The Spider Chapter 26

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 26: Like Father, Like Daughter

“Why?” I asked for what I felt was the hundredth time.

“Because going to school is what a normal 16 year old should be doing,” Richard replied.

“Really? Do normal sixteen year olds work in the same building as the smartest man alive?” I raised an eyebrow.

“No, but do need to develop people skills, which is why your mother and I wanted you to go to school in the first place.”

“I have great people skills!” I called out.


“Yes,” I nodded, “I mean heck, how many kids do you know that has Tony Stark’s number on speed dial, Cap’s home address and Hulk’s spare purple pants?”

Richard sighed, “the Avengers aren’t regular people Peter. You need to do this to make friends.”

“I have friends!”

“Really? How many?”

“Ah….five?” I blinked, wow, did I really know so few people?

“You’re going to school,” Richard replied with a serious glare, “no arguments.”

“You know, if you just let me start college already I would get on amazingly with the mature crowd there.”

“You have to get used to dealing with morons Peter, that’s the burden of being a genius,” Richard replied grabbing my backpack and throwing it to me, “relax kiddo, you’ll have fun.”

I rolled my eyes, “I hate you so much right now.”

“I’m sure you do,” the man chuckled as I walked out of the house. I saw Ben and May finally coming out from hiding and talk to Richard, guess they wanted this to be a father and son moment.

I looked at the drive way and smiled at the sight of my car, well, at least not everything will be the same.

“Hey Peter,” MJ called out as she came over from across the street, “ready for a new year?”

I raised an eyebrow looking at her brand new clothes. She wore a pair of jeans, an open pink shirt over a long sleeved white shirt with a heart shaped spider-man face in the middle.

“Nice shirt,” I smiled, “get in.”

MJ chuckled as she sat in the passenger's seat putting her bag in the back, “so, going to pick up Felicia?”

“No,” I told her as I backed out of the driveway, “she said she’ll be coming on her own and Liz said she got her own ride.”

“She did?” MJ asked surprised, “she didn’t tell me.”

“Me neither,” I shrugged, “I just think she’s jealous. I mean, come on, what could compare my baby?”

MJ rolled her eyes, “and just when I thought you couldn’t become even more of a nerd.”

“Hey! I’m a freaking superhero! How is that being a nerd?!”

“Just because you’re a superhero doesn’t mean you aren’t a nerd,” MJ grinned.

“Damn red heads,” I chuckled as we drove to school. We arrived quickly, guess there was a big difference when going on a long winding bus route rather than a direct trip to school. I did spend some time in the parking lot though, find a place to park, honestly it was such a pain in the butt, I’m almost tempted to just web swing my way to school.

MJ and I got out of the car just as a familiar mercedes pulled up besides us. The top was down so we could see Harry and Flash staring at us and then to the car.

“Damn, where did you get that piece of junk?” Flash laughed as he jumped out and kicked it’s rims, “what? Was it on sale and the garbage dump?”

“How did you even get that thing to run Parker?” Harry laughed, “it must have been a pain to restore.”

I shrugged, “money well spent,” I motioned to MJ and we quickly left.

“Hey wait up!” Harry called out, great, just great. He and Flash flanked us as we walked into the school ground. “So, what happened to Felicia? You guys broke up?”

I raised an eyebrow, “no, why did you think that?”

“Because you arrived in school with her,” Harry pointed at MJ who simply glared back.

“Oh yeah, that makes total sense, and it has nothing to do the fact that Peter and I are neighbors,” MJ rolled her eyes.

“Well I don’t know man, if I had a girl I ended up coming to school with someone else, well that’s a pretty good sign things are bad,” Harry chuckled.

“Hey Pete, would you mind if I tried for Hardy?” Flash asked.

I glared at him, “do it and she’ll kick you in the balls.”

“Harsh,” Harry snorted, “come on Flash, I see some new blood that needs introducing,” he pointed at a couple of freshmen walking in.

I glared and moved to stop them when MJ grabbed my shoulder, “relax Peter, they won’t get far,” she pointed at the vice principal suddenly walking over. Flash and Harry spotted him too and immediately the stopped what they were doing.

I sighed, “first day here and I already have a headache.”

“Hm, where’s Liz? I figured she would be here by now,” MJ asked looking around.

“Did someone say my name?!” Liz called out as suddenly she came rolling in, throwing her arms around MJ’s shoulder, “hey guys!”

“Hey Liz,” I smiled, “excited for a new day?”

“You bet your ass I am!” Liz grinned, “anyway, where’s Felicia?”

“She said she was coming on her own,” MJ shrugged.

“Oh? She got a ride?” Liz asked.

“Not exactly,” I said with a smile as I pointed upwards. The girls turned just in time to see Felicia, now in costume as the Black Cat, swing over the school and disappear out of sight. I saw several other students try and take a picture, but they all lost sight of her quickly. Thank God for big buildings.

“How did she do that?” Liz asked.

“Web shooters, I made her a pair for her birthday,” I replied with a shrug.

“Can you make me some?” MJ asked.

“Are you a master gymnast with amazing balance?” I asked.


I chuckled, “fine, I’ll see what I can do. But no swinging around, they are strictly for self defence.”

“Oh! I want a set too!” Liz asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Why not?”

“Because you’ll be irresponsible with it,” I told her as we entered the school.

“No I wouldn’t!”

“Yes you would,” MJ and I said at the same time. Just then the closet door burst open and Felicia came out with a big smile on her face and frizzy hair.

“Hey you, nice day?” I asked giving her a firm kiss on her lips.

“Yeah,” she smiled as we walked down the corridor, “I stopped a guy from jumping oh and this old lady a block over was lost, so I helped her out, she gave me a granola bar, want it?” she asked offering me said bar.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I smiled quickly opening it up, “remember when you said you would never be a wannabe goody two shoes like me?”

Felicia rolled her eyes, “yeah, yeah, you can say I told you so.” I grinned but said nothing as I munched on the bar.

“You know it’s so cool that we’re best friends with superheros!” Liz whispered, “I wish I could tell people that,” she grumbled seeing Flash and Harry walk by, whistling at a group of cheerleaders passing by.

“You still hung up on him?” MJ asked.

“Who? Flash? No! It’s just,” Liz grumbled, “nevermind. Anyway, who do you have first period?”

We compared classes and quickly found that I wouldn’t be sharing a lot of classes with them since most of my classes were advanced placements. Felicia was a little saddened, but she understood, if I didn’t have something challenging I would rip my hair off.

So school was the same, pretty much. I had to force myself to keep awake, luckily though it seems whatever God this universe had decided to cut me some slack and made time go by much faster.

After school ended I gave MJ the keys to my car, after getting a promise from her that she wouldn’t total it. Felicia had to see her mom, apparently she had gotten a temp job at her mother’s firm. Kitten didn’t like it, but it needed to be done. Felicia was looking more information about her mother’s clients, finding new ways to screw them over.

Liz practically vanished at the end of the day, going off to God knows where. But the girl did her own thing and I can respect that. So that just left me alone and some good one on one SHIELD training with Nat.

“Move Spider!” Natasha yelled firing off rubber bullets at me.

“This so isn’t fair!” I cried out jumping away as fast as she can. She clipped my arm but I managed to land safely before being forced to jump away once again, “does Captain America have to deal with this crap?!”

“You wouldn’t believe what he does for training,” Nat replied as she fired at my head, I just managed to duck under the bullet before springing forward and kicking one of her guns out of her hand.

She grabbed my leg and sweeped the other one, I came falling down but I managed to pull her down with me, rolling over her. She jammed the gun down my neck before I struck it aside and drew back my fist ready to strike.

Just then I felt my spider sense go off as something cold and metallic was pressed against my junk. I looked down to see a sharp knife in her hands and a cocky smile on her face, “you should expect everything Spider.”

“In my defence, I’m wearing sweats while you’re in full gear,” I groaned as I got up and offered her a hand.

Nat took it and gathered her weapons, “you need to be ready, you can’t always rely on that suit to help you out you know.”

“I know,” I sighed, “anyway I’ve been meaning to ask you, Jessica Drew, what happened to her?”

“SHIELD has provided Ms. Drew with protection,” Nat explained, “she’s fine Peter, I promise.”

“Good, you better not be experimenting on her, we spiders stick together,” I said as I wiped my face with my shirt, showing off my sweat covered abs. I looked up and saw Nat’s eyes flash over to my body, “pervert.”

“You’re the exibishionst here,” Nat argued.

“Cradle robber,” I glared.

“How old do you think am I?”

“I don’t know, 30?” I shrugged. She said nothing, just smiling as we walked out of the training room and sat down at the briefing table. I went to the fridge and got a bottle of water for us both, I sighed as I sipped the cool drink, “so, how did I do?”

“Not bad,” she replied, “you’re getting better day by day.”

I nodded, “right, so how’s Cap? After what Wyndham said he alright?”

Nat nodded, “he’ll get better. Last I heard he found his son’s grave, he and Peggy visited it a week ago.”

“Right,” I sighed, I really wished that part wasn’t really, I really did, “so, anything new for me?”

“A mission?” Nat asked, to which I nodded, “soon, very soon. But for now, just continue doing what you’re doing.”

“Right,” I emptied the water and threw it away, tossing my sweat covered sweatshirt into the laundry bin, “I’m going to take a shower.”

“Want me to join?” she asked with an amused smile.

“Felicia wouldn’t like that,” I chuckled, “besides, you can’t handle me.” Nat raised a challenge eyebrow at that, I think I may have pissed her off just a little. Good.

After a quick change of clothes I put on my uniform and swung out into the fresh afternoon air. I swung into the city and began patrolling around Hell’s kitchen, last I heard ever since the attack thi part of town had been stir trouble, since Matt hasn’t dawned the horns just yet I figured I could keep an eye out over here.

Just then the sounds of police sirens went off in the distance. I swung over and found myself in a stand still. There were several officers standing behind their cars with their guns drawn and another guy ducking behind a car dressed in red and yellow wearing gloves and a helmet. I blinked, ‘no way.’

I looked  over his cover and stretched his hands out shooting out wave of vibrations that sent the cops car back a few feet, “beat it pigs! Or you’ll have to face the Shocker!”

I blinked, ‘huh, guess there is a version of the Shocker in this world,’ I swung down, “heyo!”

“What the-” I swung in with a kick, he didn’t have time to react. I sent him flying into a lamp post and quickly tied him up with some webbing. I waited for him to escape and start blasting me but it never came.

“Wait, what?” I blinked and quickly approached him. I tapped his chin, he was knocked out cold. “Damn,...I kinda expected more.”

“Thanks Spidey, we’ll take it from here,” an officer told me as he grabbed his cuffs.

“Ah, alright I guess,” I said jumping away and swinging off. I watched from a rooftop as the loaded a still unconscious Shocker into their cruiser, his weapons taken away from him.

I chuckled, ‘worst. Super villain. Ever.’

I continued my patrol after that minor incident. As I covered the few blocks of the city I noticed the clouds growing greyer. And in the distance just over Central Park I could see what looked like a clearing of sky, like the eye of a storm. Something was off and I don’t need spider senses to tell me that.

I swung over to the Park and when I reached I found the cyclone eye had moved a few blocks into the city. Something was definitely off now.

I decided to follow it, swinging towards it. And just as I reached it hanging over a bunch of buildings off Park avenue a flash of light exploded right in the middle of the storm.

“What the fuck?!” I cried out and squinted my eyes just in time to see a rip in space as a green protal big enough to swallow an elephant opened up in the sky. I had only ever seen that before once in my life, was Loki coming back? That didn’t make any sense!

I was just about to call the Avengers when suddenly out of the portal a man dressed in green armour flew out, flying away with rocket boots similar to Tony’s design. I blinked in utter confusion as I watched him fly away. And just then another figure came flying out of the portal before landing on a building roof top with the grace of an acrobat.

“Okay, now I’ve seen everything,” I blinked as I watched the portal close up. The flying green man disappeared while the other figure cursed. I swung by to get a better looked and perched on top of a building overlooking the roof she was standing on.

She wore a skin tight blue and red suit with spider webs on it. And yes, it was a she, those curves around her hips and chest couldn’t possibly be from a guy. She smashed her hand onto the roof and sighed, I saw her look around desperately, she seemed...lost?

“Ah, excuse me?” I called out grabbing her attention, “can I help you miss?”

She looked at me and gasped, “woah. Who the hell are you?”

I leaped from the the building and landed a few feet away from her, “I could ask you the same thing. Cosplay or superhero?”

“Ah, superhero,” she looked at me, “Gerry? Is that you?”

“, I’m sorry, hi, I’m Spider-man, and you are…?” I looked at her, now that I was closer I noticed her costume wasn’t exactly like the classic spiderman suit. In fact it looked more like Ben Riley's costume from when he was Spider-man. Web Shooters on the outside, half-boots and a ‘V’ like belt….oh shit.

“I’m Spider-girl,” the younger woman replied, “and...ah, I don’t really think I belong here.”

I sighed, “no, you don’t, if you’re who I think you are, you definitely don’t.”

“Wait, you know me?”

“I have a guess,” I looked her over, “tell me, what’s the year for you?”

“The year? What do you mean?” she asked looking around for a way to escape, not that I would let her.

“I’m trying to figure out if you time traveled or crossed the dimensional barrier,” I told her, “now, the date, please.”

“It’s 25th August 2008,” she told me.

I sighed, “oh thank God, I thought you were from the future.”

“I’m sorry, but do you know me?”

I snorted, “yeah, of course I do, which father wouldn’t be able to recognize his own daughter? In a manner of speaking.”

“What?!” she cried out, looking me over, “you-you’re-”

I sighed, “-yup. And you are May Parker, the daughter of Spider-man, me. Meaning...”

“Dad?” she asked in utter surprise.

“Not quite,” I told her holding up my SA to display the time, “the year is 2012, so you didn’t time travel. I suspect you hoped dimensions, in this world I wasn’t born until 1996 and since I’m still a teenager, there's no way you’re my kid.”

“ aren’t my dad?” May asked.

“Strictly speaking? No. But genetically, yes,” I grumbled, “how did you come here?”

“I was following a bad guy, he calls himself Spyral, he’s super smart and recently he tried to blow up a city. The FF and I stopped him but...I think he might have escaped,” she admitted.

I sighed, “let me guess, he wore a green armour and could fly?”

“Yup,” she nodded, “did you see him?”

I nodded, “he was flying South before I lost sight of him.”

“Great, now how am I supposed to get back home?!” May cred out.

“Hey relax, I’ll help you out,” I tapped my phone in my helmet and called out, “dial Fury, SHIELD.”

The phone rang for a while before he picked up, “this better be important.”

“A man with the ability to open space bridges arrived a few minutes ago. He’s apparently smart enough to travel through dimensions and crazy enough to blow up a city to get what he wants. He’s flying around in a bright green suit, spandex by the looks of things, think you can track him?”

“And how exactly did you come about this information?” Fury asked.

“It’s a long story, I promise I’ll tell you over dinner some time,” I chuckled.

“Fine, I’ll send any information I get to your phone, keep in touch if something happens,” he said before disengaging.

I sighed, “love you too,” I turned to Spider-girl, “I have SHIELD searching for him, we should have his location any moment now.”

“Ah, right, sure,” May nodded before fidgeting nervously at me, “how did you...well, you know...”

“How did I know your name?” I asked her.

“Well yeah,” she nodded.

It’s simple, because you were the first superhero I ever looked up to and admired. It’s because of you I even bothered to read Peter Parker’s story, it’s because of you I even cared. May Day Parker was my first ever super hero, so of course I would know about you. Not that I could say that.

“Since you weren’t a time traveler you obviously must be from another dimension,” I replied, “and if you were that meant you were my kid from some alternate reality.”

“But how did you know my name?”

I shrugged, “I always told myself if I ever had a girl I would name her May after my aunt.” Which was true, I always did want to name my daughter May, but not because of aunt May, but because of you.

“Woah,” came her slow reply.

I reached up to my helmet and unlatched it. I removed it showing her my face. I smiled, “hey, nice to meet you.”

In response she took off her mask as well. Her face was sculpted like a models, her cheekbones high and her hair cut short and brown like mine. Her eyes however were green, bright green, “”

I chuckled, “I’m too young to be a father kid. Call me Peter,” I extended my hand.

She looked at it for a moment before shaking it, “I’m May. But ah, you already knew that.”

I chuckled, “guess you inherited my humor too huh? So...”

“So...” she repeated. We both looked nervous, not really sure what to do. Just then May’s stomach started to grow. She looked down and blushed.

I chuckled, “you hungry?” She nodded, “great, I know this amazing hot dog place,” I put on my helmet and sealed it shut, “you coming?”

May blinked before nodded and putting her mask on too. I stepped upto the edge of the roof and shot out a web line, I turned to May, “you do have web shooters right?”

May nodded, “yeah, yours,” she spun out a web line as well.

“Great,” I replied before jumping off the roof and swing my way across the city. I looked back and found May keeping up with me without an issue. I smiled, guess she really was a Spider.

We arrived at he place in quick time and I dropped down and walked up to the man, “Hey Sal! How to going?”

“Oh hey Spider!” Sal the owner of the hotdog stand smiled, “one dog with the works right?”

“No, make it two,” I looked over my shoulder to see May walking behind me, “I got a friend over.”

“Who is she, your sister?” he asked as he made the dog.

“Ah, kind off,” I shrugged as I payed the man and grabbed the dog. I thanked him and gave May her food before walking up to a wall and claimed it, sitting down on the building’s roof.

May did the same as she lifted the bottom half of her mask and looked at the dog, “this is...woah.”

“Yeah, I know,” I shrugged as I munched on it, “did your dad ever take you here?”

“No, I don’t think so,” May admitted.

“Hm, more proof he and I aren’t the same guy then,” I nodded.

May nodded, “well, yeah, obviously,” she looked down at my costume, “my dad never had something so high tech.”

“So wait, he just wore red and blue spandex?” I asked in fake disbelief.

“Yup,” she nodded.

“Moron,” I scoffed, “he’s not like stupid or anything right? He made those web shooters so he must be clever, what does he do?”

“I, I don’t really think I should be telling you all this,” May said rubbing her neck, “won’t that like, change the time stream or something?”

“No, don’t worry about it,” I waved her concern away, “I told you, different dimension, we aren’t the same person.”

“Oh, right, well dad kind of worked for the cops as a forensic scientist,” May admitted, “he’s pretty good. From what mom told me he became the lead officer in like five years or something. He’s the department's biggest closer.”

“Cool,” I grinned, “so does he still, you know, swing around now and then? Or did he retire and let you take up the mantle?”

“Ah, he’s retired, he has been for some time now, way before I became Spider-girl,” May admitted.

“Why?” I asked already knowing the answer, still I need to build rapport with my….daughter. Fucking comic books!

“His leg,” she admitted, “he lost it with a final fight against the Green Goblin.”

“Green what?” I asked, keeping up the facade of a Spider-man that had never met his arch rival.

“You don’t have a Green goblin here?” May asked surprised, “lucky you.”

“Why? Is he that bad?”

“Dad once said the one man who he wished he killed was that monster,” May admitted, “he said he wouldn’t mind going to jail because of that.”

I whistled, “damn, deep. Okay, if I see someone dressed like a green imp I’ll make sure to put him away for life.”

May nodded, “yeah, good luck.”

“So….tell me, your mom, who is she?” I asked munching on my finished dog.

“Ah...she’s,” May rubbed her neck again, “Mary Jane Watson-Parker.”

“Ah, I figured she was your mom,” I nodded.

“What? How?!”

“Same eyes,” I shrugged.

“ are you and her…?”

“Dating? Oh no, she’s my best friend, but we aren’t really dating,” I hummed, “hey May, do me a favour, don’t tell anyone about your mom okay?”

“Why? I thought it wouldn’t matter if you knew about my life,” May asked confused.

“It wouldn’t, but if MJ found out we could one day have a kid together….well, you can guess what would happen can’t you?” I told her.


“Yup, plus I’m pretty sure my girlfriend wouldn’t like the fact that my daughter with another woman suddenly showed up one day.”

“Wait, you’re dating someone else?! Who?!” May sounded horrified, but then again if I found out my dad was dating someone who wasn’t my mom I would freak out too.

“Felicia Hardy,” I told her. May’s jaw dropped, “I’m guessing you know her?”

“Felicity's mom?” May asked, “the Black Cat?”

I nodded, “yup, but ah, don’t tell her that I told you, she’s kind of sticky when it comes to secret identities.”

“H-how are you dating Felicity’s mom?!” May cried out.

“Is Felicity Felicia’s daughter where you come from?”

“Yeah,” May nodded.

“I’m not her father too am I?”

“What? No! You would never cheat on mom!”

I shrugged, “hey just asking. You never know with these kinds of things.” May looked utterly horrified, I couldn’t help but chuckle, “you remind me of your mom. She had the same look on her face when she found out I was Spider-man, ah, good times.”

May shut her mouth, “so, she knows? About you?”

I nodded, “yup….anyway, listen if people ask you who you are this is your cover, you’re basically me from a world where I was born a girl okay? Don’t mention that you’re my daughter, trust me, that won’t go well.”

“ want me to tell them I’m you from another world?”

I nodded, “yup, May Parker, daughter of Richard Parker and Mary Parker.”

“Wait, your mom’s name is Mary too?”

I nodded, “yeah, why? Didn’t your dad ever tell you about her?”

“No, he didn’t, he rarely talked about his parents,” May admitted, “his aunt May died before I was born, she’s who I’m named after and his uncle Ben died long before that. That’s why he became Spider-man. He used to tell me stories about them, but he never mentioned his parents...”

“Huh,” I nodded, “would you like to meet them?”

“Say what now?” May asked blinking in confusion.

“Come on,” I told her getting to my feet, “I’ll introduce you to the family. My aunt May is still alive and so is uncle Ben. And my dad came back from the grave too, just recently.”

“What?!” May cried out

“I’ll explain later,” I told her before asking my helmet to dial home. I told May I would be bringing someone over for dinner and to make extra, the old woman didn’t even ask who before agreeing.

I turned to May after the call and looked at her, “do you happen to have anything else to wear?”

“Ah no, kind of had to wear anything else under this thing,” she said pointing at the spandex.

I sighed as I shook my head, “spandex, what was I thinking? I can’t believe he would go out like that. Come on, I’ll ask Sue if you can borrow some clothes.”

I swung off towards the Baxter building with May following closely. “Wait, did you say Sue? As in Sue Storm?” May asked in amazement, I chuckled, boy was she going to be surprised.

At the Baxter building:

“Woah,” May said as we entered the den through the balcony. She looked around at all the cool tech lying around, her eyes sparkling in wonder through her white lens, “this is so cool!”

“You have a Baxter building where you’re from?” I asked her as we walked in.

“Ah, yeah, but it’s kind of a long story. It’s been broken down and rebuilt like a hundred times. But this, this is like the original, totally vintage,” May replied.

“Yo! Spider!” Johnny called out as he and Sue walked in, surprised to find me there in costume and even more surprised to find May.

“Spider, who’s your friend?” Sue asked a little nervously as she eyed May up and down.

“She’s a friend,” I replied removing my helmet to show that she knew my secret identity.

“Dude! She’s right there!” Johnny pointed out.

I rolled my eyes, “relax flame butt, she knows.”

“You told her?” Sue asked to which I nodded, “why?”

“Because she’s me,” I shrugged.

“I’m sorry come again?” Johnny asked looking totally lost. I turned to May and signaled her to speak up she nodded as she immediately removed her mask and smiled.

“Hey,” she said doing her best to hide her nerves, “I’m May Parker.”

“What the hell is going on?” Johnny asked as he jaw unhinged with Sue matching his surprise.

“She’s me from another dimension. Apparently in her world I was born a girl,” I shrugged, “hence Peter Parker became May Parker and Spider-man became...”

“Spider-woman,” Sue completed.

“Actually it’s Spider-girl,” May corrected her.

“Why?” Sue asked looking confused.

“Well, Spider-woman’s already taken,” May shrugged.

“Really who?”

“Jessica Drew,” May replied.

“Who is that?” Sue asked.

“Subject D,” I replied.

“Wait, you mean that black haired chick who kept giving you the bedroom eyes?” Johnny asked.

I sighed, “the very same one.”

“You and Jessica Drew?!” May asked in shock.

“It’s a long story, trust me,” I sighed.

“So that’s what you would look like if you were a girl huh?” Johnny asked as he eyes up May, something I found surprisingly irritating, “dude, you are hot.”

“Keep looking at her like that and I’ll blast you face off.”

“Oh someone’s touchy,” Johnny grinned, “what’s the matter? Don’t like the fact you’re hotter as a girl than a guy?”

“No,” I shook my head, “I just find it extremely creepy that you’re attracted to someone who is basically me with boobs. Some unresolved feelings there Johnny?”

Johnny blinked as he looked at me and then May before turning slightly green, “I think I’m going to be sick.”

Sue snorted at that, “serves you right,” she then turned to me, “what do you need Pete?”

“Clothes,” I motioned to her, “the only thing she has to wear is that dreadfully stupid red and blue spandex suit.”

“I think it’s cool,” Johnny said immediately before he realised he was appreciating me in a spandex costume and immediately turned green again.

Sue sighed as she rubbed her temples, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Soon May came back now wearing a black blouse with full sleeves and a pair of jeans that seemed just a little tighter than she was used too. Luckily I had a spare back pack and slippers she could use, nothing too fancy though.

May looked down at her clothes and turned to me, “what do you think?”

I shrugged, “as long as it’s comfortable for you.”

Sue hummed, “I offered her a few other pieces, but she’s kind of shy around those.”

“I wasn’t shy! It’s just my type,” May replied with a blush.

“Ah, a tomboy,” I say nodding, “anyway, Sue, is my dad around?”

Sue nodded, “he’s in his lab.”

“Is he working on something important?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Sue replied.

“Right,” I turned to May, “stay here May, I’ll get my dad and then we can leave.”

“Ah, yeah, sure,” May nodded nervously, can’t blame her, not with the way Johnny kept looking at her. But I knew Sue would stop him if he did something inappropriate.

I walked up to Richard’s lab and knocked before walking in. I saw him pouring over a pile of notes, typing away at his computer. He looked up and smiled, “hey Peter, what are you doing here so soon?”

I smiled leaning against the door frame, “May’s having a nice big dinner ready for us, I figured you would want to join in, have a little family time. But if you’re too busy-”

“-No,” Richard smiled, “sounds perfect. I’ve missed out on a lot of family time, work can wait.” He grabbed his coat and followed me to the denw here I found May sitting on the couch with Johnny flirting with her.

“So, do you have a Johnny Storm on your world?” he asked.

“Ah, kind off, he’s...older,” May stressed out.

Johnny blinked, “really? How much older?”

“You’re fifty years old, bald and you suffer from premature ejaculation,” I called out making Sue snort and May chuckle.

“Hey! Shut it!” Johnny sent a fireball at my head, which I easily avoided by ducking.

“Hey, it’s true,” I told him.

“Wait, seriously?” Johnny turned to May.

The girl smiled, “yeah, sorry uncle Johnny,” that’s my girl.

“!” Johnny cried out.

“Come on May, we’re leaving, time for dinner,” I told her as we all left to the elevator, Richard looking confused as to May’s process.

“Peter, I thought you said this was a family night?” he asked.

“She’s family,” I told him walking into the lift and pressing the garage button, “she’s me from another world here I was born a girl.”

“I’m sorry?” Richard blinked in confusion.

When the lift opened up to the lobby Richard was all caught up. I lead them outside and we waited as May answered any and all questions Richard had.

“So, Mary and I weren’t scientist?” Richard asked her.

May nodded, “yeah, you are a forensics scientist and mom’s a fashion designer,” to keep things simple I just told May to replace her version of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson with my own parents, keeps things simple. Well, in order to the lies straight, not so much for our personal lives.

“Fascinating,” Richard spoke up as he shoot me a look, “and you’re sure you saw her coming from another world?”

“I giant portal like the one Loki used to summon his army opened up and she came out of it wearing a skin tight spandex version of my suit and has my powers and web shooters, what do you think dad?”

Richard looked at May, “HYDRA could have perfected-”

“Cloning me isn’t possible, plus they would have made her a guy just to insure the same gene sequence came up. She’s your daughter, get used to it,” I cut him off as slowly I saw my car pull up with MJ in the driver's seat.

“Hey Tiger,” MJ smiled, “came as fast as I could.”

I smiled, “thanks, now get out, I’m driving.”

MJ huffed, “meany,” she opened the door and for the first time noticed May, who was currently staring at her, “hey...Peter, who’s your friend?”

“Long story,” I sighed, “let’s just all get in.” I got into the driver's seat with Richard sitting next to me with May and MJ sat in the back. The girl gave fleeting glances at MJ, her eyes wide with disbelief.

“So ah, is someone going to tell me who the new girl is?” MJ asked looking at me through the side way mirror.

I sighed I could have lied, but I really didn’t want to spend half my time figuring out which lie I said to who, so I just decided to keep up the same story, “she’s a female version of me from another dimension. Surprise.”

MJ blinked, “what?!”

“Yup, Mary Jane, meet May Parker, in her world she’s Spider-girl, pretty dope huh?” I chuckled as I pulled into traffic, it’s going to be a long ride home.

MJ turned to May, “so….you’re a female version of Peter?”

May nodded, “ah, I guess.”

MJ blinked before turning to me, “you’re cute as a girl.”

I smirked, “she gets it from her mom,” May blushed immediately, realising what I truly meant. I turned to Richard, “I’m helping her find a way back home, so we aren’t telling anyone else about her. MJ, do you think you can say May’s a friend of yours from before?”

MJ nodded, “yeah, no problem,” she then turned to May and smiled, “so, do you have a male version of me in your world too?”

May shook her head, “ah, no, not really, you’re still a girl.”

“Damn, that’s too bad, I would have been a hunk,” MJ frowned before smiling, “so wait, are you and I friends in that world?”

May blinked, “ah...I guess, yeah, we are.”

MJ smiled as she turned to me, “see Tiger, even in another world we’re still friends!”

I nodded, “yes MJ, that’s pretty cool right?” For the rest of the trip May and MJ talked, learning more about each other. It was honestly funny seeing May’s reaction when MJ talked about whether or not she had a boyfriend in May’s world, honestly the faces that girl could make.

We reached Queen in no time, Richard choose to go in first while May, MJ and I stood outside on the curb.

“So anything from SHIELD yet?” May asked.

“No,” I looked up from my phone with a sigh, “don’t worry, someone confident enough to blow up a city will slip up sooner rather than later. We’ll catch him.”

“Thanks,” May smiled.

“So is this Spyral guy really that important?” MJ asked.

May nodded, “yeah, smart and crazy, worst combination ever. Plus he has horrible taste in music.”

“Don’t forget his costume,” I shivered, “looked like a freaking leprechaun!”

“That’s what I said!” May chuckled.

MJ rolled her eyes, “great, now there are two of you. Just what this world needs.”

May scoffed, “you say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Yeah MJ, why do you think more versions of me is a bad thing?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows, “that just means there are more of me too….” I blinked realising where that train of thought lead too. May and I looked at each other before suddenly a shiver went up our spines as we turned a little green.

“Don’t even go there!” May cried, “seriously!”

“Sorry, sorry! Don’t know what I was thinking,” I shivered, “that would practically be incest of the worst kind.”

“What do you mean? Is it even considered inscent? Since it’s the same person wouldn’t it be masterbation?” MJ asked with an evil glare.

“Shut up!” May and I yelled back as one.

MJ laughed, “ha! You really are the same person! Anyway, see you guys later!” And with that helpful little comment she skipped off to her home.

May turned to me, “that’s my mother?”

I smiled, “yeah, why? Is she different from your world?”

“Yeah, she’s...well, she doesn’t act like that,” May pointed at the care free girl before her.

I nodded, “well, if she’s been with me for so many years I’m sure she would have feared for my life more than once. She probably matured over time, happens to certain people. Is your dad different from me? Other than the stupid costume choices I mean.”

May nodded, “yeah, you….you’re nothing like my dad.”

I shrugged, “his lose,” I opened the door and turned to her, “coming?” With a smile she quickly walked in.

May looked around looking surprised, “woah, this place is different.”

“Wait, MJ and I still live here? In this house?!”

May nodded, “yeah, I grew up in this place.”

I blinked, “okay, note to self, get a new apartment.”

“Hey, it’s not so bad,” she glared at the flowery wall paper, “could use a huge remodeling though.” I snorted, like father like daughter, I hated those things!

“Ah Peter's,” aunt May walked in from the dining room with a smile on her face, she spotted May instantly, “and who is this?”

I smiled, “aunt May, this is May, I call her May-Day.”

“Oh lovely another May!” the woman smiled, “it’s so nice to meet you dear!”

“Y-you too ma’am,” May gulped shaking aunt May’s hand.

“Oh please, I’m far too young to be a ma’am, please sit down,” aunt May said as she quickly went back to the kitchen.

May and I went to the dining table where Ben and Richard sat, already talking something in hushed tones. From what i could hear it was about the mortgage on the house, Richard had been offering to pay it off for sometime now, but May and Ben refused, guess he decided to try again.

“No Rich, and that’s final,” Ben snapped at his younger brother with a glare that had no malice behind it. He looked up and smiled seeing May and I walk up to the table, “Peter! And who is your guest?”

“Uncle Ben, this is May-Day,” I smiled. May looked gobsmacked as Ben smiled at her. She blinked once, twice, three times before she realised Ben had his hand stretched out.

Immediately May grabbed it and started shaking it quickly, “hello! I’m May!”

Ben chuckled, “ah, another May, and here I was thinking one would be more than enough to handle.”

“Oh hush you!” aunt May called out as she brought out a giant container of her famous homemade lasagna, “now everyone tuck in!”

May and I sat next to Richard while May and Ben sat across from us. I helped May fill up her plate before digging into the meal, as usual it was amazing.

“This is so good!” May cried out tasting the delicious cheese and meat goddess, “my mom’s food’s got nothing on this!”

Richard chuckled at that, while May just smiled, “ah, does your mother cook for you often?”

May nodded, “when she can. If not my dad does.”

“He does?” Richard and I asked in equal surprise.

May nodded, “yeah, he’s not that good though,” she sent me an apologetic smile to which I just rolled my eyes.

“So May, where exactly are you from?” Ben asked.

“Well, I’m from Queens,” May replied before I kicked her shin making her wince sharply, “I mean I was from Queen! I live in Canada now with my parents, MJ’s an old friend though so I thought I should visit!”

“Oh, I see, and how did you and Peter meet?” aunt May asked.


“MJ introduced us,” I stepped in seeing May’s lose of words, “she said she was a little busy for dinner, and I decided, hey, I already know one May, let’s mix them both up and see what happens!”

“Well the world hasn’t ended yet, so that’s good,” came Richard’s dry wit, gaining a chuckle from everyone at the table.

Ben and May asked my maybe future daughter everything they could think off. What games she liked to play, whether or not she was dating someone, what was her favorite subject and May was more than happy answering them all.

Richard looked like he wanted to talk to her more but refrained from doing do. He was a quiet man, so he was content to just smile and listen to May talk.

Eventually though dinner came to a close, I was about to suggest May and I go out for a walk when my phone began to rang. I unlocked it and found a message from Fury with a location and a picture.

I tapped May’s shoulder, the girl looked down and her eyes widened at the picture of a man dressed in green armour. She looked at me and nodded.

“Alright guys, May has to leave now,” I said getting up and grabbing the car keys, “I’ll drop her off at the airport and be back soon okay?”

“Oh, you're leaving so soon?” aunt May asked sounding disappointed.

“Yes, I’m sorry, it was nice meeting all of you,” May smiled, “I’m glad I got the chance.”

Ben and May wished her a safe journey home. We quickly walked out and May got into the car. I was just about to pull out into the driveway when Richard came out.

I lowered my window and he looked inside, “you found the dimensional traveler?”

“Yeah, we’re going to catch him now,” I told him.

Richard nodded, “right, then you’ll need this,” he reached into his jacket pocket and took out a syringe, “it’s called scopolamine, also known as the zombie drug, one hit and the victim will listen to you for the next two hours. If the green guy doesn’t want to go back, use this and make him.”

“Okay, first off all thanks,” I took the drug and gave it to May, “and second off all, you and I are going to have a very long chat about while you have brainwashing drugs tucked away in your jacket all the time.”

“Well if you must know I made it during my time with Wyndham, a sort of insurance policy” Richard said with a chuckle, “stay safe son. You too May.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him,” May said with a smile.

“Says the girl with red and blue spandex,” I snorted as I said goodbye to Richard and pulled out of the driveway. We drove down the road until we reached a secluded part of the neighborhood. I then pressed the red button, engaging flight mode, taking off into the air.

“This thing can fly?!” May cried out in awe as she looked down at the shirking roads.

“Yup,” I smiled, “didn’t I tell you?”


“Well, it can fly,” I chuckled as I punched in the location into the nav systems.

We quickly reached the location, it was a warehouse in the hamptons. I parked the car a mile away and quickly changed into costume. Let me just tell you, having to strip to your boxer shorts in front of your daughter was super embarrassing, guess I should have done the smart thing like May and worn my costume under my civilian clothes.

We web swung over to the warehouse. I opened the sky light and we carefully snuck in, sticking to the shadows.

We crawled around the shadows for a while before we found Groom in the middle of the warehouse, his arms bare. He had removed the metal around his arm and was fixing it.

“Let’s get him,” May replied as she jumped off the wall and landed right before him, “it’s over Spyral!”

“Wait!” I hissed before face palming myself, “great, just great, she got her mother’s need for attention.”

“Spider-girl! How?!” Spyral cried out, “you shouldn’t be able to follow me! Not here!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, just shut up and come quietly!”

“Never!” he snapped his fingers and immediately his armour was on him once more. He sent out a blast of green energy which May jumped over before she took him on hand to hand.

I was about to step in before deciding against it. She was doing alright so far. I actually felt a little proud by the way she was moving, not a single move wasted. I smiled as I saw her clock the man across the jaw, sending him flying back into a pile of crates.

“Cool,” I smiled.

“No! I will not be defeated again!” he cried out jumping back on his feet. He threw his arms open and suddenly two machine guns popped up on his shoulders. They began firing at May, sending a wave of bullets at her.

She jumped away, swinging across the warehouse. Spyral held out his right hand and brought out a small missile. He launched it at May, the girl moved quickly by ducking behind a huge mountain of crate only to have it explode, destroying her cover and sending her flying back into a wall.

“This ends now,” Spyral growled as he stepped up with a ball of plasma in his hands ready to fry her.

But as he was about to fire I jumped in his way, “that’s enough,” I puffed out my chest as my unibeam came flying out, hitting him point black in the chest, sending the green wearing moron flying away.

“Cool,” May whispered as I turned to help her up, “who made your suit? Tony Stark?”

“No,” I chuckled, “actually I stole his designs.”

“And he didn’t care?” she asked surprised.

I shrugged, “Tony’s cool with it. Now, let’s finish this,” I turned to Spyral’s fallen form before taking out the scopolamine. We walked up to the man and found the front half of his costume ripped off. I injected him with the serum and we waited.

“Spyral?” May asked, “can you hear me?”

“Yyyy Yessss,” he slurred out.

“Great, could you be a dear and take us back home?”

“Yeeesss,” he replied.

“Good man,” I told him, picking him up and dusting him off, “oh and ah, sorry about the unibeam to the face.”

“Ffff Iiii Nne,” he muttered before turning away to  wall and pressing a few of the buttons on his belt, guess that’s what he used to travel here.

As he worked I pulled out a cable from my gauntlets and inserted it into a USB port on his belt. My online computer automatically began hacking into his system’s finding out how the system worked, hopefully I can copy the tech later.

“What are you doing?” May asked looking over my shoulder.

“I’m hacking into his belt, trying to figure out how his tech works,” I told her.


I shrugged, “I just want to know how it works, that’s all. Scientific curiosity.”

“Oh, right, never been much of a science person myself,” she said nervously.

I chuckled, “yeah, you’re more like your mother in that regard,” I flicked her forehead.

“Hey! What’s that for?”

“For jumping in front of the enemy like an idiot instead of actually taking him out,” I snorted, “I swear, when you get back you better make your father teach you his tricks, no daughter of mine is going to be out there saving the world like a rookie!”

May chuckled, she was about to say something when suddenly a giant green portal materialized before us. We looked at it before turning to each other. May took off her mask and smiled, “I ah...I guess this is it huh?”

I nodded, removing my own mask, “yeah….it was great seeing you.”

“You too...thanks Peter,” she moved in for a hug, holding me tightly.

I stiffened for a second before relaxing and slowly hugging her back feeling for the first time I actually had someone out there who shared my blood. May, Ben, Richard, they all loved Peter, they saw me as Peter. But her? She saw me as dad.

“Stay safe kiddo, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” I broke the hug looking into her eyes, “and above all, stop it with the damn spandex! At least wear some armour! Heck, if you want come back here and I’ll hook you up!”

May chuckled, “yeah, sure. I promise.”

I smiled, “alright May, take care” I turned to my SA and quickly typed away at it, “I’m programing this thing to self destruct after reaching your home dimension. He won’t be able to use it again, so all you have to do is make sure he’s somewhere he can’t build another dimensional portal. Hopping dimensions is a dangerous business May, better a mad man doesn’t have it.”

May nodded as she slipped on her mask, “right,” she webbed up Spyral’s hands together and pulled him towards the portal. Before stepping in she looked at me and smiled, “bye Spiderman.”

I waved at her as I slipped on my helmet, “good luck Spider-girl,” she jumped in and in seconds she and the portal where gone. I couldn’t help it, I felt my heart break just a little. My daughter...I need to remember to buy more condoms, I love you May but I’m way to young to be a father!

I drove back home and found Richard waiting for me by the patio. He sat there with a book in hand and a pitcher of orange juice by his side. He looked up and smiled at me as I sat down next to him.

He closed the book and turned to me, “May’s not my daughter is she?”

I wanted to lie, but honestly it didn’t matter at this point. I poured myself a glass of juice and sipped it, “nope.”

“Who is she?”

“She’s my kid from another timeline where I was born in the 50’s instead of the 90’s.”

Richard’s eyes’ went wide. “She’ granddaughter?” I smiled and nodded, “who’s her mother?!” I chuckled but said nothing, he looked agitated but I didn’t care, I never said a damn word, after all, did it really matter?