The Spider Chapter 28

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 28: Down Came the Rain

I made sure to stay in the shadows when Matt dropped the boy off at the nearest police stations. Once that was done I helped him back to his home, no matter how tough he acted I could see he was in a lot of pain.

I opened the window and let him in. He sighed as he plopped onto his couch and removed his mask, panting as he simply relaxed.

"You need a better costume," I told him.

"Maybe you can get me the number of whoever makes yours," he smiled, "I can hear the little machines you have in there. It wasn't this advanced the last time we meet."

"No, it wasn't," I told his as I sat down next to him, "I can make you a suit if you want."

"Really?" he asked.

I nodded, "if you really want one," I know according to the show some other dude is supposed to help him out with the costume, but if I can get him state of the art protection right now? I'll do it.

"I don't have much money," he admitted, "I can't pay for all the fancy tech you have. How did you get it anyway?"

"I have a day job you know."

"As what? Tony Stark?" he chuckled.

I smirked, "no, but close."

"Wait really?"

"Yup. I'm an inventor, I make cool shit and get money off the patent."

"Anything I would know?"

"Hm sorry, mostly big corporations and shit like that," I sighed, "I can make you a suit Matt, if you want me too that is."

Matt sighed before nodding, "yes, please. I would rather not end up dead in some alley somewhere if I can help it."

I smiled, "fine. And you sure you don't want any tech in it?"

"Just make sure I didn't die because of a stab wound and that'll be enough," he smiled.

I nodded, "I'll bring it over as soon as I can." Maybe by the tim he finishes taking down the Kingpin the suit I give him will be useless, maybe then he can get a new one made by the guy who was supposed to make it originally.

Maybe….meh, honestly I don't mind, I could get used to making superhero's costumes. I always did spend so much time as a kid making new costumes for my favorite heroes, and they were pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

"Matt," I asked him, "why did they take a kid? And who are they for that matter?"

"They are the russian mob," Matt told me, "and they took the kid to get to me."

"Any particular reason?" I asked him.

"I'm being a pain in their ass," Matt snorted.

"Hm, you know I've been noticing lately that random acts of crime has gone down a lot since the incident, I find it odd that they suddenly made a move like this."

"Crime hasn't gone down kid, criminals just got smarter," Matt told me, "you're like a beacon, they know they can't take you, so every time you come around they hide like cockroaches from the light. It stands to reason you can't find anyone openly opposing you anymore, they are too scared."

I whistled, "damn, am I really that scary?"

"Yes," Matt nodded, "I heard about what you did, I doubt anyone would want to fight someone with the tech of Iron man, the fighting skills of Captain America and whatever spider thing you got going on there."

"Oh stop you're making me blush Matt," I chuckled before growing serious, "if what you're saying is true then crime hasn't gone down, it's just more hidden. Okay...okay I'll have to be more careful now. Thanks Matt."

He nodded, "right. Oh and if you're serious about this, know that there's a new player in town. I don't know his name, but he or she are the reason all the gangs are acting so smart lately. I was following a lead with the Russians when they decided to pull this stunt, sigh, hopefully you'll have better luck than I did."

I looked at Matt, I sighed, "his name is Wilson Fisk."

"I'm sorry?" Matt turned to me, his unfocused eyes staring at the wall over my shoulder.

"The guys name, it's Wilson Fisk, that's who you're searching for. I may not be in touch with the criminal underground, but I do keep my ear to the ground. I don't know much about him, real estate guy, big, fat but underneath all that fat was some serious muscle."

"I see," Matt nodded, "I'll try to find out more about him."

"As the masked Night man or as Matt Murdock?" I asked him walking to his window.

"Both," he replied before humming, "you know, you never did tell me your name."

"You already know it, it's Spider-man," I chuckled, leaping out of the window and swinging away.

I spent a few more hours outside patrolling, focusing around Hell's kitchen. If Fisk was in charge of things here then I need to be more careful about how I do things. Maybe it's time I go undercover. Hm, if I do that I'm going to need a cover about...Bruce Wayne?

Hehe, this is going to be good.

I went home that night later than usual, it was around 2 in the morning when I got in. I had just gotten into my PJ's and slipped into bed when my SHIELD issue phone suddenly went off.

I groaned, 'I should totally just let that go to voicemail….yeah…'s not like it's an Avenger's level threat right? No way….fuck!' I grabbed the phone, it was Fury.

"Hello my second favorite cyclops! How's it hanging?" I asked into the phone.

"Greenpoint Avenue Bridge, now. And don't suit up," he hanged up.

Fucking great, what the hell does he want now? I swear I think he timed the call on purpose the moment I got out of my costume.

I grumbled, but luckily after a glass of water and an energy bar I was good to go. I put on a dark set of tracks and tucked away black ski mask and my spare web shooters, just in case. Never know what's going to happen when you go for a midnight rendezvous with the greatest spy in the world.

I put on my old shooters and swung my way towards the bridge in question. I made sure to land nearly a block away and covered the rest by foot. I was about to walk into the bridge when I noticed a man standing near a tree. He wore a grey tracksuit with a duffle bag over his shoulder, I focused and could make out Fury's face.

I turned to him and he walked into a nearby park that overlooked the bridge. We sat down on a bench in the middle of tall bushes that smelled of piss and beer.

"Why the secrecy?" I asked him, "we could have just met in the safe house."

"SHIELD's been compromised," were the first words out of his mouth.

My eyes went wide, "I'm sorry?"

"The bases you stole from Wyndham's computer?" Fury reached into his duffle bag and took out a folder and passed it to me.

I looked inside and found pictures of rooms that looked recently vacated, they left behind furnitures like chairs and tables, but not one shred of paper was found.

"Shit," I hissed, "how? The only ones who knew I even made a list where the people on the team that helped take down Wyndham and you."

"After you delivered the drive to me I issued a search and capture order on all those sites," Fury explained looking me in the eye, "I had to wait for 12 hours to launch a simultaneous attack on all the sites. And in that small time frame they got away."

"How the hell can you empty out bases this big in 12 hours?"

"They didn't empty out most of them," he took a picture from the back, it was of a burned down building, "in most cases they burnt it all."

"But still, 12 hours?" I hummed, "that's not possible unless-"

"-Unless the lis got out and someone told them beforehand," Fury completed with a node.

"Woah….we have a spy on our hands," I told him.

"Not just one, many, and they have deep roots in SHIELD," Fury grumbled, "for them to gain this type of's uncanny."

"Could it be someone higher up?"

"No," he looked at me.



"What?!" I cried out, "you think I'm a spy?! For HYDRA?! The guys who kidnapped and enslaved my dad for over a decade?!"

Fury meet my eyes and for a moment I feared he would do something stupid. But then he sighed, "sorry, just had to be sure."

I blinked, "what?"

"I wanted to see if you were lying or not."

"And you can tell just by looking at someone?" I asked.

"I find myself to be a very good judge of character."

"Really?" I asked with a drawl.

"Yes, I figured you would make a good Avenger didn't I?" he smirked. I grumbled, stupid old man. He sighed, "I don't think you're a spy, and I don't think anyone on the Avengers roster is one either, in case you were wondering. But..."

"You can't say the same about your own agents," I told him, and suddenly I got a horrible thought. " don't think she's-"

"No," he said much to my relief, "if there's one agent I can trust with my life it's her."

I sighed, "thank god. Because just between you and me I don't think I can fight her."


"She would kick my ass," I shuddered, "maybe if I had my suit and web shooters I would have a chance, but pure combat? She would win hands down."

"Hm," he hummed thinking, obviously he had just ignored my little triad right there. He turned to me, "I want you to keep a closer eye on things on your side. If HYDRA is active, it's bigger than it ever was before. And more secretive, I couldn't find a shred of evidence leading to them and you just threatened to drag them into the light. Watch your back Peter."

I nodded, "yeah…my secret identity, you don't have it on file do you?"

Fury's face hardened, "yes," I gasped, "but only I have access to it."

"And what about the people above you?"

"The council members? There's no way that-" he paused thinking it over before nodding, "I'll remove it as soon as I can. It may not do much but at least on the off chance they haven't been able to hack into our servers you'll be safe.'

I sighed, "thank you Fury."

He nodded, "right," he got up before realizing something, "oh, and before I forget," he reached into his jacket pocket and took out a photo and passed it to me.

Curiously I took it and looked it over. It was Jessica Drew, she was smiling and looked a lot healthier than before. She was wearing SHIELD uniform, only without any of the weapons or the symbol on the shoulders. I turned the pictures around and saw in cursive the words, 'Thanks for everything, you're my hero' with her name signed below.

"She started training last week," Fury told me with a smile, "she's good, her powers make her an excellent agent and...well, thanks to you she has her eyes sent on making a name for herself."

I chuckled, "damn, didn't think I could have this kind of impact on people."

"Are you kidding?" Fury smiled, "every day I hear an agent go on and on about how you're an inspiration. How you try to be a hero despite everything. You're a good kid Peter, and a better hero. Get used to having people look up to you."

"Thanks," I looked up but found myself alone in the park. I got on my feet and looked around but I swear he was nowhere around. I blinked, "okay...that's a little cool." I so have to learn how to do that.

The next day:

Fuck school. I really hate this place. Not only did I get stuck with fucking advanced placement classes that had me actually pay attention, I couldn't even spend time with my girlfriend.

At lunch I managed to spot Felicia, MJ and Liz sitting near the back chatting with each other. I smiled and walked up to them, but as I did I quickly noticed a new member joining the group, a guy, blonde hair, pale face and smile as he looked at Felicia.

I don't like him.

"Hey Tiger," Felicia noticed me first as she smiled and waved at me, "it's been so long!"

"Ha-ha," I rolled my eyes, "who's this?"

"Hey," the teenager smiled, "I'm Mark, Mark Raxton, nice to meet you!"

I didn't recognize the name, so not a big super villain or anything. "I'm Peter," I nodded as I stepped between him and Felicia and sat down, "nice to meet you Mark," I glared at him, the message was clear, 'don't fucking think about it you piece of shit.'

"Y-yeah, hi," Mark said with a gulp. Good, he knows his place.

"Someone's protective," Felicia giggled.

"Two words, Jessica Drew," I grinned.

"Hey! That's because of you not me!"

"You gave her a black eye."


I smiled at turned to Mark, "so, how did you guys meet?"

"Mark's in our music class," Liz explained with a smile, "MJ and him were chatting and she invited him to lunch."

"Really," I grinned looking at MJ who tried her best not to blush. Wait, did she say music class. I blinked, "do we have music classes here?"

"Yes Peter," Liz sighed as she rubbed her temples, "not everyone can take advanced calculus for their credit requirements."

"Hey, don't blame my genius boyfriend for being smart!" Felicia called out hugging me tightly, "he's a special little boy!"

"I have a feeling you just called me retarded," I grumbled.

"Wait, so you're Peter Parker?" Mark asked with a little surprise in his voice.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"Dude! You're like a legend!" Mark called out, "we heard about you! You like saved everyone's lives at the Stark expo last year! And you for with the Fantastic Four! Even the kids in my old school up North knows about you!"

I blinked and looked at the girls, "am I?"

"Yup," Felicia nodded, "basically because you consider high school pointless and don't give a damn about nearly all the people here you basically became like a god to them."

"We didn't want to tell you because we didn't want you getting a big head," Liz huffed, "besides it's not like it can get any bigger."

"So wait, do you like know Johnny Storm?" Mark asked with wide curious eyes.

I nodded and slowly the barrage of questions hit me like an avalanche. I spent most of lunch answering questions about Johnny and the other Fantastic Four. Fucking fanboy.

But over the course of lunch I noticed him and MJ flirting a bit, she got annoyed he was ignoring her and I could tell. And then after he was done with his little hero worship he flirted with MJ a little, and Liz, he tried to get the trifecta and made googly eyes at Felicia, but one glare from me convinced him otherwise.

By the end of lunch Felicia and I found ourselves in the coffee shop we used to come too and I tutored her. She didn't have physics this year, hence no studying, but it was still a perfectly decent place for a date.

We gave our order and sat down near the back, snuggled together. Felicia took out her phone and went on Twitter, I watched as she looked around my alter ego's profile.

"You really need to use this more often," she told me.

I shrugged, "I use it as a public speaking platform Kitten, warn people of an alien invasion, fight annoying reporters on my case and maybe burn a couple of annoying 12 year olds with too much time on their hands."

"It would still be better if you actually used it," she shrugged, "anyway, Peter...we need to talk."

I stopped and blinked, I turned to her with a serious glare, "you're not breaking up with me are you?"

"What? No!" Felicia threw her head back and laughed, "no you stupid boy!" She cupped my cheeks and looked at me dead in the eye, "look at me Peter, I'm not going to leave you so don't plan on getting depressed any time soon, okay?"

I couldn't help but smile, I leaned forward and pressed my lips on hers giving it a gentle kiss. I pulled her close as we snuggled together. "So what do you want to talk about?"

She took a deep breath and sighed, " father. I figured out how to get him out."

I felt the world come to a halt, whatever she was going to say I didn't think...I didn't expect this! I turned to her and looked seriously, "what?"

"I….I found out where they are keeping him."

I felt fear drop into my stomach like a hot ball of lead, "how?"

"He...he told me where they were keeping him, it's a facility in Texas, it's not there in any maps, but I found it," she smiled, "Peter, I found my dad."

"How? SHIELD isn't a small time police department Felicia they are the best of the best, how did you find it?"

"I had help," she whispered, "an agent who said he's an old friend of my dad's. He found where he worked."

"What's his name?"

"Rumlow, Brock Rumlow," she spoke and immediately I had a face for the name.

It was the face of the man who killed Captain America, in the comic books at least. He was...he was...he is going to be the villain known as Crossbones. A man who I know for a fact works for HYDRA, meaning he didn't just give this information to Felicia.

"You can't trust him," I told her immediately, "he's a double agent."

Felicia looked confused, "I'm sorry? What?"

I looked around, no one looked like a spy, then again I doubt there would be, stupid paranoia. I looked at Felica, "someone got the list of all the HYDRA bases that I got from Wyndham, they made sure each base was empty when SHIELD came in. Fury told me about it yesterday, he said that he suspects moles, several of them and..." here came the little white lie, well not a lie, more like a well placed guess, "I know for a fact that Rumlow is one of those people."

Felicia narrowed her eyes, "that's….not possible."

"No, it kind of is," I sighed as I quickly came up with an idea, "think about it, you're looking for your dad, anyone would know that. Rumlow gives you this information, we go to break your dad out and he tips of SHIELD getting us caught. We are both out of the field and whatever plans HYDRA has...we can't stop it."

Felicia shook her head, "Peter, are you crazy?! You sound like a conspiracy nut job!"

"No I'm not, because if I was in HYDRA's place that's exactly what I would do," I told her, "this is a trap Felicia, we can't afford to fall in it."

"Peter, it's my dad, I can't let him route in prison for the rest of his life!" her voice raised.

"I know that, I do, but all I'm saying is give it some time, I'll tell Fury what happened, I'll tell him it was Rumlow and he'll catch the guy red handed."

"And probably transfer my dad somewhere even harder to get!" she snapped, I could see pure fury in her eyes, "I'm not letting him go Peter, not again!"

"Why can't you get this Felecia?!" I could feel myself getting angrier, "they are using you, using us. We stopped their plans and now they want us gone so that they don't have to worry about us coming after them!"

"Us? You mean you," she got up and walked up.

"Felicia!" I called after her, following her outside. I ran to her and grabbed her wrist pulling her around, "please Felicia, it's a trap!"

"No!" she pulled away, "it's not Peter! It's this crazy idea you have in your head! Whatever it is! It's just me going after my father!"

"But HYDRA-"

"-Doesn't care about me! I'm nothing, just a thief! You're the amazing Spider-man," she whispered with a hiss, "they want you. So you know what, you don't have to come, I'll do it myself, you can just stick to being a good little hero looking down at me like a judgemental prick!"

My eyes went wide as she ran away from me. Did she really think that? That I...that I look down at her? That she was somehow not important to me?

"Felicia!" I call out running after her. She slipped into an alley and tried to lose me, but I managed to jump over her and landed before her, getting in her way, "I never once looked down on you Felicia. Believe me, please. I don't know where this is coming from!"

She looked at me, I could see tears slowly welled up, "when you told me your aunt and uncle were kidnapped I didn't ask questions, I didn't ask a thing. All I did was ask you what I could do to help. And now? When I need your help saving my dad? You make these stupid theories….you don't need to lie to me Peter, I can do this on my own."

"I didn't lie to you Felicia!" I snapped, "I'm telling the truth! SHIELD does have spies in it, and chances are Rumlow is a spy! I'm trying to protect you! Protect us!"

"What proof do you have?" she asked me, "what proof do you have that he's a spy?"

"Why would a SHIELD agent vulture classified information to you?" I asked, "why would he do that unless he wanted something?"

"He said he was a friend of my father's-"

"-When did they become friends?! When he was in prison?!" I snapped. And immediately I knew I said too much, I stammered out, "I-I'm sorry Felicia, I didn't mean-"

"-No," her voice trembled with rage, "save it. I'm done explaining myself to you. Don't talk to me," she pushed past me and walked away. I wanted to run after her, I really did. But after what I said...I don't think that would be a smart thing to do.

But then again I never was a smart man was I?

I looked around, the alley was empty. I slipped into the shadows and when I came out I was in full Spider-man gear. I climbed up to the roof and looked around for her. I quickly found Felicia walking away a block over and began to follow her.

As we reached a junction she slowly looked up and I immediately moved away from the roof edge. I waited for a moment before looking down again and seeing her staring right at me. She flipped me the bird before walking off, getting into a cab and driving away.

I followed her back home where she closed her windows and pulled down the shades. I knew I couldn't say anything to change what I said. I texted her twice, forgive me. But she didn't respond.

'This calls for a big apology, like really big,' I thought to myself, 'cake, flowers, vanilla milkshake and maybe a new pair of boots,' but something felt off. She wasn't just angry at me, she was angry at Spider-man, meaning he had to apologize as well.

Immediately I got an idea, it was stupid and kind of dumb, but I was desperate. Felicia is the one thing in this life that I can truly say I love with all my heart. Even being Spider-man is something I would be willing to give up for her sake, but that didn't mean I wanted her and I trapped by HYDRA in the stupid plan they made for us.

I swung over to the Brooklyn bridge, big bridge, lots of space and best of all, giant red metal tubes that I could use as a writing post.

I stood at the top and shot out web lines after web lines, creating a thick bunch of wires that was darkened thanks to their density.

It took me minutes to finish the first four words, mostly because I was getting used to forming said words in the first place.

For anyone looking at the bridge from either side or driving through said bridge, they would see me spelling out the words, 'I Love You' with my webs. I still hadn't completed the message, I am meaning to write down, 'I Love You Cat, Always', hm, should I add in the comma or not? Meh, I should, I am somewhat of a grammar nazi.

And speaking of nazi…, "computer, call Fury," it rang three times before he picked it up.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, "the NEWS is all over your ass."

I looked down and sure enough the trucks had arrived and were filming eagerly, "yeah, I noticed. But it's not like it's village or anything right? I'm just writing a giant apology letter. Why? What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're graffiting the Brooklyn bridge because you're trying to impress your girl," he shot back.

"Well...yeah," I chuckled, "I'm surprised you heard about this? Don't you have better things to do?"

"No when it involves one of the world's mightiest heroes."

"Oh Nicky, you're making me blush," I could almost hear the man rub his temples on the other side, God I love being Spider-man! "Anyway, this isn't why I called."

"Oh? Do tell," Fury asked.

"An agent of yours," I stopped, should I tell him about Rumlow? No, that would just complicate the plot of Winter soldier but on the other hand if he gets removed then there won't be a reason for Civil war to happen so...fuck the timeline, "Rumlow, he contacted Felicia offering to help free her father."

"What?!" Fury snapped.

"Yeah, I'm thinking he's HYDRA. They probably know Felicia is willing to do anything to save her father and they know I'm willing to do anything to make sure she doesn't end up in jail. I'm guessing they are trying to lure us into a trap. Meaning Rumlow-"

"-Is HYDRA," Fury completed, "is she going to do something stupid?"

"Like get her father out of jail?" I asked to which he hummed, "no, well at least I'm hoping I can convince her otherwise. We had a huge fight about this, she wanted to follow Rumlow lead and I didn't, I'm hoping I can talk some sense into her."

"Do that, I don't want to put two Cat's in prison," Fury grumbled out.

"You can help with that," I told him.


"Rumlow claimed he's a friend of Walter's, can you find proof this isn't the case? Like did they ever work together? Did Rumlow ever serve as a warden in the place where you have Hardy tied up? Anything I can use to show Felicia he's full of shit?"

"I'll see what I can find," Fury told me, "make sure she doesn't do anything stupid Peter." Oh no, he called me Peter, now I have to take this seriously too!

"The one thing in life I won't ever let happen Fury, and that is put Felicia Hardy in trouble. You can count on-"


The explosion was loud, like a freaking cannon! I looked over and saw a wave of orange energy explode out from over on Upper East side, and there was only one thing I knew there that could even explain what that was. The Baxter building.

"What was that?!" Fury yelled out.

"I don't know, but I'll find out, Spider out," I cut the call and swung away across the bridge heading right into the heart of the city.

As I came closer I noticed the traffic had gotten stuck around the area where the Baxter building was. People were running away from something. I grew worried, was everyone okay? Ben would be fine, Reed can't get hurt that easily. Johnny might make it out fine and Sue has her invisible shields but….dad.

I grew afraid, so very afraid for that man who looked at me like his own son. I may not be his child, but the least I owe Peter is to make sure his father was alright.

I swung around the corner and the Baxter building came into view. The top five floors were bruning. Fuck, there goes my lab! Fuck me!

Fire was pouring out, people were crying out. I could hear ambulances coming over, good, I don't need to deal with civilians right now.

I swung over to the lounge windows and ran in. Everything was burnt, burning like it had a purpose. I adjusted my web shooter settings and shot out giant wads of webbing, covering the flames and killing them through suffocation.

"Dad?! Ben?! Johnny! Where are you guys!" I called out as I finished putting out the fire in the lounge, running into each lab.

"Peter! Over here!" I heard a voice calling out from inside Sue's lab. I ran to it and found the door locked. I touched the door, no heat, meaning there wasn't I fire that would be feeding fresh air if I kicked this down.

With a quick kick the door came flying off it's hinges. I ran it and looked around, everything was trashed, luckily Sue kept all her experiments in plexiglass, most weren't open. But near the back of the destroyed room I found Richard holding Sue and Johnny as the wall collapsed over him.

"Dad!" I called out running towards them, "are you alright?!"

"Sue protected us," Richard called out, "she grabbed us just in time! But I think it wore her out! Johnny's passed out!"

"Hold on tight! I'll get you out!" I looked over and quickly withdrew my spider arms from their casing. They shot out four web lines at the fallen concrete and pulled at once. The walls on the side came flying away, but the one directly over them threatened to come crashing down. I ran and grabbed it before it smashed Richard and the others, holding it up with my superior strength.

"Any time now dad!" I grunted out as I held the concrete wall up.

"Right," Richard said as he limped out from under the wall's shadow, dragging Johnny and Sue with him. Once they were clear I dropped them and moved away.

"What the hell happened?" I asked him.

"I don't know," he gasped, "we felt it coming from Reed's lab before everything just went upside down. Sue save me but...oh god what could have caused this?!"

I looked around, "this is bad, this is very bad," I had such a bad feeling about this. I touched my helmet's side and activated the call feature, "call all Avenger's."

Richard gasped but remained silent as my phone called Tony, Cap, Nat, Clint and Fury, the last of who I considered an honorary member of the team. I also avoided calling Bruce, no need for the Hulk at times like this.

"Hello?" Tony picked up first.

"Stark? Why did you call me?" Fury asked.

"Me? I didn't' call you, you did!" Tony shot back.

"Tony, if this is a joke it isn't funny," Steve's voice came.

"Captain? You're on this too?" Fury asked in surprise.

"I called you guys," I spoke up, "I'm in the Baxter building right now, everything's wrecked. Something's going on guys and I don't know what. Tony, how soon can you get here?"

"Fifteen minutes?" he guessed.

"Great, come soon and bring every armour you got. The place looks like a war zone," I looked around, "Fury, Sue Storm and Johnny are out, I need agents here now. Cap, think you and Widow can make sure nothing get out of here?"

"I'll be on the first jet over," Nat's one and only reply came before she disconnected.

"I'll see you soon Spider-man," Cap replied before cutting of as well. I disengaged the call and sighed, 'now, what the hell caused this?'

I walked to the door when Richard called me, "where are you going?"

"To find Reed and Ben," I told him, "stay here, whatever caused this probably thinks you're dead, and that's a good thing. Tony and the other's will be here soon."

"Peter, don't go-"

"-I have too," I shot back, "I'm sorry dad."

The man looked heart broken, he sighed, "be safe son. Please."

I nodded and quickly ran out, heading towards Richard's lab. I found the door wide open and it's sides covered with ash. I could see small pieces of concrete blown outwards, meaning whatever that energy wave was it came from inside here.

I ran inside and found everything dark. I cursed and quickly turned on night vision. Immediately I found Ben in one corner of the room. He had been thrown into the wall, judging by the crater he formed behind him. I ran to his side, "Ben!"

His blue eyes opened slowly as he looked at me, blinking, "Pete?"

"Don't say anything Ben, you could be hurt. Stay still, I called for help," I told him looking him over, "where's Reed? What happened?"

"Stretch," he groaned out looking to the middle of the lab. I looked over and found Reed stretched out like a rubber band lying face down.

"Reed!" I called out running towards him.

"No," Ben moaned, but he knew Peter couldn't hear him, "he's back."

I carefully picked up Reed and touched his neck, there was a steady heartbeat, thank god. I sighed, "Reed? Reed can you hear me? It's going to be alright okay?"

He opened his eyes slowly, squinting at me, "I-I'm sorry. He's back. I-I didn't mean-" he trailed off.

"It's alright Reed, you'll be fine!" I cried out.

"No my dear Spider, I do not think it will," came a voice from behind the giant machine. I snapped my head around just in time to see a bright green circle flare in front of me.

'MOVE!' I heard myself scream out, jumping back just as I avoided a blast of green energy. Suddenly my sense blared out, something was behind me, and I practically just ran into it.

I couldn't stop my backward momentum as a metal hand grabbed my throat from behind. I grabbed at my throat but that did nothing to deter the creature as it began to lift me into the air, choking me.

'Fuck!' I cursed as I put my hand on the arm and sent a repulsor out strong enough to break bones.


I went down on my feet, coughing enough to pop out a lung. I rubbed my throat and looked around, it was a robot, half broken, the very same one I had been studying ever since Doom attacked this place nearly a year ago. I realised immediately what was going on, I looked up just in time to see a figure walk out of the light.

His armour was battered and no longer shined. It was dull and chipped away. But I could see green light pouring out of every crack. His cloak was in tatters, his mask looked like it was welded onto his face. He looked down at me and raised a hand.

"Doom has come for you," Victor Von Doom said as he sent a blast of energy at me.

I was too slow. The attack was too sudden. I blame the shock of seeing him alive. He hit me right in the chest sending me flying out of Reed's lab and into the wall across the door.

Doom walked out, his heavy steps were the only things I could here. I slowly fell down, but before I could reach the cold hard floor Doom's first was around my throat. He squeezed, I gasped, the pain, I have never felt pain like this before.

"I spent so long in that realm, so long thinking of ways to kill you, to crush you like the insect you are," he spat as he suddenly threw me into the wall again, breaking a rib in the process.

I picked me out and threw me across the lounge floor. I rolled and quickly tried to get back on my feet. I managed to get on one knee, that would be enough. I raised both hands up into the air and fired two repulsor blasts.

"Pathetic," he called out summoning a shield of green energy to protect him. I couldn't believe it, was that...magic? The shield was a green circle with two adjacent rectangles inside with several sanskrit words written inside. How?!

"Insolent bug," he dropped the shield and kicked me across the jaw sending me flying away through the air.

I landed with a thud and felt a broken tooth. I looked up just in time to see him send a bolt of lighting at me strong enough to fry a human. I smirked, I felt my suit's power charge up. I cried out in pain, pretending to be hurt, waiting for my chance.

Doom finally stopped, he glared at me, he was about to move when suddenly Richard came up behind him with a fire extinguisher raised over Doom's head, knocking him over the head with it.


Doom paused, he turned around and looked at Richard, "foolish, but brave," he grabbed Richard by the throat and lifted him up, "I'll make it quick."

"Let him go!" I felt ture rage built up inside as fired off a unibeam that hit Doom right in the gut, sending him flying off and Richard landing on the ground.

Immediately I ran to him and bent down, "are you okay?"

"Run Peter! Don't worry about me! Just run!" he cried out.

"I'll be fi-" my spider sense went off. I jumped back but I wasn't fast enough. Doom's first was around my throat again as he flew me through wall after wall before finally throwing me out a window.


I saw the glass dance around me as I fell down. I couldn't feel my back, it hurt, I need to survive, I need...webs, I need to use my webs.

I shot out a web line at a window, I swung like a pendulum into another glass window, breaking through and landing on a desk in the middle of an office.

I groaned as I curled up into a ball, I could feel glass cutting my legs, I wasn't fast enough to be unharmed. I tried to crawl away, to run and hide, but slowly a shadow came over the window.

Doom was flying. So unfair.

He floated through the window and landed before me. I felt my body growing weaker, more blood was lost. He looked at me, tilted his head and suddenly my sense went-


His fist went into my chest, I felt it cave inwards. I broke through the desk and landed down on the ground. He stepped over me and kneeled, brought a fist over his head the punches came.

I don't think I could feel anything after the fourth one that broke my nose. The sixth one shattered my helmet's optics and the seventh one broke my helmet off.

Doom saw my face and immediately stopped. I think it was surprise on his face, I can't tell, too much blood flowing into my eyes, blinding my sight.

" are a child," he gasped. I couldn't reply, I didn't know what to say. Suddenly though, the pity melted away, instead came anger. I could smell it on him, the rusted copper. "Doom was beaten by a child?! A mear bug?!"

I coughed, whispering something. Doom glared, he bent down and came closer. I whispered, "I'm a spider, not a bug. An arachnid. Some genius you are," Doom was about to speak when he suddenly found my hand on his throat, a weak grip, barely better than a touch.

He grew amused, I could see it as the worry of an attack washed away form his face. Suddenly he gasped, I'm guessing my eyes flashed blue. He opened his mouth to ask what I was doing when suddenly the metal on his throat began to collapse on itself.

"Whack!" he gasped, ripping the armour off. My hand fell limply to the side, as I chuckled, if I'm going to die, at least I made him pay. He panted and turned to me, lifting his arm and placing it directly over my head, "this will be the last time you make fun of Doom."

I couldn't help it, maybe it was the Spider-man in me, I smiled, "moron," I knew that word alone would be enough to drive him over the edge.

And it did.

I closed my eyes before I felt an overwhelming sense of pain take over my body. I saw Felicia smiling up at me as she curled her silver hair closer into my shoulder. Please God, whoever's listening, please, let her be safe.