The Spider Chapter 19

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 19: Avengers I

The month of May went by without issue. The girls and I missed Jean, a lot, but she texted when she could and according to her she was happy enough. She mentioned a guy named Scott was already there in the school and they quickly became friends. I of course knew they would eventually be much more than that, but I kept that to myself.

Felicia and I did talk about that night with Jean. We agreed there was a lot of alcohol involved and we shouldn’t ever do it again. I admit I was a little disappointed to hear that last bit, but I understood, if she even suggested a threesome with some other guy I would be pissed, so I won’t act like a hypocrite.

We did also talk about her bi-sexuality, for some reason she thought I would freak out, but I didn’t. I think we grew much closer because I so readily accepted her, and that was good, because I really didn’t want her to leave me for some bitch, like….huh….there really isn’t many female gay villains in Marvel are there?

Anyway, I continued my life as usual. I first had to repair my broken web gauntlets, fucking Magneto and his fucking broken powers. This time though I made sure to make them out of titanium and a few other metals that I knew wouldn’t be magnetic. If he even thinks of escaping whatever hole Fury threw him in he wouldn’t live to regret it.

I had to also rebuild my EMP gun, couldn’t live without that, so many villains used technology these days, it would be really useful in the long run.

I then moved on to maintaining my tech, I needed to check up on all the systems and make sure they were running perfectly. But as I did so I found my spider arms and bronze knuckle busters stained with the blood of Magneto.

Fresh, mutant blood...and I got an idea. I opened a new folder that I hide in a subsystem named ‘Mutant-Spider’, cool name I know. And inside the file and put forth a new theory, ‘is it possible to give myself new powers?’

From my exposure to Jessica Drew’s blood I have found I gained few of her abilities that is encoded on a genetic level. So is it possible to do that again? With someone else's blood?

The concept was simple, irradiate the blood of a meta and inject myself with it. According to Sue my blood with react with any foreign invaders and adapt whatever it finds useful into my genetic structure. Meaning I could theoretically gain any mutant’s power.

I scraped Magneto’s blood off my tech and put it in a vial marked, ‘M’. I then spent the rest of the month learning more about what those geneticists did in order to inject kids with Jessica’s blood. How did the radiate and turn the blood gaseous? I needed to find it out.

Luckily for me Sue had the files on hand in her laptop. But unfortunately I couldn’t access them without telling her why I was looking into this again. It was a dead end, for now.

So other than that life was going pretty well for me. School had finally gotten over with. Needless to say I aced all my exams without an issue. And thanks to my endless tutoring, so did Felicia and MJ.

So now I had so much of free time on my hands, I told Ben and May was going to be working much longer hours now, and I did. I spent a lot of time in the Baxter building with the FF, working with them to create new toys to play with.

But when I wasn’t helping around in the lab I was out patrolling the streets. Spider-man was now a full time job for me, I was basically everywhere. My Twitter was constantly blowing up with people tweeting my location at all times of the day.

Hell there were even websites that did nothing but track me and my movements, so because of that I had to be extra careful when going to place where Peter Parker might be seen, like the Baxter building or in Queens.

I also began to work a couple of more criminal cases, breaking up drug deals and on occasion entire gangs. It was long hard work, but I knew it would be worth it.

But there was another thing that also increased taking up a portion of my free time. Usually I wouldn’t mind, but the person I was spending all that time with was such a douche. I was of course talking about….David.

Fucking asshole.

He kept training me into the ground. Sometimes he didn’t even know why, just that it was in the manual. But I kept quite, for all my complaining he did do his job well, I learnt quite a lot from him, especially when it came to knowing what rules to follow.

And right now I was in the training mat doing my best not to lose my temper that this moron.

“What’s the matter Parker?! Can’t cut it out in the big leagues?!” David swung a kick at my head that I lazily dodged.

“Oh yeah, you’re the big leagues David,” I rolled my eyes.

“You know if you spent as much time on training as you do yapping away then you might just make a half decent super-hero!”

“And if you took your head out of your ass you might just make a decent man,” I smiled as I threw punch that connected with his shoulder, sending him back a few steps.

“Not bad, kid,” he spat out.

“Thanks, douche.”

“That mouth on you, do you kiss your girlfriend with that mouth?”

“Yeah, and your mother.”

“Why you little-” he charged forward, I simply grabbed one arm and threw him over my head into the mat.

I put a foot down on his torso and smiled, “I win.”

“You won the moment agent David made this a fight of words rather than fists,” a familiar voice called out. Standing on the frame of the door was a very tired looking Nick Fury. He looked at me and nodded, “I find this one has a mouth on him that rivals Wilson.”

“You can tell me that again,” David groaned as I stepped back and helped him up. David saluted Fury, “sir.”

Fury saluted back, “at ease,” he turned to me and noticed my casual stance, “don’t you know you’re supposed to salute a senior?”

“Oh come on Fury, you ain’t that old, maybe 40, or 50, but definitely not a senior,” I smirked.

“You are so annoying,” David growled.


Fury smirked for a moment before it fell from his face. He turned to David, “I need the room for a moment.”

“Yes sir,” the man nodded and quickly walked out leaving me and Fury alone.

Fury brought out a file and handed it me, “do you remember why I brought you on in the first place?”

I nodded, “the Avenger’s initiative. I’m assuming I’m being called in?” I opened the folder and found detailed information about all my future teammates. Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. There were a few missing, but I suppose SHIELD never did actually account for Thor or even their own agents joining did they?

I whistled, “damn, these are some heavy hitter. You sure Stark’s ego can handle working in a team?”

“Are you really one to question anyone’s team skills?”

“True, but still. If push comes to shove Cap and I will get along great, Stark on the other hand...he’s a wild card.”

“Agreed, but time is running out.”

“What about the FF?” I asked curiously, “I know Reed and Sue aren’t a fan, but Johnny should be up for this.”

“We...assessed him, his sister was insistent he wasn’t going to be used as a SHIELD asset,” Fury looked nervous, guess he finally figured out just how dangerous Sue Storm was.

“And Ben?”

Nick sighed, “he flat out refused. He said he already had a team, didn’t want to be used by the government,” he motioned for me to turn to the last few pages and I did. It showed the Tesseract and Fury continued, “it’s called the Tesseract, a source of unlimited power SHIELD was hoping would end our energy crisis once and for all. And last night it was stolen.”

And so it begins.

Two hours later:

After Fury briefed me I quickly got ready. I told Ben and May I was going to be in the lab for a few days, an experiment Reed was conducting really took a lot out of me. And to the FF I just told them the truth, SHIELD had another mission for Spider-man.

David was the one who had picked me up on a private SHIELD jet, which he landed on a skyscraper in Queens. I got in and sat in the back as the plane took off flying into international waters.

I sat there fully armoured up, I couldn’t make any major changes to the costume, so I just stuck with the basics. I looked at my helmet and a question popped into my head.

“David, does everyone know my secret identity?” I asked.

“What?” the agent asked.

“Does everyone in SHIELD know who I really am?”

“No, only a few select members are privy to that information. Agent Romanoff, Director Fury and me.”

“What about the other Avengers?”

“No, your identity has not been revealed in any of their briefing, as far as they know, you’re just an extremely valuable asset.”

“Good,” I put on my helmet and snapped it in place, I then activated the voice modifier in the helmet distorting my voice several octaves deeper, “because I’m really not looking forward to hearing them make an issue out of my age.”

“Voice modulator?” he asked.

“Don’t want people taking guesses now do we?”

“Yeah, that’s the idea,” he replied.

I got up and walked to the cockpit, I looked outside and saw the helicarrier approaching off in the distance I whistled, “damn, that’s big. David….do you think I’m ready?”

“No,” I rolled my eyes, “but I don’t think anyone’s ready for this.”

I nodded, “then let’s hope we end up getting Fury giant battery back.”

We landed on the carrier and I quickly stepped out. I looked around, it was exactly like the movies showed it, people working hard like any other military base. I looked around and spotted one man looking out of place, grey suit, purple undershirt.

“Hello Dr. Banner,” I called out as I waked out to meet him.

He looked up and blinked, “ah, do I know?”

“Spider-man, big fan,” I held out my hand.

Bruce looked at it before slowly shaking it, “really? A fan?”

I nodded, “I followed your research into creating the super soldier formula using gamma waves. It really caught my eye.”

“And why is that?”

“My powers are derived the same way as yours, radioactive spider bite, gave my increased agility and strength proportional to a spider. Also allows me to climb on walls. know, we have meet before.”

“We have? I’m sorry but I don’t think so.”

“Well, not you, the other you, the big one. In Harlem.”

“Oh, I-I’m sorry-”

“-What for? You were just trying to stop the other guy, Abomination. Heck, it’s because of you I decided to become a super-hero in the first place.”

“You did?” Bruce looked surprised.

“Yeah, I figured if I didn’t help you stop that thing, more people would get hurt. And well, things just kind of went uphill from there.”

“Is this the Spider-man?” a heard a man ask.

“Yes, he is,” a familiar voice replied.

I turned around and saw Nat and Cap walking up to Bruce and me. I grinned, “Nat!” I cried out and jumped, wrapping her up in a big hug, “I missed you!”

“Spider, I see you’re still….active,” she suppressed a groan but I could see her smile peeking around the corner.

“Hey yeah I am! And what were you thinking leaving me alone with Agent Douche?! He’s so boring!”

“I’m sorry?” Cap asked looking very confused.

“I used to be his handler,” Widow explained, “I had to leave though, I gave him suitable replace.”

“No you didn’t! You gave me a hack! I boring all stick in the mud!” I turned to Cap, “oh heya Captain, nice to see you!”

“You too Spider-man,” he said stiffly giving me a firm handshake. Damn, even his arms are covered in muscles. Steve then noticed Bruce, “Dr. Banner.”

They shaked hands, “they told me you would be coming here. Didn’t believe them.”

Steve smiled, “they told me you can find the cube.”

“Is that only word on me?”

“Only one I care about.”

“Oh look at you two, getting along like fire and wood,” I sniffed, “this is the start of a beautiful friendship!”

“Gentlemen, you might want to step inside, it’s going to get a little hard to breath,” Nat told us.

We looked around and saw the carrier start to rumble, people coming out with air masks on and pinning the plants to the tarmac.

“Is this a submarine?” Cap asked.

“Really? They want me in a pressurized metal container?” Bruce smirked.

“Wrong direction guys,” I grinned as the two men walked towards the egd ad witnessed the helicarrier engines come alive as slowly the turbines started to churn the ocean, lifting it upwards, sending gales of wind at them.

“Oh no this is much worse,” Bruce commented.

We walked inside, Nat guiding the way. I looked around so many people walked by, it was hard to imagine each was a trained killing machine. We slowly entered the main chamber and saw the people working tirelessly at terminals with Fury standing on the deck behind the command terminal.

“We’re ready sir,” a woman called out from down in the terminals trenches.

“Good, let’s vanish,” Fury nodded. I saw a computer showing the ship’s system, slowly it began to reflect the sky above it, camouflaging the whole ship.

Steve walked up to Fury and took out ten dollars handing it to him. Fury grinned, he walked to Bruce, “Dr. Banner, thank you for coming.”

“Thank you for asking nicely,” Bruce replied, “so ah, how long am I staying?”

“Once we get the Tesseract back, you’re in the clear.”

“And where are you with that?”

Fury pointed at an agent, I immediately recognized him as Phil Colson. “We’re seeping every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet. If it’s connected to a satellite, it’s eyes and ears for us.”

“We still won’t find them in time,” Nat spoke looking at a screen with Clint’s face on it.

“You need to narrow your field, how many spectrometers do you have?” Bruce asked as he and Fury quickly began to seep into the details of what needed to be done.

I must have watched the Avenger movie a hundred times now, I knew every dialog and every plot line in it. And I also knew how I could change it. This was too big of an event though, I couldn’t afford to change too much, the world needs the Avengers, meaning the Chitauri have to invade and we have to stop it. Sigh, I fucking hate not doing anything.

Nat walked out with Bruce to show him his lab leaving me and Steve with Fury. Fury turned to me, “you ready for this?”

I nodded, “yup. Anything you can tell me about Loki?”

“Wasn’t it in the file?” Fury asked.

“It was, yes, but I want to know what you think. You meet him, briefly. What type of man was he?”

Fury thought for a moment before replying, “arrogant as hell.”

I chuckled, “aren’t they always?”

SHIELD managed to eventually track him down to somewhere in Germany, I knew what was coming. Capt, Nat and I got into a sonic jet and took at full speed, we would be there in ten minutes.

I looked at captain, he wore that stupid looking plain blue suit, the only thing in the Avengers movie I hated.

“Hey Captain, I don’t want to be a buzz kill but….are you seriously going to wear that?”

Steve blinked and looked down, “yes, I told Colson it was a bit old fashioned but...he insisted.”

“Seriously Nat? You let them get away with making him look like an American flag?” I scoffed.

“I think he looks good,” Nat gave a small smirk.

“You really don’t like it?” Steve asked surprised.

I shrugged, “it’s just...a little plain to me? Like if we added in some details, may ever make it more streamlined...have you thought about using electromagnets to use your shield? Would be really easy to bring your shield back when you throw it.”

Steve blinked, I sighed, “sorry, I forgot you weren't that tech savy. P.S. when you get the time, you should totally watch this movie call Star Wars, it will blow your freaking mind man.”

Steve looked both amused and lost, while Nat just smiled. We reached German air space quickly and drew up on the museum Loki was last seen entering. We looked down and saw him standing like a ruler over a crowd of people.

“Let’s go!” Captain America yelled out as he opened the shits hangar door and jumped out.

“Bring up the rear Natasha!” I yelled as I jumped out, following the Captain.

Steve landed in front of Loki’s energy blast, reflecting the blast back into Loki. I landed on a lamp post and watched as Steve stood up protectively, Loki slowly getting back on his feet. I took out my phone and began recording this, this shit was going to be fucking history!

“You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing,” Steve smiled.

“The soldier, the man out of time,” Loki chuckled.

“I’m not the man out of time,” Steve motioned over his shoulder.

Nat brought the plane back around and leveled it’s machine guns at Loki, “Loki, drop the weapon and stand down.”

Loki rolled his eyes and trusted the spear forward, sending a blast of energy that Natash quickly dodged. Cap then charged forward, throwing his shield at Loki. I stuck my phone to the lamp post and kept recording, time to earn my living!

Loki struck Cap, who blocked the strike easily. Just then the Asgardian swiped his spear upwards sending Steve flying back.

“Yo ho!” I cried out. Loki turned to me and his eyes went wide as I went feet first into his gut, bouncing off his body and land away.

Loki tried to get back on his feet but a few quickly shots of my strongest webbing kept him pinned down to the floor.

He growled, “what are you?!”

I shrugged, “haven’t you heard? I’m Spider-man,” and just then my spidey senses went off like an alarm. I ducked to the side just as Loki’s spear somehow was thrust right where I was standing.

I turned around to find Loki behind me, looking surprised. I leaped into combat, dodging his spear, landing a punch across his face.

Loki was pushed back, slowly rubbing his bruised face, “I’ll admit, you are one of the most agile warriors I have ever faced.”

Steve walked up next to me, “here that Spider? I think he likes you.”

“Awe shucks, sorry horns, but I’m more into women,” I shoot out two web grenade cartridges at him.

“Enough of this!” Loki cried out blasting my webbing into bust. He sent a blast at me and Cap, we leaped to the side, easily avoiding it. Steve got up and charged forward, knocking Loki’s staff back with his shield before kicking Loki in the gut.

The asgardian growled and charged forward, thrusting with his spear, only for Cap to block it. I jumped over Cap and leveled my palms at Loki’s face, the repulsors glowing with energy.

“Bite me bitch!” I cried out sending out twin bursts of energy that sent Loki flying back, his staff falling out of his hand.

Steve and I walked up to him and watched as he slowly got back on his feet, his helmet broken apart, his clothes torn. He growled at me, “Spider-man.”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out,” I leveled my repulsors at him again. And suddenly my spider sense went off again.

“Look out Cap!” I yelled tackling him to the ground just as two daggers flew out of Loki’s hand to where our heads were a moment ago.

“Tch!” Loki cursed as he quickly grabbed his staff and pointed it at us.

“Get back,” Cap cried out putting his shield before us bother just as Loki fired off a beam of energy.

We got sent flying back. Loki looked like he was going to get away, Cap and I got on our feet and were about to chase him when suddenly AC/DC’s ‘Shoot to Thrill’ began playing. I smiled, about damn time.

Iron Man came flying out of the sky, he sent out two repulsor blasts that sent Loki on his  ass before he landed before him and every single weapon he had activated and took aim at Loki, “your move reindeer games.”

Loki looked at him and then to us. I sighed, slowly putting his hands up, dropping his staff. His golden armour and cloak disappeared.

“Mr. Stark,” Captain nodded.

Iron Man looked over his shoulder and nodded, “captain.”

I quickly applied concert webbing on his hands and grabbed the staff, “damn, this thing is epic! It’s like a magic wand. You’re a wizard Loki!”

Iron Man and Cap looked at each other. “This is the guy who took down Magneto?” Tony asked sarcastically.

Captain America shrugged, “that’s what his file said.”

“Okay, first of all, I’m right here, and second off all, you both are mean,” I huffed.

We put Loki on board the jet and quickly took off back to HQ. Nat told Fury we were coming in, the director was seemingly impressed we took him down easily, but also very, very cautious.

While inside the jet Tony took off his helmet and turned to me. He turned to me and then narrowed his eyes, seemingly scanning me all the way from my helmet to my arc reactor. And then his eyes went wide.

“Is that my tech?” Tony asked in mild horror.

I looked down, “a version of it.”

“You have my tech? Agent Romanoff when did SHIELD begin stealing the most advanced pieces of technology?” Tony turned to Natasha.

“We didn’t steal a thing Stark,” Nat smiled as she made eye contact with Tony, “he made it.”

Tony’s eyes blinked in utter confusion, “I’m sorry?”

“He made it,” she replied, “Spider, how long did it take for you to figure out his tech?”

I shrugged, “two months or so. Repulsors around half the time,” I opened my palms showing off the tech.

Stark looked down and then gasped, “two months? People have been trying to figure out my tech for years, the brightest minds on the planet, and you did it in two months?”

I shrugged, “I had a working model to dismantle and learn from. Wasn’t that hard.”

“Oh really? And where exactly did you get it?”

“The Stark expo,” I replied sitting down on the jet’s seats, “when the Hammer drones were busy attacking my friends I took a few of them down and stripped them of anything useful.”

“You built that off of Hammer tech? How hasn’t it exploded yet?”

I rolled my eyes, though Tony couldn’t see it. “I made some improvements. It won’t explode if that’s what you think will happen. The Palladium should last three times longer, won’t need a replacement for some time now.”

“How did you-” Tony stopped as suddenly thunder rumbled outside.

Cap noticed Loki covering in fear, “what’s the matter? Afraid of a little lightning?”

“No, but I’m not fond of what comes next,” Loki replied as suddenly there was a thud on the jet roof.

“Tony, helmet,” I told him as I powered up my repulsors, I knew what was coming, but I had to be seen doing something.

Tony opened the jet door. “What are you doing?!” Steve cried out.

But just then a tall blond man with grey and silver armour stepped in with a giant hammer in one hand and a blood red cloak tied around his neck.

“Hey blondie, love the cape,” I sent out two repulsor beams sending him flying right back outside. I blinked, hun, I totally expected him to dodge that. I turned to Tony and Steve, “that was easy.”

“ARGH!” Thor came flying back in. My spider sense went’ full on crazy but I couldn’t dodge it. He punched me in the gut so hard I went flying into the cockpit cracking the windshield. I think a rib was broke, maybe bruised.

“Spider!” Nat cried out as she quickly pulled me down from the window.

“Spider!” Iron man cried out. I saw through narrowed eyes filled with pain Thor releasing Loki and flying out.

“Are you okay son?” Steve asked as he quickly came up and helped me get off the jet’s control panel.

“I-I’m fine,” I coughed out, “it’s just a scratch.”

“That bastard!” Iron man roared a he took off.

“Stark! Wait!” Steve growled before turning to Natasha, “can you take care of him?”

Nat nodded, “yes, but you don’t want to take these guys on Cap. They come from legends Cap. They’re basically Gods.”

“There’s only one God ma’am,” Steve put on a parachute, “and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” He jumped out of the plane.

“Damn, they get to have all the fun,” I groaned out, slowly getting back on my feet. Before suddenly feeling woozy. My head started spin, “Nat, I think Thor hit a little harder than I thought.”

“Spider? Spider?!”

I fell forwards and fell unconscious, Nat crying out my name was the last thing I heard.

Some time later:

I woke up in a hospital bed with my helmet removed and my costume opened up to reveal a bandaged chest.

I groaned and got up, how long was I out.

“Careful Peter,” I heard someone call out. I looked and saw a beaten and bruised Natasha sitting between my bed and another’s this one with an unconscious Hawkeye. I blinked, oh no, I slept through so much!

“What happened,” I asked immediately.

Nat sighed and explained.

The plot went by the same way, with a few minor differences. Tony was pissed Thor had knocked me out cold, while the asgardian did apologize, Tony really wasn’t hearing it. Then everything basically went by the same way. Loki escaped, SHIELD was dead in the air, and the Avengers were broken.

I sighed, I hoped I could have prevented some of this from happening, I wished...I wished I could have changed it. But now...the Avengers were needed, they had to be born.

I got off the bed and pulled off all the wires and cords on me. Nat looked up, “you need to rest.”

“Loki’s out there ready to unleash an army,” I put on my suit, my glowing black spider webs coming alive, “I don’t intend to sit around doing nothing.”

“You were attacked by a God, you can rest Peter, let-”

“-Don’t you dare fucking finish that sentence,” I growled, “I’m not some child to be swaddled Natasha, I may not be a trained killer like you, but I ain’t a coward.” I put on my mask and walked out.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

I looked over my shoulder, “right now there are two very broken men that could potentially save the world. I’m going to kick their asses. Make sure your buddy’s alright.”

I walked away towards the place where I knew Tony and Steve would be. The Hulk’s giant prison, that Loki had tricked Thor into. It was empty now. I walked in and saw Tony and Steve looking somber.

“Well isn’t this just the saddest gathering of old men,” I quipped.

They both immediately turned to me and stared in surprise.

“Spider! You’re awake!” Steve smiled, “how are you feeling?”

I patted myself, “a bit bruised. Thor really packs a punch.”

“He’s sorry about that,” Steve tried to apologize.

“Sorry’s not going to cut it,” Tony growled.

I turned, there was blood on the walls. I looked at, “is that where he died?”

Tony couldn’t bring himself to look, he just nodded. Steve sighed, “was he married?”

“No….there was ah, a... cialist I think,” Tony spoke.

“I’m sorry….he seemed like a good man,” Steve replied.

“He was an idiot.”

“Why? For believing?”

“For taking on Loki alone.”

“He was doing his job.”

“He was out of his league,” Tony looked down at the cell hanger and glared, “he should have waited.”

“Sometimes there isn’t a way out Tony.”

“Right, forgot that point.”

“Is this the first time you lost a soldier?”

“We are not soldiers!”

“Yes, we are,” I called out. They turned to look at me. I looked at them, “but we aren’t Fury’s soldiers. No, we fall under a different banner,” I knew what had to be done. Tony was too angry, not like in the movie. He needed to be talked to, to let him understand.

I clicked my helmet open and took it off, revealing my face for the first time to them.

“Y-you’re just a kid,” Tony looked horrified.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Steve argued.

“You were told the same thing before you got the serum,” I looked at Steve, “but what did you? You kept trying, again and again.”

“That was different, it was war and-”

“-And you’re telling me that’s not what Loki’s bringing into our world right now?” I shot him off.

“You shouldn’t be fighting,” Tony argued, “you shouldn’t even be here.”

I was silent, I looked at them both, they were worried I was going to die once again. I sighed, “the first time I got my powers I didn’t want to fight crime. Hell I wanted nothing to do with them. But….then a friend told me something, that if heros don’t rise, the bad guys won’t stop coming. That week I was in Harlem when the Hulk tore through it hurting so many people. So many just...crying out...the pain….I couldn’t let them get hurt. Not when I could stop it.

“Right then and there I made a choice, regardless of what happens to me, if I could help people, I would. My dad had a saying, my uncle loves repeating it to me, with great power, comes great responsibility. They each have a different interpretation to those words, but I have my own. For me, it means that if I have the power to stop something from happening, but I don’t, then the bad things happen because of me.”

I glared at Tony and Steve, “Loki has to be stopped. No matter the cost, my life is nothing when compared to the hundreds that would die if we don’t stop him. It doesn’t matter how old am I, all that matters is that I do everything I can to stop him.”

Tony and Steve met my eyes before finally Tony broke the silence, “that was by far the best rallying speech I have ever heard. Like not Independence day level, but definitely better than Braveheart.”

Steve smirked, “I didn’t understand that reference, but I assume it’s good.”

Tony nodded, “oh yes.”

“ two old men in or out?”

Steve nodded, “in.”

Tony looked down at Coulson’s blood, “he’s made it personal.”

“That’s not the point,” Steve argued.

“No, I think it is,” I spoke up, “he wanted to get captured to break us all up from the inside.”

“So divide and concur?” Steve asked.

“Yes, but...he knows he has to take us out in order to win right?” Tony’s eyes widened in realisation, “that’s what he wants. He wants to beat us, he want’s to be seen doing it.”

“He loves a good show,” I told them, “Fury described him as arrogant and a self absorbed drama queen.”

“He want’s an audience,” Tony concluded.

“We caught his act in Germany,” Cap nodded.

“No, no, that’s just the preview. This is opening night, and Loki’s a full tale drama queen, he wants flowers, he wants parades, he wants monuments built to the sky with his name plastered-”

Steve’s eyes went wide, “son of a bitch.”

“We need to move,” I put on my mask activating the voice changer.

“I’ll take the suit and be the faster,” Tony ran quickly.

“Don’t take him on by yourself,” Steve argued.

“No, if Loki hasn’t set the teleporter yet there might still be time for us to stop him,” I said in failing hope, “think your suit can take you all the way home Tony?”

“You bet it can,” Tony split off leaving Cap and me alone.

“We need to get Nat and Hawkeye,” I told Steve.

“Can he be trusted?”

“Let’s find out,” I brought him to the infirmary.

In minutes we were out the heli carried in a jet piloted by Nat with Clint as her second. As we raced to Manhattan I realised something, the people, they were going to get hurt, so many of them. Maybe I could do something to stop that.

I took out my SHIELD issue phone and opened my Spider-man Twitter account;

Twitter: Not a drill, Manhattan going to be hit by crazy super villain at Stark Tower. Everyone get out now!

I sent the message again and again until finally people began to take notice.

“What are you doing?” Nat asked.

“I just told all my followers to get out of the city. It Loki’s army is coming they’ll be the ones getting hurt.”

“Smart move,” Steve nodded.

“Yeah, unfortunately people think I’m joking,” I grumbled.

Damn, @TheAmazingSpider is such a troll!

Leave Manhattan? In the middle of the day? Man do you even live here?

What the hell is so bad that you think we should all leave?

Damn morons! I growled, I slowly turned to Cap….wait a minute.

“Hey Cap, think you can do me a favour?” I smiled bringing the camera up putting it on video mode, “tell them all to get out of the city immediately, that people could actually die if they don’t.”

Steve looked confused but slowly nodded. I made a video of him warning the people to run away and to get out of the city immediately that this was not a joke. I posted it online, and people went nuts.

Dude! That’s Captain America!


Why? What’s happening?

I replied to as many messages as I could. Steve looked over my shoulder nodding in approval at the way I told them just enough so that they wouldn’t panic, but getting the urgency through.

But we wouldn’t be enough, I knew that. I dialed Johnny’s number, he picked up after two rings, “hey Peter, what’s up?”

“Johnny, where are you and the others?”

“Don’t you remember? We’re in Germany, that big science fest Reed’s getting. Why? Whats wrong?”

“Manhattan is getting hit by an alien attack. Big large army, you guys need to be here, now! It’s like a level 1 emergency!”

“What?! Aliens?!” I heard chatter on the other side. Suddenly Sue’s voice came on, “Peter? What’s going on? What’s this about aliens?”

“There’s this guy, Loki, he has this device that can open a scape bridge and bring forth an army of alien monsters! I’m doing what I can to stop them, but I need your help! How soon can you all get here?”

“We’re in Germany right now Peter!” Sue panicked, “it would take us 11 hours to reach here!”

“Can Johnny fly here?” I cursed.

“No, he’s not that fast, don’t even think about it Johnny!” she yelled out, I heard Johnny argue back but Sue yelled once again shutting him up. She spoke, “I’m sorry Peter. We’ll try to be there as soon as we can.”

“Fine, just get here Sue, I have a bad feeling about this,” I sighed, hanging up.

When I did all I could I walked into the corner of the jet and dialed in Felicia’s number.

“What’s he doing?” Clint asked.

Nat smiled, “probably calling his girlfriend.”

I glared at Nat just as the phone picked up, “hello? Tiger?”

“Kitten, listen, you need to stay out of Manhattan, do you understand?”

“I saw your post onlint, what’s going on Tiger?”

“It’s crazy Felicia, fucking crazy. I promise I’ll tell you everything when I get back, but for now, please just make sure everyone is safe.”

“Peter...Liz! She’s in Manhattan right now!”

“What?! Why?!”

“H-her summer job!”

“Felicia call her right now and tell her to get out. Don’t even think about going in to get her, do you understand?”

“Yes, I’ll see you soon,” she hanged up. I cursed, I knew she wouldn’t listen to me, choosing instead to put on her suit and probably try something stupid. I fucking love that woman to bits, but sometimes she really gets on my nerves.

We reached Manhattan quickly, my tweets had gone viral, people were passing it around like hot cakes. Lots of people living or working around Stark tower were leaving, a lot stayed behind thinking it was a joke, but I suppose I’ll take what I can get.

As we flew into the city airspace though a giant blue beam of light shot up into the sky opening up a portal. Out of the portal came thousands of flying crafts, shooting lasers at one small flying red dot, I’m assuming that was Stark.

I sighed, this was war.

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