The Spider Chapter 22

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 22: HYDRA's weapon

I looked down into the alley and saw three kids dressed in red and black beat up a small gang of thugs. I should jump in there and put a stop this, I know I should. But….I honestly didn’t want to do that.

I leaned back into the shadows and watched as the three vigilantes fought valiantly. They wore a red and black tracksuit with a fabric mask that was stitched to resemble my own. Spray painted onto the middle of their track was a black spider similar to my own. And each were armed with jawbreakers, really putting the hurt onto the thugs.

Copy cats, they were more and more each day and each acted rasher than the ones before. At least these ones looked like they knew what they were doing.

I watched as they fought through the thugs, each wannabe had skill and some level of fighting skill. The thugs had weapons, and though at times it looked like I had to intervene, the copycats handled themselves pretty well.

“We don’t need you people here!” the biggest copycat yelled out as he socked a thug across the jaw throwing his unconscious body into his friend’s open arms, “spread the word, this place is protected by the Web Warriors!!”

The thugs carried their unconscious and ran away, crying out for their lives. I watched as the ‘Web Warriors’ celebrated their victory, high fiving each other and cheering loudly. I sighed, guess it was time I showed myself.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked out loud as I crawled down the side of a building.

“S-Spider-man?!” one cried out as they all turned to get a good look at me.

“Oh my God, it really is you,” the giant leadr came forward looking like he just woke up and it was Christmas, “HI-I’m Chad sir, it’s an honor to meet you.”

I narrowed my eyes, “did you just tell me your real name?”

“We-well, yeah, I mean-”

“-Shut it,” I hissed jumping off the wall and landing before them. They all gasped in awe my landing, but I ignored them, instead I focused on Chad, “never tell anyone you’re real name. That is why you wear a mask in the first place.”

“Yes sir,” he nodded quickly.

“And don’t call me sir,” I spat looking at them, “I saw what you did...impressive.”

“Alright!” they cheered.

“Which is why I’m giving you all one chance, drop the vigilante shit and go home,” I warned them, “this isn’t the world you want to see yourself in, trust me.”

“W-what do you mean?! You said it yourself, we did great tonight!” Chad argued.

“If you’re going to fight crime that’s fine,” I shot a web line onto the roof, “but don’t do it in my name or wearing my symbol. I won’t have your fucking deaths on my hands.”

“What gives you the right?!” Chad asked sounding betrayed.

I looked at him, “simple, I’m not wearing hockey pads. Get a new name, and a new symbol,” I leaped into the air and swung away leaving the gang of copy cats looking pissed and confused.

I knew I should have told them to stop fighting crime all together, but if I did that I would be nothing more than a hypocrypt. They were adults, well some of them look like they are adults. They can make their own choices, I just didn’t want them dying trying to act like me.

I swung around the city for a while, I found a few muggings to stop and one car chase near Harlem. But after a while it began to get late, I was about to go home when I noticed something flying through the sky, coming right at me.

I recognized him right away, I leaped onto the building roof and landed in waiting for Tony to catch up.

He slowly however before me in what looked like a brand new suit. It looked bigger and redder than all the others. I whistled, “damn Tony, nice suit.”

He cut the power to his thrusters and landed before me. He stood up straight and popped open the head plate showing his face, “thanks, been working on it for a while.”

“So?” I sat down on the roof ledge, “what can I help you with?”

“Nothing much, just saw you doing your thing, thought I should say hello,” Tony leaned down next to me as we looked at the city.

“It’s quite tonight,” I told him.

“I doubt this city is ever quite.”

“No, it is,” I nodded, “once you see the city at it’ loudest, nights like this seem like nothing,” I turned to him, I could smell fear rolling off him, but not the kind you feel when being attacked, it was more subtle, like a memory of something, it took me a few moments, but I figured it out, “how have you been holding up?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I know PTSD when I see it Tony, you can lie to Pepper and everyone else all you want, but not to me,” I pushed the attitude a little, cocky, I know, but I need him to address his issues.

“I...I’m getting better,” Tny admitted, “I’m tinkering with a lot of new ideas, it helps me think.”

“Good,” I nodded, “if you ever need to talk, I’m here.”

“Aren’t I supposed the mature adult?”

I laughed, “yeah, sure.”

“So, how’s your summer been?” Tony asked.

“No bad. Fought an alien army, so that’s pretty cool. Oh, I also got my dad’s old car. It’s a piece of junk, but I managed to make something off it.”

Tony nodded, “nice. My dad never used to give me anything, it’s rare fatherly love.”

“You never used to get gifts?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Birthday or otherwise,” Tony shrugged, “he always said I needed to earn them, not just received them.”

“Sounds like a complicated man,” I whispered.

“He’s kind of a dick.”

“I think mine was worse,” I chuckled.

“How so?”

“He….” I looked at Tony, I knew a lot of things about this man, but one thing I knew for sure was that he was loyal to a fault. He wouldn’t betray those he cared about and I would like to think I was one of them. So I sighed and spoke, “my powers came to be because he experimented on me as a baby.”

Tony’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “what?”

“He was a genius, his work revolves around the super soldier serum Cap was experimented on. I don’t know the details, but he experimented on my blood, making it...more. I don’t know what he did to me, but I do know I’m this way because of him.”

“Fuck,” Tony spat out looking enraged, he looked at me and slowly rage gave way to pity, “Peter I’m sorry that...that this happened to you.”

I shrugged, “neah, don’t worry about it. It’s because of him I ended up a superhero. Figured he did something good.”

“He experimented on his own child-”

“-I’m assuming,” I cut in, “I….I don’t know for sure.”

Tony looked at me before sighing, “well...then find out.”

I looked at him, “I...” I sighed and nodded, “yeah, I think I should.” I owe Peter that much. He would want to know the truth. I opened my helmet revealing my face to Tony, “could you help me out?”

Tony raised an eyebrow, “what do you need?”

“I did research a little about him in the Baxter building with Sue Storm, but we haven’t managed to figure what he did after college. He graduated, got a doctorate, but other than that, nothing. Absolutely nothing. No record of him anywhere. I was thinking maybe if you had the time-”

“Hack into SHIELD and use their resource to find out about your dad without alerting Fury or anyone else? Sure,” Tony grinned.

I thanked Tony and wished him a goodnight. The next day I woke up bright and early and drove downtown with Ben in the DeLorean. We arrived at a field of storage containers, each with a number painted onto the sheds in bright orange.

I parked the car and we walked into the field. I looked around, not many cameras in here, just a few around the corners.

“So which one was it?” I asked Ben.

“342,” Ben pointed down the rows of containers, “right there.”

We stopped in front of storage number 342, it looked like the average container, big metal lock, rusted shutters. Ben kneeled down and quickly unlocked it, lifting the shutters open revealing what I can only describe as a mess.

It looked like a hoarder's wet dream. So many pieces of junk gathered in one place. There were clothes, male and female, computer parts, vials of experiments, mountains upon mountains of papers, pictures, furniture and what looked like a kid’s cot.

“After they died I had their stuff moved into his storage space,” Ben told me as he walked up to the small cot, “this was yours, when you were just a kid.”

I nodded as I looked around, the books were all extremely advanced, something Reed would read for a bit of light reading. Mostly genetics, but a little of quantum physics was mixed in there as well.

I looked to the computers. They were all broken into pieces, but I found their hard drives intact and I think I could probably still use these.

I put them away and then began looking through the various books and papers lying about. Ben just left me too it, walking outside to take a call. I worked through all the documents until I found the ones that dated around the time Rochard’s started college.

I gathered them all up, even a few books that I thought would be useful and walked outside. I found Ben looking at a photo album, peering over his shoulder I spotted a tiny Peter Parker being held by his parents.

“They didn’t want to go,” Ben admitted looking teary eyed, “they hated the idea of leaving. Mary was sure something bad was going to happen. Richard didn’t believe her but….I guess she was right.”

I looked at the picture, the man didn’t look like a mad scientist out to create a monster. He looked like a loving husband and a caring father. He wasn’t the man who made monsters. And I had to prove his innocence.

“I’m done uncle Ben, we can go,” I told him.

“Right,” Ben shut the album and handed it to me, “we can show this to your aunt, she would love to see it.”

I nodded in agreement. Ben locked he shutter door behind us and I drove us back home. Once there I locked myself inside my basement lab and began working on hooking up Richard’s hard drive into my computer.

After fighting about for a while, the hard drive was an older model, I managed to get the thing to fit, booting it up.

I leaned back and watched as my computer transfer the files over, scanning everything and putting them into my drive.

When it was done I began searching through the files, looking for Richard’s research papers. I found a lot of college essays, a few email chains and deep inside the folders I found some porn. Terrible nineties porn. But hey, at least now I can say for sure that Peter’s love of redheads came from his dad.

But finally I found something. I locked folder hidden deep within the files. I tried opening it up, but I found that it needed a security code, 10 letters, and not one more. I had one try to get it right.

I put in everything I could, my name, my mother’s maiden name, birthday’s, even tried the old German scientist that gave Cap his serum. Then when looking through the old books he had I found Richard had a love of Charles Dickens, I tried shortening the name and putting it in, but again, nothing.

I was frustrated, he would need to put the password down, right? This was possibly his life’s work, he wouldn’t risk not having access to it. I myself had a safety feature on my computer in the Baxter building that allowed Johnny or Sue to use the terminal if I’m not around to grant them access.

So...I turned to the stack of books and notes I took from the storage space. He started his genetic theories in college, meaning he created this file during the time. The passcode could be in here somewhere.

I picked up the books and scrolled through them, trying to find any particular word underlined. Finding nothing more than scribbles from a college student cramming for last minute, I tossed his college books aside and turned to his notes.

I found his handwriting unreadable, guess that’s genetic too huh? He did take very detailed notes, formulas upon formulas. I wasn’t much of a bio guy, focusing more on machines with a hint of chemistry, but I did understand what he was trying to make.

It was the basic chain of testosterone, and he had altered it in such a way that this new strain will allow the user to bulk up upto three times their muscle mass almost instantly. And it was based on a genetic code he obtained from spiders. Guess even back then the Parker family had a thing for spiders.

I had seen such an application before, Venom, not the evil version of Spider-man, no, I mean the green thing Bane used to beat down Batman.

This was the basic strain that Richard played with, but, it seemed he based his entire paper around this chain. He did eventually give up on it, but….nobody forgot their first theory, I know I still held love for the SA, I even used it as my password, we'll part of it.

He had a nickname for it, ‘STR-SPIDER’,  perfect. I kept the notes besides me as I put in the password. And just like that, it was unlocked.

There were dozens of folders on it, I began the slow process of looking through them all. I found the oldest one dated to just after he left college. I opened it and found various video files. Clicking one I leaned back and watched the video play.

It came on to show a lab with test tubes and other scientific instruments on a table and a chair before them. A young man with brown hair came into frame, it was Richard Parker, my dad.

“Recording of day 1,” I spoke with a voice eerily familiar to my own, “I joined a private research la today, I’m not permitted to list its name, the risk of discovery is too high and these people take security very importantly. I was introduced to everyone and was given my own lab to work in. I’m not sure when I can record next, hopefully it will be soon.”

The next recording was a month after that. I opened it up;

“It’s been a month since I last recorded. I found out what I have to do and...I’m honestly ecstatic,” he grinned, “the chance of a lifetime, to recreate what Dr. Abraham Erskine made so many years ago! I started working on what little super soldier serum data that is available, mostly just written down notes though. I found that the spider serum which I devised isn’t what Erskine had in mind, sadly I had to scrap that train of thought.”

The next video was made the very next day. This time Richard looked red in the face as he wiped his drenched hair with a towel;

“So I meet my partner today,” he smiled like a fool, “Mary Fitzpatrick, specializes in genetic splicing, damn that woman’s amazing. I swear she’s my soulmate, red hair, perfect smile, and that ass! Oh God that ass!” I rolled my eyes, yup, he’s Peter’s dad alright, “I’m not sure how she feels about me but...oh I’m excited!”

The next video was a year later;

“Mary found something interesting,” Richard looked serious, “a manifest down in the archives that many looked over. An author’s name wasn’t listed, it was about how one could alter the body's cells to accept modifications done to it. Brilliant book, most people here have been using it as a guide for a long time. But Mary had a diffrent theory, that it was more than just a guide. That-”

“Parker? Are you in there?” a woman’s voice brought Richard short.

“Here Mary,” he immediately shut off the camera.

The next video was made a month after that;

“We have been working on a new formula, one based on the book Mary found,” Richard looked exhausted, but he still smiled, “like I was saying, we believe the book was written by none other than Dr. Abraham Erskine himself. We noticed the way he wrote was extremely similar, meaning that this book could have the answers we were looking for,” he chuckled, “oh, and on a side note, I finally got Mary to go on a date with me. So that’s nice.”

The next was nearly a year later, and this time Mary was in the frame with Richard as well;

“Things aren’t looking good,” Richard looked more tired than I have ever seen him, “we were able to crack half the code of the super soldier formula. We brought it to Herbert and...I should have listened to you Mary,” he sighed, Mary wrapped a hand around his and squeezed.

“We made a terrible mistake,” Mary continued, “these people weren’t who they said they were. People are disappearing, our colleges, anyone who is involved with this project. We are leaving the first thing tomorrow. I have contacted the government and asked for assistance. I don’t know what’s going to happen now.”

And the next recording was three years later. The frame was not inside a well furnished living room that struck a sword in my head. I remembered that place, it was my house. Richard and Mary came into view, looking much older. And in Mary’s arms was a little baby boy with brown hair and a red pacifier.

My eyes widened as I touched the screen, that was….Peter...woah. Richard and Mary sat down on the south before the camera, little Peter was jumping up and down in Mary’s arms, the woman could barely hold him down as she smiled and waved him gently.

Richard smiled at his family before turning to the sighing, “I prayed I would never have to use this camera again…..they found us. I don’t know how, but they did. People have been following Mary and I all week. They want the formula, I just know it. We perfected it half a year ago, but can’t ever get into their hands. We have to make sure they can never get their hands on it.”

Mary passed the baby into Richard's hands and turned to the camera, “we are putting the videos into RIchard’s old computer along with enough evidence to target the man we believe is behind all of this. We pray this gets into the right hands, and that we don’t cause a war that could possibly end the human race as we know it.”

And the video ended. It was the last one. I cursed and quickly began to look through all the files they had kept with these things. There were documents of land ownership, bank statements, photos of a shady looking lab and even a handful of pictures of a guy with black hair and a thick beard.

All of them were pertaining to one man, Herbert Wyndham. A simple Google search told me a lot about him. Geneticist, of course he was, father was German and mother was Italian. He came to America for college and worked for, you guessed it, a mysterious private lab.

He eventually did leave the country, setting up base in Italy. He gave a couple of guest lectures from time to time, and from what I read he charged a lot for that privilege, guess that’s how he keeps the water running.

He looked old, older than uncle Ben, he didn’t have an address listed, but he did have a scheduled appearance in a week’s time in a college for a lecture about genetic enhancements being the future of humankind.

I tapped my chin, this was a mystery, and I loved mysteries. Well, not really, but when it was this juicy, I couldn’t resist. I needed to find out what this man knew, I could interrogate him as Spider-man, but...if Peter Parker was seen traveling to Italy and then some guy interrogates  Leister, well you don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

I needed to sneak into Italy, I need...well, I need a private jet. I looked at the clock it was nearing midnight, perfect.

I picked up my phone and dialed in Tony’s number. He picked up within seconds, “heya Spider. What can I do you for?”

“Can I ask you a favour?” I asked him with a smile.

A week later:

Felicia and Ben were with my at Stark’s private air strip. Yeah, that guy has his own landing strip. Frankly I’m not even surprised anymore.

“Are you sure you have to do this Peter?” Ben asked looking sad, “I thought you were happy at the Baxter building?” I told him and May I was going with Tony to visit the Stark factory in Italy, get a feel of the tech they make there, which of course was a lie.

“I am uncle Ben, I’m honestly just curious as to what Mr. Stark makes,” I shrugged, “relax, I'll be fine. I’m with freaking Ironman aren’t I?”

“And that’s what I’m worried about,” Ben grumbled, “trouble follows that man like a magnet-”

“-And I’m sure Peter will duck and hide when it gets dangerous, won’t you honey?” Felicia winked.

“Yes sweetie, I promise,” I smiled.

“I still don’t understand how you got to meet the Tony Stark,” Ben said looking over at Tony who was waiting for me by his private jet stairs.

“I told you, he’s a friend of Sue’s, I asked her for a favour,” I shrugged, “relax uncle Ben, I promise I’ll be fine.”

Ben sighed, “alright, if you’re sure.” He gave me a hug, “just stay safe, okay slugger?”

I stepped back and nodded, “promise.”

“Good, now, I’ll leave you two alone,” Ben winked at me and walked away and into his car.

I turned to Felicia, “I think May’s convinced him to get a wedding place fixed.”

Felicia shrugged, “yeah, I figured,” she looked at me with narrowed eyes, “what’s this about Tiger? And don’t give me that bullshit about it being a factory visit, I ain’t that stupid.”

I smirked, “I wasn’t going to lie to you Kitten,” I sighed, “it’’s personal.”

“I’m your fucking girlfriend, I handle personal,” she hissed.

“I know,” I nodded, “I promise, when I get back I’ll tell you everything. But I need to do this first, and I need to do it alone,” I meet her stare and eventually she backed down with a sigh.

“Fine, but I swear to God, next time you’re taking me with you,” she hissed, “and you’re buying me shoes from Italy, got that? And not the cheap ones, I mean really expensive black ones.”

I smirked, “promise,” I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled her in for a kiss. She hummed into our mouths and slowly pulled away, “I’ll be home soon.”

“Go get ‘em Tiger,” Felicia smiled. I chuckled, she has no idea how much she sounds like MJ right now.

I see her get into Ben’s car and the two of them drive away. I quickly walk into Tony’s jet and sat down next to him.

“Questions?” he asked sipping from a glass of whiskey.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” I shrugged as slowly the plane’s doors shut and they began to get ready to take off, “just wanted to know why I was going.”

“You know you never did tell me why you wanted this,” Tony lifted an eyebrow.

“You’re right, I didn’t,” I shrugged, remaining silent to the unasked question.

“You know, I could turn this plane around,” he threatened, “all I would have to do is tell the pilot and we won’t budge an inch. You’ll just have to find another way there, maybe Thor can give you a lift or maybe-”

“My dad and mom worked on the super soldier serum,” I cut in, there was no point in not telling him. He would be so annoying for the rest of the trip if I didn’t.

“I’m sorry? Aren’t they a little...young?”

“Not the original one, I mean they worked on recreating the serum, and,” I sighed, “I think they succeeded.”

Tony looked at my arms, “is that what he put into you?”

I nodded, “a version of it, I think. But something was wrong, the people they worked for weren't good people. My parents were afraid of them, so they went into hiding, and they died.”

Tony looked at his drink and swirled the amber liquid around, “and this includes our trip to Italy how?”

“The head researcher, Herbert Wyndham, they thought he was after them. He’s in Italy.”

“Well then, let’s go find him,” Tony smiled.



“No, this is personal, Tony Stark can’t be seen with Wyndham, he’s too important to spook away. I’ll do it, myself.”

“In red and black?”

“No, I think a ski mask will work just as well. No one needs to know I’m there.”

“So you needed my jet to make sure there’s no record of you entering the country, right?” Tony asked. I nodded, he smiled, “always wanted to be a international human trafficker.”

We arrived in Italy in ten hours. Tony managed to sneak me out through airport security and we ended up driving to the university that Windham was scheduled to lecture at.

The streets of Rome were amazing, so beautiful and full of life. There were people everywhere, street artists, musicians and of course, cute girls in short skirts. Sigh, nice.

Tony dropped me off before deciding to actually do something useful and check out his factory in Italy. I told him I would call if I needed help.

I walked into the campus and cautiously looked around, people there were older, much older than me, but thanks to my height I don’t think people would think I didn’t belong.

I managed to sneak into the lecture hall where Windham was to give his speech, and just as I sat down near the back, away from the students, he walked in.

His speech was in Italian, obviously. I had difficulty following it, but I did, good thing I actually picked up some Italian huh?

His lecture was ingenius to say the least. Honestly, this guy could give Sue a run for her money, but then again he is like sixty years older than her. I would like the guy too, if I didn’t think he had something to do with Peter’s parent’s death.

At the end he excused himself and walked out. I followed him as he spoke to the principal of the college and a couple of students. The man shook hands, gave a few career advices and then collected his pay cheque and left.

I followed him closely as he walked out of the college, I did what I was trained to do by SHIELD, be an agent. Nat thought my stealth skills needed work, she kept picking me out of a crowd, but she was an international spy, Wyndham was just an old man.

He got into a car and took off into the streets, I threw a spider shaped tracker onto the bonnet of his car and watched him drive away.

That night I followed the tracker to his house. I was dressed in a black ski mask and clothes with some of Felicia’s burglary tools. I asked her for them, she didn’t even ask why. God I love that woman.

He had alarms, silent dangerous ones, the best money can buy. I connected my SA to his phone lines, accessing his wifi, and through that I managed to hack into his security system and shut it all down. Yeah, I’m so getting better at this.

Using one of Felicia’s laser glass cutters I managed to sneak inside without a sound. I crawled along the ceiling and towards the living room which still had its lights on. I slowly pushed the door open just a crack to peep inside.

The study was old fashioned, shelves of books lining the walls and two chairs next to an open fire place. Wyndham was sitting in one looking at the flames as he sipped his glass of wine. I looked around, he had a computer on his desk near the back.

I creeped into the study and wall crawled my way onto the other side of the room. I made sure not to make a single sound as I slowly crawled down the wall and approached the computer. I took out a copy drive that could scan and copy all the files in the computer and inserted it into the computer.

“So, are you just going to leave without saying goodbye?” Wyndham suddenly asked.

I immediately tucked underneath his desk and stayed still. How did he know?! I was like fucking on the walls! I sniffed the air, no fear, just curiosity came from the man. And slight confusion. He wasn’t sure. I kept quiet, hopefully he thought he was just losing his mind.

The old man didn’t say a thing, I heard him get up from his seat and walk towards the door, “I know you are here my dear, you can come out.”

I popped my head out and saw him leave, did he think I was someone else? Most likely. I turned to the drive and found it glowing green, it had done its work. I snatched it up and put it away safely. I got ready to leave when I heard something move, something big.

“I can’t keep living like this!” a woman’s cry came out. I was curious. I sneaked to the door and slowly opened it giving me a clear line of sight to the kitchen.

“You must, you know the dangerous people who are after you, interpole, SHIELD,” Wyndham spat out the last name. I moved in closer and suddenly a young woman with black hair and a tall busty figure walked into my frame of sight.

“I don’t care, they don’t even know I’m alive!”

“And if they do they will kill you!” Wyndham yelled out, “and then what will you be?!”

“I’ll be free!” the woman’s accent was clearly American, what was she doing in Italy?

“Your father didn’t want this for you,” Wyndham said gently, “he asked me to keep you safe and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Keeping me locked up isn’t keeping me safe!”

“I know, I know...just give me some time, soon you’ll be safe, and then you can do whatever you wish.”

“And until then?”

“Until then, you have studying to do young lady,” Wyndham smiled, “have you finished the assignment I set out for you?”

“Yeah, I-” she paused and sniffed the air. She looked around curiously before slowly landing her eyes on me. Fuck. “What the hell?!”

She leaped at me, clearing 20 feet in a single bound as she tackled me through the door and pinned me down on the ground. I kicked her off, tossing her through the air. She landed on the wall and was stuck there.

I paused looking at her, she could stick onto walls?!

“Who the hell are you?” she hissed.

I jumped onto my feet, “I’m Pikachu,” I need to get out of here, to many unknown variables. I ran to the door, but she jumped into my way. I ducked under a kick and doged her follow up.

I jumped back and engaged in hand to hand combat, she was trained, every strike looked like it was going for the kill, but her execution was shit, Nat would be appealed. I grabbed her arm and threw her over my shoulder.

She landed easily but before she could attack my first met her guy, making her buckle over in pain.

“Sorry beautiful, I have a date and I can’t miss it,” I jumped towards the window and crashed through it, running out into Wyndham’s garden, I saw trees up ahead, I could lose them in there.

“Get back here!” the woman cried out as she leaped out and chased after me. I cursed seeing her catching up, I was running around 20 miles an hour, how the hell is she matching my speed?!

“Can’t you just let me go? I swear all I wanted to do was ask you out!” I threw a joke in while thinking about her. She had my powers, agility and endurance. Clone? No, to different, no brown hair. Anyone who knew anything about genes knew that if you wanted to get the same results you needed to use the same genetic sequence, meaning she isn’t my clone.

I reached the forest and leaped onto the trees, jumping from branch to branch.

“Oh no you don’t!” she yelled as she leaped up and followed me. Damn, what is this girl?! I leaped onto a branch when suddenly a flash of green energy cam flying through the dark night, destroying the branch, sending me flying down into the ground without any support.

Lucky I landed in a squat, I was about to take off again when she launched herself at me, shoving me into the ground, pinning my arms down.

“You aren’t going anywhere asshole!” she grinned victoriously. I tried pushing her back but was surprised by her strength, she wasn’t normal.

I looked up at her, green eyes similar to that energy beam she shoot of. Energy, electricity, bio-electric energy, exactly like….oh fuck me.

“Jessica?” I asked in utter shock.

She looked at me in surprise, “how did you know my name?”

“I-I,” I looked at her and slowly the world began to die away, I felt something pull inside of me. I felt my body heat up, reacting to her. I smelt maple syrup slowly roll off her body, I could smell her lust.

“W-what’s happening,” she hissed as slowly she let up on her grip around my arm. I could see her eyes clouding in lust.

“I-I don’t,” I felt myself get hard, it was involuntary. I reached up to her face and cupped it, I growled feeling an overwhelming sense of lust take me over. And from the way she looked at me, I knew she felt the same.

She kissed me, if ever anyone asked me, I would always swear to that. She kissed me. Her hands went under my shirt as her tongue tried to clean my mouth. She humped my groin as my hands automatically went to her ample behind.

I gave it a spank, she moaned. I tried pulling back, but I could feel lust rolling out from me, so much I felt like I was drowning. My breathing got harder, I smelt her scent, it was...intoxicating.

I rolled her around, getting on top of her. Her hands reached for my pants, I could feel myself grow in excitement, it was just like….oh my God, Felicia!

I felt a rush of pure shame and rage come rising up. I pulled myself out of the lust induced craze I found myself in. I broke the kiss, she looked at me surprised ad in a husky lust filled voice like that of a lover she asked, “what’s wrong?”

“I have a girlfriend, sorry,” I sent a small amount of bioelectricity through my arms and into her rain soaked clothes.

She jerked in shock and I leaned away, quickly running away as fast as I could. I turned around and saw her getting back on her feet, looking confused, guess she was finally snapping out of it as well.

She didn’t follow me, I ended up on a highway and called Tony to get someone to pick me up. As I waited for his car I went through what just happened.

She was like a drug, I couldn’t even be in her preceness without an overwhelming desire to rip her clothes off and mount her like a dog. It was...primal. And the only thing I could think off that could do something like that were pheromones.

Jessica Drew, I was sure it was her. She had the powers and the skills to match. But why did I react to her like that? The original Peter Parker never had a problem with Jessica and….oh shit. I’m not the same Peter Parker am I?

I have Jessica’s powers too, or at least a portion of it. I can’t manipulate pheromones like she could, but I can detect them. So that means….it’s like Cindy Moon all over again.

Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter. Whenever she and Peter meet they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. It was a serious problem. Could the same thing be happening with me and Jessica? Since I have similar powers to hers and they both involve pheromone?

It was possible. But why was she there with Wyndham? Wyndham….how do I know that name? I’m now wondering if this man had a bigger role to play in all off this. Jessica was controlled by Hydra before she became a hero, meaning Wyndham is HYDRA, meaning Peter’s parents….used to work for HYDRA….FUCK!

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