The Spider Chapter 15

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 15: Subject- D

I woke up feeling comfortable. I looked around, I know this place, it was the first room I ever saw in the Baxter building, the med bay. Damn it, I must have gotten knocked out.

I was still wearing my Spiderman costume, my helmet was removed and placed on the side table along with my web gauntlets. I got off the bed and my feet wobbled slightly, they felt heavy, like really heavy.

I put on my gauntlets and helmet and walked out of the room, I needed to find Sue, she would have some idea what was going on.

I walked down the corridor and came upon her lab, I opened the door and stepped in, “Sue, we need to talk.”

“Peter?! Oh my God you’re awake!” Sue cried out as she ran up to me and hugged me, “we were all so worried! When Fury brought you in we thought you were going to die! Johnny looked like he was going to go super nova! When they told you what you did though-”

“-Sue, breath,” I chuckled.

Sue took a deep breath and let it out. She hugged me once again, “I’m glad you're alive.”

I hugged her, “so am I Sue.”

“And don’t you ever do something like that again?!” she yelled out hitting me in the shoulder as hard as she could, “we all thought you were dead! What were you thinking?!”

“Ah, in my defence there was a child’s life on the line,” I sighed as I removed my helmet showing off my real face.

“And sometimes you forget that you're also a child,” Sue shoot back.

I grinned, “that didn’t seem to stop you from checking out my ass whenever I’m in costume.”

“I-I do not!” she blushed.

“It’s fine Sue, I do the same when I see you in costume,” I winked.

She sighed rubbing her temples, “you’re impossible.”

“Indeed,” I smiled.

Sue sighed and pointed at a chair, “sit, and take off your costume, I need a blood sample from you and I couldn’t figure out how to remove it.”

“Johnny didn’t tell you?” I asked as I expanded my costume and shimmed out of it sitting on the stool in nothing but my briefs.

“No, Johnny, Reid and Ben all left with Fury,” Sue explained with her back towards me, she was preparing a few needles to extract my blood, “Johnny wanted to help get those guys in jail and Ben was willing to lend a hand. Reed is in Finland though, he was called to consult in some kind of secret project last week. I don’t know when exactly he’ll be back, but-”

She stopped mid sentence as she turned to me. I blinked, “Sue? You okay?”

She looked down at my body, her eyes lingering on my abdomen before slowly going lower. I was about to tease her again when I felt something in the air. I could almost smell it, like a different kind of scent I never smelt before. I smelt it and blinked as I realised it was coming from Sue herself, and it smelt amazing, like warm maple syrup.

“Sue?” I asked again.

She snapped out of her daze, “w-what? Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” she blushed and quickly met my eyes, “h-here, shouldn’t need too much of your blood,” she said as she carefully pressed the needle into my arm practicing a syringe full of my blood.

Why she did that I was focused on that smell, it was stronger now, it was coming from here. But I never smelt it before in my life, at least nothing like this. So how? Or rather, what is it? Did it have something to do with the gas I was exposed to? Did it change me? Mutate my powers?

Sue coughed, “so ah Peter, tell me what happened.”

I sighed, “well where to begin,” I quickly told her about the mission and what had happened. The gas and why I think it might had gotten to me.

“Well we’ll just see about that,” Sue said as she took my blood to her work station, she looked over her shoulder, her eyes going down my body again and I immediately smelt that warm husky maple syrup scent, “you ah, you can put your clothes back on Peter.”

I nodded, usually I would I just teased about perving on my body, but now? Now things are too weird, I need be serious, this was an unknown factor, I needed to deal with it properly.

I went back to my lab and grabbed my civilian clothes that I have stashed away just in case I needed it. I pack up my costume and put the away, coming back to Sue’s lab. Her monitors were filled with images of my blood and Sue looked at them like she didn’t understand what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing,” Sue hissed, “which is exactly the problem. You blood is different now, it’s genetic structure is….it’s like i mutated,” she pulled up two monitors displaying my genetic helix, “the one on the right is your blood a week ago, the one on the left is your blood now.”

I looked at the two samples, the one I had a week ago looked to be relatively normal, and so did the one I had now. But upon further looking I realised certain strands were different, mutated into something else entirely.

“How?” I asked.

“I have a theory,” she said, “it’s relating to your meta powers.” I nodded allowing her to continue, “you see, I think your blood is the key to your survival. Like we figured out the first time around, your blood adapts itself to foreign invaders, so maybe this time it did the same thing.”

I hummed, “do you have the files from the lab? Do we know what this thing was?”

Sue nodded, “yeah, just a sec,” she quickly pulled up various documents up on the screen, “from what I understand these geneticists were task to recreate some kind of way to duplicate a mutagene. From what I understand this gas was based upon a ‘Subject- D’, someone who apparently has some sort of special powers.”

“Do we know what kind of powers he had?” I asked.

“No, her file wasn’t included in the folders SHIELD gathered,” Sue told me.

“Subject- D is a woman,” I stated, “ about her genetic sequence? Can we figure out what’s so special about her through it?”

“No, because they didn’t know either.”

“What? How’s that possible? They were trying to recreate her powers but had no idea how they worked or even what they were?!”

“Why do you think 31 children died as a result?” Sue spat out, “fucking monsters. They weren’t given enough time or material to research, it’s like giving a toddler a few water colours and asking him to paint the Mona Lisa. Impossible, unless you have a genius working for them.”

I sighed, “so what do we know about the gas itself? What can we tell?”

“Well, the gas was made up of certain properties that I’m not really sure about,” Sue grumbled, “it seems the scientist were given a sample of Subject- D’s blood, but were not allowed to examine it. So instead they had to somehow push the blood to take over the….children’s bodies,” she stopped, “children Peter...fucking children!”

I hanged my head, “I know Sue, belive me, I know.”

“How did SHIELD not know about this?” she asked.

“They did...they just didn't have anyone to take the mission, until me that is,” I sighed.

“I swear, next time I see Fury I’m going to strangle him!” she yelled sending out a flash of power that pushed everything around her as she created an invisible force field around herself.

“Sue, calm down,” I quickly told.

“Yeah….sorry about that,” she growled before turning to her monitor.

I was about to reply when I smelt something in the air again, rusted copper. It smelt burnt, a fire? “Sue, do you smell that?”

Sue looked confused, “smell what?”

“That,” I sniffed, “like burnt copper. Like something’s burning?”

“I’m not sure,” Sue groaned, she opened up the security cameras in the Baxter building, “I’m not getting any fire alarms anywhere on the top five floors Peter.”

I narrowed my eyes, I moved towards her to look at the screen and immediately the scent got stronger. It was coming from her? Again?

I blinked, “I-ah….forget about it.”

Sue looked worried, “Peter, if you're smelling something that isn’t there maybe you have a concussion or something. Maybe you should rest.”

I shock my head, “not until I figure out what’s wrong with me.”


“-Sue, please, I need to know,” I pleaded.

Sue sighed, “fine.” She opened my blood work again, “they used radiation to try and fuse Subject- D’s blood into...their test subjects,” she growled and once more I smelt the copper blood. Was it her anger I smelt? Can I do that now?

“So radiation, again,” I sighed, “first it was a radiated spider, now radiated gas…..Wait a minute, can we reverse engineer my two blood samples and see the difference that have occurred so far?”

Sue’s eyes went wide before she smiled, “that’s brilliant!” She quickly began to move around her lab, I watched as she got to work doing something I didn’t even have the first clue what. What? There were limits to what Peter could be amazing at, genetics isn’t one of them.

“God dammit!” she cried out suddenly.

I immediately walked up to her, “what’s wrong?”

“Your blood! That’s what’s wrong!” Sue yelled out, “it’s fucking locked!”

I blinked, “what do you mean?”

“When I tried to analyze your DNA the genomes were unreadable,” she hissed, the smell of burnt copper taking the air, “it was like….like an encrypted computer. I couldn’t access the changes made, it’s like your DNA has a passcode for it, so I can’t decode it!”

I blinked, “how is that even possible?”

Sue sighed, “your genes have a sort of protective layer of enzymes covering them, preventing people from understanding what they are. It’s the same thing that allows you to adapt from your spider bite, assimilating your spider power, only now it prevents me from looking into it’s genetic structure. We use enzymes for genetic surgery, but the moment I introduce any enzyme your...layer of protection kind of blocks it, preventing me from even looking inside.”

I thought about it for a long time and I guess it sort of made sense, “so when you say you need a pass code to access the DNA...”

“I mean I need a specific enzyme that can cut into your genetic material without getting absorbed or destroyed.”

I rubbed my head, “fuck me.”

“You're telling me,” Sue sighed as she leaned against her table in defeat.

“Well look at it this way, at least now people won’t be using my blood to clone an army,” I chuckled.

Sue looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “you think of weirdest things Peter.”

I shrugged, “oh please, you think some mad man out there isn’t planning the very same thing? Heck, SHIELD probably has some of my DNA already, but hopefully they can’t study it too.”

“Let’s hope so,” Sue sighed, “I’m sorry Peter, I guess I haven’t been much help today huh?”

“Are you kidding? You’ve helped me more than enough,” I smiled, “I know I’m not dying, so that’s like, super important stuff.”

Sue rolled her eyes, “yeah, I guess. I just wish I knew what changed in you.”

I shrugged, “whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll find out pretty soon,” I wished Sue well and quickly left for home. Luckily Sue had covered for me with my Aunt and Uncle, telling them I was just working late.

The next day I was in school like nothing ever happened. Natasha kept giving me cautiously looks during English class but I quickly assured her everything was fine, and if I needed help I would tell her.

After school Felicia, MJ and I went to our favorite coffee shop for their tutoring lessons. I sat down and sighed, my body was feeling a little heavy, did I eat too much? Maybe….something’s not right.

“You okay Tiger?” MJ asked as she took out her physics book, “you look a little under the weather.”

“I’m fine,” I sighed, “just came home late last night, I had a lot of work to do.”

“For the FF?” Felicia raised an eyebrow as she sat down next to me.

“No, for a client,” I told her, which was our way of saying it was Spider-man related.

“Hm, are you okay?” she asked checking my temperature, “you don’t have a fever.”

“No, just a little..sluggish I suppose?” I sighed.

“Oh honey, do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” Felicia asked.

I smiled, “hm, could help,” she leaned in and kissed me on the lips, I suddenly was assaulted by the scent of warm maple syrup once again, lust. Thank God, because if she was feeling anything else that would be weird.

“Do you feel up for teaching?” MJ asked, ignoring the fact Felicia’s tongue was still in my mouth.

I broke the kiss and turned to her, “yeah, I’m fine, just….I’ll be right back,” I stood up, my stomach was spinning.

“Peter-” Felicia called out in worry.

“I’m fine, I promise,” I told her quickly rushing to the wash room.

“Do you think it’s some sort of virus?” MJ asked.

Felicia shock her head, “no, if it was I would have it too.”

MJ’s cheeks turned red, “because you two are….physical.”

Felicia grinned, “you could just say making out Red.”

“R-right,” she stammered out, “I didn’t realise you guys were...there yet.”

“We are,” Felicia nodded, “you and Harry?”

“No,” MJ growled, “he’s very pushy, but the way he’s treating me….I don’t really see this ending well for us.”

“Hm, tell me how is Osborn?” Felicia asked sipping her drink, “good kisser?”

“Well,” MJ blushed, “he’s okay, makes me happy when he does it, but he’s always so...pushy. He ruins the moment you know, tries to get too much too soon.”

Felicia nodded, “yeah, I get that. Before Peter I dated a few guys like that, but it gets better I promise. You just need to get yourself a Peter is all.”

MJ sighed, “yeah, maybe you're right…, how’s Peter?”

“Perfect,” Felicia grinned, “I swear it’s like he’s a different person. He’s so demanding sometimes, but he isn’t really like, physical?”

“What do you mean? How is it no physical?” MJ asked.

“’s like he demands your mind, body and soul to pay attention to him,” Felicia chuckled, “it’s honestly kind of cute. But when you're in the moment, it’s like you don’t even think of saying no.”

MJ blinked, “huh, congrats I guess.”

“Thanks, I really lucked out. Most guys like him would be so arrogant about it, they think just because they have a huge dick they can like demand whatever they want and not give anything in return. So I’m glad-”

“-Wait what?!” MJ yelled out in shock. Everyone turned to look at her and the redhead blushed. She quickly went around the table and sat next to Felicia and whispered, “what do you mean?!”

“What?” Felicia asked confused.

“What do you mean….dick,” MJ blushed, “have you guys d-done it already?!”

Felicia looked surprised, “well...yeah. Wait, did you think I was talking about just making out all this while?”


“Ha! Your priceless Red,” Felicia laughed as she sipped her drink.

“H-how?! When?!”

“The night of your play,” Felicia replied with a shrug.

“W-what?!” MJ squeaked, “so soon?!”

Felicia shrugged, “it felt right. I wanted to and so did he and...well, we felt really close that night,” Felicia smiled remembering her finding out his secret and him loving her while knowing hers. It really was an amazing night.

“B-but,” MJ looked shocked, “woah.”

“Yeah, I had the same reaction,” Felicia teased.

“So when you said he was demanding...”

“Oh yeah, rough, but not so much it hurt,” Felicia then remembered the pain of losing her virginity, “well..maybe there was a little pain.”

MJ blinked, “Felicia, details, now.” Felicia looked surprised but shrugged, she then proceeded to tell MJ of her first time, going into details whenever necessary.

I walked into the bathroom and reached the sink, dry heaving into it. I looked up, my face looked shaken, slowly loosing colour. I quickly washed my face, maybe it was time to call SHIELD?

But then suddenly my body stopped shaking, the upset stomach went away, I felt normal again. I sighed, what the hell is going on?

Suddenly I felt something, my hands started to twitch. I could feel some sort of energy inside my hands, I could feel it growing. My muscles twitched, I was curious, I held onto this feeling and slowly tried to pull out more of this energy, when slowly my arms started to glow blue.

My eyes went wide, the hair on my arms stood up straight from static, the energy building up in my arms grew and grew and then suddenly;


The blue energy was discharged from my hand, the surprising force of the attack made me lose my balance sending me on my ass, the blue bolt of energy struck the bathroom window and evaporated into thin air, sparks of electricity flew through the mirror’s surface.

I started at my hands, the glowing energy slowly died down, I could feel more inside of me, but without me guiding it out there it will remain. My logical mind quickly took over, I needed to process this, quickly.

The energy I drew out was from my own body, it glowed blue and acted like a plasma bolt. It didn’t have’s acted like arc’s of electricity when hitting the mirror, glass was a great insulator of electricity, hence why it didn’t shatter.

“What the hell is this?” this wasn’t a power Spider-man had….at least not this version of him.

Miles Morals, he had an attack similar to this, harnessing his bio electricity to stun people., that didn’t make sence, Miles, if he was alive, would be too young to have powers of his own. Meaning it was someone else.

The powers, they came from the gas, which had the DNA of ‘Subject- D’....D….Drew? Jessica Drew? Oh my God, it fits, Jessica Drew has her own form of venom blasts and….she could control and detect pheromones! One of which I could now do!

She also had abilities similar to Peter’s but since I already have them I doubt there will be much of a difference in that. I know she has a few things unique only to here, but now I have them as well.

I reached back into my memory, Jessica Drew, Spider-woman, no relation with Peter Parker. Smart, loyal, sexy as fuck if I remember correctly and….she was an Agent of Hydra.

If ‘Subject- D’ was Drew, then the people we caught last night were...Hydra. And if this universe is similar to the Marvel cinematic universe, the SHIELD is HYDRA! Which is why people dismissed the child kidnapping case for so long! HYDRA was buying it’s people time!

Fury was angry at me, he acted out of anger and assigned me a case he was never supposed to. In doing so he messed up Hydra’s plan, and I...holy shit, the soldier, he was a high ranking member in the operation, a member of HYDRA!

I didn’t want to tell Fury about HYDRA, I didn’t know how to explain a 15 year old kid knowing about an agency hidden inside another agency that is the most highly protected and mysterious one in the world.

But now I could! I just needed to get that old man to talk!

I took out the SHIELD issue phone and called Nat, it rang twice before she picked up, “what is it Spider?”

“The old soldier from last night, did he say anything?”

“Why? Is something wrong?”

I hesitated, should I tell her about my powers? No...SHIELD already had a file on me, meaning HYDRA had a file on me. In case they ever plan on taking me out, I would need an ace up my sleeve, and my new powers need to be kept hidden.

“No,” I lied, “I’m fine. But I was just curious about the man who ordered the deaths of 32 children. Did you get him talking yet?”

“Spider….he’s dead,” she spoke out.

My heart skipped a beat, I growled, “how?”

“Cyanide capsule,” she replied.

“You didn’t think to check for one of those?!” I yelled.

“We did, he had another one, we don’t know how he got it.”

“Did someone on the inside give it to him?”

“You think we have a spy in SHIELD?”

“I would be surprised if we didn’t,” I hissed, “someone delayed the case being picked up, if I didn’t get Fury to give me a case, it probably would have never been picked up. Something's not right Widow.”

She was silent for a long time before speaking, “agreed...but until we know what we can’t move, do you understand?”

I sighed, “yeah.”

“Do everything you normally do, don’t draw attention to yourself, they could be watching.”

“Yeah...I know,” I became slightly paranoid, but I calmed myself down, panicking won’t help anyone.

“Good...I won’t be in for your training today, Fury has me investigating the genetics lab. Enjoy.”

“When will you be back?”

“Unknown, if it lasts more than I week I’ll have someone take over.”

“Fine, take care Widow.”

“You too Spider.”

She hung up, I sighed, hopefully HYDRA won’t start taking an interest in me, hopefully they’ll just think I survived because of my powers, and not because I was able adapt gaining me new ones.

I walked out of the bathroom and too the girls. Felicia was whispering something to MJ making the girl blush harder and harder by the second.

“Hey,” I called out.

MJ jerked up and looked at me. And immediately her eyes went to my crotch before she looked back at me, “h-hey,” she croaked out.

I blinked, suddenly I smelt maple syrup, arousal. And it was coming from MJ. I raised an eyebrow, “is everything okay?”

“Yes Tiger,” Felicia whispered, “just perfect.”

“Y-yeah!” MJ replied.

“Okay then,” I said cautiously sitting down across from them.

“You feeling better?” MJ asked.

“Yeah, just an upset stomach, I’m fine now,” I told them, I would need to test out my powers, see what I could really do. But later, not right now. “By the way Kitten, my boss just called, I don’t have to get to work today, so if you we can spend some time together.”

Immediately Felicia smiled, “really?! That’s great! What do you want to do?”

I shrugged, “anything babe, I’m all yours today.”

“Well,” she looked me up and down, “!”

“Shopping?” I asked.

“Yup! It’s about time I buy you something decent Peter!” she hissed, “you have such an amazing body, but you keep wearing those big clunky clothes!”

I looked down, she was right. I have been meaning to spice up Peter’s wardrobe for some time now, but I either never had the time or money for that. Huh, guess I do now.

“Okay Kitten, let’s go shopping,” I smiled.

“Yes!” Felicia smiled.

“After we finish studying,” I told her.

“Oh come on, we already know this stuff!” Felicia whined, “, you taught us this weeks ago! We are basically just revising everything right?!”

“Well...I suppose,” I hummned.

“That settles it, we’re going shopping! Now!” Felicia slammed her books shut and packed th away.

I sighed and turned to MJ, “sorry MJ, but I think we have to call it early today.”

MJ nodded, “it’s fine Tiger, I get it. Anyway, enjoy your date you two,” MJ moved to leave when Felicia stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going Red?” Felicia spoke, “you're coming with us!”

“I am?”

“She is?” I asked surprised.

“Isn’t this like, a boyfriend girlfriend date thing?” MJ asked in surprise.

“Yeah, but I need your help, you think he’ll just sit there let me try on clothes all day?” Felicia huffed, “Peter is a two woman job, so you’re going to help me pick his clothes and then you can leave.”

I honestly didn’t mind, MJ and I haven’t spoken much lately, so I just shrugged my shoulders. MJ looked at Felicia and then at me before nodded, “okay, sounds fun.”

We left the cafe almost immediately and got into a cab that dropped us off at a mall a few blocks down. Felicia practically dragged MJ and I inside. Her first stop, buying me underwear.

“Here,” she tossed several packages of briefs into our shopping bag, “very important.”

I raised an eyebrow looking at them, red, blue, “Ah, Kitten, I have plenty of underwear.”

“And I am tired of seeing only white!” Felicia glared as MJ blushed.

I looked at MJ and grumbled, “Felicia!”

“What? She’ll get used to it,” she said waving off MJ’s embarrassment, “now, let’s see what we can do with you.”

It was two hours of what felt like Purgatory. I was dragged from store to store made to try on clothes like an app that let you dress up a barbie doll with a swipe of a button. I felt humiliated, and I almost faked a heart attack to get out of it. Almost.

In the end I did manage to get a few clothes I liked, a leather jacket, a nice pair of pants and even a cool shirt with Tony Stark’s arc reactor in the middle, it even glowed!

But MJ and Felicia also got me a lot of other clothes I wouldn’t even think of wearing. They made me look like a snobbish douche, like Harry. I managed to curb the girls attention and throw away the really ugly ones, but I still got an entirely new wardrobe filled with pompous looking clothes.

After shopping we decided to go to a restaurant for an early dinner, a restaurant down two blocks down.

“This way,” MJ said pointing down an alleyway, “it’s a short cut.”

Felicia and I shrugged and followed her. I was stuck carrying the bag, though thanks to my spider strength I barely even felt it.

“So Tiger what’s your plan for the evening?” Felicia asked.

“Well, I have to be in the Baxter building after dinner, Sue needs to runs some more tests on...on a project she’s working on. I’m assisting her,” Felicia raised an eyebrow and I waved it off, mouthing, ‘later’.

“It’s so cool that you work with the FF Tiger,” MJ sighed, “it’s so cool. Hey, does Johnny Storm really sleep naked?”

I blinked, “no, why would you think that? And more importantly why do you think I would know if he did?”

“Well, wouldn’t he like burn his clothes while sleeping?” MJ asked, “so I don’t would make sense if he just slept naked.”

“Yeah, it would,” Felicia nodded, “and what about the Thing? Does he have a junk? Or is it like covered up those rocks?”

“And can like Mr. Fantastic increase the size of any part of his body?” MJ asked.

I blinked, “you know….I don’t know...huh, I should ask them.”

“Ha, yeah you should,” Felicia snorted.

Just then a figure jumped out from behind a dumpster and stood in front of us. He had his hood up and flashed a knife, “cash, now!”

MJ screamed in terror as she jumped back, Felicia went to move but I stopped her, pushing her and MJ behind me. She was good, but she didn’t have super powers. I looked at her shock my head, she hesitated before standing down.

“I said cash, now!” the man yelled out.

I looked at him, I could kick his ass without using my powers, I could...but something was wrong. His hands were shaking, nervousness? No...I smelt something else, a lemony scent, I instantly connected with a feeling of dread...fear. He was afraid.

“You don’t want to do this,” I told him softly.

“Give me all your money kid! Now! And no one gets hurt!”

“Do as he says Peter!” MJ whispered out.

Felicia snarled but I held her back, I looked at the man, “this is the first time you're doing this isn’t that right?”

The man stopped, “w-what?”

“People don’t mug people in this part of town, to many’re new at this. And you’re desperate,” I slowly moved towards him, “you don’t want to hurt me.”

“I-I can’t, I don’t have a choice!” he yelled, but I see the knife slowly moving down.

“You always have a choice,” I told him, “why? Why do you need the cash.”

“M-my family,” he stammered, “they’ll stare.”

“Okay….then here,” I took out my wallet, it had a hundred dollar note in it. I also took out an old bill and wrote down a number. I gave the man the cash and number, “take the cash, feed your family. The number I wrote down is to a homeless shelter that’ll take in anyone. If you can’t feed them, take them there. If you do this again, you might get caught next time, and then you’ll never be able to help them.”

The man snatched the money and note and ran. He looked back at me, hesitation in his eyes, before he continued running.

I sighed, “poor guy.”

“You should have just kicked his ass,” Felicia argued.

“He was just trying to feed his family Kitten,” I told her picking up the shopping bags, “don’t pretend you won’t do the same.”

Felicia paused, “maybe….but still. Next time we’ll do it my way.”

“Peter, that...that was amazing,” MJ said in slight awe.

I looked at her and chuckled, “oh it was nothing.”

“Nothing? You just-I can’t even-ARGH! You are impossible Peter Parker!” MJ threw her hands up in frustration walking out of the alley as quickly as she could.

I turned to Felica, “what’s her problem?”

Felicia chuckled, “oh Tiger, you have so much to learn.”

We did end up having a nice early dinner despite the mugging incident. Felicia had to pay, considering I didn’t have any cash, I really should get a debit card, go cashless and all that.

I sent Felicia back home in a cab, promising to see her tomorrow at school. MJ and I then took another one back home, the whole ride MJ gave me the silent treatment.

“So...are we just going to pretend you aren’t ignoring me?” I asked her.

“I’m not ignoring you,” she replied.

“Well it kind of feels like you are,” I reply back.

“Well maybe I’m just upset that you try to reason with the guy who tried to mug us!”

I sighed, “sorry. Just seemed like the path of least violence,” the cab pulled up, MJ payed the man and we got out.

“Peter, what you did was reckless and dangerous! We should have just ran!”

“MJ, he was just trying to feed his family.”

“And? A stranger’s family is more important than your own life?”

I sighed, “I was never really in any danger.”

“How can you say that?”

“Because,” I stopped and thought off an excuse, “I have training. I do go for self defense classes you know.”

“Yeah but-”

“-Enough,” I cut her off closing the distance between us to just inches, “there are two things in life I know for sure. One, life isn’t fair, and two, unless you take the time to give a damn, you’ll leave this world worse than you found it.

“I don’t plan on doing that, to be a footnote in history. I promise, I’ll never put you in danger MJ, I will protect you,” we were so close, I could smell the lemon scent rolling off her turn into maple syrup, arousal.

Her pupils dilated, increasing in size, I could feel her emotions raging inside. She leaned forward by a few inches, before suddenly the Maple syrup turned sour, and she immediately moved back, guilt I think.

“A-alright Peter,” she replied turning away, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you,” I replied as I watched her leave. Hm….these powers are weird man. I went home and quickly replaced most of my old clothes with my new ones. Ben and May were horrified I spent so much on one day, but I managed to convince them it was for the best.

I spent the rest of the night patrolling the streets as Spider-man before dropping in on Sue in the Baxter building. She and the others were working late, Sue was trying to figure out how my blood worked while Johnny and Ben seemed to just be content watching a movie.

I felt bad she was up so late because of me, so I swung over to the nearest pizzeria to buy them all several pies for dinner and then swung over to Felicia’s.

I knocked on her window twice before she opened it dressed in one of my shirts I kept here just in case I needed to go a quick change.

“Hey lover, didn’t think I’d see you here tonight,” she smiled as I stepped inside, kissing her gently on the lips.

“I actually wanted to show you something,” I smiled, as I took off my gauntlets and mask, putting it on her table, “I got new powers.”

Felicia’s eyes went wide, “I’m sorry?”

I smiled as I held my hands apart and slowly gathered bio-electricity into the palm of my hands, allowing the currents to travel between my palms, creating a light blue chain of power.

Felicia gasped, “when did you rip off Electro’s power?!”

I chuckled, “no, not him,” I explained what had happened, how I stopped a group of scientist forced to experiment on children and how I ended up with these powers.

“So that’s why you looked sick,” Felicia humned.

I nodded, “yeah, powers needed a little getting used too.”

“Are you alright now?” she asked in concern, I could smell the lemon scent of fear slowly rolling off her.

“I’m perfect, in fact,” I pulled her close and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth like she did, pressing the disengage button on my suit, pulling it down, running her hands over my naked chest.

“You know, I got a another power,” I whispered as I pushed her onto bed, the scent of maple syrup heavy on her breath.

“Yeah?” she asked, her mind not really paying attention.

“Yeah,” I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “I can now smell when you’re horny. You smell like maple syrup.”

Felicia chuckled, “well then, it’s a good thing you’re not diabetic.”

I stopped and blinked, “wow...really?”

“What? That bad?”


“Oh shut it, you make worse jokes than that.”

“Hey!” I protested as she laughed, pulling me into bed and throwing the covers over us.

We were tossing and turning for over an hour before we were done. I wanted to go again, but Felicia hit me over the head and reminded me it was a school night, I would need to go home before May and Ben realise I wasn’t in my room.

I sighed as I reluctantly put on my costume and slipped into the night, planting a goodnight kiss on her forehead.

I reached home quickly and was about to go to bed when I remembered something odd, I was actually thinking about it all night, but only now I think I have an idea.

Blood….radiation...adapting...where have I heard that before?

Where have I seen that before? Where….oh fuck.

I ran downstairs into my basement lab that I rarely ever use anymore. I opened the hidden compartment under the floorboard and pulled out the stone I got from Harlem with Hulk’s blood on it. Irradiated blood that adapts and could absorb anything, we had the same blood.

I quickly donned my costume and was out the door once more. I swung to the Baxter building, and walked in, “Sue? Johnny? Ben? Anyone?”

“Peter?” Sue’s voice came from inside her lab, “in here.”

I quickly walked in and looked around, the place was a mess since last I saw it, so many post it notes on the wall, the screens were filled with calculations and practically every monitor in the

building was in here mapping out genome sequences.

“Where’s Ben and Johnny?” I asked walking in.

“In bed, they had a long day,” she replied looking at the monitors.

“And you? No sleep?”

“Oh you know how it is, find a mystery you can’t solve and suddenly you have all the energy in the world. Why are you back so soon Peter?” Sue asked.

“I think I found something that can help,” I told her placing the rock on the only empty surface in the lab.

Sue looked at rock and the blood, “whose is it?”

“The Hulk’s,” I told her.

Sue blinked, “how did you get it?”

“I told you, the Hulk’s battle with Abomination was the first time I ever suited up. I went back and got this as a sort of soil engineer, I was curious to see how it worked. I found out that this blood, even though it’s been out of its host’s body for so long, can still absorbed glucose and carbs into itself. Sound familiar?”

Sue’s eyes went wide, “it’s similar to your blood?”

“I don’t know, didn’t have a powerful enough microscope to see into the genetic material,” I told her, “but maybe we should try?”

Sue nodded, “help me?”

“With pleasure,” I took off my mask and kept it aside. We quickly began to work with the blood, scraping it off the rock, revitalising it with a number of chemicals to make it alive again. On my recommendation we also added sugar water into ti, allowing the cells to absorb them and become active.

Sue then put the new sample of blood under a microscope and put the blood work on display. We started it and Sue’s jaw was dropped, “woah.”

“You can say that again,” I replied.

“It’s a 70% match,” she whispered.

“But how?” I asked, “I’m basically a Spider and he’s...well, the fucking Hulk!”

“Your genes themselves are completely different, true, but the way they behave, it’s nearly identical,” Sue began to study them closely.

“The Hulk’s blood and mine work the same way?”

“Not really, but yeah,” Sue pulled up the Hulk’s DNA, “his genome is much more open for study, unlike yours,” she mumbled that last part out, “you can see how his blood has mutated. He’s….he’s more powerful than one would think. He cells absorbed radiation, allowing him to adapt and super charge his cells to peak performance.”

“So what? He’s like souped up battery?”

“In a sense yes,” Sue nodded, “and your blood did the same, absorbing the radiation, but using it to cut and paste genetic changes. It’s like they were brothers, but..different.”

I groaned, “Bruce Banner...what was he trying to do in that experiment?”

Sue blinked, “he was...ah, I believe he was trying to recreate the super solider serum they used on Captain Steve Rogers.”

I blinked, “so could the same be said about me?”

Sue blinked, “what do you mean?”

I stepped up to her monitor and quickly typed in Peter’s father’s name. Several case files opened up. Sue looked at them quickly, “master and doctorate in genetic engineering from Harvard. Graduated at 17, employed by….unknown? Married Mary Fitzpatrick and had a son named….Peter, this is your father?”

I nodded, “yeah, he died a year after I was born, I think. I never really got a straight answer from my aunt and uncle. But he was a researcher, and a damn good one. I think.”

“From what I’m seeing I think you’re right,” Sue said looking through the files, “he did his doctorate on...the super solider serum and its potential radioactive origins?! Oh my God!”

“So he did do it,” I hissed out.

“Peter, do you know what this means?!” Sue asked.

I nodded, “yeah, my dad is the reason I have my powers, his experimentations...they allowed me to adapt and evolve.”

“Oh Peter, I’m so sorry,” Sue wrapped her arms around me in a hug, I smelt watermelon coming from her, sadness..

I hugged her back, I honestly didn’t feel to bad about it, but I suppose any normal kid would be sad or angry their father did something like this too them. But me? I didn’t really care, he wasn’t my dad was he?

“It’s fine Sue,” I told her breaking the hug and turning to the minister, “I just….where did he work?”

“What do you mean?” Sue asked me.

“He worked for someone, someone with money and funding for his research, so where? Where did my dad come up with this thing he injected me with?”

Sue quickly went to terminal and began working at it. But every time we thought we were getting somewhere it was just another dead end. Dead end after dead end.

Sue stepped away and sighed, “sorry Pete, but this is way above anything we have dealt with before.”

I hummed, someone obsessed with getting their hands on the Super Solider serum? Sound’s like HYDRA, maybe Richard Parker was tricked into working with them? Like the scientist I found last night? Maybe, there was a very high chance that was possible, and when Richard found out and refused to continue his work HYDRA had him and his wife killed.

I sighed, “this is fucked up man,” I rubbed my temples.

“I’m sorry Peter,” Sue sighed.

“It’s fine, it’s not your fault,” I replied sitting down, “but….now what the hell do I do?”

Sue sighed as she sat down next to me, “I suppose you keep doing what you do. Save lives, being the hero.”

I sighed, “yeah...Sue, please don’t...please don’t tell anyone what we found today. Not SHIELD not Reed, no one. I’m not anyone. I….I don’t want people to know.”

“I promise Pete, I won’t tell people,” she nodded.

“Thanks...keep everything about my blood off the servers, SHIELD can hack into those. And if they can find a way to clone me and use my blood to recreate the super solider serum-”

“-It could mean a war,” Sue nodded, “yeah, I know.”

I turned to the screen. My could start an arm’s race. I was lucky, Richard Parker had encrypted it, no one could figure out just how it worked, but cloning was still an option.

I needed to keep an eye out….maybe it’s time I find out what I can do with these new powers, work on my tech a little more. The Chitauri will be here soon, I need to be ready for the invasion. Hm, maybe it’s time I finally work on recreating Otto’s arms?

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