The Spider Chapter 5

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 5: A Fantastic Start

I should have been worried. I should have been so worried.

I woke up the next day expecting everything to be the same. Well, not entirely. When I went down for breakfast I saw the front page of the Daily Bugle that Ben was reading.

‘Mysterious criminal destroys block party’ was written in bold across the front page. And right below it was a sketched picture of what they thought I looked at.

They got the eyes right, somewhat. But everything else looked like a demon from hell. My jacket looked like it made out of skips, and the last I checked I didn’t have freaking claws man!

But I’ll be honest, I was pretty damn happy with myself. People knew off me, but they didn’t know me. The only thing they knew for sure was the symbol on jacket, people started calling me ‘The Spider’, pretty appropriate I would say,

at school Harry walked in with his head hung low and walking behind him was his father, Norman Osborn.

I was standing by my locker when I saw him spot me and smile. It was so fucking creepy. I knew how he looked, Peter had met him once before at harry’s home back when they were still friends. The man was huge and one can only guess that underneath his suit he was covered with muscles.

I needed a plan to avoid him, or at the very least run away. But I couldn’t, because he walking right up at me with Harry by his side. So I instead steeled my nerves and got ready for a confrontation. God help me.

He smiled at me, “Mr. Parker,” he extended a hand to shake.

“Dr. Osborn,” I replied shaking his hand, “I’m surprised to see you here.”

The man raised an eyebrow at his title, “yes well, I came for a more personal matter, may we speak somewhere more private?”

I looked at Harry, he had his head down in embarrassment. I didn’t know what was going on, best not to tick him off. I nodded and followed Norman out of the school. We began to walk around the block with Harry trailing behind us a good ten feet.

“I’ll admit Peter, you surprised me, how did you know I had obtained a doctorate?”

“I was one of Harry’s close friends a year back, I don’t think you remember, I was curious so I looked you up. I was really impressed by your papr of mechanical muscle replacement surgery, really cutting edge stuff.”

He raised an eyebrow, “you understood it?”

“Using a semi-liquid metal to replace injured or dysfunctioning muscles. The process will involve injecting the affected part with nanobots which will rework the system on a cellular level. But unfortunately you could never get the AI to work, the nanobots weren’t smart enough.”

Norman smiled, “very good Peter. I’m impressed.”

Harry blinked, “what?” he asked in a defeated tone.

“Not now Harry,” he dismissed him with a frown before turning back to me and smiling, “you are a bright young man aren’t you? I heard from Harry that you are at the top of your class, is that true?”

I narrowed my eyes, he’s not an idiot, he probably knew that. So why? Why butter me up? I’m that’s why.

I chuckled, “tell me Dr. Osborn, why are you here?”

Norman chuckled, “straight to the point I see. Very well Peter, let’s test that brain of yours. Why do you think I am here?”

“You’re afraid I’ll sue Harry for assaulting me last night,” I said bluntly, Harry winced but I ignored him, “you are here to make sure I don’t do that.”

Norman nodded, “very good Peter. Harry doesn’t give you enough credit.”

“Thanks, I’ll admit Dr. Osborn I was tempted, but it’s not worth the hassle,” I shrugged.

“Are you sure? From what I hear you’re aunt and uncle could use the money,” he said in a provoking tone.

He was trying to piss me off, I knew that and I wasn’t going to let him. I shrugged, “maybe, but they have morals. It wouldn't be right to do that.”

“You would give up making your life easier, just because it wasn’t right?” Normal asked.

“How you do it matter just as much as what you do Dr. Osborn,” I told him.

“Semantics Peter, if you can save the world and all the people in it, wouldn’t you? Even if you had to do something wrong?”

I looked at the man, I could see the twisted sense of righteousness he carried on his shoulder. I can only imagine how much ti would grow once he became the Green Goblin.

“Dr. Osborn, we now are at a population of 7 billion. However it is calculated that the Earth can only provide for 4 billion people. If I killed 3 billion people then I would be saving mankind's future. Does that seem like an acceptable method?”

Normal smiled, “I’m beginning to like you more and more Peter,” he took out a checkbook and wrote down something in it. He tore it out and passed it to me, “there isn’t much I care for in this world. My son however is one of them. He made a mistake, I hope you forgive his foolishness Peter and put this past us.”

I looked at the check. Twenty thousand dollars. I gulped, I could do so much with this money. Create an actual Spider-man costume, get a better computer, so many things! But...but I couldn’t, I won’t be pitied, not by anyone and especially not by Norman Osborn.

“Thanks Dr. Osborn, but no thanks,” I pushed the cheque to him.

“This can help your family a lot Peter, is your pride really worth their suffering?”

“It’s like you didn’t even listen to me,” I rolled my eyes, “I told you, the methods matter as well as the result. Tell me, if the situations were reversed would you do it? Would you throw your pride and listen to some man who thinks you’re worth a piece of paper and some ink? What about the Osborn pride? Would you do this?”

Norman looked stunned. He looked at me and then the cheque with an open mouth before he smiled. He threw his head back and laughed. I looked at Harry questioningly, he shrugged, guess he didn’t know what was going on either.

“You are a remarkable young man Peter,” Norman took the cheque and tore it into pieces, “I’m sorry to have insulted you with this gesture. If you truly don’t wish to make repression for Harry’s actions then I will believe you. If you ever need anything from me Peter, just ask. Have a good day,” he turned and walked away, glaring at Harry, “we’ll talk more at home.”

“Y-yes father,” Harry nodded, refusing to meet the man’s eyes. A limo down the street pulled up and Norman got it, driving away.

I looked at Harry, “you’re dad’s kind of intense huh?”

“You have no idea,” he replied. Believe me Harry, I think I do.

I went home that day exhausted. Colleen was really pushing me in the dojo, by now I was very efficient with the katana, I was fast and precise, and while I couldn’t take on Colleen herself, I was quickly becoming one of the best in the dojo.

As I sat in my basement lab though that night I was burdened by money. I just let twenty thousand dollars slip out of my hands. And because what? The guy who will one day become my arch enemy offered to pay me off?....Actually no, that’s a very good reason.

But money still bugged me. May and Ben were barely making ends meet. Ben was working two shifts and me spending almost all my money on Spider-man stuff didn’t leave much for me to spend outside.

I needed to make money, but how? My first thought was to make something freaking amazing and patent it. Peter was a genius, and I wasn’t an idiot either, surely we could think of something right?

But no, every idea I came up with was either too expensive to research, too complex to be marketable or too stupid. Don’t even get me started on the business side of things, patenting alone will cost 300$ and I needed money now!

There was no way I was ever going to resort to taking pictures of myself and selling them to JJ. Honestly journalism was dying and secrecy has no place in the modern world. Everyone has a cell phone, if I was to venture out into the light with the suit on I would be an internet meme in seconds.

There were other jobs though, such as online marketing and white hat hacking, where one is hired by a company to try and hack into their serves, if you do and if you can help them patch their server up they would be more than willing to pay you generously. Only problem, I wasn’t sure Peter’s skills were good enough.

So I was basically fucked. I had no skills I could market and no way to make money. I was tempted to just steal the cash, just break into one of the many GST warehouses I knew for a fact had stores of cash and steal it all. But, once more, stupid morales got in the way.

I could make investments in companies I knew for a fact would be huge in the future...but once again, I need capital for that to happen.

I sighed, I walked upstairs to ask aunt May what I should do when I found her glued to the TV.

“Aunt May, what’s going on?” I asked.

“It’s terrible Peter, some kind of fight broke out!” she cried pointing to the TV. I turned and gasped.

It was a news coverage of a battle happening in the middle of Madison Avenue. I saw a man dressed in metallic armour with a green cape around his shoulders raising his hands into the air throwing lightning out in arcs.

Suddenly a fire bolt came flying down and crashed into the man. However the armoured man grabbed the fire bolt and threw him into a big giant orange rock thing and-wait, that’s The Thing!

My eyes widened, “aunt May I have to go back to school, I forgot something. I’ll be back in an hour or so!” I yelled out as I ran to my basement ignoring her cries for me to stop.

I grabbed my costume and put it on, in a minute I was dressed in my costume, web shooters ready and fully loaded. I snuck out of my home and jumped from tree to tree, hiding in the shadows until I was far away to swing away.

That was Doom, the man with the green cape. And fire ball wasn’t a ball of fire, it was The Human torch, Johnny Storm. The Fantastic Four got their powers a few weeks ago, guess Victor Von Doom did as well. And now they were tearing up the city, I needed to help them, to stop Doom.

I swung out of Queen within ten minutes, my heart was pounding, excited and dreading the coming fight. I don’t know why I’m doing this, the FF can handle Doom, right? They are the good guys, they don’t need my help.

Then….no, I have to do this. I need to get my name out there in the public eye, Spider-man needs to step into the light and be seen as a good guy. The FF have been many things, but the one thing they are always known for is being a hero, and if I make my debut with them? There would be no question of what I wanted to do.

I swung into New York for the first time, the tall buildings were perfect for my kind of fighting. I swung around to Madison avenue just as a car came flying at me triggering my spider senses.

‘Seriously?!’ yelled out as I let go of the web line and landing on the hood of the car flying backwards. I looked down and saw Doom right before me and I got an idea.

I launched two web lines onto the building on my sides and slowly the car began to slow down in moment, before it started to drop down I pulled the strained web lines, launching myself and car like a rail gun right at Doom.

“Incoming!” I yelled. The Fantastic Four all turned and gasped at the car flying at Doom. Johnny flew out of the way as I came flying at Doom. I jumped off the car onto a building side as the car collided head first with Doom exploding into a ball of fire.

I sighed and slowly crawled down to road level and signed, “damn, didn’t think it would be that effective.”

“Holy shit man! That was fucking awesome!” Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, called out as he landed next to me switching off his flames, “who are you man?!”

“Yes, I think we would like to know as well,” Red Richards, Mr. Fantastic, and Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, walked up to me with curious faces.

“Ah...I’m a friend?” I shrugged.

We mean do you have a name?” Ben Grimm, the Thing, asked.

“Ah, well,” I pointed at the giant Spider on my jacket, “I’m Spider-man.”

“Lame!” Johnny snorted, “who wants to be called a spider?”

“Oh really? And what’s you’re name flame breath?”

“I’m the Human Torch!” Johnny grinned.

“Really? You do know you’re basically calling yourself a walking flashlight right?”

Susan snorted in laughter, Reed smiled as well. Ben however gave a full blown laughter, “ha! He’s got you there punk!


We turned to see the burnt wreckage of the car flying away to one side and out of the fire came Doom. I gulped, I looked around, people were in the corners, they were afraid, I could see the cameras pointing at me, guess it’s official, I’m Spider-man.

“We need to get him away from the people,” I told them, “he’s causing too much damage.”

“Anyone got a bright idea?” Johnny asked as he flamed on and floated in the air.

“His powers are plasma based right?” I guessed looking at the lighting around his body.

“Yes, he also has a very advanced suit of armour in hand, probably one that rivals Stark’s,” Reed informed.

“The river,” I told them, “we can short circuit him in the river.”

“Right, Ben, do you think can drag him into the East River?” Reed asked as he stretched his body and arms closing them into fists.

No problem stretch,” Ben grinned cracking his fingers.

“Sue, we’ll provide back up, Johnny can you keep him distracted with fire balls?”

“You betcha!” Johnny cried out flying off.

“I didn’t mean now!” Reed growled before he turned to me, “Spider-man, think you can help out?”

“I would be happy too,” I nodded as I jumped up on a light pole and swung into action.

Hey Doomey!” Ben roared as he charged him like a tank, “it’s clobbering time!” He brought his fist down, over Doom. The man stood still and took the hit as the road below him cracked.

I heard his scoff, “pathetic as always Ben Grimm,” He then sent out a bolt of lightning that knocked Ben on his ass.

“Hey Victor!” Johnny called out, “eat this!” Fireball after fire ball came at the man. But Doom didn’t even bother moving. He stayed where he was and let the fire bounce off his armour.

He chuckled, “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, always the weakest one,” he snapped his fingers sending out a bolt of electricity that hit Johnny in the stomach and sent him flying back.

“Johnny!” I cried out as I swung towards him, grabbing him by the arm and landing on a nearby rooftop. Johnny had luckily flamed off by that point, I slapped him hard across the face, “wake up man! Wake up!”

But it was no use, Johnny was out cold, Doom had overcharged his nervous system and knocked him out.

I turned back to the battle and saw Sue stopping Doom’s lighting by erecting a barrier around herself and Reed. But stray streams of power were getting dangerously close to the civilians, I needed help them, just one opening and they can take him out.

I looked around the roof, I needed to insult him but how can- I paused looking at the air vents. This building was huge, it gave off an obscene amount of heat through the vents, in order to keep the vents intact it would have to be insulated to some degree. It wasn’t perfect, but it was what I had on hand.

I ran to the air vent and punched the bottom half, tearing it off at the bottom. I pulled it loose and carried it under my arm as I stepped onto the roof edge. I took a deep breath and sighed, ‘here goes nothing!’

I jumped down and swung up high like a pendulum. I let got of the web at the cruxes of my swing, right over Doom’s position.

“Yo Doom!” I cried out as I began falling down right at him holding the air vent before me, “bit me!”

“What is-” he looked up surprised as I slammed into him, pinning him down with the vent. I was thrown to the side from the impact, my bones hurt like hell. I think I broke...everything, through sheer will I got back on my feet and looked up at Doom getting up, the air vent now covering his body.

“What kind of stupidity is this?” I asked as he began to flex his arms. I saw the vent being ripped apart at the seems so quickly I set my web shooters to hard webbing and spun it around the event keeping it intact.

Doom tried his best but found he couldn’t break the webbing, “what madness is this?! How does a web hold back Doom?!”

“You’re about to find out pal!” I yelled as I jumped up as punched him across the face, only to hear something snap.

“Argh!” I yelled, of course he’s basically indestructible, he took a hit from the Thing! What did I think was going to happen?

“Clever child, but none shall escape Doom!” he yelled as I saw plasma sparks run off his body, but suddenly they disappeared. He looked down at the vent and chuckled, “of course, it’s insulated.”

“Which means I can do this!” Reed yelled as he grabbed Doom with his giant hand and threw him into the air.

“I got him!” Sue yelled out as she captured Doom in an invisible ball and flew him over to the East River. I blinked as I watched her go, why was everything suddenly all red? Why...oh, I’m bleeding from my skull...what fun.

I closed my eyes and fell back on the broken debris as I heard Ben’s voice yell something out. The FF could do the rest, I need to sleep.

Some time later:

I blinked awake and looked around. I was in a room with wires attached to me and a monitor attached to my chest. I moved around for a bit and felt pain shoot through my body. I looked down, I was wearing my pants, but my shirt and jacket were neatly folded and kept on the side.

I reached up and touched my face, no mask, shit! I looked to the side out the window and saw I was on a really high up floor, maybe the 200th? So it wasn’t a hospital, thank god for small miracles. If I was in a hospital I would be so fucked! Goodbye Spider-man hello SHIELD detention facility.

The sky was darkening, it was late, maybe 8 pm? Was I asleep for an hour? I got off the bed and winced in pain at the feeling of my body move. I was bruised all over my body, but luckily it didn’t feel like anything was broken.

“All I’m saying is we should at least hear the guy's story first before we throw him out on the curb!” Johnny Storm entered the room followed by Reed and Sue.

“We aren’t going to throw him out Johnny it’s just-” Sue stopped as she turned to me and smiled, “ah, you’re awake then.”

I nodded, “yeah, guess I am.”

“Dude! I didn’t think you would be awake so soon!” Johnny cheered, “but ah, I don’t think you should be walking just yet.”

“No, it’s fine, my body can heal itself pretty quickly,” I told him as I removed all the wires attached to me, switching off the heart monitor, “so...I’m assuming you already did a facial search?”

Reed nodded, “we did, hello Peter.”

I winced, “damnit, there goes my secret identity.”

“Hey don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, right guys?” Johnny asked his sister and Reed.

“Of course, you helped us out with Doom it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t at least returned the favour,” Sue smiled.

“I still believed we should have called his aunt and uncle, they would be worried sick about him,” Reed argued.

“Please don’t,” I told him, “I can manage them, they don’t need to know about this part of my life,” I grabbed my shirt and put it on. As I did I noticed Susan Storm’s eyes pinned to my abs, I couldn’t help but smile, guess I was hot huh?

“So wait why did you just jump in like that?” Johnny asked, “I mean don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it and all that, but why risk your life?”

I shrugged, “people were getting hurt, I had to do something. I really doubt this is in Tony Stark’s radar. He’s probably off saving the middle-east or something.” Plus I need the good press, but better keep that part to myself.

“So you just swing in? All the way from Queens?” Reed asked surprised.

“My uncle has a saying, with great power comes great responsibility,” I put on my jacket and zipped it up. Tucked into its pockets I found my web shooters, phone and mask, “I have the power to help people, to save lives. Why shouldn’t I?”

“Because-” Reed began only to stop, he thought for a moment before shrugging, “I honestly can’t think of an answer for that.”

“Would you look at that, I managed to stump the great Reed Richards,” I chuckled as I turned on my phone to find two miss calls from my uncle.

I immediately called him and spoke, “hey Uncle Ben.”

“Peter? Oh thank God, where are you Mr.? Do you know how worried your aunt was?”

“I-I sorry uncle Ben, Marcus called me over, he wanted me to help him out with a chemistry test tomorrow and I...I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine Peter, though when you get back we need to have a serious talk about this new attitude of yours,” Ben’s voice was soft but I could hear the edge to it, “I’m assuming you’ve already had dinner?”

I blinked, I looked at the clock on my phone and cursed, it was nine already. I sighed, “ah, yeah, Marcus’ mom made us some pasta. Tell Aunt May I’m sorry, I didn't mean to worry her.” I spent a few more moments promising to be home early before hanging up.

“You’re a very good liar,” Reed narrowed his eyes.

I nodded, “not something I’m proud off.”

“How long have you been...well, been Spider-man?”

“A month or so,” I shrugged.

“Wait, seriously?” Johnny asked blinking, “but I’ve literally never heard of you until today.”

“Did you hear about the Hulk in Harlem?” I asked.

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with you?” Johnny asked.

“You were there,” Susan suddenly spoke out, “you helped the Hulk take out Abomination. I saw you on TV, a red hoodie and blue pants right?”

I nodded, “yeah. I’ve also been working a lot behind the scenes as well. Nothing big, just busting a block party here, being a pain in general to the drug rings of New York. You know, the usual.”

Reed looked suspicious, Johnny looked impressed and Susan gave me a smile which made me wish I still had my adult male body. Stupid teenage hormones!

“Hey Peter,” Johnny grinned as he swung his arm around me, “you hungry? Cause I’m hungry.”

Reed’s stomach growled just then causing the man to chuckle, “yes, maybe it’s best we eat something. I’m sure Ben has reached her by now anyway.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

Johnny lead my out of the room and down a hallway. I found myself in a clean white hall, we walked past several rooms filled with tech, I could identify some of them on sight and I swear the Peter Parker inside of my was scream from a giant nerdgasm.

“Damn, this place is amazing,” I commented looking at the rooms, “a quantum slicers, gene identifier, a cyclotron and….why do you have a car battery?”

“Oh, that’s mine,” Johnny shrugged, “that’s my lab,” he pointed at the one with the battery, I noticed it also had a 3-D printer and a couple of sketches drawn up and posted on the walls, “it was the first battery I ever fixed, kind of like my inspiration.”

“The Baxter building is our father’s building,” Sue explained, “he believed gathering the brightest minds under one roof will lead to discoveries beyond our wildest dreams. Each scientist was give a workstation to use and in return any invention they make is co-owned by them and the Baxter foundation.”

I whistled, “damn, that’s pretty amazing. But ah, I can’t help but notice you guys are kind of running low on lab techs. Or did they go home after the lighting guy came knocking?” I asked, not mentioning Doom’s real name because for all intents and purposes the public didn’t know who Doom was, hence neither did I.

“His name is Victor Von Doom,” Reed explained, “and he is...was, my friend.”

“He used to work with us, in this place, over the years the Baxter building has started to loose its members,” Susan admitted, “we have enough funding, but people these days are more interested in making money working for place in Oscorp or Stark industries than work here.”

“So ah...why exactly is he pissed at you?” I asked as the hall lead out into a giant living space with a living room, kitchen, dining room, gaming area with bean bags and a library with shelves across the far wall.

He’s just pissed because Reed’s better than him,” I heard a rough voice call out from the couch. I saw Ben Grimm reading an extra large newspaper on an industrial sized metal chair. It didn't have any cushions, though I doubt he would need it.

“Peter, this is Ben Grimm, you don’t have to be afraid,” Reed told in a gentle calming voice.

“Yeah I figured,” I shrugged, “since you know, he tried to save the city instead of electrocuting it.”

Ha, I like this kid,” Ben chuckled as he folded the paper and got up, “so, I hear you’re some kind of superhero?

I nodded, “yeah, well, trying to be.”

“I’d say you are judging by the way the news is talking about you,” Johnny called out as he turned on the TV displaying the news. It was about the attack, and more specifically, about me.

“Police have yet to identify the red jacket wearing hero, though some claim it is the same one who helped stop the Hulk’s rampage in Harlem a month ago,” a crude picture of my in my first costume showed up near the anchor’s head, “many people have coined the name ‘Spider-man’, alluding to the logo spray painted on his jacket. No one knows who he is or what he does. We went to the streets to find out people’s opinions of New York’s newest heros.”

The NEWS showed variety of people, interviewing them and asking them what they thought about me.

“I don’t know, but I think he’s here to help. He got knocked out pretty fast, so I’m kind of worried for him. I don’t think the hero business is his thing,” a black man commented.

“I think heroes are over rated, we don’t need them here! Ever since they came here villians have followed, and I can promise you this boy will only lead to more problems!” an old lady claimed.

“He’s a hero,” an older man wearing a camo jacket commented, “I respect the fact that he just leap into action without a second thought. He’s a bit reckless, but I think his heart’s in the right place.”

“He looks cool,” a young boy admitted.

People kept commenting, I honestly felt like blushing. They were praising me, calling me a hero for crying out loud! Some didn’t approve, they called me an unwanted vigilante, but most didn’t seem to care. Guess I was right about getting good press by being seen together with the FF.

“They’re right you know, you are inexperienced,” Reed groaned, “you are reckless and you just jumped into the battle without thinking.”

“He was just trying to help Reed, cut him some slack,” Susan snapped.

Immediately Reed backed down, “s-sorry.”

Sue huffed, she turned to me and grinned, “don’t worry about it Peter, things like this take time. Heck, we aren’t even super heroes but people are still calling us that. Johnny, what’s that ridiculous name they have for us again?”

“The Fantastic Four sis, and for the record, I don’t think it’s stupid,” Johnny grinned, “I kind of like it.”

Ha! Of course you do,” Ben chuckled, “hate to break it to you kid, but we ain’t heroes.

“Actually Ben, you kind of are,” I spoke up, “this was all of your first appearance in the spotlight. From now on people are going to expect you to fight to save lives, you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

“Is that why you chose to remain behind the scenes for so long?” Reed asked.

“Yup,” I half-lied, “it’s easier to work in the shadows than to be outed and have expectations dropped on you like that.”

“Understandable,” Susan replied looking nervous, “well look at it this way, at least now the Baxter building is getting free advertisement. Maybe we can finally get some people in here and working.”

I smiled, “yeah, I don’t think you’ll have a problem in that front anymore.”

“Well...I suppose people might be calling us the Fantastic Five now,” Reed chuckled, “I don’t really think they know we aren’t together.”

“Damn, maybe you should issue a press release or something,” I chuckled. I looked at the TV screen and suddenly a question came up, “why aren’t they surrounding the building? Don’t they know I’m in here?”

“No,” Reid replied, “after you fainted Sue turns you invisible and brought you here. Don’t worry Peter, you’re perfectly safe here.”

I sighed in relief, “thanks Sue, I owe you.”

Susan smiled, “forget about it.”

Can we get something to eat? I’m hungry and it’s been a long day,” Ben grumbled.

“Yes, of course,” Reed agreed as he walked to the kitchen.

“Well I guess that’s my cue to leave,” I spoke up.

“No wait, didn’t you tell your uncle you already ate? Are you just going home without dinner?” Susan asked.

I blinked, “you are scary observant.”

“Yeah she is,” Johnny grumbled, “but seriously man, stay!”

I shrugged, “well, okay, only if I’m not bother you or anything.”

Trust me kid, it’s no bother at all. You’re probably be the most normal person in the room,” Ben grunted out.

I chuckled nervously, “don’t beat on that Ben. So ah, what happened to Doom anyway?”

Ben sighed, “we managed to get him into the East River as planned and ehe electrocuted himself. He was unconscious, but instead of going to jail he was sent home.

I blinked, “what? Why?”

“He’s technically the prince of Latveria, as such he has diplomatic immunity,” Reed growled, “he got off scoot free.”

“Damn,” I grumbled, “that sucks.”

“So what’s for dinner?” Johnny asked rubbing his hands greedily.

“We have,” Susan opened the fridge door and bent down to the bottom rack. I couldn’t help it, my eyes were drawn to her ass as it stretched her blue uniform to it’s limits. Damn I love spandex.

Johnny slapped me up the head, “dude, eyes up front.”

I grumbled, “yeah, fine.”

“We got pizza!” Sue cheered holding up fives boxes of frozen pizza, “Johnny, will you do the honours?”

“My pleasure sis!” Johnny  took each pizza one by one out of the box and set it on fire. It hissed for a moment burn out all the coldness before leaving behind a steaming, if slightly blacked large meat lovers pizza.

We grabbed plates and sat around the dining table. Ben sat down on his industrial chair, and we ate, and ask we did I told them my life story. Well...some of it anyway.

“So wait, a spider bite gave you your powers? That’s stupid man!” Johnny cried out.

“It wasn’t an ordinary spider Johnny,” I shrugged, “it was genetically altered and radioactive. I was able to overwrite my genes and change me on a cellular level.”

“How do you know that?” Reed asked.

“Oh come on Reed, you must have seen my report card when you did a search on me right? What did it say?”

“Above average student, exceptional in studies and subjects that interest you,” Read narrated.

So you’re smart?” Ben asked.

“I’m no Susan Storm or reed Richards, but I can hold my own,” I shrugged.

“So wait, the spider bite gave you advanced agility and the ability to shoot webs out of your hands?” Susan asked.

“Oh no, not at all. Actually the web thing was my own invention, I created a formula that solidifies when exposed to air, creating a web like substance. And I use thes,” I lifted my sleeves displaying my web shooters, “to launch the web lines.”

“Amazing, you invented those? All by yourself?” Reed asked.

I shrugged, “well it was either this all a grapple hook. And believe me I can’t do half as amazing things with a  grapple than I can with my webs.”

“Damn Peter, that’s impressive,” Johnny whistled, “I mean I’m kind of an inventor myself, so I can understand the difficulties in creating something so amazing. Good job kid, good job.”

“Hey, don’t call me kid, we’re the same age firebutt,” I growled.

“And what do you mean you’re an inventor?” Susan scoffed, “the only thing you invented is a hair gel to didn’t burn when you went all flames.”

“Hey! Don’t diss my invention! Next thing you know thousands of firemen all over the country will be lining up to buy my stuff! You’ll see!”

Yeah, or we can use it to grease up engines.

“Hey! My beautiful hair gel is not a replacement for engine grease!”

Then why does it look the same?

“Why you little!” Johnny growled punching Ben’s arm only to cry out in pain, “I hate you!”

I chuckled at their antics, guess I know why they were such a good team. They were more family than friends.

Slowly they all calmed down. I helped clear up the plates, washing them in the sink with Sue. I kept trying to sneak in a quick peek at her amazing behind but Johnny also caught me, stupid fire breather.

When we were done the FF and I were gathered around in the living room and Susan spoke, “Peter, how would you like a job here with us?”

I blinked, “super hot lady saw what now?”

Susan chuckled as Reed and Johnny glared at me, “I’m serious Peter. I saw your test scores, impressive. And from what you’ve told us about your invention, well there is certainly promise to say the least. I told you, the Baxter Building is a place for geniuses to learn and grow together, I think you’ll do great here, don’t you?”

“I-I don’t, I don’t know if I can live up to your expectations,” I gulped replying honestly, “like I’m already busy, I have school training and Spider-man stuff I don't’ know how-”

“You don’t have office hours in a place like this Peter,” Reed spoke up, “we make our own times. Sue and I practically live here, but Johnny roams around a lot. We only expect one thing out of you, improvements in science.”

“You get final say on anything you invent,” Sue continued, “we’ll decide together if we will release what we discovered or not. You’ll have a lab and funding for your projects, along with some cash as a monthly salary. Heck maybe you can even make some gizmos to help you out when you’re out as Spider-man.”

And if you’re really desperate for an alibi while out fighting crime, you can always just tell your folks at home you were here working on a project,” Ben suggested.

“Yeah! That’s brilliant rock brains!” Johnny cheered, “and we can like totally team up all the time! Fantastic Four and Spider-man saves the day!”

I blinked as I looked at them all. Johnny was the one who looked most hopeful, Sue looked confident while Reed just smiled. I couldn’t really tell with Ben’s face, you know, because of all the rocks, but it looks like he was smirking.

“I would be honoured to work with you guys,” I said finally, “believe it or not, I really needed a job. Both for the cash and as an excuse to be Spider-man. This would be perfect.”

“Great! Welcome to the Baxter Foundation Peter,” Sue stood up, I did as well and we shook hands, “I’ll get the paperwork started. Maybe it’s time to go home, it’s getting late and you’re aunt and uncle are bound to be worried.”

My eyes went wide I looked at the clock, it was ten, “oh shit!” I jumped over the couch and put on my mask, “it was amazing meeting you guys! I’ll see you tomorrow!” I pushed opened the balcony door and jumped out,  swinging across the New York skyline.

“I like him,” Susan smiled.

“Yeah you do,” Johnny teased, “judging by the way his eyes were attached to your spandex covered behind I would say he likes you a lot.”

“Johnny!” Susan yelled.

I’m going to bed, night,” Ben grumbled.

“Same,” Reed got up and left, “I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

After Reed left Johnny turned to Sue, “think he’s jealous?”

Sue blinked, “what? Who? Reed? Why would he be jealous?”

Johnny blinked, “you know sis for a pretty smart girl you sure are dumb.”

I got back home changed into my normal clothes and meet my aunt and uncle. And surprise surprise, it was yell o’clock. They must have been on my case for over an hour. I swear I must have gone deaf for five minutes somewhere in between.

“So what do you have to say now Peter's” Aunt May asked as she finally winded up the lecture.

I looked her straight in the eyes and without blinking replied, “I got a job.”

They blinked, they looked at each other and then at me. “What?” Uncle Ben asked.

“Okay I’ll be honest, thing about Marcus? It was a lie. I really went to Madison avenue to see the Fantastic four fight Doom. Dont’ worry I stayed as far away from the battle as was possible,” I told them sensing another round of yelling coming my way, “I helped clean up after it was done, Johnny Storm saw me, we talked. Then his sister showed up and she invited me over. The reason I’m so late is because I spent the evening at the Baxter building trying to impressive them enough to get a job.”

Ben was the first one to speak, “that’s amazing Peter! I’m so proud of you!”

I grinned as he grabbed me into a tight hug. I winced from the pain but kept my mouth shut. Can’t let them know I’m bruised like an apple.

“Peter you didn’t have to do this,” May said, “we have more than enough money, you should be more focused on living your life, not getting a job.”

“That’s just it aunt May, I am living my life. The job is going to be inventing for a living! I’ll co-own all the patents I make, I’ll have my own lab, and what’s more I’ll be getting payed! It’s perfect aunt May!”

She sighed, she looked like she was going to object once more but Ben stopped her, “May, it’s fine. The boy is old enough for a job, and it’s lucky he found one that suits his talents. Peter, I’ll be honest, lying to us wasn’t right, it was elfish and disrespectful, but I understand why you did. You’re good kid Peter, and I know you’ll make us proud.”

I smiled, “thanks uncle Ben.” I knew I wasn’t done, there would be more yelling, more argueing. I’m sure one day they’ll ask me to stop going just because it’ll be too dangerous. But for now, right this moment I was happy.

Spider-man was born, I had a job, a family and a life. I was finally getting used to being called Peter Parker. Who knows, I just might end up being an amazing Spider-man. Ha ha, puns!

The next day at school I had a kick in my step. I couldn’t help grinning like an idiot. I woke up early today morning and went full on Peter genius mood. I had a portfolio with a list of ideas I could make with the FF’s help. I really, really wanted to impress them.

Though sadly school did come first. Damn Aunt May, I already had a job, why must I persist on this infernal hell?!

Okay, moving away from the melodramatic for a second, I’ll admit, scholl was important I can’t just skip it.

So now I find myself reluctantly sitting down for first period English. Harry kept looking at me from the corner of his eye, I didn't know why, hope Normal didn’t ask him to spy or me or anything, that would be a pain in the ass.

MJ and Liz were gossiping with the rest of the popular kids, same as usual, and Flash was napping off in one corner.

“Alright class settle down,” the English teacher walked in, “now before we begin I would like to introduce a new student joining us. I understand it’s late and she will have a lot to catch up on so I hope you’ll all be supportive. You can come on in Ms. Hardy.”

My brain hit pause and then reset as all my scientific ideas went out the window. The door opened a girl walked in with grace and poise. Her hair was silvery blonde, let loose as it framed her face and reached to her lower back. She wore blue jeans that were tightly framing her legs, a loose white shirt and a black leather jacket.

She looked bored, like she would rather be anywhere else but here. She grumbled, “yo.”

I blinked, huh….I actually forgot about her.

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