The Spider Chapter 4

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 4: The Spider's Bite

“Open those fucking crates and unload them! We need these ready by tomorrow!”

I snapped picture after pictures, more than enough to serve as evidence, I hope. I couldn’t personally get involved with the Kingpin’s business, but if these guys lost their shit because the cops were tipped off about them from an anonymous source. Then that was good enough for me.

I looked down from the rafters safely hidden in the shadows. I took pictures with my camera of the people down there and the crates. It was Sunday night, tomorrow was when the new leader of the GST, Bubbles, was too meet Kingpin’s men to deliver the drugs.

I had been following them all week. Finding any all and weakness they had snooping inside that strip club for so long I knew all the songs by heart. And then, I found it. This warehouse.

It was the place where they brought in their drugs and how they transported it into their buildings to then be further cut down and sold on the streets. I have been casing this place for three days, and finally I had them.

I wasn’t a glory hog, I worked better in the shadows were people didn’t expect me. I wasn’t fully prepared to take on the world just yet, I needed time. So until then the only way I’m going to be helping people is by being a spy and a nosey teenager.

It took them an hour before everything was complete. Most of them left after that posting guards outside the building to keep it safe, with the inside practically empty etc one guy with a flashlight. Arrogant sons of bitches.

I crawled along the wall towards the main office that overlooked the entire warehouse. I dropped down before the door and reached into my pant pocket, grabbing the locking picking kit I put together. Yeah, that’s right, I know how to pick locks, jealous?

I opened the door easily with a quickly twist and walked into, closing the door behind me and locking it. I looked around the office, it was bare, nothing but files upon files of paper. I looked through the folders, all of them, I was looking for something specific.

Last time I was here I saw Bubbles writing down records of the money GST was making off of Kingpin, meaning the idiot had a paper trail. All I needed to do was find it.

I looked around the place but couldn’t find the book...wait, what am I thinking? It’s probably hidden somewhere. Alright, if I was a super important book where'd I be?

I looked everywhere, behind paintings, inside locked cabinets and even underneath the table. I was just about to give up when I heard a groan. The floor board felt like it was going to snap under my weight. Bingo.

I pried open the floor board and found a safe underneath. It was a dial knob lock, the kind I had in school. And luckily for me Peter had to find ways to unlock his locker whenever Flash or someone else broke in and changed the combination to make life difficult.

I put my ear on the safe and listened. With gentle prodding I slowly unlocked it piece by piece until;


I grinned, bingo. I opened it and lo and behold there was the book. I checked the safe for booby traps just to be safe and wouldn’t you know it there was tripwire attached to it’s back. I managed to prod it out without engaging the alrms, locked the safe and put the board back.

I took out the book and looked it over, pages upon pages of information regarding shipments and tracking money payments.

I had them, I had them by the balls. I couldn’t take photos of the pages, no, sadly people would notice. I needed to take the book and scram, I had to make my move, now.

Luckily, I had planned for that.

I managed to sneak out of the warehouse and into the open air. I swung away with the book tucked into the trim of my pants. Once I was safely away I took out a burner phone I bought today morning and dialed in a number I had memorized.

It took me a long time to find this number, I had to break into a police precinct to do so. When I first began my search into GST I had nothing. I figured if anyone would know anything about these guys it would be the police.

I looked into their files and surprising they had a very detailed case. There were so many arrests made, so many injunctions carried out, but in the end it was all for nothing. Either the judge let them off, the DA handling the case sucked or the evidence was lucky.

I took note of this, and vowed when I took them down, they would stay down. But then I also noticed another thing, a name kept popping up, detective Gregory Barnes, 40, married with two kids, and a straight ace cop.

He had been on GST’s case since day one, when one of their shoot outs almost killed detective Barnes’ son. I got his number from the file and knew he was the man who I needed to deal with.

The phone rang twice. The third ring he picked up, “hello?”

“Detective Barnes?” I asked in a scared voice.

“Yes, who this?”

“I-I’m part of GST, I-I want to talk to you.”

“And why does a gang member want to talk to me?”

“Because these people are crazy man!” trying my best to sound scared, “they are killing people left and right! I didn’t sign up for this!”

“Okay, okay, calm down, where are you right now? What’s your name?”

“I-I, my name, I ain’t telling you that man! I have a kid to feed! If they even know I said anything they’ll kill me!”

“Kid I’m on your side, you want to stop them? You want to get away from them? I can make that happen. Just tell me where you are and you’re name and I’ll come personally to pick you up.”

The man was good I’ll give him that. He would make an excellent negotiator. I sighed, “no man, it’s too late for me. But I ain’t going without bringing these motherfuckers down too! They have a warehouse by the Manhattan pier, number 827, blue with a yellow top. They store their entire stash in there and right now we have a month's supply of drugs just waiting there. There are like four guys in there the guns, you can take them all out tonight!”

“I need more kid, names, clients, anything that will help in court.”

Man this guy's greedy, maybe I should cut this short, “Bubbles running things now, he’s the boss. He’s going to meet some hot shot client and,” I paused for dramatic effect, “shit they found me! I have to go, remember, Manhattan pier, 827, bring the whole fucking unit on these fuckers man! And for god's sake, don’t use a fucking siren!”

I hung up on him and jumped off the roof, swinging away into the city. The detective will first have to get a judge to sign a warrant to search the premises. It would take some time, especially this late into the night. But I know for a fact that Barnes was determined, the chance to put his child’s assaulters was too good to pass up. He would be here in an hour with SWAT.

Now, to find a lawyer. And I just happen to know one that was the most honest and upstanding man in the entire Marvel universe. I swung my way to Hell’s kitchen, looks like the Devil is going to get a visit from the Spider.

I found Matt’s law firm address on the net. One night I followed him home and memorised the building. I snuck down the fire escape and opened the window with my lock picks. I stepped in and shut the window behind me.

“Hello? Is someone there?” I heard is voice coming from the bedroom, it sounded so innocent. But I knew that right this second he was thinking up ways to beat the living shit out of me.

“Matt,” I wished, doing my best to muffle my voice, “we need to talk.”

Matt walked into the living room, his cane guiding the way, his eyes starting at the spot over my head. He was blind, but I could see the way his ears twitched he was ready for a fight.

“Please, if this a mugging please don’t hurt me. I can’t even protect myself, see I blind,” he said with a disarming smile, “please, just take what you want and leave.”

I smirked, “you’re not blind Matt Murdock.”

Matt paused, “what? Of course I am see, I-”

“-No, you’re not. You can’s just too you it seems like the whole world’s on fire.”

His facade of the helpless innocent blond man dropped. He threw his cane forward and charged me.

“I’m not here to fight!” I knocked the cane away and jumped over his tackle and landed on the other side of the room, “I just want to talk!”

“You break into my house and just want to talk?!” Matt swung his fists at me with such precious and grace I could barely avoid them. It was only my superior reflexes and minor training that let me survivor as far as I did.

“I need a lawyer Matt, and you’re the man I need,” I ducked under a kick, grabbed his leg and threw him into his couch, “so sit down and listen!”

Matt jumped back up, knocked me on my back and grabbed my neck. “Give me one reason why,” he growled raising a fist into air.

“I can help you get rid of the GST for good,” I coughed.

“And why should I care about a street gang?”

“They-” I coughed, “they supply drugs to the Kingpin, he can’t get it from anyone else,” I felt his grip loosening the moment I mention the Kingpin’s name, “if you can bring them all down to court you’ll cut off the Kingpin’s entire supply for half a year!”

Matt looked up, he got off me and stepped back, “how did you know about my sight?”

“I read your medical records,” I lied, “I know you’re other senses became more advanced when you lost your sight. I theorized that you used sonar to visualise the world, some scientist tried to map out the human body using the day to day sound people here and the results made it look like the man’s body was on fire...I just put two and two together.”

Matt was quiet, I sat down on his couch and took off his glasses, “you’re smart kid.”

“Thanks,” I nodded getting back up.

“And also a very good liar.”

“I didn’t lie,” I lied.

“Maybe,” he hummed, “I can hear your heartbeat you know. It’s racing right now, I don’t know if it’s adrenaline or because you’re lying. But I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t care,” I took out the ledger and presented it to Matt, “this is a ledger containing every single transaction the GST has done. Every crate, every dollar. Soon you’ll hear that detective Barnes just busted a warehouse filled with drugs that belongs to GST. Use this evidence I gave you and get yourself on the trial. You can strike a blow for the Kingpin’s wallet while at the same time make a name for your law firm.”

MAtt took the book and looked at it, “what? No braille version?”

I smirked, “Foggy’s not blind is he?”

Matt put the ledger to the side and looked up at me. “How did you get this?”

“I stole it.”


“From the warehouse.”

“How did you find out about the warehouse?”

“I spent nearly a week stuck in vents and side alley’s spying on Bubbles. Razor died last week, so Bubbles had to show the crew he’s boss, meaning he had to visit all their houses. I wasn’t lucky, he didn’t go to the warehouse until he toured half of Queens.”

“Do you know those safe houses?”

“Yeah, I even took pictures of the buildings and all the illegal activities inside the place. I emailed it to your law firm's account, my handle is ‘’.”

Matt was quite, he was listening to my heart beat, trying to memorize it so that when he saw me face to face he would know it was me. If he saw me again that is.

“Why are you doing this?” Matt finally asked.

“Because GST is running the streets. They need to be taken out.”

“But why you?”

“Why not me?”

“I’m serious.”

“So am I.”

“You would risk your life, the safety of your family and loved ones, because you wanted to play hero?”

“It may not matter to a blind man, but I am wearing a mask you know,” I smirked.

“I’m serious kid. Why?”

“And I’m serious too, why not? People are dying out on the streets, and if I can make a difference, why can’t I? Why shouldn’t I try to help them? Are only heroes and cops allowed to help?”

“There are adults you are trained too-”

“-Sorry Matt, but from where I’m standing, adults haven’t done shit. Every time GST is brought to court either the DA dismissed it, the judge is laks or the evidence is not enough.”

I paused before continuing, “I called detective Barnes tonight, poosed as a gangbanger caving in. I told him where to find the warehouse. I suggest you call Foggy up and the two of you go down to the 42nd precinct with the evidence I gave you. Tell them I sent you, well...I mean an anonymous source did.”

“And in return?”

“Put them into the ground and make sure they stay there. I gave you enough and more evidence. The police on case is determined and on your side. The only that's against you in the judge, but I doubt any judge in New York would risk their careers to throw down such a solid case.”

Matt looked at me, and I don’t know what he’s thinking but I knew he was at least considering my offer. He sighed, “fine...are you ever going to tell me your name?”

I walked out the window and pulled it open, “I’m Spider-man. I’ll see you around Matt,” I leapt into the air.

“No!” Matt yelled running to the window just as I shoot my web line and swung away. He heard my cheers of joy as I swung through the air and gasped, “this city get’s weirder and weirder everyday.”

The next day I turned on TV and waited. May called me to eat breakfast but I put it off. I waited, and waited, and then;

“Breaking news,” the anchor lady spoke, “last night police were able to bust a major drug operation in New York. The Grass Stained Thugs, or GST, were a local gang the Eastern parts of Queens, they were known to cause public disturbances, riots and even gang on gang violence. However it had now come to light that the GST were also long suspected to drug peddling, though police couldn’t prove it until now.

“Detective Baren, the officer incharge for the raid on GST’s drug operation claims he got the information from a tip he received last night from an ex-gang member. He Issued a request for a warrant immediately and soon brought the criminal into justice. In total over a thousand pounds of drugs were found along with weaponry of various kinds.

“The case however doesn’t stop there, last night Matt Murdock from Nelson and Murdock, brought evidence concerning the case to light. He claims to have gotten this information from the same ex-gang member who tipped of detective Baren. Murdock and his associate Nelson have been selected by the state to head up prosecution. Stay tuned for an hour to hour update on this case.”

I switched off the TV and smiled. Take that bitches! Score one for Spider-man! I brought down a drug ring, made Matt Murdock my buddy and I don’t even have a costume! Who's the man? I’m the man!

My good cheer got me through the day. Not even Flash and Harry’s constant glares and taunts could get me down. I was king of the world damnit! Heck even MJ noticed something was strange.

It was English period when she tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw MJ and Liz looking at me in concern.

“Peter, ah, are you alright?” MJ asked.

I blinked, “yeah, never better! Why? What’s up?”

“Nothing, you just...” she paused, unsure what to say.

“You’re acting weirder than usual,” Liz stated.

I grinned, “my buddy Marcus lives in the bad part of town, he get into trouble with a local gang there. I heard today that they all got busted last night! So I’m like so glad and stuff,” I finished with a grin.

“Ha, I see,” the two girls looked at each other and shrugged.

“Alright class settle down,” the teacher walked in, “now then, where were we? Oh yes, Oedipus Rex! Can anyone tell me what we have learnt so far? Anyone?” No one meet his gaze, “fine….how about….Harry!”

Harry blinked, “me?”

“Yes, you, can you tell us what happened last to Oedipus Rex?”

“Well I...well, he’s like a king. And, ah, he’s married to his mom?”

“Yes, very good. Anything else? What about the prophecy made when he was born?”

“Oh, yeah, it said he would like kill his dad and marry his mom.”

“Good, and what did his parents do when they heard this?”

“They ah...I don’t know ma’am.”

I rolled my eyes, “of course you only remembered the part when he fucked his mom.”

“What was that Mr. Parker?” the english teacher asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. Harry however didn’t think saw. I could feel his glares aimed at me, but I really couldn’t care less.

After school ended that day I decided to take the bus home. But I didn’t make it past the parking lot. Suddenly someone grabbed me by the neck and pulled me. Obviously the only reason they could even touch me was because I let them, I was honestly curious what Harry was going to do.

Flash threw me up against a the school wall as he and his little gang surrounded me with Harry in the center. There Are two other goons, both football players, each looked ready to tear me apart, but Harry held them back.

“Think you’re smart don't you Parker?” Harry hissed.

I shrugged, “you have seen my IQ scores right?”

Harry growled, “bet you thought it was fun to embarrass me in front of that slut.”

Now that’s pushing it, “don’t call her that.”

Harry smirked, “what’s wrong Parker? Finally understand what kind of bitch she is? The fucking tease.”

“Osborn I’m warning you, stop it or I’ll make you,” I growled.

“You know she’s a fucking tease,” he spat, “did you know I had my tongue down her throat in a week? Fucking bitch is practically giving it away like cookies. But guess that’s the only way you’re ever going to get laid.”

I meet his eyes, that arrogant smirk, I wanted to wipe it off his fucking face. But I knew that if I made one move against him he would go crying to daddy, and the last thing I need is Norman Osborn after me.

So I did the only thing I could do, I walked away. “You ain’t going no where pu-” I pushed Flash out of the way, knocking him on his ass.

“Fucking losers,” I hissed as I left them blinking.

Harry growled, “get him!”

I sighed, guess it was time to run! I took off like a lightning bolt. They chased me out of the school and into the streets. Luckily though they weren’t smart, I managed to lose them in five minutes.

I made my way to Chikara dojo, I entered the place and got ready for the class. I spotted Marcus with a few other people in one corner chatting about something.

“Hey Marcus!” I called out, “I heard about the GST getting busted man!”

The boy smiled, “yeah Peter, it’s great!”

We all talked about whether or not this time they would actually face any jail time. I was obviously optimistic, but the other kids were less thrilled.

After class that day I went home with Marcus, he was having trouble with his chemistry assignment and I decided to help. But as we walked to him home I felt my spider sense go off.

“Get down!” I grabbed Marcus and tackled him into the ground.

Just then a car drove by with it’s riders spraying bullets into the sidewalk, missing up by inches.

“You got lucky brats! Spread the word! GST forever bitches!” they yelled as the car speed off into down the road.

“What the fuck was that?!” I cursed as I pulled Marcus up, “how are they still….not in jail?!”

“We need to get out of here Pete, come on!” Marcus rushed me into his house and locked the door behind us. We still for ten minutes, praying they didn’t follow us. Scared out of our minds before finally I asked Marcus what was happening.

“The cops didn’t get everyone,” Marcus admitted, “they got the big timers true, but the little guys? The ones that didn’t have their names as part of the drug ring? Well they got off scot free. I didn’t think they would start so soon though, I figured they would keep quiet and just….oh my god, I need to warn my friends to stay off the streets!”

I groaned, this wasn’t right, they shouldn’t be out, they should be scared! I didn’t account for this, I didn’t account for people to act like morons, doing stupid things! Which is stupid of me, humans have always acted irrationally.

I needed to stop them, they were doing this because of my actions. They were my responsibility.

I told Marcus I needed to go home, I sounded scared and afraid to convince him. He offered to let me stay in his place for the night, the streets were too dangerous, but I insisted, I needed to do this.

I went home and snuck into the basement without May and Ben knowing. I grabbed my web shooters and changed into a black pair of tights, thin sneakers, a black muscle shirt and red gloves. I grabbed the mask from the first costume I designed, the stitches weren’t half bad, the spider web design was alright. This would need to become a symbol, even though I wasn’t fully prepared, I needed to out myself to the public.

I snuck out of my home and swung my way back to Marcus’s neighborhood. I swung around the neighborhood for a while, looking at the people there. The stores were empty the people could feel danger in the air. I needed to find them, I needed to stop them.

Suddenly I heard it, the screech of music blaring on speakers. A party? Now? No...GST.

I swung towards the noise, the streets were trashed in these parts, complete destroyed and covered in garbage. Even the stores looked destroyed. I landed on a rooftop and looked down at the park across the street. They were having a block party.

I saw drums burning, lighting up the party with flames. I saw gang members with a gun in one hand and drinks in another. I saw couples dry humping each other to the corners and in the middle of it all was a man sitting on a bench surrounded by people and women, drinking from a keg.

I narrowed my eyes, I couldn’t surprise them by swinging into battle. No, I can’t do that. The tree would provide cover for me inside the park, but not when approaching it. I would have to go in by foot. And the guns were also a problem, too many guns, too much liquor. I wasn’t looking to kill people, just detain them, I would need to be quiet about this, like a ninja, like Batman.

I got onto street level and looked for a way to sneak into the park. There were guards at the entrance, maybe I should- I paused, I looked at the wrecked store I was standing next too. A grocery store and my the looks of it it was just recently destroyed.

I went inside and found nearly all the food and drinks gone. Guess they must have sacked this place for their party supplies. I went into the hardware aisle, small thing, but they did have the basics, spray paint, different tools, glue and even a nail gun.

I knew what I had to do. I needed to distract them and these would be perfect. I grabbed a school bag from two aisles down and threw in everything I knew I could use. I even grabbed a couple of knives from the kitchen section.

When I was done I slapped a hundred on the counter and left, I’m not a thief. I made my way to the park but I stopped once more. This it was a destroyed leather goods store. Small thing, it looked like it could barely afford to stay open.

They ransacked the cash register and all the leather jacket racks, but on the ground hidden behind glass shards and wooden chips was a bright red jacket.

I picked it up and dusted it off. It was around my size, I tried it on, the jacket didn’t restrict my movements, it was actually comfortable to use. Maybe...yeah, this could work.

I put the jacket on the ground and grabbed a black paint spray can from my bag. I then sprayed in a very crude spider logo. It was big, the legs on top reached the shoulder while the ones on the bottom were stretched to the bottom of the jacket. It actually reminded me of the Spider-man logo Andrew Garfield used, I smirked, it was perfect.

I sized the jacket up, it felt perfect, like it was meant to be. I turned to the park and smirked, ‘show time.’

I snuck in from the side, the guards didn’t even notice me. I jumped into a tree and slowly made my way towards the party. I looked around, made my plan, tried to think of everything that could go wrong, and thought of way to prevent it.

And then, I moved.

They didn’t see it coming. It was dark, late into the night. Their only source of light was the burning barrels. I took out four spray cans and aimed, throwing each one into the various barrels of fire.

Here's a lesson for you, spraycan+fire= BOOM!

They heard it hiss, they wondered it if it was a gas leak or something. And suddenly, the barrels of fire exploded outwards, knocking back those near it. I made sure no one was hurt, only two ever even thrown back, one of who was knocked unconscious.

“What the hell was that?!” the new leader yelled. The park was now dark, no light, perfect. “Everyone! Get some light! Matches! Lighter! Anything!”

Slowly small flames light up into the night, displaying my targets. Perfect. I snuck over to the closest one. I stood on the tree nearest to them, shot out a web line and pulled.

“Argh!” he screamed. I grab him by the neck, slammed him onto the branch and tied him up with webbing, keeping him in place. I jumped away just as the others gathered to his screams.

“What the fuck was that?! Where’s Tyrone?!” someone yelled. I didn’t bother noticing how. I moved to my next target.

One by one each source of light was taken out. I grabbed them, tied them to the tree and jumped away.

People were getting scared. The leader was smart, he ordered them all to form a circle in the center and look out for anything moving in the dark and waste it. I didn’t bother with them, not yet.

A few really smart ones tried to get away, I grabbed them before they could leave and tied them up against the trunks of the trees. They didn’t see me move.

And now, I dealt with the remaining rats huddled together. They were scared, I could see it, practically smell it. They had guns pointing outwards, time to get  of that.

I pulled out a hammer and threw it with all my might, it hit a guy in the head and knocked him out.

“There!” someone yelled and be firing at a tree ten feet away from me. I smiled, ‘not bad for a bunch of idiots.’

“Keep looking!” the leader warned. I chuckled, damn these people are scared.

I grabbed the remaining spray can I held, stabbed it with a knife and threw it at the group. It landed in the center and began to spray a cloud of black paint over them They didn’t notice it until the smell and smoke covered them all.

The choked and coughed as they moved away, turning inwards. I moved. I got down and charged two guys, grabbing them and leaping into the middle of the black smoke.

“What was that?!”

“I saw something move!”

“They got someone!”

And suddenly a web line shot out and grabbed a man by the chest and pulled him in. They yelled in panic as more and more people were pulled into the black smoke never to return.

The few who tried to fire their guns got hurt, that sticky white stuff came in and closed their gun’s nuzzle, causing their bullets to backfire and their guns to explode in their hands, knocking them out as well.

“What the fuck is going on?!” the leader yelled, only he and two other men remained.

“I’ll be honest, I expected better,” a voice from the black smoke called out. Slowly the smoke disappeared revealing a figure dressed in black with a red mask and jacket. I looked at them and smirked, “boo.”

“Ah!” the leader got an itchy finger and fired at me. My spider sense warned me before it even happened and I jumped away, landing on a tree branch. He aimed at the tree line and fired over and over, I jumped from tree to tree, avoiding the ones where I held people hostages, I didn’t want him to kill his own people after all.

I grabbed wrench from my bag, aimed at shooter and threw it. He tried to block the flying tool with his bare hands but yelled in pain from the impact dropping the gun. I jumped on him then, fist driven into his sternum.

I got up and turned to his remaining underlings. One dropped his gun and ran away, the other was too shocked to do anything. I grabbed him and threw him at a tree, sticking him there my webs.

I then took off chasing the man who got away. He almost made it to the exit, I could see his smile grow, but just then I launched a web line, grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up into the air.

I grabbed him by the collar and held him. He was looking afraid, so very afraid. Hoked at me and asked, “what are you?”

“I’m Spider-man,” I replied, and then knocked him out with a head butt. I dropped him down and walked towards the park entrance where the two guards looked confused. They took one look at me and aimed their guns.

“Who the fuck are you?!” one asked.

I stopped, and in an instant fired two web lines, grabbed their guns and pulled it out of their grips. The looked at their empty hands, but when they looked up they saw my legs coming for their heads as I did a full split kicking them unconscious.

I searched their pockets and found their wallets and I took a little cash. Stealing isn’t stealing if you steal from a thief after all. I then grabbed one of their phones and called 911.

“Hello 911, what’s your emergency?”

“I’m at Highland park, come fast someone just fired a gun!” I grabbed one of the things guns from before and fired it at the sky, “come fast!”

“Stay calm sir I’m sending a squad car as soon as I can, hide somewhere and-” I ended the call and broke the phone in half. I turned around, the park was quite, hopefully it’ll stay this way. I went back in and made sure everyone I caught was still alive, luckily, other than that one guy suffering from a concussion, they were all fine.

I quickly walked out of the park and climbed onto the roof of nearby building. I watched at several police cruisers arrived and began walking into the park guns drawn. I watched as ambulances were called and journalists arrived.

I knew I would hear about the rest in the morning, so I went home. I snuck into the basement and changed clothes, hiding my uniform under the loose floor board. I then snuck back outside and pretended I was just getting home.

May and Ben were worried why I came home so late, I told them that the GST were tearing up the streets and it wasn’t safe. I lied and told them Marcus offered to let stay in his place until it all blew over.

May and Ben were now afraid, they were worried. I told them all was fine and that I was fine. They did let me go eventually, and just like that I found myself in my room looking up at the ceiling, a feeling of giddiness building up in my chest.

It was amazing, the way I fought them, they couldn’t even do a thing! It felt powerful, it felt amazing! I needed to do more, I needed to be out there!

I waited until Ben and May were asleep before going to the basement and taking out my costume. I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror, the red jacket honestly reminded me of ‘The Last Stand’ Spider-man, or an older version of Peter Parker.

I’ll admit the jacket was a bit bulky, but that was fine. I needed it, it was cold in the night and swing at high speeds chilled me to my bones. So yeah, I needed a jacket...god I sound like my mother.

Maybe I could put in plates of armour or something for protection, maybe a few hidden weapons like a shuriken or something. This jacket had a lot of potential, I would be lying if I didn’t think it made me look bad ass.

I snuck out of the house and climbed a tree. I was just about to swing away when I heard a car drive by. Curious, I searched for it, and wouldn’t you know it deja vu. Harry pulled up to MJ crib and got out. I looked at the back seat and saw Flash and Liz there as well. I narrowed my eyes, what the hell is going on?

I sighed, I’m not going to be Spider-man tonight am I? Chances are I’m going to have to keep an eye on these idiots...again. I snuck over to MJ’s house, by now she had crawled down her window meeting up with the others.

“What are you doing here?” MJ hissed.

“I told you MJ, we’re going to celebrate Flash passing his mid-terms!” Liz cheered. I rolled my eyes, oh yeah, Flash finally managed to pass an exam, guess that is something to celebrate.

“And?” MJ asked eyeing Harry.

“And...and it would be really cool if you came too,” Harry spoke rubbing his neck nervously, “look MJ I know I’ve been acting like a jerk lately and I...I want to make it right. Please, I promise I won’t do anything to upset you.”

MJ narrowed her eyes, “and Peter?”

“What about Parker?” Flash grumbled.

“Will you stop bullying him?”

“We didn’t really bully him, more like played a few light hearted pranks,” Harry argued. MJ glared and he gulped, “yeah, we’ll stop.”

MJ sighed, “fine. Where are we going?” Wait...seriously? Just like that?! He called you a whore and you forgive me just like that?! What the actual fuck?! Fucking teenagers man, can’t keep them straight!

“Yes!” Liz cheered, “we’re going to the Sweet Spot!”

MJ raised an eyebrow, “isn’t that a bar?”

“Yeah, Harry got us fake ID’s, this is going to be so cool!” Flash cheered.

“Not so loud!” MJ hissed.

“Sorry,” Flash gulped.

The redhead sighed, “fine, but I’m not drinking, got that? And neither are you Harry, you’re our ride.”

“What? But I-” he stopped at her glare, “-yeah, okay.”

I couldn’t believe how stupid they were acting. Wasn’t it a school night? I now had two choices, stop them, or follow them….oh what am I saying, of course I’m going to follow them.

I kept my distance, often times waiting for Harry to catch up, he really was a slow driver. They parked a block away from the club and walked in. I spotted Harry handing the bouncer a twenty and slipping with the others.

I sighed, stupid kids. I knew I should probably follow them, keep an eye on them. I didn’t want Harry to take advantage of, no that’s not true. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want Harry and MJ together, period.

But this isn't my job. I heard a police siren, that, that was my job.

I took another look at the club and sighed, guess I should just forget about the red head. I turned and ran, running from rooftop to rooftop. I reached the police sirens, they were standing in front of a jewelry store. Guess someone robbed them.

I couldn’t really do much, so I decided to leave and return to the club. But just then I saw a shadow on the roof of the store running across buildings. I narrowed my eyes, gotcha.

I swung across the street towards a building a block away. If I was right the thief would be heading right towards me. I slipped into the shadows and waited. I saw movement, heard their feet landing on the ground, and I pounced.

“Heya!” I yelled, startling them. I shoot a webline and grabbed the small bag clutched in their hand and pulled it free. I grabbed the jewels and looked it over, “nice catch man, though next time, maybe don’t use something so cliche as a brown bag?”

The thief didn’t respond, instead leaping at me, aiming a kick at my head. I ducked under it and moved back, they tried to grab the jewels but I pulled it away the last second. So instead they grabbed my hand, spun me over their shoulder and slammed me into the ground.

The air was knocked out of me, guess I wasn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread huh? The thief straddled me, pinning me on the ground, I looked up at their face, getting an unobstructed view and gasped.

She was most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She had green eyes, they were like emeralds. The moon looked down at me from behind her head, making her silver hair look like it was glowing. She wore a domino mask, and wore a simple track suit that hugged her curves with a tool belt around her waist. She looked young, around my age.

I couldn’t help it, I spoke before thinking, “I think I’m in love with you.”

She paused, “what?”

I blinked, “I...I have no idea why I said that.”

She looked me over, “who the hell are you supposed to be?”

I shrugged, “I’m Spider-man.”

“Spider-man? That’s a stupid name.”

“Oh like you can do one better,” I felt her hand reaching out towards the bag of jewels still in my hand. Trying to distract me huh? Clever girl.

“I can, I’m the Black Cat,” she announced with a smirk.

“Am I supposed to know who you are?”

“No, just like I don’t know who you are.”

“Why do you call yourself a cat? You don’t even have the fake cute little ears on your head.”

“Why are you a spider? I don’t see you shooting web out of you’re ass.”

“Hm, not out of my ass,” I shoto a webline at her face covering her. I kicked her off and jumped backwards landing in a crouch.

“What is this?!” Cat screamed as she ripped off my webbing, I made sure to keep the formula week, don’t want to damage that pretty face now do I?

“Well you see when I boy reaches a certain age certain white sticky stuff starts coming out.”

“Ew!” Cat spat before she lunged at me. I jumped back as once again we began to fight. I wasn’t really taking it seriously, I wanted to see what she was capable off. She was skilled, that’s for sure, probably knew judo based on how she slammed me onto the ground. Most probably a few more skills as well.

Suddenly she drew a set of balos and threw it at me. I jumped to the side, but unfortunately it tied my hand and my neck together. Cat then swiped my legs throwing me on my back, jumping on top of me once more.

I broke out of the balos and grabbed her by the arms, rolling to the side and pinning her to the ground with me on top.

I panted, “damn Cat, we just meet and you’re already tried to straddled me twice. At least buy a guy dinner first.”

“Sure Spider, just let me get my wallet!” she kicked me off. I landed on my feet and shoot out two web lines. Cat jumped out the side and then glared at me as we stood at a stand still, “next time Spider.”

I blinked as she turned around and ran away. I could have caught her, but I didn’t, she would be far more interesting out of a jail cell than in one. I sighed, so that was Felicia Hardy huh? I chuckled, she’s cuter than I thought.

I decided to return the jewels, but when I looked down I saw my hand empty, the bag was fuckign gone! ‘What?! How?! How did she...’ I thought back, it was when I pinned her down, she grabbed it then and ran.

I should be pissed for being tricked, but I couldn’t, she was good, I had to give her that.

Deciding to just go back and keep an eye on MJ and her friends I swung back to the club. And as I arrived MJ and Harry came running out, her yelling at him about something and him yelling back. I saw Flash and Liz come out as well looking worried.

I sighed, guess this was a job for Peter Parker, not Spider-man. I took off my jacket and pulled it inside out. Luckily for me the inside looked good enough to pass for another model completely. I took off my mask and web shooters and stuffed them in my jacket pockets, hopefully this would be enough.

They were walking back to the car, well MJ was and the rest following behind her. I jumped down into an alley they passed by and listened to them.

“Look MJ I’m sorry okay? I didn’t mean-”

“-What? What didn’t you mean to do? Stick your hand up my skirt?!”

I rolled my eyes, of course he did. I walked out and kept my distance, the four didn’t even notice me.

“MJ I’m sorry, I thought you wanted me….wanted us.”

“Harry I don’t like you, you’re my friend and that’s all we’ll ever be. I’m not something for you to use like everyone else.”

“I don’t-”

“-Guys maybe we should just go home,” Liz suggested, “this isn’t really the best place for this.”

“She’s right you guys, come on, let’s just go home,” Flash agreed.

“Is it Peter?” Harry asked and everyone stopped, “is it because of Parker? Do you like him?”

MJ stopped, “no, it’s not Peter. He’s my friend, just like you and….and I haven’t been the best friend to him. I realise that now. But he’s not the reason why I don’t want to be with you Harry.”

“Then why?!”

“Because you don’t care who the hell I am!” MJ roared, “you don’t care about what I like, what I do, what I want to be! Every time I talk you just nod along but you’re never listening are you? You never listened Harry! You don’t like me, you just like how I look.”

Harry was speechless, “that's not true.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’’s not,” Harry looked angry, “I care about you MJ! I really do!”

“No you don’t!”

“I do!” Harry grabbed her arm and pulled her, “please let me show you-”

“No get off me!” MJ tried to pull away but she couldn’t.


“Harry maybe you should-”

“Shut up Flash!” Harry yelled, “please MJ just give me a chance and I’ll-”

“That’s enough!” I yelled out loud enough to make them all pause. They ll turned and looked and finally they realised I was standing there.

“Peter?” MJ asked with surprise

“Parker? What are you doing here?” Flash asked in equal shock.

“Apparently I’m stopping Osborn from committing sexual assault,” I shrugged walking past Liz and Flash. I grabbed Harry’s arm and and pulled it off of MJ, I turned to her, “you okay?”

“Y-yeah,” she nodded.

“What are you doing here?” Liz asked in surprise.

I looked her dead in the eyes and smiled, “I had a date.”

“A date?” MJ asked in surprise.

“A date? You?” Flash blinked.

I shrugged, “yeah, she was really cute. Had this whole cat thing going on. But she bailed out on the check, so it wasn’t that great a date.”

“Get lost Parker” Harry called out.

“Yeah, no, not going to do that,” I turned to MJ, “you ready to go home?”

She rubbed her hand, “y-yeah, please.”

“Butt out Parker,” Harry growled.

“And what? Let you assault her? Yeah right, I thought you were better than that Harry,” I sneered, “guess I was wrong.”

“Move Parker, or I’ll move you!” Harry grabbed my jacket collar.

“I would like to see you try,” I glared back at him.

“Harry don’t, it’s not worth it man,” Flash spoke up.

“Shut it Flash!” Harry yelled he tried to pull me up by my jacket collar but couldn’t, it was actually a very comical scene if I was being honest. I was holding back my laughter as best as I could, did he really think he could beat me?

“Harry let him go,” MJ cried.

“No,” Harry growled, “you have been a pain in my side Parker. I don’t even know how we were ever friends.”

“We weren’t ever friends Harry,” I told him, “being friends would mean you being my equal. The only thing you’re better than me at is buying friends.”

Harry’s eyes widened in surprise before narrowing in rage.

“Harry no!” MJ cried as Harry punched me across the face. I fell to the ground holding my eye in pain. I hate the fact that I couldn’t dodge that.

Flash was in a panic, he grabbed Harry and dragged him to the car, Osborn looking horrified at me on the ground, he went quietly. Harry, Liz and flash drove away leaving me and MJ alone.

I sighed as I got up, MJ already at my side, “oh my God Peter are you alright?! I can’t believe he did that!”

“Yeah, well, I wanted him too so it wasn’t all bad,” I shrugged. I winced as MJ checked my bruised face, “is it bad?”

“It’ll bruise,” she sighed, “why did you want him to hit you?”

“Because Harry isn’t a bad guy,” I shrugged, MJ looked confused, “he’s human. He has bad qualities, true, but he isn’t like a super villain or something. He’s just...difficult. I figured if he hit me he would leave out of shock.”

MJ blinked, “you know him well huh?”

“Well, he was my best friend,” I shrugged, “come on, it’s a long way back home, we can catch a bus there,” I pointed at a bus stop further away.

We walked to the bus stand and sat, waiting for bus to come. MJ however didn’t like the silence.

“What happened?” she asked suddenly.

I looked at her, “what do you mean?”

“You and Harry? How did it go wrong?”

I sighed, I recalled the memories Peter had growing up, it was honestly a sad story. I didn’t really like thinking about it, I pretended it never happened, but...I suppose it did.

“I’m a pretty smart guy, you know that right?”

MJ chuckled, “yeah, maybe.”

I smiled, “anyway, so I got Midtown Junior High on a scholarship and Harry got in because of his dad’s money. He wasn’t the most confident guy back then so we were both outcasts. We just kind of clicked I supposed. We were friends for a long time and then...well high school happened.

“People quickly realised Harry was a pushover and very open with cash. Freshman year they started to talk to him, asking him for money and in return they hanged out with him. I didn’t like that, I could see what was happening to him but he didn’t. I tried to warn him but...guess he never listened. So we just kind of drifted apart.

“Harry did eventually stop bleeding out cash to anyone who asked and grew a spine, I think his dad yelled at him or something. But by then he was already a really popular guy and I was til...well I guess I was still me. He forgot me and I suppose now he hates me.”

The bus came and we got in. We sat near the back, there wasn’t anyone else there. It was a quiet ride, MJ looked sad, guess the story really drew parallels between Harry and her when it came to abandoning Peter Parker.

“I’m sorry,” she suddenly said.

I knew what she was sorry for, so I didn’t bother asking what, “it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. I didn’t….I didn’t really realise I was abandoning you. I was just so happy making new friends that-”

“-I said it’s fine Mary Jane,” I snapped.

“No it’s not, you hate me.”

“What makes you think that?”

“You don’t even call me MJ, it’s always just Mary Jane,” she looked sad. Crap, I didn’t think she noticed.

I shrugged, “it’s fine. I work better alone anyway. I’m not used to working with other people.”

MJ didn’t say a thing. We rode the bus in silence. We got home late that night. I was exhausted when I slept in my bed. My head filled with thought.

I had just told the world that Spider-man was real and in a big way. I had just meet the Black Cat and I’m pretty sure she’s new to the whole robbery thing, just like me. I also wondered about Harry, should I be worried? No, I don’t think I need to be, in the end, he’s an asshole, but he’s an asshole with a concious.

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