The Spider Chapter 27

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 27: Metal Fang Solid


I swear if I ever see another madman who can hope dimentions I’m capturing him, tying him up to a chair and then having Jean mind rape his knowledge out of his fucking head!

I looked at the schematics I ripped from Spyral’s belt for what felt like the hundredth time and I’m no closer to figuring out how it even worked! It’s like this thing hate logic! I hate dimension travel!

I managed to get only the machinery’s operations out of the belt and nothing more, but that should have been enough for me to figure out how it ticked and reverse engineer it. But no, it had to become difficult and make no fucking sense.

Eventually I gave up trying to solve it by myself and gave it to Reed to figure out. When that guy saw the data I had he ended up locking himself in his lab. It's been a week, he hasn’t come out yet.

Ben grew worried and so did Sue, but Johnny and I figured Reed would be ready when he was ready.

Honestly things have become quite in the city these days, at least on the surface. I could feel something change, it’s like the people who went out in the night upped their game. I still encountered a random mugging now and then but...they're quite….too quite.

I did spend a lot of time working in the Baxter building, creating new tech for Sue and Reed. But strangely enough I also got a request from Charles Xavier, the man wanted a watch that could project a holographic image of a teenage boy. I honestly grew a little worried at that, but hey, I owed him one.

But I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so it’s time for me to upgrade myself. My costume was good for now, nothing too major to change, at least nothing I desperately wanted. But my powers...well that was another matter altogether.

Project Mutant Spider, an idea I had been toying with for some time now. It’s been something I played with ever since I obtained Drew’s powers.

The concept was simple, based on how I obtained her powers in the first place. Her blood was mixed with a radiated formula of chemicals and then inhaled by me. My blood, which is genetically altered to absorb useful genes and throw out the rest, used the radiation to absorb her powers into my own.

This meant one thing, theoretically, I could absorb anyone’s powers into my body, provided it’s delivered the same way as Drew’s was.

It was a great risk, but with equally great rewards. So I began experimenting with the only super human blood I had on hand, Magneto’s. It was from the time I beat him into a bloody pulp for even thinking of killing Jean, I scrapped his blood from my uniform and weapons collecting a nice large sample.

So now I found myself in my lab at the Baxter building with the door closed and bolted shut, covered with my strongest webbing and all security systems disabled, no way I’m ever letting anyone on the outside figure out what I’m doing.

I took out a drop of my blood and Magneto’s. I used the radiation formula from the Hill incident and merged it with Magneto’s, forming a gas like substance.

I then took my blood sample in an air sealed glass box and infused it with the irradiated gas. I waited for a moment before emptying the air in the box and removing my blood.

I put the newly changed sample under a microscope and observed it. I put the blood work up on the screen and narrowed my eyes, the result was...confusing.

My blood had accepted Erik’s mutant gene, but there were...complications. A mutant gains his or her power through the ‘X’ gene, but there was no saying what those powers were, how it changed the host or even if it could be replicated.

It was like a mystery box, you don’t what’s inside until you open it. And right now we aren’t even close to understanding what makes the ‘X’ gene tick.

From what I could understand the gene implanted into the blood sample was Magneto’s, it matched perfectly. But the way this gene interacted with the rest of my DNA was...odd. It was like putting a motherboard into another computer, it should in theory have no trouble adapting, but there was something interfering.

My only guess is that it’s my own spider genes making things seem wonky. From what I could gather the gene wouldn’t make me….physically different but it would effect my body in some way. I can’t say how though, so it means I might get Erik’s exact powers but….I’m so going to try.

The power of controlling magnetic fields is too great of a power to simply let go. I need it, I have to have it. If I had it when the aliens invaded, they wouldn’t have lasted half as long as they did. This is something I need, I have to have….God I hope I don’t become a psychopath because of this.

It took me a week to get everything ready. I rented a cabin near Montauk where I could recover in private. If this process effected me the same way as when Drew’s powers came to me, then I’ll be out of commision for at least two days.

I quickly spun my lies. I told May and Ben that I would be going with Sue for the weekend to a special talk on nanomachines in Germany. It took some convincing but they agreed. To Richard, Sue, Johnny and everyone else who knew my secret identity, I told them that SHIELD had me on a mission. They didn’t ask after that.

And finally to SHIELD, I told them the truth. I needed a ucking vacation, Nat seemed suspcious at first, but after a while she seemed to accept it.

I’m guessing she found out about the cabin I booked for the weekend and decided I was telling the truth. She did warn me not to cheat on Felicia, she thought I was going to hook up with some other chick in the cabin. I promised her if I was ever going to cheat with anyone, Nat would be the first one I would ask. She did not like that.

Finally, everything was ready, I had the irradiated gas prepared and in a metal box. I drove up to Montauk on Friday and waited until nightfall to begin. I made sure everything was ready before I took out a gas mask connected to the cannister of gas and turned it on.

I breathed in the fumes quickly before it quickly got empty. I put the gas away and lied down on my bed. I felt the sweats coming on, I could feel it slowly creep out. I turned on the AC and reacthed for a bottle of water I had prepared beforehand. Soon I was out like a light.

The next day:

I woke up half expecting myself to have grown two extra arms. Don’t ask me why, it was just a nasty dream I had in my mind. I looked down, no visible changes, haven’t begun to grow fur or anything else...yet.

I threw off the sheets, they were covered with my sweat. I blinked, the I opened my bag and took out a geiger counter, something I brought just in case. I placed the counter over the sheets and found mild amounts of radiation, strange, I never sweated radiation before.

It must be a result of the gas. Yes, that makes sense, any radiation my body couldn’t absorb it expunged. Meaning my sweat right now is covered with radiation, I need to get rid of it, and fast.

I took off the sheets and my clothes throwing them into the tub in the cabin. Plugging the drain I filled the tub with water and began scrubbing off all the sweat and dirt.

Soon the sheets and clothes were clean, I dried them off separately and found the radiation down to manageable levels, now all I had to do was fill the radiation infused water in smaller water bottles and trash bags and I was done. I would put these things in a landfill later, there was one a few miles away from the city, should be perfect.

After that I gave myself a nice long shower. There wasn’t any radiation on me, so I wouldn’t need to drain this water separately as well, so I just relaxed into the tub and sighed in relief, I didn’t die, joy.

I got out of the tub and drained away the water. I put a towel around my hip and looked at myself in the mirror, wiping away the mist that had formed on its surface.

My face looked back at me, I didn’t look any different, I had searched my body for any physical changes but none stood out to me. I looked at my hands, they felt heavy, like they were made out of lead, I don’t know….maybe I had to wait before I could see any results?

I looked at myself once again and for a moment I saw a flash of blue in the brown of my eyes, the exact same shade I saw Magneto had. But it didn’t stay, it was almost like the colour was active only for a second before vanishing. Strange.

I sighed, I needed to figure out what Magneto’s genes did to me, lucky for me I had two days to just that.

I quickly got dressed and sat down before the small lab I set up in the living room of the cabin. I took out a sample of my blood and put it under the microscope I had taken from the Baxter building. I found the sample to be identical to the test sample I took in the lab. Good, no surprises so far.

But...wait...what is...oh shit.

My cells were reforming, but that can’t happen unless...the radiation, it’s hurting them. I couldn’t believe it, did something go wrong? Was forcing additional powers into my body pushing back on Richard and Mary Parker’s original formula in some way?

I began running some test and to my surprise I found that something had changed.

I seemed project Mutant Spider isn’t going to make me a power hungry monster like Parasite from the Superman comics. Because if I’m reading this right, it seems that the puncturing and addition of powers is causing harm to my cells.

If I was to guess I would need...five months, maybe six to recover fully from it? If I do this again...I don’t think I’ll recover after a short nap.

This did set limits on my powers, but, I’m hoping against hope here that eventually my body would adjust. But either way, I could still get new abilities, though it would take longer than I thought before.

If I recall correctly I started showing off Drew’s powers some time after school during the afternoon. So maybe I need to be more physical, more active for it to kick in. It was around 4 in the afternoon now, I really slept in, so I’m guessing I won’t get any results until much later.

I grabbed my coat and walked out of the cabin, I took a deep breath and smelt the fresh sea breeze, I could see the ocean from here. I smiled, maybe next time I should bring Felicia, we could spend the weekend together, I’m sure we could figure out something to do.

I found a small trail near the cabin I was staying at, this entire place was actually near a campsite, so it stands to reason there were many trails into a forest.

I began walking and as I did I found myself growing tired quickly. I began to sweat, heat up and even panting so much I couldn’t move easily. It was like I was wearing a fat suit! Everything felt so difficult to move!

I grumbled and sat down on a rock figure big enough to support my weight as I took off my jacket, no point keeping this on. I waited until I felt myself get better, the weight left my body and I could move again.

I took off into the woods once more, slowly gaining back my stamina. Eventually the trail circled around and I was back to the cabin, though now I found myself hungry.

I got into my car and drove into town, it was just a few miles away. I stopped at the first fast food place I found, a Wendy’s. I walked in and ordered enough food to feed three men, the cashier gave me a weird look but shrugged.

By the time I ate my meal and and left the joint it was already dark. I moved to the parking lot and noticed people standing around my car gawking, at it. They looked like local kids, one wore a hoodie, the ‘Torches’. Three girls in pretty little skirts and four guys, by the way they looked they were probably jocks.

“Can I help you?” I asked the gathered crowd.

One of the jocks looked at me, “yeah, is this your car?”

I nodded, “yes. And?”

“This is so cool!” one girl with dark brown hair and a healthy bust called out. Her locked her eyes on me and gave a charming smile that creeped me out. Suddenly my spider sense went off, something was wrong, I could feel it. These kids...they weren’t normal.

“Where did you get this?” the other girl asked batting her pretty little eyelashes at me, “like, it’s super retro!” She had black hair and was of asian decent, tall with smooth legs.

I shrugged, “family gift,” I looked at them, the jocks had glazed looks in their eyes, the girls...they looked at me like a piece of meat.

“You know, you should totally take us out for a spin,” the third girl with short blonde hair asked as she winked at me, again, spidey senses went off.

“Ah, maybe later,” I told them, moving past them and getting into my car. I was just about to pull away when a hand slammed onto my window cracking it. My eyes widened in horror, that was bullet proof glass! How did a human break it?!

“Get out,” the jock who’s fist cracked my window growled, “now!”

I hit the gas and reversed out quickly not caring about running them over, these kids weren’t normal man! As I drove away I could see the girls glaring at through the mirror, something wasn’t right.

I drove straight to my cabin and locked the doors. I looked out my windows and found nothing outside, I felt stupid for acting so paranoid, honestly I did, I could have taken them out without a sweat, but Peter Parker wasn’t a superhero, so I had to act the role.

It didn’t make sense, why did my spider sense go off? Those girls...they were acting weird. I sat down with my laptop and went online, searching for the high school those girls belonged to, ‘The Torches’.

It took me a while but I found the school, but the reason it took me so long to figure it out was this, the Torches? They were all dead. Or more specifically the last batch of students were dead.

The class of 92’, nearly two decades ago the school had sent a bunch of students off to a field trip, only they all crashed and died in a bus crash. The school was sued by all the parents and went under. The Torches were all gone.

Now my first thought is that the girls simply wore their parent’s old hoodies, maybe their parents were old friends from that school so that’s how they all knew each other. But then I pilled up the pictures of the teenagers that died and on the very bottom were the pictures of the three girls.

They had different hair styles, but they were the same people. The exact same faces. I first thought they were their children or something, but that wasn’t possible, those girls were too young to be mothers let alone give birth to kids that would still be teenagers at this age.

Then came one more idea, cloning, oh how I hate clones. But again a problem came up, why clone these kids? Why were they special and hy were the clones so young?

So I finally came to the only answer available, immortal. So all three of them were immortal? Woah… way.

I snorted, I’ve been reading too much fantasy...but they again I am the God of thunder’s punching bag….hm, maybe I should rethink this. Whatever, it’s not like it had anything to do with me. It’s not like-HOLY SHIT THEY ARE RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!

I jumped out of my seat and looked at the three of them smiling at me with glowing red eyes and fangs bared. Behind them the four jocks stood, their eyes blank stares, drool coming out of their mouth. Wait….fangs?!

“Vampires,” I whispered. And almost like they heard me all three of them smiled. The blonde snapped her fingers and the jocks cried out, leaping forward, shattering the window and landing inside.

“Oh fuck me!” I cried out as I ran towards the door and ran outside, I couldn’t do this here, too much valuable equipment, plus too constricting.

“Get him!” the busty brunette called out as the four jocks followed me into the forest.

“Moron,” I heard the blonde call out, “he thinks he can hide from us in there?!”

‘Not hiding,’ I smirked as I turned to see the four jocks following me along the trail. The trail was small, they could only follow me one by one, meaning I just reduced the fight from one of four to one on one.

I turned around and leaped at the leading creep. They stopped as one, surprised by my actions, when my feet connected with his gut buckling him over. I then punched him across the face hard enough to hear something snap.

The jock landed on the ground like a pile of potatoes, his jaw broken, I think he’s unconscious...I hope. His friends looked at it before turning to me and charging without a second’s thought.

I jumped backward and landed on a tree branch. One of them grew smart and tried to climb up after me. He reached up and grabbed the branch I was standing and pulled himself up. I bent down and grabbed his face, “bye bye,” sending a blast of my bio-electricity at him point blank.

“ARGH!” the second jock got his head zapped, as he fell down stunned. The remaining two didn’t even bother looking at him, simply stepping over him to reach me in the tree.

With a short curse I leaped away, running from tree branch to tree branch. Honestly what were these guys?! The girls were vampires so maybe these things were their slaves? What were they called again? Ghouls?

I managed to circle around back to my cabin and here I found the place empty, no vampire bitches. I need to get out of here and call for help, no way I’m dealing with this alone!

I ran towards my cabin when suddenly my spider sense went off. Immediately I jumped into the air and away from the whip like arm of the asian vamp.

I landed a few feet away when suddenly my sixth sense went off again. I ducked under the blondes piercing thrust coming from behind. I grabbed her hand throwing her over my shoulder. She landed gracefully away from me, smiling like a creepy clown.

“He’s mine!” the brunette called out jumping at me from behind a bush. I almost had enough time to roll me eyes. I parried her punches and kicks expertly. She grew angry quickly before deciding to lunge at me.

I moved to the side, grabbed her head and sent a powerful bolt of bio-electricity into her skull. “AHH!” she cried out in pain, but refused to go down. She pushed against me, breaking free and then jumped away towards her friends.

“W-what the fuck are you?!” the busty vamp asked me.

“I think he’s one of those mutants we hear so much about,” the blonde said with a sadistic smile as she licked her lips, “this one keeps getting better and better.”

“He’s mine!” the brunette called out charging at me with her claws and fangs bared.

“Nice doggy!” I cried out as I ducked under her swipes and kicks, “don’t bite me! I don’t want to turn into a werewolf!”

“We aren’t werewolves!” she cried out, “we’re vampires!”

“But you look like you have rabies,” I said with a smirk as I jumped back and shot a bio bolt at her shocking her system.

“I hate this ass!” the brunette growled through the pain, I’m surprised she can even move, that much electricity should kill a man.

“As usual, you let us down Kimmy,” the blonde sighed as she flicked her hair behind her, “guess we’ll have to take care of this.”

“Hey you two aren’t any better you know,” I said, “you look like you have fleas and the oriental chick looks like she’s going to drop a deuce any second.”

“What?!” the asian vamp looked pissed, good, anger makes them less focused and make mistakes, that’s just what I need.

“Yeah, but please you stupid mutt, don’t shit on my lawn, I didn’t bring a doggy bag with me,” I smirked seeing her get ticked off.

“That’s it!” she cried out as she the now more irritated looking blonde charged at me. I managed to block and move away from their strikes but they got a few in. They were faster than me, much faster.

Suddenly my spider sense went off. I jumped up just as the two remaining jock ghouls from before charged at me from behind, instead now tackling their vampire masters.

I landed on a tree branch and smirked as I saw the girls order the jocks to get off them. They growled in pain as their uniform was covered in mud. I couldn’t help chuckle looking down at them, “see you are werewolves, only mutts play in the mud. Just don’t expect a bubble bath after this, I don’t want you girls dragging in mud into the house.”

“Do you ever shut up?!” the brunette growled, now on her feet yet again.

“Not really, no,” I chuckled as I sent two bolts of electric energy at the jocks, knocking them unconscious, luckily they didn’t seem to have their masters durability.

“I’m going to enjoy killing you,” the blonde growled, “I’m going to make every second of your life a living hell!”

“Sorry, I’m not ready to get married,” I snorted. The girls were about to leap at me, I got another bolt of electricity ready to fire when my spider sense went off. I jumped, but I was too slow. Something came charging into me, throwing me out of the tree and into the ground rolling in the dirt.

“Who’s the dog now bitch?!” Kimmy spat out, kicking me in the stomach. But I didn’t register that, the pain I felt in my spine was too much for that. It wasn’t cut, no, thank god for small miracles. But it did hurt, a lot.

“I’m going to enjoying making you bleed!” the busty brunette called out kicking me again. I coughed out blood and looked up the girl looked mad with anger, smiling down at me. But the other two, they weren’t even looking at me.

“Kimmy,” the asian chick called out. Kimmy didn't listen to her, continuing to hit me. “Kimmy!” she roared again.

“What?!” the brunette snapped. The asian chick simply turned away. I looked up and saw Kimmy’s face turn pale as a sheet as she and the other girls watched a man walk out of the shadows.

“The three of you certainly have a gift I must say,” his voice was smooth like a river, yet dangerous like the deep blue sea. The girls were scared stiff at his image. He had long wavy hair that reached to his shoulder and wore tight black leather for pants.

“Tell me, are you all incompetent or just stupid?” the man asked as he walked up to the scared women.

“W-we were just trying to get something to eat,” the blonde whispered.

“Of course you were,” the man smiled with anything but understanding, “but you couldn’t even get that right,” he slapped her across the face. I heard her jaw break. “Useless.”

The other girls winced in pain as they saw their friend fall down holding her broken jaw in pain. The man now looked at me, a smile on his lips as he licked them, “aren’t you a juicy looking thing.”

“Kiss my ass,” I grunted out as I pulled myself up. I needed my suit, only problem is I left it at home! Note to self, never do something stupid like that again!

“Well, not to worry, I’ll do more than just kiss your lovely behind,” he chuckled darkly, “tell me boy, have you ever been with a man?”

“No, and I doubt you qualify gay lord,” I smirked, but inside I was crying out in panic, how fuck fuck am I going to get out of this!

“Hm, I like my lovers with a little bite,” he licked his lips as his fangs grew out, “but I assure you, my bite is far worse than yours.” He stepped forward when suddenly I heard a sharp whistle.

We all looked up and saw a black disc flying overhead.


The disc exploded and suddenly the entire forest was lit up with light like it was the middle of the morning. I had spot in my eyes when I heard them all scream bloody murder.

I blinked away the spots, I needed to see. And when they finally vanished I found the girls on fire, their skin burnt brown, but they were still alive and rolling on the ground trying to put themselves out.

I turned to creepy vamp dude and was surprised to see him gawking at me. His jaw dropped open as slowly the tip of a katana came through it. The sword slashed his head off with one clean swipe. The beheaded vamp dropped to the ground revealing a black man with short hair, black sunglasses and black overcoat.

“No way,” I gasped seeing the man flick his katana, wiping away the vamp’s blood. He looked at me and gave a node, I automatically nodded back at him.

“The daywalker!” one of the three barbeque girls called out. Two of them charged him, immediately the black man began to fight them, dodging their swipes before kicking them back, swinging his sword, trying to maim or decapitate them.

However the blonde, now with all her hair burnt off and skin burning, was still on the ground. She slowly turned to me, I could feel her red eyes trail across my neck, before suddenly she pounced at me.

“Get off!” I cried out sending a blast of bio-electricity at the bitch blasting her back. But the moment she landed on the ground she got back on all fours and charged at me like a wild animal.

I crawled away, I couldn’t give off any more electricity, it was pointless! I found a metal pipe near the garden, I found myself wishing for a katana like Blade but I’ll use what I can.

I grabbed it quickly and turned around. “ARGH!” I cried out swinging as hard as I could and suddenly I felt the metal pipe change in the palm of my hand.

It became smaller, it grew an edge as it became sharp enough to cut bone. The blade sailed through the air not even halting as it cleaved the vamp’s head off her body.

It came flying off as her blood splattered onto my body. I looked down, her head was between my legs as her body fell away to the side. My clothes were covered in blood, I turned to the pipe in my hands, no, not a pipe, a blade.

“No!” one of the other vamps cried out as she turned to me. In that moment of weakness the black man in the trench coat cut off her head before stabbing the last vampire through the chest.

The both died instantly. Slowly I found the body of the blonde turn into dust, leaving no proof behind of a body. I panted, slowly looking up at the man who saved me. He put his blade into his scabbard and bent down, “you okay?”

I nodded, “ah...yeah. I think so.” I nodded looking at the dust where the girls were, “they were vampires weren’t they?”

The man nodded, “yes, they were.”

I looked at the blade in my hand, “I...I never-”

“It wasn’t human,” he spoke up.

“Obviously neither am I,” I shot back.

He smiled, “what makes us human isn’t our genetics little mutant, it’s our choices. I know vampires who have turned but have never killed another human before. But these girls...they are monsters that deserve to be put down.”

I sighed, I couldn’t believe that, everyone deserved at least a chance, a chance to...I don’t know. I looked up at him, “thanks. Your Blade aren’t you? The vampire hunter?”

The man raised an eyebrow, “yes, and how do you know that?”

I slowly got back on my feet, “word gets around.”

“Is that why you’re here?” Blade asked looking at my cabin, “trying to find proof of the supernatural?”

I sighed, “believe it or not, I’m actually here on a vacation,” I kicked the shards of glass from my broken window, “so much for rest and relaxations.”

“Hm, well if it’s any consolation these were the only vamps I found in the area, you’ll be safe for now,” Blade turned around and walked away.

“Wait, that’s it? You come in, kick ass and then leave?”

Blade smirked, “kid, I came here to kill vampires, do you see any other vampires?”

“What about the jocks?” I pointed at the two unconscious once lying in the corner.

“Come morning the thralls will be released, don’t worry,” Blade waved my worry away as he walked away.

“Wait!” I called out. He turned around, starting to look annoyed. I took out a piece of paper, the receipt for my meal at Wendy’s and wrote down my contact info in the back. I gave to the man who raised an eyebrow, “if you’re ever in Queens and need a place to stay call me. I know I don’t look like much but I can help you out, I’m pretty smart.”

Blade chuckled, “fine, thanks kid,” he put the note away before walking into the forest and disappearing.

I blinked, ‘so cool,’ I looked around, there was a huge pile of ashes where four vampires once were. Four unconscious jocks who are probably going to call out for mommy come morning and one broken window. This was going to be a long night.

But on the plus side, I looked down at the metal blade in my hand. It was crude, but I knew for a fact that Magneto’s powers inside my body were finally active. I could feel it, the metal, I think I can transform metal, this warrants further research.

The Next Day:

I barely got any sleep that night. So much fucking work! First I had to go to the nearest hardware store and buy the materials to replace my broken window. It was a half assed job, but at least now the owner won’t ask me what happened the moment he sees a broken window.

Then came the jocks, I left them by the side of the highway, when I went into town for lunch I heard people talking about the boys they found and how they had no memory of what happened to them for the past six months.

I collected the vampire dust samples for studying, though the equipments I had on hand were useless. They weren't strong enough, so I’ll have to use the ones in the Baxter building instead.

After all that I came back to my cabin and slept until late in the afternoon. When I woke up, it was testing time.

My powers seemed to revolve around metal, that’s for sure. But to what extent? When I was at the hardware store I also bought sheets of other metal as well. Copper, steel, bronze, iron and aluminum.

I checked and surprise surprise, only ferrous metals were reactive. When I touched metals like steel, I found that I could feel its metallic form under my hand, like it was a part of me without any nerves. Like a really long nail.

But then when I held the copper and bronze sheets I felt nothing. It seemed my powers were limited to only ferrous metals, which isn’t bad.

I then moved on to see what I could actually do with these powers. I held the iron sheet in my hands and focused, picturing a metal pipe like the one I held onto before. Slowly I felt my body push out what felt like mild waves of electricity into the metal bending it to my will.

I gawked as the metal sheet rolled itself up into a crude form of the pipe I imagined in my head. The waves, they were magnetic waves, I was producing them.

“Holy shit! I’m a metal bender! Eat your heart out Toph!” I cried out happily, “this is so cool!”

Obviously my powers were nothing compared to Magneto’s, he was the master of magnetism, I was just a student, but...but this was useful. I wasn’t big on metallic projectiles and like, but maybe I should be. This power is useful, but until I can figure out how to use it properly it will have to be my secret.

As evening fell I started to pack up. I had all my stuff in my car and got ready to leave. I just finished my shower and stepped out, wiping away the mist once more. I took out my tongue cleaner and used it only to find the edge a little too dull. I need to buy a new one….or.

I touched the metal part and focused, finding just a little bit of iron in the metal, enough to bend it, yup, that’s right, I’m calling my new power metal bending. Bite me.

Slowly the cleaner got sharper. I smiled and looked up at the mirror only to stop and stare. My eyes, they were blue again. I dropped the tongue cleaner and immediately they went back to being brown.

“Woah,” I blinked, still brown. I picked up the tongue cleaner and used my metal bending powers on it, my eyes flashed blue yet again and stayed that way.

My eyes, they changed colour every time I used my metal bending powers. This….this could be a problem, but not a big one. At last I don’t get white hair everytime I use my powers, that would be noticeable.

I sighed, ‘well Kitten did always say I would look hot with blue eyes.’ I quickly locked up the cabin and left, dropping the key off at the owner’s place.

I reached the city by 8 and found May, Ben and Richard waiting for me inside. They were just anxious to see me return home safe. After I told them about the ‘trip with Sue to the nano tech conference’, they let me go to bed and sleep.

Of course I didn’t actually sleep. I was too wide awake for that. I locked my room door, put on my costume and opened up the window, leaping into the night as Spider-man.

I swung my way into Manhattan and paroled the city for a while. I didn’t find much trouble though, surprisingly enough, but I did find several cops outside searching for something, which made me curious.

I found a pair of cops looking around in alleys, calling out a name, Stephen. I landed on the alley wall and cleared my throat. Immediately they both turned to me flashing their torches right at my face. I held up my hand and squinted, “hey guys, mind dropping the light?”

“Oh, it’s you Spider-man, sorry we didn’t, shit sorry,” the male cop said dropping his torch. He was black a little overweight but not too bad. His partner was a woman, latina from the looks of it.

“It’s fine,” I shrug, “anything I can help you guys with? You sound...disturbed.”

“A kid’s gone missing,” the male cop told me, “last scene in Hell’s kitchen.”

I raised an eyebrow, “any idea who did it?”

“No clue,” the female cop replied, “but we heard it has something to do with the Russians, they are trying to pick a fight with someone. One of your types,” she hissed.

“One of my types?” I asked.

“She didn’t mean anything by it,” the man tried to defend her.

“The hell I didn’t!” she cried out, “he’s a vigilante Dom! You shouldn’t be defending him! He takes the law into his own hands and doesn’t give a damn what he does!”

“Well then next time an army of aliens invade Earth you can protect it with your guns and loud impressive speeches,” I shot back. The woman looked hurt while the man just shook his head sadly. “I’ll do my best to find the kid. Night officers.”

As Spider-man swung away Dom turned to his rookie partner and sighed, “he’s not a bad guy, he doesn’t deserve whatever hate you have for the hero type.” She didn’t reply, simply looking up at the night sky, wondering if she went too far.

Hell’s kitchen, every time that place in involved I knew exactly who to talk too. I swung by his apartment but he wasn’t there. Where could Matt be?! Wait...kidnapped kid...this was the first episode of Daredevil, meaning it had begun!

That means only one thing, he’s in Clair Temple’s place. I pull up my SA and hack into the housing office finding out her current residence. She was just a few blocks away.

I quickly swung over just in time to see Matt fighting with some guy on the roof. He was dressed in all black with a black scarf over his head and gloves. He was bleeding, I could tell. The man he was fighting had a knife, he was about to swing at Matt when I shot a web line at the knife and pulled it out of his hands.

“What the-” the man looked confused for a second, he turned around when suddenly Matt’s fist collided with his jaw throwing him flying backward.

I landed in front of him and threw the knife aside. I looked him over, “I don’t like it the costume.”

He smiled, “it’s a work in progress.”

“Sure,” I looked around and found Claire Temple peeking from behind an air vent, “hello! If you please miss, we are two highly professional heroes! It would be best if you went back inside.”

“She’s with me,” Matt replied as he grabbed the criminal and pulled him to the roof.

“She is?” I asked.

“I am?” Claire replied before she turned to me with wide eyes, “you’re Spider-man,” she turned to Matt, “you know Spider-man?!”

“It’s a long story,” Matt replied.

“I broke into his house,” I told her with a shrug, “he didn’t like it. Kicked my ass all over the floor.”

“How did you find me?” Matt asked.

“I was looking around for a kid, names Stephen, I was looking for you to get some help, since this your territory and all,” I shrugged.

He smiled, “didn’t realise I made a name for myself.”

“Yeah, never did get your code name thought, what is it? Night man?” I chuckled.

“Cute,” Matt slapped the man awake. He grabbed him by the collar and pulled him on the roof’s edge and pushed him, holding him tightly, “where’s the child?!”

“I-I don’t know man!” the mobster called out, “I swear!”

“You’re lying!” Matt punched him across the face.

Claire winced, she turned to me, “can’t you stop him?”

I sighed, “it’s either this or let a child die. What do you think?”

Mat went on and on, slowly breaking the man. He finally admitted where the kid was and Matt pushed him off the roof. I gasped, jumping over the roof, throwing a web line just in time to catch the man before he hit the garbage can under him.

I laid him down gently and checked on his vitals. Other than a very erratic heartbeat and a sprained ankle and a dozen other problems, he was alive.

I went back up and glared at Matt, “what is your problem man?!”

“What? He’s alive,” Matt shrugged.

Claire looked at me, “is he always like this?”

“Honestly? You know him better than me,” I sighed before turning to him, “you got a place at least?”

Matt nodded as he moved to the fire escape, “are you coming?”

“Sure! Unless you don’t want me too.”

He sighed, “it’s a free world.”

“Yay! Our very first team up!” I chuckled as I followed him from rooftop to rooftop, parkouring the shit out of the neighborhood.

We reached a run down looking building. Matt pauses for a while before pointing at the third floor, “can you get us there?”

We were across the street, “no problem. You want to go stealth or make some noise?”

“Noise,” Matt replied, “I want to make a statement.”

“Good,” I shot out two web lines handing him one, “it’s straight ahead, just give it a running start if you're nervous.”

“Right,” he said. We jumped off the roof and swung across the building. We crashed into the window feet first landing in the middle of a giant poker table.

The men around us got to their feet and reached for their guns. I leaped up and socked two of them in the jaw before kicking another between the legs.

Matt was taking on three at a time as a fourth snuck up behind him. I held up one hand and fired a bio-bolt at him, zapping the man unconscious.

Matt looked at the attack, nodded to me and then knocked out two men, throwing the third through the room door.

We walked out into the hallway as slowly Matt and I walked inside each room and beat the gangsters to a pulp. He and I worked together so effortlessly it was almost magical. I jumped over him and he ducked, he threw a chair at me and I grabbed it and smashed it over a bad guy, best team up ever!

We reached the final room, inside was a scared little boy. I waited outside as Matt went in and picked the boy up, walking outside.

I followed behind him and looked at the beaten bodies we left behind, “oddly enough this isn’t the bloodiest battle I have been in this weekend.”

“Really?” Matt snorted.

“Yup, just yesterday I was fighting with this guy named Blade. Freaking vampires man, scared the shit out of me!”

“Vampires?” Matt asked.

I nodded, “vampires.”