The Spider Chapter 9

The Spider: Begin

Chapter 9: An Electric Dance

Monday morning was  pain in the ass for me. First it was difficult to get up, and then I realised I had school and third I was currently being recruited by SHIELD. Yeah, not a great day to be me. Fucking hell man all this and it wasn’t even morning yet.

I scanned the folder Fury gave me into my personal SA and read the document page by page on my way to school.

Basically his offer was this, we train you, you serve us. They would allow me to specify what I wanted to be trained in, technology, fighting styles, tactics and other types of skills. I would be personally trained by an agent of SHIELD and when I was deemed ready they would send me out on missions.

I honestly didn’t see a single reason to refuse his offer. To be honest patrolling the streets every night is started to get tiring and repetitive. I can be doing so much more good with my time. I could have my own side projects sure, but otherwise I would be helping SHIELD keep the world safe.

I did know there were some disadvantages, like the fact that SHIELD was actually HYDRA, patiently waiting for it’s time to strike. I knew that...but still, for now being an agent of SHIELD had only advantages to offer me.

I would have to stop going to the Chikara dojo, my time with the FF might be stretched thin but that was never a problem. I wouldn’t be able to continue to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man, instead going international. But...maybe I can talk to Fury about that.

I walked into school, SA going through terms I should be aware off, like ‘death’, ‘danger’ or ‘circumstances’. Need to know what I’m in for before signing with the devil.

I walked into first period English and noticed people were once again staring at me, like usual. I sat down in my desk and quickly turned off the SA, don’t want some kid snooping through classified SHIELD documents now do I?

“Yo Parker, what’s that you got there?” Flash asked.

“It’s a Scan & Adapt,” I told him not bothering to turn around.

“What does it do?” Flash asked.

“It scans and adapts any document into a digital form,” I told him.

“Ah...nice, where did you get it?”

“I made it,” I told him.

“You made it?” Harry repeated looking at the SA in a new light, “damn, that’s pretty cool.”

“Thanks Harry,” I told him, trying my best to ignore their oh so subtle attempts to start a conversation with me.

“So Parker, going to the Homecoming dance this Friday? Or are you too cool for that?” Flash as I quickly found myself surrounded by the popular kids, something I found extremely infuriating.

“I haven’t decided yet,” my reply was short, please take the hint Flash.

“Oh, you’re probably going to take Felicia right? I mean after that kiss she gave you she has to be interested.”

I shrugged, “maybe.”

“Damn Parker lighten up! Man if I had a girl like that I wouldn’t spend a second away from her!” Flash grinned.

“You do have a girl like that Flash, she’s right there and she’s glaring at you,” I pointed at LIZ who looked like she was going to blow a gasket.

“I-ah, well I-”

“He’s got you there Flash,” Harry joked causing everyone else to laugh. Great, fucking groupies, just what I need.

“Move it,” I heard Felicia spit out like venom as she pushed past the gathered guys and sit down next to me. She glared at all of them and then settled on me, giving me a small nod with I matched.

“Anyway Peter, you should totally come we’re all going to be there, Flash is going with Liz...maybe,” Harry looked at the large blonde boy getting yelled at by his girlfriend, “and I’m going with MJ! It’s going to be so much fun man!”

I raised an eyebrow at the last comment. I turned to MJ and meet her gaze. I motioned to Harry and she rubbed her head and gave a small nod. I raised an eyebrow, it was hard to imagine Harry acting nicely to her, but hey, stranger things have happened.

“I’ll think about it,” I told him.

“So Hardy, you going to the Homecoming dance?” Harry asked leaning on her desk, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Felicia glared at him with an unimpressed gaze. “One, get you’re ass off my table, and two, what I’m going to do is no business of yours Osborn.”

“Okay sheesh, sorry I asked,” Harry got up, “anyway, I’ll catch you later Pete,” he waved and walked away, taking the others with him.

I sighed in relief, “can you believe that guy?”

“What did you expect? You became the school hero practically over night, everyone’s talking about what you did,” Felicia told him.

“Are they now? Damn,” I whistled, “by the way, what are your plans for Homecoming?”

“Why do you ask?” Felicia smiled coyly.

“Well because I was going to ask you out for the dance,” I smiled at her.

The platinum haired girl smiled as she curled a stray strand of hair behind her ear, “well, if you’re asking then...yeah, why not?”

My smile grew that much larger, “sweet. Do you want to go to dinner first?”

“Sure, you can finally give me that date you promised me,” Felicia wicked.

I smiled at her, I was about to speak when a woman walked into class holding a book and wearing a black pencil skirt and blue blouse. Her hair was red and curly and her figure was out of this world. I swear she was a fuckign model, I assured if I didn’t immediately recognize her.

Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, she was in my class, she was looking at us all, her eyes staying on me a fraction of a second longer. She was sent here to spy on me...fuck.

“Good morning class. My name is Ms. Natasha Randol, I’ll be your substitute English teacher until Mr. Dunkar has made a full recovery,” she smiled. The other boys grinned perversely, Harry even gave Flash a fist bump. And while I was a little excited to have a hot babe teaching me, I was even more scared due to the fact I knew exactly who I was dealing with.

The class was over quickly and I have to admit Natasha knew what she was talking about. The explanations of English literature were deep and meaningful, almost makes me think she wasn’t a secret assassin from Russia that can kill everyone in this room without blinking an eye.

And at the end of the class the boys were grumbling at having to leave. Everyone slowly waked out, but I remained behind. Felicia looked at me and asked if I was leaving, I told her I needed to talk to our new teacher. She gave me a strange look before leaving, thank God the girl knew to respect one’s privacy.

Natasha noticed I was standing behind and smiled, “Mr. Parker right? How can I help you?”

“I thought Fury was going to give me some time to think about it,” I cut straight to the point.

Natasha blinked, “I’m sorry, who? I'm afraid I don’t understand. Who is this Fury?”

I rolled my eyes, “really? I’m not stupid you know. A new teacher arriving this quickly to fill in a job position two days after the last one got sent to the hospital? This school isn’t that effective,” I knew this for a fact, this had happened before once, the teacher got sick and Peter had the entire week free before they could find a substitute.

“Well you see I was already applying for a job when Mr. Dunkar had his accident. It really was luck-”

I threw a punch at her face, Natasha’s eyes went wide as she reacted on instinct and dodged it, grabbing my arm and throwing me over her shoulder into the ground. I really hate that move.

I looked up at her and smiled, “you’re pretty fast for a teacher.”

Natasha hissed, the mask of a highschool teacher dropped revealing a cold hard stare underneath, “Fury said you were quick. I didn't expect you to be this quick.”

“Thanks, it’s a fucking gift. Now I suggest you get off me before someone arrives and thinks you’re trying to sleep with a student on the first day,” I smirked.

I saw the corner of her mouth twitch, guess she found me funny. We got to our feet and I patted my coat, “I looked over the deal. It’s...okay. I do have some requests.”


“I want to be able to protect this city. I understand I’ll be needed elsewhere on mission, but every time this place is in danger I want the chance to protect it. I won’t endanger a mission and go running off like a mad man if that’s what you’re thinking, but I won’t leave it unprotected.”

Natasha nodded, “reasonable. Anything else?”

“Yes, I like inventing stuff. Can Fury give me the funding to make my own toys? And if I do will they be mine of property of SHIELD’s?”

“You’ll have to talk to Fury on that one, but I’ll relay your requests to him,” Natasha nodded before suddenly smiling, “now then Mr. Parker if that’s all you better get to your next class!”

Just then the door opened and her next batch of students walked in. Damn, how did she know? I wished her a good day and quickly walked out.

I felt like I was being watched all day, and mostly likely I was. I didn’t notice any cameras though, so maybe it was all my imagination. At lunch I found Felicia sitting alone in one corner so I decided to drop by.

“Hey Felicia,” I smiled as I sat down next to her.

“Hey Tiger,” she purred at my nickname, “you know I think you’ve earned the right to give me a nickname by now.”

“Really? Well any requests?”

“You decided,” she shrugged going back to her salad.

“How about…,” I looked at her fork and saw a picture of a black cat on it’s handle, typical. “Kitten?”

Felicia stopped and turned to me in surprise, “w-why did you call me that?”

“The cat on your fork,” I pointed at the fork she was using, “I figured you kind of like a cat. Aloof, smart and like totally graceful. So I figured why not right? Kitten?” I said her nickname in a husky voice.

“D-damn you Parker,” she hissed.

“What’s the matter Kitten? Don’t like it?”

“’s fine,” she grumbled going back to her meal. I laughed, I must have nearly given her a heart attack when I called her that.

After school Felicia, MJ and I sat down for our hourly study session. We did get some work done before the girls began talking about Homecoming, about what to wear and what colours matched. Felicia and MJ shared a love for fashion, though Felicia wasn’t too bothered about the brand names but rather how they felt and looked.

After that I went to the Chikara dojo for what I felt would be the last time. I told Colleen at the end of the cass that I might be forced to stop coming and she looked sad.

“Peter you are one of my best students, you learnt more in the short time here then I did. Are you sure you can’t continue?”

“No sensei, I’m sorry but I can’t.”


“I told you sensei, I got a job and right now my family needs the cash. I’m sorry it’s come to this but I have to put them first,” I only half lied, I really was doing this for the betterment of others, “I promise sensei, I won’t ever forget what you have taught me. If I can I’ll stop by whenever I can, but I’m sorry to say this is goodbye for now.”

“Well that certain is unfortunate,” came a male voice from the door. We both turned and found a middle aged man standing by the door with a smile on his face. He wore a suit and had a trimmed beard with curly combed hair. Immediately I recognized him.

“Master Bakuto!” Colleen smiled as she bowed, “this is a surprise master!”

“Yes, I was in the neighborhood and I thought I should drop by,” he  turned to me, “and this is?”

“Peter, Peter Parker, he’s one of my best students, but unfortunately he has to leave,” Colleen said giving me a very sad look.

“Really? What is that Mr. Parker?” Bakuto asked me with a gentle smile.

I paused, oh my god it’s him! It’s one of the top members of the fucking Hand! And he’s right in front of me!!! Fuck!

I remained calm, gulping, “I-I just need to focus on my family right now. They need the cash. You know, for college and stuff.”

“Well if that’s the case I’m sure my organization would be happy to grant you a scholarship for further education, granted you perform well here.”

I blinked, “what?”

“Sensei Bakuto here runs a very wealthy non-profit organization,” Colleen explained with an excited smile, “he usually takes my best students and offers them a scholarship, the full ride.”

“And if you are as impressive as Colleen says you are, then I’m sure you’ll be able to get it,” the man smiled. Yeah smile all you want buddy but I know for a fucking fact that you just want to turn me into a mindless drone.

“T-thanks, but I don’t think that would be fair,” I meet his glare and gulped, “it’s just people like Marcus and all need the scholarship, I just need some cash on hand that's all. Please, don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine.”

“You are doing a disservice to your talent Mr. Parker,” Bakuto told me, “it would be a shame for your talent to go to waste.”

“I would rather that then have my family sacrifice everything to make me happy,” I shot back with a glare of my own, “I’m sorry, goodbye.”

I walked out, Colleen called out for me to wait but I didn’t listen, I ran out of there as soon as I could.

This was for the best, the last thing I needed was the Hand gaining an interest in me. They would be ruthless in killing me if they even suspected I knew anything. I need to get away.

I walked into the Baxter building and sighed, “hey guys! I’m back. Is anyone here?”

“In here Pete!” I heard Johnny call out.

I was surprised to hear laughter coming from inside the den. I quickly walked in and was shocked to find May and Ben sitting in the living room with the FF.

“Oh hey Peter! How was school?” Sue asked with a smirk.

“Ah...fine?” I blinked looking at May and Ben, “what are you guys doing here?”

“Well we figured it was time we looked into this place you spend so much of your time at,” Ben replied, “and I have to say Peter you couldn’t have picked a better place!”

“Oh, thanks Uncle Ben,” Johnny smirked.

“Hey! Don’t call him that! He’s not your uncle!” I grumbled.

“Now Peter that’s no way to talk to you’re colleges, I expect you to treat them with respect,” May scolded.

I blinked, “ah...okay….but you don’t mean Johnny right?”

“Of course! Him too!”

“Ha! You best respect me Peter! Or else I’ll tell your aunt!” Johnny laughed.’

“I’m going to douse you in kerosine Storm,” I growled as his simply shrugged it off.

Would you like some more tea?” Ben asked as he gently poured himself a cup.

“Oh thank you Ben that would be lovely,” May smiled.

“Well May I think it’s time to leave don’t you?” Uncle Ben asked, “I’m sure Peter will feel embraced the longer we stay.”

“Oh don’t be silly dear I’m sure he doesn’t mind,” May shrugged.

Reed smiled, “no, he doesn’t mind at all, don’t you Pete.”

“Et Tu Reed?” I gasped. Reed and the others chuckled as I say down with my aunt and uncle and we all spoke in general. Soon the packed up and left, leaving me alone with the FF, I let my smile drop and grew serious.

“I need to talk to you guys about something,” I told them.

“It sounds serious, are you okay?” Sue asked, “is about...your other job?”

I nodded, “kind of. I….I was approached by a secret organization who knew who I was. They offered me a job.”

Reed grew curious, “who?”

“SHIELD,” I sighed.

Reed sighed, “crap.”

Sue matched him, “this isn’t good, not one bit.”

“Who are they? I just know the basics, big spy agency, has a lot of toys and cash to throw around,” I asked.

“SHIELD, or the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division,” Sue explained, “you’re right when you said they were spies, but they are much more than that. They have their fingers in every pie. They are the gatekeepers between the world and those that seek to do it harm. Or at least that’s how our father always used to describe them.”

“They aren’t the sort you want on your tail, they have the resources and the people to take don small armies and topple governments,” Reed continued, “what exactly did they say to you?”

I sighed and told them Fury’s offer. I showed Sue Fury’s proposal stored on my SA and she began to look it over carefully.

“So are you going to accept?” Johnny asked.

“Honestly? I don’t think I have much of a choice. It was stupid to think I wouldn’t be noticed, I’m just glad I’m getting a say in my fate,” I sighed and admitted.

I say take it,” Ben’s gravelly voice spoke up, “it’s the best deal you’re going to get Web-head, the training will keep you alive and I’m sure if this Fury guy thinks you’re a valuable asset he won’t try and get on your bad side.

“And from what I’m seeing this deals pretty ironclad,” Sue murmured, “you probably won’t be cheated out of your training or anything.”

“So it’s basically a win-win situation?” I asked.

Reed nodded, “basically, yes.”

“If I join...I’m not going to have much time for you guys, or friends,” I sighed.

“We always were flexible with timing Peter, you don’t have to worry on that front,” Reed assured him.

“And what friends? Weren’t you supposed to be like a cool loner dude?” Johnny asked

“I was, but...well after the expo people are kidding of amazed I know you guys. I’m basically a celebrity in their eyes,” I shrugged.

“Oh that’s great Peter! You can never have too many friends!” Sue smiled.

“Yeah, but they don’t act like friends, more like groupies,” I shivered, “but there is this girl and….well she’s nice.”

A girl huh? Yeah, that’ll do it,” Ben chuckled.

“Girl?” Johnny’s interest was peaked, “tell me about her!”

I rolled my eyes, “no.”

“What? Why not?!” he whined.

“Because the moment I do you’ll look for her profile on FaceBook and perv on her,” I snorted.

“No I won’ the way are you on Facebook?” Johnny asked, his phone already on hand.

“No, waste of time,” I shrugged.

“Same here,” Reed sighed.

We quickly talked a little while longer on what I should do before we went to our own labs for our side projects.

Later in the evening Sue did call me over and talked to me about getting the SA patent. She told me her lawyers were already working on and we were in talks with Amazon to build them for public consumption.

I would get a 50% ownership of the patent, the other going to the Baxter foundation. I would also get 5% of every SA ever sold, earning me a steady stream of revenue in some time. Yup, things were looking up for little old me.

The next day I arrived in class to find everyone glued to Flash’s phone once more. This time they were looking at the NEWS live. I peered over his shoulder and was surprised to find the man on trial was the operator of the Rhino, one Aleksei Sytsevich, or AL for short.

We watched as the man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for theft and public endangerment. He was just luck no one had died or else it would have been 20 years. I honestly didn’t care though, I knew some way or another he was going to come back and haunt me again and I would have to be ready.

I spent the rest of the week either in school, at the Baxter building working on something new or swinging through New York as Spider-man. The streets were quiet for a while, only a couple of muggings in the worst part of town and one stab victim that I had to rush into the hospital.

But one thing was looming in the distance, Homecoming. I don’t understand how a silly high school dance could effect me so badly, but boy was I nervous. Felicia seemed to have noticed, she took every chance she had to tease me for it. Always going on and on about how it should be a perfect night, or else.

So I actually started to try and make it a good night. I got a suit from Uncle ben. I didn’t bother with his firmly under shirt, too eighties. But I did use his blue suit and wore my black shirt under it. It gave off the very hip and cool feel to the suit, which was nice.

I also managed to get reservations to a restaurant in the fancy part of town, I knew I would end up spending half my allowance on that dinner but it seemed to be worth it, after all why go out if you don’t do it with a bang?

Harry and Flash kept bothering me all week, asking if I wanted to join up with their dates and go together, I politely told them no, and when they insisted I told them to fuck off.

And so it was all set. On Friday evening and hour before we were meant to meet up I called up Felicia as I was getting ready, “hey kitty.”

“Hey Tiger,” was her reply.

“You all set for tonight?” I asked her.

“You bet I am, we’re meeting up at Julio's right?”

“Yup, I’ll see you soon, alright?”

“See you soon Tiger,” she said huskily as I cut the call.

I got ready, put on the suit, and went down. “There he his!” Ben smiled, “don’t you look handsome!”

I grinned, “thanks Uncle Ben. Hey, could you help me with the tie? It’s really bugging me,” I asked him.

“Sure, no problem kiddo,” Ben smiled as he helped me out.

“Oh I wish you and your lovely date decided to meet up here instead,” May sighed, “what was her name again? Felicity?”

“Felicia aunt May,” I rolled my eyes, “and besides, she isn’t the photo type.”

“Oh nonsense, what type of girl isn’t the photo type? I swear Peter you pick the oddest girls. You should have just stuck with Mary Jane.”

I shrugged, “she’s going out with Harry, besides I don’t think she and I would work out, she’s in a very different place, I can’t handle all that.”

“Well doesn’t that just sound like a trumped up excuse,” May huffed just as the door was opened and May exclaimed, “why MJ dear, you look lovely!”

I blinked in surprise, I turned around and gasped when I saw MJ standing there all dressed up. She wore a black dress that came down till her mid thighs that hugged her curves. The top half near the shoulders and arms were transparents and with her makeup done I had no doubt that this woman is the same one who would one day become a supermodel.

I smiled, “damn MJ, I think this is the first time I’m ever going to feel jealous of Harry.”

MJ smiled, “thanks Tiger, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

“Thank you very much,” I grinned.

“Oh this is perfect, come you two, let’s take a picture!” May smiled already grabbing her camera.

“May she isn’t my date,” I looked confused.

“Oh what does that matter? Come one you two! Up close!” May said excitedly as Ben just stood to her side and shook his head in disbelief and a small smile.

I turned to MJ who shrugged. We stood together, my arm around her hip and her’s immediately going for my shoulder. It just felt so natural, May took a few photos, to many for my liking, before she let us go.

“So what’s up? I figured you would be wating for Harry and the others,” I asked her.

“I am, they aren’t coming till another half an hour though, so I thought I should see how you were doing,” MJ replied with a shrug.

I shrugged, “I’m okay, I’m meeting up with Felicia for dinner soon.”

“Oh...well, good luck I guess. Where are you going?”

“Julio’s,” I smiled.

MJ whistled, “damn Tiger, you’re pulling out all the stops tonight aren’t you?”

“Yup,” I shrugged, “anyway I think I should get going, don’t want to keep her waiting.”

“You’re going to met up at the restaraunt?” MJ asked in surprise.

“Yeah, I think she’s embarrassed of her mom or something, didn’t even want me to pick her up in a cab or anything,” I shrugged.

“Well...alright I guess,” MJ smiled, “good luck Peter, I hope you have a great time.”

I smiled and pressed a chaste kiss on her cheek. MJ seemed to go into a state of shock at the kiss, I winked at her and quickly walked out the door.

I hailed a cab and quickly got in. I texted Felicia I would be seeing her soon and sighed as the cab slowly drove through traffic. I was carrying with me a corsage, I didn’t know the breed of the flower but it was white, similar to Felicia’s hair.

I also checked the hidden pockets of my jacket feeling my web shooters inside. I wasn’t an idiot, it was times like this when nothing could go wrong that everything can go wrong.

There was a 50% chance I would have to swing away as Spider-man today, and so just in case I brought my web shooters and my mask. I didn’t have my my leather jacket, but I was wearing my black muscle shirt under my suit along with the black leggings.

I really, really hope I won’t have a need for them, but again, I was no fool.

I arrived in the restaurant ten minutes early and quickly went up to the top floor of the fancy hotel and took my seat. It was a two person table near the window overlooking the city below. The restaurant was fancy, I could see a few other kids from my school in there with their own dates, they waved at me and I politely waved back.

I waited and waited, drinking three glasses of water and used the bathroom twice. She was twenty minutes late and starting to test my patience. I grew fed up and took up the phone and called her.

“Peter, I’m sorry but something’s come up,” she said with batted breath.

“Really? Something came up? What?” I was skeptical, did she just not want to go out with me? Why can’t she just say that?

“Yes, I’m really really sorry but-”


An explosion rocked out from the other side of the phone and from outside the window. I looked out and saw an thunderbolt launched into the air, tendrils of electricity sparking around all over the place.

“Felicia? Felicia are you okay?!” I roared, please tell me she's not stuck in the middle of that!

It took a while before she answered, “I I'm fine! Something’s here! It’s attacking everyone!”

“Stay right there! Stay hidden! I’ll get help!” I threw a twenty onto the table and ran out of the restaurant. I quickly dialed Johnny up, but got no answer. Was I out of range? Or...the electricity, it was jamming all radio waves!

I ran to the roof and took out my web shooters. I stripped down to my uniform hidden underneath and webbed up suit and shoes into a bag before throwing them against the side of the building to stick.

I put on the mask and jumped off the side of the restaurant, swinging towards the electrical storm. I knew it could only be two things, one, Thor or two, Electro.

I arrived in the busy crowded street and saw a man made of blue electricity floating in the middle of the streets laughing as he sent blast after blast of electricity into the street. Sometimes he hit cars, other times he hit the road, exploding pieces of concrete up into the air.

“Some one help us!” a woman cried out.

Shut up you ficking whore!” Electro yelled out, “no one gives a damn about you!

“Someone please!” she screamed even louder.

I said shut the fuck up!” he yelled, I could see he was going to electrocute her. But before he could I sent out a web line and pulled her out of the way of his oncoming bolt of electricity.

What the hell?!” Electro roared as he turned to see me on the roof, “S-spider-man?!

“I’ll give you one chance,” I told him as my eyes searched the wreckage for Felicia, “leave and never come back.”

You think you can order me around?! No one can order me around! Not any more!” Electro roared as he sent out bolts of electricity at me.

Acting on pure instinct I jumped out of the way as the bolts of powers destroyed the roof I was standing on.

“Come on Sparky! Is that the best you can do?!” I asked as I swung across the street.

Hold still!” he roared trying to hit me, but everytime he got close I would just swing away in a different direction.

I landed on a building wall and looked down to see Felicia pulling someone out of a wrecked car. Her clothes were torn apart, her hair a mess, but seeing her help people to safety I couldn’t help but feel she looked so goddamn beautiful.

I’m going to crush you Spider! And when I do, I’ll be the hero!” Electro roared as he threw a bolt of power at me.

I dodged with no issue as I slowly lead him away from the destruction he had caused. I kept taunting him, keeping his attention on me. I kept telling him how much of a wimp he was and he grew more and more enraged.

This was good, the more focused he was on me, the less damage he caused everyone else. He was floating through the streets of Queens as I lead him towards an iland of water from the East River.

I could see the bridge now, I need to drown him, that was the only way. But just then he threw a bolt of electricity at my web line, cutting it in half, causing me to come flying down into the ground.

I landed on my feet, but the pain was too much. I rolled around on the ground, I’m pretty sure one of my legs were broken if not bruised. I looked up and saw Electro fly above me, smirking as he did.

I’m better than you, I’ll always be better than you! You’re nothing Spider! Less than nothing!

I rolled my eyes, ego much? “Before you kill me can I know one thing?”


“Do you like water?” I asked. Electro looked confused and I took my shoot. I shot a web line at a nearby fire hydrant and ripped it off. Using my good leg I jumped up to the side of the building to avoid the water.

What do you think you’re doing? You think I won’t just-” but as he talked a stray strand of electricity rolling off his body connected with the water sending a feedback strong enough to shock him still.

What the hell was that?!” he cried out.

I shot two web lines at him and pulled him forward, “that was basic physics!” I then launched myself right at him. I clocked him across the jaw as hard as I could and he went flying back.

I landed on top a lamp post and turned around, covering him with webbing over and over again. I jumped all around him, covering him from head to two with webbing. At first he was too much in a daze from the pain to do anything, and then when he did get his full mental faculties back he lacked the strength to escape.

Soon I ran out of webbing and Electro was covered head to toe with it. He was somehow still floating above and I could see smoke rising from his body. He was burning through the webs.

I jumped down to the street level and broke four more fire hydrants out of the ground soaking the street in water. I quickly changed web cartridges, putting in new ones to replace the empty ones.

You can’t hold me! This pathetic webbing can’t hold me forever Spider!” Electro roared as more and more of my webbing was burnt off.

“Maybe, but I can still hurt you!” I webbed up my right hand in a thick glove, time to do something stupid.

I climbed up the side of the building, slowly as my leg still throbbed in pain. I turned around to face him, he was twenty feet off the ground, time to make that zero.

I jumped just as he tore through the last of the webbing, he didn’t see my fist coming at his face at full force. I felt my fist break a tooth as it met with his face at high velocity. He lost control, flying into a building before landing down on the water covered street.

I landed on wall of another building and watched as he started to electrocute himself, the water conducting the water back into himself at an alarming rate. I knew if I left him like that he would die, so I reluctantly pulled him up with a web line and hung him upside down from a lamp post.

I made sure to insulate him thoroughly with webbing, he wouldn’t be awake for some time now. But looking at Electro I was honestly curious, how did he conduct so much power without dying? I was curious, so I looked around and found a broken car on the ground.

I went to it and found the headlights smashed in. I unscrewed the headlight and used it as a test tube to collect blood samples from Electro. I didn’t use an injunction, there was plenty amount of his blood coming out of his broken jaw and bleeding gums.

I covered the open end of the light bulb with webbing and put it away. With my curiosity sated I swung away to find Felicia.

I swung back to ground zero of this whole incident and found people slowly getting back on their feet. I spotted Felicia with an elderly man helping him catch his breath. I smiled and immediately swung back to grab my clothes.

In five minutes I came back, but not as Spider-man but as Peter Parker. I spotted Felicia and ran to her, “Felicia!”

She looked up and her eyes went wide, “Peter!”

I grabbed her into a big hug, holding her close as I rubbed her hair, “oh kitten, I was so worried.”

“I’m fine,” Felicia smiled, “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to our date.”

“Oh shut up,” I growled grabbing her into a kiss. She moaned in surprise before slowly melting into my arms. Her arms around my neck, mine around her hips.

We finally broke the kiss as we heard people cheering and clapping for us. We turned around and people smiling and cheering, I didn’t understand why, maybe they were just so glad they were all alive, but in the end I didn’t care.

We helped where we could before the authorities should up. Felicia was given a clean bill of health and from what I heard no one had actually gotten too badly hurt, expect one man who was stuck by elector’s lighting and had to be rushed to the ER.

I also saw three black trucks travel down the road to where I strung up Electro, the SHIELD logo proudly displayed on the side of the truck. Guess Fury was keeping an eye on me.

I helped Felicia get into a cab as we went to the school for the dance. But when we reached she stopped and didn't want to move.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“ dress is ruined,” she said, lifting up my coat I had wrapped around her to stay warm, to reveal her torn dress. It was stunning really, tight enough to hug her impressive curves. Her ass was tight and curvy, like a perfect peach. Her breast, though still developing, were a firm C cup. Her dress was midnight black with silver lining along the sides and though it was torn in places I still couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

“I think you look perfect,” I whispered, giving her lips a light kiss.

“Peter, I’m not going in there,” Felicia grumbled.

“Seriously?” I asked.

She nodded, “yup.”

“That’s too bad….I really wanted to show off how amazing you look,” I whispered as I pulled her close, our foreheads touching, her arms on my shoulder and mine of her hips.

“Oh so I’m something to show off now?” she asked in a teasing tone.

“No, not something, someone. Someone who helped save lives,” I whispered back, “I wanted people to see the real you.”

“Peter, that isn’t the real me,” she didn’t sound so sure.

“Keep telling yourself that Kitten,” I smiled, “you know, I wanted at least one dance with you tonight.”

“I’m not going in there,” she replied.

“ don’t have too,” I took out my phone and looked through the songs, finding one that I thought would be perfect for this moment.

The song started to play, the melody loud enough for only the two of us to her. The song began as the lyrics flew out.

Felicia and I swayed to the music. Slowly, at out own pace we danced, I could smell her, a scent so unique and unusual I doubt I could ever forget it. I could hear her breathing quicken, I smiled as I felt our bodies slowly heat up.

“You know for a guy who is supposed to be horrible at social interactions you sure have a way with romance,” Felicia smiled.

“I guess I was just waiting for the right girl,” I replied back.

She was silent, like she was thinking about something important. And finally she spoke, “ want to go out sometime?”

“Like on a date?” I asked.

“ a date. A real date,” she looked into my eyes.

“I would love that Kitten,” I smiled, “I’ll be honest though, I didn’t think you were the settling type.”

“I wasn’t,” she admitted, “but you’re different Peter’re like a puzzle piece I can’t figure out and longer that it the more I find myself thinking about you.”

“Does that mean you’ll stop being interested after you figure me out?” I asked, a little worry slipping into my voice.

“No...I don’t think so.”

“Well I’m glad to know that,” I chuckled as we danced in our own little world. The stars twinkling under us as we didn’t say another word to each other, afraid to break this spell of romance we had over us.

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