What is poetry?

Poetry is...complected. Either it's the normal rhythm scheme we all know or the free style rhyme schemer that the older poets use...which don't make sense!! ARGH! What is a poetry if it doesn't rhythm?!

Poetry just doesn't make any sense! It's like trying to describe an emotion with colors and...wait, I can do that...happy yellow...huh.

Either way, for the longest time, I just didn't get it. Until I actually began to write poetry.

And then I understood. It's not the words that matter or how you read them, it's perspective of the writer, the way they view the world, that's what we want.

One can see the world and see nothing but a rat race, wake up, go to work, get yelled at, come back and then go to bed.

But someone else, they could see beauty. That man you passed by, you could see him for a moment and then never met ever again, just how fleeting is life?

This is why human kind is so in love with poetry, because it gives us a window into the heart's of other people, and threw them, into ourselves.