The Spider Chapter 20

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 20: Avengers II

“Stark we’re on your trail heading North East,” Nat called out into our radio.

“What did you stop for drive through?!” Tony cried out, “swing up Park I’m going to lay them out for you!”

Nat flew straight into the city buildings towards Stark tower. Just then Tony flew by with several Chitauri chasing him. Nat fired off the machine gun in the jet, pinning the aliens down allowing Stark to get free.

We slowly ascended the Stark tower, going upwards. We found Loki on the penthouse floor with Thor, fighting one on one.

“Nat!” Clint pointed down.

“I see him,” Nat replied moving the jet towards Loki and firing at him.

The god of mischief leveled his staff at us and fired. “Hold on!” I cried out as the jet got hit with a plasma bolt and began to come crashing down.

We came down quickly, Cap was holding on to the side, but kept getting battered away, I grabbed him and stuck myself to the wall as we slowly came crashing down.

We crashing into an empty concrete plain. The landing was rough, but luckily we didn’t die. We all quickly got out and looked up at the sky. More and more of the Chitauri came flying out.

“We got to get back up there!” Cap called out.

“I can swing us up, I think,” I called out as we ran onto the highway just below Stark tower. But before Cap and the others could respond a roar came crying out of the giant blue portal.

Slowly a massive figure came out of the darkness on the other side, a giant flying snake monster covered with metal plates and Chitauri soldiers.

“Oh fuck me,” I gasped looking at the thing. I never realised how big that thing was, I remember seeing it in the movies but this...this was impossible!

The creature flew over us, the monster deposited on it’s sides launched out and landed on building walls. The thing was a tank and a transport vehicle all in one. The Chitauri soldiers landed inside office buildings, I saw flashes of blue energy and people crying out.

“Stark, are you seeing this?” Cap asked.

“Seeing, still working on the believing,” Tony replied, “where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?”

“Banner?” Cap replied.

“Just keep me posted,” was Tony’s short reply.

“They’re being slaughtered!” I cried out, pointing at the buildings.

“Go! Help them!” Cap cried out, “we’ll keep them down here!”

I nodded and jumped to the nearest building. I climbed to the floor with the most people crying out and jumped in through a broken window.

I saw so many people’s bodies, burning holes going through them. I felt anger pulsed through me. I was angry, so angry.


Four large spider arms popped out of my back, their bladed edges shimmering in the light. It was time I stopped holding back.

“ARGH!” I yelled charging into the building. I ran down a corridor and saw several Chitauri pinning down people. They turned around to see me, but it was too late.

Three of them died due to a metal limb sticking out of their’s heads. I fired a repulsor blast at the rest, launching them over the crowd of people and into a emergy door.

The people looked at me, “get downstairs, stay off the street. If they come for you hide. Got that?!”

They nodded as they quickly went down the emergency stairs. I turned and ran around, there were more buildings that needed to be searched.

I ran to the windows and jumped out, jumping across the street into the opposite building. Inside I found more Chitauri soldiers, I eliminated them just as quickly.

I ran out of the building ready to jump to the next when I saw a couple of those flying units coming down the street. I smiled, time to be a pain in the butt. I shot out two concret web lines onto the other building and stretched them to the limits.

I waited as as the cruisers flew by, two of them got clotheslined and flipped over, crashing into the ground. The others stopped before hitting the webs and turned to me. I jumped out and landed on the first one.

They aimed their lance weapons at me but I sent out a repulsor blast that threw them both off the cruiser. I then back flipped and landed on another one and piercing into their chests with my spider arms.

They fired at me, but ended up destroying their own cruisers as I jumped from flyer to flyer, killing each on, my red arms soaking with their blood.

I killed the last one and jumped away from the falling cruiser landing on a building. Even here the Chitauri were there, as they climbed the walls with their sharp claws. I jumped off and landed on on, punching him off before running across the building side, knocking them off one by one.

I was at the edge of the building and looked around, a small platoon were coming for me. I shot a web line upwards and kicked off, swinging down. The Chitauri leveled their weapons at me and I aimed a repulsor at them, taking them all out as I swung over their ranks.

I looked down to see Nat and Clint fight off hordes of them. I swung down and landed on top of a soldier, rolling forward and throwing it into a pole before webbing him up tight.

I saw several come at me, I leaped into the fight, kicking two in the head so hard I heard something snap. They fell down, dead. I punched one in the gut before swinging him in front of me to use as a shield.

They fired their blue blasters at me killing my shield. I threw him aside and sent out a unibeam so powerful it destroyed the remaining five Chitauri in seconds.

My spidey senses tingled, I jumped up just as a Chitauri soldier fired at my head. I landed on the ground and was about to blast him with a repulsor blast when an arrow pierced it’s skull, killing it.

I looked back and saw Clint nodding at me. “I had it,” I replied.

“A thank you would be nice,” he smiled. Just then a Chitauri landed behind him as jumped forward. I raised a hand, Clint flinched as I fired a beam at the Chitauri sending it flying back. He turned at me and gawked.

“Thanks,” I replied.

A new squad of Chitauri arrived on the scene, Nat fired blue energy bolts at them from the weapon she ‘acquired’, Clint fired arrows and I hit each one with a repulsor blast.

I then engaged another one, breaking it’s arm in half before placing my palm on it’s head and sending a bolt of bio-electricity into him, freeing him from the inside out. I panted as I let him drop, that took a lot out of me, they weren’t easy to fry, maybe I should avoid doing that from now on.

Just then Cap leaped into the fray and dashed a few skulls, throwing his shield at one’s head just as it was about to fire a plasma bolt at me.

The remaining ground forces were converging on us when suddenly lightning struck them dead. Thor landed before us, holding his side in pain. He was bleeding.

“What’s the story upstairs?” Cap asked.

“The power surrounding the cube is impenetrable,” Thor replied, he looked at me and immediately looked guilty, “I am sorry Spider, I didn’t mean to hit that hard.”

I shrugged, “not the time goldylocks, we’ll discuss this later.”

“How do we do this?” Nat asked.

“As a team,” Cap replied.

“I have unfinished business with Loki,” Thor grumbled.

“Yeah? Well get in line,” Client glared as he adjusted his quiver.

“Save it, Loki’s going to keep this light focused on us, that’s what we need. Without him these things could run wild. We got Stark on top-”

The rumbling of a motor bike stopped Cap. We all turned to see Bruce riding up to us on an old scooter wearing baggy clothes. He stopped the bike and walked to us.

“So...this all seems horrible,” he smiled.

“I’ve seen worse,” Nat replied.

Bruce looked saddened, “I’m sorry.”

“No,” she smiled, “we could use a little worse.”

“Stark, he’s here, just like you said,” Cap spoke into his communicator.

“Branner? Good, tell him to suit up, I’m bringing the party to you,” Stark they appeared down the road as he took a sharp turn towards us. And following right behind him was that giant snake monster from before.

“I-I don’t see how that’s a party,” Nat replied.

“Well, that’s a pinata, and Bruce here is going to hit it really, really hard,” I replied.

“Dr. Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry,” Steve told the man.

“That’s my secret captain,” Bruce smiled walking towards the monster just as Tony flew over us. The snake thing slithered on the road, jaws open ready to swallow us. “I’m always angry,” he turned, slowly growing in size as he threw a punch just as the monster reached him.

The Hulk’s punch was so powerful it stopped the monster dead in it’s tracks, sending him flying upwards, pieces of his arm snapping right off.

“Get down!” Tony cried as he fired a missile at the exposed monster’s flesh. Blasting the monster into tiny bites.

It landed to the corner as we slowly circled each other facing outwards. The Hulk roared, Tony landed right next to us as we looked at the monsters around us. I smiled, I could almost hear the Avenger’s theme song playing.

“ARGH!” the monster yelled at us.

“Yeah?! Well come and get some!” I yelled back.

Suddenly the portal started to shit again, three more of those giant snake monsters came flying out. We turned and I slowly felt hope waning, but I couldn’t let this end, not now, not ever.

“Call it Cap,” Tony told him.

“Alright listen us, until we can close that portal, our priority's containment,” he looked at a nearby building, “Barrton, I want you on that roof, call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter, you turn it back or you turn it to ash.”

“Give me a lift?” Clint asked.

“Right, better clench up Legolas,” Stark picked Clint up as the flew into the air.

“Thor,” he turned to the God, “we got to bottleneck that portal. You got the lightning, light the bastards up.” Thor took of, flying without another word. Cap then turned to Nat and me, “Nat, you and me, we stay on the ground, keep the fighting here. Spider, can you web up those fliers? Take them down like you did before?”

I nodded, “not a problem.”

“And Hulk,” Cap turned to the green monster, “smash.” Hulk smiled as he jumped up, into a building, destroying the Chitauri soldiers stupid enough to fire at him.

I leaped into action, using my repulsors to give me a boost, before I swung away. I looked around, I knew this city like the back of my hand, meaning I also knew just how I could lay down traps for these sons of bitches.

I landed on a building side and adjusted my web gauntlets’ settings, allowing it to shoot out large quantities of webbing at once. I built this setting just for this situation, it’s a good thing I’ll get to use it.

I fire the webbing out, creating a giant web over the street. Just then a squad of flyers came crashing in, getting tangled up in my web like a fly. I grinned, this is so going to fun.

I swung from building to building, creating my large web trap across the streets. I managed to catch so many flyers in them, letting the suffer in their new sticky prison.

I looked up and saw Tony nearly fly into one of them. “Watch it!” I cried out.

“Sorry kid! Didn’t see it,” Tony flew over them, “there’s a squad down on 6th, think you can handle it?”

I grinned, “I know I can.”

I quickly swung my way down to 6th, landing just in time to see the Chitauri soldiers coner some civilians. I was about to fight them off when suddenly a figure dressed in black leaped in and began to attack them.

I recognized her immediately, “Cat?!” I jumped down and landed on a soldier, smashing his head into the ground. I then pierced three Chitauri surrounding me with my arms, using the remaining one to fire a web line and pull an alien solider that was about to cleave my girlfriend in half.

“I told you to stay away!” I called out punching a Chitauri across the head leaping to her side just in time to push her away from a plasma bolt.

“And you knew I wouldn’t,” she replied with a smile as she fired the grapple gun I made her, catching a Chitauri with its spiked tip, pulling him down to the ground before fireing a bullet into his skull.

“Woha! Where did you get a gun?!” I asked firing a repulsor blast at the aliens.

“Mom’s a criminal lawyer, where do you think?” she fired three more rounds, killing more of the alien soldiers.

“That is totally not safe Cat,” I pierced an alien throw the head, throwing it’s corpse at a charging aline before firing a repulsor blast at it.

“Says the guy with nuclear weapons on the palm of his hands,” she smirked.

“I love you,” I smiled throwing the last Chitauri threw the air when Felicia shot him. I turned to the gathered humans, fifty, maybe more. I turned to her, “you need to get them to safety.”

“I’m not leaving you to fight this alone Spider,” she hissed.

“Cat, I’ll be fine,” I put my arms on her shoulders rubbing them, “but these people need your help now. Get them underground and out of the city.”

“You’re just trying to get me out of the fight,” she growled.

“You’re damn right I am,” I hissed, “you can’t fight these things, not yet. I promise you I’ll help you get better, enough that I won’t have to worry about you. But right now Kitten, I need you to be safe. Please, for me.”

She didn’t like the fact I basically called her weak, but she knew I was right. She pressed a button on the side of my helmet allowing the mouthpiece to slide up, a new addition I made so that I could eat without removing the whole helmet.

She pressed her lips against mine, wrapped her arms around me. I moaned into the kiss, wrapping her hands around. I heard the clicking of cameras go off, but I didn’t care. She drew back and I looked into her eyes.

“You better come back to me alive Spider, or else I’m telling everyone about that night with you me and Jean.”

I smiled, “I love you too Kitten, stay safe.”

Cat nodded as she quickly took the people underground, hopefully she could keep them all safe. I turned back and slide my mask down, time to get back to work.

I leaped up into air and fired off a web line, swinging away. Just then I saw a flyer pass by, I was about to shoot it down when I noticed a redhead flying it.

“Nat?! Was that you?!”

“Not now Spider!” she yelled back.

I blinked, huh, a russian flying an alien spacecraft, don’t see that every day.

I found another squad of aliens about to attack a street full of civilians, cops fired at them but only a few survived.

“ARGH!” the monsters yelled as they opened fire. I shot a web grenade down and covered the alien's, the plasma bolts signed the webs, but nothing else, trapping them inside it.

I landed in front of them and turned around. I squatted down in front of a police cruiser and grunted as I picked it up, raising it over my head. I looked at the astonished cops, “I’ll borrowing this for a sec,” I turned around to the ball of aliens slowly ripping free and smashed the car down, crushing them like bugs.

I went off again, searching for more trouble. I stuck to the edges of the perimeter the police and army set up. Forcing the Chitauri back long enough for civilians to be evacuated. I moved slowly inwards, finding Cap bruised and his costume burnt.

“Cap!” I landed next to him, “are you alright?!”

“I’m fine, just a bit bruised,” he grinned.

“I can see that,” I looked him over, just then we saw a squad of those alien’s coming for us. The military were still pulling out the civilians, we needed to stop them, “think you can keep up old man?”

“Old? Please, I prefer the word experienced,” he smiled as we charged forward into the fray.

They landed before us firing off their guns. Cap jumped in front and protected me. Once the firing stopped I leaped over him and fired off several repulsor beams smashing their ranks.

Steve threw his shield knocking several out, I webbed the flying disc and spun it around, cleaving the army again and again like a spinning cycle of doom before I threw it at Cap who easily caught it.

Suddenly a Chitauri popped up and fired a plasma bolt at me. I couldn’t move away quick enough as it hit me right in the gut sending me flying back.

“Spider!” Cap cried out as he protected me from further attacks as I slowly got back on my feet. My stomach was paining, the blast burnt a hole right through showing off my skin underneath. Luckily it didn’t look too bad.

Just then lightning came flying down and fried the rest of the assholes, Thor landed next to us, “they are growing bolder.”

“Are you alright?” Cap asked me.

“I’ll be fine. We can’t hold them off forever,” I sighed looking around.

“Can anyone here me? I can close the portal,” Nat’s sudden voice was a welcome relief.

“Do it!” Steve cried out.

“No, wait!” Tony cried out through our communicators.

“Stark these things aren’t stopping,” Steve called out.

“I have a nuke coming right at the city, it’s going to blow in less than a minute. And I know just where to put it.”

I shared a look with Cap and Thor. “ know that’s a one way trip?” Steve’s voice had respect in it’s tone.

“Save the rest for the return J,” Tony cut off the feed.

We looked up and saw him fly under a missile heading straight for Stark Tower. He slowly guided it upwards, right into the sky and through the giant portal.

Suddenly more Chitauri came down ready for a fight, I charged up my repulsors but just then they all stopped moving and dropped to the ground like puppets with their strings cut off.

I looked up and waited, Tony wasn’t coming through. I was worried, was he not going to make it this time? Did me being here change the story that much?

“Close it,” Cap sighed.

“No, wait, he might still make it,” I urged him.

“Spider….I’m sorry,” Steve replied, “Widow, close it.”

I saw the beam of light from the top of Stark tower end as slowly the portal began to close. But in the very last second, as the portal began to collapse on itself, a red and gold figure came out.

“That son of a gun,” Steve grinned.

“Go Tony!” I cheered. We saw him falling down with no signs to stopping. I turned to Thor, “he’s not slowing down, catch him!”

“Gladly,” he spun his hammer ready to fly when suddenly the Hulk came flying across the building and grabbed Tony. He landed on a building side, sliding down until he landed on the ground, Tony safe in his arms.

Hulk put the armour wearing hero down as we ran up to him. Thor grabbed Tony’s helmet and tore it open revealing his still face.

“Give me some room,” I told them gathering bio electricity into the palm of my hands, “I think I can help.” I shoved them into his chest blasting electricity into him like a defibrillator.

“AH!” Tony cried out, we all stepped away. He looked around, “what just happened?! Please tell me nobody kissed me.”

“Well, Steve was thinking it,” I pointed to Cap who just chuckled.

“We won,” Cap looked around at the destroyed city.

Tony sighed as he leaned his head back, “alright yay. Alright good job guys, les just not come in tomorrow, let’s just take a day,” he turned to me, “you ever tried shawarma kid? There’s this shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is but I want to try it.”

I shrugged, “I could eat.”

“We’re not finished yet,” Thor looked to the tower.

I nodded, “Loki.”

Tony sighed, “fine, but shawarma after.”

We went to the top of the tower, to Tony’s penthouse. Nat and Clint met us there. We saw Loki crawling out of the hole Hulk pummeled him into as he slowly tried to get away.

He stopped and slowly turned around seeing up looking down at him. Clint aimed an arrow at his head, Thor’s hammer sparked with power, Tony and I leveled up repulsors at him and Nat held his spear by her side.

Loki slowly raised his hands, “if it’s all the same to you. I’ll have that drink now.”

I raised an eyebrow, “cocky little shit isn’t he?”

“Yeah, it runs in the family,” Tony turned to Thor who looked slightly offended but even more regretful. Guess he really did feel bad about knocking me unconscious.

“I’m so tweeting this shit,” I took out my phone and snapped a pic of Loki on his back, sending it out;

Twitter: Bad guy taken down, stay safe all. #Avengers

I sent it out and quickly people responded.

Thank God!

This is the asshole who tried to kill us?!

What the fuck man!

You saved us! #Avengers #Amazing!

SHIELD arrived on scene quickly enough. They put Loki in chains and took him away. Hulk managed to calm down back into Bruce, and Tony got him some clothes.

Together we all went back out and down two blocks to the Shawarma place. It was busted and empty, but the owners were still inside. They looked surprised at the sight of us, I suppose we would all make a peculiar sight.

Tony walked up and ordered us some food. We pushed all the tables together and sat around. We ate in silence, I can’t say about the rest, but I was exhausted…..oh who I kidding?! The silence was fucking annoying!

“So ah….are we team now?” I asked, “I mean, I know I did call us the Avengers and all that, but like...are we?”

Bruce munched on his food, “I guess.”

“SHIELD can’t sanction us anymore,” Nat explained, “we’re too public now.”

I shrugged, “never been an issue when it came to me.”

“You are one agent, this is a team.”

“Wait, he’s an agent?” Clint asked surprised.

“Where did you think I was after the Stark expo?” Nat asked raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know...Canada?” Nat rolled her eyes.

“We have to be a team,” Tony spoke with eyes that were heavy with the sight he witnessed through the portal, “we need to be ready, for the next time something like this happens.”

“You really think it will?” Steve asked.

“It would be stupid to think otherwise.”

“What are you going to do with Loki?” I asked Thor.

“He will face justice,” Thor nodded, “rest assured he will not be getting out anytime soon.”

“Good, because next time he tried to cause trouble on Earth I swear I’ll throw him into a volcano,” I growled.

“And I thought I was the one with anger issue,” Bruce chuckled.

I smiled, “you’re right, enough of this doom and gloom shit,” I took out my phone, “come on, let’s make this whole team up thing official!”

“This isn’t a family outing kid,” Nat said with a dull tone, but I could see the small smile in her face.

“Why not, I need a new cover photo anyway,” Tony shrugged.

“It’s still amazing you can fit a camera and a phone into one tiny little thing,” Steve noted.

We all gathered round with me in the center. I asked the shop owner to snap a picture of us standing before the table. I had my arms over Nat and Tony, who stood either side of me. Clint stood next to Nat and Thor next to him. Bruce and Steve stood besides Tony. We smiled, or glared in Nat’s case.

I uploaded the picture to all my social media platforms;

Twitter: #Avengers, here to stay.

Insta: #Avengers, here to stay.

Snapchat: #Avengers, here to stay.

I smiled, why mess with a good formula? Just as we got ready to leave Felicia landed in front of the shop entrance and ran in.

“Kitten!” I cried out as she jumped into my arms, “I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Woah, who's the hot chick in the skin tight suit?” Tony asked.

“Guys, this is my girlfriend, Black Cat,” I smiled, “oh and Tony, she’s sixteen.”

Tony blinked, “I never said anything.”

“Sure you did,” Steve rolled his eyes.

“Speaking of sixteen,” Nat reached into a pocket and took out a pen drive, she tossed it to me, “here, that pendrive has SHIELD’s resource management team’s contact details. If you need any toys to build a new suit call them. Happy birthday Spider.”

I blinked, “wait what?” I looked at my SA and blinked, “holy shit! It’s my birthday!”

“You forgot didn’t you,” Cat rolled her eyes.

“Ah...maybe?” I chuckled.

“Happy birthday kid, sorry I didn’t get you anything,” Tony patted my shoulder.

“On Asgard we celebrate a young man’s sixteenth birthday by having him fight a wild beast! We then reward him with his very own weapon!” Thor smiled before blinking, “and I suppose fighting a war does count of a suitable right of passage….hm, I’ll get you a weapon from the vaults next time I return to Midgard.”

“You really don’t have to-” I quickly said before he stopped me.

“None sense, a warrior like you deserves nothing less!” Thor beamed.

Cat leaned in and whispered, “who's the dream boat?”

“The God of thunder,” I replied.

“Damn,” she looked him over.

“Hey,” I hissed shocking her a little with my bioelectricity, “eyes up front.”

Cat pouted, “spoil sport.”

I picked up Cat and swung away, promising to keep in touch with the others. As we swung across the New York skyline I sighed at the sun setting in the distance as Cat clung to me.

“Is Liz safe?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied as I landed on a train heading to Queens. We sat down on top of the train and rested as it went across the East River.

“You’re hurt,” she said tracing the hole in my costume.

“I’m fine, the armour took most of the damage,” I smiled putting one arm around her as she leaed on my shoulder.

“You were amazing out there today,” she said, “everyone was talking about how you and everyone there saved our lives. How your tweet and video must have saved like, a hundred people or so.”

“You're the real hero Kitten,” I replied.

“Peter, be serious.”

“I am,” I turned to her, “I have powers and a nuclear weapon in my suit. You don't’ have either of those, but the first thing you did when you thought your friend was in danger was run to her side in the middle of a war zone. Don’t tell me that isn’t what a real hero would do.”

“I wasn’t being a hero then Peter, I just wanted to save my friend,” Felicia argued.

“I didn’t see Liz in the group of people you saved.” Felicia didn’t reply. “Felicia, you don’t need to save everyone to be a hero, you just need to save someone, anyone. It doesn’t matter who. And what you did today….you are a hero Kitten, you’re my hero.”

“If we weren’t already doing it I would think you’re just saying that to get into my pants,” she smiled.

“Well...maybe just a little,” we laughed as we made our way home. We first stopped at Felicia’s place where we changed into our civilian clothes. I always kept a spare set of clothes in her place, for Spider-man emergencies, or in case we over did it the night before and needed a fresh set of clothes for school.

We took a cab back to my place and I knocked on the door. May opened it in seconds, “Peter!”

“Hey aunt May,” I smiled as she opened the door and we walked in.

“Oh dear we were so worried! We heard what happened in New York and thought you had some how gotten involved!”

I chuckled, “relax aunt May, I’m fine. Nothing is ever going to happen to me.”

“And if it did, they would have to answer to me,” Felicia smirked.

We walked in and found Ben waiting for us in the kitchen. He smiled, “see May, I told you he would be fine.”

“Oh hush you,” May battered his arm playfully, “don’t believe him Peter, he was just as scared as I was. Why, more so even! He got it in his head that you would go out there and try and help people in the middle of all that!”

I rubbed my head sheepishly, “yeah, I’m not that brave.” Felicia rolled her eyes, clearly doing her best not to laugh.

Just then Cat’s phone began to ring she looked at it and sighed, “I’m going to take this.”

I nodded, “right,” she left leaving us three alone, “I’m sorry I made you worry aunt May, I really am. I just couldn’t call, the alien’s must have knocked out a cell tower or something.”

“It’s alright Peter, we’re just glad you're safe,” Ben wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug, I winced, my wound was still sore, “are you alright?”

“F-fine, just a little tired is all,” I smiled.

“Well, not too tired I hope,” May smiled, she looked over my shoulder and smiled, “perfect timeing girls!”

I blinked as I turned around and found MJ, Liz and Felicia there smiling at me. “Hey guys, what are you doing here?”

“What? Did you really think we would forget your birthday?” MJ asked.

“Yeah, he did, he actually forgot as well,” Felicia rolled her eyes.

“I can actually believe that,” MJ nodded.

Liz walked and suddenly wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I was startled for a second before she whispered, “thanks Pete I...I don’t think I would be here if you didn’t warn me.”

I smiled and slowly hugged her back, “I’m glad you're safe Liz.”

“Happy birthday to you,” May began to sing as she walked in holding a giant chocolate cake with a single candle light up, “happy birthday to you.”

“Happy birthday, happy birthday,” the others began as I blushed in embarrassment, “happy birthday to you.”

I blew out the candle as they clapped. I smiled as I cut off pieces and feed them to May and then Ben. We all sat down in the dining room and began to much down on cake and the delicious chicken pot pie May had made.

Ben was right in the middle of telling them about the time Peter climbed up a tree and forgot how to get down, “So then, we had to get a ladder and try to bring him down, but I kept crying! He said we would drop him and refused to come down,” Ben laughed.

“I so can’t imagine Tiger doing that,” Felicia chuckled.

“Yeah, he’s so good at climbing things and getting down these days,” MJ winked. Really subtle there girls.

“Ah, I remember that day,” May said with a smile as she came in, “Peter was insistent only a fireman could get him down without dropping him. So Richard went across the street to our neighbour's house, who was a fireman, and borrowed his uniform. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Peter took one look at him and practically jumped into his arms!”

The girls chuckled. “Wait, who's Richard?” Liz asked confused.

Ben and May immediately looked sad, Felicia glared at Liz while MJ looked saddened. But I didn’t mind, I just smiled, “Richard’s my dad, he died when I was young.”

“Oh,” Liz blushed in embarrassment, “I’m sorry.”

‘Don’t be, he’s a man who experimented on his own child,’ I sighed, “it’s fine Liz, I don’t really remember him, as far as I’m concerned,” I held Ben’s hand, “my dad’s right here.”

“Oh Peter,” May gushed as she wrapped her hands around me, “such a good boy.”

Ben smiled, “thanks Pete...but you know, it’s not fair to your dad.”

I shrugged, “I don’t really think he would mind. You did raise me uncle Ben.”

He nodded, “I know, but I mean it’s not fair he’s not you a gift. So,” he stood up and motioned for us to follow him. We were curious, though by the way May smiled I’m guessing she knew what was going on.

We walked outside and Ben opened the garage door. Inside was a car I had no trouble recognizing. A DeLorean DMC-12, the car from the freaking Back to the Future movies! I looked inside and found it to be heavy customized, instead of the two seater it had four seats, sacrificing leg space up front.

“Woah,” MJ gawked, “you got a freaking time machine Tiger!”

“Yeah,” I nodded numbly as I slowly recalled from the deepest depths of Peter’s memories playing in a car similar to, not similar, exactly the same.

I turned to uncle Ben who smiled, “this was my dad’s car,” I stated.

He nodded, “yup, I’m surprised you still remember it.”

“I...” I looked at the car, the body was beaten up, several dents covered its surface. I remember it breaking down so many times, it was almost comical. I looked inside and sure enough a car service kit peaked out from under the front passenger seat.

“It needs some work, I know. And it’s probably never going to actually be as good as a brand new car, but,” he tossed me the keys, “it was your father’s. He would have wanted you to have it.”

I looked at the keys, it had a dog tag for a key chain with the name ‘Parker, Richard’ labeled on it. “Where did you keep it all the while?”

“Your father had a storage locker downtown, he owns it so he doesn’t really have to pay,” Ben shrugged, “I found it in there. Figured you would want it, now that you’re old enough to drive.”

“Peter, you are so driving us in that!” Liz cried out, “I swear when my dad sees this he’s going to freak out! Back to the Future is like his favorite movie! And you’re totally letting me drive!”

“And me,” MJ perked up.

“You don’t even have a licence yet!” Liz argued.

“So? Neither does Peter,” MJ pointed at me.

“I’m sure Peter can get his anytime he wants,” Felicia winked at me.

I chuckled, “yeah. I’m sure I can,” I turned to Ben and smiled, “thanks uncle Ben. This is perfect.”

Ben nodded, “you’re welcome Peter. Now, I don’t have to give you a long winded speech about driving responsibly do I?”

I chuckled, “no uncle Ben.”

“Great, come on, there’s still some cake to eat, and I have plenty of embarrassing stories about Peter.”

“Oh, do you have one where he pees the bed?” Liz asked.

“Sure, do you want to here the one when he was 3 or the time he was 10?”

“BEN!” I cried out.

After the party was finally over I walked upstairs to my bed and lied down. The girls made sure to keep the party short, they knew I was exhausted after saving the whole god damn world. But as I tried to sleep, I found I couldn’t. So I took out my phone and searched through the net for details on the clean up.

So far it looked like everything was alright, people were safe, only a few died, and many more injured. The army, police and homeland security had it all handled. And SHIELD helped clean up the alien tech, locking it away. I so wanted to keep some of the tech for myself, but I was kind of busy to think about stuff like that.

But there was a surprising new development, people had put up pictures and videos up of the incident. They mostly focused on the Avengers kicking butts and taking names. Even a few videos about how Tony put the nuke into the portal in the sky.

But one of the most popular photos trending right now was my kiss with Cat. Someone had caught it at the perfect angle, showing her jump into my arms, her disguised black hair flowing behind her as my arms came around to wrap her hips.

We stood before the rubble of a broken building, the destroyed city of New York around us, but the love we showed for each other made everything else seem insignificant.

The hashtags, #Spiderlove and #Powercouple were really, really trending. I smiled, she didn’t really look anything like her real face, the hair and eyes were covered, as were the rest of her. People wouldn’t be making the connection that Felicia Hardy was Black Cat anytime soon.

My curiosity now satisfied I put away the phone and collapsed into my pillow almost instantly. I so needed some sleep.

But later into the night I felt someone shake me awake, I looked up and saw Felicia standing over me wearing her Black Cat costume. I blinked as she took off her goggles and hair band turning her hair from black to silver.

“Liz and MJ thought you were cheating on me,” she smiled.

“Because Spider-man was seen kissing some hot cat chick?” I asked with a smile.

“Yup, I had to wear this to prove to them I was the Black Cat.”

“You regret kissing me now?”

“No Tiger, not even for one second,” she smiled as she slowly unzipped her costume and threw it to the side. She lifted my covers and slipped in, kissing me harshly, wrapping her hands around me.

“I love you Felicia,” I whispered as I threw off my shirt and jeans.

“I love you Peter,” she leaned in and bite my neck, whispering, “happy birthday.” I smiled.

The next day:

I got a call from Nat telling me to come to Central Park at around noon and to come in civilians clothes. I did so, with Felicia insisting she came along. I think she still doesn’t like the fact I risked my life trying to save the world.

Which kind of made sense. She stole from people who deserves it because she believes that’s right, but I don’t want her to do that because I’m afraid she’ll get hurt, I would feel the same way she’s feeling right now.

Thor stepped forward with Loki in chains. He looked to us and nodded. We took out the Tesseract and placed it into a containment seal which Thor used to transport himself back to Asgard.

Tony walked up to me and took off his coolers, “so Peter, tell me, do you have a job?”

I smiled, “I work with Reed Richards and Sue Storm at the Baxter building Tony.”

“Damn, too late,” I smiled, “anyway, just wanted to say you impressed me kid. If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Same to you Tony,” I held out my hand and he shook it.

“Oh and don’t worry, I decided to not sue you for ripping off my tech!” Tony called out as he got in a car with Bruce and drove off.

Cap wished me well before riding off into. Nat then came up to me and looked at Felicia with a raised eyebrow, “Felicia Hardy, should have guessed.”

I raised an eyebrow, “you mean you didn’t know?”

“SHIELD doesn't have the time to know the identities of every single thief in the city.”

I felt like kicking myself, I just put her in danger. If Nat knows then Fury will too, meaning HYDRA...fuck!

“Any chance you can keep this between just us?” I asked her in a pleading tone.

Nat smirked, “fine. But you owe me. Starting Monday I’m back as your handler, and Fury allowed me to finally go all out in teaching you, now that we know you can handle yourself.”

I smirked, “bring it on.”

Felicia and I spent the day in Queens, trying our best to ignore the people talking about the attack, but it was hard. After all that was the most important event that happened.

By the end of the day I said goodnight to her, leaving her home while I swung back to New York, fully intent on stealing some of that alien tech for myself.

There were plenty lying around all over the place. The government had just started cleaning up the South and East sides, the North was still filled with crap and abandoned. I grabbed what I could, guns, those glowing staffs that fired automatically and even pieces of armour.

I swung to the Baxter building and put them all in my lab. I had a security code that let me in, thank God, or else I would have to wait until Sue and the other’s came back.

I did a couple of more runs, getting whatever I could. I even got a couple of the armour plates off of one of those flying snake monsters. This thing was strong enough to push back Tony’s repulsor beams like it was nothing, definitely worth checking out.

But on my fifth outing to the wreckage I noticed other people there trying to steal some tuff. Now I understood how hypocritical it was of me for calling them thieves, but the way I saw it I fought these things giving me a right to spoils. So these guys are just plain thieves.

“Hey guys!” I called out landing on a light pole.

They all turned and immediately my spidey senses started blaring as I jumped away just in time to avoid them spraying me with a large amount of bullets.

“That’s not nice!” I yell out as my arms pop out and firing out four streams of webbing, grabbing their guns before pulling back.

“It’s the Spider! Run!” a soldier yelled.

“But we haven’t gotten anything!” a man in a yellow hazmat suit called back.

“I don’t care!”

They tried to run away but I quickly stopped them, grabbing them all and tieing them up in a tight little web space.

I walked up to them and smiled, “so, who are you guys supposed to be.”

The soldiers growled and said nothing. The scientists...well, they looked piss scared. Time to use that fear.

“You know who I am don’t you?” I lowered my voice modulation in my helmet to a few octaves lower, “you know what I can do. How easy it will be for me to rip you apart,” I lowered one of my arms under the man’s neck, “talk.”

“W-we work for-” and suddenly he head exploded.

I jumped back blocking my head from the blood and gore, “what the fuck was that?!”

“We would rather die than talk!” a man hiding behind some debris called out, tossing a grenade at me. I kicked it away just as it exploded, but watched in horror as that man fired bullets into his friend's bodies.

“No!” I shot out a web line pulling his gun away from him before sending out a blast of electricity strong enough to stun him.

I look at the tied up people, they were all dead. The man who killed them were the only ones alive. I walked up to the man and searched his body for identification of any kind. I found nothing, except a tattoo of a skull.

It wasn’t much, but the design reminded me of a group that Cap used to tangle with, HYDRA. They were finally moving out of the shadows. Of course they would, all this tech, why wouldn’t they?

I looked around and sighed, I called Fury and told him the situation, he would be arriving soon. The city will take some time, but it will recover. Phase 1 is over, Phase 2 will soon begin. I hope I’m ready for what’s to come.

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