stay together

I stared at the screen before me. I grumbled rubbing my forehead, “this doesn’t make any sense.”

“You're telling me,” Reed grumbled, “when you asked me to help you out I didn’t think….this doesn’t make any sense Peter.”

“I know, I just said that,” I grumbled.

“Have you tried UV?” Sue asked from the computer, typing away an email.

“Yes, it still doesn't show any difference,” Reed grumbled, “this doesn't make any sense. How does this even happen? It should be impossible!”

“And yet I am currently standing here before you completely possible,” I told him with a raised eyebrow.

“Your blood is impossible Peter, nothing else I can call it,” Reed zoomed in on the microscope we used to examine my blood on a cellular level. The screen showed a single one of my cells and its genetic properties, the DNA helix, rotating on it’s axis.

“It looks like it somehow adapted spider like quality into itself, but only took on the good one,” Sue hummed, “like it picked and chose what it knew would be beneficial.”

“But it can’t do that because it’s not alive!” Reed exclaimed, “God damn it Peter this doesn’t make any sense!” I roared and threw his notes into the air, walking out my lab in a cloud of smoke.

“Don’t mind him, he just doesn’t like not knowing something,” Sue sighed, “it’s an ego thing. But it is to be expected, he’s a physicist, not an genesist.”

I hummed, “I see, do you think you can give this a go?” I asked.

“Let’s see,” Sue got up and approached the screen scanning my DNA, “did you analyse the genomes?”

“Yup, here, can’t make head or tails of it though.” I gave her an SA with the data she requested.

Sue looked at it quickly making notes near each one. I took us a while, but after she was done with one entire sequence she put the SA aside and sighed, “Reed’s right, this shouldn’t be possible. It’s almost your DNA adapts itself to foreign objects. It some how assimilated the spider genes into itself, allowing you access to it’s abilities.”

“So that property existed in my blood before the spider bite me?” I asked.

“It looks like it,” Sue pointed at a strand, “see this? That was going to make you agile and strong like a spider. And it has nothing to do with your DNA adapting itself against foreign object.”

One eyebrow went up, “so are you saying I’m a mutant?”

Sue shook her head, “no, the mutant gene is clearly marked and visible. If that was the case Reed wouldn’t currently be in the kitchen eating an entire tub of ice cream,” I blinked, “yeah, he does that when he can’t solve something.”

I chuckled, “damn.”

“Anyway, your blood, your’s something more. It’s...I would say it’s similar to our own DNA, it’s mutated into something else entirely, not quite mutant, but definitely not human.”

“So….a metahuman?” I asked in wonder, coining the term I knew that was popular in the DC comics.

“Yes...I suppose that would be an accurate word for what you are,” Sue nodded, “though it really is strange, just how does your blood act this way?” She hummed going into an almost trance like state. I knew better to bother her, best leave her alone.

I went to my workstation, on it was the Doom bot I had ‘precured’, broken apart into various pieces. I was learning more about Doom’s tech, it really was interesting.

As I continued learning from the machine my SHIELD issue smart phone buzzed. I turned it on and found a thousand or so messages from my Twitter, Insta and Snapchat accounts, a thousand each that is.

I couldn’t respond to them all, no way in hell. So I did what all celebrities do, switch off notifications. Instagram was easy, most were follower notification, and so was Snapchat. Twitter though was a problem, I needed to read every time someone tweeted at me, just in case they were talking smack and needed to be put down.

As I began to have scan and input the Doom bot’s design into my computer, don’t know when that’ll be useful once more.

After that was done I began to focus on my other little project, Councilman Nick Daves, the guy who somehow lost the funds to feed and shelter the homeless of New York on the coldest night of the year.

The man looked clean, too clean, but after a little digging I found he had not one, but two beach houses in the Hamptons and one Summer home in Greece.

I used Peter’s subpar hacking skills to get into Nick’s personal laptop, not hard considering he uses a public network to login every time he went to work. I searched through his files, first off let me just say he has a lot of porn, like 400 GBs worth, and second, he doesn’t have anything incriminating.

I looked at the screen and sighed, maybe it was time I did this the old fashioned way, follow him until he does something dirty. Maybe I can put a tracking chip on him? Like the kind Peter makes in the future? Yeah, that sounds good, I’ll do that.

“Peter, you won’t believe what I just found,” Sue suddenly said gaining my attention.

“What?” I got up and pushed all thoughts of Nick Daves to the side.

“Your blood, it’s evolving,” Sue spoke as she worked on her data pad, “well, no, evolving might not be the right’s morphing, meta-morphing to be exact.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It’s like a caterpillar turning itself into a butterfly, but instead of strings to build a canon, it uses stray strands of DNA or foreign object to adapt itself. Here, I tried to inject with the common cold, look what happened.”

I watched the monitor. The virus was injected into a small sample of my blood and suddenly the virus began to get absorbed into my blood. I saw it being taken apart by my blood cells, a few strains of it remained while the rest were digested.

“Did...did my blood just vaccinate itself?” I asked in disbelief and in the back of my head I couldn’t help but think I had seen blood act like that before. Somewhere...

“It certainly looks like it,” Sue nodded, “and if we take that theme of ‘vaccination’, we can understand how you survived radiation poisoning. You blood must have absorbed the spider bite and vaccinated you to it’s effects, and then adapted the properties to serve as an inoculation for you. Peter, have you ever gotten sick before?”

I blinked trying to recall Peter’s memories, “well...once, I think.”

“And ever since then you never have right?”

I blinked in wonder, “oh my god...yeah, I’ve never gotten sick after that!”

“Then it would stand to reason you never would,” Sue pulled up several other screens, “I have no idea what your blood is Peter, but I want to find out, this could be the key to solving disease and every single thing that plagues man!”

I gulped, “coming in a little hot there chief.”

“You're damn right I am! This is amazing Peter! We could literally save the world with the stuff you have inside your body! Will you please let me research this? Please?” she asked in a pleading tone, her eyes sparkling in wonder.

“Well...okay, I guess,” I shrugged, “just like, don’t clone me or anything okay? I really don’t want that to happen.”

Sue blinked, “why on Earth would you be worried about something like that?”

I shrugged, “no reason, just saying,” it would be so weird to fight a clone of me, so weird! And don’t think I haven’t thought of a plan for when the clone saga begins, because I have! I hate that storyline, seriously man, what was the point?! Grr, fucking Marvel!

I gave Sue a few more samples of my blood, much to her excitement, and then packed up for the day. It was 2 in the afternoon, usually I would work till the night, but I already had other plans today.

I swung out my lab window as Spider-man and made my way to Felicia’s place. I reached there quickly and knocked on her window. She threw it open and smiled, “hey Spider, come on in, I’ll almost ready.”

“Right,” I jumped and and stretched, it really was going to be a long day. “So, you nervous?” I asked her.

“No, why would I be nervous?” she huffed as she tried on a jacket before taking it off and searching through her closet for something else.

“Because you’re biting your lips, you do that when you’re nervous,” I chuckled as I removed my mask and my web shooters, removing my school bag where I kept my civilian clothes.

“Well, maybe I’m a little nervous,” she admitted as she tried on a long coat, she turned to me, “what do you think?”

I smiled, “I think they’ll love you no matter what you wear,” I deactivated my suit and shimmed out of it, standing in nothing but a pair of briefs.

Felicia’s eye roamed down my body as she licked her lips, “you know, if you’re trying to seduce me, it’s working.”

“Oh Kitten, you know how to make a guy feel loved,” I gaver a small peck on the check, “if you want we can have some fun later, but right now we need to move, my aunt May would kill me if I was late.”

Felicia pouted, “fine. I don’t get it though, why do they want to meet me so much?”

“Well you are my girlfriend,” I told her putting on my shirt, “and so they want to meet you.”

“Fine,” she grumbed.

“You don’t have to be nervous.”

“I’m not!”

“Right, good, because I am,” I chuckled.

Felicia rolled her eyes but said nothing. We walked out of her apartment and got a cab downstairs. It took some time to reach my place but when we finally stood in front of my door she sighed, “okay, maybe I’m a littler nervous.”

I laughed, “don’t worry,” I knocked on the door, “they’ll love you.”

Felicia gulped and nodded. Almost immediately May threw open the door and smiled, “Peter! Finally! I was beginning to get worried! And this must be Felicia, hello dear, nice to finally meet you!”

We stepped inside the house as Felicia gulped, “h-hello Mrs. Parker. You have a lovely home.”

“Oh none of that, please call me May, I’m don’t need to be reminded I’m an old Mrs.,” May laughed.

“Ah, are they finally here?” Ben called out as he walked in from the kitchen, “hello, you must be Felicia, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“You too,” Felicia smiled.

“Why don’t we sit down in the kitchen,” I suggested, wrapping my hand around hers.

“That’s a lovely idea! I just made some cookies!” May smiled as she quickly pushed us into the kitchen where we sat down and she went to pull a freshly made batch of cookies out of the oven.

“So Felicia dear, how did you and Peter meet?” May asked, the excitement in her voice almost made me think she was going to have a heart attack or something, but luckily it seemed she was just excited Peter was finally bringing home a girl.

Felicia smiled, “well actually it’s because I wanted a tutor and I was told Peter was the best, we spent a lot of time together and...I guess it just happened. Oh and he did kind of save my life.”

“Oh that’s right the Stark Expo,” Ben grumbled, “terrible thing, I don’t understand what the were thinking.”

“Hey at least they are alright now,” I sighed, “Hammer tech is basically bankrupt, at least we got that out of the whole ordeal.”

“True, true, now Felicia dear, when did Peter ask you to be his girlfriend?” May asked quickly changing the topic.

“Well...he didn’t really ask me, he just kissed me and looked at me until I gave an answer,” Felicia admitted.

“You did?” May and Ben asked with matching looks of shock.

I grumbled, “you know it would be nice if you guys had even the littlest amount of faith in me. Is it so difficult to think I could do something like that?”

“Yes,” all three replied.

I banged my head on the table, “I hate you all.”

“No you don’t,” Felicia smiled kissing me on the cheek.

I immediately perked up, “yeah, maybe I don’t.”

Ben and May laughed as quickly we all began to talk, though most of the time they spent trying to humiliate me.

Felicia had a few good stories about me, about the time I spilled coffee over pants and then stripped out of them on the spot because they were burning hot.

May then told one where Peter as a kid tried to climb a tree but ended up falling down. The only reason Peter didn’t crack his head open was because he pants were caught in between a  tree branch saving his life, but giving him a monster wedgie.

In the end we had a nice afternoon and I could see Felicia getting along with them like a fish to water. I’m glad that’s the case, I would hate it if they didn’t get along.

Soon we had to leave, “oh I do wish you stay for a little while longer,” May said with a sad tone, “it was so good to finally meet you Felicia.”

“And you too aunt May,” Felicia smiled back, she had began referring to May as aunt as well, don’t why, it just seemed natural.

“Peter, make sure she get’s home safe okay?” Ben told me.

I smiled and nodded, “no problem. Oh by the way, I’ll be home late tonight, Sue needs me at work.”

“That’s fine Peter, I’ll leave you something to eat,” May smiled.

We walked away into the city, we wouldn’t be finding a cab here any time soon. I wrapped my hand around hers, pulling her close.

“So, what do you think?” I asked.

“They’re amazing,” Felicia admitted, “they’re so nice, and a real family.”

“You don’t like your mom that much huh?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“No...she’s never there for me, always doing her own shit,” Felicia grumbled.

“Hey, relax, you have me,” I smiled squeezing her hand, “what does your mom do anyway?”

“She’s a lawyer,” Felicia shrugged, “protects the scum of the Earth while letting the poor face punishment. All those people I robbed? They were her clients.”

“The banker?”

“Responsible of scamming 300 families out of money.”

“The jewelry store?”

“The owner was on trial for rape….he got off thanks to my mom,” Felicia growled.

I groaned, “I see...hey Kitten, what are you doing tonight?”

Felicia looked surprised, “nothing, why?”

“Do you want to do something fun?” I asked with a teasing smile.

“I-I think my mom’s home tonight, we can’t know,” she blushed.

“What if I promise to be quiet?” I teased.

“You can, but I sure as hell won’t be,” Felicia teased back, “you always have a way of making me scream out your name Mr. Parker.”

I grinned, “good. But I wasn’t talking about doing that, though if you want we can do it later tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to spy on a corrupt fat cat and expose any dirty secrets he has hidden away.”

Felicia smiled, “now you're talking. Who's the lucky ass?”

“Councilman Nick Daves.”

“Right, but I thought you had to be at work tonight?” Felicia asked.

“Kitten, this is my job,” I smiled.

That night:

Felicia and I stood on a rooftop in costume. I used the night vision goggles installed in my mask to look into Daves house, his wife and kids were asleep and he was in his study looking over documents.

“So what did he do to piss you off Spider?” Cat asked as she leaded against the roof.

“He’s in charge of funding homeless shelters all across New York, but last month there was a shortage in funds and people were thrown out on the streets on the coldest day on the year. If I hadn’t helped them out I’m sure some would be dead right now,” I grumbled as I tried to see what documents Daves was looking at but unfortunately I didn’t have a zoom fucking, maybe I should add that next.

“Sounds like a bad man,” Black Cat growled, “how did scum like this get power in the first place?”

“Is this your first dirty politician?” I asked.

“No, but it is my first one where I stay out here in the cold waiting for him to do something,” she grumbled.

“Sorry,” I looked at her, she was shivering in the cold January night. I could see her nipples poking out, I couldn’t help but get turned on, “you know, you really should change your costume.”

Felicia blinked, “why? What’s wrong with my suit?” she looked down. The black track suit was nice to be honest, she had her gadgets attached on a belt around her hips and domino mask on her face, but it wasn’t the classic skin tight leather dress that I knew and loved. Honestly, if she was wearing that right now I would spend half the time hiding the enormous erection I would sprout.

“It’s not really safe, it’s just a normal track suit right?” I looked it over.

“Well excuse me, not everyone has access to the Baxter building and all their fancy tech,” Felicia huffed.

I chuckled, “ you want me to make you a suit?”


“Do you want me to make you a suit? It shouldn’t be that hard,” I shrugged. I could probably steal a SHIELD combat, that won’t do, Natasha would find out and then they would know about Felicia, if they didn’t already. Guess I’ll just have to make one from scratch.

“Wait, you would do that for me?” Felicia asked surprised.

“Well, duh, if I didn’t you would be running around with no protection on trying to take on criminals in a tracksuit,” I scoffed, “I’m your boyfriend, and I fully intend on keeping you around for as long as I can.”

Felicia looked shocked, she jumped my wrapped her hands around me, “thanks Tiger.”

“You don’t have to thank me Kitten, it’s my pleasure,” I wrapped my arms around her.

“You know...when I found out you were….well, you, I figured you would try and stop me from being...well, you know.”

“Felicia, I still remembered the first time we talked, really talked. I know how much this means to you, how the name you chose truly lets you be free and express who you are, do you think I would ever want you to stop being that?”

“Well I just know, I’m a criminal, and you're a hero, so….you...” she trailed off.

“What? That I wouldn’t want to be with you?” I laughed, “Felicia, I’m a criminal too. I’m currently stalking a government worker as we speak! People may look to me like a hero or a saviour, but I’m a criminal too,” I removed my mask and kissed her on the lips, “you aren’t going anywhere Kitten.”

Felicia smiled, she opened her mouth to say something before gasping, “he’s moving!”

I blinked, “ah, what?”

“Daves, he’s leaving his home!” Cat broke away and went to the rooftop looking down, “he got into his car, we need to follow him.”

I grumbled, “we were just having a moment,” I put on my mask and wrapped a hand around Felicia, “alright hold on, this is going to be fun.”

Cat did so and we swung into the night. She kept an eye on the car as we slowly went to the bad part of town.

But just then he went down into a tunnel, “Shit!” I cursed.

“I know where he’s going,” Cat hissed, “there,” she pointed at a large fancy hotel a few blocks away, “that tunnel leads to two places, the Highway or a service road leading to that hotel. I’m guess he’s not skipping town just yet.”

“I could kiss you,” I chreed.

“Just don’t drop me Spider,” Cat smiled as I swung towards the hotel, landing on a window on the fifth floor. We looked down and in the distance saw Daves car coming out of the tunnel and into the parking garage.

“We need to follow him,” Cat spoke, “can you get us inside?”

“Yup,” I nodded as I walked crawled downward with Cat clinging to my back. I quickly found a service entrance near the back, we slipped inside and snuck our way in. We avoided a couple of the hotel workers before I stumbled onto a man coming out of the security room.

“Score,” I whispered, calling Cat over, “how good are you at picking open door?”

Cat looked offended, “the best. Now stand back and let a master show you how it’s done,” she pulled out two pins and in five seconds the door was open.

“I am incredibly turned on right now,” I whispered as we snuck inside locking the door behind us.

“So what are we searching for?” Cat asked as we stepped up to the security monitors and controls for every camera in the room.

“We are searching for...him,” I pointed at Daves stepping out of the lift on the 10th floor. We followed him closely, I manually changed the feeds to all the cameras on the tenth floor.

We tracked him knocking on room 1010, the door opened revealing a black man in a nicely pressed suit. I held up my SA and scanned his face storing it in my data banks. Daves stepped in and we lost track of him.

“So he’s in a suite on the top floor,” Cat said as she leaned back on the chair kicking her legs up on the terminal, “what now?”

“Well, let’s see if I can get a little help,” I transfered the image of the man I captured onto my SHIELD phone and sent it as a message to the tech department with the message, ‘Need Identification.’

It was a long shot, but it turned out to work as I quickly got an email back with an attached folder.

I displayed the folder on my SA and whistled, “damn.”

“What? What did you find?” Cat asked getting up to look at the file I looked over.

“Do you know Domanic Marcelle?” I asked.

Cat groaned, “yeah...big time mafia boss, last year his entire operation got busted but he managed to escape. Police have been trying to track him, but every time they came close he just like disappeared.”

“Yeah, and the guy we just saw? His name was John Travis, Dominic's right hand man,” I swiped through his folder, “there were rumours they were partners.”

“Business partners?”

I shook my head, “romantic.”

“Oh,” Cat’s eyes went wide.

“Yeah, so if he’s here...”

“Then so is Dominic.”

“It makes sense,” I hummed, “the police have never been able to catch him because they had help from the inside,”  I looked up, “Nick Daves has been their guy on the inside.”

“So...what do we do now?” Cat asked.

I turned to her and smiled, “feel like catching a mafia boss?”

We snuck out of the security room and out into the open air once more. Cat got on my back and I jumped onto the building’s wall, climbing up towards the tenth floor.

We quickly reached the penthouse, it had a balcony, a swimming pool and guards armed with machine guns.

I crawled around and reached the roof. Cat and I looked down from our perch, there were five guards outside in the cold with guns. From what I briefly saw inside there were about a dozen more inside, luckily not carrying guns.

“I think you should stay back for this one,” I told Cat.

“What? Why?” she hissed.

“I’m bullet proof, you’re not,” I tapped my costume, “ good are you at shooting things?”

Cat grinned, “very.”

I pulled out my SHIELD issue phone and switched it to camera mode, “we need evidence of Daves working with Marcelle, you can shoot some video of them sitting and talking,” I pointed at a large wall sized window with a small ledge.

Cat took the camera and groaned, “I thought you were going to give me a gun.”

I shrugged, “sorry, I don’t like guns.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes and with the grace of a practised acrobat she leaped down to the ledge. I was scared, my heart leaped out, we were ten floor up, if she missed, she would fall. But she didn’t miss, she stuck the landing.

I sighed in relief, she quickly moved to the corner of the window and pulled out the phone. She slowly slid the window open just a crack allowing the sound from inside to come leaking out allowing the video to have some audio as well.

Seeing that part being taken care off I turned to the guards with guns. I cracked my neck and checked my web shooters, time to get wild.

“Hey boys!” I cried out, all five armed guards turned at me and leveled their guns, “is this the bathroom? Because I think I’m lost.”

“What the fuc-” I launched a web line at his chest and pulled, he came flying at me as I collided my fist to his face, knocking a few of his teeth out.

“Waste him!” another yelled out as they fired bullets at me.

My spider sense went into overdrive, I jumped back into the roof, their bullets couldn’t reach me here.

“Someone go up there and get his body!” a gaurd yelled out.

“Hey! What’s going on out there?!” I heard a voice from inside ask.

A man climbed up onto the roof, but the moment he looked up he saw my foot coming for his jaw, throwing him off.

“He’s alive!” they yelled.

“Eat webbing assholes!” I yelled shooting down two web lines to grab their guns and jerk it from their grips.

“What the fuck is th-” I jumped down landing a kick on his face before spinning around and kicking the last armed idiot in the stomach.

I then grabbed the last man still standing and threw him through the patio doors. He landed in the middle of the suite’s living room.

“What the fuck is going on?!” a white man who I recognized as Marcelle asked as he and everyone else in the suite were on their feet.

I stepped in, crushing glass shards under my feet, “hello Marcelle, fancy meeting you here. Are you and councilman Nick Daves friends? Or am I just being paranoid?”

“W-waste him!” Marceels yelled out as he, Nick and John Travis ran for the door.

“Ah-ah you aren’t going anywhere, not this time,” I said covering the door with my hardest webbing.

“What the fuck is this?!” Marcelle yelled as he grabbed the door and tried to shove it open, but my webbing didn’t let him.

“Now, there are two ways we can do this,” I counted the men inside, around 10, armed with baseball bats, but one guy had what looked like a sword. Where did he get a fucking sword? “You know who I am right? Spider-man? Fought a guy made out of electricity and came out fresh as a daisy? Took on a tank and beat the shit out of it using a sewer lid? Do you really think I can’t take each and every one of you out right now?”

They looked at each other gulping. They slowly dropped their weapons and held their hands up in surrender.

“No! Fight you bastards!” Marcelle yelled, “why do I pay you fuckers?!”

“Good choice,” I told them, even the guy with the sword decided not to fight. “Now slowly move towards the wall, I promise this won’t hurt,” I shoot balls of webbing at them sticking them to the walls, just until the police got here.

“You bastard!” John yelled as he pulled out a gun from his coat pocket.

“Shit,” I yelled as I began to jump away, but just then something came flying through the air and hit John right in the hand, startling him enough to drop his gun.

“Gotcha!” I yelled webbing the gun and pulling it to me. I then threw the thing out the window before turning to the three free men. I looked down, the thing that hit John was a TV remote, which was now cracked in half. I blinked and turned to the window where I saw Cat waving at me while still holding the camera steady.

I waved back before turning to the three men, I quickly trapped them with webbing and stick them to the wall. I then turned to Cat and sighed, “thanks Cat, but you do know I had that right?”

“I’m sure you did Spider,” she smiled as she walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulder, planting a kiss on my mask, “you really need to do something about this stupid mask.”

I laughed, “okay, promise.”

We stopped recording the video and quickly called the cops with the whereabout of Marcelle and his gang. We then climbed onto the roof and looked at the widow Cat captured.

“This is the third time Nick,” Marcelle spoke, “you can’t keep asking for cash without showing results!”

“Please, I need it, you need to pay this man off! If you don’t he’ll kill us all!” Daves sounded hysterical.

John scoffed, “right, so some guy walks up to you on the middle of your office, tells you to pay him cash just do it?”

“No!” Daves yelled, “he then gave me a package with...with Cassy’s hand inside!”

“Cassy? Who the fuck’s Cassy?” Marcelle asked sipping a glass of wine.

“She’s my mistress and...she’s fucking dead! This guy said if we don’t pay he’ll do the same to my family!”

“Grr, fucking hell man,” Marcelle growled.

“Please Marcelle! How many times have I saved you from getting caught?! How many times did the police catch you only because of me?!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll give you the money,” Marcelle grumbled, “but you owe me Daves!”

“Thank you!” Nick looked relieved.

“Why did he target you?” John asked, I heard myself in the video announcing my arrival to the goons outside.

“He said we were moving in on his turf. The heroine you guys bring in is affecting his business,” Nick shuddered.

“Did he tell you who he was?” Marcelle asked.

“Yeah, he called himself a member of the Hand and-”

“Hey! What’s going on out there?!” John roared.

And then I came in, threatened me and I saw Cat’s POV as she grabbed the remote and threw it at John. The camera focused on me when I thnaked her, and when she wrapped her arms around me to kiss me, the frame was now framing her lips touching my mask, luckily the mic was muffled so you couldn’t hear what she whispered.

“Not bad Tiger,” Cat smiled, “with this there's no way he can hide!”

But I wasn’t listening to her. I wasn’t even paying attention. I was in shock. The Hand...already? How? Have I really brushed up so close to them?! Will they come after me now? No, no, I just got one of their biggest rivals arrested, they’ll fucking throw me a party!

I knew I should go down there and undo what I did, but it was too late, I could hear the police sirens down stairs, the cops were already here.

“Tiger? Are you okay? Peter?” Cat asked once more snapping me out of my daze.

“I-I,’s just...that name, Hand….I know it,” I wasn't going to tell her everything, just a little.

“Really? Where?”

“An ancient Japanese gang, they are rumored to worship a demon and...I don’t know much else, but every time I talk to a gang who knows even the slightest thing about them they would freeze up and shut up….I think they’re scared.”

“Someone who can scare every single gang in New York? Damn, this I have to see.”

“No!” I snapped, “if you even think is somehow involved Felicia you run, do you understand? You run and you don’t look back!”

Cat was startled by my use of her real name, something I rarely ever do. “Peter, but why? What’s so different about the Hand?”

“They….they are dangerous,” I explain slowly, “promise me Felicia, promise me if you even think the Hand is involved you’ll call me right away and run as fast as you can.”

“Peter I-”

“-Please,” I begged, my voice sounding afraid, something she has never heard it do.

She gulped and nodded, “I promise.”

I sighed, hugging her tight, “thank you Kitten...if I ever lost you I...I don’t know what I would do.”

She slowly hugged me back, “don’t worry Tiger, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily.”

We swung back to her place where I used her computer to edit the video down to only the parts where Daves basically confessed to hs crimes. We quickly changed out of our costumes back into civilians clothing just as he video got rendered.

I then transfered the file to my phone where I posted the video on Instagram with links to it on my Snapchat and Twitter. Time to take it viral.

But this time though the post didn’t get approved, in two minutes I got a message saying my request was denied. I was surprised, but just then I got a call, the number was blocked.

I sighed, I have a feeling I know who this is, I put the phone up to my ear, “hello?”

“What the hell were you thinking?!” I heard Fury on the other side.

“What do you mean?”

“You went after a crime lord on your own!” Fury yelled back.

“No, I went after a corrupt politician who just happened to be working with a crime boss, totally different.”

“Do you realise what you almost did? You nearly caused a scandal that would rock the Eastern seaboard! If this video got out the case the FBI was building on Marcelle over the last four years would be useless!”

I flinched, “sorry.”

“Next time you find a fucking crime lord in hiding do the right thing Peter, call the fucking cops! This isn’t your job!”

I sighed, “right.”

“And next time don’t involve your girlfriend!” I paused in shock, “did you really think we wouldn’t be able to extract the full video from your phone? Come on kid, I thought you were better than that. I’m serious though, the Black Cat is a known thief, don’t get Spider-man involved with her.”

“No Fury, this is where I draw the line, you don’t get to say shit about who I involve myself with, do you understand?” I growled back at him, Felicia looked startled but wisely kept quiet.

“Actually I do, you’re my agent kid, don’t forget that.”

“I may be your agent, but you aren’t my fucking father, don’t forget that! Spider-man isn’t a fucking hero for you to carry around on shoulders, he’s me and I’ll damn well associate myself with anyone I damn want, understand?!”

Fury’s line was silent, I’m pretty sure I just lost my job. Finally though he spoke, “speak to me like that again and you are done.”

“No, I don’t think I am, you need me, I’m arrogant as hell I know, but give me my first mission Fury and I swear you won’t regret it.”

“Fine, you want a mission, I’ll give you one,” he hanged up, I smiled. Sucker.

“What was that?” Felicia asked. I turned to her, she had her arms crossed, guarded and scared. I sighed, this was going to be difficult to explain.

“I...well, you remember Electro right?” I told her as I took off my mask and web shooters sitting on her bed.

“Yeah, kind of hard to forget when you nearly die and...wait, you saved me that day, oh my God I didn’t even realise,” Felicia’s eyes went wide.

“Yeah, you’re welcome,” I chuckled, “but anyway, after that day a man broke into my house and introduced himself as Fury, the director of SHIELD.”

Felicia blinked, “what?”

“Spies,” I explained in one word, “he was a spy, and they knew everything about me, even who I really was. He basically offered me a job at his organization, my skills to be used to protect the world, he would give me training, equipment, anything I needed. He’s the one who called. I tried to post the video but SHIELD’s monitoring all my Spider-man account and didn’t let me. Too dangerous it seems.”

“So...what you’re telling me’re a spy?” Felicia looked amazed.

I shrugged, “okay, yeah, if you want to think it like that.”

“You ass!” she yelled, “why didn’t you tell me?!”

I shrugged, “honestly? I thought you would hate me. I mean, you don’t exactly like I’m a superhero I was kind of cared how you would react when I told you I was a spy.”

“Well what did you expect?! You’re a spy!”

“In training,” I argued, at her glare I quickly backed down, “which really isn’t important right now.”

“And...oh my God, do they know about me?!” Felicia asked in horror.

I shrugged, “no, I doubt it. And even if they do they don’t really care. People like you and I are too small for them, they only see my as a tool, you might eventually get on their radar, but not for a long time.”

Felicia looked worried and I couldn’t blame her. She sat on her bed with her head in her hands looking confused.

I sat down next to her and put a hand on her thigh, “Felicia,” I whispered her name like it was the sweetest thing in the world, “I promise they won’t ever hurt you. I won’t let them. No body in this world will hurt you as long as I’m there and if they even think about it I’ll kill them.”

“Peter you don’t-”

“No Felicia, I will,” I cupped her cheek, “I’m not going to say something like you're the woman I’m going to marry or something cliche. But I do love you, I do care for you. You’re my responsibility and I will never let anyone harm you, ever. Do you understand?”

Felicia looked into my eyes and I into hers. Slowly she closed the distance between us and locked her lips on mine. I ran my fingers down her hair and slowly pushed her down on the bed as I pushed down on her.

She moaned as I kissed her deeply. And just then her door swung open and I heard a deadly cold voice.

“What is going on here?” we moved like we were set on fire, jumping upright. I turned to the door and saw Felicia’s mother glaring down at us.

Felicia sighed, “hey mom, nice timing.” I just gulped having nothing witty to say. All I knew was I did not like the way she looked at me, and that I’m so glad we decided to change out of our costumes before this happened. Because that conversation would be a lot more awkward.

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