The Spider Chapter 14

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 14: The First Mission

I wasn’t nervous.

“Are you nervous?” Felicia asked with a teasing smile.

“No,” I wasn’t nervous at all.

“Squeeze my hand any tighter and you break it,” she rains an eyebrow at my knuckles turning white.

“Sorry,” I stopped.

She laughed, “you don’t have to be nervous you know, just be yourself.”

“Do you remember when you were meeting my aunt and uncle? How I told you not be nervous and how that didn’t help at all?”


“Same thing here Felicia,” I sighed as we waited in her dining room.

After her mother caught us making out in Felicia’s room I had gotten my very first death threat...well one that I felt might actually be delivered on.

She had gone on a rant, how Felicia took advantage of her trust, how she never brought boys into her room as a teen, how Felicia should have told her. Felicia just sat there and took it, in one ear out the other. But me? Well I actually wanted this woman to like me.

So when she told me she couldn’t approve because she didn’t know anything about me, I suggested we sit down and talk later in the week. She agreed, hence why I’m here right now looking scared.

“Relax Tiger,” Felicia kissed my cheek, “it’s pointless being nervous, she probably forgot what we were doing today and is probably halfway to D.C. right now.”

I rolled my eyes, “come on Felicia she’s your mom, I’m sure sometimes she acts aloof, but I’m sure she won’t forget something as important as this.”

“Peter, I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t the center of the universe,” she rolled her eyes.

“No, just the center of yours,” I smiled.

“Cheesy romantic lines are not helping Tiger.”

I chuckled, “sorry. But no, I don’t mean because it’s me, I mean because it’s important to you, that's why she won't’ forget.”

“Care to make a wager?” she asked.

“What’s the bet?” I raised an eyebrow.

“If you win I’ll...” she thought for a moment before smiling, “I’ll give you the best blowjob of your life.”

Immediately I was interested. “And if you win?”

“Then I want you to spend the rest of the night in my bed making me happy with that amazing tongue of yours,” she grinned.

“Deal,” I grinned.

We waited for a few more minutes, and just as I was beginning to think I was going to lose the bet the door opened and Felicia's mom walked through.

“Yes,” I whispered.

Felicia grumbled, “god dammit mom, the one time I don’t want you to come home.”

The blond haired woman walked into the kitchen looked at us and stopped in surprise, “what are you two doing here?”

I blinked, “you ah, you asked us to be here today. You wanted to know me better?”

“Oh...was that today?” she asked acting really confused.

“Ah...yeah,” I nodded.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I completely forgot!” she gave off a nervous laughter as she walked into the kitchen with bags filled with food enough for five people.

Felicia smiled as she leaned in and whispered, “I win.”

“No fair, you said she wouldn’t even be here, not that she would forget!”

Felicia raised an eyebrow, “ it a draw?”

“What about the prize?”

“We both get it,” she smiled.

I smiled and whispered back, “sounds fair.”

Just the Felicia’s mother walked in and blinked at us, “you’re still here?”

“Yeah mom, you did say you wanted to talk to us, and Peter here is a stickler for the rules,” Felicia giggled.

“Right, right, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to do this another time. I have invited a prospective client over for dinner tonight. I’m sorry Pedro-”

“-Peter,” I corrected.

“Yes, right, Peter, I’m sorry but we’ll have to do this another time. Felicia I need you to get ready, we’ll be having guests over soon.”

“What? You’re just kicking him out?!” Felicia snapped.

“Kitten it’s fine,” I sighed. I didn’t notice it, but the moment I called Felicia Kitten her mother gasped in surprise.

“No Peter it isn’t,” she growled, “he’s staying for dinner mom, he’s my boyfriend, you aren’t just going to kick him out!”

“Fine, do whatever you want, but you two won’t talk during the meal, I won’t have this deal blown, do we understand each other?” she asked with narrowed eyes.

“Yeah, fine,” Felicia snarled, but her mother didn’t seem to be bothered.

We helped set up the plates for the dinner. The food she had brought over was from a Chinese place a few blocks down which was said to have the best fried rice this side of the East River. I wasn’t a fan of Chinese food, but man did it smell inviting!

As I helped put the food into bowls I found myself alone in the kitchen with Felicia’s mother, Felicia had gone off into her room to wear something nice, luckily I was already dressed in something acceptable so I was lucky.

“Peter,” the older woman finally said.

“Yes Mrs. Hardy?” I asked.

“When the guests arrive I want you to excuse yourself,” she ordered without batting her eyes.

“What? But-”

“-But nothing,” she snapped, “you are in my house young man, you will listen to me. I will not have my daughter waste her life with some low life who lives on the streets. I understand kids your age make impulsive choices, I know I made them myself. But you are not the kind of person I see my daughter associating herself with. So please, do not make a scene.”

I paused, does this bitch even know who the fuck she’s talking about? Seriously? Me? Low life? On the streets?! What the fuck?!

I was boiling over on the inside, but on the outside I was clamn. I slowly nodded, “tell me Mrs. Hardy, do you know who I am?”

“What do you mean?”

“You hardly even know my name, let alone my grade level, living conditions, and yet you judge me like you do. Why is that?” she looked at me and then my clothes, “oh, I get it, yeah, I guess I understand. I don’t exactly dress the role of a high class socialite, but I promise you, I do have other qualities you will like.”

“Like what exactly?”

“Well, for one I’m the reason your daughter is passing physics,” I shrugged.

“You’re tutoring her?” she asked surprised.

“Yes, I am. I’m actually quite smart you know,” I chucked.

She looked skeptical, I suppose it is her right after all. She sighed, “fine, I may have spoken too fast. But the issue remains, this night is too important for it too go wrong. I understand you deserve a fair portion of my time, and I’ll give it to you...soon. That is if you and Felicia are still dating by then. But regardless, I want you gone tonight. Do you understand?”

I sighed, “perfectly,” bitch.

Felicia came back and I wanted to tell her what her mom told me to do. But I honestly didn’t want another fight between the two so I just told her it would be best if I came back another time when we had her full attention.

Felicia didn’t like it, but she understood. We talked for some time before the doorbell rang.

“They’re here,” Felicia’s mother, whose name I learned was Valeri, quickly walked to the door. She turned to me and Felicia, “remember you two, be on your best behaviour.”

“Yeah mom,” Felicia rolled her eyes.

Valeri’s eyes landed on me, her unspoken order hanging in the air. I nodded, “understood.”

“Good,” she turned to the door and put one a big smile as she threw it open, “Norman! So glad you could make it!”

“Thank you Valeri,” a tall man in a business suit walked in, “you have a lovely home,” he turned around and glared at someone behind him. He pushed the figure forward revealing Harry, “you remember my son Harry?”

“Hello Mrs. Hardy,” Harry gave a sheepish smile, “you have a lovely home.”

I couldn’t believe it, Norman freaking Osborn...fuck! Again?! AH! This guy’s like herpes! I can’t just seem to get rid of him! And if it’s like this now one can only imagine how it would be when he goes all crazy and green!

“Welcome Norman, please, come in,” she smiled as she invited them in, “will anyone else be joining us tonight?”

“No, just us three and-” he looked over at me and Felicia standing in the distance. His eyes fell on me and immediately he laughed, “well I didn’t think I would see you here!”

I put on a smiled as well, “heya Dr. Osborn, how have you been?”

“Fine Peter, just fine,” Norman smiled turning to Felicia, “and that must be your daughter right Valeri?”

Valeri snapped at her confusion at Norman’s addressal before nodded, “y-yes, Felicia, come here please.” Felicia let out a quiet groan as she stood next to her mother who gave her a one arm hug, “my pride and joy. I understand she and Harry go to the same school yes?”

Norman nodded, “yes, I belive so.”

“Oh how wonderful!” Valeri smiled, “Felicia, why don’t you show Harry around the house.”

Harry gave of a pervish smile, “that would be lovely.” I so wanted to punch his fucking teeth out of his fucking skull.

“Peter,” Valeri turned to me with a smile, “don’t you have somewhere to be?”

I glared at her, “do I?”

“Ah, yes, you did say so didn’t you?” Valeri looked angry, but fuck it, no way in fucking hell am I leaving Harry Osborn and his fucking fingers anywhere near my Cat!

“No, I don’t think so,” I growled.

“Oh, were you leaving Peter?” Norman asked surprised.

“Yeah, I was, work called, but I told them I was busy,” I moved next to Felicia glaring a hole into Harry’s skull. I wrapped an arm around her, suprising her with my protectiveness, “so I’ll be right here.”

Valire looked outraged, Harry looked a little nerous, Felicia smiled at me and Norman gave a hearty laugh, “that’s wonderful! I’ve been meaning to talk to you for some time now Peter, I’m so glad we can do so now.”

That made Valerie escape out of her stunned look. She blinked, “I’m sorry, but what do you mean? Do you know Peter?”

“Know him? Why Valeri, this boy here single handedly saved my company!” Norman laughed.

“What?!” Harry asked shocked, an expression matched by Valeri.

“What is he talking about?” Felicia leaned in and whispered.

“I prevented one of his science experiments from going supernova and destroying half a block,” I whispered back.

“ Spider-man?”


“You are so telling me that story.”

“Yup,” I popped out the last syllable.

“Now Peter my boy, what are you doing here? I must admit I was surprised seeing you here,” Norman smiled.

“I was just visiting my girlfriend,” I squeezed Felicia’s shoulder, “I didn’t really realize I was interrupting your dinner plans though, sorry about that.”

“Oh it’s fine, I’m glad you did. And might I say a fine choice,” Norman nodded at Felicia, “I’m sure she’ll grow up to be a beauty like her mother one day.”

Felicia didn’t really take to the compliment, she replied icily, “thanks.”

“Excuse me Norman, but I still don’t understand, how do you know Peter?” Valeri asked once more. Oh so now she knew my name? Figured, the moment she realises I’m worth something I am worth remembering.

“Well to be honest that has a lot to do with the fresh energy contract actually,” Norman explained, “it’s was during the Christmas party, I had invented Peter here as a thank you for saving Harry’s life during the Stark Expo, if I recall correctly he also saved your own daughter’s life too?”

Valeri’s eyes went wide, “what?!” She turned to Felicia, “what happened?!”

Felicia rolled her eyes, “I told you mom. A couple of those Hammer robots went mad and tried to kill us. Shesh, it’s like you don’t even listen.”

“And if I recall correctly Peter here made sure none of our children got turned into cheddar cheese,” Norman chuckled at his joke.

“Really?” Valeri said turning to me.

I shrugged, “was nothing.”

“Either way, he had my gratitude,” Norman continued, “so I invited him to the party to show him what Oscorp was going to achieve, in a way to….persuade him into leaving his current employer.”

“Never going to happen,” I grinned.

“Well you can’t blame a man for trying,” Norman chuckled.

“I’m sorry? Current employer?” Valeri asked, “where does Peter work?”

“The Baxter Building,” I supplied with a smug tone of voice. I usually wasn’t this petty, but this bitch thought I was basic white trash, fuck you cunt!

“T-the Baxter Building? With the Fantastic Four?” Valeri stammered.

“Yeah mom, he knows them too,” Felicia smirked, “heck, he even has Johnny Storm on speed dial. Which honestly kind of pisses me off, I mean I’m not even on your speed dial and I’m your girlfriend!”

“Hey, I don’t have him on speed dial, that was a long time…” I pulled out my phone and saw Johnny’s number saved on speed dial, “...huh...forgot about that. Sorry Kitten.”

Norman chuckled, “well, anyway, I invite him in and like everyone else he was unaware as to why the event was happening. But he takes one look at Otto, and in seconds he figured out my evening plan. I have never seen anything like it. And then he takes it a step further and points out a flaw in Otto’s machine so significant it could have potentially derailed the entire branch’s launch. Peter here effectively saved me from going bankrupt and having to deal with my hostile board members.”

I blinked, I didn’t realise it but he was right. I had stopped him from going under pressure by his board members, did I somehow prevent not one, but two of my mortal enemies? Did both the Green Goblin and Doc Ock die that day? God I hope so.

“Real?” Valeri asked in disbelief, she looked at me with questioning eyes and I raised an eyebrow in challenging. Not just some shit from the streets now was I?

“Why yes,” Norman nodded, “now Valeri, I believe we have some business to discuss. Harry, why don’t you, Peter and Felicia go and occupy yourselves? I’m sure this won’t interest you,” he ended with a back handed insult.

“Yes father,” Harry nodded, I raised an eyebrow, wow, he certainly took that like a little bitch. Push over much?

Felicia took me and Harry to her room where I proceeded to glare at Harry, trying to burn a hole into his back. The boy gulped, we didn't talk much, I wasn’t in the mood and neither was Felicia, guess she also thought he was a jerk.

We spent the time just making polite conversation, not talking about sensitive subjects like MJ or how he was a giant tool.

Soon Valeri and Norman were done with their talks and we joined them for dinner. It was decent enough event, I’ll admit, Norman Osborn does make for some pretty good conversation. He’s the most selfish man I have ever met, true, but I kind of understood why. He did so many great things in his life, and he fought tooth and nail for it, it was his right to be proud of his work.

And I also understood why he disliked Harry, if I had a son who was such a pain I would be pissed at him too.

“So Peter, what’s the next big thing the Baxter Building is working on?” Norman asked.

“Right now? Nothing too revolutionary,” I shrugged, “we just got the patent for a machine which would serve as a digital file folder, kind of like an advanced version of Kindle. We sold the production right’s to Amazon, we’re expecting them to start production in what...five months? Maybe more?”

“Ah, I see, that’s good, set up a steady stream of money, very smart,” Norman nodded.

“Yes, Sue's the one who handles all the cash,” I shrugged, “she’s pretty amazing actually, if we didn’t have her with us the Baxter Foundation would be gone in a week.”

“Ah yes, I know of Sue Storm, she’s very...impressive,” was that lust I hear in your voice Norman? Wow, Norman Osborn had a thing for a woman who could be his daughter, how utterly surprising. Not.

Norman continued, “but Peter, I was looking over a few of the patent’s the Baxter Building owns, and I came across something really revolutionary,” he locked eyes with me, “tell me, do you know about Parker Blood?”

I shouldn’t be surprised, so I wasn’t. I knew I can’t act sheepish and shy, he would hate weakness and looking weak in front of Norman Osborn was a big mistake. So I smile and nodded, “know it? I invented it.”

“You did?” Harry blinked.

“Yeah, why? Did you think someone else named their invention ‘Parker’?” I scoffed. Valeri looked taken back and Harry looked pissed off. Felicia looked curious, which was to be expected, I don’t talk to her about things like this.

“I expected as much,” Norman smiled, “I looked over the patent, ingenious really. Tell me, have you decided how you’re going to go about marketing it?”

“Honestly no, making the plans is Sue’s department, the rest of us just give her the toys and give her our opinion,” I shrugged.

“Ah, so she’s who I must talk too,” Norman nodded, “it’s honestly very interesting, the way you can transfer so much of power with nearly no loose, truey a mark on your record to be proud off. Honestly Peter, I don’t understand why you’re still in school, your skills can be put to use at work.”

I shrugged, “I know, but I’m also not looking forward to that. I’m a kid Mr. Osborn, I know that. Some people would want to rush through life but...well, I can’t do that. I want to live life before I have to work. There have been so many genius who went down that path and came out not knowing how to be human, valuing their own intelligence than actual people. So...I guess I just don’t want to be an emotionless machine.”

Norman nodded, “that is very well thought out and mature of you Peter,” he glared at Harry, “if only other children your age act the same.”

I won't’ lie, there’s a part of me loves the fact Harry was being compared to me and looked down at, it is a part of me I hate, but it is a part of me. So I just nodded and said nothing.

“Well, this has certainly been an….informative dinner,” Valeri said looking at me in a new light.

“Yes, it has,” Norman looked at his watch, “oh dear, it’s gotten very late. We have to leave,” he stood up, “Valeri, it was a pleasure, you were an excellent host.”

“Thank you Norman,” we all stood up and walked to the door. Valeri opened the door, “I hope you keep in mind what we discussed.”

“Thank you, I will,” Norman nodded and turned to me, “it was an unexpected surprise to see you Peter. I’ll be in touch with the Baxter Foundation in regards to your invention, I’m sure Otto will find it interesting to look over.”

I nodded, “I’ll look forward to that.”

The Osborn’s left, Valeri closed the door and turned to me. She narrowed her eyes and me and then Felicia. She didn’t say anything before sighing, “it’s was nice getting to know you Peter. I hope to see you more, Felicia, say your goodbyes, I’m sure Peter’s work is curious where he was.”

“Yes mother,” Felicia hissed, but Valeri ignored her and went into the kitchen. My girlfriend turned to me and smiled, “the way you stood up to my mom was such a turn on.”

I grinned, “you're welcome. I won’t lie, that felt good. I get what you say, she is a pain sometimes.”

“Now you know,” she smiled. She pressed a soft kiss on my lips, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her deeply. She whispered, “knock on my window in one hour’s time. You still owe me a steamy foreplay session.”

I bit down on her neck and whispered, “I know. And you owe me too, Kitten,” I purred into her ear before breaking the hug and left. I came back soon later and needless to say, we had a very enjoyable evening.

The next Day:

School had began again after winter break, I honestly didn’t remember what happened in school I did remember Harry glaring at me, but Felicia and I didn’t care. We spent the entire time making googly eyes at each other, and the people were honestly surprised, they didn’t know we were dating after all. Well, they did now.

There was one interesting thing that came out of all of this, I finally got to take my driver’s test. I was only 15, and this was just practise, but I felt glad I was finally getting my hands behind a wheel, it didn’t matter how.

After school was over I went to the SHIELD bunker where I found Natasha waiting for me in the conference hall with two folders in front of her. She looked at me and narrowed her eyes. Great, what did I do now?

“You captured a drug lord and recorded it?” she asked. Oh, that’s what.

I shrugged throwing my bag on the table, “in my defence, I had no idea Daves was going to meet Marcelle, I just happened upon him and I decided to drop in.”

“And you didn’t think to call the cops?”

“Didn’t want to risk Daves running away,” I replied.

“And the video?”

“Proof, in case Nick tried to play it off.”

“And getting your girlfriend involved?” she raised an eyebrow.

“...I’ll admit, I did that for fun,” I chuckled.

Nat grumbled, “at least you're honest. Fury was angry at the stung you pulled. He demoted the techie that helped you identify John Travis.”

“So Fury was...furious?” I chuckled.

Nat growled rubbing her temples, “God help me,” she took one folder and slammed it on the table, “here, you wanted a mission, you got one. Against my advice Fury believes you're ready, so here, enjoy.”

“Thanks, your enthusiasm is infectious Master Romanoff,” I rolled my eyes. I took the file and quickly read it over. There were reports of children going missing in West Bronx area, some homeless kids or poor ones, so no one really noticed. But SHIELD did, and so did the FBI, but the latter didn’t have the resources to go after them, or the time. It wasn’t important enough, but now SHIELD has me.

I memorised the details, the children targeted were off the ages 12 to 16, some were younger, but most were around puberty. They all were of different races, black, asian, white, nothing specific. But there were a lot more girls than boys, might be something, can’t say for sure.

I looked at Nat, “are you coming with me?”

She shook her head, “no, this is your mission and your mission alone.”

“So that means you’ll be trailing me and making sure I don’t fuck up, nice,” I ignored her sly smile, turning back to the paper, “okay, just so that I know for sure I’m not going to get this wrong, what’s my mission objective?”

“Can’t you read?”

“I want to hear it from you.”

“Find the children, save them, detain everyone involved and call SHIELD. Understood?”

“Can I use any method I want?” I asked.

“Yes, within reason, so that means no posting it on Instagram,” Natasha glared, and I ignored her.

“Alright then,” I put the folder away and took of my coat. I threw my shirt off revealing my deactivated costume underneath. I put on my mask and activated it, slipped on my web gauntlets and slammed my palm in the middle of my chest, activating the arc reactor, black webs began growing outwards covering my costume.

“I didn't realise you figured out Stark’s tech,” Nat said with a raised eyebrow at my costume. That’s right, this is the first time she’s actually seen it huh?

“Yeah,” I nodded, “I figured it out some time last December.”

“He is not going to happy about that,” she smiled.

“Why? Do you think he’ll sue me?” I asked a little afraid.

“No, he’s probably going to be more upset a 15 year old kid figured out his tech in what? A month?”

I shrugged, “about that long yeah. But I did have help, I stole the arc reactor off one of those Hammer drones, helped me out a lot in figuring it out.”

Natasha blinked, “when did you...never mind, call me if things go south, I need to report to Fury,” she got up and walked away.

I quickly left the bunker and swung my way to the Bronx. The city was slowly being covered by darkness, I could feel the criminals getting ready to start their night. I stopped a mugging on my way to West Bronx but that was it, I couldn’t let anything distract me.

I reached the area with the most number of kidnappings, eight blocks of shadowy streets and wrecked buildings. The people here were poor or homeless, I saw several families living in one apartment, I saw people looking suspiciously at everything that moved. This place was affected by the kidnappings, I could feel it. They were afraid for their kids.

I stalked the streets, my night vision goggles activated at all times allowed me to see everything clearly. Nothing would escape my sight.

As I snuck around I heard the people living under the roofs yell out.

“This isn’t safe anymore! We need to leave!”

“Daddy I’m scared.”

“I’m in love man! She’s totally the one!”

“Maybe the world can do with one more police man.”

I heard their private conversation and I did my best to ignore them, though a few did make me pause. Like the one where a man abused his son. That really pissed me off. But I was on a mission, I couldn’t do a thing without giving myself away.

But as the night went on I became more and more focused to the boy being abused. I felt anger at the way his father beat him, how the mother cried out. How the boy cried.

I wanted to stop it, but just as I made up my mind to help the door to their house was thrown open and the boy ran out.

“Get back here!” the father ran out belt in hand.

“Leave him George! Please!” the mother held him back with one arm.

“Let go of my bitch!” he slapped her across the face sending her flying back.

I narrowed my eyes, fucking creep. I jumped down, “hey you!” he turned to me and eyes widened in surprise, “pick on someone your own size,” I threw a light jab into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him easily.

He fell to the ground holding his stomach in pain, his eyes widening in shock as he dry heaved. I turned to the woman, “I’ll bring him back, I promise.”

She blinked, “t-thank you.”

I nodded and immediately ran into the alleyway the kid ran into. I looked around the alley, inside trash cans, street inlets, everywhere. He had ran, and didn’t stop.

I eventually made it onto the main road and looked around, a small park was on the other side, if I was a kid trying to run away that was where I would go.

I ran inside and began looking for hte boy. And just as I reached the heart of the park I heard someone yell out, “help! Someone help me!”

It was the boy! I turned and ran towards the voice. I reached the other side just as a white van speed off into the distance. The kidnappers, they had gotten him. I needed to follow.

I jumped onto the nearest telephone pole and leaped across them following the van off in the distance. They were driving away quickly, but I managed to keep up, hiding off in the shadows so they couldn’t see me.

They drove for what must have been an hour, all the way around the city, doubling back. They almost spoted me a few times, but I managed to stay hidden by climbing up the side of buildings, hiding where they would never think to look.

Finally they stopped in front of a building in Hunts point. The building was shoved between a Farmer’s market and a warehouse, so boring looking I doubt anyone would have looked twice at it.

The garage doors opened and the van drove in. I managed to spy men inside armed with guns and heavy duty gear, they looked like military, expect they wore all black. Something was wrong, this didn’t feel like a child kidnapping ring at all. I needed to be cautious.

The building was three stories tall and the windows were tinted, something didn’t feel right. I jumped onto the roof and looked around for an air vent I could sneak in through. But the one I found was too small for me to fit inside.

So with no other choice I began crawling down the walls, reaching a small window from where I could smell urine and cleaning chemicals. The bathroom. I quickly covered the glass window with a thin coating of my webbing and pressed my palm against it, pushing it slowly, steadily building up the pressure before I heard the glass crack.

The webbing held all the pieces together and muffled the broken glass. I pulled the webbing out and the glass pieces came along with it. I stuck it to the wall and crawled inside.

The toilet was empty, good. I hide inside a toilet stall and waited for around ten minutes when finally someone walked in. I woman by the sound of her high heels. Great, just great, I snuck into a woman’s bathroom. No time for modesty, time to interrogate.

I heard her lean against the wash basin and pant, looks like she wasn't having a nice day. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, a few inches shorter than me and she looked exhausted. I snuck out of the stall and cleared my throat, “hello there.”

“What the-” she turned around and I webbed her mouth closed. She looked horrified as she grabbed the webbing and tried to break free.

I quickly covered the toilet door with my webbing and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her into the air with one hand, “you’re going to tell me what I want, and if you lie to me, I will know. Do you understand?”

The woman looked panicked, she struggled to break free. I growled, I grabbed the wash basin and slowly crushed it with my grip, turning it into rubble. She stopped and looked at me in horror as I slowly tightened the hand I had around her throat.

“I can kill you without a second thought. So tell me what I want to know!”

This time she nodded. I threw her into a stall and closed the door behind me. I grabbed he webbing and sprayed it with a solution that slowly dissolved it. It was something I came up under the advice of Sue, good thing I listened to her huh?

“What is this place?” I growled, doing my best Batman voice.

“I-I don’t know! No one knows! We got hired by some big company and asked...we were just told to do some tests!”

“On children?” I growled making a leap, but something told me by the way she paled I was right on the money.

“I didn’t know! For the longest time we just perfected the formula! We didn’t know what we would be testing them on! When I found out I didn’t want to do it! But they threatened my family!”

I understood her feelings, regret, I could use this.

“Tell me everything and I’ll stop them. Tonight, I’ll make sure all the children escape and even the scientist like you who had no choice in this.”

“You can’t,” she said looking guilty and sad.

“I can, and I will,” I told her firmly.

“You don’t get it! You can’t save them because they are all dead!” she was crying in tears.

My eyes went wide in horror. All those children, all of them….were dead? I...I couldn’t believe that. I….I was going to save them, I was going to take them to safety and now….dead?

“Monsters,” I growled.

“We are,” she didn’t try to deny it.

I felt guilty for not noticing this sooner, if maybe just one day earlier and one other child would have been spared, one more family that weren’t broke apart. And just then I remembered the mother whose child I promised to return. There was still time, I could save at least one child tonight.

“Tell me everything,” I asked her softly.

“We were all fresh out of college,” she admitted, “geneticists from the top universities in the world. We were recruited and asked to replicate a formula, some kind of genetic enhancer. We didn’t know what it did, but the challenge was exciting. We were well paid and well funded. And around two months ago we cracked it.”

I nodded, two months ago the children started to disappear. “What happened next?”

“They-they brought in the children,” she looked sick, “so many of them. They made us inject the children with the formula, trying to...I don’t know what. The gene was supposed to make them powerful, beyond human. But...something went wrong. They died, they all died.”

Experimentation on kids? Why did I feel like killing someone? “Did anyone participate willingly?”

She shook her head, “no, nobody did.”

“Then why?” I couldn’t keep the hate out of my voice.

“Because they threatened us, everyone one of us,” she explained. She told me that before, but after what I just heard….I needed to know they had no choice in this as well.

I looked at her, she was scared. But I knew she was also feeling guilty, maybe she could help me.

“How many guards in the building?”

She looked surprised at the question, “ah, well, 10 on each floor and 30 in the basement.”

“What’s in the basement?”

“T-that’s where the gas chamber is,” she gulped, “we have to supply the formula through the air. No other choice. So the children are….are….”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say it,” I stop her, “tell me...”

“Betty, Betty Cooper,” the woman supplied.

I blinked, “like the Archie Andrews comic books?”

She chuckled, “yup. I’m surprised, I didn’t realise superheros...well, read comics.”

I scoffed, “woman, I am a comic.” She laughed, and for a moment everything seemed better. I sighed and spoke, “Betty, I need your help.”

She looked afraid, “w-what? Me? But what can I do?”

“You can get me proof,” I told her, “you have files of your experiments, yes?”

“Yes, we all do.”

“Well I need them.”

“Why? What can you do with them?”

“I’ve been sent by the government, originally I thought it was just a kidnapping ring, but now it is so much more than that. I need proof, I need information so that my employers can track them down. The people that forced you to kill children, they don’t deserve to hide in the shadows and play around with human lives. Help me, help you.”

I moved back and waited. She looked conflicted for the longest time. And then she looked up at me with determined eyes, “I-I’ll do it!”

I nodded, “good. Now,” I kicked open the stall door, “let’s go save that kid.”

We snuck out and I followed Betty’s lead as we snuck into her lab. There I hacked into the system and downloaded the building’s plans into my SA. She and I then split ways, she went to the main data storage of this entire building, while I made my way downstairs.

I quickly found three guards down the corridor. I smiled, I leaped up and kicked the one in the middle right in the back sending him flying forward.

“What the-,” the one on the right said just as my fist meet his face and my left leg kicked the last guy in the groin before I kneed him in the face.

I grabbed all three and stuck them to the wall with my super hard webbing just as my phone rang.

I picked it up and put it on speaker, “hello, you're on speaker.”

“Why? Isn’t this supposed to be a stealth mission?” came Nat’s drowning voice.

“It was, now it’s more like a get to the basement as fast as you can kind of thing,” I webbed two more guards before they even noticed me and quickly ran into the elevator at the end of the corridor.

“Spider, is there anything you wish to tell me?” she asked slowly.

“Yeah, tell the Director he should have had someone on this the moment the kids started to vanish,” the elevator dropped to the first floor. “Someone’s been experimenting on them, trying to mutate them with some mutagen. Even the scientists working here are doing so under protest. Every child so far has been killed, only one’s alive, and I’m not planning on letting him die.”

“Spider you should wait for backup,” Natasha hissed.

“No,” I growled back “it’s now or never. Sorry Widow, but I’m not the kind of guy who sits back and lets a kid get killed,” the elevator slowed down, “bring people to my position, don’t hurt the scientists, the guards on the other hand are fair play.”

“Fine Spider,” she sighed, “just...just don’t die, okay?”

I chuckled, “okay Widow, I promise,” I hanged up just as the doors opened and two guards looked at me in surprise.

“What the fuck-” I grabbed them both and pulled them inside. I threw them into the lift and started to beat on them. The doors slowly closed and when they opened I was the only one who walked out with the other two unconscious bodies behind me.

I snuck along the shadows of long and dark corridor. According to the schematics of the building there should be a large room further ahead. I found it quickly, but soon realised it was locked, not with a key too, it was the digital kind. Luckily I had just the thing for something like that.

I took out the Oscorp decoder box I stole from Rhino’s crew and set it against the digital lock, the machine activated and whirled, running quickly through numbers before I heard the door unlock.

I took the decoder box and quietly walked into the room, closing the door behind me. Inside looked like a villain's lair if I ever saw on.

The walls were lined with machines and screens, scientist walking around looking at calculations, and for each scientist there were two guards with machine guns. And in the middle of the room was a glass box chamber with an unconscious boy inside it, pipes connected to the inside.

The boy looked safe, if just asleep. I quickly hide behind a large work station, jumping onto the wall and crawling my way near the rafters.

“When will it be ready?!” I heard a man yelling. He was standing on a stage before the glass box, decked out in full armour and a robotic right arm. He looked old, like Vietnam old, and judging my the muscles and the scars he probably was in Vietnam.

“W-we are just finishing the formula sir, just a few more seconds and it could improve the chance of success by 12%” a skinny man stood next to the old soldier looking horrified.

“12%? That doesn’t seem like much,” the man growled.

The skinny scientist gulped, “y-yes, but it is something. The child might even survive this time and-”

“-Your job isn’t to save worthless rats!” the man yelled, slamming his metal fist into the stage railing denting it. “Your job is to provide results!”

“Y-yes sir! I know, but-”

“-But nothing!” the man yelled, “start the experiment now! Or do you want a reminder of what I did to your predecessor?” he ended with a growl.

“N-no sir! We’ll start right away! Charles! Get everything set! Experiment 32 begins now!”

“Yes Dr. Lang!” a younger man nodded as he moved to press a big red button. I couldn’t hide any longer, I needed to stop him!

“Wait!” I yelled out stopping everyone in the room, drawing all eyes on me. They looked shocked at seeing me, I gulped, “so….lovely weather today right?”

“What the hell is Spider-man doing here?!” the old soldier yelled out.

“Stopping you!” I yelled out, pulling out a web cartridge and throwing it at the main control panels. The moment it struck, it exploded into a web grenade, seeping into every crack of the machinery.

“No! He’s ruining everything!” the old man yelled, he turned to a couple of stunned guards, “what are you waiting for?! Shoot him!”

The guards broke out of their stunned surprise and quickly opened fire at me. Luckily my spider senses kicked in and I dodged the bullets with ease, leaping away, towards the glass box with the kid inside.

“Bet you can’t shoot me!” I taunted. The guards fell for it, shooting at me, I dodged quickly, the bullets breaking the glass box with the kid inside.

“No! Stop him you idiots!” the soldier yelled as everyone else in the room ran away in a panic.

“Thanks you guys! I don’t know how I would have broken him out of that box otherwise!” I chuckled as I leaped onto the wall and jumped away, hoping to empty their clips quickly.

But I didn’t pay attention to what it was they fired at. A bullet pierced a pipe line next to my mask releasing a green gas that clouded my vision. Immediately everything went blurry and I lost all sense of balance dropping to the ground like a fly.

“You fools! You’ve killed us all!” Dr. Lang yelled out as he and his assistants ran out of the room.

I felt my head spin, was I poisoned? Oh God, the gas. I could see it leaking out, it would kill the kid, so many dead, I can’t let any more die.

I stood up slowly, I saw the guards running away in the corner of my eye. Fucking cowards. I looked at the pipe and held up a shaky hand. I blinked away my heavy eyelids and fired a stream of webbing covering up the pipe, sealing the gas leak.

“Impressive,” came the voice of the soldier. I looked up, he was looking down at me from his stage.

“You didn’t run like a coward,” I chuckled as I felt my feet slowly get it’s strength back, I stopped seeing three and slowly focused on him.

“You really are amazing, you know that?” he asked with a smile, “people who have subjected to that gas died in seconds, but you? You are an asset to my employers.”

“Sorry pal, I ain’t nobody’s asset, least of all a cult of child killers,” I spat.

“Sacrifices have to be made,” he shrugged as he grabbed his armour and threw it off revealing a muscular body underneath that could have put Thor to shame on the basis of pure muscle mass.

“I’ll give you one chance Spider, join me, together we can save the world,” the man grinned.

“Sorry, not going to happen,” I was panting, don’t know how long I can keep standing.

“Fine, be that way, I’ll extract your secret’s from your corpse!” he charged at me with his right hand raise up. It’s palm suddenly changed into a giant metal blade coming straight for me.

I would have usually jumped away and drawn out the fight, learning who he was and who he was working for, but I don’t have time for that.

I held up my hand and fired a repulsor blast at his metal arm ripping it into pieces. He swung a stump at me and blinked when it failed to hurt me.

“How did you-”

I fired a web line at his mouth and grabbed him by the collar throwing him up into the air before sticking him to the wall with webbing. “Simple, I’m Spider-man,” I turned to the kid, he was slowly coming too. I really wasn’t looking forward to this.

I grabbed the kid and put him on my back as I walked into the elevator. It opened up into the ground floor and I slowly walked to the exit. But as I neared the exit I noticed flashes of red and blue outside, please let that be SHIELD, please let that be SHIELD.

I walked out and found the scientist and armed guards being restrained by men and women in black suits. They had the SHIELD logo on their arms -yes!- and standing in front of me with a raised eyebrow was none other than Fury himself.

“And here I thought we wouldn’t be seeing each other again,” I chuckled weakly, that gas was coming back, I think... I might faint this time.

“Well, I didn’t expect this now did I?” he asked, “32 children kidnapped and experimented on, and we had no idea.”

“31,” I told him.

“What?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“31,” I moved the kid off my back and called an agent over, putting him into her waiting arms, “he’s had a rough home life, so when you return him, make sure you rough up his dad for me, okay?”

The agent looked skeptical, she turned to Fury who just sighed and nodded. The woman then left with the kid in hand and I turned my attention to Fury.

“Are you here to fire me?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow, “why would I?”

“Because I didn’t wait for backup,” I sighed leaning against a phone pole, yeah, the gas was affecting me. Please don’t tell me this is how I fucking die!

“You did what you were told,” Fury sighed rubbing his one eye, “I suppose it’s not your fault the intelligence was so wrong...”

I sighed, “so I’m not fired, yay!”

“No, you aren’t, in fact I’m here to congratulate you on your first mission,” Fury nodded, “and to clean up this mess.”

I smiled, “talk to Betty Cooper, blonde, and no, I’m not making this up. She has all the files you’ll need regarding the experiments they were doing. It should be a good place to start.”

Fury nodded, “I bet it is,” I felt my eyes grow heavy, he nocited me leaning on the pole, “are you okay? You look exhausted.”

“I am,” I told him, “I was exposed to some kind of gas in there. It was what they used to experiment on the kids. I don’t think I’ll die or something, my blood’’s special. But, I do feel exhausted, maybe...maybe just a nap.”

Fury looked worried, “what you need is a doctor.”

“So you can experiment on me while I’m sleeping? No thanks,” I chuckled.

“This isn’t a joke Spider,” he growled.

“Fine,” I sighed, “call Susan Storm, she knows a lot more about my blood work than anyone else on the planet. If anyone can help me, she can. Call her, now.”

Fury nodded, “fine. Anything else you need?”

I chuckled, “oh I don’t know, since you're asking, could I maybe have another one of these combat suits you guy have? And make it a woman’s size,” Fury raised an eyebrow, “please don’t ask me why.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this,” he sighed.

I chuckled, “y-yeah, you just-” and suddenly my legs gave out and I fell to the side. My head hit the pavement but I felt nothing. I heard Fury’s muffled yells through my helmet but I didn’t care to listen. I just needed some sleep...yeah, that’s what I need.

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