The Spider Chapter 25

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 25: A New Day

“I don’t know if I should kill you or thank you, I’m frankly inclined to do the former,” Fury growled.

I gulped, “ah, can I explain?”

“What is there to explain?!” he slammed his fist into the conference table startling everyone there, “you forced me to attack an enemy base without a proper plan on false evidence of a national threat! You used an international spy agency like your personal maid service!”

Johnny was standing in the back snickering when Felicia and Jean hit him up the head. Scott just smiled while Cap, Professor X, Storm and Logan looked content to stand away from Fury’s...well, fury.

I gulped, “in my defence, because of what I did we now know several other HYDRA base locations that-”

“-That we found have found out if we tracked Wyndham’s movements!” Fury roared.

“Not necessarily so sir,” Hill suddenly spoke up, “I just got a call from a lab tech, apparently some of these sites are off shore and would have been impossible to connect too-” she stopped immediately the second Fury turned his one good eye on her. She gulped and immediately backed down. Thanks Robin Sparkles, you were totally helpful.

“Sir, I understand what Spider-man did was a breach of protocol and trust, but he did it to save his family,” Steve stepped up behind me placing a hand on my shoulder, “he did good work today.”

“And he did it alone,” Fury narrowed his eye at me, “he didn’t tell me or anyone else what he was planning. He-”

“-Actually he did tell us,” Johnny spoke, “Cat and I knew right from the beginning and-” Johnny stopped seeing Nick’s eyes land on him, “I’m slowly realising I should shut up.”

“Good, maybe you didn’t melt your brains just yet,” Fury narrowed his eye at me again, “what were you thinking?!”

“I was thinking that if I told you the truth you would have opted to wait and see how long it would take for Wyndham to realise his mistake so my little worm would catch a bigger net of HYDRA bases. You would have risked my uncle and aunt’s life just for more intel. And I couldn’t let that happen.”

Fury meet my gaze and I was really glad I still had my helmet on, because I don’t think the beads of sweat currently forming on my face gives off the confidence my voice does.

“We’ll discuss this later, for now...we have other problems,” Fury turned away motioned to an agent. Doors leading to a sleeping quarters opened up and May, Ben, Richard, Walter and Jessica walked in.

Jessica’s presence here really got to me, I could ignore it while in battle because my focus was elsewhere, but now, damn she has a fine ass. She looked at me and bit her lips, she could feel it too. We immediately took two steps away from each other, don’t want to risk another… ‘incident’.

May and Ben held each other, they looked lost and confused, they kept sending Richard side glances, guess they still couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Walter immediately went to his daughter’s side, holding her close.

Fury stepped back and folded his arms, “Mr. Ben Parker, May Parker, I trust my agents informed you of what is happening currently?”

Ben nodded as he held his wife closely, “a-a sort of terrorist organization wanted my brother’s,” he turned to Richard standing right next to him, “they wanted his work. And they kidnapped us for it and asked Pete to bring it to them?”

“Where is Peter?” May suddenly blurted out, “is he alright? Did they hurt him?”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Parker, Peter is just fine,” he smirked before turning to Richard, “now, ain’t this a surprise. I thought you were dead Dr. Parker.”

Richard nodded, “yes I….it’s been a long time.”

“How? How? After all this time?” Ben asked with a broken voice, “where were you?”

“Held prisoner, by Wyndham,” Richard hung his head in shame, “I...I tried to escape, so many times I tried. But I...I couldn’t.”

“Why? Why did” May asked.

“The didn’t crash by accident,” Richard looked furious, “they got on board, they grabbed Mary and I and jumped out in parachutes. Hey must have done something to the engines because as we floated down I saw the plane crashing into the middle of the ocean with all the people in it.”

“Killing three hundred people just to cover up the kidnapping of two,” Logan growled. I had to admit, that was a smart plan, cruel, but smart.

“Mary...she resisted, she...oh God, I saw her parachute snap, she took her kidnapper down with her. I tried to do the same but I...I was too scared. Wyndham had me, he made me work for him under the threat of coming after Peter and you, I couldn’t-I couldn’t let that happen.”

“Did he ask you to make the formula for him?” Fury asked.

“Yes, he did,” Richard nodded.

“And why didn’t you? You had fifteen years, surely by now you could have done it again,” Fury raised an eyebrow.

“Mary...she was the one who had cracked the code,” Richard admitted with a smile, “Wyndham, he... he alway considered me the genius and Mary as nothing more than a trophy, but he was wrong. Mary was the true genius, she was the only one who knew how to make the formula. She wanted to tell me but I refused, by then we suspected HYDRA was coming for us, so the fewer people that knew the better. I stalled for as long as I could, a decade or so, until finally Wyndham gave up, he decided to put me on another project, subject-D.”

“Me?” Jessica asked.

Richard looked at her and nodded, “yes, you. He wanted me to reproduce your blood, we had found you five years ago and had begun experimenting on your unique powers. I had to make some progress of this front, or else he would have killed my family. So...I helped him. It wasn’t much,  but I did the bare minimum to keep him happy.”

“F-five years? But I’ve only been awake for ten months!” Jessica cried out.

“Wait, what? Can someone explain this to me? Because I’m totally lost,” Johnny asked.

“Jessica was kept frozen in ice,” Richard explained, “she was suffering from a rare disease and her father, Jonathan Drew, one of my best friends, saved her life by using an experimental version of his own super soldier serum. It saved her life, but in order for it to do it’s work, Jessica had to be put to sleep for a long...long time.”

“H-how long?” Cat asked.

“Twenty years,” Jessica replied grimly.

“So you can’t make the formula huh?” Fury spoke up.

Richard turned to him, “yes, I’m sorry.”

“ it’s fine, best such power be not in the hands of anyone,” Fury sent me a glare, “don’t know what kind of crazy child might end up with it.”

“Awe, I love you too Fury, but you do know I’m straight right?” I snickered.

Fury rolled his eye as he rubbed his temples, “such a pain.”

“W-what now?” Ben asked.

Fury looked at him, “I’m sorry?”

“What happens now? Will you let us go?” Ben asked.

Fury nodded, “of course. You two are free to leave, after you talk to one of our lawyers and sign a NDA, this is a national security issue, you can’t tell anyone what you saw.” Ben and May nodded in understanding. Fury then turned to Richard, “and as for you….well, I suppose you suffered long enough. After a few days talking with our boys in the lab about everything you did for Wyndham, I see no reason to keep you away from your family any longer.”

“Really?” Richard’s eyes went wide with hope.

Fury nodded, “yes, now-”

“-Thank you!” Richard grabbed Fury into a bear hug, making the spymaster raise a single eyebrow in response.

“I see it’s a family thing,” Fury grumbled as he called a few agents and escorted the Parker’s away, promising them they would be home soon.

“Thank you,” I whispered to him.

Fury sighed, “you did save the day...just don’t do it alone again.” I nodded, remaining silent as Fury then turned to Xavier, “I hate to admit it, but I was wrong. You’re X-men were...invaluable.”

Charles smiled, “I’m glad we could change your mind Fury, hopefully, if we can convince a man such as you, there is hope for us yet.”

“I wouldn’t count on it professor, there are people out there with harder heads than mine,” Fury smiled, “can I count on your team again?”

Xavier nodded, “that is what I made them for.”

“Good, maybe this just might work,” Fury extended a hand that Xavier shook, the two men showing nothing but respect for each other.

Sorry you guys,but it looks like we can’t have that date after all,” I heard Jean’s voice in my head.

Don’t worry about it,” Felicia shrugged with a smile, “just tell us when, Peter can fly us over any time.

Jean grinned, publically she waved us goodbye, but mentally she was sending us a list of places she wanted to visit later. Felicia and I watched the X-men hope into their jet and fly away, I knew this wouldn’t be the last I saw of them, hopefully, I kind of like those guys.

Johnny and Cap then left, Johnny taking off after thanking me for such an awesome adventure and Cap to see if any part of Wyndham’s stories were true, if he really did have a son. For his sake, I really hope it wasn’t true, but then again, I knew I was kidding myself.

Finally, Fury turned to Walter, “Walter Hardy, as thanks for your services, I hereby reduced your sentence by five years.”

“How many years does he have left?” Felicia was quick to ask.

“Two life times,” Walter replied much to Felicia’s shock.

“What?! But that's not fair! You never hurt anyone! You only stole from those that deserve it and-and, that’s not fair.”

“I know Kitten, I know,” Walter grabbed his crying daughter into a hug, holding her tightly, “I-I'm sorry, but I can’t come home just yet. I promise, one day I will return, but until then...please, hug your mother for me, and tell her I love her.”

Felicia cried as Fury motioned for two agents to remove Walter. The Cat forcibly removed his daughter from him as he walked away, hanging his head in shame.

“Dad! Don’t go!” Felicia cried, she tried to run, but Walter shook his head. Felicia stood there and cried. I slowly walked up behind her and pulled her into a hug. She weeped into my shoulder. I held her, I didn’t know what to do, I felt so helpless, I could do nothing but hold the girl I love in my arms as she cried in pain.

SHIELD gave us a ride to the construction site where I left my car. Fury told me May and Ben would only get home tomorrow morning, after a day of debriefing from SHIELD, and Richard would take longer.

I had the huge task of acting out Peter’s side of this story, officially, he had accidentally stumbled onto the formula in one of Richard’s old hard drives and HYDRA found out. I then contacted SHIELD the moment May and Ben were kidnapped and they took over from there, with the help of Spider-man, Captain America and a few other heroes, they were able to save Peter’s dear aunt and uncle.

I really am starting to hate having a secret identity.

As I flew my car across the night sky and turned to Felicia looking out at the window, watching the stars slowly come out. I looked at her eyes, they were so distant, the gears in her head turning, she was thinking and I knew exactly what she was thinking.

“You can’t do it alone,” I told her.

She looked at me, “do what?”

“You can’t free your dad out from whatever prison cell SHIELD has him in.”

She glared at me, “you have your father back Peter, but I don’t, I won’t give up on the man just because-”

“Hey, hey, I’m not saying that-”

“-then what are you saying?!” she snapped.

“I’m saying you can’t do it alone,” I took off my helmet and turned to her, “you wouldn’t last a second. But if you happened to know a badass superhero who was amazing with tech and a penchant for pissing of SHIELD, well, then maybe you have a chance.”

Felicia’s eyes went wide, “how did you know-”

“-Know what you were planning?” I chuckled, “you’re my girlfriend, it’s my job to know Kitten,” I put my hand around hers and squeezed, “I’ll always be on your side Felicia. Always. Just...don’t do anything harsh, wait, we can come up with a plan first before-MPH!”

She lunged at me, kissing me on the lips. Doc, the car’s AI, immediately took over and stabilized the flight as I wrapped my hands around her and slowly pulled back. She pressed her forehead against mine, “I love you Peter Parker.”

I grinned, “I love you Felicia Hardy….please don’t try to take on an international government agency all by yourself.”

Felicia grinned, “fine. But you owe me.”

I rolled my eyes, “if I must.”

The next day was...odd to say the least. Ben and May had finally been discharged by SHIELD and I was there at home when they came acting the role of the sick nephew. They acted strange around me, more reserved, I didn't know why until Ben told me later on.

“Peter...there’s something you should’s about your dad,” he told me as May gripped his arm tightly.

‘Ah, so that’s why,’ I realised. I put on an innocent smile, “what about him uncle Ben?”

“He’s….he’s alive Peter,” cue my shock. And then followed a PG version of what happened to Ben and May. Ben had seriously edited the story, he made it look like my mom...Peter’s, things are getting harder and harder to change huh?

Anyway, he made it sound like Mary didn’t commit suicide to stop the formula from getting out, but rather her parachute was faulty. Ben also made Richard’s stay with Wyndham seem pleasant, not the torturous ordeal it really was.

By the end I think I deserve an Oscar for the performance I put up. I excused myself by the end of his tale and went out with my backpack. Ben and May thought I needed some space, but really, all I needed was to be out of that house. Acting was hard man!

I made it a few streets down when suddenly I heard someone call me out. “Hey Peter!” I stopped and sighed, so close.

I turned around and saw MJ walking up to me. She wore a loose white top that showed off a black bra strap, a pair of jeans with sandals and a green cap with pink sunglasses.

I smiled, “hey MJ, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, so you heading out, what’s new with you? Fight any super villains lately?”

“Sh! Not so loud!” I looked around, thank God no one was there, “I do have a secret identity you know!”

MJ rolled her eyes, “right.”

“Hey, don't’ give me that look. This is all for you I’ll have you know.”

“What do you mean?” MJ asked as we walked out of our neighbourhood.

“Well think about it. Why do I need a secret identity? Felicia can totally handle herself, girl has mad skill. Ben and May might be in danger, but anyone stupid enough to go after them will have the entire Avengers team on their tail. So yeah, you’re really the only one who would be in any danger if people knew my secret identity.”

“Oh, so if like Electro decided to kidnap me, you wouldn’t come and save me?”

“What? Of course I would!”

“But no Avengers?”

“Well, yeah. I tell them the old couple who helped raise me is in danger, everyone I'll be here in seconds. But I tell them this cute redhead from across the street is missing and I doubt they would all be motivated.”

“Hey! That’s rude!”

I laughed, “sorry. But it’s totally true. Steve has a hero complex, so maybe he would show up, and Tony has a soft spot for family members that actually gives a crap. Hawkeye is...well he’s weird, but he’s totally a family guy. Black Widow actually knows Ben and May on a personal level, so she would help. Only Thor and Hulk are no shows and that’s because one is a God currently off planet and the other is...well, the Hulk.”

MJ huffed, “oh please. I hardly believe that. I doubt they would be so willing to help out. Other than you I don’t really see those guys as...well, as giving a crap. They just seem so distant.”

I smirked, “actually, I know for a fact is anything happened to May and Ben they would come to help.”

“Really? How?”

“Where do you think they have been for the past two days?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

MJ’s eyes went wide as she stopped on the spot, “what?!”

I smiled as we walked into a park and sat down in an isolated part of the park. I put my backpack to the side and sat with MJ as I told her what happened. Of course I didn’t tell her anything classified or sensitive, but I did give her the headlines.

Found dad’s old research, Ben and May kidnapped, teamed up with Cap, Widow and SHIELD to save them, took down bad guys, found out my dad was really alive this whole time.

“Whoa...that’s like...whoa,” MJ blinked in utter amazement, “so your dad’s-”

“-Alive and kicking, yup,” I snorted, “honestly, I didn’t see that coming. I knew exactly what was going to happen, I had it all planned out, but him….I never could have accounted for him was like a miracle.”

MJ squeezed my hand tightly, “I’m happy for you Peter. Not many people get their parent’s back.”

I sighed, “yeah, well maybe you can tell me how I’m supposed too….never mind.”

MJ nodded, “I guess it will be super awkward, but Peter, I know people who would kill for something like this.”

“Maybe...but I’m not his son,” I whispered to myself, but she heard me.

“You are his son,” she told me, “you are his son and he’s your dad….you’ll figure it out, I just know it.”

“Yeah? And why do you say that?” I asked.

MJ smiled, “you’re Spider-man, that’s what you do.”

I sighed, “MJ, do you think it’s some else under that mask? It’s me, it’s always me. I can’t….I’m not some different guy the moment I put it on.”

“No, you are, when you have it on you’re the real Peter Parker, the real you.”

“You really think so?”

MJ smiled, “I know so.” I rolled my eyes but said nothing. We both sat in silence as we just rested for a while. Finally MJ spoke again, “how’s Felicia?”

I sighed, “she’s...she has her own issues to deal with,” I didn't tell MJ about Felicia’s father, it was a private thing.

“What’s more important than helping your boyfriend out?” MJ asked with a snort.

I smiled, “family issues MJ, you know how she is. Believe me, she knows, and the moment she’s out of her funk she’ll be worried about me too.”

MJ shrugged, “right, just saying, if you were my boyfriend I wouldn’t leave you hanging.”

I snorted, ‘really subtle there MJ,’ “anyway, what’s new with you? Sorry I haven’t kept in touch over the summer, it’s just-”

MJ waved me off, “-forget about it, I know, I see the NEWS too you know? Spider-man has been pretty busy over the past two months. Helping clean up the city, heck I think last week you saved a cat from a tree or something?”

“It was a cat, but it was from a burning building,” I sighed, “the city’s in a mess since the attack, the others and I are doing our best but….it’ll be back to normal soon, but I don’t know how long that might take.”

MJ shrugged, “you’ll figure it out, you always do.”

I smiled, “thanks MJ, nice to know someone believes in me.”

MJ smiled as we sat there in silence, just enjoying the breeze.

Eventually I did go back home, talked to May and Ben about Richard and how to act around him. It was a pain in the ass, but I did alright for myself, I think. The next day came quickly and I found myself waiting by the door with Ben and May, just waiting for Richard to arrive.

The door opened and slowly Richard stepped in. He wore a plain white shirt with the SHIELD logo printed on it and a pair of jeans a few sizes bigger than his. He carried a handbag and the moment he looked at me I felt something...something pull at my heartstrings.

“Peter,” he smiled.

I gave a tight smile, “” The man dropped his bag and walked over to me giving me a tight hug. I hugged him back, though I felt a little awkward doing so. I could hear May sobbing besides me while Ben comforted her, but they weren’t sad tears, they were tears of joy.

We eventually moved to the kitchen where May practically shoved food down our throats. Richard ate his food in silence as he took to just looking at me, which was really awkward.

“He’s tall,” Richard smiled as he ate his waffles.

“That he is. I think he gets that from Mary’s side of the family,” Ben replied with a smile.

“You both did an amazing job raising him,” Richard turned to May, “thank you.”

“Oh hush you,” Mary flashed him a smile, “he’s his father’s son after all, he was no trouble.”

“No, he was Mary’s son,” Richard said with a painted tone, “he may look a little bit like me, but he has his mother’s heart, and her smile.”

“What was she like?” I found myself suddenly asking, “i-if you don’t mind talking about her that is.”

“She’s your mother Peter, it doesn’t matter what I want,” Richard chuckled, “Mary...Mary was amazing. Brilliant yet humble, the kind of girl you meet every hundred years, if you’re lucky. She could light up a room when she walked in.”

“She also had quite a temper,” May giggled, “I remember this one time, you and her had this little spat about where to spend Peter for school and she didn’t talk to you for a week!”

Richard laughed, “yes, she insisted on sending him to a private school, but I thought public to be better.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Well, you're our son, you were bound to be smart, so sending you somewhere to get smarter is kind of redundant. The one thing your mother and I lacked though, was people skills, we weren't...well, you know how nerds are,” Richard chuckled, “I wanted you to have friends, to find out how the world really was. Mary...well, she thought you couldn’t cut it.”

“Well she was right,” I said smugly, “because I’m in a private school and I’m awesome.”

Richard and Ben laughed as May ruffled my hair playfully. The meal was finished quickly, Richard now nursed a cup of coffee and sipped it slowly, watching me carefully.

“You really have to stop staring,” I told him, “kind of creepy.”

“Hey, I haven’t seen you for over a decade, deal with it,” the man smiled. He still looked a little thin for his size, his cheeks hollowed out, but that smile made him seem just a little more alive.

“So do you know what you’re going to do now?” Ben asked.

“I...I’m not really sure,” Richard replied, “it’s been so long...I don’t even have a house.”

“Well you can stay here for as long as you want,” May told him, “Peter dear, is the basement ready?”

I nodded, “just made it last night aunt May, though I left my lab intact, just in wants to use it,” again, never going to get used to saying that word.

“Why don’t you get some rest Rich? I’m sure you need it,” Ben smiled, “we can deal with the future together, as a family.”

Richard smiled, “thanks Ben,” he quickly finished his coffee and got up.

“Come on, I’ll show you to your room,” I walked before him leading to the basement. I turned on the light and revealed a much cleaner basement than before with clean sheets on the bed and a freshly cleaned floor.

“This is fine Peter, thank you,” Richard smiled as he put his single hand bag full of stuff on his bed. He looked around and immediately spotted my lab, “is that yours?”

I nodded, “yeah, I have another workstation at the Baxter building though, so I don’t use this much, you’re welcome to it if you want.”

Richard nodded, “thank you,” he sat down on the bed and looked at me, “why didn’t you tell them?”

I sighed, I knew this was coming, I pulled up a seat next to him and sat down, “because they would freak out. May has a heart problem, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. And Ben...he wouldn’t like it, but he would know it was the right thing to do and I’m pretty sure that will make him hate it even more.”

Richard sighed, “this isn’t what your mother and I wanted for you son. This life, it’s, it’s not safe.”

“With great power...”

“...comes great responsibility,” Richard snorted, “yeah, I know. You’re grandfather used to say that to me all the time. Ben always took to it but me...well, I know the consequences of power.”

I nodded, “yeah, I know you do.”

“Did you really destroy it? All of it?” Richard asked.


“And you didn’t memorize it?”

“Yeah,” I didn't even hesitate, the formula was my biggest secret, no way I would ever tell anyone about it, not even Damn this is weird.

“Good, let it stay buried,” Richard nodded as he rubbed his hands nervously. He looked at me and for a while we both said nothing, he finally broke that silence, “so, the Baxter building huh?”

I grinned, “yeah...hey dad, you need a job right?” The man looked surprised but nodded slowly.

The Next Day:

“Hello there, I’m Susan,” Sue smiled as she shook Richard’s hand, “welcome to the Baxter building.”

“Woah,” Richard said as he stared in open awe at the living room of the FF.

“Yeah,” I patted him on the shoulder, “you’ll get used to it.”

“Yo Peter!” Johnny called out as he came flying inside, turning off his flames and landing before me, “hey man. Oh, hey Dr. Parker, fancy seeing you here.”

“Hello,” Richard replied slowly, “Johnny, right?”

“Yup,” Johnny grinned, “not to be rude or anything, but ah, what exactly are you doing here?”

“Well, he needs a job, and I figured this might be the best place for him,” I shrugged, “it’s either that go work for someone like Osborn or Stark. The former being a maniac and the latter...well, a charming maniac.”

“And considering the things he’s been able to do for Wyndham, I’m sure he’s more than qualified,” Susan smiled, “it’s about time we get someone specialising in genetics around here, the only other person is me and I’m honestly too busy with paperwork and managing the foundation.”

“I’ll help where I can,” Richard nodded.

“Great, come on, I’ll show you where you can work,” Sue guided him into the corridor with our labs. His lab was a few doors down from mine, plenty of place to keep my work private.

“So, you’re dad’s going to be working here huh?” Johnny said looking at Sue and Richard talk to each other in hushed tones, “how are you dealing?”

“I’m freaking out man,” I admitted, “I honestly have no idea how I’m supposed to act right now. I haven’t seen the man ever, hell, I thought he was dead most of my life!”

“Well, all I know is if that was my dad? I would spend every second I could with him,” Johnny sighed.

I smiled at him, patting his shoulder, “ want to beat up criminals?”

“Hell yeah!”

“I’ll get my suit,” I chuckled, running into my lab to do just that.

I had a month of free time after that. Richard was quickly settling into his lab at the Baxter building and ended up teaching even Sue a thing or two about genetics. He wanted to continue doing his research, but I quickly warned him off it, it was too dangerous, and he agreed. Poor guy, his world was just broken in half, he doesn’t deserve this.

I did however keep myself busy, I helped the local police take down a drug ring over the course of a month, breaking them down piece by piece until they were so desperate, it was laughable how easy it was to break them up.

People really liked seeing Spider-man swinging around their city, said it gave them hope that things would be better. There were more copycats every day, I did my best to discourage them, even ranting on social media about how they were putting themselves in danger. But of course they didn’t listen to me.

Nat had continued to train me on a regular basis now, my fighting skills weren’t really up to her level, but I’m getting there soon enough. Whenever she wasn’t around, David was my instructor, asshole. Either way my SHIELD training was slowly progressing, I have a feeling Fury’s going to call me up for a mission any day now.

I spent some time with Richard, a few nights in the Baxter building eating dinner alone. Dinner being pizza I swung in. I’m pretty sure Sue cleared out the entire den whenever RIchard and I sat for dinner, I once saw Ben trying to sneak into Johnny’s lab with take out. I asked Reed about it but the guy just smiled and replied, ‘he’s your dad, spend some time with him why don’t you?’

Stupid lovable goofs.

I called up Jean a few times, apparently Logan had increased their training regime by two-fold, apparently the fact that they didn’t automatically win made him very frustrated. Jean kept complaining about it, Felicia and I visited her a couple of times, though we never could stay for long.

And speaking off the hottest girl in the world, who is my girlfriend, she is currently trying to crack open a very nice looking safe.

“So ah, this really isn’t what I had in mind when you asked me if we should go out tonight,” I told Cat as I hanged from the ceiling on a web line.

“Well, if you want after this we could go get dinner,” she smiled as she placed a laser on the metal case, slowly cutting it open. It was something I invented, a very handy tool if I do say so myself.

“So what did this guy do to face the wrath of the Black Cat?” I asked her.

“Smuggles blood diamonds,” Cat replied, “used people’s bodies to do it. And after they're done being his mule he kills them and throws them into the river.”

I whistled, “damn, bad guy. You have proof?”

“Yup. Pictures and everything.”

“So why didn’t you call the cops?”

“He has a very good lawyer,” she grumbled. The case opened and Cat smiled, pulling a large bag out. She opened it revealing a large collection of diamonds, “nice.”

“And what exactly do you plan on doing with said diamonds?” I asked as we crawled through the air vents. Cat was leading, so I got a very clear view at fine ass as she shimmied in front of me.

“Maybe fence them, put the cash in several charities across the globe. You know, the usual,” she came out of the air vent and onto the building’s roof.

I climbed and immediately grabbed her, carrying her bridal style and slowly spinning her around, “alright, now that business is over, care for a romantic night out on the town?”

“Hm, I like the sound of that,” she looked over my shoulder and smiled, “though I don’t think they like that idea.”

“Stop right there!” a couple of men came flying out onto the roof with guns blazing.

“See you later alligator!” I cried out as I leaped off the ledge with Cat in my arms.

“WOHOOO!” she cried in joy as one of my robo arms popped out and shoot out a web line, swinging us away from safety and away from the bullets.

“You really do overreact a lot,” I smiled, holding her tight as we swung through the city’s skyline.

“Oh please, I just appreciate the amazing feeling you get when you swing through the city,” Felicia smiled.

I chuckled, “yeah, I guess.” I took us to Central Park, landing near the edges of the park, away from prying eyes. We then walked to the Metropolitan museum of Art and climbed onto the roof.

There Felicia gasped as she saw a picnic basket and a blanket. “Peter, you really shouldn’t have.”

I shrugged, “hey, school’s going to start tomorrow, the summer just went by so fast. I figured you and I needed to spend one night together,” I sat down and patted the seat besides me.

Felicia smiled a she did so. The night was calm, the sky clear as the moon shined down on us. I opened the picnic basket and took out several boxes of tupperware with May’s home made lasagna inside.

Felicia liked her lips as she grabbed her fork, “is that May’s lasagna?”

I chuckled, “yup.”

“Give me!” Cat grabbed the box and practically inhaled the delicious food, “so good!”

I laughed as I slide my mouth pieces up, “you know, keep eating like that I’m going have to adjust the size of your costume.”

“Watch it Mr.,” she pointed her fork threateningly at me, “I’m armed and dangerous. And did you just call me fat?”

“Nope, I’m not that stupid,” I smiled as I took out another box of lasagna and a fork.

“You brought more?”

“I know how much you like May’s cooking,” shrugged as I ate my box, far slower than Felicia, actually chewing my food.

“Thanks Spider,” she smiled, “so, looking forward for the new school year?”

I shrugged, “you tell me. I basically have a free pass, I’m already working, so May and Ben are more understanding.”

“Mom’s a pain, the one thing she does actually care about is my education,” Felicia grumbled, “stupid woman.”

“Well just think, two more years then you’re scott free!” I smiled, “actually, now that I think about it, it’s actually just one year right?”

Felicia blinked, “what?”

I smiled as I reach back and took out a small black box. I gave it her as Cat carefully opened it, gasping at the sight of two silver bracelets.

“Happy birthday Kitten,” I whispered as I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

“H-how did you know!” Felicia asked looking shocked, “I never told anyone!”

“Yeah, I know, but I had Reed hack into the government's database and check on your birth certificate,” I shrugged.

Felicia rolled her eyes, “or, I don’t know, you could have just asked me.”

“Would you have told me the truth?” I smiled.

“Yes…….maybe,” Felicia blushed.

“I love you too,” I leaned towards her, “well? Try them on.”

Felicia nodded as she slipped the silver bracelets onto her wrists, one on each hand. Suddenly started buzzing alive, shirking down to fit comfortably in her wrists.

“What are they?” Felicia asked.

“Well, I know how much you like swinging through the city, so,” I pressed the bracelet and suddenly a small mechanical lever popped out and extended to the palm of her hand, “I figured you should have your own web shooters.”

“Peter,” she said in awe, “you shouldn’t have.”

I shrugged, “yeah, but I did. So? Give it a wave.”

Felicia smiled, she aimed and fired a web line out of her shooters that came out like a bullets, sticking onto a tree branch.

“I had the settings on quick shot webbing, I figured you really wouldn’t need anything else. It has enough webbing to last you a month, maybe, if you are running low it’ll-OMPH!”

She jumped on me, kissing my on the lips. I smiled as I leaned on my back and wrapped my arms around her. She drew back and slowly the moon’s silver beams ran through her hair, giving her a halo of pure light.

“We are totally moving in together,” Felicia said with a smile.

I was stunned, “w-what?!”

“I-I, sorry, I just, it just came out-”

“-Y-you want to live together?!” I squeaked out in a small pathetic voice.

“Well I was thinking about it, you mentioned getting free of my mom in a year’s time, I figure with your job and my...hobby, we could get our own place. It wouldn’t be that hard and-oh my god I’m rambling and-”

I pressed my finger on her lips, “breath kitten,” she took a deep breath and let it out. “Now, I think we’re a little young to be moving in together, I’m still 16, and you’re 17, if you want to move in with me you’re going to have to wait two years.”

Felicia nodded, “yeah, I know, forget I said anything.”

“Oh hell no!” I smiled, “you so cannot just take this back! You said it yourself, in two years time you’re moving in with me, got it?”

“Wait, what?”

I shrugged, “I think it’s a great idea. Just, we’re too young, that’s all.”

Felicia’s face turned from shock to joy as she kissed me once again. I spent the rest of the night teaching her how to use the web shooters, after which we went out into the city for her first web swinging. And I swear, for a beginner, she’s a natural.