The Spider Chapter 23


The Spider: Begin

Chapter 23: Attack on HYDRA

“So, what did you find?” Tony asked the moment I walked in.

I held up the flash drive, “let’s find out.” Tony motioned to his work station. I found a port on the side of the table and put the drive in. Immediately the screen began to display the files.

Tony quickly took hold, searching through the files. He looked focused, like really focused. I watched as he scanned through the files quicker than I ever could before suddenly stopping on one file.

He took a step back, “what’s subject-D?”

I sighed, “fuck me.”

“You know?”

I nodded, “it’s a program I stopped a few months ago while working an assignment for SHIELD. A couple of scientist were forced to recreate a genetic mutation, they were forced to experiment on children.”

“How do you force someone do experiment on children?”

“You threaten their family and friends,” I shrugged, “I managed to put an end to it, was too late. A lot of kids died before that….I don’t understand though, what does a child experimentation ring in New York have to do with an old scientist in Italy?”

“If it was Wyndham, who’s a top rank genetesis, then I would wager they used his principles in their experiments. From what you told me, it would be perfect,” Tony began typing away at the computer before sighing, “okay, good news and bad news. What do you want first?”

“Good news?”

“Okay, I found a Ghost drive,” Tony pulled up a locked folder, “it’s labeled, ‘Super Serum’ project, but-”

“-Let me guess, the bad news is that you can’t open it,” I sighed, “can’t you like, decode it or something?”

“Can’t, it’s a corrupted file,” Tony pulled up the image of a jigsaw puzzle, “only half the pieces are here, the rest are missing. Only with the second half will the file even open.”

“So you can’t even open it because the files simply don’t exist,” I sighed in realisation.

Tony nodded, “exactly, but there are plenty of other files we haven't looked through yet. Want to give it a shot?”

I nodded, we spent the night looking through his notes but couldn’t find anything solid linking him to the scientists I busted. It was a waste.

The next day Tony flew us back home. I thanked him profusely for helping me out, he didn’t mind, after all he got to spend some time away from the lab and away from his PTSD. I tried to tell him to talk to a shirk, but I don’t think he really listened to me at all.

When I came back home I found Ben and May there to greet me. I told them all about my trip, details Tony and I agreed upon beforehand, and for the most part they bought it, luckily for me. That night I went downstairs to my lab and inputted the data from Wyndham’s computer, comparing his notes with Peter’s parent’s.

As I did so I heard my basement window slide open, I turned around and suddenly guilt filled my heart as I saw Felicia shimmy inside.

She landed before me with a smile, “hey Tiger.” I smiled, I couldn’t help myself. I stood up and walked up to her. “So, when did-hm?!”

Her sentence was muffled as I wrapped my arms around her and pushed her onto the basement bed, kissing her in a desperate attempt to ripe away the feeling of Jessica’s tongue out of my mind.

She moaned into my kiss before slowly pushing me back, “I didn’t know you missed me that much.”

“Oh you have no idea,” I gave her kiss on her forehead, “Italy was hell.”


I sighed, guess it was time to come clean. I told her everything, about how my parent’s were involved with my powers, how their experimentations somehow gave me my powers and how I went to Italy to find the man who might be responsible for their deaths.

Felicia listened silently all the while, sitting next to me, holding my hand. At the end she sighed, “I...I guess I understand why you wanted to do this alone, but Peter,” she slapped my up the head, “you were planning on breaking into someone’s house and you didn’t even think of asking me?!”

I rubbed my head sheepishly, “sorry. But,” I ran to my desk and grabbed a black cardboard box and gave it to her, “I got you a gift.”

She opened it and grinned at the sight of two expensive looking black leather boots with silver lining along the side. “Okay, I guess I can forgive you.” she giggled.

I smiled, but slowly I remembered the reason I felt so guilty, why I insisted on buying the most expensive pair of boots Tony could find. Why I nearly went broke buying them. Jessica Drew.

I shouldn’t tell her, I know this, but lying to her isn’t how one keeps a relationship stable, I know that for a fact. I took a deep breath and sighed, “Felicia, there’s...something else.”

Felicia looked worried, “what?”

“When I was in Wyndham’s place I….I ran into this girl,” I paused, “she was like me.”

“Like you? What do you mean?”

I looked at her, “she had the same powers I have. She’s also the one whose powers I obtained,” I sent a spark out off my fingertips, showing her my blue bio-electricity.

“She has spider powers?!” Felicia looked amazed.

I nodded, “yeah. She could climb walls, fast, strong, and I think...I think she can do the pheromones thing as well, and...go a step above.”

Felicia narrowed her eyes, “what do you mean?”

“She can control the pheromones of other people,” I admitted, “make them angry, sad, happy...and I think we might have been affected by it.”


I blushed, “she ah, she kind of kissed me,” Felicia raised one silver eyebrow, “I didn’t kiss her back! I swear! She kissed me and I was like completely shocked and then I don’t know happened her powers must have gone haywire or something because the next thing I know she’s trying to strip me and I was out of it!”

“So...what you’re saying is she drugged you?”

I winced, “yeah...please don’t be mad, I didn’t really want to.”

She was silent, silent for a long time. She looked up me with hate filled eyes, “did you kiss her back?”

“No, never,” I felt broken inside, in this entire life my relationship with Felicia is the one thing I knew I could say was mine. Everything else Peter could have done on his own, everything, but her? She was the one choice I made because I actually fell for her. The only one, and to see her go, I don’t think-

Felicia got up, I was scared stiff, I prayed she wasn’t going to leave. She walked up to me, I begged God, the One above all, Stan Lee, anyone who was listening to make her stay. And suddenly I found her arms wrapped around me and her head resting on my shoulders.

“I’m not going to leave you because some Italian bitch kissed you Peter,” she whispered, “did you really think I would do that?”

I couldn’t help it, I felt relief wash over me, forcing tears of joy to blur my vision as I wrapped my arms around her, “losing you is something I don’t think I can live with Felicia. Never you. I can quit being Spider-man before that.”

Felicia didn’t say a thing, she knew I didn’t want her pity, just her forgiveness. She rubbed my back and held onto her tight. I was acting like a child, I knew it, but for her, I would play the fool for all my life if the need be.

She finally broke the hug and looked down at the shoes, “wait, is that why you brought me such expensive shoes?”

I chuckled, “yeah.”

“Huh, maybe you kissing other women might actually be a good thing,” Felicia teased.

I rolled my eyes, “I hope not.”

“So, are you going to show me what you found?” Felicia asked. I nodded and lead her to my computer showing her all the files my dad had and what I got from Wyndham. I explained what each file contained and even what the Ghost drive that Tony found.

“And that’s pretty much it,” I finished, “not much, but, at least I know my parents weren’t crazy.”

“Hm,” Felicia nodded as she looked at the screen intensely.

“What is it? See something?” I asked.

“Yes, that,” she tapped a folder on my dad’s hard drive, “what is that?”

I blinked and looked at the file, “it’s his school papers.”

“Why is it here?” she asked.

“Well, I think it’s because he just put in everything he had on the super soldier serum onto the drive here,” I shrugged.

“But did he really start working on it at that age?” Felicia asked.

I nodded, “yeah he’s kind of a genius, like yours truly,” I grinned, clicking on the file trying to open it, only for an error message to pop up. I blinked, “what the hell?” I read that the file was corrupt and couldn’t be open.

“You can’t open it?” Felicia asked curiously.

“No, I can’t,” I hummed, “ way….no,” I couldn’t believe it. I dragged the file and moved it to the ghost drive. I inputted the file into the date and suddenly a new message popped up.

File complete, opening now….

My eyes went wide, “holy. Shit.”

The file began to fix itself as slowly it opened up displaying hundred of hundreds of number and formulas I had trouble following, but then a new screen popped up, one with the HYDRA logo emblazoned on it in green.

“Shit!” I yelled, grabbed the main power cord to my computer and ripping it off.

“What was that?” Felicia asked.

“Something bad,” I broke open my pc and tore apart all the parts, destroying the CPU and motherboard with my increased strength before ripping the hard drive out. I then went to the wifi router and tore the cables out, no need for the risk.

“Peter, what’s going on?” Felicia asked in concern.

I looked at her, “something bad. That...that symbol, it was HYDRA?”

Felicia looked confused, “you mean that nazi group Cap fought?”

I nodded, “yeah, the very same.”

“What the hell does your dad have to do with a dead nazi group?!” Felicia asked.

I looked at her, “who told you they were dead?” I sighed turning to my hard drives, “I need to bring this to Fury.”

“Can SHIELD be trusted with something like this? Didn’t they try to make weapons with that glowing cube thingy?” Felicia asked. I smiled, she’s way smarter than people ever give her credit.

“Yes, they did...but if HYDRA comes for the drive it’s best to leave it in SHIELD’s hands rather in mine, that way Ben, May, MJ and Liz won’t be brought into the crossfire,” I hissed, “it’s a risky call, I know, but….it’s the only choice I have.”

“You have his phone number or something?” Felicia asked.

I nodded, “something like that.”

The Next Day:

“Are you sure you you want to do this?” I asked her for what must have been the hundredth time.

“Yes Tiger, I told you, I’m your girlfriend, I’m not letting you do this alone,” Cat huffed as she adjusted her goggles and costume.

“But if you come with me-”

“-What? Fury will find out who I am? Please, I don’t doubt he already has some idea. After all that picture of us kissing is all over the place, heck, I saw MJ have a poster of it up on her wall. He will know it’s me, or at least have some idea. So don’t even think about it Mr. Spider.”

I smiled, “yes ma’am.” Doc continued to travel through the air. Slowly the clouds started to part and I saw the helicarrier appear before me. It looked better than the last time I saw it, though they still didn’t have the retro-reflecting panels up and running, hence why they were out here in the middle of the Atlantic rather than flying over cities.

Hello? Is the...pilot of the flying car reading this? This is a restricted area, stop now or you will be shoot down, this is your final warning,” came a voice off the radio.

I sighed, I put on my helmet and turned on my communicator, “it’s me, Spider-man. Clearance code: I’m a fucking Avenger, let me on board.”

Ah, right, just give me a second,” the voice went off before quickly turning, “you have been given clearance to land, please use the upper strip near the entrance.

“Thanks, will do,” I turned off the comms and slowly brought the car in for landing.

“This is so cool,” Felicia whispered.

I smiled as I landed the car on the helicarrier and got out. Felicia followed me as we walked towards the helicarrier entrance where Clint was waiting for us with quiver in back and bow in hand.

“Hey Legolas! Nice to see you!” I grinned, waving at him.

“Spider,” he rolled his eyes touching his communicator, “Fury, it’s really him...yeah, I’ll bring him to you.”

“So how’s it going?” I asked as we walked in, the air pressure immediately lighter the moment we stepped inside.

“Better, no norse Gods tried to take over my mind, so I would say it’s been a good day so far,” Clint looked at Cat, “so, is this a date?”

I shock my head, “sorry, this time it’s strictly business.”

We walked into main deck, it looked a lot better than the last time I saw it. I found Fury at the helm putting in commands into his cosel. I looked over and spotted me, “you two are supposed to be in school.”

I shrugged, “are you crazy man? It’s summer vacation!”

“So why aren’t you in a mall with your girlfriend?”

“Something important came up, plus she’s right there, so this is kind of like a date.”

“No it isn’t,” Cat cut in.

Fury rolled his eyes, “look kid I don’t have time for this, if you’re going to show off for-”

“-My father worked for Hydra,” I cut him off.

Fury paused, looking at me with his one good eye, “excuse me? Did you fail history kid? Because HYDRA-”

“-Is alive,” I stopped him. I reached into my backpack and took out my hard drive, “my parents was working on something, before they died. I found the files, but when I tried to access them, the HYDRA logo popped up. Now correct me if I’m wrong Cat, I am horrible at remembering history, but didn’t HYDRA get broken apart at the end of the second world war?”

“They did,” Felicia smiled, “meaning the only way their logo got onto a file made in the last decade or so if they are still alive, or-”

“-Someone’s using their name,” I completed, “but either way, you need to have a look at this.”

Fury looked at the drive and took it from my hands. He nodded, “you were right in bringing this to me. I promise, I won’t let anyone else get their hands on it.”

“Good, and fury,” I turned off the voice modulator and lowered my voice to a growl, “I put in a kill virus inside that drive. If you even think of using the data inside that you'll fry your entire system and that drive.”

“Really?” he raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

“Yes,” I growled back, “don’t test me.”

He chuckled, “don't’ worry, I won’t,” he handed the drive off to a lab tech and turned to me, “is there anything else?”

“No,” I moved back activating the voice changer, “I’ll see you at the next Avengers team up or something.”

Fury rolled his eyes, before landing on Felicia’s costume, “is that the suit I gave you?”

I nodded, “yup.”

“You took military hardware and gave it to a thief?” Fury asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Cap’s a virgin, Tony’s crazy, Nat’s a killer, Clint’s only trick is with a bow and arrow-”

“-Hey!” he protested.

“-And the Hulk can’t raise his blood pressure, meaning no sex. We all aren’t perfect,” I walked away with Felicia smirking by my side.

“And what about you?” Fury asked.

I looked over my shoulder, “I tend to lose my temper when people I trust betray me. See ya Fury!”

Fury turned out Barton. The archer grumbled, “I hate that kid.”

“Really?” Fury asked surprised.

Clint sighed, “he’s just a pain in the ass.”

“That he is,” Fury sighed, “I have no idea how Agent Romanoff deals with him.”

“She ah...she has a way with teenagers I guess,” Clint shrugged, “you should see her with a baby.”

With me:

I flew up back into the city. “That went better than I thought,” Cat admitted.

“Yeah, maybe,” I sighed, “I just feel like giving him the drive was a mistake.”

“You said it yourself, the safest hands are weren’t lying about the virus right?”

I shook my head, “no. It will fry their systems the moment they try anything. Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m guessing right now Fury has his best agents following my dad’s trail, trying to figure out what’s he’s working on.”

“And when they figure out it’s the super solider serum-”

“-They might try something...I really hope Fury isn't that stupid,” I hissed.

I landed the car near an abandoned field in the outskirts of Queens. We changed into our civilians clothes and I drove us in.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Felicia asked.

I smiled, “well, I have no plans. Any ideas?”

“Hm, how does shopping sound?”

I grinned, “sounds great.”

I drove us to the closest mall and parked the car. Felicia practically dragged me into the theater where we bought tickets for some romantic garbage movie. I hated it and Felicia, while she would never admit it, loved these kinds of movies.

At the climax the hero was leaving for Chicago, his lover came to see him off in the train. He waited until the last minute before jumping off and onto the platform. He should have broken his ankles, but thanks to movie logic, his lover caught him in the last moment and they lived happily ever after.

I walked out laughing, “why did he think jumping off a train would be a good idea?!”

“Oh stop it Peter, like you wouldn’t do the same,” Felicia huffed.

“Yeah, maybe, but like, come on, I have spider powers, that guy was just a human!”

“Still, it was such a romantic gesture.”

I smiled, “so what? You want me to jump out of a train?”

“Oh no Mr, for me you better be jumping off of planes,” Felicia smirked.

“Well I think I can-” I stopped. I felt it. A pull in my core, raw animal instinct clawing in my mind to break free and fuck the woman who made me feel this way. It wasn’t love, it was fuckign lust, and I could smell maple syrup in the air.

“Peter? What’s wrong?” Felicia asked curiously.

“I...I,” I shook my head and looked around, “she’s here.”

“Who? Who's here?”

“Jessica Drew,” I hissed as I looked around. Suddenly, my eyes landed on a figure wearing an overcoat and a baseball hat standing off in the distance. We locked eyes and immediately I knew it was her. I could feel it.

“There,” I hissed, pointing at her.

Felicia stepped before me, “think you can control yourself Tiger?”

“I’m trying Kitten,” I hissed, Jessica began walking towards us, “we need to run.”

“Why? We can take her,” Felicia argued.

“Not here, not in front of all these people,” I hissed once again grabbing her wrist roughly and pulling her away.

We ran to the stairs when Felicia pulled her hand away, “Peter stop! You’re hurting me!”

“I’m sorry,” I sighed, “I-I didn’t-”

“It’s fine,” she rubbed her hand, “let’s just get out of here.”

I cursed, I wasn’t thinking, I always had to be careful not to hurt someone with my strength, but with half my mind occupied just trying not to fuck Jessica like a dog in heat, things are getting difficult.

We reached the parking garage, we were all alone. We ran to my car, I saw a black figure chasing after us, their image reflecting off the parked cars we passed by.

Suddenly the jumped onto the boot of a car and leaped at us. “Get back!” I cried out, pushing Felicia to the side as Jessica landed on me.

I kicked her over my head and threw her far away. She landed on her feet and I landed on mine. We looked at each other, I could feel the raw sexual tension seep into my bones, this was really getting old.

She leaped forward and sent a kick at my head. I ducked under it and quickly began to fight back, focusing on my training, on what Nat taught me.

It was like a dance, we knew each other’s moves, or at least could predict it. My spider senses were blaring, allowing me to avoid her hits while sending my own. We drew closer together, I could feel her desire for me, but I ignored it and she did soo as well.

She sent a punch at my ribs, I felt one bruise, I kneed her in the gut before sending an elbow swing at her face. She blocked the elbow and sent a fist to my face that felt like a hammer came down on my nose.

Jessica was trained, every attack she could block, every kick she could deflect, but she wasn’t used to fighting someone like me. Someone who matched her agility, something I’m betting she abused every fight he got into to get her the advantage.

So I did what anyone would do, I cheated.

She threw a punch, I moved to the side, grabbed her by the hip and threw her across the parking lot. She got back on her feet, when she looked up just in time to see a bolt of blue energy coming for her head.

“Fuc-” it hit her with enough force to sending her flying back into a car.

I panted, “damn.”

“You okay?” Felicia asked.

“Just a little banged up,” I hissed, I turned to Jessica and found her slowly getting up from the wrecked car door. The car alarm was blaring, she growled and slammed her fist into the bony, crushing the speaker system inside.

“Why are you here,” I hissed.

“You stole something from me,” she growled back, she was far away, the sexual attraction I usually felt wasn’t there.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I lied.

“No point playing dumb, I know it was you,” she narrowed her eyes, “you even smell the same.”

‘So she can detect pheromones as well,’ I noted before speaking, “yeah? So what? I only took what belonged to me.”

Jessica blinked, “what?”

“Wyndham isn’t who you think he is Jessica, he isn’t a good guy, he’s a monster and he works for monsters,” I hissed, “he killed my parents, he left me an orphan and he did it for power. To get the power to raise an army of humans like us, to make them his he’s obviously done to you.”

“W-what are you talking about?!” Jessica hissed, “Wyndham is a good man! A friend of my father’s! He took care of me when no one else would! When I-I-”

“Do you know what he used your blood for?” I asked her. Jessica meet my gaze, “he took your blood samples didn’t he? Did he ever tell you what it's for?”

“I-I….it was to get me a cure,” Jessica said quietly.

“No Jessica, it was to replicate your powers,” I stood up straight, “he had his men experiment on children Jessica, children. They died, all in the effort of creating more people like you, like us. Do you know how many children they killed? Do you? 31, and it would have been 32 if I didn’t stop them!”

“Y-you’re lying!” Jessica roared, “he wouldn’t do that!”

“Ask him!” I spat back, “ask him what the lab at Hunts point was doing! Ask him what he did with your blood! Ask him the names of the 31 children he murdered!”

Jessica looked like she was going to murder me. She charged roaring in rage. Her hands began to glow green with energy as she began to wing wildly at me. I jumped back at her sloppy attacks when suddenly the green energy exploded, sending me flying back.

“Peter!” Felicia cried out as she turned to Jessica, “you bitch!”

I groaned, rubbing my head as I pulled myself up, note to self, learn how to do that. I looked up and saw Felicia taking on Jessica one on one. Fighting the spider powered brunette off, sending a kick to her sternum that made Jessica hold her gut in pain.

Just then Jessica held up her hand and shot out a blast of green energy, hitting Felicia right in the gut.

“Felicia!” I yelled, jumping into the air to catch her from flying back. I held her like a bride, laying her down gently, “are you okay?”

“Stings like a mother fucker,” she cursed as she looked at me, “where is she?”

I looked up and around, we were alone, “she’s gone.”

“Fuck,” she got on her feet, “that was like fighting you, expect she didn’t hold back.”

I nodded, “yeah, but….how did she even find me? She’s supposed to be in Italy with….no...”

“What?” Felicia asked.

“Last night, when we booted the drive and connected them...Wyndham must have put in a tracking program that lets him track the files location through the net.”

“Is that even possible? You destroyed your computer and modem the moment it happened didn’t you?”

“Yes, but that was only after the HYDRA logo was displayed, it could have sent the signal out way before announcing itself,” I cursed, “they know where I am, meaning….aunt May, uncle Ben!”

Felicia and I ran to my car without another word. We jumped in and I took off into the streets. I must have jumped three red lights, but there was no one to stop us and I quite frankly didn’t care.

We reached my home in record time, I ran into my house and threw the door open, “May! Ben!”

Felicia and I ran inside, looking everywhere. The kitchen was empty, dishes were left out to dry, the tv in the living room was still running, Ben’s favorite news show was running.

“This can’t be happening,” I repeated to myself as I paced around.

“Have you tried calling them? They might have left because of some emergency,” Felicia said in a hopeful tone.

“Maybe,” I nodded as I quickly dialed Ben’s number. It rang for a few moments before someone picked up, “hello?! Uncle Ben?!”

The line was silent, I was about to repeat the statement again when a voice appeared on the other line. “Hello Mr. Parker...or should I say, Spider-man?”

I knew that voice, “Wyndham,” I growled, “where are they?”

“Safe, for now,” he admitted, “but not for long. We have them, if you ever want to see them alive again bring me all your father’s research and I’ll give them too you. You have one hour’s time, I’ll text you the location and the time.”

He ended the call. I looked at the phone and growled, “fucking hell!”

Felicia put a calming hand on my shoulder, “are they alive?”

I nodded, “yeah...he wants my dad’s drive. And...and he knows I’m Spider-man.”


I shrugged, “he saw me using spider powers, he figured out I live in New York and have connections with the Baxter building who have also been seen around with Spider-man, I don’t think it would have been too hard for him,” or he could have just read SHIELD’s files on me.

“What are we going to do now?” Felicia asked.

“I’m going to get the drive back,” I told her as I walked out of the house.

“You mean we are going to get that drive back,” she told me.

“This isn’t a joke Felicia!” I turned around to her, “people I care about are in danger!”

“Which is why you shouldn’t do this alone!”

“I’m not putting you in danger-”

“-I’m not letting you go fight nazis! Not alone!” she yelled back.

We stared at each other for the longest time. She wasn’t budging, I couldn’t imagine life without Ben and May, but without her….oh God help me.

I nodded, “fine, but please, don’t die.”

Felicia smiled, “wasn’t counting on it Tiger.” We walked to my car and I quickly drove away to a secluded spot for us to take off and change. “So what’s the plan? Fury’s not just going to give you the drive back once he knows what it is.”

I nodded, “yeah, don’t worry though, I go back up,” I took up my phone and dialed in a number, “hey, it’s me, I need a favour, it’s extremely dangerous, possibly a national crime and you might have to fight SHIELD...sigh, yes, you can borrow the car on Sunday for your date.”

Half-an hour later:

Unidentified flying car please state your identification, this is a restricted-

“It’s me you jackass! Who else do you think has a flying time machine?!” I yelled onto the mic in my helmet.

“Shesh, ease up Tiger, he’s just trying to do his job,” Felicia smiled as she checked her weapons and gadgets, we were in full costume and ready for a fight, just in case.

“Oh he can handle it,” I waved her worry aay.

Spider-man, you have permission to land, please use the upper strip near the entrance,” came the reply.

I landed and we both got out. We walked in, but instead of going to the bridge, we took a turn into the labs placed near the backs. We ran in and Felicia spotted the drive being plugged into a


I walked in, the lab geek there stood up, “hey, you can’t be in here!”

“Yeah, I can,” I pushed him aside and grabbed the drive, unplugging it, damn, not even a day and already Fury’s trying to crack into it. I looked at the tools the techie used and whistled, “damn, impressive. With these things you could have broken into this thing in like, what? A week?”

“A day if I bypass the system lock and donate all available serves to it,” the techie shrugged.

“Cool,” I extended my hand, “Spider-man.”

“Oh, ah, Leopold Fitz,” he shook my hand.

“Cool, we should catch up sometime, talk science,” I waved to him as we walked out of the lab.

“Oh, right….ah, I don’t think you’re supposed to take that!” Fitz called out.

“Tell Fury I said thanks for holding onto it for me!” I called out behind me.

Felicia and I ran through the helicarrier. She looked around, “it’s empty, should it always be this empty?”

I sighed, “no,” we ran out into the open air and there standing before us were three of my teammates. Felicia and I stopped, “hey guys, nice to see you all.”

“Spider-man, what do you think you’re doing son?” Cap asked. Nat and Clint stood by his side. Cap had his shield at the ready, his costume had changed, he wore the black and white costume from Winter soldier now.

“Nice costume Cap, much cooler,” I nodded, “and as for what I’m doing, I’m just taking back something I gave Fury to take care off for me.”

“That became SHIELD’s property the moment you gave it to us,” Clint spoke up, leveling his arrow at me, a red dot hovering over my chest piece.

“That may be, but I did it under the condition that you wouldn’t try and find out what was inside, which you kind of did, so...”

“This isn’t a joke Peter,” Nat cut in, “this can be considered an international crime.”

“Oh, right, because you of all people have never done anything like that,” it was a low blow, but I was running out of time, there was only half an hour left before Wyndham called me again.

“Peter, whatever’s going on, we can deal with it, together,” Cap held up a gentle hand, “we don’t need to do this.”

“Cap, you should be helping me,” I spoke up.

“And why’s that?” Cap asked.

“Because HYDRA has my uncle and aunt.”

Nat’s eyes went wide, Clint looked sympathetic. But Steve, Steve looked downright horrified. “W-what? But HYDRA’s dead!”

“They aren’t,” I waved the hard drive before putting it away into my backpack, “they are alive, and they have my family Cap. They want this thing for their lives.”

“What’s in the drive kid?” Clint asked.

“My father’s research.”

“Into what?” Nat asked.

“...the Super soldier serum,” I completed.

Steve looked horrified, “you can’t give HYDRA that drive Peter, if they get their hands on it-”

“-If I don’t my uncle and aunt are dead!” I yelled back, “I have to do this Cap!”

“No, you don’t,” Cap leveled his shield against me.

I sighed, “what are you going to do? Fight me?”

“If I have to, yes.”

Seconds passed, I gathered all my thoughts and pushed them aside, I would need all my focus for this. Cap crouched, Felicia and I matched him. He charged forward along with Widow. Felicia did as well, but in the last moment we took a sharp left and ran away.

“What the-”

“Now Johnny!” I cried out into my comns.

“Right!” Johnny jumped out of the back seat of my car and jumped into the air covered in flames. He swooped down and blasted flames between the adults and us.

“You didn’t think I was crazy enough to fight you did you?!” I laughed.

Cap leaped across the flames and charged forward, “smart move Pete! But it ends now!”

“No it doesn’t!” I sent a repulsor beam at him which he blocked, obviously, but he didn’t noticed me throwing a liquid nitrogen pellet at the ground before him.

It exploded and Cap found his boots and feet covered with ice, sticking him to the ground. “Sorry Cap!” I yelled back and I could have sworn I saw him smile.

Felicia and I jumped into the car with Felicia taking the wheel. She hit the gas hard and we took off into the air with Johnny right behind us, dropping into the back seat and turning off his fire.

“Okay, I’ll admit, that was a little underwhelming,” Johnny sighed, “you promised me danger!”

“Believe me Johnny, the danger’s just beginning,” I turned to the car’s HUD and smiled, “keep the car steady Kitten. I have an idea.”

Half an hour later:

The one hour mark was up, I got a text to meet them in a construction site a few miles away from town. Felicia and Johnny hide in the back as I took the car down in for a landing.

“Johnny get your hand off my ass before I shove it where the sun doesn’t shine,” Felicia hissed.

“Sorry babe, and for your information, I’m a glowing ball of fire, for me where where is there the sun shines,” Johnny grinned.

“Not if I shove it in deep enough,” Felicia hissed back.

“Well if it’s shoving you want-”

“Johnny, if you even complete that sentence I take a dildo the size of Ben’s hands and sodomize you with it, understand?” I growled. I heard Johnny gulp, good, no one touches my Kitten. “Good, now remember, stay in here, the code word is ‘Drewness’, got it?”

“Yes,” Felicia nodded before she turned around and glared, “Johnny!”

“Sorry!” he quickly said. I sighed, God help me.

I walked out and slammed the door shut. It was the construction sight for some kind of building, fifty feet tall and a hundred feet across. So far only the iron frame of the building was set up, the concrete was set onto a parking lot besides the building and several sand dunes by the side.

I walked in and immediately spotted a white van parked in the middle of the building. I walked up to it in full costume, no need to hide who I am, he already knows.

I feel a pull, Jessica was here, I looked around and sniffed the air. I looked up at the iron beams twenty feet above me and to the left, I waved. She glared back, guess she wasn’t happy I spotted her.

I walked to the van, it opened up and Wyndham walked out with a cane in hand. He smiled, “your father would have loved the costume Peter. So much intelligence into the design, I’ll admit, I’m surprised you managed to crack Stark’s tech, truly, you are your father’s son.”

“For what I heard my mother was pretty smart too,” I hissed.

“Oh that she was, and while I’m sure your father would have gone on and on about how amazing she was, but he was the real genius,” Wyndham smiled a crooked smile, “now, do you have what I asked for?”

“My aunt and uncle first creep.”

He nodded, not minding the creep comment. He stepped aside revealing my aunt and uncle tied up and gagged, and by the looks of things, unconscious.

“Now, the files if you please,” Wyndham held out his hand.

I looked at him and took out the hard drive ad tossed it to him, “they are all in there.”

“For your sake I do hope so,” he smiled as he walked away. I ran into the van quickly and to their sides.

“Sir? Ma’am? Are you alright?!” I shook them furiously, trying to wake them up.

“Must you continue this charade?” Wyndham chuckled as he walked out of the construction sight with Jessica following him from above.

I narrowed my eyes at Ben and May, I could smell something from them...something….metallic. I touched Ben’s face and traced a finger along his jawline. Suddenly, my fingers slipped into the flesh, I slowly pulled it away reclined robotic features under it.

“You bastard!” I roared as I jumped out the van and ran at Wyndham.

“Jessica dear, if you please,” Wyndham waved her down.

Jessica jumped down and faced me. We fought once again, this time she was a lot more focused. I pushed down the lust I felt for her, replacing it with rage and fear for the safety of my loved ones.

“If you ever want to see your loved ones again Peter, you’ll do exactly what we say, or they will die,” Wyndham said as he watched me and Jessica go at it.

She sent a fist at my gut, I jumped over it, and landed behind her, I shot out two web lines, covering her with webbing.

“What the hell?!” Drew cried out, “how come you can do this but I can’t?!”

“Simple, I’m smarter than you,” I turned to Wyndham, “you’re next,” I ran at him.

“Sigh, did you even hear my threat?”

“I did, don’t care!” I jumped into the air and came down at him fist first. Inches away from striking his face when suddenly something collided at my side, sending my flying away.

I rolled on my feet and landed just in time to see all the sand in the construction site slowly gather around Wyndham like a protective guardian angel.

“Peter, I would like you too meet an old friend of mine, my very first experiment with human genetics lead to a very fascinating discovery, may I introduce Marko, or as I call him, Sandman,” he smirked.

I watched in growing fear as the sand started to form the shape of a man with dark hair and  green and black striped shirt. His hands were sand in the form of a hammer and a morning star. He snarled at me, looking more animal than man.

“He isn’t much of a thinker sadly, the...procedure sadly left his brain in a sandy mess too. But he listens very well,” Wyndham pointed at me and smirked, “get him.”

“Drewness! Drewness! Total Drewness” I yelled as I shot out a web line and swung away from a tsunami of sand heading my way.

Johnny came flying out of the car in his flaming glory. “Someone call for a hero-what the fuck is that?!”

“Giant sand monster! Light him up, heat turns sand into glass!” I yelled out as I jumped away from his giant sand hammer fist.

“Get back here!” Jessica yelled out, flexing her arms and breaking my webbing. She jumped onto a beam and chased after me, but just then a black boot covered leg came flying at her face, Drew jumped away, landing on a steel beam with Felicia right behind to her.

Jessica looked Felicia up and down and raised an eyebrow, “who are you supposed to be?”

“The girlfriend of the guy you tried to make out with,” Felicia hissed, Drew blushed, but before she should say anything Felicia launched her attack.

Johnny bathed Sandman in flames, melting the left side of his body into glass. The monster roared and swung at Johnny who easily ducked away.

“You're going to have to better than that freak!” Johnny cried out.

“NOT! FREAK!” Sandman yelled as he sent a wave of sand at Johnny, the Torch barely avoided it.

I knew my teammates could handle them, so I set my sights on Wyndham, who looked surprised at the sight of Johnny.

I swung and landed right in front of the man, “didn’t think I would come here without back up did you?”

“This is an unexpected surprise, yes, but no matter,” he smiled.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“And if I don’t tell you?”

I raised my hand at Sandman’s body and fired my repulsor beam at full blast, destroying the lower half of his body in a bust of sand. Sandman let out a loud growl of pain.

“Thanks Spider!” Johnny cried out, blasting the sand monster’s right arm with flames.

I leveled my arm at the Italian scientist, “that will happen.”

“Never start with the threat of death Peter,” Wyndham sighed, “you need me to find your uncle and aunt, I’m the only one who knows where they are. You can't afford to kill me. Meaning you’ll step down your threat, which also means I have nothing to fear from you.”

I nodded, “sound logic, except,” I grabbed his arm and twisted it with a snap.

“ARGH!” he cried out, dropping to his knees holding his hand in pain.

“I can still make you beg for death,” I growled, putting weight on the arm, “where are they?!”

“Go to hell!”

“You first,” I brought him up by the collar and was about to break his face when suddenly,

“Spider! A little help over here!” Johnny cried out.

I turned around to see my friend being cornered by Sandman, sand covering how boyd, he couldn’t use his flames. I cursed, I turned to Wyndham and headbutted him, breaking his nose throwing him aside, slipping a tiny little tracker into the helm of his coat.

I ran towards Sandman, “hey ugly!” It looked at me, I leaped into the air and threw several nitrogen capsules at the thing.

“ARGH!” it swung at them causing his entire arm to get frozen. I landed on his arm and raised both arms at it’s head firing off twin beams of energy right through it’s face.

“Marko! To me!” Wyndham called out.

Suddenly all the sand in the construction yard seeped away, rushing to Wyndham's side as it gathered him up before turning into a large ball of sand that rolled away with such speeds I grew worried that the man inside might not live.

I hissed and turned to Johnny, “you okay?”

Johnny patted the sand away, “yeah, aside from my pride getting hurt for losing to a giant sand castle, I’m just fine.”

I nodded, then I turned to Jessica and Felicia fighting on the steel beams. I whistled as Felicia kicked Jessica across the face, a teeth came flying out. She then punched Drew in the gut before throwing a balo to tie her up against a steel beam.

Jessica tried to break free, Felicia walked up to her cracking her knuckles, “next time you even think about sticking your tongue down my boyfriend's throat, I’ll rearrange your fucking face,” she threw a punch at Jessica’s head, throwing her head back and hitting the steel beam, knocking her unconscious.

“Damn, remind me never to piss her off,” Johnny whistled.

“What the hell is going on?!” a familiar voice cried out. We three turned to see a SHIELD hover jet landing before us with it’s hangar bay doors open and Fury walking out with Cap and about a dozen agents at his back.

“So, how much trouble are we in?” Johnny asked with a grin, almost looking eager.

Fury narrowed his eyes at me, “a lot. Start talking kid, and you best not leave any details.”